Random832what does it say if there isn't one00:00
MestreLionwho, xdg-open?00:00
Random832what does it actually do, on your system, if you run it on the same file that popped up the thing in nautilus00:00
huhuhttp://pastebin.com/2bDuqHjx, this is what it syas, dr_willis, yeats00:01
sparkssall I edited in menu.lst was the kernel line to point to a device rather than the uuid00:01
MestreLionRandom832:  "gvfs-open: file:///home/rodrigo/wine/teste.mdb: error opening location: No application is registered as handling this file"00:01
sparkssand I can still boot in kernel 3.200:01
harrishow do i make libreoffice look like microsoft office00:01
Random832i was wondering if maybe the nautilus thing worked by registering itself as a handler for */*00:01
wilee-nileeharris, I see nothing on the web other then icons.00:02
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sparkssI dont understand00:02
chaordwilee-nilee: sorry for the delay, thanks much for the help!  no partial upgrades, got it ;)00:02
harrison the web?00:02
MestreLionRandom832: while Nautilus goes a step further... it offers to search for "instalable" apps that can handle the file, and interacts with apt00:02
she_dyedsparkss: is /root or / on /dev/sdg100:02
wilee-nileechaord, Good, enjoy. ;)00:02
Awwharris, have a look at WPS Office00:02
harrisAww, i dont know how to make it english00:03
MestreLionRandom832:  it finds a package whose .desktop file handles that mime-type and asks if the user whants to install such package00:03
sparkssits /00:03
sparkssUUID=b3e4d55e-d29a-4007-8238-fb65ac52846a / ext3 relatime,errors=remount-ro 0 100:03
sparkssthats my fstab00:03
MestreLionRandom832: which is a *very* clever and convenient behavior that I want to invoke programatically00:04
Random832hmm no ida00:04
Awwharris, try this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=212177500:04
yeatshuhu: so you were using LVM before?  I'm confused00:04
Awwnot sure if it will work, but worth a try00:04
MestreLionDoes anyone?00:04
sparkssif I google this, I get around 30 pages of mixed results, but no one has solved the issue00:05
MestreLionDoes anyone? I would like to know how to programatically invoke the same dialog that nautilus does when user double-clicks a file that has no handler installed00:05
MestreLionsparkss: menu.lst? ext3? Are you really running ubuntu?00:06
huhuyeats, yes. full disk encryption, messud up upgrade, messed. why is there no volume to mount?00:06
Awwharris, I just tried it, it works :)00:06
harrisok hopfully00:06
sparkssyes I am00:06
sparkssI only use ext3 for my main o/s00:06
sparkssext4 for everything else00:06
yeatshuhu: so you're on a 12.10 live CD and you're trying to rescue your data?00:07
MestreLionsparkss: and where is menu.lst coming from?00:07
huhu11.10, yeats00:07
sparksshowever, im trying to resize2fs an ext4 file system larger than 16TB00:07
harriswhy is the download take so long Aww00:07
sparkssand this is only do-able with kernel 3.7 and aboive00:07
sparkssmenu.lst is coming from my /boot/grub/menu.lst00:07
sparksson my system00:07
yeatshuhu: ok, so have you installed lvm2 and cryptsetup already?00:07
huhuthis the 1 i had,....yeats00:07
MestreLionsparkss: that is grub one, Ubuntu does not use since 200900:07
Awwharris, not sure, I think it only took a few seconds to download for me, but I have a pretty fast Internet connection00:08
sparkssim running ubuntu 12.04 right now00:08
sparksswith kernel 3.200:08
sparksswith grub100:08
harrisis there a terminal code Aww00:08
FloodBot1sparkss: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:08
yeatshuhu: so what is the output of 'lvdisplay'?00:08
sparkssuname -a00:08
sparkssLinux homeserver.net 3.2.0-40-generic #64-Ubuntu SMP Mon Mar 25 21:22:10 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux00:08
Awwharris, terminal code for?00:08
MestreLionsparkss: which you installed and configuredyourself00:08
harristo install wps00:08
sparkssyou really must think im a newbie lol, which I am not00:09
Awwharris, not sure00:09
huhuubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo lvdisplay   No volume groups found, yeats00:09
MestreLionsparkss: I'm sure you are not. No newbie would be able to replace the default grub2 with grub one and still be able to make it run00:09
beanis the a crypted lvm you're trying to mount, sorry, just reading for first time.00:09
sparkssI started this ubuntu with 8.0400:10
dr_willisi cant even imageine why you would want grub1. ;) but im not paying attention.. im at work.00:10
sparkssand have upgraded each LTS revision00:10
sparksswhich is why im still on grub100:10
sparkssbut I don't believe grub to be the problem00:10
yeatshuhu: what is the output of 'sudo fdisk -l'?00:10
tmusMestreLion, from what I can see, xdg-open is the way to go - even from an app... Simply "system" it, or whatever works for your exact needs00:10
MestreLionsparkss: that is precisely my point... your system seems very different from the default for an IRC channel to be able to help you00:11
harrisAww, does this00:11
wilee-nileeharris, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/03/wps-office-for-linux-looks-like-microsoft-office-but-isnt00:11
harriswget -c wdl.cache.ijinshan.com/wps/download/Linux/unstable/wps-office_8.1.0.3724~b1p2_i386.deb00:11
harristhats what we are trying00:11
tmusMestreLion, If your're building a "gnome" app, have a look at g_app_info_launch_default_for_uri()00:12
dr_williswilee-nilee:  makes me wonder what MS's legal dept thinks of that.00:12
MestreLiontmus: not. I use xdg-open a lot already. But it merely opens a file or not. It does not open a dialog offering to install packages that handle a file type00:12
huhuyeats thx, here: http://pastebin.com/tcZM9Fvm00:12
Awwharris, yeah thats were I got my copy00:12
MestreLiontmus: well, I'm using a mix of bash and python, so any metho of invoking that dialog in either language would be fine00:13
wilee-nileedr_willis, Hehe yeah, seems like a waste of time, but I don't actually customize my setup with visual stuff much.00:13
harriswhere does this download to Aww00:13
Awwharris, depends on where you used the wget command00:13
dr_willisyep... its a terminal command. ;)00:13
Awwharris, check your home folder00:14
dr_willisyour terminal can be cd'd to anywhere you want harris  and it would download there...00:14
yeatshuhu: try 'sudo mkdir /mnt/lv' then 'sudo mount /dev/mapper/MYTAG /mnt/lv'00:14
MestreLiontmus:  g_app_info_launch_default_for_uri() is the function that ends up being called when xdg-open is used... but it does not show any GUI dialog suggesting to install packages00:14
she_dyedsparkss: so stuck on device not found? hey try the grub command line00:14
she_dyedsparkss: if you make this work you're my hero00:16
MestreLiontmus: I would like to know which method/component/plugin/whatever Nautilus uses to search apt package database and suggests packages for files that have no configured apps00:16
MestreLionI'm not sure if this is a Nautilus/Gnome thing or an Uuntu-only feature00:17
tmusMestreLion, right... Hmmm... looking around00:18
huhuyeats, thx, it *seemed to work, but how can I access it in nautilus?00:18
yeatshuhu: try navigating to /mnt/lv00:18
MestreLionI think it is "session-installer"00:19
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huhuyeats, ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ /mnt/lv bash: /mnt/lv: Is a directory00:20
yeatshuhu: 'cd /mnt/lv'00:21
MestreLiontmus: or at least session-installer is a piece of the puzzle. it is the one that installs the selected package00:21
Awwharris, did you get it too work?00:22
huhuoops, of course yeats, thx, now i have the problem that my home directory is encrypted on top!^^00:22
sparkssshe_dyed: what did you mean earlier, I was eating00:23
yeatshuhu: does it not prompt you for the encryption password?00:23
she_dyedsparkss: so are you stuck on device not found? hey try the grub command line00:23
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she_dyedthe good thing about grub100:23
MestreLiontmus: Random832: PackageKit!!!! :D00:23
sparkssyes, but its working with kernel 3.2, boots perfectly fine00:23
she_dyeduh huh00:23
she_dyedthats progress00:24
tmusMestreLion, that makes sense00:24
sparkssyeah, but this is where I have been at for close to 3 hours....00:24
sparkssusually updating a kernel is a 10 minute process00:24
huhuyeats, no. ubuntu@ubuntu:/mnt/lv/home$ cd XXX bash: cd: xdardovv: Permission denied00:24
huhuyeats, no. ubuntu@ubuntu:/mnt/lv/home$ cd XXX bash: cd: XXX: Permission denied00:25
beanhuhu, become root and try, it's probably a permissions problem.00:25
huhubean; ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo ecryptfs-mount-private ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly00:29
gg__can anyone link a guide on bitcoin mining for ubuntu?00:29
gg__a working guide? tried a few but failed with 404s00:29
sparkssgonna try grub200:29
gg__er, specifically "E: Unable to locate package bitcoin"00:30
gg__anything I may be overlooking?00:30
huhubean yeats, there is a readme, saying: THIS DIRECTORY HAS BEEN UNMOUNTED TO PROTECT YOUR DATA.  From the graphical desktop, click on:  "Access Your Private Data"  or  From the command line, run:  ecryptfs-mount-private00:30
huhuubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo ecryptfs-mount-private ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly, yeats, bean00:31
sparkssok, same issue with grub2 folks :/00:32
dr_willisso that sort of narrows it down to the kernel itself?00:33
sparkssI also tried kernel 3.800:33
sparksssame issue there :/00:33
dr_willisabout the only way i could think of to Prove that however.. would be to try a clean install (perhaps in virtualbox) and try to recreate the issue00:33
sparksswhat are the chances that (2) stable kernel releases built/compiled and distrod on ubuntu.com are borked?00:34
dr_willisyou said they came from a ppa i thouight00:34
user0000001hello...  i just installed ubuntu 12.04, and when installing, somehow the resolution was turned up high i think, some icons on the top right got really big, as did my mouse...  i have since finished installing, and restarted and am using ubuntu, but in certain applications the mouse icon is really big00:35
sparkssthey are still stable kernels00:35
user0000001i dont know what it is00:35
sparkssaccording to kernel.org00:35
huhuyeats, bean : do you think this might help?00:35
huhuyeats, bean : do you think this might help?http://nerdbynature.de/s9y/?19200:35
dr_willissparkss:  if they messed  up or frogot an option.. it would make sence...00:35
dr_willissparkss:  or theres some config issue and its not the kernels..00:35
sparkssI mean, thousands of people are clearly having the same issue00:36
sparkssaccording to googles search indexing00:36
dr_willisive compiled kernels in the past and messed up things befor.. the fact they are 'stable' dident matter.00:36
dr_willisbasic trouble shooting  - is it a kernel issue.. or a non kernel issue..     how to test to prove one way or the other - would be the logical step00:37
user0000001...including when i am in xchat and firefox, if i hover over a link the mouse icon gets HUGE00:37
yeatshuhu: I would probably try something like that, yeah00:37
huhuyeats, you sure?00:38
wilee-nileeuser0000001, How about a screenshot in a imagebin.00:38
sparkssmy head hurts00:38
dr_willissparkss:  if thousands of people are having the same issue.. sounds like it may be a deeper issue then this channel may  be abble to handle.00:38
dr_willisI wonder if the kernel channel may  know more. it may be affeccting other disrtos also00:39
yeatshuhu: this might help too: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=164279000:39
sparkssgood point00:40
user0000001ok wilee-nilee00:40
huhuyeats, im on a live cd, those guys werent i think...00:40
beanhuhu, i think this guy was: http://goshawknest.wordpress.com/2010/04/16/how-to-recover-crypted-home-directory-in-ubuntu/00:41
user0000001wilee-nilee, it is hard to get the screenshot to show the mouse being big00:41
yeatshuhu: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-mounting-your-encrypted-home-from-livecd/00:41
huhuyeats, which one on the last link ... too confiused,., thx00:43
wilee-nileeuser0000001, use the prtsc key I wonder if you do not have orca running it is a app for disabilities basically.00:43
yeatshuhu: the link I just shared has you chroot into your previous system - I would probably try that method first00:44
huhuyeats: root@ubuntu:/# ecryptfs-mount-private ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly00:45
yeatshuhu: try the instructions at that link00:45
user0000001wilee-nilee, is there a terminal command to show all the apps running00:45
huhuall? tells about usb etc, yeats00:46
wilee-nileeuser0000001, YOu can install htop and see everything and search for stuff and close as well among other tools00:46
beanhuhu: the part about adding your user, and "su - username"00:46
yeatshuhu: were you going to copy your data somewhere? if so, a USB is probably a good option if you have one00:46
user0000001wilee-nilee, i dont think i have orca running...  i just openned it, and then it was reading the screen, and then i hit quit00:47
huhubean ,yeats, what script/link r u talking about exactly?00:47
user0000001i looked in  universal access as well00:47
huhuyeats, i have another hd to copy it00:48
wilee-nileeuser0000001, This is not an area of expertise really, and I suspect without a visual sort of hard to track down, or a definitive description.00:48
beanhuhu, i think this guy was: http://goshawknest.wordpress.com/2010/04/16/how-to-recover-crypted-home-directory-in-ubuntu/00:48
yeatshuhu: ok, well, then no need for USB then, right?00:48
huhuyeats, yes, i will need one, cuz its anexternal hd00:49
Kawobei_workhey how get into a user account on Ubuntu touch developer preview on Nexus 1000:49
huhubean what is "goshawk" there? just a random name?00:50
Kawobei_workthere are accounts to use but all password protected00:50
beanyour username on the hard drive00:50
anguiishHey guys; would it be possible to modify unity's music dash previews to keep playing the rest of the song instead of just stoping when the user closes the dash?00:50
goshawkhuhu,  ?00:50
huhuok thnks bean00:50
beanhuhu, your username on the hard drive, like that you used to log in with00:50
goshawkhuhu, what the problem is00:50
Crckh34dwhy would u wanna do that>00:50
huhuyeats, yes, i will need an usb, cuz its anexternal hd where im going to rescue copy my stuff00:50
Crckh34dtry JACK,00:50
Crckh34dwith a 5.1 soundcard00:51
yeatshuhu: ok00:51
beanhuhu, okay, so follow those instructions.00:51
user0000001okay wilee-nilee , i am in dconf-editor...  can you please go in there and go to org>gnome>desktop>interface and tell me what value you have for cursor size?  mine is 4800:52
user0000001or someone else00:52
huhubean, it says enter NEW unix pw00:52
user0000001ohh i just clicked set to default and it changed to 2400:52
beancorrect, use the same password you had when it worked00:52
user0000001i bet that will do it!!!!!00:52
user0000001this must be a bug00:52
bazhang!touch | Kawobei_work00:53
ubottuKawobei_work: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch00:53
user0000001but the problem is fixed!!!!!!00:53
sparkssok, I just noticed something00:53
sparkssthe grub config appears to be right, however, when its booting, I noticed that the UUID has changed ( just a tiny bit)00:54
huhunean, thx, now it says, Enter the new value, or press ENTER for the default, really dunno if im comprehending this fully, dont wanna mess it up..00:54
sparkssnot sure if this is normal00:54
huhubean, thx, now it says, Enter the new value, or press ENTER for the default, really dunno if im comprehending this fully, dont wanna mess it up..00:54
beanjust hit enter all the way through00:54
huhubean, sure? (thx)00:55
wilee-nileeuser0000001, I don't have that installed, honestly you are better talking to the channel.00:55
beanhuhu, yeah, just hit til you're back at a prompt00:55
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sparksschanging to /dev/sdg1 didnt work00:56
Rb26hello World! I need help trying to install XFREE86 scalable fonts?00:57
Kawobei_workbazhang: which account does that password work for00:57
huhubean: Full Name []:  Room Number []:  Work Phone []:  Home Phone []:  Other []:  Is the information correct? [Y/n] y root@ubuntu:/# /home/xdardovv# su xdardovv bash: /home/xdardovv#: No such file or directory root@ubuntu:/# cd home/xdardovv bash: cd: home/xdardovv: No such file or directory root@ubuntu:/# ecryptfs-mount-private ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly root@ubuntu:/#00:58
bazhangKawobei_work, use the #ubuntu-touch channel for support please00:58
Kawobei_workok, no one talking in there at all00:58
RunemoroIt's taking a VERY long time to install linux-headers packages with dpkg -i00:58
beanhuhu, can you please pastebin that stuff instead?00:58
bazhangKawobei_work, so be patient00:58
Kawobei_workyou know finally got it on, all excited00:59
huhusure bean w800:59
harrisAww, it just got done downloading sorry went out to work on shot put00:59
AwwAh, Okay00:59
Runemoro!!! It just Ctrl-C'd by it's self!00:59
ubottuRunemoro: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:59
huhubean, http://pastebin.com/V0jZtpsa01:00
harriswhat do i do now the first code says no file or directory01:00
Awwharris, you installed it right?01:00
Rb26Hi!  I need to install xfre86 scalable fonts in ubuntu.  I use a software called Hyperworks. I need to use the scalable fonts because the current  GUI fonts makes it almost impossible to use it. Help Anyone?01:00
harrisdownloaded the deb01:01
beanhuhu try "su - xdardovv"01:01
beanit should put you on a prompt01:01
Awwharris, yeah now you need to install it01:01
Awwjust double click it and Ubuntu Software Center should open01:01
huhubean, thx, just had the same "idea" just without the hyphen01:02
sparksswhy can I not figure this out people!01:02
Awwor in whatever package manger you have01:02
beanhuhu: did that give you a prompt?01:02
huhubean, nope01:02
huhuroot@ubuntu:/# su xdardovv xdardovv@ubuntu:/$ ecryptfs-mount-private ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly01:02
junkNownOhhh boy. I just installed steam for ubuntu. Now unity will not launch after I rebooted. How can I fix this?01:02
huhubean: root@ubuntu:/# su xdardovv xdardovv@ubuntu:/$ ecryptfs-mount-private ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly01:03
beanhuhu sudo ecryptfs-mount-private01:03
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huhubean xdardovv@ubuntu:/$ sudo ecryptfs-mount-private [sudo] password for xdardovv:  xdardovv is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.,,,strange message!01:04
jdelgado@huhu you tried to execute sudo on a user without sudo privileges01:06
beanoh, huhu, lets add your user to sudoers, type exit, and get back to the root prompt, then type "sudo adduser <username> sudo"01:06
dystohello, I am trying to strip down ubuntu 10.04.4 to make a bootable flashdrive to run armory bitcoin wallet from, and have made it to the point of chrooting into the extracted squashfs.. now I can't purge packages with aptitude..01:07
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=== squirtle is now known as squircle
junkNownIs it possible Unity would have broken because steam tried to install drivers for the built in graphics in my i7 2600k?01:08
huhubean: "root prompt" is where im @ root@ubuntu?01:08
[snake]Hello, I accidentally updated my linux kernel to version 3.8.7 and now everything is squished(my display I mean) and my Additional Drivers has A LOT of extra drivers and everything. basically, I need to know if I can change it back, please and thankyou.01:08
beanhuhu, yep "adduser username sudo"01:08
dystoI get " dpkg: warning: 'ldconfig' not found on PATH. "01:09
dr_willisdysto:  look for where ldconfig is at and add it to your  PATH perhaps?01:09
passerinejunkNown, no idea but once installed some lib without noticing that it would remove something for me, until the next day when I started up to a black screen, and had to boot the DVD, mount and found the cause in /var/log/apt.01:10
dystodr_willis: how do I computer? lol01:10
huhubean: http://pastebin.com/r0tNqMC101:10
beanhuhu, sudo ecryptfs-mount-private01:11
huhubean: same: xdardovv@ubuntu:/$ sudo ecryptfs-mount-private [sudo] password for xdardovv:  ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly xdardovv@ubuntu:/$01:11
junkNownIt's weird, I can open terminal, and other things from terminal. But can't resize windows, no unity interface, can't move windows.01:11
dystodr_willis: seriously, how do I add things to PATH.. and where is it?01:12
beanhuhu, try sudo ecryptfs-recover-private01:13
dr_willisdysto:  err.. you  are doing this project and you dont know the basics of the shell?01:13
dr_willisexport PATH=$PATH;/add/other/dir01:13
beanits a : not a ;01:13
[snake]lol, my resolution is 1600x1200 but my actual monitor's resolution is 1368x76801:14
huhubean : THX, semms to work now, still loading, THXTHXTHX! :sudo ecryptfs-recover-private INFO: Searching for encrypted private directories (this might take a while)...01:14
dr_willisjunkNown:  that is a way  way to common issue.. and can happen for many reasons sadly01:14
[snake]it's displaying 1600x1200 I mean.01:14
dystodr_willis: I know, I'm crazy. Thank you. :) is there a resource page where I can rtfm?01:14
dr_willisjunkNown:  compiiz is crashing or failing for some reason its not seeing the 3d drivers. or somthing like that.. ive never seen a  general reason, or a standard fix01:14
dr_willisdysto:  the bash abs and other docs are online.. at 10000's of sites01:15
ubottuAdvanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/01:15
dystothank you so much. :D01:15
[snake]anyone can help me with my kernel? I have the old kernel still I think. It has a bunch of old versions, I just need help with knowing exactly what to do.01:16
dr_willisdysto:  you may  be beter off starting with the mini cd/install and adding what you need.01:16
[snake]cause of grub mostly I think01:16
dr_willis[snake]:  use the latest kernel that works.. and keep like one or 2 older ones for backup. just in case.01:16
[snake]dr_willis, I'll repost my original question for you to see.01:16
[snake]Hello, I accidentally updated my linux kernel to version 3.8.7 and now everything is squished(my display I mean) and my Additional Drivers has A LOT of extra drivers and everything. basically, I need to know if I can change it back, please and thankyou.01:16
dr_willisupdated the kernel how?01:17
dystodr_willis: I thought of that too, I will try that. I just need gnome and armory, and there is a zip for armory that has all it's dependencies and a script to install them all.01:17
dr_willisthe kernel version shouldent be affecting whats shown in the 'addational drivers' tool as far as i know either.01:17
dr_willisdysto:  id just use lubuntu if its going to  be a sitting in the corner all day sort of machine.01:18
huhubean, do you know what it exactly will do after this prompt? Try to recover this directory? [Y/n]:01:18
[snake]dr_willis, I am using the latest one from kernel.org. I compiled it according to the readme. apparently the last command I used out of the three actually installed it.01:19
beanhuhu, it will try to read the dir01:19
dr_willis[snake]:  and why are you doing all this?01:19
[snake]let me take a photo of my additional drivers it used to only display my nvidia01:19
dystodr_willis: I want to have it installed on a flash drive, but not as a live system. so I can boot from the flash drive from most any machine and do offline transactions. that way I don't need a dedicated machine, just the flash drive.01:19
dr_willis[snake]:  there some special feature of the  newer kernel you need?  there are ppa's for newer kernels i belive.. but ive never needed to mess with them01:19
huhubean thx: INFO: Success!  Private data mounted read-only at [/tmp/ecryptfs.yNfwzWza].01:19
dr_willisdysto:  sounds like another reason to use lubuntu, instead of ubuntu . ;) smaller insrtall sizew01:20
beanhuhu, nice!01:20
junkNownWell here is the last 2 things that apt installed, one of which made Unity break (i can still ctrl-alt-t to terminal an open programs). I'm running a Raedon HD6950 wit prop drivers (or at least before this), and I have an i2600k processor. http://pastebin.com/SJhMSHmW01:20
[snake]dr_willis, I did not expect it to install, I was just messing around haha. the point is that I need to change back to my old kernel.01:20
huhubean wo can I thank you?01:20
dr_willis[snake]:  select the older kenrrels from the grub menu.01:20
beanhuhu, *shrug*01:21
dystodr:willis: right, I was going to use xubuntu. I like xfce. :) but I also don't want to have compatibility issues. I guess the only real difference is the interface? as long as I use 10.04, right?01:21
huhubean *how01:21
[snake]dr_willis, oh. that's convenient.01:21
beanhuhu, no need to.01:21
[snake]how do I get the grub menu?01:21
[snake]dr_willis, it doesn't really matter anymore, but here is that picture of my Additional Drivers: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=317b0bc&s=6 I'll google the grub thing01:22
dystodr_willis: my initial effort was to install ubuntu to the flashdrive, uninstall all the stuff I didn't need, install armory, update everything, then I dd the flashdrive partition to an img file, tried to write it back to the flashdrive, and no love. :(01:24
huhubean, maybe a jke for u?01:28
beanhuhu, that's alright01:29
huhubean, another question: how can i find out whther i can intall the 64bit version of ubuntu12.04 on my hardware?01:30
dejavuehuhu, what kind of processor do you have?01:30
huhudejavue, sth like a 2.3 dual01:31
beanhuhu, "cat /proc/cpuinfo" and pastebin it01:31
dejavue2.3 ghz dual, but what kind of cpu chips?01:32
huhubean, http://pastebin.com/KxfbfFh801:33
dejavuehuhu, amd athlon, athlon64, intel 64, etc etc01:33
huhudejavue pentiumiii i guess01:33
dejavuepentium-3 can not run a 64-bit os01:33
huhudejavue Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz01:34
beanpentium D01:34
dejavueyes then, you can run a 64 bit, probably01:34
beanyou can.01:34
beanthats a 64 bit chip01:34
huhudejavue, bean, already d/l the 12.04 64 bit live dvd, which doesnt boot01:34
Brotoxwho's pro in irc commands here ?01:35
PartTimeLegendDoes anyone know of  ruby/c++ solution that publishes gpg public keys in a directory?01:35
beanhuhu, what error does it give?01:35
beanBrotox, not really related to this channel01:35
Brotoxi've kicked myself from my own channel, how can i get back as op ?01:35
dejavuehuhu, some of intel's early 64-bit chips were not very compatible, that why I said "probably"01:36
huhubean, no error, just didnt load it when i was trying to boot it, "no operating system " or sth,01:36
PartTimeLegendbrotox /j #freenode01:36
beanBrotox, usually you'd have registered the channel with chanserv, and chanserv would op you.01:36
jdelgado@brotox go to your channel, then run /chanserv op #<your chan> brotox01:36
huhudejavue. might be an early 101:36
Brotoxu rock jdelgado !!01:37
dejavuehuhu, you can try a 32-bit version, if it boots, that was the problem, if not then you have another problem01:37
huhudejavue just figured out howto get rif of this problem, thx to bean and yeats01:38
dejavuehuhu, 32 or 64 only matters if you have more than 4gb ram01:38
jdelgado@brotox No problem pal, glad to help.01:38
huhudejavue, the 11.10 32bit just booted right afterwards (livecd)01:38
dejavuethen that was the problem01:39
huhudejavue, do u have a command to show this?01:39
dejavueshow what?01:39
huhumy ram sizes01:39
dejavueit's in your dmesg output01:40
beanhuhu "free -m"01:40
huhubean dejavue, on live cd, dows it matter?01:41
cajuni'm trying to install ubuntu on an older computer that isn't supporting CD install.  I did a net install from GRUB to install 12.10. However, when it loads after login, I don't get the GDM. I get the wallpaper and that's it. How can I fix this?01:41
beancajun, how much ram does the older computer have01:41
cajunI honestly don't remember.01:42
huhuhttp://pastebin.com/FiRjGqhi bean dejavue01:42
[snake]cajun, if you use ctrl alt f1 you can access a terminal. if that doesn't load then your computer is working VERY hard to display more.01:42
cajunIt used to run 9.04 just fine until I somehow messed up up during an upgrade to 9.1001:42
huhubean dejavue, so no more than 4 gb...01:42
dr_williscajun:   also whats the video  card. theres common issue/problem where compiz/unity dosent fully load due to driver issues. but a differnt desktop like Lubuntu may work fine01:42
beanhuhu, yep, 3.2 GB01:42
dr_williscajun:  if its a lower end machine. Lubuntu may be a better desktop to use anyway. You can install it via 'sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop;01:43
cajuni'll give that a try.  The video card is a GEForce.  Not positive of further details on it. It's probably 10 yrs old or so.01:43
dr_williscajun:  i via 'sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop'01:43
huhubean dejavue so a 64 bit installation is not worth it? i mean, not worth  a try?01:43
dr_willis10 yrs old? id definatly be using lubuntu01:43
beanhuhu, not really01:43
huhubean, ok. thoght i might be faster than using the pae kernel...01:44
[snake]dr_willis, would you know if ubuntu has a config file for the kernel that I could use -oldconfig when compiling with?01:44
beanhuhu, no01:44
dejavuehuhu, 64-bit only matters at all if you have more than 4gb ram. If you have more 4gb and you try to use 32-bit you will either not see all the memory or sometimes crash instantly01:44
androidfr33kI have to use 64 bit to build android roms  jeally bean (jb) needs to be built in 64 bit environment01:45
cajuni got the terminal window01:45
=== Bitencourt is now known as bitencourt
beanandroidfr33k, likely01:45
dr_willis[snake]:  no  idea. ive not needed to mess with the kernel in years. i think there is some  /proc/file that shows what confoig  was used for the currently running kernel01:46
DummyBookwhere is the decaut download folder on ubutu?01:46
dejavueyou can't just cross compile with 64 bit libraries?01:46
dr_willisbut ive  not seen/looked for it in ages01:46
androidfr33kDont always go by memory01:46
KatsumeBliskDummyBook: your home directory01:46
[snake]cajun, oh that's good. I wonder if there is a text install mode. though you might rather get the lubuntu live cd image. you're in a live cd right?01:46
KatsumeBliskDummyBook: so Downloads in your home directory.01:46
DummyBookKatsumeBlisk: thank you, for some reason mine was "hidden"01:46
androidfr33kYou have to have 64 bit install01:46
xMopxShellHi - how can I add secondary or more IPs to eth0 in the /etc/network/interfaces file? To get the same result as running `ip addr add dev eth0`01:47
beanxMopxShell, same way, but eth0:1 as the name of the interface.01:47
cajunnope.  i can run the ubuntu 9.10 live  cd, but it just won't install. it will run in the special graphics mode though01:47
xMopxShellbean: that's a different (depreciated) method.01:48
dejavuethen I stand corrected, huhu, if you are planning on compiling android roms, you need 64 bit01:48
beanxMopxShell, not that i'm aware of?01:48
[snake]cajun, oh ok. then as dr_willis said. use sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop to get the lubuntu desktop. idk why I thought you were in live cd???01:48
cajunlubuntu installing now.  the term window is on ubuntu 12.10 full installation01:48
huhudejavue, nope , evn dunno ehat they do01:48
cajunit's ok snake01:48
[snake]ok cool :)01:48
cajunstill installing...no errors01:49
[snake]yep, that might take a bit of time cajun01:49
dejavuehuhu, if it won't boot 64, the choice is made for you01:50
huhudeajvue, thx01:50
huhuis a live cd going to hibernate after a certain time?01:51
cajuni used the livecd to get the files onto the computer so that I could perform the net install. The really strange thing is that despite burning the CD at the lowest speed, the old PC just wouldn't accept it. The "official" 9.10 live CD is accepted. I'm just so confused by all that. At least I'm getting something now. Thanks to the help of this channel.01:51
ai9371someone please help flash player not working01:51
ai9371on ubuntu 12.04 LTS server01:52
[snake]cajun, glad to hear that we could help you :D01:52
[snake]ai9371, did you install the restricted extras?01:52
HoNgOuRuhow do I format a hdd ??01:52
ai9371[snake] yeah i did that01:52
ai9371still no working!01:52
ai9371please help!01:52
[snake]ai9371, go to adobe's site I guess.01:52
ai9371i did that and i Downloaded 11.201:52
[snake]ai9371, did you reboot?01:53
ai9371it just takes me to package manager where it is already installed01:53
ai9371yes i rebooted01:53
[snake]ai9371, how many times?01:53
sheldoris there a way to edit the Network Manager Wifi connections (the password namely) in the console direclty? (without wpa_supplicant)01:53
=== Karbowiak is now known as zz_Karbowiak
[snake]HoNgOuRu, I like using cfdisk myself. idk if it's available with apt-get. but most users might just use disk utility01:54
[snake]HoNgOuRu, do you know how to open disk utility?01:55
huhualright, dejavu, bean, dr_willis, yeats, thx for helping me out. time is running. 4 am am gotta be up in 3h. hope the live cd system wont suspend the session when i meet the Zs01:56
cajunwill i be able to use this old computer to watch online videos from hulu and netflix once lubuntu is installed?02:05
beancajun, hulu yes (probably), netflix is a bit more complicated.02:06
bean!netflix | cajun02:07
ubottucajun: If you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop02:07
cajunthx bean.02:08
sheldorhow can i get e4fsprogs02:10
sheldorits not in the repos02:10
dr_willis!find e4fsprogs02:11
ubottuPackage/file e4fsprogs does not exist in quantal02:11
dr_willisperhaps its under a similer name02:11
a_b0yis ubuntu optimized for touch screen?02:12
dr_willis!find e4fsck02:12
beane2fsprogs probably02:12
ubottuPackage/file e4fsck does not exist in quantal02:12
bean!find e2fsprogs02:12
ubottuFound: e2fsprogs, e2fsprogs-dbg02:12
bean!info e2fsprogs02:12
ubottue2fsprogs (source: e2fsprogs): ext2/ext3/ext4 file system utilities. In component main, is required. Version 1.42.5-1ubuntu2 (quantal), package size 961 kB, installed size 2332 kB02:12
dr_willisgoogle hits for e4fsprogs show its a package for redhat. that has various extg4 tools. and names so  not go conflicet with the ext2 tools02:12
beane2fsprogs has all the utils02:13
dr_willisi see no mentionof any such package on ubuntu or debian02:13
dr_willisbean:  makes sence to me. ;)02:13
dr_willisa_b0y:  the unity desktop is designed with touch screens/tablets in mind. no idea how well it actually works on such devices02:13
Jpmha_b0y: I produce and maintain a Point of Sale system that uses touch screens and un modified Ubuntu and works VERY WELL02:14
dr_willissheldor:  http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/linux/kernel/1036930        gives the answer.. :) it dont exist on ubuntu. use the e2* package02:15
Jpmha_b0y: and dr_willis  while it is claimed that unity is optimized for touch screens it does not work as well as standard Gnome with multi-touch02:15
dr_willisonly  touch screen os i use is android. ;)02:16
cajunthx bean and mr_willis. i'm in now. :)02:16
Jpmha_b0y: what do you want to do with a touch screen?02:16
quem"He who has diarrhea knows the direction of the door without being told." -- Ugandan proverb02:19
BHXSpectermy system starting acting up and now my system related icons won't show in the launcher...Home folder, terminal, workspaces, trash can, etc are just blank spots on my launcher => http://twitpic.com/cjvs2k/full02:21
dr_willisBHXSpecter:  try changeing icon themes, then changeing  the theme back perhaps.. could be the icon cache is messed up. ive seen that happen ages ago. but im not sure how to f ix it these days02:23
BHXSpecterokay I will try that :)02:23
bloodydadREGISTER 1988519 aramisw@126.com02:25
