tjaaltonhow come we have a bug report about nvidia-319?10:28
mlankhorstbecause people are insane10:29
ricotztjaalton, probably someone using xedgers10:29
tjaaltonok, where do I throw it then?10:30
tjaaltonin the 'invalid' bin?10:30
ricotztjaalton, probably a misconfigured optimus setup10:32
ricotztjaalton, so i guess unsupported/invalid then10:32
tjaaltonyeah, closed10:35
tseliotricotz: I have packaged the nvidia-modprobe tool which nvidia-319 requires. Is it already in edgers? Shall I upload it there?11:37
ricotztseliot, hi, it isnt in edgers, feel free to upload it there with a matching version suffix11:38
tseliotricotz: ok, good11:39
ricotztseliot, i hope it is debsrc3?11:40
ricotznvidia-settings should be transformed to it too, so the original upstream bz2 tarball can be used11:40
tseliotricotz: yep, the file says 3.0 (quilt)11:41
ricotzgood :)11:41
tseliotricotz: yes, I can do that too11:41
bjsnidertjaalton, it was reported on a package called nvidia-319?15:35
ricotzbjsnider, xedgers contains those15:42
bjsniderricotz, you said above that it wasn't in edgers15:45
bjsnideror did you just mean the modprobe thing?15:45
ricotzbjsnider, i mean the nvidia-319 package15:46
tjaaltonbjsnider: it mentioned nvidia-31915:52
tjaaltonagainst xorg15:52
mlankhorstand with that horrible hack posted on the switching stack bug, I declare EOD16:11
tjaaltonomg, bug 117007418:33
ubottubug 1170074 in mesa (Ubuntu) "April 17 Mesa update introduced regressions" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117007418:33
tjaaltona game doesn't work on nouveau18:34
tjaaltonupdated the headline18:36
mlankhorstmeh ill look tomorrow18:38
mlankhorstfinally something interesting nouveau wise ;D18:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1170074 in mesa (Ubuntu) "mesa 9.1 regressed Tibia on nouveau" [Undecided,New]18:42
smallfoot-April 17 Mesa update introduced regressions18:42
tjaaltonha, updated the headline already ;)18:43
smallfoot-I am on a GeForce 8600 using nouvoue driver, Tibia worked yesterday, today it doesn't18:43
smallfoot-ah, I see18:43
smallfoot-yeah, I don't know if its just on nouvoue or on across the board of all Mesa18:43
mlankhorstis there a demo or something?18:44
smallfoot-around 25 mb18:44
tjaaltonurl on the bug18:44
smallfoot-it segfaults on startup18:44
smallfoot-commercial proprietary game by CipSoft GmbH, german company, the executable is clean18:44
tjaaltonpastebin the segfault?18:45
mlankhorstIt's eod, but I'll look at it first thing in the morning..18:45
smallfoot-the segfault is just "Segmentation fault", nothing more18:45
smallfoot-end of day? oh, I see18:45
tjaaltonhere it just complains about libGL.so.118:45
smallfoot-oh sorry, I forgot to mention that18:46
smallfoot-if you're on ubuntu 64, you might need to install ia32libs18:46
smallfoot-as the tibia binary is 32-bit only18:46
mlankhorsttjaalton: dont you dare ;P18:47
tjaaltonworks fine on intel anyway18:53
mlankhorstI was afraid I'd have to break into your home and leave your toilet seat up, then you'd get in trouble with your significant other, bahahha18:54
tjaaltonshe's not around18:57
tjaaltonkids are, but asleep by now18:57
tjaaltonapitrace doesn't seem to work18:57
tjaaltonso I'll just skip and let you deal with it tomorrow18:58
smallfoot-so its nouvoue specific, possibly nv50 specific19:02
brycesmallfoot-, can you run `gdb Tibia`, then `bt full` and paste the output of that into the bug?19:04
smallfoot-"No stack."19:04
brycesmallfoot-, ah sorry, do `run`, then let it crash, and then do `bt full`19:06
brycesmallfoot-, thanks that's helpful.  Mind a few more steps to gather some extra data?19:12
brycesmallfoot-, apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 xserver-xorg-core-dbg 19:14
brycesmallfoot-, then repeat the procedure (gdb Tibia, run, then bt full)19:14