BHXSpecterthat fixed it02:25
BHXSpecterwas worried it was something worse heh02:26
dr_willisicon cache would be my guess.02:26
dr_willisbloodydad:  :) you may  want to query the servicce bots02:27
BHXSpecteryeah, apparently the Oxygen-gtk theme was causing a crash to occur02:28
BHXSpecterwas bad enough that terminal was even freezing it......just replicated the affect...changed it to Radiance and it fixed it02:28
dr_willisthats odd.02:31
dr_willisi tend to use some of the themes from the Webupd8 blog sites ppa02:32
dr_willisthey tend to keep the 'best looking' ones :) dont have to filter through all the poor themes out there02:32
texla12.04 After updating using update manager I get manager closed unexpectly ??02:33
dr_willistry from the terminal - see  if 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get upgrade' give any clearer messages02:34
=== bryan is now known as Guest99959
texladr_willis, both update and upgrade ran normally02:38
dr_willisof course now - update manager has nothing to do. ;) so its going tobe hard to see if it crashes now02:40
motehi, I'm going to fresh install a laptop by april 19, which version am I going to use? 13.04beta or 12.04? I can't wait till 13.04 release since I need to have a new development machine by that date.02:42
she_dyedtry it out live, see if wireless works,etc02:43
she_dyedmote  just to make sure all the pieces work02:44
moteI still plan to use 13.04, im just worried I may have 2 versions of packages install when I upgraded to 13.0402:44
she_dyedwell some people already have the work-in-progress 13.04, just keep updating02:45
she_dyedso that when it does come out, you have it up and running02:46
she_dyedk, shower time, cya02:46
moteif there's no date involve, I would patiently wait till the release. :(02:46
motethanks she_dyed !02:46
she_dyedyou're welcome, there's a chatroom for those early adopters02:47
she_dyed!raring > mote02:47
ubottumote, please see my private message02:47
nevynmote: you missed 12.10 as an option ;)02:48
motenevyn, it would be just the same with 12.04 since I'm planning to use 13.04 when it will be released. the thing is april 19, 13.04 is not released yet.02:50
Barrylockejust how involved is the upgrade process from 12.10 to 13.xx?02:51
Barrylockeie for me as a user?02:51
b33rHi is 13.04 release candidate available for update now?02:53
guestthi,   can anyone tell me how to save the audio track from a vidio file ?02:55
zykotick9guestt: i'm a fan of "mplayer -vo null -ao pcm foo.video" which will create a WAV dump of the video.02:56
guesttzykotick9  then redirrect the output to a file ?02:57
zykotick9guestt: it does that automatically02:58
guesttor is null the filename02:58
zykotick9guestt: "-vo null" means, don't bother with video output02:58
scjrHey I'm having some linux-general-pae depependancy problems (stemming from not having enough space to configure a new kernel I think) anyone know any easy fixes? - http://pastebin.com/1mdfP10j03:04
KxTwoAnyone good with Big O03:04
=== scott_ is now known as Guest4001
guesttzykotick9  looks like the output will be bigger than the input     is that normal?03:05
zykotick9guestt: possibly, WAV is uncompressed audio.  after it's finished you can encode it to something else.03:06
=== bretolius_ is now known as bretolius
guesttk thanks.   very helpful.  :)03:07
ai9371can someone help me with installed flash player tar.gz03:10
ai9371where do i copy the usr folder to>03:10
AcidRainwhats that software called that handles cron jobs?03:13
AcidRaini had in on my ubuntu 11 system03:13
AcidRainsomething like... system timed project03:13
AcidRainhell idk03:13
DJHenjinAcidRain: Cron Jobs are handled by Cron on a linux server03:14
AcidRainscheduled tasks. thats it!03:14
AcidRainDJHenjin, ya but this lil gui makes life easy03:14
DJHenjinlol, i dont use a GUI on my server at all03:14
mladouxdcron, fcron, vixie-cron, really depends on what you have installed.03:15
=== braiam_ is now known as braiam
she_dyed acidrain may  be onto something here03:17
AcidRain/usr/local/bin/php /var/www/CronSong.php >/dev/null 2>&1 is this not proper?03:20
quemany good PPAs out there?03:20
cfhowlettquem, yes03:23
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
AcidRain/usr/bin/php this is right. still wont execute php script03:26
kiyourais both php and php-cli installed?03:27
qubit01+1 kiyoura03:27
=== Odysimus_away is now known as Odysimus
she_dyedAcidRain: the >dev/null sends output to oblivion03:28
she_dyedto neverneverland03:29
AcidRainya nvm. i found an error in coding :/03:29
AcidRainand i made this like 3 yrs ago lol03:29
she_dyedah ok03:29
Liam-where would i go to get java support, or can i get it here03:33
Liam-actually, im not generally sure if it is java or not.03:33
ubottuLiam-,: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.03:33
Liam-i have it installed, that isn't the issue03:33
AcidRainya appers i have fixed it03:34
Liam-i'm running a process that is getting "Killed" randomly. Java doesn't output any errors, but the system shows that it isn't running out of space.03:34
Random832Liam-: how much system memory do you have?03:34
Liam-512mb with 1gb vswap03:35
bigbadbenHey I am getting a kernal panic when ever I try to connect to my bluetooth mouse can anyone help me?03:35
Liam-the process is using /very/ little memory03:35
cfhowlettuoker, greetings03:36
ayu_hello everyone03:37
cfhowlettayu_, greetings03:37
ayu_cfhowlett,  i need help03:37
ubottuayu_,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:38
mathorHow do I encourage my computer science department to encourage open source development?03:38
bazhang!ot | mathor03:38
ubottumathor: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:38
ayu_how to exec a pythoy script in anywhere03:38
ayu_yes i will try03:39
ayu_a python script: like this: print 'hello' I put it on my ~/ayu/Desk  ,but I want in anywhere to run it03:41
AcidRainApr 16 22:40:01 acidrain-CM1730-CM1830 CRON[20042]: (acidrain) CMD (/usr/bin/php /var/www/CronSong.php >/dev/null 2>&1 # JOB_ID_1)03:41
AcidRaindoes this mean it was successful?03:41
she_dyedayu_: google for a write up about $PATH03:41
ayu_I add it to PATH03:41
AcidRainhow do i know if the cron job executed?03:42
AcidRaini should be able to tell cause it should update a few sql tables. but its not doing this03:42
gizmoayu_, add "#!/usr/bin/python" to the beggining of the python script03:43
AcidRainhmm.. it seems to be working now03:43
Shadow__XAcidRain: http://askubuntu.com/questions/56683/where-is-the-cron-crontab-log03:44
ayu_yeah,I add it , but it does not work03:44
Shadow__Xlook at those logs03:44
Shadow__XAcidRain: look at /var/log/syslog or use grep CRON /var/log/syslog03:44
AcidRainShadow__X, are you the same Shadow__X that created sbx mod for jk?03:44
Shadow__XAcidRain: no as i do not know what sbx is or jk is03:45
ayu_any thanks, i search goole03:45
AcidRainoh, nvm then. thx for the help03:45
she_dyeddid you chmod the program ayu_03:45
she_dyednow the dir its in03:45
=== bodhi_ is now known as Cttechguy
Shadow__Xshe_dyed: should it be chmod +x ?03:45
=== Cttechguy is now known as CTtechguy
she_dyedeven better03:46
she_dyed777 is too much power03:46
AcidRain+x is for execution03:46
ayu_chmod +x name.py03:46
RalliasIs it possible to make ffmpeg splice together two video sources side by side?03:46
she_dyedand the dir has to be03:47
Shadow__XRallias: side by side?03:47
Shadow__Xor play right after another03:47
cfhowlettRallias, as in dual display?03:47
RalliasShadow__X, No, like screen on left, webcam on right03:47
she_dyedand combine on 1 clip Rallias ?03:48
she_dyedi'd use recordmydesktop03:48
she_dyedonce i got both running03:49
cfhowlettRallias, never seen that in ffmpeg, but I suspect it's possible.  perhaps ask in #ubuntustudio?  also note that ffmpeg is to be dropped in future.  avconv is the suggested replacement03:49
binary_glitchRallias, pragmatically or on a one-time basis03:49
[Relic]I want to wipe/zero out a whole partition of a drive does dd work for that or is there something better?03:49
Ralliasbinary_glitch, One time basis, it's for a school project.03:49
binary_glitch"i'd use recordmydesktop" she_dyed03:49
Rallias[Relic], dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda103:49
Shadow__X[Relic]: you could do what Rallias suggested. It depends on how many wipes/passes you want to do03:50
Random832just cp /dev/zero /dev/sd(whatever drive)03:50
RalliasRandom832, cp doesn't work on block devices, just files.03:50
Random832dd is unnecessary, and it's slower unless you specify a block size03:50
Random832Rallias: untrue.03:50
RalliasYou sure?03:50
Random832I actually know the historical reason that dd is so popular for this among linux users03:50
Ralliashm... I've always heard otherwise.03:51
Random832there was a bug in an early version of the kernel that caused cp to misdetect some files as sparse files, and so copying _to_ a device would corrupt any zero block03:51
Random832from the disk image file03:51
binary_glitch@Random832, I'm game what's the 'historical' reason??03:51
Random832since then, it just got in everyone's ideas of how things are done03:51
Random832binary_glitch: ^03:51
Random832very early version of the kernel reported file sizes wrong, so cp thought they were sparse files, and _cp_ had a bug when copying a sparse file (or a file it believed it was sparse) to a device03:52
[Relic]I just wasn't sure if it would do partition rather than the whole drive since all I saw was old small HD stuff so far  :)03:53
Random832so people used dd as a workaround for writing disk images to disks, and then people kept doing it without remembering why it was done03:53
Ralliashmm... I was always taught that DD was for block devices and CP was for files.03:53
Shadow__Xthere is drakes boot and nuke DBAN that makes it easier and will write random data03:53
Random832Rallias: it's one of those things everyone does and no-one knows why03:54
Shadow__X[Relic]: ^03:54
Random832but dd is actually slower in the default case unless you specify the block size03:54
Random832since the default is 512 bytes, and cp will use 4k or 32k as appropriate to the destination filesystem03:54
Random832(i think to devices it defaults to 4k)03:54
Random832i haven't timed it, dd might be faster if you do like bs=1M, but no-one does03:55
binary_glitch"there is drakes boot and nuke DBAN that makes it easier and will write random data" Shadow_X ... I also highly recomend this... good for trashing all evidence of things too03:55
bigbadbenanyone here have experience with kernel panics?03:56
binary_glitchthough I wouldn't go as far as to say that there isn't some forensics lab out there somewhere that...03:56
Ralliasbigbadben, For really stupid causes yes... why, what's your trouble my friend?03:56
binary_glitchkernel panic... I cause them on purpose ... for the fun of it... lol03:57
binary_glitchbut I usually don't bother fixing it..03:57
binary_glitchjust when I wanna change distros...03:57
RalliasUsually when I cause KP's it's because there's no /proc in the root filesystem.03:57
bigbadbenRallias, when ever I try to connect my bluetooth mouse I get a kernel panic03:58
=== Guddu is now known as Guest89186
Ralliasbigbadben, Are you fully up to date?03:58
RalliasDid you google your mouse and bluetooth adaptor in conjunction with the term kernel panic?03:58
bigbadbeni am using a cheap bluetooth dongle if that matters03:59
niftylettuceI'm on Ubuntu 11.10 and having issues with bluetooth, the device connects successfully, but does not show in sound manager03:59
RalliasI'm going to step out because I have no idea.03:59
niftylettucebigbadben: i have a similar issue with a logitech headset03:59
=== blake_ is now known as bns2000
niftylettucebigbadben: if you unplug it, it kernel panics haha03:59
Ralliasbigbadben, Is it kernel panic or is it soft panic?03:59
RalliasSoft panic you can hit ctrl+alt+f1 then ctrl+alt+f7 and recover04:00
Rallias(I don't know the proper term)04:00
bigbadbenkernel for sure alt f does not work04:00
binary_glitchdrivers and moduals / deamons04:01
RalliasI guess look for a bug report, if there isn't one file one.04:01
bigbadbenI can make it happen as I please so there should be a way to log it see what is going on?04:01
RalliasCheck /var/log/*04:01
RalliasI think dmesg works, altho that MIGHT be wiped at boot.04:01
bigbadbenIf I can see what the logs say just before it happens I could probably find a solution04:02
RalliasWell, all the logs are in /var/log04:02
binary_glitch*human readable04:02
RalliasI'm thinking dmesg will probably be your best bet, it might be something else in ubuntu.04:02
Jagst3r15I am trying to check for the existence of bkup directory and if not then create it04:03
Jagst3r15im trying to use command line for this so not sure04:03
Ralliasbinary_glitch, I'm not sure about you, but [01/31/2013 11:59:34] Kernel Panic is fairly readable to me.04:03
RalliasJagst3r15, if [ -f /path/to/directory ]04:03
Ralliasthat's in bash.04:04
binary_glitchsounds like a typical lack of hardware support...04:04
RalliasAnyhow, I've done my civic duty, night y'all.04:04
binary_glitchI was saying there are other places that logs are kept, but they are not human readable...04:04
Ralliasbinary_glitch, with a bit of perl, anything's human readable.04:05
RalliasIt's just that you have to smash your face in the keyboard to get the right perl.04:05
bigbadbenbinary_glitch, got any ideas?04:06
=== blake_ is now known as bns2000
binary_glitchthey are for your computer to read, ie the computer might say dear self, last time I shutdown, proper procedure was not followed, and I am concerned... so reminder to self, check my file systems next time I boot.04:07
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=== lubuntu is now known as StevenX
_cb #ubuntu04:09
StevenXHi everyone. I am using a lubuntu livecd. I have installed lubuntu but I get a flickering screen when I try to boot into it.04:09
StevenXThis is what I am getting.04:09
binary_glitchRallias, I'd use c++ but technically anything is human readable with just the brain, the term human readable just means that basically anyone could decipher it if they applied themselves.04:09
StevenXCan someone please help me.04:10
Shadow__Xpaste isnt coming up here04:10
Liam-this process bug is killing me04:10
Liam-i have no clue what it'd be04:10
Liam-does java store any kind of extensive logs?04:10
Liam-i looked into /var/log04:10
Liam-doesn't show much04:10
StevenXsorry Shadow__X, I had an A in there for some reaosn04:11
wilee-nileeStevenX, Check that paste is correct nothing there.04:11
StevenXwilee-nilee, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5714585/04:11
binary_glitchthe 'A' lol04:11
StevenXbinary_glitch, lol04:12
StevenXnow help me ;)04:12
binary_glitchreading your log04:13
StevenXbinary_glitch, thank you!04:14
binary_glitchfor shits and giggles wanna list info like what display and display card your using, os version etc04:15
binary_glitchUbuntu 12.10, quantal, Ubuntu, x86_6404:15
StevenXOK, let's see if I can get all that info:04:15
binary_glitchgot that...04:15
StevenXbinary_glitch, Lubuntu x6404:15
StevenXI'll look up my display card04:15
Shadow__Xis there a way to force acpi_cpufreq to load for an amd 8320?04:17
StevenXbinary_glitch, this is my computer. The spec page doesn't show the display card: http://www.samsung.com/us/computer/laptops/NP-QX411-W02UB04:17
Shadow__Xnone of my cpu freqs are loading04:17
binary_glitchlooks like you installed on your 640GB SAMSUNG hard dirve04:17
StevenXbinary_glitch, yes; at least that was my intent.04:18
binary_glitchit's a laptop...04:18
StevenXit is.04:18
Shadow__Xseems like intel hd 3000 graphics04:18
Shadow__Xyup hd 300004:18
binary_glitchoh about the display... you probably, never mind you figured it out04:19
=== Termana is now known as Guest60335
binary_glitchyeah if your able to boot but have issues with your screen filckering it sounds like a graphic config issue...04:20
binary_glitchmaybe x?? but probably a dirver...04:20
StevenXbinary_glitch, I'm able to boot into the livecd, so I know the system is compatible. But when I try to boot from the HD, the computer just flickers.04:20
StevenXbinary_glitch, how would I go about fixing that?04:21
_cbLast night I sent Spam. I think it is may machine or evolution and not my account.  What can I check for?04:21
DJHenjinIm having issues with Ubuntu 12.04 server crashing without warning or explanation.04:21
DJHenjincould someone help me track down the issue?04:21
binary_glitchare you talking to us on it now?04:21
DJHenjinbinary_glitch: Talking to me?04:21
StevenXbinary_glitch, yea, I'm on the livecd.04:21
binary_glitchor a different machine??04:22
_cbDJenjin have you ruled the machine out?04:22
binary_glitch can you come back as same username on a different machine?04:22
DJHenjin_cb: It is a server i rent from a company across the country, I cannot troubleshoot hardware, but i am assured it is all fine04:22
StevenXbinary_glitch, I don't have a diff. machine available.04:22
Shadow__X_cb: you could check processes on your machine and check to see if another ip other than yours has sent mail from your email server04:22
_cbShadow__X this is on my desktop. I think Evolution is compromised.04:23
DJHenjin_cb: Worse yet, It is my production machine. It ran fine for 2 months, Then all of a sudden a couple days ago it crashed. rebooted and got everything running again. then it crashed again today04:23
_cbDJHenjin VM or Phisycal server?04:24
DJHenjin_cb: Physical dedicated server.04:24
jenenliuhi guys, there is two video card in my Dell laptop, and I don't know how to install the video driver, can someone help me? thanks04:24
binary_glitchokay then... you will have to leave us and come back posibly serveral times for me to walk you through what I'd do to truble shoot... also you will have to be able to retain several steps to do during some boot up procidures... unless someone else has a better idea and wants to sep in04:25
_cbDJHenjin do you do maint or do you have that contracted out?04:25
Shadow__Xjenenliu: nvidia and intel?04:25
DJHenjin_cb: I personally do software maint.04:25
_cbHow about updates?04:25
jenenliuno, amd and intel04:25
_cbDJHenjin How about updates?04:25
Shadow__Xjenenliu: link to laptop?04:25
DJHenjin_cb: I log in daily to do apt-get upgrade and apt-get updates.04:26
StevenXwhat's the first step?04:26
_cbDJHenjin have you checked disk space on all your partitions?04:26
jenenliuShadow__X: I sorry, I am new to linux, what do you mean?04:26
Shadow__Xjenenliu: can you provide a link to the laptop you own04:26
evilytwistedhi, could someone help me get redshift working where i dont need to sudo it to get it running?04:26
DJHenjin   / has more than 50% of 20 GB available, /home has only 5 GB used of 2 TB04:26
binary_glitchokay when you boot try firs pressing tab if it is a single boot machine to bring up the boot options menu (if it doesn't show up automatically for something like 20 ~ 30 sec)04:27
binary_glitchand selcet recovery mode04:27
_cbDJHenjin how about other partitions opt? var? ...04:27
StevenXbinary_glitch, it doesn't show up automatically, so I will have to use tab.04:27
binary_glitchwhen it actaly starts to boot if it has a sudo progress bar04:28
jenenliuShadow__X: what do you need to know, my driver is x.org driver, and blow is my 'lspci | grep VGA' result04:28
DJHenjin_cb: is there a way i can run the fdisk -l command and have it paste the output to a pastebin site?04:28
jenenliuShadow__X:00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)04:28
jenenliu01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Seymour [Radeon HD 6400M/7400M Series]04:28
Shadow__Xjenenliu: do not paste a bunch of text in the channel. Use pastebin.com or ubuntu paste.ubuntu.com04:28
seamen69I had a boyfriend named Ubuntu once.04:28
seamen69he used to "play the bongos" on my ass04:29
binary_glitchpress F2 to bring it back into 'verbose' mode and watch what the screen says... (this used to be the standard boot mode for Linux)04:29
Shadow__Xjenenliu: what model laptop04:29
_cbDJHenjin if you are not out of space then that rules disk space out. Does your machine crash before fully booting or does it run for a while and then crash?04:29
jenenliux86, Dell Inspiron-N405004:29
DJHenjin_cb: ran for 2 months, then crashed the first time, then ran for about 2 days and crashed again04:30
StevenXbinary_glitch, OK, so far I know what to do, then04:30
jenenliuShadow__X: x8604:30
binary_glitchif you get that far and it freeses on a message for say 2 min press F7 if it starts flickering again come back and let me know what it last said04:30
StevenXbinary_glitch, ok, thanks, I will try that.04:30
DJHenjin_cb: I am currently on irssi connected through SSH, in a screen session on the machine in question04:32
_cbDJHenjin logs don't tell you anything?04:33
DJHenjin_cb: I am relatively new to troubleshooting ubuntu 12.04, I havent found anything in the logs that stood out to me04:33
she_dyed or you may have ignored something we could use04:34
_cbDJHenjin Assume machine is running now04:34
DJHenjin_cb:  Yes, It is running04:35
evilytwistedCould someone help me get redshift working without needing sudo to run it04:35
_cbDJHenjin what apps are you running on it?04:35
dumnuthi, i want to change my chatroom name such as ~dumnut@, i want to cahgne ~dumnut to something else, how do i do that?04:35
Shadow__Xdumnut: /nick newnick04:36
DJHenjinApache2, PHP5, MySQL, Zabbix, Java for Minecraft servers, Bind9, Postfix, and all related dep's04:36
binary_glitchhey all, I'm gonna be afk smoking a cigarette... if StevenX re-joins looking for me... fwd the msg that I'm akf, and will return to help him/her soon. (by name I assume him)04:36
DJHenjinAlright binary_glitch04:37
dumnutShadow__X: yes i know that. but when we log in to a chatroom, the label ~dumnut@, i want to change that label ~dumnut to something else, how do i do that?04:37
Liam-dumnut: are you saying your ident? that is the username!~ident@(ip/hostname) part04:37
dumnutLiam-: yes i want to change the ident04:37
Liam-what client are you using?04:37
Liam-i've never used it, but i bet if you check the settings, there will be a username (or ident) setting you can change04:38
Liam-often times clients will either include it, or use the default system username04:38
akuariuswho teach me rob a bank with back track please?04:39
dumnutLiam-: ok, i'll check thatt. thank-you for your tip04:39
DJHenjinakuarius: are you kidding? LOL04:39
akuarius:) nor ehehe04:39
DJHenjinakuarius: This is definitely not the place to ask such a question04:39
akuariusok sorry :)04:40
=== Odysimus is now known as Odysimus_away
akuariusthats ok im here to learn some ubuntu things :)04:40
_cbAkuarius try www.fbi.com04:40
she_dyedevilytwisted: maybe the command ought to be in /usr/local/bin...04:40
evilytwistedIM sorry she_dyed ? i dont understand04:41
Liam-dumnut: also, you'll have to reconnect from irc to refresh that username, fyi.04:41
akuariusi installed office 2010 on ubuntu but i cant activate any tips?04:41
dumnutLiam-: ok, thank-you again04:42
=== cyclicflux is now known as Guest39382
she_dyedwait is that right, thought he wanted to change it04:42
binary_glitchokay I'm back04:42
Liam-dumnut: no problem.04:43
DJHenjinWB binary_glitch he wasn here yet04:43
binary_glitchkk ths04:43
FrankieJhey, anyone here know about the gedit glitch where it opens a new document tab everytime you open a text file with gedit in unity?04:44
evilytwistedCould someone help me get redshift to work without needing sudo to run it04:44
=== Guest39382 is now known as CyclicFlux
binary_glitchFrankieJ no, sorry I use fxce... never like unity form the first feel, never really checked it out...04:45
DJHenjin_cb left, fun...04:46
Liam-so, any ideas why a java process would just randomly stop without outputting any errors? (not a memory issue, that i know of)04:46
FrankieJbinary_glitch, ok...if not unity, but the gedit glitch still exists?04:47
binary_glitchoh, also I use different *ware for that too... geany... as I like it for c++ and php04:48
Liam-Geany is nice04:49
binary_glitchan other text editor like gedit04:49
Eeeeeeeeeeetan #mc_ghast04:49
FrankieJif i install geany would it overrite gedit04:49
she_dyedevilytwisted: maybe more04:50
evilytwistedbinary_glitch:  if i may bother you for a few.. i would appreciate it... would you by chance know how to get redshift to work without needing sudo to run it.. Or gtk-redhshift for that matter04:50
binary_glitchI like it better for the syntax support04:50
she_dyed!details > evilytwisted04:50
ubottuevilytwisted, please see my private message04:50
binary_glitchwell, I don't think it would overwirte it, more at you'd have two text editors04:50
Shadow__XI am trying to enable cpufreq on my machine but i keep getting this problem http://pastebin.com/7nvmm0Wi the cpu is a amd fx 8320 the os is ubuntu 12.04.204:52
binary_glitchnever used redhshift, but I know how to make an app run as root by default (usually without having to enter the root pass) in a *buntu enviro04:52
binary_glitchand it's farily simple04:52
=== Reina is now known as Guest26204
evilytwistedalright ty04:54
binary_glitchalso I can give you a root desktop without a root account (on a one time basis, though you can do it over and over) ... ... ... but I'd advise against it04:54
FrankieJgeany doesnt work with sudo? how else can i edit with full permission?04:54
binary_glitchif either of those are helpfull let me know and I'll explain them04:54
evilytwistedbinary_glitch:  ty for a quick response.. But now im seem to having problems with geoclue itself.. not just redshift..04:55
an0nHow to install xmonad on ubuntu 12.04?04:55
binary_glitchFrankie, CLI (terminal) sudo -i04:56
binary_glitchthen cd to your document04:56
binary_glitchand use geany form there04:56
FrankieJbinary_glitch, thx04:56
binary_glitchor gtk-sudo04:57
Liam-can't you just sudo geany?04:57
Liam-works for me..04:57
vladimiranybody help me?04:57
FrankieJyea it works Liam-...i fail04:57
Shadow__Xan0n: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ubuntu+xmonad&l=104:57
SoggyHello Everyone!04:58
binary_glitchor use sudo -i then exo-open --launch FileManager04:58
wilee-nileevladimir, For help you post the problem.04:58
binary_glitchthat will give you a root filemanager04:58
binary_glitchany app open by clicking in that will be ran as root04:59
SoggyCan someone help me with searching for this solution on the forums because I'm having difficulties.. I'm trying to install Ubuntu server 12.10 and it's erroring around 65%-75%04:59
vladimirI can not connect to the channel #ubuntu-ru04:59
an0nShadow__X: thanks04:59
binary_glitchso you can righ-click and choose the app you want, if it doesn't work you can try an other...05:00
she_dyedvladimir: why not05:00
Soggyvladimir is that a channel for support?05:00
vladimir Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services05:00
DJHenjinvladimir: you need to /mg nickserv register05:00
wilee-nileevladimir, I can, do you have to be registered maybe?05:00
vladimirim newbies05:00
DJHenjinsorry /msg nickserv register05:01
Shadow__XSoggy: make sure the image passes the checksum05:01
binary_glitchvladimir ...  I was just going to tell him it's * /msg not /mg lol05:01
vladimirspeack russian???05:02
yeahuyendoes anyone know how i can set geany as the default text editor in ubuntu?05:02
SoggyWhat happens if it doesn't pass the checksum?05:02
binary_glitchnot I, vladimir05:02
Shadow__XSoggy: then the download is bad and you need to redownload05:03
binary_glitchgeany is my prefered app for that ... trying to remember...05:03
dodo3773yeahuyen: In your file manager don't you have an "open with" in your right click context menu or something similar?05:03
vladimirdescribe the order that I need to do05:03
Soggyah, well what I'm trying to accomplish is a webserver for use to develop websites with05:03
SoggySo was giving ubuntu a try05:04
dodo3773yeahuyen: A couple other ways: Uninstall all the other text editors or use xdg-mime or similar.05:04
binary_glitchyeahuyen, right click a txt file or .cpp or .php or whatever you want to make it the default app for05:04
vladimiri have KVirc05:04
vladimirconnect with freenode05:04
alakoois there a way to introduce gnome system tools onto my left panel (in unity), I downloaded the package through synaptic but can't find it now05:05
she_dyedvladimir: but you still need to register05:05
binary_glitchthen slect open with other application...05:05
Shadow__XSoggy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM05:05
Soggyguess it's time to go back to google, thanks a bunch though Shadow__X !05:05
dr_willisalakoo:  find an app in 'dash' and pin it to the panel05:05
vladimiron freenode?05:05
Soggyoh right on05:05
Shadow__XSoggy: i am not saying that is definitely your problem but something to check into05:05
binary_glitchthen make sure the check box at the bottom of the resulting window for make this the default app is checked... done05:06
she_dyedvladimir: yes, so you can identify and goto these channels05:06
vladimirhow i do it?05:06
alakoodr_willis: yeah but dash can't find it05:06
ubottuYou can identify automatically by using your NickServ password as the server password in your IRC client. When identifying manually, do NOT send the command from a channel's tab, as a typo will give away your password. If that happens, identify and then type « /msg NickServ set password <new-password> » in the server tab as soon as possible.05:06
dr_willisalakoo:  what app?05:06
she_dyedthank god automatic is spelled correctly05:06
Shadow__XSoggy: if you downloaded the iso through bittorrent then it handles the checksum for you. if you download through firefox you can install the addon downthemall and after you start the download right click the download and click options there you can enter the checksum. after the download is done it will check for you05:07
SoggyShadow__X: ah yes well I will give this a shot and continue to try and try till I get it right05:07
alakoodr_willis: gnome system tool, you know, the pre-unity place for settings etc05:07
SoggyOh I downloaded off chrome05:07
alakooI'd like to *involve* it in unity, not return to old gnome05:07
binary_glitchdodo3773, did you know about my solution to yeahuyen's quesion?05:07
Shadow__XSoggy: before you go any further just check the checksum of your iso then go from there so you can narrow things down. you can use other apps to compare the checksum05:07
binary_glitchkk never mind05:07
dr_willisalakoo:  not really.  :) with the switch to gnome3 im suprused it still in the repos. check the package files to see what binarys it includes. and if it has a .desktop file05:08
Soggysweet thank you!05:08
dr_willis!info galternatives05:09
ubottugalternatives (source: galternatives): graphical setup tool for the alternatives system. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.13.5+nmu2ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 29 kB, installed size 292 kB05:09
passerinebinary_glitch, i was going to mention select-editor but i'm not really sure if it's useful.05:09
dr_willisthe alternatives system - lets you define default apps also. ;)05:09
t3hb055nuebusing the software center, I cannot purchase steam....05:10
dr_willist3hb055nueb:  i just go to the steam site and download the .deb05:10
dr_willisgoogle.com perhaps?  im on my phone05:10
passerinedr_willis, is that new?05:10
dr_willispasserine:  its the same package/software  as in the software center.05:11
vladimirThank you for verifying your e-mail address! You have taken steps in ensuring that your registrations are not exploited.05:11
dr_willissteam is a rather.. odd program on ubuntu in how it works.05:11
vladimirwhat next?05:11
dr_willisvladimir:  you should really be asking for Identification help in #freenode05:12
t3hb055nuebare there any steam games that are free for a lower end pc?05:12
dr_willisvladimir:  identify to nickserv when you connect.. basically05:12
binary_glitchpasserine, if your here thinking of ways you can help ppl, than you are doing your part... the way I see it, we are eachother's tech support... if we don't share what we know than were all screwed at some point.05:12
shmooni am just trying to understand something basic about filesystem type like ext, ntfs, fat. is it something hardware specific or something decided by operating system. sorry fi the question si vague.05:13
Shadow__Xshmoon: operating system and what it supports05:13
dr_willisthe hard drive dosent care what filesystem its partioned/formated to. ;)05:13
Shadow__Xshmoon: you can have ext3 ext4 ntfs  partions on the same drive but if you boot into windows you will only see ntfs unless you install driver05:13
shmoonShadow__X: so the operating system decides what file system type to use to store data in the hard disk ?05:13
dr_willisshmoon:  differnt OS's support differnt filesystems - correct05:14
shmoonok makes sense, thanks :)05:14
dr_willisif theres an OS out that supports more FS's then linux.. im not sure whata it would be.. ;)05:14
shmooncan i install windows and ubuntu into same parittion ?05:14
Shadow__Xanyone know how to fix cpufreq? http://pastebin.com/7nvmm0Wi05:15
dr_willisits amazeing how many fs's linux supports..05:15
binary_glitchshamoon, well this may not be the most approperate channel for that, un-like others, I won't shun you for asking here, rather I'd advise your find a better channel... but I'll be happy to explain what I know about the subject05:15
dr_willisshmoon:  same partition? not really. thats what partions are for.. to seperate things out05:15
shmoonah ok, thanks dr_willis05:15
Shadow__Xshmoon: afaik there is a package that will let you do that but if you want to learn about linux you can use livecds to get you started05:15
Shadow__Xshmoon: the whole operating system will run from a cd05:16
dr_willisshmoon:  typical dual boot install setup -- a windows partion,  a linux partion for /  and a partion for linux swap.05:16
binary_glitchso to expound on what has already been sayed about it ... most OS's support a range of file systems05:16
dr_willisshmoon:  you can play with linux in virtualbox and partion virtual drives  :) if you want to experiment..05:16
TryXHey sorry I have a question about xfire. How can i set it that I can join certain channels automatically instead of typing /join all the time?05:16
dr_willisTryX:  most chat clients have on connect settings to handkle that05:17
dr_willisnever heard of xfire05:17
dr_willis!info xfire05:17
ubottuPackage xfire does not exist in quantal05:17
binary_glitchsome files systems have different fetures that may make them more desireable than others for a given task...05:17
TryXI cant seem to find that option dr_willis05:17
Shadow__Xi am trying to get cpu freq working to save on power and energy usage if that helps05:18
TryXah nm found it!05:18
creftoshey so I'm having issues seeing local java applets in my web browsers. It says that my security settings don't allow me to see them. How do I fix this?05:19
Shadow__Xcreftos: go to the security settings in your browser05:19
binary_glitchyou can decide between ext, ext2, ext3, ext4, v-fat, fat16, fat32, ntfs, etc based on the feature-set and limitations of each...05:19
dfcnvtAny of you know which webcam program that comes with frameless window on the desktop? It's for recording my desktop, I want my webcame to be frameless.05:19
creftosShadow_X: I have, there's nothing about java in there.05:19
Shadow__Xcreftos: which browser05:20
creftosShadow_X: firefox05:20
dr_willisdfcnvt:  i belive with compiz settings in the ccsm tool you can set specific windows to be frameless.  or other tweaks. (transparencey and so forth)05:20
dfcnvtI'll check it out.05:21
dr_willisdfcnvt:  check the windows rules plugin. 9 (i think thats the name)05:21
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
Shadow__Xcreftos: http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/use-java-plugin-to-view-interactive-content05:21
Shadow__Xcreftos: http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/technotes/guides/jweb/client-security.html05:21