bryceer wait19:14
brycesmallfoot-, apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri-dbg:i386 xserver-xorg-core-dbg 19:15
brycesmallfoot-, then repeat the procedure (gdb Tibia, run, then bt full)19:15
mlankhorstdon't you need libgl1-mesa-glx-dbg:i386 too?19:15
brycecouldn't hurt, but looks like most symbols are in the dri pkg19:16
smallfoot-should i get libgl1-mesa-glx-dbg:i386 too?19:17
brycesmallfoot-, sure, why not.  19:17
brycethe more -dbg's the merrier19:17
smallfoot-ok :)19:17
brycebbiab (lunch)19:17
smallfoot-http://paste.ubuntu.com/5716822/ -- backtrace with debug libraries19:21
brycesmallfoot-, perfect, thanks19:54
bryce         tmp = 0x4 <Address 0x4 out of bounds>19:59
smallfoot-hmm adress out of bounds sounds bad :s20:00
brycequestion is why it's set to '4'20:04
bryce(memory addresses usually look like 0x88e6e08)20:05
mlankhorstno, my mesa bug, and I'll look at it tomorrow :'(20:08
brycefine :-)20:14
brycetjaalton, mesa 9.1.1 changes not pushed to git?20:26
tjaaltonbryce: still on ubuntu+120:27
bryce  * Add some more patches to fix image copy regressions on nouveau.20:27
bryce^ would help to list what patches were added, for grepping purposes.20:27
mlankhorstI thought I just lazily copied them to debian/patches/series20:28
tjaaltonthe four patches on series20:28
tjaaltonoh hell20:28
tjaaltonit still has the patches from anholt commented out :D20:28
tjaaltonshouldn't be there at all20:29
mlankhorst[Supermassive fail (instant)]20:29
bryceseems there's some cruft too... patch 116 not in series, and there's two 118's20:29
mlankhorstsecond one needs to be removed20:30
mlankhorstmerge failure20:30
mlankhorst116 was kept for historical reasons, can be dropped20:30
tjaaltonI don't have those here20:30
tjaaltonso probably local cruft?20:30
smallfoot-new minor X.org Server was released today, it contains security fix20:31
mlankhorstyeah and unless you plug in usb devices and chvt, you won't hit it..20:32
brycetjaalton, ah was looking at the wrong branch20:32
smallfoot-Ubuntu has updated their X.org Server?20:32
bryceseem to be cleaned up on ubuntu+1.  just need to merge that to ubuntu.20:32
mlankhorstI don't know, but it makes me want to look for more vulnerabilities in xserver, to get sru's done faster..20:33
tjaaltonbryce: yes, actually the other way around, then push the result as ubuntu20:34
tjaaltonwith additional force20:34
tjaaltonif needed20:34
tjaaltonactually, easiest is to just add the changelog entry and force push it then as ubuntu20:38
tjaaltonmerging old upstream there ends up in misery20:38
tjaaltonnevermind, old 'merge -s ours' trick worked20:39
tjaaltonpushing it20:41
tjaaltonnow pull, and use the ubuntu branch for changes20:42
Prf_JakobHmm so I tried the beta2 CD on my MacBookPro5.1, in the past I have allways needed to use nomodeset but the X server at least start in the installer now it doesn't start :-/20:45
tjaaltondoes it work without nomodeset?20:48
Prf_Jakobnope, nouveau fails to set the mode20:48
mlankhorstit would be nice if you come up with those things before it's so close to release ;P20:49
Prf_Jakobhaha :p20:49
Prf_Jakobthe nouveau thing is a old bug.20:49
Prf_Jakobhappens on 12.1020:49
Prf_Jakobactually looks like I lied, X doesn't start on the 12.10 installer either.20:50
Prf_JakobWhich is weird because I'm pretty sure I installed it via the gui...20:50
Prf_Jakobokay got X to work by installing nvidia-current20:54
bjsniderPrf_Jakob, what nvidia chip does the crackbook have?20:59
Prf_Jakobits a 9400GT/9600GT combo21:01
bjsnidersurprised there's  nouveau issue on that21:01
Prf_Jakobops no21:01
bjsniderisn't the 5.1 newer than 2008?21:04
Prf_JakobI think there is a 2009 model as well21:04
Prf_Jakob^ thats what I got anyways21:04

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