binary_glitchI'd use 'RecordMyDesktop' lol05:21
binary_glitchit's a default app in most *buntus that I've tried05:21
dfcnvtdr_willis: I'm on Window Rules... Which one will be frameless?05:22
binary_glitchthe app it's slef isn't framless, but it doen's record it's own frame05:23
binary_glitchso the out come is framless05:23
binary_glitch* frameless05:23
dr_willisdfcnvt:  no idea.  thats where i do many other tweaks in the past. if it exists i would think its in there.05:23
dr_willisi seem to recall seeing it in some plugin.05:23
dfcnvtbinary_glitch: I am using my recordMyDesktop for my project.05:24
dr_willisive also seen other window managers that have a similer feature.   sawfish lets you selecct differnt themes/fframes for differnt windows. but thats a bit overkill i imagine05:24
creftosShadow_X: Thanks, but I'm still having trouble. I can see java applets that aren't stored locally, but I'm trying to see local ones.05:25
shmoonif i move some files from a ubuntu (ext3) to windows (ntfs) - are there some bad implications?05:25
Shadow__Xcreftos: not sure05:25
t3hb055nuebIs it my pc or is www.google loading s*low?05:25
dfcnvtI think I found some on youtube.05:25
FloodBot1dfcnvt: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:25
CapprenticeIf  I install multiple backend for akonadi it it going to work any faster on Ubuntu 12.04 ?? Or it start conflicting with each other (mysql vs postgresql) ?05:25
creftosShadow_X: There's also no java control  panel under the security tab of my preferences05:25
creftosShadow_X: ok, thanks anyway05:26
wilee-nileeshmoon, What kind of files?05:29
CapprenticeAnyone using KDE apps on Ubuntu ? Have installed Nepomukserver and akonadi console ?05:29
shmoonsimple files, i wonder if there can be bad implications or not, like some metadata getting lost?05:29
wilee-nileeshmoon, As a dual booter I have a share partition, for media and documents and that is it, no operating system type files.05:30
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wilee-nileeshmoon, The share is a NTFS05:31
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t3hb055nuebis www.gmail.com down?05:31
aeon-ltdt3hb055nueb: no05:32
wilee-nileet3hb055nueb, nope it shows here.05:32
dfcnvtI got it, window decoration, 'Grab' the webcam program then invert it. It will becomes borderless.05:32
dfcnvtThanks dr_willis05:32
Capprenticet3hb055nueb, install klinkstatus and check it urself ;)05:32
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CapprenticeWhat is video/x-surface decoder?05:35
t3hb055nuebstrange, I can connect to any webpage besides www.gmail.com... even goodle05:35
binary_glitchNE1 know what DE Zorin OS uses? just curious...05:35
Capprenticet3hb055nueb, check if you have backlisted the domain within the browser. What browser you are using ?05:36
orion_trying to install ubuntu on UEFI box along side windows 8, with an SSD and a Nvidia Titan.  Having a very hard time.  What version of Ubuntu is most likely to work for me - be at this for a few days...05:36
wilee-nilee!uefi | orion_05:37
ubottuorion_: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI05:37
binary_glitchMMelanie, for English press 1, para Espanol marke numoro 205:38
Ari-YangI have a question, how do I accurately test my frame rate? I heard that you can't really test it with glxgears....05:39
MMelanielaputamadre hay alguien bo?05:40
binary_glitchY si esta pencando... si, hablo Espanol... pero no tiengo nolegia que usa me keyboard para preducia los lettres correcto05:40
MMelanieHoluuuuuuu :305:40
wilee-nilee!es | MMelanie05:41
ubottuMMelanie: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.05:41
alakoodr_willis: found an easier way, just installed classicmenu-indicator :)05:41
Capprenticehey speak english guys !05:41
Capprenticeof go to regional channels.05:41
binary_glitchwell he needs to watch his language in more than one way!05:42
Capprenticebinary_glitch, do you have nepomuk server installed ?05:43
binary_glitchand ubottu was just directing us to the correct channel for Ubuntu in spanish05:43
CapprenticeWhere are all the ubi experts are gone ?! wtf.05:44
binary_glitchNo, I have a few servers but not nepomuk05:44
binary_glitchApache for most of my usage05:44
wilee-nilee!language | Capprentice05:44
ubottuCapprentice: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:44
dr_willisCapprentice:  it is almost 2 am in the usa. :) so this may  be a slow time05:44
MMelaniealguien habla español? estoy como una tonta desde el google traductor05:44
MMelaniealguien habla español? estoy como una tonta desde el google traductor05:45
MMelaniesomeone speaks Spanish? I'm like a fool from the google translator05:45
Capprenticedr_willis, oh I see. Here in India , its 11.15 AM :)05:45
CukenHas anyone setup a succesful ZFS nas off of ubuntu server?05:45
dr_willissetting up a file server should be  fairly easy.. not sure how zfs figures into it. ;;)05:46
ubottuFor information concerning ZFS and Ubuntu, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS05:46
binary_glitchI don't see Capprentice's mal language... if it's an abreviation like wt* that's the offince... how can it offend, If you know what it means.... um- hello (sarcasm) and if you don't than you will not be offinded would you...05:47
dr_williskeeping the channel kid friendly..  it was really a unneeded  abbrevation.05:48
t3hb055nuebCapprentice: how?05:48
wilee-nileebinary_glitch, the channel does not accept acronyms for swear words05:48
izxHow to disable mDns service in ubuntu?05:48
dr_willis!info mdns05:49
ubottuPackage mdns does not exist in quantal05:49
dr_willisizx:  use upstart or the sysv scripts to tell it to not run, or uninstall it perhaps?05:49
[LE]Can any one help me in settng up a simple iptable to make my ubuntu server act as internet gateway05:50
shmoonhi dr_willis moving files from ntfs (windows) to ext3 (ubuntu), i wonder if there can be bad implications or not, like some metadata getting lost?05:50
keith_ububtu12-10 AMD 64. Firefox crashes when trying to login to internet banking ANZ Australia. Any help?05:51
binary_glitchyeah I get that but offence to acronems that include curse words (depending on interpitation) is not something that has ever made since to me, and I'm a father of 4 and a simi religious man...05:51
dr_willisshmoon:  i dont know what metadata ntfs has.. ive never had an issue moveing stuff from ntfs to ext2/3/405:51
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shmoondr_willis: what about vfat to ext3 ?05:51
binary_glitchlike what about rtfm.... it's often refered to as  Read The Friendly Manual05:52
shmooni remember few weeks ago i moved data from windows (usb drive seems like usb is vfat) to my ubuntu and ost all permissions data05:52
shmoonthe data on windows was previously moved from old ubuntu version only05:52
shmoonwas basically upgrading ubuntu, so taking backups05:52
dr_willisshmoon:  any permissions.ownership and so forth of the files would be lost once you moved them to ntfs. since  ntfs dosent support the features05:53
dr_willisyou dont chown/chmod files on a ntfs/vfat.05:53
shmooni guess its same with moving to vfat05:53
binary_glitchI can see WTF and often interpret it as Why The For-mentioned05:54
shmoonaha so whats a better way of dealing with such problems?05:54
dr_willisbinary_glitch:  let it drop man.. no one really cares.. its the channel rules..05:54
dr_willisshmoon:  tar them to an tar archive..  that will keep all linux info05:54
aeon-ltdwhy the face?05:54
shmoonah ok dr_willis sounds great05:55
shmoondr_willis: hm maybe they're not kept without -p, --preserve-permissions ?05:56
dr_willisyou would need to use the right options to tar to tell it to keep them all i belive.05:57
shmoonhehe ok05:57
binary_glitchwell I think I solved SteveX's issue... he never re-joined... it's been hours... (would have been nice to hear a 'it worked thx man') lol... well I'll be in #defocus if anyone needs me...06:02
SecretFirehow do I pull up the system log in gedit through terminal?06:09
yitz_gedit file06:13
passerineSecretFire, gedit /var/log/syslog06:13
SecretFireok thanks06:13
SecretFireI am having problems with xubuntu 12.10 randomly logging me out, I pastebin'd my dmesg output. Can someone help me figure out why this is happening? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5715157/06:14
TulipmillionaireCan I donate to the Ubuntu project in bitcoins?06:18
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Saviorwow, there are a few people on here, good to see06:18
* Savior waves06:20
passerineI don't know SecretFire, can you correlate it with anything by timestamp?  (If you have timestamps?  I don't see them.)06:20
SecretFirepasserine : I don't quite understand06:21
SecretFirepasserine : I have heard that it could be due to me having nvidia or x crashing06:21
passerineciao tiao06:22
SecretFirepasserine : is there another system file I should be looking at?06:23
passerineSecretFire, maybe since it was random then knowing when it happened could help.  That's another possibility, too.06:24
Test00Hi everyone!06:25
passerineSecretFire have you looked in /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?06:25
SecretFireno i will though and in apport.log06:26
passerinehi Test0006:26
SecretFirepasserine : Here are some timestamps http://paste.ubuntu.com/5715180/06:27
SecretFireit was x crashing06:27
SecretFirex is a wooly mammoth on toothpicks06:28
passerinenow there's an image06:28
SecretFirewhat can i do with it?06:28
wilee-nileewith a feather boa ;)06:29
SecretFireit all happened at 10:57...lol06:29
passerineI don't know, maybe other logs can say if anything else happens just before it?06:31
SecretFirelike the x log06:31
linucsQuestion guys06:32
eurofordhi all, how to install firefox 32bit edtion in 64bit ubuntu?06:32
linucsWhy is Ubuntu/Linux so slow compared to Windows? I'm talking about the interface06:32
Lartzalinucs, It should be the opposite06:33
Bodsdalinucs: seriously?06:33
Lartzalinucs, Or maybe lack of drivers or Compiz effetcs that make it seems slow?06:33
Lartza*, or06:33
SecretFirewindows sucks06:33
linucsLartza. It's advertised that Linux is much faster, but when it comes to GUI, hell no06:33
Test00 that may be unity06:33
KorbitMy password stopped working today so I tried changing it and I'm getting an error "Authentication token manipulation error" How do I fix this?06:33
linucsI've tested it on nvidia/amd cards with open and closed drivers06:33
linucsIt's slow.06:33
eurofordwhat's the package name of 32bit firefox in 64bit ubuntu?06:34
Lartzalinucs, I can relate to that Ubuntu is not probably the fastest when it comes to desktop usage but it's certanily not slower than Windows06:34
Bodsdalinucs: processor will also play a part - as will what DE you use06:34
LartzaI haven't used Unity though06:34
rypervenchelinucs: So go back to Windows?06:34
Bodsdaeuroford: check this out - it's old, butshould still work - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=153586706:35
linucsrypervenche. I am on Windows, but I'd really like to use Linux. I can't since it's much slower when it comes to GUI06:35
eurofordBodsda: thanks06:35
Lartzalinucs, If you want to stay in the Ubuntu game try Kubuntu or Xubuntu maybe to compare, otherwise there are lots to try from Debian to Gentoo, I myself prefer Arch and Gentoo06:35
Lartzalinucs, Define slow?06:35
Bodsda+1 Gentoo06:35
rypervenchelinucs: lol, it's only slow if you make it slow06:35
linucslaggy, choppy06:35
rypervenche+2 Gentoo06:35
yitz_Arch FTW06:35
linucsslow flashplayer performance06:35
linucsthat's what I mean by slow06:36
rypervenchelinucs: Adobe flash is not Linux.06:36
MarkPitlinucs sounds like something is wrong, i am using ubuntu on a 5 year old laptop and it runs fine06:36
Lartzaflashplayer performance is Adobe's fault06:36
Lartzalinucs, Define laggy and choppy, that is pretty general still06:36
linucsMarkPit. I guss you never run Windows then06:36
SecretFirepasserine : I replicated the error by running x06:36
KorbitI'm getting the error "Authentication token manipulation error06:37
MarkPitlinucs i run windows more than linux06:37
linucsLartza. When moving windows around? Minimizing? The cpu usage is crazy, and it lags06:37
Lartzalinucs, I run Windows as my main Desktop but prefer Linux much over it, just gaming keeps me in Windows06:37
linucsOn a quad core06:37
kiwitinker1just installed a game package with apparent success but it has no shown in menu?06:37
Korbit" when trying to change my password as root on the recovery console. The filesystem is mounted as rw. How do I fix it?06:37
random_Hi I am getting the following error while running sudo apt-get install for various packages, would be great if someone could suggest a fix http://paste.ubuntu.com/5715195/06:37
Lartzalinucs, That definetly sounds like a driver issue, or an issue in Compiz or Unity06:37
Lartzalinucs, Default desktop should be 3D accelerated so no CPU usage from Window handling06:38
passerineSecretFire, that's probably a good thing.  It's the ones that can't be replicated that are hardest to debug.06:38
linucsGod no. I know how to install drivers. Like I said. OPen and Closed drivers, VSync on, SLOW. laggy06:38
linucsIt's not smooth06:38
linucsI've used many DEs.06:38
Lartzalinucs, Yeah I heard you, but something is definetly wrong and it should not be like that06:38
kiwitinker1nor do I know where it installed the game, how do I find it please?06:38
SecretFirepasserine : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5715196/06:39
LartzaI only get slow performance in VirtualBox, for obvious reasons06:39
BodsdaKorbit: it sounds like the problem is that it's actually mounted ro - http://askubuntu.com/questions/91188/authentication-token-manipulation-error06:39
linucsKde, Xfce, Gnome. Using opengl acceleration in gnome and kde, It's still not smooth06:39
random_Hi I am getting the following error while running sudo apt-get install for various packages, would be great if someone could suggest a fix http://paste.ubuntu.com/5715195/ Need it ASAP06:39
Bodsdalinucs: try fluxbox06:39
linucsBodsda. I'm not really into that kind of DE06:39
KorbitBodsda: I've verified that I can create and edit files on the drive. It's definitely mounted as rw06:39
kiwitinker1what directory would a game package be installed in?06:39
ThatOneRoadieGRUB Question: I get a message on boot: "Error: no such device: </dev/sda1 UUID> \n press any key to continue..."06:40
ThatOneRoadieand it boots fine.06:40
ThatOneRoadieany way to surpress that error message?06:40
passerinehmm, is that report /var/crash/_usr_bin_Xorg.0.crash readable at all?  SecretFire06:40
BodsdaKorbit: pastebin the output of  sudo fdisk -l   and   mount  and   sudo blkid   please06:40
kiwitinker1I'm a total beginner06:40
ThatOneRoadiethe error shows up because the iSCSI drive it boots from hasn't mounted.06:40
Lartzalinucs, I'll have to fire up my virtual machine now that you said Linux is slow ;)06:41
BodsdaThatOneRoadie: remove the entry from /etc/fstab06:41
kiwitinker1taken many hours to get to this point and now I finally have it installed i cannot find it to run it anyhow06:41
SecretFirepasserine : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5715201/06:41
Lartzalinucs, I don't like Ubuntu but I use it on VirtualBox and one of my servers has Ubuntu and that's why I am here :)06:41
linucsI'm sorry to say, but it's much slower!. tested on many machines, different distros, DEs. Doesn't even compare with W7's smoothness06:41
Bodsdakiwitinker1: what game?06:42
linucsLartza,. This is not about Ubuntu, Ubuntu would be my last choice06:42
kiwitinker1why do you call me by my account name?06:42
linucsI like to have control on what's installed on my system. Arch all the way06:42
ThatOneRoadieBodsda: so just yank "UUID=#####  /     ext4" from /etc/fstab?06:42
SecretFirepasserine : it looks like it is having trouble loading drivers06:43
Lartzalinucs, I've never had problems with Arch06:43
Lartzalinucs, I usually use Openbox but GNOME too06:43
Bodsdakiwitinker1: because it highlights the line for you and shows everyone who I'm talking to06:43
passerineSecretFire, the lines marked with "(EE)" are errors.  If they can be resolved, it might help, maybe not.  I don't know.06:43
linucsWell, gnome lags even more than KDE to be honest06:43
BodsdaThatOneRoadie: yep, if that drive doesn't exist anymore, there is no point trying to mount it on boot.06:43
Lartzalinucs, GNOME3 yeah maybe06:43
Lartzalinucs, It's the damn Shell...06:43
ThatOneRoadieBodsda: Correction: so just yank "UUID=#####  /     ext4  errors=remount-ro 0   1" from /etc/fstab?06:43
linucsWell, gnome2 is deprecated06:43
ThatOneRoadiebut it does exist06:43
Lartzalinucs, Oh wow06:44
SecretFirepasserine : damn, why does this have to be so complicated?06:44
kiwitinker1but you would use linuxbaby then, that's what everyone sees is it not06:44
Lartzalinucs, JIggling my Chromium window around in VirtualBox makes all the four cores to 20% in Ubuntu :306:44
linucsLartza, ?06:44
BodsdaThatOneRoadie: if thats the one it complains about on boot, then yes. Remove the whole line - or comment it out06:44
ThatOneRoadiethat's what confuses me about the error. GRUB2 thinks that the UUID doesn't exist. Then it mounts the ISCSI drive, poof it exists, then it boots.06:44
linucsthat's crazy06:44
passerineSecretFire, sorry I didn't see your line before.  Yes, it is.06:44
Lartzalinucs, This is inside VM but yeah it is06:44
SecretFirepasserine : what driver should I use, maybe installing one will fix issue?06:44
linucsI don't know what to say06:45
KorbitBodsda: I can't login on that computer because it won't accept my password, so I'm on the recovery console. How can I get the output of those commands into a text file?06:45
passerineSecretFire, I think it depends on your video card.  Even then I don't know.06:45
Lartzalinucs, 45% CPU usage measured from Windows when I move a window inside Ubuntu inside VirtualBox :D06:45
kiwitinker1what's your hidden agenda bodsda06:45
linucsLinux has always been slow to me when it comes to GUI. Definitely not the HW or drivers.06:45
Lartza"Idle" is 8-1506:45
BodsdaKorbit: install pastebinit then pipe it.    sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit06:46
LartzaWHat command does list the 3D unity supported stuff etc?06:46
linucsI have no idea.06:46
ali4ever4how to know the current system statistics ? current RAM , CPU usage any thing like task manager ?! how to get to it06:46
linucsCould you try the cpu usage of moving windows in Windows?06:46
linucsmine reaches 15 % on a quad06:46
Bodsdaali4ever4: htop06:46
linucsbut it's smooth06:46
Lartzalinucs, Oh hang on it lowers all my windows ;)06:47
Lartzalinucs, Well the thing is mine is smooth on the VM too06:47
ThatOneRoadieBodsda: Let me clarify - this is a SAN Boot of Ubuntu. Grub looks like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5715209/06:47
LartzaNot 100% smooth due to it being virtual but06:47
ali4ever4Bodsda, well installing it now by apt-get06:47
kiwitinker1why don't you just say what your problem is bodsda06:47
linucsLooks like I'm not the only one: http://cboard.cprogramming.com/brief-history-cprogramming-com/10770-linuxs-gui-slower-than-windows.html06:47
BodsdaThatOneRoadie: erm... fair enough. Good luck :)06:48
Lartzalinucs, Moving a window in Windows only makes my GPU 5% or slow more in use06:48
KorbitBodsda: apt-get gives me the error "Could not resolve 'us.archive.ubuntu.com" I don't think the recovery console is connecting to my network.06:48
ThatOneRoadieare the search commands required on Grub, or can I strip them out?06:48
Lartzalinucs, I am sporting a i3-540 hyperthreaded dual-core btw06:48
linucsSee? Used less resources than linux06:48
linucsThanks for confirming!06:48
Lartzalinucs,  /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p06:49
Lartzalinucs, Yeah but it's  on a VM I'd have to run this properly to be accurate really06:49
ThatOneRoadieKorbit: edit /etc/resolv in your favorite text editor. It should be blank. Add: (no quotes) "nameserver"06:49
ali4ever4Bodsda, thanks thats very nice, well chrome browser is killing my RAM i thought it is the reason from the begining06:49
Lartzalinucs, Also no lag apart from the VM lag so that is invalid for me at least06:49
LartzaJust more resource usage06:49
ThatOneRoadieKorbit: then save it, close it, and try apt-get again06:49
BodsdaKorbit: hmm. Got some problems then. run    sudo fdisk -l | grep -i " / "   and see if it's mounted rw or ro06:49
LartzaUnity 3D supported:       yes06:50
linucsLartza, nvidia or Amd Gfx card?06:50
Lartzalinucs, Radeon HD 775006:50
Bodsdaali4ever4: by chrome browser, you meant chromium-browser yeah?06:50
linucsoh no06:50
linucsAmd is even worse in Linux06:50
LartzaThe most high-end no PSU power cable card06:50
linucsOpen source drivers?06:50
Lartzalinucs, Yeah but it uses the vbox driver06:50
Lartzalinucs, vboxvideo06:50
LartzaThis is why it's not a fair comparison06:50
linucsWell, it seems like you need really high end hardware to enjoy computing under linux06:50
ali4ever4Bodsda, well know i installed Google's chrome browser , is chromium better in RAM managment ?!06:51
Lartzalinucs, I have ran Ubuntu on a Pentium 4 and Nvidia FX5500 128mb with no lag so... no :/06:51
linucsLartza. Funny, it lags on my quad core with 7670m06:51
Bodsdaali4ever4: not but its open source and therefore makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)06:51
LartzaAlso lower than that... P3 I think 866Mhz crunchbanglinux (Ubunut-based) with Openbox and Arch with Openbox06:52
ausnahmefehlerhello everybody. is here anybody that could help me (beginner) with a simple shell script?06:52
linucsnever been smooth,. One of the many things linux is a no-go for me06:52
Bodsdalinucs: I've run a pentium3 with 256mb RAM without any performance problems using puppylinux06:52
ali4ever4Bodsda, lol thats true  :) but i wanted the same chrome experiance i had on windows :) , any idea of good browser which eats less RAM , is firefox better in this way ?!06:52
Lartzalinucs, There's something wrong about the lag you experience surely06:52
Bodsdaausnahmefehler: paste away, someone may be able to help06:52
SecretFirepasserine : does this look like the answer http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1921178.html06:52
linucsLartza, Maybe too much attention to details. But I can't suffer lag, I'm sorry06:53
Bodsdaali4ever4: unfortunately, after a while, they all suck at RAM management06:53
Lartzalinucs, Yeah it's fine, I don't judge people ;) I am doomed to using Windows myself so06:53
Bodsdalinucs: stay away from win8 then :)06:53
ali4ever4Bodsda, well thanks a lot for the help06:53
LartzaBodsda, It's not lagging06:53
Bodsdaits not working either06:54
LartzaI have a legit Windows8 even...06:54
ThatOneRoadieBodsda: Aha, fixed it XD06:54
linucsBodsda. Win8 is actually smoother than w706:54
ThatOneRoadiejust dumped the if-else search from Grub206:54
Kent-I dated a guy named "Ubuntu" once06:54
Lartzalinucs, Not buy much really, and for me it uses more resources06:54
Kent-he used to "play the bongos" on my ass06:54
Bodsdalinucs: oh dear.06:54
ThatOneRoadieKorbit: any luck?06:54
Lartzalinucs, But it could be like linuxatemyram, to make it more responsive :P06:54
KorbitBodsda: fdisk doesn't seem to tell me how the drive is mounted. Did you mean "mount|grep -i "/""?06:54
Bodsdahaha, nice Myrtti06:55
ThatOneRoadieI feel mistreated D:06:55
* ThatOneRoadie ducks06:55
BodsdaKorbit: no, the spaces where important - the end of the line should be something like (rw,someotherstuff,errors=ro)06:55
BodsdaThatOneRoadie: how?06:55
ausnahmefehlerOk. I am doing a little shell script, lets say as an example for dd' ing a harddisk. so the command would be "dd if=xxxx and so on...." Now I wanted to create a menu, that shows me the harddisks (like fdisk -l but with less infos) (sda 320 GB for example) and that lets me choose which harddisk to take. My problem is to get the menu06:56
kiwitinker1when you add a package where is it installed to?06:56
passerineSecretFire, there's a lot there and some of it pretty specific.  I have not had much experience with X crashes or graphics drivers in general.06:56
ThatOneRoadieBodsda: The if-then-else loop in GRUB2 is only there to speed kernel loading by searching for the drive directly06:56
Bodsdaausnahmefehler: check out zenity06:56
ThatOneRoadieit's moot if the drive is not local though, and this drive isn't06:56
ThatOneRoadieso out it goes!06:56
Lartzaausnahmefehler, +1 for zenity06:56
BodsdaThatOneRoadie: ahhh. good to know :)06:56
ThatOneRoadieNo errors; It's so fast I don't even see grub06:57
ThatOneRoadietakes about 30 seconds XD06:57
Bodsdalinux boot loaders ftw06:57
LartzaBodsda, Oh but did he want a non-GUI?06:57
ausnahmefehlerBodsda : I should be only for console.. I do not need any X-Server06:57
ThatOneRoadiefrom "I'm booting virtualbox" to "and now I'm in Linux, using a hard drive located 4 miles away"06:57
LartzaYeah :)06:57
BodsdaLartza: I hope not, zenity is awesome for this use06:57
ThatOneRoadieMy pet project is complete :D06:57
ausnahmefehlerhow do I cut for example the output of "fdisk -l" so that there remains only disk /dev/sda 320GB06:58
BodsdaThatOneRoadie: sweet!06:58
ali4ever4Bodsda, i would like to how much each network each application is using this don't feel like possible in htop is it ? any good application for that ?06:58
ausnahmefehlerawk does not work because it is in several lines...06:58
Bodsdaausnahmefehler: some fancy grep and awk commands probably - paste your output and I'll have a look06:58
Lartzaausnahmefehler, whiptail or dialog are the complicated options06:59
KorbitBodsda:  /dev/sda5 on / type ext4 (rw,errors=remount-ro) that's the output from mount. I don't see anything like that in the output from fdisk.06:59
Lartzaausnahmefehler, To show fancy menus that is :P06:59
ausnahmefehlerhow do I use this pastebin? I am new to IRC06:59
BodsdaKorbit: hmm, looks mounted fine to me06:59
Guest97352i know you guys are going to hate me for asking this one06:59
Bodsdaali4ever4: search unity for 'system monitor'07:00
BodsdaGuest97352: don't ask then07:00
ThatOneRoadieBodsda: My just-completed pet project: Insert a 1mb cd into any computer. This CD contains iPXE. iPXE chainloads an iPXE script from my SAN Server that loads the ubuntu drive as an iSCSI SAN Device. Grub2 Loads, gets a DHCP-assigned IP, reconnects to iSCSI SAN Drive, then passes that just-connected drive up to kernel. Kernel, without disconnecting, loads iSCSI Drive as / and boots. I now have07:00
ThatOneRoadiea Persistent Live CD on a 1MB disk07:00
Lartzaausnahmefehler, http://paste.ubuntu.com/07:00
ThatOneRoadief%#k yeah, linux07:00
BlackWebJust curious is there a way to setup vsftp to encrypt Usernames, & Password but not Actual date during FTP Transfers? Or if I point the FTP Client to the SSH Port, is it setup that way by Default to encrypt Credentials but Not Data?07:00
Guest97352Bodsda: its about tpm specific bootloader problems07:00
ausnahmefehlerthank you. here it is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5715230/07:00
BodsdaThatOneRoadie: I wish my boss would give me a week to mess about with stuff like that :)07:00
BodsdaGuest97352: tpm? doesnt mean anything to me07:00
Guest97352oh :/07:00
LartzaBodsda, A Trusted Platform Module is a "Security Chip" which is built in many modern PCs.07:01
ausnahmefehlerAnd I just want "Disk: sda 2000GB" for example07:01
Guest97352thats the trusted platform module, used for signing and passing keys along to the OS or whereever07:01
ThatOneRoadietotal shot in the dark here07:01
ThatOneRoadiebut is there any way to do a full-disk encryption post-install?07:01
Guest97352Lartza: It's not really built in, surprisingly in a lot of machines07:01
BodsdaLartza: how have I not heard about this? /me is googling now07:01
LartzaBodsda, I haven't either, googled :)07:01
Guest97352Yeah it's not in many machines, you usually have a TPM connector on your motherboard if its for a workstation or server.07:02
BodsdaThatOneRoadie: not for / unfortunately07:02
ThatOneRoadieah well07:02
Guest97352You have to usually order a tpm chip to add.07:02
ThatOneRoadieI'll reinstall without touching grub later07:02
Nmbr1Bodsda/Lartza: tpm is used in many of the newer dell machines. you configure it in the bios and in the case of dell oem configs protects the fingerprint/biometric data store07:03
ThatOneRoadiefor now, I'll firewall the SAN so that only local users can access it. That way internet trolls won't portscan and futz with my drive07:03
Guest97352If you are interested, look up Intel TXT, and Secure Boot (A very controversal protocol)07:03
Nmbr1^ just 1 example07:03
BodsdaNmbr1: i've just been building some new dell laptops, and lenovo's - I;ll do some searching when I get to the office07:03
Guest97352I will say a lot of dell's I've seen in my time in the government had TPM's already on them.07:03
LartzaGuest97352, Secure boot I've heard of sadly...07:03
Guest97352Yeah, I'm not sure why a certfificate like that needs to be open.07:04
Guest97352Anywho my problem07:04
Guest97352I have a bootloader which has lost its transparency key, used to decrypt the drive.07:05
ali4ever4Bodsda, got to try nethogs looks like it can show me traffic per application07:05
Bodsdaali4ever4: ah, per app sorry - I don't know, but thanks for the info - I'll check out nethogs as well07:06
Nmbr1ali4ever4: you could also use something like untangle's application protocol to log/block application specific network traffic07:06
Guest97352Could a TPM revoke a key on it's own I wonder.07:06
ali4ever4Nmbr1: well i didnt get that , i am kind of new to linux world07:06
Nmbr1ali4ever4: no worries - untangle is a free hardware based firewall that is build on top of an Ubuntu core07:08
Guest97352I mean doesn't the order of the booting go from UEFI firmware - > UEFI boot management - > tpm exchange - > efi third party - > os bootloader - > kernel?07:08
=== ZzBomb1 is now known as ZzTop
LartzaGuest97352, tpm_revokeek clears the TPM revocable Endorsement Key Pair (via the TPM_RevokeEndorsementKey API). This command erases all counters (except the base one), erases the Ek, the SRK, the owner auth and any NVRAM locked to the owner auth. It does not touch the delegation tables or other NVRAM.07:09
LartzaWould that be enough?07:09
Jordan_UGuest97352: I very much doubt that your machine has a TPM (note that secure boot does *not* involve a TPM).07:09
Nmbr1Guest97352: you can also go into the BIOS and turn off/clear the tpm keys and reboot07:10
Guest97352I can't do that I've already used the tpm for drive encryption :/07:10
ali4ever4Nmbr1, Thanks will check it out hopefully without breaking down my michine :)07:10
Nmbr1if you are using biometric authethentication for the OS that is protect by tpm and you don't change the login settings you will screw yourself07:10
Nmbr1^ yep07:10
Guest97352Jordan_U: Don't jump to conclusions I installed the tpm myself, and I configured it :p07:11
Guest97352Well the problem isn't the passwords, it's the keys.07:11
eurofordthe package name of 32bit firefox in 64bit ubunut is firefox:i38607:11
Jordan_UGuest97352: Sorry. On a separate note, you might want to change your nick.07:11
=== Guest97352 is now known as NotAGuest
NotAGuestI do know where they could be, but if they are overwritten what is the liklihood I could recover them?07:12
NotAGuestit's a 100MB efi partition07:12
Nmbr1ali4ever4: if you need any help with it, feel free to ask. it doesn't require much in the way of hardware except you need to nics.07:13
Nmbr1^ runs on its own box07:13
KorbitTo reiterate: I am logged into the recovery console as root because my password is not being accepted. / is mounted as rw, and when I try to use passwd to reset my password I get the error "authentication token manipulation error".07:13
ThatOneRoadieBodsda: now that headless-SAN-booting is working07:13
ThatOneRoadietime to buy one of these and kick it into overdrive: http://www.rackmountpro.com/products/storage/jbod/details/&pnum=1JB9ZZZ0ST007:13
BodsdaThatOneRoadie: got any jobs going?07:13
ThatOneRoadienoooope :(07:14
ali4ever4Nmbr1, thanks will be asking a lot when trying it currently nethogs is great for my purpose07:14
ThatOneRoadiethis was a shits-and-giggles free time project07:14
BodsdaThatOneRoadie: without a budget?07:14
ThatOneRoadieAKA "What Sysadmins do when they're bored."07:14
ThatOneRoadiezero budget07:14
ThatOneRoadieeverything I just did was free07:14
Jordan_UNotAGuest: I missed the original question. Could you summarize what you're trying to do?07:14
BodsdaThatOneRoadie: except now your asking for a few thousand for a disk tray07:14
ThatOneRoadiefrom the SAN to the Server (an old ProLiant) to the drives (two 15k RPM SCSI drives)07:14
ThatOneRoadieyeah, now I want to put it into production XD07:15
ThatOneRoadie"Everything else is FREE! I just need a big old disk tray and about $18,000 in SAS Disks to populate it!"07:15
NotAGuestJordan_U: I guess at this point, I am going to recover the keys that are missing. What would be the best way to find deleted or overwritten keys?07:16
BodsdaThatOneRoadie: I'm sure it is "An operational requirement to improve the company's ability to maintain 99.9% uptim whilst also ensuring optimum performance to customers."07:16
ThatOneRoadiesadly, I've used that excuse this quarter07:17
Bodsdahaha :)07:17
NotAGuestWhat kind of cases are you using ThatOneRoadie07:17
ThatOneRoadiefor 10GigE and 10gig Fiber throughout our campus XD07:18
ThatOneRoadiewe have 10gig trunks to every building XD07:18
Bodsda:( /me has a 1gb backbone07:18
ThatOneRoadieour main internet line is 1G duplex07:18
NotAGuest:/ has 50TB array with crappy comcast backbone07:18
Bodsda48TB EqualLogic nearlines07:19
ThatOneRoadiebut we also have a 10gig multiplexed loop around the state and a couple of 300meg metro ethernet backups07:19
NotAGuestWhat raid controllers do you use?07:19
ThatOneRoadieNotAGuest: Cases?07:19
NotAGuestYeah as in the server cases used to toss drives in07:19
NotAGuestlike for ex I use norco07:19
simpleuserHello there.07:19
ThatOneRoadieOur SAN guy could tell you more, but we have a few ProLiant systems, a few racks worth of Dell PowerEdge servers07:20
ThatOneRoadiePretty much anything in our budget07:20
NotAGuestahhh, I build my own07:20
Jordan_UNotAGuest: I think that's pretty much impossible by design. TPMs are made to store keys securely, so you won't be able to just read blocks of the flash that haven't been overwritten yet like you would with a drive. I guess there is a chance that your TPM will specifically have a feature for restoring recently deleted keys, but beyond that I expect you're out of luck.07:20
ThatOneRoadieI'm just a lowly NOC Engineer XD07:20
BodsdaWe're a dell shop - everything from 1650's through to R910's07:20
ThatOneRoadieNOC engineer, sysadmin, handyman, and right-hand to the head of IT07:20
ThatOneRoadieand when I'm not doing that, I'm an Audio Engineer for huge concert tours07:21
ThatOneRoadiethink: Green Day or Trans-Siberian Orchestra07:21
NotAGuestWell that's the weird thing Jordan_U, I have the tpm recovery key, but I'm not sure how to extract the other keys.07:21
ThatOneRoadieNow that I think about it... I lead an interesting life.07:21
ThatOneRoadieI just looked at our current network utilization07:23
ThatOneRoadieI think some people on campus are torrenting XD07:23
k1lThatOneRoadie: we have #ubuntu-offtopic for regular chat07:23
NotAGuestI was about to sa07:23
simpleuserHere is my problem : I have many folders, each one containing mp3 constituting an album. Each folder is called "blablabla - Album n°X" where X is a number and the only thing to change between folders. I'd like that every mp3 in these folders has in its album id3tag the name of its folder. Do you think it's possible ? If yes, how ?07:23
xhgordonAny of you guys know if there is a mac specific ubuntu channel kicking around?07:23
auronandace!mac | xhgordon07:24
ubottuxhgordon: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages07:24
Jordan_Usimpleuser: Yes, using fairly simple bash scripting. I need to leave now but I could write a script to do it for you tomorrow, or someone else could help, or you could research for yourself to find a terminal based mp3 metadata editor and learn some basic bash (#bash and the tutorials linked in its topic are very helpful).07:27
tiaowhen i shutdown my ubuntu,it shows "can't open /etc/init.d/ .depend.stop, no such file or directory",what can i do07:28
simpleuserJordan_U: ok it seems like a good idea... I'll try to do it... Thanks for your help and advice :). Don't worry i'll do it myself. It's very kind.07:28
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tiaoi need help07:33
impossibruI had a boyfriend named Ubuntu once.07:34
impossibruhe would "play the bongos" on my ass07:34
=== Odysimus is now known as Odysimus_away
tiaoi've google it ,but the problem still exists07:39
contrapunctusimpossibru: err...wat07:41
contrapunctus!ask | tiao07:47
ubottutiao: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:47
BlackWebHas anyone ever got SSL to work with vsftpd07:51
t3hb055nuebjust got a Ti-84 calculator, ubuntu does.. my usb does not recognize it at all.07:52
CodeRunneranyone have experiance creating a ppp link between a ubuntu machine and a device over a serial port?07:53
CoolCoderI have a serious issue. I am not sure why my ubuntu says always Disk full. I have 360 GB disc and multipartitioned dual boot on windows 7. Can anyone help me to add more space to my ubuntu root folder.07:56
FloodBot1CoolCoder: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:56
dr_willis and how big is your /  CoolCoder ?07:57
CoolCodercan i share the gparted screenshot?07:58
jhattaraCoolCoder: in terminal type df -h and share the output07:58
BlackWebHas anyone used SSL with VSFTP,07:58
t3hb055nuebtrying to link my ti 84. got this. [sudo] password for t3hb055:07:58
t3hb055nuebpatching file /lib/udev/rules.d/45-libticables.rules07:58
t3hb055nuebHunk #1 FAILED at 2.07:58
t3hb055nueb1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file /lib/udev/rules.d/45-libticables.rules.rej07:58
FloodBot1t3hb055nueb: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:58
BlackWebAfter creating RSA Key then I'm running into the Error 500 OOPS: SSL: cannot load RSA certificate07:59
dr_willisCoolCoder:  pasteing text files is better..07:59
BlackWebBut the Key is there vsftpd.pem07:59
t3hb055nueb[sudo] password for t3hb055:07:59
dr_willisCoolCoder:  so you are using a wubi install?07:59
t3hb055nuebpatching file /lib/udev/rules.d/45-libticables.rules07:59
t3hb055nuebHunk #1 FAILED at 2.07:59
t3hb055nueb1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file /lib/udev/rules.d/45-libticables.rules.rej07:59
FloodBot1t3hb055nueb: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:59
t3hb055nuebCan anyone help me?08:00
dr_willisyou should have mentioned that to begin with. ;)  theres guides out there on resizeing a wubi hd image file.. but i dont use wubi. and i dont reccomend using wubi.08:00
snoppyhi all!08:00
=== ty is now known as Guest15304
Nmbr1dr_willis: +108:01
Nmbr1wubi has issues with stability08:01
CoolCoderdr_willis: Is there any way to resize the root. I am in the middle of so manythings. So cant reinstall this08:01
mattnieuse a live cd and resize it ;)08:01
Nmbr1CoolCoder: i tried wubi with win7 and would reguarly need to run check disk08:01
dr_willisCoolCoder:  you dont resize from within the booted wubi setup as far as  i know.08:02
Nmbr1i would reccomend either a vm or a parallel install08:02
snoppyhey, people! Yesterday I faced the problem with print screen in ubuntu 12.0408:02
snoppyPrint Screen key doesn't work if a drop-down menu is active08:02
dr_willisCoolCoder:  you coul dmake a   ext2/3/4 filesystem within a file and mount it via the loop back featrure.. and have some space to put stuff.. or just move unneeded stuff to the windows drives main partition08:02
snoppyDoes anybody has the same problem?08:02
CoolCoderNmbr1: need to reinstall. or there is no way to resize this root?08:02
wilee-nileesnoppy, You can set a delay and trigger the dropdown08:03
sonofzeusmy lubuntu says connecting but doesnt connect?08:03
CoolCoderdr_willis: any links to share for help. I am not so experienced in doing this.08:03
sonofzeusit has lxde core installed08:03
dr_willisCoolCoder:  on doing what? you can move stuff over to your windows /host/  drive  eaially enough.08:04
wilee-nileesnoppy, using the screenshot tool.08:04
snoppywilee-nilee: hmm... how can I do it?08:04
dr_willisCoolCoder:  that would be the easiest way to free up some space08:04
snoppyI see08:04
snoppynow try to)08:05
CoolCoderdr_willis:  And one more thing i forgot to mention. I have very few additional files. around 3 or 3 gb max on ubuntu08:05
=== branant_ is now known as branant
dr_willisCoolCoder:  move unneeded junk over to /media/sda8  whatever that is. perhaps.. your windows drive is almost full also08:06
dr_willisCoolCoder:  your ubuntu wubi install is all on 15gb of space.. so 3ggb is like 1/5 of your total space...08:06
dr_willisi really have to wonder at how your disk is partioned.. having a sda8 is a little.. odd. you have so many little partions08:07
snoppywilee-nilee: thanks!08:07
CoolCoderdr_wills: "your ubuntu wubi install is all on 15gb of space" this is what I am confused. I have added more space while creating OS.08:08
Jpmhwhat ap should I use to grab an image using the onboard camera08:08
MonkeyDustah wubi08:08
dr_willisCoolCoder:  i dont know where/how you added more space..08:08
dr_willisit shows / as being 15gb and 97% full.08:08
mattnieJmph: cheese08:08
dr_willisCoolCoder:  pastebin the output of 'sudo blkid' perhaps08:08
dr_willistry again. ;)08:10
Jpmhmattnie: ty - will pull docs08:10
dr_willisCoolCoder:  if you look.. you will see that sda8 is linux formated.. but not really being used.. unless you copy stuff to it..08:11
dr_willisi dont know what you got on sda8 - but its 1/3 full.08:12
=== dan_ is now known as Guest84919
CoolCoderI dont have many stuff to copy. its all the linux files i think. I ahve been using ubuntu for some text file works. But really, can we add those spaces to the ubuntu?08:13
dr_willisCoolCoder:  you dont merge a partion into a wubi hd file...08:14
dr_willisCoolCoder:  you need to figure out what you can move over to sda8 to free up space on your  / partition.  somting is taking up 15gb of space..08:14
dr_willissudo apt-get clean, and sudo apt-get autoremove   may clean up some space.08:14
Jpmhmattnie: I grabbed cheese - the man page is worthless - any info on it - I should add I really want to do this from the command line08:14
dr_willisalso i would check /var/logs to remove any old log files08:14
CoolCoder"also i would check /var/logs to remove any old log files"08:16
CoolCoderyou need file?08:16
dr_willisif you dont have a need for the old log files, remove them. they can take up a lot of space08:16
CoolCodervar/log is empty08:17
dr_willis   thats very very weird that /var/log would be empty08:17
CoolCodersorry. not empty08:18
kewelwhat is the 'OEM install' on the 12.04 alternate install disc?08:18
CoolCoderdo u mean, i need to clear that log file?08:18
dr_willistheres dozens of log files in /var/log   see if any are very large.. and remove any old ones.08:18
dr_willisor if you want to get hard core.. remove them all. ;) but thats a little extreme08:19
CoolCoderhow to remove all log files. i dont want that08:19
dr_willisyou use the rm command.. same as you delete any other file.. 'you dont want what?'08:20
kewelnm. oem install asks personal questions upon first boot.. as if you bought it that way.  derr08:20
dr_willisany file with a .gz or a .2 or .3 extension would be an older log file08:20
dr_willisand could be deleted08:20
CoolCoderi dont want log files so far08:20
kiwitinker1I don't know how to issue a command to start a game in console, I'm in the right directory etc..., I just don't know how you start a command to run. It's a .386 file, I have tried to look for examples elsewhere but it seems something so basic is not thought of to explain08:21
dr_williskiwitinker1:  the phrase 'its a .386' file' makes no sence.08:22
CoolCoderdr_willis: other than wubi, is there any way for dual install?08:22
vltkiwitinker1: What does `file <the_file.386` tell you?08:22
CoolCoderi mean dual boot08:22
dr_willisCoolCoder:  trhe normal install process does a dual boot setup.08:22
vltkiwitinker1: What does *`file <the_file.386>` tell you? Without "< >" of course.08:22
kiwitinker1nothing, just included it in case someone asked for some reason08:22
dr_willistheres really no need for wubi unless you CANT repartiion your hd.. which you HAVE done...08:22
dr_williskiwitinker1:  if the game name is  'foobar' you can run it with ./foobar   if the file is executable and a normal linux binary08:23
keweloff to install! later taters08:23
CoolCoderdr_willis: if i want to remove wubi and install ubnutu, can i get backup everything i have now and restore?08:24
kiwitinker1including the full stop, i.e "./"08:24
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning08:25
dr_williskiwitinker1:  full stop? err.. thats the exact PATH to the file.  ./  mean 'in the local directory;08:26
dr_williskiwitinker1:  or you could do /path/to/whever/the/file/is/foobar08:26
kiwitinker1thanks, that did it, after more than an hour going no where solved just like that08:26
dr_williskiwitinker1:  it may be worth reading some bash guides.. that would have been  mentioned in an early chapter i imagine. ;)08:27
dr_willisfor security reasons the 'current directory' is NOT included in the default path.08:27
kiwitinker1that will come dr_willis08:28
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SyriaHello, I have a remote VPS, I usually create an ssh tunnel and browse internet using it with command "ssh -D 'port' user@host" my question is can I apply these settings system wide using the terminal? I am talking about the socks proxy and port settings.08:33
=== vibhav is now known as Guest42530
dr_willisyou could setup a vpn on the vps i belive...    but ive never done that.08:37
CoolCoderdr_willis: other than wubi, which one to download to install on windows as dual partition? When i try the download link, wubi is getting08:38
MonkeyDustCoolCoder  mind : http://www.pcworld.com/article/2033316/ubuntu-13-04-raring-ringtail-drops-wubi-in-final-beta.html08:39
dr_willisCoolCoder:  you are confuseing terms i think...   WUBI is a special way you can install ubuntu.. its a windows intaller basically that makes a ubuntu virtual hd file..  any ubuntu disrto can do a normal dual boot.. wubi is the 'odd ball' way of doing things08:40
dr_willisCoolCoder:  i would suggest forgetting wubi even exists and never use it again.08:41
MonkeyDustCoolCoder  wubi is merely a pseudo-installing08:41
MonkeyDustCoolCoder  wubi is merely a pseudo-installation*08:41
dr_willisget a normal ubuntu desktop iso file.. burn it to dvd/cd/usb and boot it and do a normal install08:41
MonkeyDustCoolCoder  wubi is not "the real thing"08:41
* dr_willis will be glad when wubi dies.08:42
dr_willisand right now.. it looks like its in the crosshairs :)08:42
* MonkeyDust already using 13.04, RIP wubi08:42
CoolCoderthat made me *****, Now i think i need to reinstall again. I fear data loss. both existing ubuntu or windows. But i think i have to do it08:42
dr_willisCoolCoder:  if you feart data loss... MAKE BACKUPS of the data thats imporntant....08:43
dr_willisreally - what data do you have to backup thatss critical?08:43
=== Strife is now known as Guest69274
dr_willisyour wubi install is on a 15gb partition.. you can back that whole thing up to a $10 usb flash drive08:45
KekkeHello everyone, I have an ubuntu server running LAMP, in apaches /var/www I have sub directories with users, i.e. /var/www/kekke/www/, this www folder is owned by the user Kekke with the group sftpuser, my group sftpuser gives the users access to the folder through sftp (their home dir is set to /var/www/user/www/). But when I install joomla to the www folder, I get all files/folders as unwritable, if I manually change them to 777 it wor08:46
Kekke I however change the user owning the /user/www folder to www-data I get the correct permissions, but that makes my user unable to sftp to their dir, what do I need to achieve correct permissions on every new user I add?08:46
=== Guest42530 is now known as vibhav
MonkeyDustKekke  #ubuntu-server08:48
dr_willisKekke:  i think i saw some examples/questions/answers of doing that on askubuntu.com the other day.08:48
MonkeyDustKekke  777 is not a good idea: everyone could change anything and doing so, lock you out08:49
dr_willisdosent the users need tobe in the  www-data group also?   (ive not had to mess with apache much in the last few years)08:49
KekkeMonkeyDust: so I've heard08:49
Jpmhwhat is the device name of the internal microphone on my laptop?08:50
simpleuserI have many folders and i'd like that everyone is archived in a rar (or 7z) file called like the folder itself. Do you think it could be possible without making a bash script ?08:57
shmoonin the chroot tutorial i read to do this /proc /var/chroot/hardy/proc none rbind 0 0 - is it really good to do this, is it safe? can affect environment outside chroot09:04
MonkeyDustshmoon  is that a server?09:05
=== cicciobastardo is now known as gagginaspinnata
PoNutzIf I connect to server with ssh and sometimes without ssh do i still put that key in my ssh config09:05
MonkeyDustshmoon  and hardy is !eol09:06
shmoonits a server, iu just copied the line from the tutorial, mine is precsie and quantal09:06
shmoonMonkeyDust: ^09:06
medwards_Hey, trying to install aircrack-ng and related tools, but they complain that they've been replaced by iw? How do I run airodump-ng now?09:06
MonkeyDustshmoon  consider asking in #ubuntu-server09:07
shmoonits applicable to any environment though09:07
bretoliusi installed rtorrent from apt, but its not generating a .rtorrent.rc file09:10
bretoliuswhere can I find the default version of that?09:10
bretoliusfound it09:11
kiwitinker1 need to save an edit to a cfg file but it will not let me save because it is owned by root, how can I get around this?09:12
kiwitinker1right clicking on the .cfg file I get the owner and permissions but cannot change any of these09:12
l057c0d3rkiwitinker1, what editing program u use09:15
l057c0d3rtry from term  gksu gedit "filename"09:15
l057c0d3rreplace gedit with the text editer u use09:15
dsatheis it possible to replace an existsing ubuntu installation with ubuntu-gnoem remix ?09:15
dsathei want to get rid of all the unity stuff09:15
l057c0d3rdsathe,  yeah09:15
dsathehow ?09:15
l057c0d3rkiwitinker1, then do gksu leafpad "file"09:16
dsathel057c0d3r: what would be the cleanest easiest and most fool proof way to do it ?09:16
l057c0d3rreplace file with the file u want to edit..  may have to do full location if not in that folder09:16
l057c0d3rdsathe, hmm..09:16
l057c0d3rwell u could install ubuntu-gnome-desktop09:17
kiwitinker1does anything go in front of gksu?09:17
l057c0d3rand ubuntu-gnome-default-settings09:17
dsatheah ok09:17
l057c0d3rno gksu will popup a box for root password so u have root access with leafpad to edit the file09:17
l057c0d3rdsathe, that will install gnome-shell ext09:18
l057c0d3rdsathe, but that will not remove unity...09:18
dsatheyeah sort of pointless09:18
dsatheit ends up installing atruckload of bs09:18
l057c0d3ryou will have an option to choose which you use at login.. by selecting the session09:18
l057c0d3rthen u will also probably have to install gdm  and replace lightdm with it09:18
dsatheyeah yeah i know , i use gnome shell as default anyway09:18
dsathethe unity thing off for a leaner system09:19
DJHenjin_cb been back yet?09:19
dsatheand lightdm is gone09:19
kratoznot yet i guess09:19
dsathei want to get rid og compiz, unity, ubuntuone09:19
l057c0d3rdsathe, I will have to look up what all you will have to remove after installing all the gnome stuff though to get rid of unity completely09:19
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use the !Unity desktop environment by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown.09:19
l057c0d3roh ubuntu one is nice.. i have it on my gnome remix install...  that way when i take pictures on my phone.. they just auto upload to my computer09:20
GrygrFlzrI can't seem to boot the ubuntu live cd without acpi=off, and it seems to hardware block my wifi. Anyone know how I can boot it without acpi=off?09:20
MonkeyDustdsathe  or simply install a different DE... logout, change, login09:21
l057c0d3rdsathe, u could try sudo apt-get remove ubuntuone ubuntu-unity-desktop compiz..  and then do a sudo apt-get autoremove09:21
l057c0d3rbut note....09:21
l057c0d3rit might break something09:21
toyzcan someone help me fast09:22
l057c0d3ri have not done it before.. i just backed up my personal files and did a fresh gnome-remix install..09:22
l057c0d3rand added the gnome3-team ppa09:22
kiwitinker1thanks heaps lo37, you are a life saver09:22
toyzhow can i set ip settings (DNS, serever, ip adress etc. ) in slacko09:22
MonkeyDusttoyz  what's slacko?09:23
l057c0d3rMonkeyDust, right but he watned to remove the other stuff to gain hdd space back i believe09:23
dsathehttp://blogs.operationaldynamics.com/paul/opensource/not-unifed-in-12-10-the-quickening this makes some sense09:23
dsathetrying it out09:23
toyzsmall portable distro MonkeyDust09:24
toyzMonkeyDust: id downloaded ubuntu but im kind in a hurry now09:24
dr_willistoyz:  perhaps ask in the slacko support channels.forums09:24
toyzso pls can you help me ????09:24
MonkeyDusttoyz  this is the ubuntu channel, better ask in the slacko channel09:24
dr_willismake me wonder how well the disrto is made.. if it dosent use dhcp by default. or have an obvious settings icon/menu item for basic settings like that09:25
carreraGreetings!  :)09:28
brontosaurusrexdr_willis, why should it use dhcp by default?09:28
dr_willisbecause that would make sence for most people09:28
MonkeyDusttoyz  slacko is a puppy fork or so, I read here09:29
dr_willisreverse the question.. and ask why should it not use dhcp by default... ;)09:29
brontosaurusrexwell, depends on the amount of "finnish" that the distro is after09:30
MonkeyDusttoyz  30+ people in #puppylinux09:31
dr_willisPuppy linux - is perhaps one of the most odd-ball disrtos out there.09:31
brontosaurusrexactually i'd go with something that resembles osx here (mountain lion), where dhcp is default, but you can easily just type in your custom ip09:31
dr_willisit should definatly have some network-config menu item/icon somewhere :) at least most puppy variants do09:31
MonkeyDustbrontosaurusrex  'easy' depends on how skilled the user is09:31
brontosaurusrexdunno what ubuntu is using this days09:32
brontosaurusrexMonkeyDust, true09:32
l057c0d3rkiwitinker1, your welcome09:33
carreradr_willis, Hi09:33
MacroManNeed some help with iptables. I am setting up a very simple set of rules. Allow ssh, http & https like so: http://pastie.org/7628184 but this setup locks out ssh access. Why?09:36
MonkeyDustMacroMan  looks like "drop all" is the culprit09:37
l057c0d3rmacroman i myself like to use gufw to manage my iptables09:38
dr_willisso if you only have a ssh and web server going... what is the rules actually blocking?09:38
MacroManMonkeyDust, But I'm specifically allowing ssh traffic. My understanding is that when a rule is matched it stops processing09:38
MacroMandr_willis, Blocking everything except ssh, http & https.09:39
MacroMana basic webserver setup09:39
dr_willisMacroMan:  right.. and if you dont have any other services going... so whats to block?09:39
MonkeyDustMacroMan  i guess 'drop all' overrides everything09:39
dr_willisi guess in case some rogue services get installed? ;)09:39
dr_willismisconfigured services ment for the internal network09:40
MacroManIf the rules look OK I'm thinking the port may change from 22 once I'm inside the data centre. It's a brand new server. All I've done is installed a lamp stack.09:40
MacroMandr_willis, the whole point in a firewall is to block ports you don't need open. The question should be, why not block everything else?09:43
jribMacroMan: does ssh work when you disable iptables?  Those rules should be ok09:44
MacroManI can access fine once the tables have been flushed09:48
kishancan anyone help me there09:48
MacroMankishan, Maybe. Ask your question. Don't ask to ask.09:49
kishanmy ubuntu is not updating well so plz help me.?09:49
MacroManjrib, I'll get hold of the data centre to see if they have any suggestions.09:50
=== dhruvasa1ar is now known as dhruvasagar
jribMacroMan: and right now sshd is listening on port 22?09:50
kishanhow can u help me..please suggest?09:51
kishanis anyone dere to help me?09:52
MonkeyDust!details | kishan09:53
ubottukishan: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:54
mouthwashi'm trying to install "ufo: alien invasion" but the download doesn't work, repo is already added to the list. got error failed to download package files. any ideas anybody?09:54
cromaghi - is it possible to use an internal + pci-e graphics card at the same time in 12.10 ?09:56
snugglcromag: multi monitor works quite bad, but it is totally possible as long as its not any hardware limitations09:57
cromagsnuggl: ok - i do have multimonitor right now using the 2 plugs in the pci-e and that works quite fine. I just want an ekstra screen on the internal graphics card as well. Can you point me somewhere perhaps ?09:58
kishanok...i have problem while i go  for updating  for blackubuntu09:58
kishanver is 12.0409:58
DJoneskishan: blackbuntu isn't a supported version of Ubuntu in this channel09:59
kishanok...so from where i can get assistance..friend10:00
DJoneskishan: You'll probably need to check their website to find their support channels10:00
DJones!alis | kishan You may find a channel using the service bot,10:01
ubottukishan You may find a channel using the service bot,: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*10:01
warren-hillkishan: try #blackbuntu on server irc.reapersecurity.net for support10:01
kishanthanks  dude.......10:01
cromagkishan: #blackbuntu10:02
cromagah it's on a different network it seems10:02
kishanok  i got it.10:02
cromaghmm is it a different one ?10:03
cromagyes ?10:03
kishancromag:  lates ver. of blackbuntu?10:04
keith_Ubuntu12-10 AMD FX-4170 processor.10:06
=== quem_ is now known as quem
AndroUser2(AndroUser2) Can you tell me why * is used in CSS style sheet #ABC *{}10:08
snuggl#ABC is an ID, space means child-to, * means all10:08
snugglså thats a selector for "All children to the id #ABC"10:09
draskohi all, how to start udhcpc upon boot, before network interfaces are up *as they have to use it)?10:09
CKLMNi want to download v.13.10 and i dont know how , can u help me ?10:10
MonkeyDustCKLMN  you mean 13.0410:11
CKLMNMonkeyDust, no i mean 13.10 beta10:11
MonkeyDustCKLMN  you mean 13.04 beta10:11
CKLMNMonkeyDust, ok i mean 13.04 then ;p10:11
keith_Ubuntu12-10 AMD FX-4170 processor.  Firefox crashes when trying to log on to ANZ Bank (Australia) internet banking. I have two other banks but have no problems logging on to those. This is the first time I have tried logging onto ANZ. Can anyone offer any help?10:11
MacroManjrib, Sorry, was on break. sshd must be listening, because as soon as iptables is flushed I can ssh fine.10:12
jribMacroMan: that doesn't imply it's on port 2210:12
mouthwashif you can't download a package and you've got the repos, is there any fix, or is the package just not there?10:12
MacroManHmm. True. It is just a default installation, but I didn't configure it, so it could be on a different port.10:12
MonkeyDustCKLMN  scroll down : http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2013/04/05/ubuntu-13-04-raring-ringtail-beta-2-released/10:13
LukemobHello guys, I have a serious problems getting my wifi usb adaper to work on my pretty new Ubuntu 12.1010:13
jribMacroMan: check :)10:13
CKLMNMonkeyDust, do u know if amd proptietory drivers are fixed on 13.04 ?10:13
AndroUser2Sorry got disconnected10:13
MacroManjrib, but I don't specify a different port to ssh to it. I just do ssh username@
draskohi all, how to start udhcpc upon boot, before network interfaces are up *as they have to use it)?10:14
MonkeyDustCKLMN  no10:14
AndroUser2Can you elaborate?10:14
MonkeyDustCKLMN  i mean: don't know10:14
LukemobIt's a few days of searching already spent but nothing.. a few people seem to experience same problem, but never got this solved :-(10:14
CKLMNMonkeyDust, ok thank you for your time10:14
LukemobToday I have just found this link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1846181&highlight=netgear+wna1000m10:14
thufir_lol, I installed ubuntu onto another system but seem to have forgotten, or mistyped, my password.  no gui, just console.  how do I get the available users?10:14
LukemobMy USB wifi is just Netgear WNA1000M10:15
jribMacroMan: check server-side to verify10:15
AndroUser2Can you please elaborate why * is used in CSS, #abc *{}10:16
jribAndroUser2: /join #css10:16
sebiando you like sex ?10:16
sebianthere is some woman here ?10:16
MonkeyDustsebian  wrong channel10:16
sebianso where ?10:16
jribsebian: not here.10:16
LukemobCan anybody help me, please.. this is probably the last place where I could get some more info10:17
sebiantelle me where10:17
thufir_how do I know the "super user" login name?10:17
AndroUser2Please reply guys, I am stuck with CSS code10:18
LukemobAndroUser2, wrong place!10:18
kewelfresh install of lubuntu 12.04 -- chromium was installed and updated (25).. anyone know how to get flash player working?10:18
MonkeyDustthufir_  if you mean su, it means switch user ; or do you mean root ?10:18
mattniethufir_: isn't it root?10:18
kewelchmod flashplayerplugin.so?10:18
AndroUser2Lukemob thanks, do you know the channel where I can ask my issue10:18
Lukemob<jrib> AndroUser2: /join #css10:19
kewellibflashplayer.so rather10:19
thufir_there's no root in ubuntu10:19
MacroManjrib, Got the support team at the data centre checking now.10:19
thufir_mattnie: I mean, you can't just login as root.  I tried https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword  but it doesn't work for me.  I just get the login prompt, but don't know the user name.10:20
AndroUser2Thanks lukemob10:20
jrib!root | thufir_10:20
ubottuthufir_: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo10:20
thufir_jrib: I am not trying to get the password, I'm trying to get the ****user**** name10:20
jribthufir_: what user name?10:21
MonkeyDustthufir_  what do you mean by 'super user'? the login name?10:21
jribthufir_: ls /home10:21
thufir_jrib: exactly.  I just installed and forgot the user name I used.  hence, I cannot login as I mistyped, or something, the user name.10:21
becom33I have a issue with nvidia when I run nvidia-settings it gives me a popup saying run just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root . but when I do that again its giving me the same error10:21
GrygrFlzrthufir_, by superuser you mean 'root'?10:21
thufir_GrygrFlzr: I mean the first user you create when you install.10:21
becom33anyone for me ?10:22
thufir_I just installed 12.10 a second ago, but forgot, or mistyped, the user name which I created.  How do I find out what that user is?10:22
jribthufir_: ls /home10:23
thufir_jrib: I cannot login.10:23
dsathehey l057c0d3r it worked10:23
dsatheoff loaded a load of cruft10:23
jribthufir_: use recovery mode or log in as guest if that is available to you10:23
mattniethufir_: or use a live cd and look up the user10:24
thufir_there's no guest.  just console.  I'm trying https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword but I just get console.10:24
dsatheone problem now , i had it even before the great purge10:24
jribthufir_: use recovery mode10:24
mattniethufir_: if you have console than "cat /etc/passwd"10:24
dsathewhen i go to empathy accounts and says authorise with google,facebook etc , it just ends up blank , i cannot seem to add my accounts :(10:25
becom33anyone for me ?10:25
becom33I have a issue with nvidia when I run nvidia-settings it gives me a popup saying run just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root . but when I do that again its giving me the same error10:25
dsatheany solution to that ?10:25
thufir_from recovery mode, there's no /home.  let me boot again into the recovery mode via cd.  there was no /etc/passwd because of how it mounts.10:25
LukemobGuys, can anybody help me out with drivers issue, please? I'm wondering about downgrading to 12.04 if that helps..10:25
dsathebecom33: run 'sudo nvidia-xconfig'10:25
dsatheyou need to run it for it to create a base xorg.conf file10:25
becom33dsathe, I did and I and rebooted the machine10:25
jribthufir_: how does it mount exactly...?10:26
becom33still nvidia-settings gives me the same error10:26
thufir_when I put the cd in,  I get an option to "rescue a broken system" and go from there.  Jrib, it mounts, err, one sec..10:26
=== supine is now known as Guest3431
dsathecan you try 'cat /etx/X11/xorg.conf'10:26
jribthufir_: I'm not familiar with that, but you can select "recovery mode" from the grub menu without using a cd10:26
l057c0d3rdsathe, good :-)10:26
dsathel057c0d3r: see post about empathy !10:26
dsathecant add accounts, i dunno some update a bit back messed it up10:27
becom33dsathe, no10:27
thufir_jrib: hmm, ok. I'm in "rescue mode" with the cd at the moment.  let me tell you the output in a sec, and then I'll go back to grub, please.10:27
dsathebecom33: that means you xorg.conf file was never created10:27
l057c0d3rdsathe, i had that issue with facebook a while back.. but it fixed instelf10:28
l057c0d3rdo u have goa installed10:28
l057c0d3rand gir1.2-goa10:28
dsathelemme see10:28
becom33dsathe, give me a minet let me reboot and come10:28
dsathesurprissing goa was10:28
l057c0d3rdsathe, might want to run a sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade10:28
dsathebut mpc accoutn manager was not10:28
l057c0d3rfollowed by a sudo apt-get autoremove10:29
dsatheyeah did that cleared up all conf fikles too10:29
l057c0d3rand a word of advice stay away from the pre released updates..  they WILL break stuff eventually..10:30
thufir_I'm in a mode like:  http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-boot-ubuntu-linux-rescue-mode/  and see :  device to use as root file system 1.) /dev/sda 2.) /dev/sa5 3.) /dev/dur2/root and few others.  this is "rescue mode" from a cd.10:30
dsathel057c0d3r: anyway i have to use a custom kernel , the default sucks10:30
dsatheatleast for me ,10:30
* l057c0d3r has no problems with the default on his setup.. but everyones system is different10:30
dsathecompile the kernel for the i7 3rd gen with the righ compiler optimisation cflags, replace cfq with bfs, and put int rt preeempt 1khz with optimisations for the processor at hand10:31
dsatheck patches ;)10:32
l057c0d3rahh yeah..  probably made it a bit snappier10:32
dsathealso for my work i need userspace cgroups10:32
dsathemuch snappier10:32
l057c0d3rdsathe, any luck with that google account10:33
thufir_I selected /dev/sda and to execute a shell in the installer environment and am at a prompt.  pwd gives / and whoami gives /bin/sh whoami: not found.  so, dunno who I am.  LOL.  cat /etc/passwd give root and installer.  I think I'm in the wrong mountpoint or something?10:33
dsathelemme try10:33
l057c0d3ryou will notice that there are two online accounts as well with the gnome remix10:33
l057c0d3rnot sure.. but i did a sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop-defaults as well10:34
jribthufir_: just use recovery mode on your install's grub menu instead of the cd10:34
l057c0d3ror something like that10:34
=== xcourier_ is now known as xcourier
jribthufir_: or actually boot the live cd if you prefer like someone else suggested10:34
l057c0d3ror was it settings-defaults.. i dont know10:34
l057c0d3rbeen soooo long now10:34
becom33ok now I have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf but still nvidia-settings gives me "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server."10:34
thufir_jrib: well, I logged into another option and found /etc/passwd and see that I created "super_duper_user" so I should be able to reset that password, I hope :)10:35
jribthufir_: ok10:35
becom33anyone for me ?10:36
thufir_all fixed.10:37
thufir_jrib: thanks.  and thanks to all.10:37
Ben`i have a problem with my ubuntu10:40
* becom33 anyone for me ?10:40
becom33ok now I have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf but still nvidia-settings gives me "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server."10:40
Ben`i installed ubuntu but now i can't find my start menu anymore, any help?10:41
l057c0d3runity??  xfce??/ lxde??10:41
l057c0d3rdesktop environment..10:42
CKLMNi want to know how i can help to the development of ubuntu10:42
Ben`l057c0d3r: windows10:42
MonkeyDustBen`  is it with the bar on the left? if yes, that's unity10:42
Ben`yes i see a bar10:42
Ben`i want to open start menu with all my programs10:43
MonkeyDustBen`  click on the ubuntu icon on to10:43
=== cubix``346 is now known as cubix`
Ben`ok, one sec10:43
Ben`thank you MonkeyDust10:43
Ben`but i don't see all my old programs?10:43
Ben`i had dreamweaver and internet explorer in my start menu before10:44
CoolCoderCan i cleanup /var/tmp and /var/cache by deleting all files in it? is it safe? how to do in terminal10:44
MonkeyDustBen`  , below, you see smaller icons, explore them10:44
CKLMNi want to know how i can help to the development of ubuntu10:44
=== Boreeas- is now known as Boreeas
MonkeyDustCKLMN  #ubuntu-app-devel10:44
Ben`i still dont see my programs from old start menu10:45
MonkeyDustBen`  now's the time to get familiar with the new interface10:45
Ben`i will try, thank you for tips10:46
MonkeyDustBen`  click here and there10:46
Ben`where is there?10:46
Ben`oh i found it10:47
thufir_if I install ubuntu 12.10 server, and then xfce4, how do enable graphical boot and login?10:47
dr_willisthufir_:  install the xubuntu-desktop package and it should pull in all needed files to do that10:48
dr_willisthufir_:  lightdm is the gui login manager normally used10:48
CoolCoderIs it safe to delete all files inside folders /var/tmp /var/cache /var/log ?10:49
becom33ok now I have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf but still nvidia-settings gives me "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server."10:49
dr_willisCoolCoder:  i wouldent touch /var/cache10:49
CoolCodercan delete others?10:50
dr_willis /var/tmp is empty here10:50
dr_willisand you can delete the old log files.10:50
CoolCoderold log giles .1 .2 .3 .... .x right?10:51
thufir_dr_willis: thanks10:52
l057c0d3rbecom33, are u sure that u are actually using the binary driver..10:52
l057c0d3ri know you need generic headers installed10:52
becom33l057c0d3r, no :/10:52
l057c0d3ri myself do not know a whole lot about nvidia.. i've always had ati systems10:53
l057c0d3rhave you checked out the binary howto guide10:53
becom33give me hand if u can10:53
l057c0d3r!nvidia becnfecn10:53
Ben`becom33: What happened when you ran `nvidia-xconfig` as root?10:53
l057c0d3rblah  !nvidia | becom3310:53
Ben64you need to start the line with the trigger, you can't have it in the middle10:54
Ben`becom33: pastebin your xorg.conf please.10:55
Ben64shouldn't even need an xorg.conf10:55
l057c0d3rheh righ10:55
l057c0d3r!nvidia | becom3310:55
ubottubecom33: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto10:55
ActionParsnipBen64: some displays need t, especially if they have weird or zero EDID10:56
Ben64hence "shouldn't"10:56
Inspiralhey guys, im trying to use jockey to install additional drivers, however, I get 'The program 'jockey-gtk' is currently not installed.' and on apt-get install jockey-gtk i get 'jockey-gtk is already the newest version.'10:56
ActionParsnipBen64: my 32" screen sets a fantastically high res then has huge text, makes it unusable, so I control it with xorg.conf (makes reinstalls easier too)10:57
ActionParsnipBen64: decent screens will autoconfigure and play right10:57
DJonesInspiral: Its now included in Software & Updates10:58
ActionParsnipInspiral: try:  gksudo jockey-gtk10:58
dr_willisInspiral:  you on 12.10? or what ?10:59
Inspiral12.10 yes, gksudo doesnt do anything, nor return any ouput10:59
ActionParsnipInspiral: try running it from ALT+F210:59
DJonesInspiral: Its now included in Software & Updates, jockey-gtk doesn't exist in 12.1010:59
ActionParsnip!info jockey-gtk quantal11:00
ubottujockey-gtk (source: jockey): transitional package for driver management GUI. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.7-0ubuntu11 (quantal), package size 3 kB, installed size 52 kB11:00
ActionParsnipDJones: ^11:00
InspiralActionParsnip: gives me command not found, maybe my $PATH is screwed up ?11:00
becom33Ben`, sorry I got disconnected http://postimg.org/image/95yd27sjt/11:00
DJonesActionParsnip: Yeah, but it doesn't do anything, it give an error when you try running it & tells you to install it even though you can already have installed it11:00
ActionParsnipDJones: it still exists11:00
ActionParsnipInspiral: what is the output of:  echo$PATH11:01
becom33thats what happens when I ran `nvidia-xconfig` as root11:01
ActionParsnipInspiral: with a space11:01
Inspiralecho $PATH11:01
Inspirallooks ok to me11:01
ActionParsnipInspiral: looks fine, which video chip do you actually have11:01
l057c0d3rbecom33, did u check out that guide??11:01
Inspiralradeon hd 4850, I am trying to install via software centre11:02
becom33l057c0d3r, Im sorry I got disconnected11:02
l057c0d3rits ok11:02
becom33sould give me the link again11:02
ActionParsnipInspiral: those GPUs have issues in Quantal11:02
l057c0d3r!nvidia | becom3311:02
ubottubecom33: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto11:02
ActionParsnipInspiral: you'll need the legacy ppa11:02
Inspiralthat might explain the blank screen i had previously then11:02
waqshi all11:02
ActionParsnipInspiral: https://launchpad.net/~makson96/+archive/fglrx11:02
Inspiralwill check it out, thanks11:03
waqsi'm trying to use pantheon-greeter with xubuntu 12.10, but i get a black screen on boot11:03
ActionParsnipInspiral: known issue, the xorg in Quantal and Precise hates 2xxx to 4xxx Ati GPUs11:03
waqshas anyone come across this before?11:03
ActionParsnip!info  pantheon-greeter11:05
ubottuPackage pantheon-greeter does not exist in quantal11:05
ActionParsnipwaqs: are you using Elementary OS?11:05
waqsnah, using xubuntu11:06
waqsi really like the login screen :p11:06
ActionParsnipwaqs: may help http://askubuntu.com/questions/257470/can-i-replace-the-default-login-screen-for-the-pantheon-greeter11:06
ActionParsnipwaqs: I'd ask in the elementary OS channel, we cannot support their packages here11:06
ubottuSimone80: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:07
Inspiralso i installed jockey via the software centre and it still it still tells me its not installed so ill check out that ppa ActionParsnip cheers,11:07
DJonesActionParsnip: In Ubuntu 12.10, jockey-gtk has been superseded by software-properties for managing third-party driver configuration. So, to access this feature, open the terminal and run this command gksudo software-properties-gtk Taken from http://askubuntu.com/questions/234799/i-installed-jockey-gtk-but-how-do-i-run-it (Just for info)11:07
waqsthank you, ActionParsnip11:07
ActionParsnipDJones: the package still exists, you said it didn't exist11:09
ActionParsnipDJones: nothnig about being superceeded or anything like that11:10
DJonesActionParsnip: Fair enough, it exists, but it appears to be broken and doesn't actually do anything apart from you say its not installed & that you have to install it11:10
ActionParsnipDJones: oh absolutely11:11
nabblethi, what's the difference between network-manager-openconnect and network-manager-openconnect-gnome?11:11
DJonesActionParsnip: Appears the only way to get to it is using the software-properties-gtk package rather than jockey-gtk, although I think jocket-text still works11:12
Inspirali ran jockey-text it didnt work11:12
ActionParsnipDJones: sweet, will remember for later. I just use apt-get personally :)11:12
BluesKajHey all11:16
ActionParsniphi BluesKaj11:17
BluesKajhi ActionParsnip , how goes it ?11:18
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: not bad, fighting office365 today11:19
Solupushey guys, how come http://www.wampserver.com/en/ says that apache 2.2.2 isn't supported11:21
BluesKajActionParsnip, do the documents created in office 365 work with libreoffice11:21
Solupusopenssl isnt supported*11:21
histoSolupus: isn't wamp a windows product?11:21
Solupuson my ubuntu 12.04 lts i have apache 2.2.22 and openssl is supported11:21
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:22
MonkeyDustSolupus  linux has lamp, better use that -- windows support in ##windows11:22
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/11:22
Solupusright, but im trying to match production with developing11:22
MacroManIs the default behaviour for OUTPUT iptables to DROP?11:23
MacroManor to ACCEPT?11:23
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: not sure, its an email system we use at work instead of exchange. Not too bad11:25
nabbletMacroMan: i think ACCEPT11:26
nabbletMacroMan: but you can look it up in your system11:26
BluesKajActionParsnip, ok , my MS knowledge is getting worse and worse :)11:26
nabbletMacroMan: use 'iptables -L'11:27
Nmbr1MacroMan: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-networking-3/iptables-default-output-policy-179408/11:27
Nmbr1MacroMan: this is a better link http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2011/03/iptables-inbound-and-outbound-rules/ the default policy for a chain is ACCEPT11:28
bassshello, is anyone familiar with a software that can monitor services and notify me whenever a service has crashed ?11:31
MonkeyDustbasss  conky maybe ?11:31
muellisystemd :>11:32
basssMonkeyDust i just looked at it, its pretty graphical. Does it run on servers  ?11:34
basssmuelli can you link me please ?11:34
muellibasss: no11:34
basssmuelli thanks11:35
=== Plinker_ is now known as Plinker
histo!systemd | basss not sure how this helps?11:35
muelliotherwise there is the obvious daemontools by djb.11:36
ActionParsnipbasss: nagios11:36
carldaniIs there a way to download outdated security updates? E.g. dnsutils 1:9.7.0.dfsg.P1-1ubuntu0.8 (version directly before the current security update for lucid).11:36
ActionParsnipbasss: could even use ps -ef and make a system to alert if the service is not found running11:36
MonkeyDustbasss  an old link (11.10) http://www.telnetport25.com/2012/01/installing-nagios-on-ubuntu-server-11-10-then-monitoring-windows-and-exchange-serverspart-1configuring-ubuntu-for-the-installation-of-nagios-core/11:37
muellicarldani: apt-get install dnsutils=9.7.0.dfsg.P1-1ubuntu0.8  might work if that package is still referenced from the index.11:37
basssMonkeyDust thanks11:37
basssActionParsnip just checking it out11:38
MonkeyDustbasss  this is more recent http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=198674311:38
carldanimuelli: that package is not even present on the ftp server anymore, otherwise I'd have downloaded the deb directly.11:38
basssMonkeyDust great, reading it now11:39
jbates58hi all. just trying to edit my fstab file (im new to linux) and want to make sure i have it right before doing it. as i have done it before, and it wouldnt boot, and i had to re-image the OS. the string i have entered is:       UUID=<uuid of drive here> /media/Odroid \Storage \Drive ntfs noauto11:40
jbates58is that correct, i want it so that if i remove the drive, it re-mounts back to the same location11:40
monacoHi there I read out there that Ubuntu server is for 5 years does that means after 5 years I need to pay something ??11:41
Ben64jbates58: probably not11:41
bazhang!eol | monaco11:41
ubottumonaco: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades11:41
jbates58ok. where did i go wrong?11:41
simplexionjbates58, are you trying to automount a usb drive to the same location?11:42
Ben64jbates58: i'm not sure if "ntfs" works there, if you want it auto, why noauto?, and what is "\Storage \Drive"11:42
jbates58yes, but i dont want it to auto mount, as every time it does, it keeps adding an underscore to the mount point, and my download program cant see it, and i end up with /media foull of usless folders11:43
simplexion@Ben64, ntfs will work there11:43
simplexionjbates, with automount it should only create the folder while the drive is present11:43
RomordrielIs there a french guy (or woman) ?11:43
jbates58i want the drive label to be Odroid Storage Drive, so inorder to have the spaces in linux, i need to use a \ like Odroid \Storage \Drive411:43
simplexionIf you give the drive a label it should always mount on the same directory11:43
ActionParsnipjbates58: if you add it in fstab, it will mount the same way each time11:44
monacoubottu: aha thank you verymuch11:44
ubottumonaco: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:44
simplexionjbates58, I think you can place quotes around the path instead in fstab11:45
=== saber_ is now known as sab3r
jbates58ActionParsnip, thats what i want it to do, so i can plug and unplug at will, and it goes back to the same location, so thatmy downloader con see it no problems after transferring the data off it. but im having heaps of trouble woking out how to do it. i have asked for help before, and everyone justdirects me to the ubuntu guide.11:45
ActionParsnipjbates58: run:  sudo blkid   and you will get the UUID11:46
ActionParsnipjbates58: of the USB partition11:46
r4f3Hello there. Is there anyway of getting 64bit kernel in a host with 32bit kenrel?11:46
jbates58yep, done i have that11:46
ActionParsnipjbates58: what file system is the partition using?11:46
ActionParsnipjbates58: ok, if you want to share that via samba at any point you will have issues11:46
ActionParsnipjbates58: just a side note11:47
simplexionWhy, ActionParsnip?11:47
jbates58i would like to share a folder via samba for a black hole, but i can use a folder on the desktop if need be11:47
simplexionI've never had issues11:47
ActionParsnipsimplexion: permissions and so forth, it can be an ass11:48
OvroHey guys, I'm about to convert to Linux after many years as a Windows user. ;)11:48
OvroCan Steam run Football Manager?11:48
OvroThat is my only concern. </311:48
dr_willisIn /etc/fstab you do NOT escape spaces with  \   - not11:48
dr_willis'share\ drive'11:48
MonkeyDustOvro  http://mybroadband.co.za/news/software/32474-a-windows-users-guide-to-linux.html11:49
ActionParsnipjbates58: here are some examples: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=198088111:49
ActionParsnipjbates58: http://codeaweso.me/2009/07/mount-ntfs-partitions-at-startup-with-fstab/11:49
ActionParsnipjbates58: http://askubuntu.com/questions/34731/howto-auto-mount-windows-partitions-using-etc-fstab11:49
Axyluscan you easily install a normal (non-"live") installation of Ubuntu onto a Flash drive without any major issues? perhaps by booting the installer from a DVD?11:49
Ben64Axylus: yeah, but its slow11:50
simplexionjbates58, spaces in fstab require \04011:50
MonkeyDustOvro  and this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve11:50
dr_willis/servername/share\040name    /mount/point11:50
simplexionYes, Axylus. You should be able to install to a USB. There are plenty of instructions around for doing so11:50
ActionParsnipAxylus: if you put some of the folders in tempfs it can be made better but copy ing apps from USB to RAM is pretty slow11:50
Axylusspeed doesn't matter. :) and will the installer install the boot loader to the Flash drive without a fuss?11:51
Ben64Axylus: yep, works fine as long as the computer can boot from usb. but for reals, its slow :)11:51
ActionParsnipAxylus: then its fine :)11:51
* ActionParsnip wishes Ubuntu had the toram cheatcode11:52
dr_willisAxylus:  i install to external usb/flash/sdcard - same as i would an internal drive.  - it can be sluggish. but useable11:52
Axylussimplexion, I've only managed to find instructions for performing "frugal" installations. I don't even know whether you can install packages in such installations…?11:52
dr_willissimplexion:  frugal? Err. thats a term Puppylinux uses... not seen it apply to Ubuntu11:53
ActionParsnipAxylus: if you have a windows7 install, you can resize your NTFS and free up about 10Gb and then install to that and make a dual boot11:53
simplexionDo you mean persistent installation?11:53
dr_willisAxylus:  i boot the cd. plug in the flash.. and partion, install to the flash same as i would a internal hard drive. ;)11:53
dr_willisa Live-setup - is differnt  however. ;)11:53
r4f3Hello there. Is there anyway of getting 64bit kernel in a host with 32bit kenrel?11:53
r4f3Hello there. Is there anyway of getting 64bit kernel in a host with 32bit kenrel?11:53
jbates58what is ntfs vsntfs-3g?11:54
ubottuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions11:54
jbates58what is ntfs vs ntfs-3g?^11:54
simplexionr4f3, you will have issues with libraries11:54
Axylus"frugal" is the term that UNetbootin uses. yes, I think it's the same as a persistent installation11:54
dr_willisntfs-3g is newer and has write support jbates5811:54
* rAg3nix good to be back :D11:54
MonkeyDustr4f3  better describe the bigger picturen what do you want to do?11:54
jbates58so i will need that one then?11:54
r4f3simplexion if someone wants desperetaly to do so?11:54
MonkeyDustr4f3  better describe the bigger picture, what do you want to do?11:54
simplexiondr_willis, all ntfs in Linux has write support11:54
dr_willisjbates58:  you will be using ntfs-3g most likely11:54
simplexionI don't think any distros have ntfs without write support these days11:55
dr_willissimplexion:  last i looked the old ntfs  did not have write support..  but its been years. ;)11:55
dsathel057c0d3r:  hey all well, just had to put an app specific passwrod for google11:55
=== skywalker is now known as Guest37103
dsathecoz of 2 step auth11:55
r4f3i want to run qemu kvm and install proxmox on a .raw file11:55
Guest37103hi there11:55
r4f3i run this and says i dont have 64bit host box11:55
jbates58itsa 2tb usb drive, that i want sabnzb to save all downloaded files to. then when its full, pull it out, and move them over to my windows machine, empty it, and then plug it back into ubuntu and it keeps on keeping on11:55
simplexionr4f3, I would be starting from scratch11:56
simplexionif you want a hypervisor that is11:56
dr_willisjbates58:  so? write to it with ntfs3g from linux.  and windowsc can read it..11:56
r4f3simplexion i just want to install proxmox VE in a virtual maschine11:56
simplexionr4f3, can you convert the physical to a virtual image and redeploy?11:56
simplexionIf you want proxmox in a VM for testing just use virtualbox.11:57
jbates58i dont know. lol. in new to linux. i have a odroid board, running 24/7 headless, and it runs sabnzb. i want sab to save to the usb drive, then transfer it to my pc and back to the odroid11:57
r4f3simplexion i want to upload to a cloud appliance11:57
kris-awayI have ubuntu server on one computer, and my desktops run ubuntu and windows... what's a program that i can use to sync my files that's not samba?11:57
Ben64kris-away: rsync11:57
dr_willisjbates58:  so whats the issue? You can mount a ntfs filesystem somewhere with ntfs-3g. write to it.. then when done.. unmount it and unplug it..11:58
r4f3simplexion if i run a vm with ubuntu 64bit in a host ubuntu 32 bit and instal?11:58
dr_williskris-away:  rsync, unison, winscp+ssh,11:58
Ben64jbates58: you can't do that over the network?11:58
simplexionr4f3, that can't be done11:58
r4f3why not simplexion?11:59
jbates58but when i unplug it, and re-plug it, it keeps adding an underscore to the end of the mount point. so then i have to delete tehm all, and modify the save locations in sabnzbd11:59
dr_willisjbates58:  UNMOUNT it befor unplugging it11:59
simplexionIt is physically impossible to run a 64bit guest on a 32bit host11:59
jbates58Ben64, i dont want it to go over a network.11:59
jbates58can that whole unmount/remount thing be auto, so i can just power off, and unplug and then back on?12:00
Ben64jbates58: much easier than moving a physical drive. whats the point of having a mini linux server if you have to move around devices12:00
r4f3what would you do simplexion?12:00
dr_willisjbates58:  if you power down the pc via the right method.. it will unmount it12:00
jbates58well its a headless download server, consumes about 5W at full load and runs like a trooper. i ue it to download from usenet to an external drive, and then transfer over to my pc.12:01
simplexionIf you need the current setup to continue to run I would try do P2V and install KVM, then you can add your Proxmox appliance too.12:01
Ben64jbates58: yeah i got that. but since its a server and runs all the time, it can share files over the network12:02
simplexionPhysical 2 Virtual12:02
kris-awayrsync and unison... i said ubuntu to windows... winscp... i'm currently using vcftpd+gftp/filezilla.. i'm looking for a program like  ubuntuone... but ubuntuone does not have tbs of storage, wheras my server does12:02
r4f3could we please go in private simplexion?12:02
jbates58it could, but its faster to remove the drive and use the usb connection. it only has 10/100 lan12:02
dr_willisyou could just have it write to the windows box directly.. and not even use a  removeable hd.12:02
dr_willisHmm.. i would think a usb would be slower..12:02
Ben6412.5MB/s is faster than anything you'd want to watch12:03
Neptuhej how i can copy a file to clipboard with only one command?12:03
ekiwoksimplexion it's possible to run 64 bit on 32 bit host via virtualbox12:04
Ben64Neptu: ctrl+c ?12:04
jbates58i understand that, but the odroid only has a 8gb sd card for the os, and then a 1tb hdd for files. i want the odroid to download them, and then transfer them to my pc. the pc sucks to much power to run 24/7, otherwise i would let it run and use sab on it.12:04
simplexionekiwok, if it runs... it would be pointless12:04
ActionParsnipekiwok: assuming the CPU allows it12:04
ActionParsnipsimplexion: not really, SQL benefits greatly fro 64bitness12:04
simplexionThat isn't even a hypervisor12:04
NeptuBen64 not that kind of copy12:04
Ben64jbates58: keep the 1TB attached to the odroid, and share it over the network? :|12:05
ekiwoksimplexion why pointless? you shoud notice there is NO 64 bit virtualbox for windows12:05
jbates58its pluggedinto the router, and my pc uses wireless adaptor (other end of the house)12:05
=== eleanor is now known as Destine
simplexionSorry ekiwok, I don't see how running a 64bit guest on a 32bit host is possible12:05
jbates58so way to slow for that much data12:05
simplexionand if it is, it would basically be a 32 bit guest anyway12:06
simplexionjust claiming to be 64bit12:06
ekiwoksimplexion, it is http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch03.html#intro-64bitguests12:06
mattniejbates58´: what about buying a celeron nas ans let it run 24/7 and do not copy data ^^^12:07
mattnieso you can encrypt your data and you have no problem with power consumption12:07
simplexionThis: "Since supporting 64 bits on 32-bit hosts incurs additional overhead, VirtualBox only enables this support upon explicit request."12:07
ekiwoksimplexion, it is possible because it all depends ONLY from your processor12:07
jbates58because i have this already, and it uses less power than any intel (i think 5W at full load), i seriously doubt that i needencryption, and my media server is my pc, which has support for 180tb of storage. this has only support for usb external storage12:08
ActionParsnipsimplexion: if the CPU uports 64bit guest OSes it will allow you to run either, not all 64bit CPUs suppport 64bit guest OSes12:09
simplexionActionParsnip: I am aware of that. I see absolutely no reason you would run a 64bit guest on a 32bit host. Seems wasteful.12:10
BluesKaj180tb...wow, or is that typo, jbates58?12:10
jbates58nope.180tb home server pc12:10
ActionParsnipsimplexion: tis a bit weird, but possible12:10
ActionParsnipsimplexion: I'm not seeing how it is wasteful though, what is being wasted?12:11
simplexionSee above, "incurs overheads"12:12
ekiwoksimplexion, there may be a lots of reasons why to run 64 bit guest12:12
ActionParsnipsimplexion: will do12:12
RodriveHi, I just tried to install amd graphic driver, howerver when i want to dual screen i cant (virtual size error) so I added in xorg.conf Section "Screen" Virtual 3840 1080 but when I restart gdm that doesnt work, here is the xorg's log : http://paste.debian.net/250071/. Thanks for reading, and sorry for my english12:13
ekiwoksimplexion, for example when you have to check or do smth that requires 64 bit OS (fe. smth for studies)12:13
simplexionIf you want to virtualise 64bit machines why would you do it on a 32bit host? Seems counter-intuitive12:13
ekiwoksimplexion, because for example my academic class requires to do some 64 bit assembly?12:14
adamkRodrive: Pastebin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file too.12:15
=== CatKiller_ is now known as CatKiller
simplexionekiwok, how terribly does that run?12:15
Neptuthere is acommand on cosolo to copy an entire file to the clipboard or pastebin it?12:16
ActionParsnipdepends what these 'overheads' are, if its something like 10Mb RAM per vm then who cares12:16
jbates58so, where did i go wrong in the fstab entry? or what do i need to modify? help is greatly appreciated12:16
ekiwoksimplexion, not slower then 32 bit host12:16
ActionParsnipNeptu: pastebinit12:16
adamkNeptu: pastebinit /path/to/file12:16
jribNeptu: xclip, xclipboard, xclip-pastefile.  Check those12:16
jribNeptu: if your final intent is to pastebin, then use pastebinit like others have suggested12:17
ActionParsnipNeptu: cat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep http | pastebinit12:17
ekiwoksimplexion, you dont feel the difference, processors with virtualisation are usually really powerfull and can handle it12:17
simplexionekiwok, how about the memory? Can the 64bit guest use beyond 32bit host restrictions?12:17
Rodriveadamk: http://paste.debian.net/250080/12:17
ActionParsnipNeptu: great command, should be default installed imho12:18
ekiwoksimplexion, I haven't checked it but I think it's impossible12:18
kris-awayanyone know a gui program to sync windows over network to cli ubuntu?12:18
simplexionekiwok, thanks for correcting me12:18
simplexionI rarely use 32bit OS these days12:19
ActionParsnipsimplexion: it has its places :12:19
simplexionIt's interesting your can run 64bit guest on 32bit host12:19
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
ekiwoksimplexion, notice what's the point of installing 32 bit host on computer with 4 GB (or more) RAM ? it's why I never tested it, nowdays my 1 GB ram netbook has 64 bit OS12:19
adamkRodrive: Hmmm, not sure why it's crashing. Though I'm not using fglrx at the moment, I have used it in the past with the Virtual option in my xorg.conf file and never experienced a crash from it.12:19
ActionParsnipekiwok: PAE gives access p to 64Gb12:19
kris-awaypae is slow12:20
ActionParsnipkris-away: still gives access :)12:20
ActionParsnipwith multiarch too, 32bit should fizzle out quicker12:20
Rodriveadamk: with the default driver, dual scree worked well12:20
adamkRodrive: Yeah, I usually just use the open source radeon driver but, as I said, when using fglrx, dual screen works fine here and I'm not really seeing anything different about your xorg.conf file.12:22
Rodriveadamk: I am still to noob to operate the crash log, thanks anyway.12:23
GrygrFlzrI can't seem to boot the ubuntu live cd without acpi=off, and it seems to hardware block my wifi. Anyone know how I can boot it without acpi=off? nouveau.blacklist=1 initiates a kernel panic.12:25
Rodriveadamk: I changed the driver, because i was trying to get a little bit more fps in some games and I thought with propriatary driver maybe i can win some12:25
kris-awayfile shating linux-linux-macos is easy... but I cna't find a program for windows-ubuntu sharing(syncing)12:27
ActionParsnipkris-away: owncloud, rsync, dropbox12:28
Picikris-away: how are you sharing to macos?12:28
kris-awayrsync, which is not a windows friendly thing12:28
Picikris-away: works fine for me.  I have a few shares mounted via cifs and I sync things across them.12:29
=== kent is now known as Guest59541
dr_willis!info unison12:32
ubottuunison (source: unison): file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.40.65-1ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 616 kB, installed size 1690 kB12:32
=== terje is now known as Guest83948
dr_willisor samba, or winscp+ssh12:33
kris-awayi can't even find unison for indows12:33
ActionParsnipkris-away: winscp will allow secure transfer to SFTP (installed when you install openssh-server), gret for WAN data transfers and streaming12:34
dr_willisfound it on google just now.. there may be other front ends12:34
kris-awaythanks... man google is getting unusable for searching for things12:34
dr_willisunuseable? I just used it...12:35
ActionParsnipkris-away: not used it in a while here, I use the duck :)12:35
ActionParsnipkris-away: plus it poluting links with its own stuff when you copy link addresses12:35
* dr_willis just went to the unison homepage..12:35
dr_willisall i searched for was 'unison download'  and it was the first hit...12:37
AxylusI haven't used Linux for quite a few years. do you still need to use proprietary GPU drivers to get hardware acceleration?12:37
dr_willisAxylus:  depends on your video card.12:37
dr_willisugh what? it depends.. always has.. and always will.12:38
Axylusdr_willis, what are the names of the open-source drivers (so I can check compatibility)? :)12:39
dr_willisfor what video chipset?12:39
dr_willisati/amd and nvidia both have open sourced and propiraty versiopns12:40
Axyluser, I don't know. it's for a friend's computer. just the AMD and Nvidia ones12:40
dr_willisintel also has built in drivers these days.. and tools to install their latest12:40
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto12:40
dr_willisand it also depends on how old the video card/chipset is12:40
Axylusdr_willis, okay. thanks again :)12:41
dr_willisjust HOPE he dosent have an SiS card12:41
bambanx_a good web panel ? like cpanel but free pls?12:42
ArchBeOShey guys, is there any way i can remove icons from unity? there are some apps in there that didnt clean up after themselves...12:42
dr_williswhat apps?12:44
ArchBeOSwine apps12:44
dr_willisthose are in your users home directory somewhere12:44
dr_willislike .config/applications or somthing12:44
ArchBeOSfound it ~/.local/share/applications12:45
dr_willispoint to rember is that  the package manager tools do NOT touch files in your home ;) and wine is special also.12:46
gh_lukI am on an lubuntu installation on pentiumIII 556MHz and 256MB RAM.12:53
=== dir is now known as Guest91830
gh_luknow i am having the problem, that chromium always tells me it is out of memory. Task manager shows that there is memory left, but CPU is at 100%, allthough the processes running don´t make up even 20%12:54
gh_lukany suggestions?12:55
anthony_hi.  I am dual booting, and can't log in to one o.s. that has been installed a long time.  any ideas?  The password suddenly doesn't work12:55
cfhowlettanthony_, windows installation/wubi?12:55
anthony_kubuntu (dual booting with Bhodi)12:56
anthony_cfhowlett: im in bhodi, now. kubuntu won't log in.12:57
ubottuanthony_,: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords12:57
anthony_cfhowlett:  i will try12:59
oxyshi folks13:00
cfhowlettoxys, greetings13:00
GrygrFlzrAnyone know why I can't boot the live cd without using acpi=off?13:01
MonkeyDustGrygrFlzr  sure the cd is not corrupt? have you md5 checked it?13:03
MonkeyDustGrygrFlzr  and only on that pc? have you tried on another?13:04
GrygrFlzrhave not tried it on any other pcs. should I try to boot it in a VM?13:04
Symmetriahrm, is the quagga package broken in precise?13:05
cfhowlettSymmetria, candidate shows up as candidate13:06
Symmetriacfhowlett *hrm* lemme try apt-get update and try again13:08
GrygrFlzrMonkeyDust, loads fine in my VM without any special parameters13:13
bambanx_guys how i can know my fully qualified hostname13:13
MonkeyDustGrygrFlzr  then it must be hardware related, i guess13:16
GrygrFlzrit uses Nvidia, so I was told to use nouveau.blacklist=1, didn't do anything13:16
GrygrFlzrwhile nomodeset causes a kernel panic13:16
MonkeyDustGrygrFlzr  put all these findings in one line and repeat it every 10-15 minutes, until someone can help13:18
DraxelisDoes anyone use NOD32 on ubuntu?13:18
GrygrFlzrI did that every 30 minutes, though 15 minutes would be annoying and get me a !patient label13:18
cfhowlettForgottenEmperpr, greetings13:19
ForgottenEmperprhey i typed my name wrong lol.. its supposed to be emperor rofl13:19
MonkeyDustForgottenEmperpr  type /nick Emperor13:19
=== ForgottenEmperpr is now known as ForgottenEmperor
ForgottenEmperorah thanks..13:20
=== hustcalm_ is now known as hustcalm
p0wn3dgh_luk: You might want to try a distro that is for low resources. Damn small linux comes to mind13:20
=== Ovid is now known as Guest94157
ActionParsnipbambanx_: on the LAN, or the web?13:20
ForgottenEmperordoes ubuntu have any tiny distro like dsl? official or unofficial?13:21
Draxelis<3 ubuntu <3  :D13:21
cfhowlettForgottenEmperor, damn small or puppy linux ...13:22
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:22
sgo11hi, I keep getting the error: "error reading: /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp". Then I found I didn't have this directory: "thermal_zone0". How to fix this issue? thanks.13:22
ActionParsnipForgottenEmperor: you can install the mini ISO then install fluxbox, there is fluxbuntu but it seems dead (although they say its not). Lubuntu is light too13:22
bambanx_ActionParsnip, web13:22
nabblethi, can some1 tell me how to fix the following dmesg messages ? http://pastebin.com/4G6aMh9V i know it got to do something with country codes and frequencies - i moved rom switzerladn to germany recently - what i googled so far did not help13:23
ActionParsnipbambanx_: I just ping -a'd your IP and got a name13:23
ForgottenEmperorhmm. i'll try that.. setting up a routing and QoS server starting with a minimal ubuntu config.. dont think any other dlinux ditro can beat the ubuntu repositry13:23
ZenoArrowHi. I'm having trouble connecting to my *buntu box via SSH on my Windows machine. Port is blocked somewhere along the way. I'm not sure how to proceed. Help!13:27
ActionParsnipZenoArrow: are you connecting over the internet?13:28
ZenoArrowActionParsnip: Thanks for your reply. This is over a home network router.13:28
ZenoArrowI've already opened the port on the router.13:28
ForgottenEmperorhi ZenoArrow.. port problems usually are at the ssh server.. not the client, which, in your case is the windows machine13:28
ZenoArrowForgottenEmperor: Thank you for your reply too. Just to clarify, the *buntu box is the server, the Windows box is the client.13:29
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: yes13:30
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: so forwarded ports in the router should point to the ip of the linux machine13:30
ZenoArrowI've reinstalled openssh on the server, and have checked with netstat that it's listening on port 22.13:31
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: have you tried conecting via the local network first?13:31
jribZenoArrow: can you "ssh localhost" on the server itself?13:32
ZenoArrowForgottenEmperor: That's what I'm trying to do. I don't need to connect to the box over the Internet.13:32
ZenoArrowjrib: I'll try that now. BRB.13:32
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow so you windows machine and linux machine are on the same LAN?13:32
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: if the are in the same LAN port fowarding isnt necessary on the router13:33
ZenoArrowForgottenEmperor: Yes they are on the same LAN.13:34
ZenoArrowjrib: Thank you for your tip. I have tried logging in using ssh localhost on the server itself, which was successful.13:35
ZenoArrowThis suggests to me the issue is with the router.13:35
jribZenoArrow: any output from "iptables -L" on the server?13:35
ZenoArrowjrib: Checking now...13:35
=== chillfactor is now known as marcloney
sgo11hi, I keep getting the error: "error reading: /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp". Then I found I didn't have this directory: "thermal_zone0". How to fix this issue? thanks.13:36
James_mWhere does Firefox keeps temporary files for youtube videos (if any)?13:36
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: no i dont think it;s the router.. btw how are you using ssh on your windows machine? cygwin?13:36
ZenoArrowForgottenEmperor: Using PuTTY.13:37
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: isay i dont think its the router because the router (in most cases) does not touch or affect the intra-LAN communication13:38
ZenoArrowjrib: Running iptables -L (using sudo) I get blank tables. Does this mean the firewall hasn't been setup or something?13:38
beanZenoArrow, by default there will be no rules.13:39
jribZenoArrow: that's the default setup; it means you don't have any firewall rules (blocking ssh)13:39
ZenoArrowForgottenEmperor: Okay. I just remember setting up port forwarding on the router when I got SSH working before.13:39
ZenoArrowbean and jrib: Good to know.13:39
=== erenjoe is now known as 16WAARM6W
miksdor maybe firewall running on linux machine13:39
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: see the router port forwarding only comes into play when you are trying to acces your compputer ove the internet13:39
ZenoArrowIs there any way I can see (from my Windows box) whether the port is available?13:39
beanZenoArrow, port forwarding only matters if you're sshing to your public IP13:40
ForgottenEmperorcan you ping each computer from the other?13:40
ZenoArrowForgottenEmperor: Ping comes up with "Destination host unreachable", but I've read pinging local machines often results in this error (something to do with ARP).13:41
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: there's your problem13:41
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: your computers cant see each other over the same network13:42
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: check if both are in the same subnet13:42
ZenoArrowForgottenEmperor: How do I fix that problem? You've already said that the router shouldn't be blocking traffic on the local network?13:42
ZenoArrowForgottenEmperor: Yes, they are both on the same subnet. Client machine on, server machine on
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: and can you atleast pingthe router form both?13:43
ZenoArrowForgottenEmperor: Checking now...13:43
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow : which i am guessing must be
ActionParsnipZenoArrow: can you ping the server by IP?13:45
ActionParsnipZenoArrow: can yo u tenet to the socket?13:45
ActionParsnipZenoArrow: did you configure a firewall on the server side?13:45
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: just type "ping" in the terminal of each computer (assuming your router is
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: if you can get the ping to work .. i m pretty sure you won't have an problem SSHing13:47
ActionParsnipZenoArrow: also make sure the service is running on the server side13:48
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: lol13:48
p0wn3dChannel title should be "Google it first" :)13:49
ForgottenEmperorhey has anyone here tried running league of legends on wine?13:49
ActionParsnipp0wn3d: users should think that first, then ask second (imho)13:50
ActionParsnipForgottenEmperor: is it in the appdb?13:50
MonkeyDust!appdb | ForgottenEmperor13:50
ubottuForgottenEmperor: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help13:50
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
murxlaushi, i have a udevd-timeout-killing-event on startup and want to find out wicht module is responsible. What can i do?13:51
ForgottenEmperoractually i was just asking generally if anyone ever tried it and what results they got13:51
hhuohi, i'm trying to install riak on ubuntu 12.10 (instructions there http://docs.basho.com/riak/latest/tutorials/installation/Installing-on-Debian-and-Ubuntu/), but I'm getting "W: Failed to fetch http://apt.basho.com/dists/quantal/main/binary-i386/Packages  403  Forbidden" when doing sudo apt-get update13:51
ZenoArrowI'm back, sorry about that, dodgy power connection on laptop, fixed now.13:53
MonkeyDusthhuo  what's the output of lsb_release -sd ?13:53
ActionParsniphhuo: doesn't seem to support quantal13:53
hhuoMonkeyDust: Ubuntu 12.1013:53
ZenoArrowForgottenEmperor: Was successfully able to ping router ( from both client and server.13:54
shogunrisk_Does anyone know how to fix glitchy graphics when using ubuntu 12.10 on a mac?13:54
ZenoArrowWhat else can I try?13:54
hhuook so i need to build from source13:54
ZenoArrowI tried nmap as well on the router, it listed port 22 as 'filtered'. Is this a clue to what's happening?13:55
ActionParsniphhuo: http://apt.basho.com/dists/    you could try the Precise deb, the massive clue that quantal wasn't supported is on the link you gave....it doesn't mention it....13:55
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: hmm so you can ping the router from both but cant ping each other.. hmm13:55
ActionParsniphhuo: did that not stick out to you...?13:55
ZenoArrowForgottenEmperor: Yes, exactly that. Bit strange eh!13:55
ActionParsniphhuo: you could change the .list file to say precise instead of quantal and it may work13:55
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: have you tried disabling firewall on the windows system.. also another reason might be is that the router might be implementing some sort of client isolation13:56
ZenoArrowtracert from the Windows machine results in 'Destination host unreachable' also.13:56
ActionParsnipZenoArrow: are both systems Ubuntu based?13:57
ZenoArrowForgottenEmperor: Okay, will try disabling firewall on the Windows system.13:57
ActionParsnipZenoArrow: is the windows system connected to a VPN currently?13:57
ZenoArrowActionParsnip: The client is Windows based, the server is *buntu.13:57
* wickedpuppy would have also say vlan ... 13:57
hhuoActionParsnip: now update works, but it cannot find the package riak13:58
ZenoArrowActionParsnip: Both the Windows system and the server are only connected via a home router, no VPN involved.13:58
ActionParsniphhuo: I'd contact the site maintainers13:58
ActionParsnipZenoArrow: I suggest you reboot the router, then reboot the clients, some networking logic has broken down somewhere13:58
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: also u can try wiring both the LAN ports of the two computers together directly, completely bypasing the router.13:59
mattnieZenoArrow: Are they connected via wlan?14:00
ZenoArrowActionParsnip: I've rebooted both systems before. I'll try disabling the firewall as ForgottenEmperor suggested, then try resetting the router.14:00
ZenoArrowmattnie: Yes, they are connected via wlan.14:00
mattniezenoarrow: there is often the routeroption "allow clients to comunicate"14:00
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: well in that case.. note that a lot of home WLAN rrouters do implement client isolation14:01
ZenoArrowmattnie: I'm using a BT Home Hub router, where might I find that setting?14:01
mattniezenoarrow: sorry i don't know ^^ but maybe in e. g. "local network" "homenetwork" "wireless" "wlan"14:02
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: try pointing your browser to
=== link is now known as Guest85583
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: another thing you can try that will most definielty work is put the two computers in an ad-hoc wireless network14:03
ZenoArrowI've turned off Windows Firewall. Tried doing a port scan via nmap on the homehub router, port 22 is still listed as filtered.14:03
ActionParsnipZenoArrow: also try telnetting to the socket, it will show it os listening14:04
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: this way you are bypassing the router14:04
ActionParsnipZenoArrow: if you are connecting over the LAN, then the wan port 22 isn't much use (unless you want access from outside and that is the goal)14:04
ZenoArrowForgottenEmperor: If I do that (adhoc network), wouldn't I lose the ability to connect to the Internet? Note that each machine only has one wifi device each.14:05
ZenoArrowActionParsnip: Okay, will try telnetting to the socket.14:06
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: well atleat you can use the ad-hoc to troubleshoot your current situation14:06
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: if ad-hoc works .. your routers theculprit14:06
ZenoArrowForgottenEmperor: True. Will try that after telnet.14:07
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow:and if your router is indeed the root of the problem.. try the manufacurers website or similar source to hel you wit that14:07
akan01nhi, everytime I reboot the resolution comes back to the original 1440x900, how do I persist ? Ubuntu 12.0414:08
ActionParsnipakan01n: what video chip do you use?14:08
ForgottenEmperorakan01n: how many monitors do you have?14:09
ZenoArrowForgottenEmperor: I will. Thing is, I've already successfully setup SSH on this router before, I usually only have to make the port available and that's all. It's really strange that it's acting differently this time.14:09
akan01nI have one, at the moment I have to test so I am running on a VM.14:10
WrapsWhat does make my ubuntu to hang on a black screen sometimes?14:10
Wrapswhile bootin14:10
akan01ntest software*, not Ubuntu.14:10
ForgottenEmperorZenoArrow: i understand. but something has probably changed. and it seems like a network layer problem to me.. no the OS or firewall14:10
trejiinI started using an apple trackpad. To adjust the settings I've been using gpointing-device-settings. So everytime I turn the laptop on and turn the trackpad on gpointing-device-settings adds a whole new trackpad to the list, shows 4 now.14:10
trejiinAny ideas how to stop this from happening>14:10
ActionParsnipakan01n: I have a VM using LXDE, I use xrandr to set the res in the startup, you could add similar14:11
ActionParsnipakan01n: I use:   xrandr --auto --output VBOX0 --primary --mode 1280x96014:11
she_dyedtrajin what about a script to not do anything when it existxs already14:12
akan01nActionParsnip: ok, let me check, I have to create a file called .xrandr ? or the tool will create one for me ?14:12
she_dyedtrejiin: what about a script to not do anything when it existxs already14:12
ForgottenEmperorakan01n: yes use an xrandr startup script14:12
ForgottenEmperorakan01n: so it's persistent at every login14:12
akan01nForgottenEmperor: ok14:13
ActionParsnipakan01n: just add it in the startup items. Are you using LXDE too?14:13
trejiinshe_dyed: Not really sure how to do that. I'll have to look into how gpointing-device-settings works.14:13
akan01nActionParsnip: no, Parallels Desktop14:13
trejiinWas hoping for a way to delete the previous ones for now.14:13
she_dyedtrejiin: once you find the 4 getting the name is easy14:13
ActionParsnipakan01n: in Ubuntu?14:14
ActionParsnipakan01n: can you run parallels as a DE in Ubuntu?14:15
akan01nActionParsnip: yes, Im running Ubuntu with Parallels, flawlessly.. :)14:15
ActionParsnipakan01n: yes, but which desktop in Ubuntu14:15
ForgottenEmperorakan01n: what's the host machine? mac?14:16
ActionParsnipakan01n: Gnome? KDE? LXDE14:16
akan01nForgottenEmperor: yes14:16
ActionParsnipakan01n: I you using Unity with the icons down the left side?14:16
akan01nActionParsnip: ahnnn.. the defult one from Ubuntu Desktop 12.04L.14:16
akan01nActionParsnip: yes14:17
ActionParsnipakan01n: then that is Gnome, with Unity shell. The fact it is running in Parallels is of absolutely zero value14:17
ForgottenEmperorakan01n: i think most vms allow you to setup virtual monitor sizes. i might be wrong.. but the problem that your screenresoultion rests at every reboot seems to me that the VM is not detecting the right sized virtual monitor at boot14:17
TvL2386hi guys, I've just restored an ubuntu-10.04 server to another server (other disks), updated fstab with new uuid's, ran grub-install but the server didn't came up. The kernel command line still has the wrong UUID for the root partition. Where can I change this?14:17
ActionParsnipakan01n: when someine says "what desktop are you running", you respond "gnome", as that is the desktop environment in Ubuntu14:17
akan01nActionParsnip: ahn.. ok! sorry! :P14:18
ActionParsnipTvL2386: I'd boot to liveCD and you can chroot to the installed OS14:18
TvL2386ActionParsnip, done that... that's how I restored and ran grub-install and such14:18
hzform有人用flashget for linux吗?14:18
ActionParsnipakan01n: if you make a startup item using the 'startup items' thing in Dash, you can add the command14:18
akan01nForgottenEmperor: Im going to check, the resolution is ok, 1440x900, but I want a higher one.14:18
mac_hy all.. when i run linux and login as ubuntu, only desktop notification show up and slidewall (desktop changer).. :(14:18
ActionParsnipTvL2386: you could use the old style /dev/sda1 etc in fstab, it does work14:19
genii-around!ch | hzform14:19
ubottuhzform: The Swiss !LoCo team can be found in #ubuntu-ch (please speak English there) - Deutschsprachiger Ubuntu Support in #ubuntu-de - Aide Ubuntu en français dans #ubuntu-fr - Supporto Ubuntu in Italiano in #ubuntu-it14:19
genii-around!cn | hzform14:19
ubottuhzform: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:19
ActionParsnipmac_: Which release are you using?14:19
mac_12.04 lts14:19
ActionParsnipmac_: tried the Unity2D session?14:20
TvL2386ActionParsnip, The UUID defined in /etc/fstab is the correct one, because I changed it after the restore. The one that's in the kernel command line differs from this one. So it seems fstab is not used as input for that14:20
mac_not yet14:20
ActionParsnipTvL2386: could manually edit grub.conf just to get a boot14:20
ForgottenEmperoryou know this is my first time on the ubuntu IRC channel (or any IRC channel tbh :P) .. and man, have i been missing something!14:20
TvL2386ActionParsnip, where is it? I've mounted the partition, but running "find . -name grub.conf" comes up empty14:21
ActionParsnipForgottenEmperor: its a good support network14:21
ActionParsnipTvL2386: /boot/grub/grub.cfg   (or similar)14:21
ForgottenEmperorActionParsnip: i realized :)14:21
ActionParsnipForgottenEmperor: windows has a channel too ##windows14:22
ArchBeOShey guys, quick question. any gotchas from upgrading distros? 12.10 to 13.04?14:22
ActionParsnipArchBeOS: proprietary video drivers can go funny14:22
TvL2386ActionParsnip, Ah thanks! I've been blinded by grub.conf (instead of cfg) You are correct... I find the old UUID in there14:22
ActionParsnipTvL2386: yay, maybe if you boot to the install ok and rerun update-grub it may use the right UUID14:23
ArchBeOSActionParsnip: good thing i only use foss :)14:23
TvL2386ActionParsnip, I think it's probably because i updated fstab after running grub-install / update-grub. I forgot it and had to reboot from livecd in order to fix... update-grub probably reads fstab and took the wrong UUID???14:24
mac_i am now on ubuntu 2d14:24
ActionParsnipTvL2386: maybe14:24
mac_sems to work fine14:24
ActionParsnipmac_: better?14:24
ActionParsnipmac_: yep, no stupid compiz stinking the place up :)14:24
phorvath.join #kivy14:25
mac_am... normal anglesh..14:25
mac_compiz sux?14:25
ActionParsnipmac_: the 2D versipn doesn't use COmpiz which is used to make all the pretty effects14:25
ActionParsnipmac_: imho compiz is a joke14:25
mac_what those then? if no compiz..14:25
mac_what then? if not compiz..14:26
ActionParsnipmac_: imho = in my humble opinion14:26
=== wickedpuppy is now known as wickedpuppyZzzz
ActionParsnipmac_: you are running Metacity, or mutter. I forget which14:27
mac_yeah.. and a nice one too14:27
ActionParsnipmac_: nice one what?14:27
ActionParsnipahhhh i see14:27
mac_so.. got anything better ?14:28
ActionParsnipmac_: than what?14:28
mac_so i need to remove compiz? and reinstalled to use it? /than compiz14:29
=== Ovid is now known as Guest71724
ActionParsnipmac_: just leave it installed, ut doesn't hurt aything being there14:29
mac_W: Duplicate sources.list entry http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ precise/partner i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_precise_partner_binary-i386_Packages)14:29
ActionParsnipmac_: what is the output of:  grep -R partner /etc/apt/*      please14:30
ActionParsnipmac_: use http://paste.ubuntu.com14:30
TvL2386ActionParsnip, I reran update-grub, compared the new grub.cfg with the old one and all uuids where updated! :D THanks!14:31
ActionParsnipTvL2386: yay :)14:31
ActionParsniphi gordonjcp14:31
gordonjcphas anyone pointed out that Ubuntu bombards the user with homosexual slurs when something crashes, yet?14:31
TvL2386ActionParsnip, yay indeed! Should have updated fstab at first :)14:31
=== mquin_ is now known as mquin
ActionParsnipTvL2386: you git there, and you know for next time :)14:33
TvL2386ActionParsnip, sure do! I've converted an ubuntu10.04 physical machine to a KVM virtual machine14:33
adamkgordonjcp: I've never heard anyone mention that, but I am curious what you're talking about...14:34
llutz!ot | gordonjcp adamk14:35
ubottugordonjcp adamk: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:35
gordonjcpadamk: the crash report collection daemon is called "wh**psie"14:35
mac_thank u, 2 look at this.. : http://imagebin.org/254353 and http://paste.ubuntu.com/5716091/14:36
drkatHello, I have an ubuntu box running 9.1 and it is terrible sluggish. top does not show any CPU/Memory issues but logins are slow, and web sites are serving slow and timing out, CLI is slow to respond as well.  This is a virtual box and VM shows it pegged for CPU, but whats weird is top doesnt show anything14:36
gordonjcpadamk: oh well, obviously using offensive language is okay if it's the Ubuntu devs doing it14:36
ActionParsnipmac_: sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/precise-partner.list*14:37
ActionParsnipmac_: sudo apt-get update14:37
she_dyeddrkat: 9.1?14:37
ActionParsnipmac_: the partner repo is already defined in /etc/apt/sources.list so you don't need the extra file14:37
grubbedCiao a tutti :))14:37
xenhello i have an huawei e1550 modem with i connect it it connects for a while and then message displays modem disconnected ubuntu 12.04.214:38
drkatshe_dyed, thats what it shows me on the login14:38
drkatIm not overly familiar14:38
she_dyedi believe this is supprt for 12.0414:38
xenso where should i go for 12.04.114:39
drkatwell the box cant be upgraded14:39
xensory 12.04.214:39
she_dyedyou'er ok xen14:39
ActionParsnipshe_dyed: this is support for 11.10, 12.04 and 12.1014:39
xen she_dyed : yea m fine14:40
she_dyedis ther a14:40
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:40
she_dyed!eol > drkat14:40
ubottudrkat, please see my private message14:40
xenwill i get help here14:40
pdklIs there a good book on 12.10 ubuntu admin?14:40
pdklthings are different in ubuntu, im a rhce14:40
Picixen: here. or #ubuntu-server if you're running server.14:41
pdkland i cant figure out how the logs work and etc14:41
=== AbyssOne is now known as a1|away
she_dyedxen if a person knows about your problem you can get help otehrwise theres the forums too if you don't have much time14:41
xen i have an huawei e1550 modem with i connect it it connects for a while and then message displays modem disconnected ubuntu 12.04.214:42
Atum_Is 13.04 out?14:42
drkatOk so I'm SOL is what you're saying?14:42
philinuxAtum_: 25th april14:43
xenplease help14:43
she_dyedtry a live disc drkat or liveUSB of a more recent flavor14:43
Atum_philinux: Ok, thanks.14:43
drkatya know I'm gonna go and ... yeah thanks14:43
philinuxAtum_: you might like info here http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=42714:46
=== Odysimus_away is now known as Odysimus
Atum_philinux: I'll check it out, ty14:47
ActionParsnipAtum_: #ubuntu+1 for any Raring support questions til release day14:48
caroline_comment faire fonctionner une webcam intégrée sur mini compaq qvp =s14:50
GridCubei've seen this "sudo apt-get install libcupsimage2:i386" hinted as a solution to a problem on 64bits machines and cups problems on debian, will this apt-get :i386 work on my xubuntu 12.10 amd64?14:51
sharinganexcaroline_: en français c'est sur #ubuntu-fr14:52
philinuxGridCube: what printer are u having problems with?14:53
GridCubexerox phaser 3040 drivers are 32bits http://forum.support.xerox.com/t5/Printing/Phaser-6010-driver-Linux-64-bits/td-p/5244/page/214:54
she_dyedsharinganex: am curious, do you still use cp, mv or are there also french equivalents14:54
GridCubexerox support says 10.0lts is supported but no longer :(14:54
Abhi89i  need help14:54
Abhi89how to check graphics memory ?14:55
sharinganexshe_dyed: same commands14:55
she_dyedthx sharinganex14:55
GridCubephilinux, do you think that that apt-get line, forcing the 32bits, its an option? im not in that machine now to test it14:56
GridCubei just want to know if i should bother to try14:56
philinuxGridCube: cant see it doing any harm it can alwasy14:59
philinuxalways be removed14:59
GridCubephilinux, :) thanks, will have some hope then14:59
* GridCube phews for now, only option he had was to re-install linux15:00
philinuxGridCube: if you really need the printer you could install 32 bit os15:00
GridCubephilinux, yeah, but a reinstall...15:00
philinuxGridCube: good luck hope it works without reinstall15:00
GridCubeme too15:01
GridCubethanks bro15:01
philinuxGridCube: you could also try a live usb 32 bit and see if that works15:01
GridCubetrue that, i do have this netbook runing i386, but its xubuntu 12.04, no 12.1015:02
peteyhey everyone15:08
peteyso would you guys reccomend just installing ubuntu on a 16GB flash drive for just quick CLI use?15:11
=== ln_ is now known as ln_csu
peteyim not really trying to install anything special but i hate having to install sublime text / IRC every time i boot up15:11
SonikkuAmericapetey: A 16 GB one?15:13
tmmunqhow's the fglrx driver these days? I want to do opencl on an amd card, but i would prefer to stick with the radeon driver15:13
she_dyedthe minimal CD might be ok for you petey15:13
peteyyeah I mean it's what 4.6GB?15:13
peteyhow do I get started without just making a bootable USB?15:13
peteyI'm not looking for persistence am I, just straight up install?15:14
speedy_I screwed things up after updating to 13.04, seems fglrx doesn't support the card anymore, how to enable open source display driver?15:14
she_dyedpetey but idk, the ones i've used would use up the drive15:14
SonikkuAmericaspeedy_: Ask in #ubuntu+115:14
peteyshe_dyed what do you mean15:15
ActionParsnipchiluk: install sl too :)15:15
SonikkuAmericaActionParsnip: lol15:15
she_dyedpetey the 12G or so would  remain a waste of space in my case15:16
philinuxpetey: a live usb uses about 2 gig15:16
she_dyedpetey if i start paritioning the usb it won't boot on my hw, without plop15:17
UtilisateurBonjour, j'ai un problème de pass "system policy" pour éteindre la machine, comment désactiver cette demande de pass inutile ?15:18
peteyim so confused15:18
SonikkuAmerica!fr | Utilisateur15:18
ubottuUtilisateur: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:18
r4f3guys, where is termiinal located?15:18
peteyso what's my best option for creating a bootable USB that has saved software on it15:18
chilukpetey if you are savvy https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot/Examples or  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128860415:19
chilukare my favorite ways.15:19
chilukthat way you don't have to waste a whole usb stick for one iso.15:19
r4f3cause the new unity thing wont find anyting15:19
SonikkuAmericar4f3: It won't find anything? What do you mean?15:20
chilukI'd really like to see Ubuntu move to using loopback mounted isos as the default usb install methoed in the future.15:20
ubuntuaddictedanyone in here familiar with permissions and transmission-daemon?15:20
peteychiluk i did the thing you see in the thread already15:20
qubit01Anyone have a GeForce 650M Graphics card running with  ubuntu ?15:20
peteythat's how im on right now, but i need to be able to save some programs15:20
r4f3guys, where is terminal located?15:21
r4f3guys, where is terminal located?15:21
peteyi dont want to keep re downloading the stuff i use on a daily basis15:21
peteyr4f3 top left corner click the dash bar and type in terminal15:21
r4f3i tried but it doenst appear!15:21
philinuxpetey: live usb with persistance maybe15:21
ubuntuaddictedr4f3, try gnome-terminal15:21
r4f3i can't open terminal to install15:22
=== meway_ is now known as Meway
peteyi hear there's a problem with persistence isnt there15:22
peteyso it's better off just installing it onto the flash drive like you would on a normal hard drive15:23
philinuxpetey: used to be but fixed now15:23
ubottuNope, it'll be out when it's out, and not a moment sooner!15:23
SonikkuAmericar4f3: Did you just open up the Unity dash or use Alt+F2?15:23
r4f3i tried unity dash15:23
r4f3anything i type15:23
peteyphilinux: would you have a source?15:23
SonikkuAmericatabeaux: Hopefully 2013.04.2515:23
chilukpetey, sorry I missed the persistence thing..  sorry I only use usb to install15:24
r4f3it doesnt apear a thing!15:24
r4f3and ctrl alt T wont wor kalso..15:24
tabeauxSonikkuAmerica: I heard canonical is going to move ubuntu to rolling release15:24
peteychiluk: its okay!15:24
sh3llc0d3rhey there15:24
tabeauxSonikkuAmerica: If this happens, they pretty much lost all steam15:24
SonikkuAmericatabeaux: That isn't what Mark Shuttleworth said is going to happen (at least immediately)15:24
tabeauxMark Shutlleworthless :)15:24
ubuntuaddictedi need help with the transmission-daemon and permissions15:24
sgonlinehey its been over 10 yrs since i been on mirc15:25
tgm4883tabeaux, although you may disagree with his decisions, every project needs someone that will make those decisions15:25
chiluktabeaux, why is rolling releases such a bad thing>.... also realize it's rolling releases + LTS's15:25
tabeauxSonikkuAmerica: thanks for the information15:25
philinuxpetey: only source is my usb persistant live usb which works. 12.1015:25
tabeauxtgm4883: I don't disagree, I just think they're being silly15:26
SonikkuAmericatabeaux: However, starting with 13.04 the release support schecdule is only 9 months, not 18.15:26
chiluktabeaux, it's we... we are a community15:26
tabeauxchiluk: Because for users, the excitement is in the releases15:26
SonikkuAmericaso 13.04 EOL will happen before 12.1015:26
tgm4883tabeaux, this is part of a longer discussion we could have, but it would need to be in #ubuntu-offtopic15:26
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:26
tabeauxSonikkuAmerica: ok15:26
ubuntuaddictedanyone in here use transmission-daemon and the web interface?15:26
tabeauxtgm4883: Wrong15:26
ActionParsnipSonikkuAmerica: no, 12.10 will EOL 18 months after release, 13.04 will EOL 18 months after its release15:27
peteyphilinux: im just wondering how to do it lol15:27
SonikkuAmericaActionParsnip: Someone needs to fix Wikipedia then.15:27
ActionParsnipSonikkuAmerica: 12.04 will EOL 5 years frmo release15:27
chiluktgm4883, you've been having a bad few days.15:27
zrzerenatohi to all15:27
chiluktgm4883, at least on irc15:27
r4f3I type terminal in the dash and -> Sorry there is nothing that matches your search15:27
SonikkuAmericaActionParsnip: I knew that XD15:27
philinuxpetey start up disk creator15:27
MonkeyDustActionParsnip  as of 13.04 : eol 9 months afer release15:28
ActionParsnipMonkeyDust: oh, is that new?15:28
SonikkuAmericaActionParsnip: Here: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/03/ubuntu-to-halve-support-window-for-regular-releases15:28
tgm4883chiluk, I think I'll just stop talking to people15:28
ActionParsnipi see15:28
ubuntuaddictedr4f3, did you try gnome-terminal15:28
chiluktgm4883, don't do that.  I enjoyed our conversation yesterday.. I learned something...15:28
r4f3what do you mean?15:28
r4f3How to try it?15:28
ubuntuaddictedr4f3, type in gnome-terminal in the dash search bar15:29
SonikkuAmericaActionParsnip: So 13.04 EOL is before 12.10 EOL15:29
ubuntuaddictedr4f3, what version of ubuntu are you using?15:29
MonkeyDustActionParsnip  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases <-- that's 9 months15:29
SonikkuAmerica3-month window15:29
tgm4883chiluk, yea I won't just stop15:29
zrzerenatoive just installed latest version virtualbox on ubuntu 12.04 and i cannoit find laucher icon. I downloaded latest version from virtualbox.org , an run a .deb package. it isntalled autamaticly, but how do i find the executable file?15:29
tgm4883chiluk, I'll just be meaner to users that do dumb things15:29
philinuxr4f3: does ctrl alt t do anything15:29
r4f3ubuntuaddicted same...nothing  that mathces15:29
ubuntuaddictedr4f3, what version of ubuntu?15:29
ActionParsnipSonikkuAmerica: seems so in light of new info :)15:29
chiluktgm4883, just be meaner to the ones that are trying to pick fights.15:29
r4f3just installed 12.04 64bit15:29
r4f3in VB15:29
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest11190
ubuntuaddictedcan anyone please help with transmission-daemon and permissions?15:30
tushCreative Elite pro IO Console not working in ubuntu 12.04 64bit15:30
ActionParsnipMonkeyDust: since my new job I've been outta the loop with all the news and changes15:30
ActionParsnipubuntuaddicted: as and see15:30
ActionParsniptush: are there any bugs reported?15:30
MonkeyDustActionParsnip  now thou knowest what #ubuntu is useful for15:30
she_dyedzrzerenato: dpkg-query -L virtualbox15:30
tushActionParsnip, no15:30
chilukubuntuaddicted, why don't you phrase your question like such ... when I do blah... such and such gives me this error15:30
peteyphilinux: is it possible to run the start up disk creator and install it on the same USB it's running from? lol15:31
chilukpetey I wouldn't advise it15:31
ActionParsnippetey: i'd say no, not tried it though15:31
tushActionParsnip, just console not working, i cant increase and decrease volume from console15:31
KartagisI'm trying to hook my laptop to a tv and display from there. what's the easiest way to do that?15:31
ActionParsniptush: I suggest you report a bug15:31
ubuntuaddictedr4f3, on the left side, within the side bar, the icon that has like a black screen is the terminal. i have no idea why it's not appearing when you type in either terminal or gnome-terminal15:32
peteyyeah that's what i figured15:32
Kartagisas soon as I connect to tv, a sony appears in display settings but I can't navigate to it because my cursor is on the tv15:32
peteywhat do you guys reccomend I do then? I only have one USB stick15:32
SARCI seek advice to troubleshoot a bootup error:  BAR 6: address space collision on of device15:32
r4f3yeah me neither ubuntuaddicted15:32
r4f3where is located in the filesystem?15:32
tushActionParsnip, its a external I/O console of creative Elite Pro Sound card15:32
zrzerenatoshe_dyed: thanks for the answer, but what this shuld do?15:32
ActionParsnipSARC: have you tested your RAM using Memtest86+ from grub15:32
ActionParsniptush: I gathered15:33
she_dyedzrzerenato: lists where your stuff went15:33
chilukpetey, install to a hard drive ?15:33
philinuxpetey: with a live usb you can still use the remaining space for storage15:33
SARCActionParsnip: Yes, I have and it passed15:33
peteyi dont have a hard drive i can install to right now15:33
zrzerenatoshe_dyed: it just says it's now installed15:33
ubuntuaddictedr4f3, most likely /usr/bin/15:33
tgm4883Kartagis, so the displays aren't mirrored?15:33
tushActionParsnip, what you suggest anything to configure or any specific driver needs to be download15:33
peteyphilinux: how? every time i load up the USB stick none of the software i downloaded is saved15:33
chilukpetey ubuntu does not use that much space.. is there any chance that you could repartition the drive.. or resize the partitions?15:33
Kartagistgm4883: nope15:33
philinuxpetey: it's not persistant then15:34
chilukphilinix the persistence is in home iirc15:34
peteyphilinux: is it possible to make it persistant without going through the process15:34
Kartagistgm4883: I should click on 'mirror displays' ?15:34
peteychiluk: not currently, i would have to do it after work15:34
she_dyedzrzerenato: thats a big L15:34
ActionParsniptush: could check the creative linux site, they may have a guide. Creative stuff is far from easy to setup, or worth it15:34
tgm4883Kartagis, is the sony tv on the right(direction) side of your other display15:34
r4f3i got it!15:34
Kartagistgm4883: yes15:34
r4f3i found it15:34
r4f3thanks anyway!15:34
tgm4883Kartagis, are you using unity?15:34
Kartagistgm4883: no, cairo-dock15:35
peteybe right back, thanks guys15:35
tgm4883Kartagis, hmm.15:35
Kartagistgm4883: I can switch to unity if need be15:35
chilukpetey you might not be able to do it.  unless you are willing to buy another drive.15:35
chilukor find someone with a real install that can reflash your drive15:35
tgm4883Kartagis, are you able to open the monitors app on the sony screen after you connect it?15:35
chilukpetey are you using loopback iso's right now or did you use startup disk creator?15:36
Kartagistgm4883: nope, only the desktop shows on the tv15:36
cloudgeekon 12.04 lts, installing vim 7.3.888 using apt-get ! how15:36
ubuntuaddictedwhen I add a torrent to the web interface of transmission, the user and persmissions are 116 and avahi and I can't interact at all with it since permission are rwxrwsr-x, what do I have to do so that my user can delete the file?15:36
tgm4883Kartagis, hmm, not sure then. If you were using unity, i was going to see if you could just move really fast to the other screen since there is a stickiness on the edges15:37
chilukubuntuaddicted, easy way is to use sudo chown a+w <the file>15:37
chilukthen you can delete it.15:37
ubuntuaddictedchiluk, i know that, i am speaking in terms so that I can interact with the file without having to chown them everytime I add a new torrent15:38
chilukubuntuaddicted, sorry that should have been sudo chmod a+w <the file>15:38
rymate1234I installed compiz fusion from apt-get15:38
rymate1234Launched it15:38
rymate1234But the icon isn't appearing in the kde notification tray15:38
chilukubuntuaddicted, check /etc/apache215:39
rymate1234*system tray15:39
Gatoanybody know what happend with bumblebee in ubuntu 13.04?15:39
Gatoi cant install it15:39
chilukubuntuaddicted, my guess is that the web based transmission client has some permissions that you can set there.15:39
zrzerenatoshe_dyed: in my sftware center it says those package are installed, but doesnt show where, if i run dpkg-query -L virtualbox shows this package is not installed  VBox, VBoxAutostart, VBoxBalloonCtrl, VBoxHeadless, VBoxManage, VBoxSDL, VBoxTunctl, VBoxVRDP, VirtualBox, rdesktop-vrdp, vboxautostart, vboxballoonctrl, vboxheadless, vboxmanage, vboxsdl, vboxwebsrv, virtualbox15:39
chilukubuntuaddicted, I really have never played with it though.15:39
chilukubuntuaddicted, good luck15:39
rymate1234Fusion-icon has a segmentation fault on launch15:40
she_dyedzrzerenato: is it virtualbox, try typing in the searchbar the first few letters15:40
she_dyedor vbox iirc zrzerenato15:41
=== ArchBeOS is now known as Guest70152
zrzerenatoshe_dyed: ok i got it.. but which package should i run to execute the program?15:43
dmzhelp! :) i can't find add-apt-repository; just built brand new system and instlled python-software-properties and it only has a bunch of locales files15:43
Kartagistgm4883: all is okay now, but it's too small :S15:43
TK-999dmz: The command is not found?15:44
tgm4883Kartagis, sounds like resolution, which is normal, as you are on a TV now. you should look up dpi settings15:44
Gatocan you help me? how can i install bumblebee on ubuntu 13.04??15:45
Kartagistgm4883: I tried 1280x800, got "could not assing CRCT's to outputs"15:45
tgm4883Gato, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee15:45
dmzTK-999 nm too many terminal windows open; was on wrong server :)15:46
chilukdmz, it looks like something is corrupted.15:46
tgm4883Kartagis, that is resolution, you need to change dpi15:46
chilukbecause when I dpkg -L python-software-properties   I don't see any locale files15:46
chilukdmz, hah15:46
Kartagistgm4883: is DPI also on display settings? I don't have it if so15:46
tgm4883Kartagis, no, you'll need to manually configure it. I don't recall offhand how to do that, but I think it's in xorg.conf15:47
ladislawi have both ubuntu and mac connected to wifi.  I'd like to transfer some of the files from my ubuntu machine to the mac. How do i do this?15:48
she_dyedladislaw: can they ping each other15:49
ladislawlet me see15:49
Gatothank you tgm488315:49
tgm4883Gato, yw15:49
ubuntuaddictednot sure how to handle permissions and owner with the transmission-daemon. anyone else use it?15:53
ubuntuaddictedthe other tricky part is that it's writing data to a NFS shared drive if that matters.15:53
chilukubuntuaddicted, what user ends up owning the file?15:54
ubuntuaddictedchiluk, no idea, it's a number. 11615:54
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
ubuntuaddictedchiluk, group is 12615:54
chilukthat tells me you are likely using nfsv3.15:55
tgm4883what user is 116 on the machine that is running transmission-daemon15:55
ubuntuaddictedtgm4883, how can I find that out? it's more or less a headless server15:55
ubuntuaddictedim logged in over ssh15:55
tgm4883ubuntuaddicted, 'cat passwd | grep 116'15:56
chunkyheadwhen i click on check updates, it tells me failed to download repos info. help15:56
chilukchunkyhead, do you have any extra repos installed that are no longer available?15:57
ladislawshe_dyed: yes15:57
ActionParsnipchunkyhead: run:  sudo apt-get update     use http://paste.ubuntu.com to host the output15:57
chunkyheadchiluk, how do i check that15:57
chilukchunkyhead, i guess the first thing would be to determine which repo is failing.15:57
ActionParsnipchunkyhead: the output of the command I gave will tell us what we needed15:58
chilukchunkyhead, if you scroll up in update manager it should tell you which repo is failing.15:58
chunkyheadhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5716316/ ActionParsnip15:58
chunkyheadchiluk, check pastbin http://paste.ubuntu.com/5716316/15:59
she_dyedladislaw: ftp is one option15:59
she_dyedladislaw: you might already have something similar installed15:59
chunkyheadchiluk, ActionParsnip how to fix repos then?16:00
she_dyedyour gui filemanager might be able to 'see' the other machine16:00
she_dyedand you can copy n paste or drag n drop16:00
she_dyedladislaw: ^16:00
ubuntuaddictedtgm 116 = debian-transmission:x:116:126::/home/debian-transmission:/bin/false16:01
ActionParsnipchunkyhead: what is the output of:  grep -R distro /etc/apt/*16:01
chilukso ubuntuaddicted if I were you I would create a debian-transmission group with the gid of 126 on your machine16:01
ActionParsnipubuntuaddicted: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue16:01
chunkyheadActionParsnip, permission denied, shall i run that in sudo?16:01
chilukubuntuaddicted, then add your user to debian-transmission group16:01
ActionParsnipchiluk: your user will have read access to the files (excepyt the gpg file, this is normal)16:02
chilukActionParsnip, I'll let you handle it, I never use transmission-daemon16:03
ActionParsnipchunkyhead: ^16:03
ActionParsnipchiluk: sorry, was wrong target16:03
chunkyheadActionParsnip,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5716329/16:04
ActionParsnipchunkyhead: then you will need to run:  gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list   and swap every occurrence of "[distro]" to "precise"16:05
B-ZaRcould someone help me or point me to a more suitable channel? I'm trying to  connect two wiimotes to my ubuntu 12.04 desktop using the xwiimote/hid-wiimote route. Both pair with the system nicely and one (either one, the one connected first) connects and works as expected, but the other just keeps blinking the LEDs. I've traced the problem using dmesg into "sysfs: cannot create duplicate filename '/class/power_supply/wiimote_battery'". The file seems to be ...16:05
B-ZaR... created when the first wiimote is connected and prevents the second from being connected properly. Any ideas? Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?16:05
chunkyheadActionParsnip, can you tell me what exactly is wrong here so i understand waht exactly is it that i am doing16:06
ActionParsnipB-ZaR: I'd report a bug16:06
ActionParsnipchunkyhead: you have added some bad lines to the file and it is tripping up the package system16:06
ActionParsnipchunkyhead: its text find and replace, nothing technical at all16:06
ActionParsnipchunkyhead: I don't see what isn't to understand....16:07
chunkyheadno no16:07
chunkyheadi asked coz i dont remember messing around with sources.list16:07
ActionParsnipchunkyhead: find '[distro]' and change it for the word 'precise'16:07
ActionParsnipchunkyhead: well, something or someone has16:07
ubuntuaddictedchiluk, how do I make sure first that group 126 doesn't exist on the computer that I am mounting the NFS share to?16:08
B-ZaRActionParsnip: ok16:08
chunkyheadi am the only one who uses this pc ActionParsnip yeah i did that saving and updating now let me try16:08
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
chunkyheadsolved the problem, one more thing when i type sudo shutdown now it gives me this error "disablling power mgmt.. plymouth:26742) WARNING: command line dbus-launch --autolanch=2234alotOfNumbers.....16:14
ubuntuaddictedchiluk, i added the group named "transmission" and made the group id 126. when I issue cat /etc/passwd | grep 126 nothing appears? do I need to restart the machine for it to show?16:14
ubuntuaddictedchiluk, i did it through the users and groups GUI16:15
ActionParsnipchunkyhead: does the system actually turn off though?16:16
chunkyhead nope16:16
chunkyheadit's stuck there ActionParsnip16:16
ubuntuaddictedActionParsnip, cat /etc/issue shows Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS \n \l16:16
ActionParsnipchunkyhead: have you looked online for what this may mean?16:16
chunkyheadforever unless i force restart ActionParsnip16:16
ActionParsnipubuntuaddicted: sweet :)16:17
alnkpa2hey guys, I'd like to use a package in a PPA that isn't avalaible for the newest ubuntu version, I added the PPA via add-apt-repository. how do i do that?16:17
chunkyheadActionParsnip, i didnt know what to google, :P16:17
ActionParsnipchunkyhead: the error you just pasted is a good start...no?16:17
someoneelse_Hello. I am using Life USB with Xubuntu, since my HDD was broken. The problem is, pendrive is 8GB big, but the system isn't using this and yells about lack of space when I am trying to apt-get upgrade. Can it be helped?16:17
chunkyheadyeah will try that thanks haha ActionParsnip16:17
ActionParsnipalnkpa2: do what, use the add-apt-repository command?16:17
tgm4883alnkpa2, are you saying that the PPA contains the version you want for the distro you want?16:17
alnkpa2tgm4883: no, it has the version, but not for the distro16:18
alnkpa2ActionParsnip: use the package that's not for my distro16:19
PlastikSporkI am unable to view my Windows shared drives on my network by clicking "Browse Network" and then "Windows Network" in Nautilus.   I am however able to access my windows shared drives by connecting to smb:// or by mounting the drives permanently through fstab.16:19
tgm4883alnkpa2, thats not such a good idea usually16:19
ActionParsnipalnkpa2: do you mean for your release?16:20
alnkpa2tgm4883: i realize that but like to try16:20
alnkpa2ActionParsnip: yes16:20
ActionParsnipPlastikSpork: when you get access to the share, add the location as a bookmark16:20
ActionParsnipalnkpa2: there is a big difference16:20
alnkpa2ActionParsnip: sry16:21
chunkyheadno help on google at all buddy ActionParsnip16:21
ActionParsnipalnkpa2: the distribution is still Ubuntu, even if it is Precise, Quantal...whatever. Those are releases, a different distro would be Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, Gentoo etc16:21
PlastikSporkActionParsnip I ll try that16:21
ActionParsnipchunkyhead: do you have the latest BIOS16:21
alnkpa2ActionParsnip: yes, sorry16:21
ActionParsnipalnkpa2: mixing debs between releases isn't advised, the package will probably install but the results may be weird (or ok)16:22
chunkyheadActionParsnip, sorry not fond of flashing BIOS, have lost 2 computers thanks to that. :|16:22
alnkpa2ActionParsnip: i realize that, i want to try16:22
tgm4883alnkpa2, although I strongly suggest you don't do this, you would need to activate the repo for that specific release. Please note that this comes with the Oklahoma Warranty. If it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.16:23
PlastikSporkActionParsnip:  Awesome!  Thank you very much... works great.... Now why am I not able to browse the network?16:23
Monkey_bhey guys... my server appears to have some type of malware on it, as my site is receiving complaints about a 'gakmail.htm' malware file in the web server, which ive tried to remove, and keeps resurfacing. i'm not sure whether this is malware sitting on the machine, or something else... any ideas what steps i can take to finding the culprit?16:23
chunkyheadand ActionParsnip this happened after i restored packages from my old 12.04 install using aptoncd, before that it was working fine16:23
alnkpa2tgm4883: what would break?16:23
chilukubuntuaddicted, sorry had to shower.16:24
tgm4883alnkpa2, depends on what you are attempting to install. I'm not going to guess what COULD break. I'm just saying that if anything does, you will be completely unsupported here16:24
chilukubuntuaddicted, /etc/passwd will only show you userid's16:24
chilukcat /etc/group16:24
=== zenix`away is now known as zenix`
ActionParsnipPlastikSpork: no idea, I just use that method, much faster than clicking through the network16:25
alnkpa2to be verbose, I want to install glc from https://launchpad.net/%7Earand/+archive/ppa16:25
chilukubuntuaddicted, cat /etc/group | grep 126 and make sure your username is listed after the last colon16:25
PlastikSporkActionParsnip:  thanks for that tip though works good.16:26
chilukubuntuaddicted, assuming your user is listed in group 126 then you will have to log out and log back in for the new group to take effect16:27
ubuntuaddictedchiluk, ok, i am doing something so can't log out at the moment. thanks for your help16:27
chilukubuntuaddicted, you are welcome I hope it works.16:27
chilukubuntuaddicted, basically you need to add your user to the group that the file gets created under16:28
chilukubuntuaddicted, then you should be gtg16:28
Monkey_bis there a way to find out what program created a file?16:28
Monkey_bsomething in my system is suspicious and i suspect either malware, or a exploit in the web server or one of the apps its serving16:29
Monkey_bbut i cant be sure16:29
ActionParsnipMonkey_b: unless its logged (something like tripwire), then no16:29
ladislawhow would enable folder sharing through a terminal?16:29
Monkey_bActionParsnip: if tripwire helps me find out i have no problem installing it16:29
RageRiothello, I installed a lib and wish to remove it so I can install the latest release but I'm unsure exactly how. it is called libusb 1.0 so I tried apt-get remove libusb-1.0 but it want to remove alot of other libs as well. sorry noob at work but I gotta start some where :P16:29
tgm4883chiluk, well, depends on the group. He probably should map users properly16:29
ActionParsnipladislaw: you can use /etc/samba/smb.conf to defnie samba shares16:30
alnkpa2tgm4883: can i find the dependencies before i installed that deprecated package?16:30
ActionParsnipMonkey_b: I believe it will be able to tell you, it will watch folders for changes and gererate alerts. Check it out first, make sure its going to fit the bill16:30
chiluktgm4883, that is mapping them properly since it sounds like he's using nfsv316:30
RageRiotbtw I installed the lib via downloading, compileing and installing manually16:30
=== franz is now known as Guest4230
chiluktgm4883, if you want to explain how to do it "properly" go right ahead, I figured he just wanted it to work.  That and this is not my day job.16:31
tgm4883chiluk, eh, perhaps. It depends on which system which users are on. The users probably don't match the UID's on both systems16:31
=== Guest70152 is now known as ArchBeOS
chiluktgm4883, that's not going to matter since the file gets created under the transmission-daemon uid on the server, and gets saved to the nfs share.16:32
chiluktgm4883, whatever man, it should work... that's what the guy wanted.16:32
=== addi is now known as addi-flown
LostInSpaceHi all - hoping someone can help my rather lost ass :)16:33
tgm4883chiluk, I still think that is a really bad way to do it16:33
tgm4883chiluk, security wise, just adding your user to some random group isn't very good16:34
mrjoelhi guys.  Anyone got an idea on this?  When using touchscreen input on 13.04, i lose focus and can't click on anything in the unity desktop.  If I set the onscreen  keyboard program to "doubleclick," it properly refocuses on the desktop and selects the action (opening, closing something, minimize etc), but only for that one action.16:34
chiluktgm4883, It's nfsv3... if you want to do it right he'd have to implement some sort of universal user system on his network16:34
chiluktgm4883, that's not going to happen.16:34
auronandace!13.04 | mrjoel16:34
ubottumrjoel: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+116:34
chiluktgm4883, what security hole is he really opening himself up to?16:34
chilukmrjoel have you searched launchpad yet?16:35
tgm4883chiluk, he would then have access to anything that group also had access to16:36
LostInSpaceI am actually a total newb to Ubuntu. One of my companies now ex employees put it on a work computer and my job is to figure it out and get in to the files he put on the system. I've changed the pass but now when i attempt to log in it loops around. When going to the prompts i get "signature not found in user keyring perhaps try the interactive encryptfs-mount-private" but i cant find any decisive assistance with this error online16:36
MestreLionCan anyone help me with dbus-send ? I'm trying to use PackageKit... I have a working snippet in python that works, but a similar one using dbus-send does not:  http://sprunge.us/EbAb?bash  help please?16:36
chiluktgm4883, which is fine because he's on his NFS server which is where transmission saves it's files.16:36
chilukand he wants access to everything that transmissions saves on his nfs server.16:37
tgm4883LostInSpace, bad news, you can't get it. Looks like it's encrypted16:37
LostInSpaceI was worried that i was going to hit a brick wall on this I have to say16:37
MestreLionhere is also a dbus-monitor result, thy look very similar: http://sprunge.us/LVLf?bash16:38
mrjoelchiluk, closest bug i could find was https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/109928916:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1099289 in unity (Ubuntu) "Touch screen stops clicking..." [Medium,Confirmed]16:39
tgm4883chiluk, I still don't think that is fine. It doesn't matter what transmission is doing at this point. If it's marking the files as owned by the transmission group (id 126), but the NFS server has www-data as id 126, he now has access to everything that the www-data group does16:39
Ari-YangI have a question, how do I accurately test my frame rate? I heard that you can't really test it with glxgears....16:39
MestreLioncan anyone please sppt why python works but dbus-send does not?16:39
Ari-YangI'm ubuntu 12.1016:39
MestreLionAri-Yang: frame rate is very application-dependent... it is better to benchmark it in the game/app you want to test16:39
Ari-Yangwhat do you mean by 'benchmark'?16:40
chiluktgm4883, true.. i'm assuming ubuntuaddicted didn't do anything stupid like just add himself to the www-data group.  since he mentioned that the uid and gid's didn't resolve to anything.16:40
virusu mark the bench16:40
Ari-Yangif you mean by using the application's fps test, I don't really have one....16:40
MestreLiona performance test... isn't what you're looking for?16:40
ubuntuaddictedchiluk, whahhh?16:40
chiluktgm4883, which would mean that that gid is not in use on the server.16:40
chilukubuntuaddicted, read the back chat between me and tgm488316:40
MestreLionAri-Yang: so what exactly you want to measure?16:40
tgm4883chiluk, ah that is true, I forgot he said that the GID didn't map to anything16:40
chiluktgm4883, no worries man.. you caught me yesterday16:41
Ari-Yangwould running lets say a video and checking the system monitor (processes) work?16:41
tony_lechHey guys, in 12.10 I have to enter more than one "Additional DNS servers" in my connection's IPv4 settings. What character do I use to separate multiple in that textbox?16:41
Ari-Yang@ MestreLion I'd like to check my fps while playing a 10-bit video16:41
ubuntuaddictedtgm4883, chiluk the only group 126 is the transmission one I created16:41
chilukubuntuaddicted, cool that's what tgm4883 feared was not the case.16:42
MestreLionAri-Yang: use the player's fps test, if any16:42
chilukubuntuaddicted, you should be fine...16:42
she_dyedAri-Yang: am not sure if system monitor gives fps16:42
Ari-Yangbut it doesn't have one...16:42
MestreLionAri-Yang: so how can you measure it?16:42
Ari-YangI'm not sure, was hoping there was another way but it doesn't look like there is16:43
MestreLionhow would it be? there is no such thing as a "system fps"16:43
she_dyedwhat about glxgears Ari-Yang16:43
Ari-Yang@ she_dyed I heard that isn't really accurate I don't think16:43
she_dyedyeh but its only effective for comapring against glxgears16:44
MestreLionshe_dyed: that would measure glxhgears's fps, not the "system's" or his 10-bit video's16:44
chilukAri-Yang, you can install glx-spheres from a ppa if you'd prefer that.16:44
Ari-Yanglets say I get lag on a 10-bit video in fullscreen.... any solutions of fixing that?16:45
MestreLionAri-Yang: even if it *was* accurate, it would be completely unrelated to your video playback16:45
she_dyedright, onec the clip is loaded, thats it16:45
MestreLioneach player has its own fps, depending on the odec it uses, etc16:45
Ari-Yangoh, and back on windows 7, I was able to play 10-bit encodes and not get lag in fullscreen, but on ubuntu I do16:45
Ari-Yangwhy is that?16:46
she_dyeddifferent drivers16:46
Ari-Yangis there a certain setting I have to have enabled/disabled?16:46
Ari-Yangatm I'm using the open source drivers...16:46
MestreLionit can be several reasons.... different drivers, different desktop, different player16:46
=== BlackoutIsHere is now known as BlackoutIsHere|O
Ari-YangI'm not using the proprietary drivers (fglrx) because I get loads of tearing...16:47
=== anonymous is now known as Guest861
Ari-Yangand I'm not sure if it's something I have to do in my xorg.conf (which doesn't look like I even have one)...16:47
Guest861im in anonimous legion16:47
MestreLionAri-Yang:  so you can try a different driver, or a different player, or different codecs, or a different desktop (unity 2d, for example)16:47
chilukAri-Yang, if you get tearing, have you tried turning on v-sync in the fglrx drivers. *(chiluk is not a fan of amd)16:47
Ari-Yangatm I'm on cinnamon classic16:47
Ari-Yang@ chiluk yeah vsync doesn't even work16:48
Ari-Yangeven when enabled16:48
Ari-Yangafaik 12.10 doesn't have unity 2d16:48
MestreLiontry different players then16:48
Ari-Yangyeah I tried that, didn't work =/16:48
MestreLionsometimes VLC can work better than totem for a given media type16:48
chilukAri-Yang, welcome to the world of closed source drivers on an open source OS.. I'll probably get flamed, but I have loved my Nvidia card with vdpau.16:48
Ari-Yangno, vlc can't even play the video lol16:49
she_dyeddont run x, mplayer on framebuffer16:49
Ari-Yangmy opengl renderer ^16:49
chilukAri-Yang, amd has something similar.  I think it's called va-api16:49
MestreLionbut, whatever you do, there is little point trying different settings if you don't have a consistent way of *measuring* it16:49
virusbanshee is good16:49
chilukAri-Yang, you might want to google for va-api 12.10.16:49
virustry it16:49
Ari-Yangva-api? a driver?16:49
chilukAri-Yang, va-api is a way of offloading the video decoding onto the graphics card.16:50
Ari-Yangeven when using an open source driver?16:50
chilukAri-Yang, you will need the fglrx drivers,16:50
Ari-Yangbut wait16:51
chilukAri-Yang, as I said I don't have much experience with AMD... I've sort of avoided them ever since vdpau came out for nvidia16:51
chilukAri-Yang, is there more?16:51
MestreLionthere is a tear-free option in modern fglrx (post-12.6)16:51
chilukAri-Yang, like maybe a free offer?16:51
=== snitty is now known as napterk
Ari-Yangisn't the point of using the fglrx drivers is to use the graphics card?16:51
MestreLionerr.. yes16:51
Ari-Yangso how come I need va-api?16:51
chilukAri-Yang, yes the fglrx drivers enable things like va-api, but you need to tell the decoding application to use va-api16:52
=== zz_Karbowiak is now known as Karbowiak
Ari-YangI mean I get loads of tearing even when I enable vsync in catalyst control center16:52
MestreLionva-api uses more of your GPU16:52
chilukAri-Yang, think of it like directx for videos16:52
Ari-Yangah I see16:52
servantesHi guys, Looking for some help. Just did a fresh install after switching drives because I figured I would start anew.16:52
Ari-Yangcurrent opengl info http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=HAL4cWji16:52
servantesI have two issues. The first being that software-center does not work. It crashes. It loads for a second then disappears and crashes. I have a pastebin of the whole error it gives when launched from console16:53
servantesSoftware-center isnt a big issue for me, as I dont really use it. I stick to terminal software for that stuff, dpkg and apt mainly. But being its one of the main focal points of the distro, it should be working16:53
Ari-Yang@ chiluk seeign soe posts saying to just install vaninfo form software center16:54
servantesHere is the error software-center gives, http://pastebin.com/eajDx7eD16:54
chilukAri-Yang, there you go... good luck.. you are now beyond me.16:54
Ari-Yanglol okay16:54
Ari-Yangokay so va-api doesn't work with open source drivers16:54
Ari-Yangonly with fglrx16:54
servantesSecondly, my other issue is with google-chrome. Now I have installed chrome via the official package hundreds of time in linux, in debian, arch, ubuntu, etc and have never had an issue16:55
chilukAri-Yang, hopefully you get va-api working ... keep in mind you may have to use a particular program that supports it16:55
servantesWell, today I try to install it. And dpkg and gdebi both complain of dependcy issues which are unresolvable16:55
chilukservantes, google the error for chrome google fucked up with recent releases16:55
tgm4883servantes, 13.04 isn't supported in this channel16:55
servantesChrome says it needs libudev0, which is unresolvable16:55
h00k!language | chiluk16:56
ubottuchiluk: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.16:56
servantestgm4883, i dont care if it or isnt. A lot of things can be fixed just by talking to users of the distro as a whole16:56
chilukservantes, google is your friend http://www.webupd8.org/2013/04/fix-google-chrome-cant-be-installed-in.html16:56
servantesGod, this reminds why I cant stand this channel...16:56
tgm4883!13.04 | servantes16:56
ubottuservantes: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+116:56
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chilukservantes, I hope that helps man.16:57
h00kservantes: there's also the forums and askubuntu if you're not a fan of the channel16:57
servantesya, I havent googled it myself16:57
servanteschiluk, thx though16:57
chilukservantes, no prob... good luck.16:57
servantesh00k, I prefer live support. I am well aware of ubuntus other support services. Ive been using it since badger16:57
Ari-Yangthere's no wa of changing the opengl vendor string to something "better", is there?17:00
h00k!cn | xuanfeng17:00
ubottuxuanfeng: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw17:00
xuanfengcn不行 里面没有讲技术性的东西,,虽然我不懂英文 但是我会努力学习的17:01
ThinkT510!test | honey17:02
ubottuhoney: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )17:02
honeywell.. lol17:02
Ari-Yangcurrently, my opengl vendor string is x.org17:02
DevlinI'm having the weirdest little problem with ubuntu17:03
Devlinit is being slow to display graphics on screen, like the refresh is slow enough to watch draw down the screen like in firefox and hexchat17:04
Phryqit's invading your dreams and making you smell anchovies from the future?17:04
DevlinI'm trying to figure it out17:04
Devlinbut no dice17:04
PhryqOh, less weird than I had assumed17:04
honeyimpacts me.17:04
cuddylierHi, I'm having an issue with vhosts for apache. Do I just define my vhosts in the sites-available directory or do I need to in the httpd.conf file as well?17:04
Devlini've tried using the O/S driver(nouveau) and the binary nvidia driver and neither has any effect17:05
Devlinthe card is a GeForce GT43017:06
MestreLionAri-Yang: why would you want to change vendor string?17:06
Phryqhey, if a program is not responding in ubuntu, how do I force it to close?17:08
Phryqanything like a task manager?17:08
MestreLionPhryq: system monitor?17:08
DevlinPhryq, alt+f217:08
Devlinright-click offending application, kill17:08
MestreLionDevlin: <super> monitor <enter> is easier17:09
MestreLionand does not require to remember package or executable names17:09
Phryqsystem monitor worked; thanks17:09
MestreLionDevlin: I mean using the dash menu instead of alt+f2 to find apps17:10
=== BlackoutIsHere|O is now known as BlackoutIsHere
WoNGwt r yous talkin about17:10
gh_lukHi! I have a few Computers that I would like to set up with Lubuntu. There is an Ethernet Network, however, the internet is very slow. most of the time<10kB/s. I would like a easy solution, that apt packets are only downloaded once and stored e.g. on a network drive. If the same packet is needed by an other client, the packet is taken from there. I would like, that updates are still supplied...17:10
gh_luk...automatically and that the synaptics packet manager can still be used. Do you know a solution to this problem? I was reading https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Offline. can you recommend one of the described solutions for me?17:10
tgm4883gh_luk, you want squid-deb-proxy and squid-deb-proxy-client17:11
cuddylierWhen I try to reload apache2 I just get http://paste.ubuntu.com/5716494/ Why is it saying there are no virtual hosts? Can anyone help?17:11
cuddylierI have other sites in the sites-available folder17:11
Ari-Yang@ MestreLion maybe because x.org isn't one of the best?17:12
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=== akshay_ is now known as akshay_r
ThinkT510Ari-Yang: what other option do you have? wayland? mir?17:13
=== root1 is now known as saac
MestreLionAri-Yang: maybe, but it's the one that provides the X system all your desktop is built upon17:14
Ari-Yang@ ThinkT510 now that you put it that way....... the vendor string is x.org, so that means that it's reading xorg.conf? if it is, how come I can't find my xorg.conf file?17:14
hillybillywt r u using17:14
MestreLionAri-Yang: the string merely reflects the backend your driver uses. chaning the scting alone is pointless17:15
adamkAri-Yang: The vendor string has nothing to do with xorg.conf.17:15
MestreLionAri-Yang: the string merely reflects the backend your driver uses. changing the string alone is pointless17:15
MestreLionand most video drivers now can work without a xorg.conf (although they do read it if it exists)17:15
hillybillyany1 need hhelp17:17
MestreLionso if you want to use a graphics backend in Linux other than X, your current options are... none. But the development team of Wayland and Mir are accepting volunteers17:17
lalondongi'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS17:17
lalondongI have only 2 gb for RAM17:18
toddaaroanyone around who can help with USB keyboard problems? My bios has no trouble detecting them but my Ubuntu installer won't, so I'm completely stuck17:18
lalondongi've tried everything to slow it down and make my Ubuntu faster.. but still nothings much are changed..17:18
MestreLionlalondong: what are you using to measure performance?17:18
GneaI'm running a dual-display with an nvidia card to a DVI monitor and HDMI.  I used the nvidia-settings to set it so that there is a separate X server on both displays.  It works, but the HDMI display screen blanks after only a few seconds.  How can I fix that so that it screen blanks after 20 minutes of inactivity?17:19
lalondongHow to do that?17:19
Gnealalondong: replace unity with something else17:19
lalondongchanging the desktop environment17:19
MestreLionlalondong: you said it was slow. if you want to improve it, first you must have a consistent way of measing it, so you can compare results17:19
Gnealalondong: like LXDE, E17 or even KDE17:20
Gneagnome is another resource hog17:20
GneaI wouldn't trust it17:20
hillybillygnome is good17:20
Gneanot really17:21
lalondongbut that would automaticly update it right? i mean what type of desktop environment that actually faster than Unity?17:21
Gnealalondong: just about any, really17:21
MestreLionGnea: changing DE is a major operating for a new user... please don't suggest other DEs besides the default one unless you're willing to assist the user in the whole process of changing it17:21
Gnealalondong: unity and gnome are resource hogs... they were programmed for easy functionality, not to run on slow systems17:21
lalondongThe faster for my stupid 2 gb ram and looks pretty cool..?17:21
hillybillyu have to write in commands17:21
GneaMestreLion: settle down17:22
gh_luktgm4883, thank you! Using a proxy with cache will have even more advantages for my environment17:22
Gnealalondong: I would suggest LXDE or Enlightenment17:22
hillybillyand download apt17:22
tgm4883gh_luk, yw17:22
ubottuLXDE ( http://lxde.org/ ) is the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment used by !Lubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop ». See http://lubuntu.net/ for more information, and join #lubuntu for support.17:22
MestreLionlalondong: 2GB is more than enough to run Unity fine, your bottleneck is not memory17:22
Gnealalondong: what video card do you have?17:22
lalondongbut it took all of my memory..17:22
lalondongIntel HD 300017:23
MestreLionlalondong: "took all your memory" ? Out of the box Ubuntu does not occupy more than 500MB17:23
MestreLion64-bit may use more17:24
hillybillyi downloaded players and all accesories for ubuntu on terminal17:24
cuddylierWhen I try to reload apache2 I just get http://paste.ubuntu.com/5716494/ Why is it saying there are no virtual hosts? Can anyone help? I have other sites in the sites-available folder.17:24
Gnealalondong: what tool did you use to measure that unity took all of the memory?17:24
lalondongSystem monitor17:24
lalondongand it shows 900 mb of 1.8 gb17:24
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest43984
MestreLionlalondong: and after a clean reboot, how much memomry does system monitor shows?17:25
Gneawell that's 900, not 1.817:25
timrchttp://www.openstack.org/home/Video/ - sabdfl just took the stage17:25
Gneastill, it's a lot just to display a basic GUI17:25
lalondong500 i guess,17:25
* tgm4883 wonders who things unity is a "basic ui"17:25
hillybillymines 170 gb and im still downloading17:25
MestreLionlalondong: so it only uses something between 25 and 50% of your RAM... not bad17:26
hillybillymore stuff and still have more room17:26
MestreLionlalondong: so ram doesn't look like the culprit17:26
hillybillynot at all17:26
Gnealalondong: what about cpu usage?17:26
hillybillyi have trouble with deb in terminal17:27
MestreLionbesides, Ubuntu (actually, the Linux kernel) adjusts its memory usage according to the available memory... the idea is that idle memory is wasted memory... so if you hve lots of ram, Ubuntu will put that ram to good use17:27
lalondongaround 20 to 40 %17:27
MestreLionFor example, I have 16GB... and after a clean reboot my usage is around 1.2GB17:28
Gneatgm4883: it's meant to be presented as 'basic' to someone that isn't familiar with using linux17:28
tgm4883Gnea, I completely disagree. Please don't confuse "default" with "basic"17:28
GneaYes, and it's possible to change how the linux kernel adjusts and uses available memory17:28
MestreLionGnea: "basic" in ease of use, surely *not* basic in resource usage... actually, usually the higher  lever an UI is, the more resources it consumes17:28
Gneatgm4883: the question is, will your disagreement help the discussion and solve the problem?17:29
toddaaroanyone have ideas on "keyboard not working in installer"? legacy USB is enabled, I do not have a PS/2 port17:29
MestreLionUnity tries to be a very user friendly UI, which means it will also be on top of ystem resources compared to other DEs17:29
tgm4883Gnea, whatever17:29
hillybillyany1 no how to use deb in terminal17:29
GneaMestreLion: that's a given17:29
toddaaroI would prefer a solution other than "buy a new motherboard with PS/2" but that is the only idea I've been able to find17:29
Gneatgm4883: right. when you have something useful to add, feel free to do so.17:30
tgm4883Gnea, what is the questions17:30
Gneatgm4883: you've been here long enough, scrollback and see what lalondong is talking about17:30
braiamtoddaaro, have you tried without the legacy usb setting?17:31
braiam!deb | hillybilly17:31
ubottuhillybilly: deb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.17:31
AmericanToastHerro! i am having a problem installing wine any one know what i should do? wine1.4-amd64: PreDepends: dpkg (>= 1.14.12ubuntu3) but 1.16.7ubuntu6 is to be installed17:31
AmericanToast               Depends: libc6 (>= 2.14) but 2.15-0ubuntu20 is to be installed17:31
AmericanToast               Depends: libgcc1 (>= 1:4.1.1) but 1:4.7.2-2ubuntu1 is to be installed17:31
AmericanToast               Depends: libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.16.0) but 2.34.1-1ubuntu1 is to be installed17:31
AmericanToast               Depends: libgphoto2-2 (>= but 2.4.14-2 is to be installed17:31
AmericanToast               Depends: libgphoto2-port0 (>= but 2.4.14-2 is to be installed17:31
AmericanToast               Depends: liblcms1 (>= 1.15-1) but 1.19.dfsg-1.1ubuntu2 is to be installed17:31
FloodBot1AmericanToast: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:31
MestreLiontoddaaro: have you run some of the probing tools like dmesg and lsusb, just to see if the keyboard is detexted?17:31
Gnealalondong: well, you could install lubuntu-desktop and see what happens - it wouldn't replace unity, but provide a different option to choose from when you login17:31
toddaaroMestreLion: I can't get any keyboard to work, so no17:31
toddaarobraiam: testing now, that is something I should have tried17:32
hillybillyany1 no how to use deb in terminal17:32
Gnea!repeat | hillybilly17:32
ubottuhillybilly: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:32
tgm4883Gnea, "<lalondong> i've tried everything to slow it down and make my Ubuntu faster.. but still nothings much are changed.." that isn't a question17:32
lalondongstill installing.17:32
Gneatgm4883: the question is easily inferred.17:32
MestreLiontoddaaro: disabling legacy is an option, but that usually is not required... I have a USB keyboard and legacy is on, and it works fine17:33
Gneatgm4883: also, 'everything' is subjective.17:33
tgm4883Gnea, yea, but it doesn't appear anyone asked him what his specs were (CPU/RAM/Video Card(proprietary drivers?))17:33
Gneatgm4883: there wasn't much of a need, he provided most of those details. I actually did ask about video card, but never got a response.17:33
MestreLiontoddaaro: do you have any other computer in LAN that you could use to connect to that and try some diagnosing options?17:33
MestreLionGnea: not true. lalondong said "Intel HD 3000"17:34
toddaaroMestreLion: looks like legacy setting change doesn't do anything, and yes, I could connect with something else17:34
tgm4883Gnea, so we just assume that unity is slow now?17:34
hillybillyu no how u got apt-get on terminal there is also another one called  deb  which also allows u to download stuff but more17:34
GneaMestreLion: ah good point, my bad17:34
toddaaroMestreLion: I'm stuck at "Installer boot menu", does that accept remote connections?17:34
lalondongehh, i did answer it...  scrollback again.17:34
Gnealalondong: yeah, sorry17:34
lalondongit's Intel HD 300017:34
=== nmmm_ is now known as nmmm
Gnealalondong: do you happen to know what driver you're using for the intel hd?17:34
MestreLiontoddaaro: the text or the GUI one?17:34
Gneahillybilly: that question really doesn't make any sense... apt-get is used to download and install .deb files17:35
toddaaroMestreLion: text I assume?, using the 12.10 server boot.img.gz file on a usb stick, can't get past the first screen17:35
tryfangoing nuts with pulseaudio.  trying to send audio to another machine from xubuntu 12.10.  running paman as root connects to the remote server.  doesn't work for normal user.  pa is in system daemon mode17:36
lalondongi don't know.. but do i still have to install the driver as well?17:36
MyrttiAmericanToast: please paste your error to pastebin.17:37
Gneatryfan: make sure that the normal user has proper permission to access pulse and sound devices17:37
hillybillygnea: yea but u make ur own download to learn how to write deb then make ur own download17:37
Gneahillybilly: make my own download?17:37
tryfanGnea: through groups?  I've added the normal user to the pulse-access group17:37
MestreLiontoddaaro: and no, installer itself does not accept remote (not that I know of). Some options would be: try the "alternate installer" image, or a network boot install (so you can install remotely), or, just as a test, try a different keyboard (from another vendor, if yours is not supported/recognized)17:37
Gneatryfan: okay, did you make sure to logout then login again after?17:37
tryfanGnea: yup17:37
Gneatryfan: are you following any sort of tutorial?17:38
AmericanToasthow do i get to paste bin?17:38
=== lance is now known as Guest37699
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:38
toddaaroMestreLion: ok, I'll give the "alternate installer" image a try, I've tried two keyboards on numerious ports with no luck17:38
GneaAmericanToast: no, read what ubottu said17:39
MestreLiontoddaaro: also, are you sure it's the keyboard that is not working? depeing on your install choices, maybe the installer froze17:39
tryfanGnea: well this all worked before, but dhcp got allscrewed up and my IPs changed at the office.  so the remote pulseaudio server was at a different IP and I changed the IP in default-server in /etc/pulse/client.conf and it still isn't working17:39
Sta1kercan somebody point me to a good server mapping tutorial?17:39
toddaaroMestreLion: I suppose that could be it, I haven't made any choices though17:40
MestreLiontoddaaro: for example, I've once experienced it with an unsopported CD-ROM... it froze the installer, nothing to do with keboard17:40
toddaaroMestreLion: good to keep in mind, any particular strategy for checking this other than unplugging things?17:40
hillybillygnea:example if i download cmatrix ,,,,,,,,,,,i can make a download called hobo ,,,using deb,,,,,,,,then i can type in apt-get install hobo17:40
Gneatryfan: what a pain... have you been able to confirm that it's actually trying to contact the new IP?17:41
MestreLiontoddaaro: try other install options... instead of media on USB, try CD-ROM (if any), or "burn" the image to cd/usb in a different way (DD, in a partition, or using USB Creator)17:41
Gneahillybilly: oh, re-working the cmatrix .deb file to be called hobo.deb ?17:41
toddaaroMestreLion: ok, I'll futz around and see what happens, thanks for the advice17:41
hillybillyur welcom anytime17:42
MestreLionhillybilly: you should first learn a bit more about repositories. apt-get deals with repositories, not direct .deb downloads17:42
hillybillymestrelion: i no more of the more advanced stuff im new to terminal17:43
MestreLionhillybilly:  open your menu, type "help", and browse topics about software install, software sources, .deb, etc17:43
hillybillyi did17:43
_irenicus09hello I had a question...is it possible to share bandwith between mutiple interfaces like wired & wifi?17:43
MestreLionif you're new to the terminal it's very hard to believe you know the "more advanced stuff"17:43
MestreLionsince most "advanced stuff" are done in terminal17:44
_irenicus09what I mean is can wifi and wired interfaces be merged so as to increase my dl & ul speed?17:44
tryfanGnea: I'm honestly not sure, I just tried to use mpg321 to play audio as root, but that didn't work...I thought it might have been a root/normal user issue17:44
AmericanToastgood afternoon i have had a problem downloading wine could any one help me?17:45
Gneatryfan: can a regular user use mpg321?17:45
hillybillymestrelion: i mean the download bit but yea as i said more advanced binary,python,backtrack17:45
MestreLionhillybilly: also, learn the difference between dpkg and apt-get17:45
=== _irenicus09 is now known as irenicus09
tryfanGnea: sure, as long as they can access /dev/dsp afaik17:45
tryfanGnea: well that's pre sound daemons as well17:45
wilee-nilee!wine | AmericanToast17:45
ubottuAmericanToast: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu17:45
Gneatryfan: well /dev/dsp is OSS, and Ubuntu uses ALSA these days, and AFAIK, the latest Ubuntu doesn't provide OSS support anymore, so /dev/dsp might be out of the question17:46
bazhanghillybilly, are you using backtrack17:46
wilee-nileeAmericanToast, Playonlinux seems a little easier to setup17:46
hillybillymestrelion: i already no them17:46
stevie_manI am trying to get iptables running on Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit (kernel 2.6.32-042stab068.8) and when I do a ./iptables.sh I get the following error: iptables v1.4.12: can't initialize iptables table `nat': Table does not exist (do you need to insmod?) Perhaps iptables or your kernel needs to be upgraded.17:46
Gneatryfan: so you may need to do something like this:  mpg321 -o alsa file.mp317:46
bazhanghillybilly, using backtrack? Yes?17:46
MestreLionhillybilly: apt-get does not download arbitrary .debs. It downloads only from registered software sources. and a .deb is not "a download", it is an install package. And a local can be installed by dpkg, not apt-get17:47
hillybillybazhang yea17:47
bazhanghillybilly, thats NOT supported here17:47
stevie_manI beleive this is because nf_nat is not loaded17:47
bazhang!backtrack | hillybilly17:47
ubottuhillybilly: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)17:47
stevie_manwhen I try to modprobe nf_nat I get WARNING: Deprecated config file /etc/modprobe.conf, all config files belong into /etc/modprobe.d/.17:48
stevie_manFATAL: Module nf_nat not found.17:48
stevie_manCan someone help me get IPTables up and running?17:48
MestreLionhillybilly: and no, you do not know the difference. If you did, you would say things like "i can make a download called hobo ,,,using deb,,,,,,,,then i can type in apt-get install hobo"17:48
bazhanghillybilly, dont ask for backtrack support here17:48
hillybillyim not17:48
tryfanGnea: hm, it plays now, but no audio17:49
MestreLionhillybilly: you would NOT say such thing, I mean... because that sentence is nonsense17:49
hillybillyi thought u more advanced in ubuntu17:49
Gneatryfan: open alsamixer in a new terminal17:49
bazhanghillybilly, /j #backtrack-linux17:49
hillybillymestrelion: i mea make ur own deb file17:49
tryfanGnea: ok17:49
MestreLionhillybilly: a deb file is not "a download". And apt-get install does NOT install arbitrary .debs!17:50
* Gnea hands MestreLion a valium17:50
bazhangMestreLion, he's running backtrack, its not supporte dhere17:51
MestreLionhillybilly: I suggest you read more amout apt and dpkg, their differences, and what a repository / software source is before saying nonsense17:51
Gnea!backtrack | hillybilly17:51
ubottuhillybilly: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)17:51
MestreLionbazhang: his misconceptions are deeper than Ubuntu/Backtrack differences17:51
tryfanGnea: ok,the alsamixer is showing the local soundcard17:51
bazhangMestreLion, lets move on please17:51
Gneatryfan: okay, check the levels and make sure that the appropriate ones are turned up (like master and pcm)17:52
MestreLionbazhang: I just mean that the fact that he is using Backtrack is irrelevant to his issues17:52
Gneatryfan: make sure they're not muted, too17:52
tryfanGnea: I started hearing it out the speakers on the local machine, it's not sending the audio to the remote17:53
MestreLionhillybilly: if you want to make .deb files, read a good packaging guide. and read man debuild. And ask for support in #debian-mentors. But in that order ;)17:54
Gneatryfan: then you'll need to look at how pulseaudio is trying to send data17:57
tryfanGnea: it worked before just by defining default-server in /etc/pulse/client.conf...that should do it system wide17:57
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j2daoshhey all. i need some csh help. #csh is empty so I don't know where to go to ask18:08
j2daoshany ideas?18:08
=== olli_ is now known as olli
wilee-nileej2daosh, If t s ubuntu related this is the place, there is also ##linux18:13
wilee-nileeit is*18:13
j2daoshthank you, I will try there18:15
=== jack is now known as Guest47685
sonofzeuswanna buy a secure router any suggestions?18:19
bazhang##hardware sonofzeus18:20
sonofzeusnvm bye18:21
dunnomanI'm having problems getting adb to work with my ubuntu12.10.  I have pasted all my steps and responses.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5716675/18:22
izanagisanhi all. Just wondering: is there any channel dedicated exclusively to UbuntuServer edition?18:24
bazhang#ubuntu-server izanagisan18:24
ThatOneRoadiedamn, ninja'd :P18:25
izanagisanthanks guys : )18:25
=== jagger is now known as jagger|away
SonikkuAmericadunnoman: Do you have USB debugging enabled on your Android device?18:27
dunnomanSonikkuAmerica: yes18:27
dunnomani'm to the point of thinking it could be a bad usb cord? lol18:27
wilee-nileedunnoman, What android release and what are you looking to do?18:27
=== addi-flown is now known as addi
SonikkuAmericaNo, that doesn't seem to be the case... [ lsusb ] returned your device, did it not?18:28
Jpmhup until todays update and re-boot when I right clicked on the speaker in the pannel I got the pulse audio volume control - now I get some STRANGE volume comntrol - how do I set this back to pulseaudio18:30
dunnomanwilee-nilee: 4.0.4 trying to go to jellybean OTA 4.1.2. upgrade via adb since i don't have an ext-sd card18:31
wilee-nileedunnoman, Your not rooted?18:32
gpledif i need the latest "curl dev library"  how do i know what the package name is, so i can apt-get install ?18:32
dunnomanSonikkuAmerica: sure did which is confusing.  I had read some post about flaky cables not working with adb, but will still work with mass storage/charging18:32
dunnomanwilee-nilee: no (work phone)18:33
SonikkuAmericaJpmh: What did it look like?18:33
she_dyedgpled use apt-cache search and the name libcurl18:33
wilee-nileedunnoman, Most androids will upgrade from the device, you can load it from the fastboot recovery I believe18:33
gpledshe_dyed: thanks18:33
she_dyedgpled: yw18:34
JpmhSonikkuAmerica: what did what look like - the new thibg that happens when I right click looks like the same speaker control that is ther just BIGGER and darker and useless18:34
SonikkuAmericaJpmh: Why can't you use that? Does it not do anything?18:34
wilee-nileedunnoman, Some manufactures have different setups there though I guess18:35
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ceboris there a ubuntu ringtail channel ?18:43
SonikkuAmerica#ubuntu+1 cebor18:43
bazhang#ubuntu+1 cebor18:43
SonikkuAmericaYeah, that and that18:43
SonikkuAmerica* she_dyed has quit (Quit: WeeChat RULES the IRC wasteland!) <<< What a wasteland. :P18:44
JpmhSonikkuAmerica: No - the new thing only has the volume for the speaker/headphones - which is what is already there in the panel - I usually wnat the right click for microphone volume18:44
Dave77are there any games for linux I can buy in the retail shop?18:44
SonikkuAmericaDave77: Lots. You can also get Steam.18:45
SonikkuAmericaDave77: If by "retail shop" you mean "Software Center"18:45
=== LS\MFT is now known as Camel`
Dave77I don't have steam.. I only buy games in physical18:47
SonikkuAmericaDave77: If you're looking for physical I wish you Godspeed and great blessing.18:47
lesshasteI am having problems getting vnc to work with ssh port forwarding. I want to connect to server C via server B.18:49
lesshasteI did this.. ssh -L 5900:user@serverC:5900 user@serverB18:50
lesshasteand then on serverC I did x11vnc -safer -localhost -nopw -once -display :018:50
lesshasteis this wrong?18:50
lesshastebecause when I do vinagre localhost::5900 locally now it says it can't connect18:50
Ari-Yang<MestreLion>Ari-Yang: the string merely reflects the backend your driver uses. changing the string alone is pointless ---> ah okay18:51
Ari-Yangcan someone check and see if everything here looks good? http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=2uSkWW4i18:53
smallfoot-how do I install support for 32-bit binaries?18:53
Ari-Yangdidn't pastebin the 96 GLX Visuals nor the 144 GLXFBConfigs18:53
MonkeyDustsmallfoot-  i think you mean ia32-libs-multiarch18:57
pglodhi all, I've been having problems lately where my system locks up, seemingly randomly. The screen freezes, although I can still toggle wifi/capslock/etc.. I would try to SSH into the system but I'm on a public network whenever it happens. I've run memtest and have come up with no memory problems at all. This is ubuntu 12.04 32bit.18:58
smallfoot-MonkeyDust, not available on 13.04 raring ringtail18:58
pglodI've read in this situation it's best to do `Alt + SysReq + REISUB` but that doesn't seem to work, I have to do a hard reboot18:59
KatsumeBliskpglod: So you don't know of the cause?18:59
smallfoot-MonkeyDust, nvm, it is in raring, icant find it tho http://packages.ubuntu.com/raring/ia32-libs-multiarch18:59
pglodno, I don't19:00
KatsumeBliskpglod: Does your cursor freeze?19:00
pglodI don't notice anything in dmesg, but this was in kern.log the last time it happened: http://pastebin.com/B3PwrgXG19:00
MonkeyDustsmallfoot-  why do you ask here, if you have 13.04 and are in the appropriate channel?19:00
lesshasteI am having problems getting vnc to work with ssh port forwarding. I want to connect to server C via server B.19:00
lesshasteI did this.. ssh -L 5900:user@serverC:5900 user@serverB19:00
lesshasteand then on serverC I did x11vnc -safer -localhost -nopw -once -display :019:00
lesshastebecause when I do vinagre localhost::5900 locally now it says it can't connect19:00
dcgenHi, I wanted to know in which all systems have i currently logged into using a given username. This is a NFS setup and I wanted the ip's of all those devices so that I could log out19:00
KatsumeBliskdcgen: "who"19:01
pglodyes, the whole screen freezes19:01
KatsumeBliskdcgen: Wait19:01
KatsumeBliskdcgen: Do you mean all the systems the machine your at is logged into?19:01
dcgenKatsumeBlisk: yes19:01
=== Xeyoo is now known as Xeyo
dcgenKatsumeBlisk: if say i have logged into machines a,b, and c with  the same user name , I want a command that will give me the names of the machines or their ip19:02
dcgenKatsumeBlisk: so here it will have to tell me a,b and c19:02
KatsumeBliskdcgen: I misunderstood, so I can't help. Sorry.19:03
dcgenKatsumeBlisk: no problem ..19:04
MonkeyDustdcgen  ask in #bash19:04
Picidcgen: logged in how?19:04
notsofreenodeewhat's the minimum19:07
notsofreenodeewhat's the minium requirement for the lastest ubuntu19:08
MonkeyDust!requirements | notsofreenodee19:09
ubottunotsofreenodee: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu19:09
ciwolseyim trying to get rvm for ruby installed.. it puts a file in /etc/profile.d/ .. if i do "source /etc/profile.d/rvm.sh" the script works as intended.. but since its in profile.d i shouldnt have to do this should i?19:11
she_dyedciwolsey: works on login19:14
she_dyedso logout19:14
she_dyedciwolsey: see if it's automatic (should be)19:14
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=== akshay_ is now known as akshay_r
dlamis there a way to find what package provides some file i need?  for example, i need a file at /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_wsgi.so19:21
dlam(on fedora i could do like  `yum provides */mod_wsgi.so`  or something)19:22
onwarddlam, apt-file search 'somefile'19:22
bazhangFile mod_wsgi.so found in libapache2-mod-wsgi, libapache2-mod-wsgi-py3   dlam19:22
jovankhi can somone help me19:26
jovanki am using usb boot and i woulld like to change some things19:26
jovankso evry boot it steys thet we819:26
jovankso i was thingking adding some script19:27
jovanki thinked changing boot options to add thet script19:27
jovankso can somone help19:27
onwardYou could learn how to speak English first.19:28
MisterMomLets_Go_Mili,  is spamming19:28
jovankomg like you dont understand19:28
jovankwhy so evil19:28
bazhang!usb | jovank have a read19:29
ubottujovank have a read: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent19:29
bazhangMisterMom, via PM?19:29
MisterMombazhang, yes19:29
bazhangjovank, you want the persistent one19:29
jovanki dont know what is persistent one i just thinked to add script thet will install 1 program and chagne some things19:30
bazhangjovank, yes, that allows you to save changes, otherwise its a live usb (no changes will stick)19:31
jovanki try long ago backtrack usb persistant even i dident know what it is but my PC wont boot it19:31
jovankbazhang: i want to make my live usb just i dont want to make from start i wanted to use egsisting live usb and add 1or 2 programs and i think i can do thet whit a script19:32
bazhangjovank, you need to make it persistent. please read the link I sent you19:33
jovanki dont want to make chagest thet will stick jut to edit this live usb so it on starts runs some comand19:33
minasafter upgrading to 13.04, there is no option in "sound manager" for HDMI output (it worked in 12.10, and yes, the cable is connected :) )19:34
bazhangminas, #ubuntu+1 for that please19:34
jovankbazhang:  aloooooooo19:38
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent   <---- jovank19:40
jovanki have Unetbooting and on it hes option to set persistan mode?19:40
tdm4hi.. anyone know if it is possible to compile wine1.4-i386 package from source on a Ubuntu 64-bit system without a 32bit chroot?19:41
jovankcan it work or must i make usb persistan from linux19:41
jovankbazhang:  any input?19:42
bazhangjovank, did you read the link yet?19:43
p0wn3djovank: Another options is to install ubuntu directly onto the USB drive. This will boot and run just like a normal instance19:43
jovankbazhang:  i did19:43
jovankp0wn3d:  so i can boot ubuntu from 1 usbe and install it on another?19:44
jovankp0wn3d:  like i am installing it on hard drive?19:44
OerHeksjovank sure, be carefull selecting your usb device19:45
p0wn3d jovank: I have only done it with Linux Mint but I'm sure Ubuntu supports it also but what you would do is boot the ubuntu/mint installer DVD and then install to USB19:45
OerHeksjovank that destination usb must be 5 gb+19:45
jovankOerHeks:  it is 8gb19:45
OerHeksjovank, have fun19:46
jovankok ty p0wn3d and OerHeks you are nice people bazhang is evil19:46
jovankgood  bye19:46
OerHeksNo, bazhang is a fine helper, we tried to figure out what you wanted to do.19:46
* genii-around wonders how long before the USB stick swap partition fails miserably19:47
OerHeksgenii-around, class 10+ and the device might work proper.19:48
genii-around!it | Giottomiao19:48
ubottuGiottomiao: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)19:48
nahatahi, do you guys know of a tool for Ubuntu that can download entire websites?19:52
CarlFKnahata: wget19:53
ProtoPunknahata wget19:53
nahatais that a command or a program?19:53
bradley__i  have a ubuntu server and i was wondering how do i turn on my server remotly from windows7 ?19:53
nahatai see it's a program, it sounded like a command :)19:53
CarlFKbradley__: google around for WAL - Wake On Lan - which your hardware will need to support, but it is pretty common19:54
OerHeksmagic packet19:54
bradley__THANK YOU!!!!!!!!19:54
CarlFKyeah, that.19:54
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slicknick5181I have a tftpd server and I want to know how to see which files are access when the device connects19:57
=== Limratana is now known as Bumptious
bradley__hey carl, my server is saying command not found when i give it this: sudo ethtool wlan0            what do i do?20:01
bradley__nevermind :/20:02
bradley__im such a noob20:02
=== reza is now known as reza-iran
reza-iranwhere are you from?20:04
bradley__florida why?20:04
reza-irani.m iranian20:05
p0wn3dslicknick5181: It sounds like you want to setup tripwire to monitor file access.20:05
slicknick5181p0wn3d, sounds coorect20:05
slicknick5181p0wn3d, Software center?20:05
wiehanSince I have been using linux, ubuntu that is, circa 2006/7 - the file copy dialog in nautilus has never EVER worked properly. Often (almost always) gets stuck at 100%. Especially when copying from a hard drive to a flash disk. Is it just me? Different PCs, different drives.. what the heck is going on?? tell me you peeps has noticed it as well20:06
ProtoPunkwiehan: not at all hahaha it has alwasy been working good for me20:06
bradley__ok, so my laptop does not support WOL, is there ANYWAY at all i can perform a remote boot?20:07
wiehanProtoPunk, google it... so many people complain about it. No real solutions.20:07
BluesKajProtoPunk, can you help him ?20:07
reza-iranno think.how are old you?20:08
p0wn3dslicknick5181: You might be able to do sudo apt-get install tripwire20:08
slicknick5181p0wn3d, Thank you much, I found it in the software center20:09
p0wn3dslicknick5181: Cool20:09
petan|fuis here some really lightweight desk environment20:10
petan|fuwhich eats minimal ram20:10
petan|fuand no cpu killer :P unlike gnome20:11
slicknick5181petan|fu, xUbuntu20:11
wiehanProtoPunk, and everybody else http://bayimg.com/DALkNAAEo this is a almost a daily occurence for the last couple of years on different and updated incarnations of ubuntu with different drives.. gets stuck like this. This one has been like this for 15 minutes now, after copying fast initially20:11
p0wn3dpetan|fu: LXDE, XFCE20:11
petan|fuslicknick5181 not looking for a distro, just env20:11
ProtoPunkwiehan: weird... I always move and copy files from hard drive to pendrive without a problem.. but ....20:11
petan|fup0wn3d which one is better?20:11
ProtoPunkwiehan: the same thing happens if you start nautilus as root?20:12
slicknick5181petan|fu, XFCE is x20:12
slicknick5181petan|fu, XFCE is xUbuntu20:12
ProtoPunkgksu nautilus wiehan20:12
petan|fugonna test20:12
p0wn3dpetan|fu: I love LXDE. It has great themes, very fast, very cool20:12
petan|fuI will check both20:12
nabbletpetan|fu: LXDE is a mit more lightweigt than XFCE20:12
slicknick5181petan|fu, I use it on my PBX server which I am on right now and it doesn't slow this machine down at all20:13
petan|fuI had enlightment in past on server20:13
petan|futhat was like 6 years ago :P20:13
ProtoPunkwiehan: is the same thing happening if you start nautiulus with ...   gksu nautilus   ?20:13
wiehanhttp://goo.gl/673y7 so many people have this... the post range from years back. Even windows can copy files properly20:14
ProtoPunkwiehan: try that... start nautilus with gksu nautilus ... and try to copy the file again.. let me know if the same thing happens20:14
wiehanProtoPunk, this has been happening over many different installs and many different versions and many different versions with many different people complaining. Whether it copies properly with or with our root is not solving the problem. How will ubuntu ever reach the top spot (that which it so daringly and dearly aims for) with stupid bugs like this http://goo.gl/673y720:15
ProtoPunkwiehan: I'm asking you to know if the same thing happens so I can have a start point to help you there....20:16
ShapeShifter499the #ubuntu+1 beta channel seems quite dead so I'm going to ask my question here20:16
ShapeShifter499I just went through my sources, swapping them out for their "raring" versions but I noticed that the Steam package has placed a repo in there and that it is for "precise" although I had just been on 12.10 before updating, does this mean steam doesn't have a different repo for 12.10 and 13.04?20:16
=== mathor is now known as crhrabal
slicknick5181p0wn3d, I'm not sure that this is going to monitor that way I am trying to achieve.. I have a couple of VoIP phones on my network that boot to tftpd server for config files and I don't think they are fetching the right files20:16
ProtoPunkwiehan: so please do a gksu nautilus and try the same thing!20:16
=== hays_ is now known as hays
wiehanProtoPunk, it does it in a similar fashion, and with one large side effect the files can only be deleted by Root..20:17
MonkeyDustProtoPunk  gksudo nautilus is NOT a good idea, especially for people who are not familiar with ubuntu20:17
p0wn3dslicknick5181: It does not work out of the box. It needs to be configured for what you want.  Google is your friend20:17
ProtoPunkMonkeyDust: it is better than doing a sudo20:18
wiehanProtoPunk, I just post here in the hope that once we reach ubuntu 18.10 it might one day get fixed and we will have decent and functioning copy dialogs20:18
MonkeyDustProtoPunk  it is not20:18
BluesKajwiehan, another reason why i use KDE20:18
ProtoPunkMonkeyDust: it is20:18
MonkeyDustProtoPunk  with gksudo it is very easy to ruin your system, if ypu don't know what you are doing20:18
MonkeyDustgksudo nautilus, that is20:19
wiehanBluesKaj, I respect that 100%, luckily for you KDE is aesthetically pleasing to your eyes, it is a matter of preference (sometimes form gets priority over function). I prefer Gnome. It should just work.20:19
ProtoPunkMonkeyDust: .... gksudo is better for graphic applications.... how else can you verify if the problem is with file permissions on his mounted drive?20:19
ProtoPunkif it works with gksudo it means that the problem is with permissions20:19
wiehanhttp://goo.gl/673y7 have a look at this20:20
MonkeyDustProtoPunk  yes, but nautilus as root is NOT a good idea, or any other file manager20:20
ProtoPunkMonkeyDust: he is just copying one of his files to the usb drive20:20
ProtoPunkMonkeyDust: but yeah.. you should help him then...20:21
reza-iranhi bbbbb20:21
slicknick5181p0wn3d, Giving it a shot20:21
slicknick5181p0wn3d, Thanks again20:21
MonkeyDustProtoPunk  just back at my desk, just don't advice nautilus as root20:21
ImposiblePlease can someone help me with bumblebee?? I tried to install it in every possible way that I have found and still not get it to work the nvidia graphic card20:22
Darkstar1hey guys I want to format the date output in bash so that I get the last two digits of the year instead of all four digits from this line: $(date '+%Y%m%d-%H:%M:%S')20:22
BluesKajwiehan, agreed and the reason I use KDE is it's familair looking for old 'windows' guys like me.20:23
bbbbbso i installed 12.04 server and now it doesn't boot. I know I jacked up the partitions. The guided partioning worked perfectly. Then i redid it and did my own and it doesnt start ubuntu when i restart. Someone like to help me?20:23
genii-aroundDarkstar1: Change the Y to y20:26
petan|fulxde is nice20:26
Darkstar1genii-around: thx20:26
petan|fubut gtk2 is having some troubles in it :P transparency is borked20:26
genii-aroundDarkstar1: np20:26
petan|fuactually it just doesn't work... but otherwise ot's cool20:26
jrtappersHow do I send a file to standard in and then type afterwards to the program?20:27
jrtappersSo I can send a set of startup commands to a program, and then be able to type into it20:27
tdm4Imposible: edit /etc/bumblebee/xorg.conf.nvidia20:30
tdm4Imposible: under option "UseEDID" "false", replace the line below it to:20:30
Fuzzleshow come my additional drivers doesn show anything in 12.04 yet previous times ive installed it on this machine it shows my driver for graphics20:30
tdm4Option "UseDisplayDevice" "none"20:30
tdm4then try, in a term:  optirun glxspheres20:30
SunStarFuzzles, some cards are no longer supported.20:31
FuzzlesSunStar, since when?20:31
SunStarbad choice of words but thats what it boils down to. the propreitary drivers no longer work, and the manufacturer considers these devices legacy n doesnt provide updates20:31
Imposibletdm4 to?20:31
Imposible"usedisplaydevice" "non"20:32
mrjoelhrm... is unity2d still being worked on, or is there another option for a less resource-intensive unity desktop?20:32
Fuzzlesjust when i thought  linux was getting better20:32
tdm4Imposible: /etc/bumblebee/xorg.conf/nvidia20:32
tdm4Imposible: edit /etc/bumblebee/xorg.conf.nvidia20:32
tdm4it's in there20:32
Imposibleyes i have the file open now20:33
Imposiblei find the line you said20:33
Imposibleit say : Option "UseEDID" "false"20:33
ImposibleOption "UseDisplayDevice" "none"20:34
and91hello does anyone know why I'm not able to set environment variables in bashrc?20:35
ImposibleI've changed but still not working optirun tdm420:36
ImposibleCannot access secondary GPU - error: [XORG] (EE) No devices detected.20:37
smallfoot-Is there any CLI command to disable Multiverse repo?20:41
cylonmathGuys you know any good channel for computer vision ?20:42
smallfoot-cylonmath, Intel has some library for that20:43
buuHello friends. How do I disable an xscreensaver activation that turned the monitor black?20:43
siertis 'ubuntu for phones' available for download somewhere?20:43
buu(disable from the command line that is)20:43
k1l_!phone | siert20:43
ubottusiert: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch20:43
smallfoot-cylonmath, yeah #opencv20:44
cylonmathThank you smallfoot-20:44
siertubottu: thanks20:44
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)20:44
sparkssquestion, seeing as I cant resize my raid array ext4 file system past 16TB20:46
sparkssI have to remove the 4 disks I have added to it ( mdadm --grow )20:47
sparkssdoes anyone know how to remove the exact same 4 disks that I have added?20:47
armlesshobocan I 'burn' the ubuntu installaiton iso to my usb stick using dd?20:48
ProtoPunklol ... I almost got kicked from #ubuntu-es .... just for asking why ubuntu introduced zeitgeist, whoopsie and so on...20:48
diryou rock20:49
sparkssanyone know?21:01
gabyhi guys I'm experiencing many freezes (running a freshly installed 12.10) and i/o errors. So I tried to run smartctl but it fails giving errors 2310,2311,2312,2313,231421:05
bekksgaby: Whats the complete output of smartctl - please provide it in a pastebin.21:06
=== Fuchs is now known as tinyfox
genii-aroundOdds are SMART monitoring is turned off in the BIOS and the drive(s) is past the point where it would normally just warn you it's starting to fail21:08
gabybekks, http://pastebin.com/6tY6546P21:08
gabygenii-around, it's on21:08
bekksgaby: Looks like a dying harddisk.21:09
gabybekks, I tried to run badblocks with a live grml distro but it was pretty full of bad blocks21:09
bekksgaby: The disk is dying soon.21:10
gabybekks, yes I'm feeling it :) Anything to try like "isolate" the bad blocks?21:10
genii-aroundgaby: Most BIOS can be set that when you boot, if the HD are reporting errors through SMART, the boot will stop and warn you, asking to hit F1 or such to continue... this is the part I meant, not whether the drives themselves have it enabled or not21:10
bekksgaby: Nope. Get a new disk.21:10
bekksgaby: It's dead, Jim, let it go...21:11
gabyhaha k thanks21:11
gabygenii-around, no, my bios doesn't allow to do that. anyway it looks like there's nothing to do to save it21:12
ElsharMake sure to backup what you don't want to lose at least. :)21:12
gabyElshar, yes I already did it. The fact is that I had many freezes and i/o errors on debian wheezy so I decided to try and format. didn't work :)21:13
=== Liam-away is now known as Liam-
gabyanyway is it a good idea to run these tests on a regular basis?21:14
lesshasteI am having problems getting vnc to work with ssh port forwarding. I want to connect to server C via server B.21:15
gabybekks, I mean they don't damage the disk?21:15
lesshasteI did this.. ssh -L 5900:user@serverC:5900 user@serverB21:15
lesshasteand then on serverC I did x11vnc -safer -localhost -nopw -once -display :021:15
lesshastebecause when I do vinagre localhost::5900 locally now it says it can't connect21:15
=== zim is now known as Guest67948
Mark2Hi all. I have a question about ubuntu server, but no-one on the server specific channel is active. Anyone willing to help? I think it's a fairly simple question.21:19
com5Hey all, is there a way to stop ubuntu autocrapperly resizing every fricking windows when I click on something else?21:19
Mark2Ah. Life stirs in the server thread. No worries.21:20
wilee-nileecom5, You might try communicating without the charged emotions.21:24
com5What like a lobotomised slave?21:25
Bodsdacom5: or you could leave - your choice21:25
gingdoes anyone know if it is possible to extract or download from somewhere all the build files, used to build an existing package from source, like control file and rules files etc ?21:27
Bodsdaging: apt-get source packagename21:27
com5wilee-nilee, Bodsda, so you don't fine it frustrating when you set a window to the size you need, then as soon as you click on another window the window you just set the size of automaticly resizes to a seemingly pre-set size?21:28
Bodsdacom5: I don't have the porblem, so no21:28
gingBodsda: thanks that was far easier than i thought21:29
CrashInfinitepete: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareDescription.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=3219717&swItem=MTX-bd9f644af43f4fb1bf5a616e5c&prodNameId=3288124&swEnvOID=4004&swLang=8&taskId=135&mode=4&idx=021:29
Bodsdaging: no problem :)21:29
com5Good as is was worrying me that canonical would let something like this through. So now it means it is just me21:30
com5So it must be something to do with my particuler GPU21:31
Ari-Yangif anyone is familiar with mplayer/mplayer2, the video output x11 gives me this when I use it: Colorspace details not fully supported by selected vo.21:31
Ari-Yangno way of fixing that? tbh it doesn't look bad at all (looks fine), just asking if there's a way to fix it.21:31
com5There is an mplayer2?21:31
Ari-Yang....yes com5, and afaik it's not up to date. I recommend mpv-player which is basically a fork (that is up-to-date)21:32
lesshasteis there a default firewall in 12.10? It seems some ports are blocked21:34
com5I am still using mplayer for playing audio files and getting audio out of video files. It works great and I have no complaints21:34
Bodsdalesshaste: ufw - check out firestarter21:34
lesshasteis that differetn from iptables?21:35
lesshastehow do I tell if it is on?21:35
Bodsdalesshaste: nope, just a frontend - it will be on if you haven't turned it off, but by default it shouldn't block anything afaik21:35
lesshasteBodsda, how do I check this?21:36
Bodsdalesshaste: run firestarter or just disable ufw with    sudo ufw disable21:36
Dave77are there any versions of ubuntu that don't come with unity?21:36
Ari-Yang@ Dave77 why not just install another DE?21:37
BodsdaDave77: anything pre 10.10 I think21:37
com5Dave77, You can run Ubuntu with a different DTE21:38
DJHenjinCan someone help me troubleshoot why my server running ubuntu 12.04 keeps crashing.21:39
k1lDave77: there are several other desktops available. if you would like see it preinstalled try Kubuntu, Xubuntu or Lubuntu21:39
k1lDJHenjin: you need the logfiles like dmesg and syslog21:39
wilee-nileeDave77, There is a gnome 3 only remix as well.21:40
DJHenjink1l: Ok, do you want me to pastebin them?21:40
k1lDJHenjin: yeah, but use the one from the failing session. if you pastebin them someone in here can take alook at it21:41
DJHenjink1l: Ill pastebin from about an hour before to an hour after the crash21:41
NekHello !21:42
blackboxi installed ubuntu 12.04 in my acer travel mate P643-M and Brightness cannot be set . ANY HELp?21:42
PinkSwingI'm using Remmina to connect to a windows XP machine. It has worked perfectly before but today the display is misbehaving. When I move the mouse, parts of the display appear skewed. I already had to upgrade Java to make Network Connect work - odd because it worked earlier today then stopped working till I had upgraded Java. I'm still not convinced I have the correct version of Java because Chrome reported Java was not the most current verstion21:42
wilee-nileeblackbox, YOu have looked in system settings-brightness and lock?21:43
blackboxyes i did21:43
wilee-nileeblackbox, And can you in detail describe the problem then. ;)21:44
blackboxwhen i press the fn+arrow the icons display but nothing happens21:44
NekI'm experimenting hardcore problems with EFI boot. My problem is a bit complicated, before spamming the chan, I would be sure somebody knows EFI boot, grub2 and dualboot (windows7...)21:44
mac_hy all.. can someone please help me out with gnome and compiz -> together -> i would like to have, that black pastet menu into this picture:  http://imagebin.org/254421 that menu is from gnome log in, and i clicked on user defined session and there is compiz and old look (upper menu)21:44
com5Thanks all, have a nice day/night and bye for now21:44
blackboxbrightness is always full21:44
NET||abusehi folks, i'm just trying to setup a home server, got the HP N40L nice little box with 4 bay raid array, though it's fakeraid, so really just using it in ahci mode.21:46
NET||abusenow, right now i have only 2 1TB drives in the bays.21:46
NET||abusewhat way should i configure the drives? LVM or software raid?21:46
NET||abuseIt's been quite some time since i've dealt with this stuff.21:47
wNNET||abuse: what are you trying to do?21:47
wilee-nileeblackbox, here is a acer link in general you can try this from a grub boot and if it works add it to /etc/default/grub21:48
NET||abusewN: installing ubuntu server 12.10 on my microserver at home21:48
wilee-nileeblackbox, ^^^21:48
wNNET||abuse: i meant for LVM/software raid21:48
Ben64wilee-nilee: he's been gone for a minute or so21:48
wilee-nileeI have join and leave blocked21:49
NET||abuseoh, well there's a 4 drive bay in the system, so i want to run those 2 as data storage.. there's a 256GB drive i was thinking of adding in, but i don't have it in there just yet.21:49
NET||abusehmm, i guess if i just want to install ubuntu straight onto the array, i can do that, but i'd rather have the extra drive as the OS,, ok21:49
NET||abuseso i will re-state as i think i prefer this plan21:50
DJHenjinheres the syslog from the time of the crash http://pastebin.com/YCsTneaA21:50
mac_hy all.. can someone please help me out with gnome and compiz -> together -> i would like to have, that black pastet menu into this picture:  http://imagebin.org/254421 that menu is from gnome log in, and i clicked on user defined session and there is compiz and old look (upper menu)21:50
NET||abuse3 drives in system, 2x1TB and 1x256GB, the smaller of the 3 i will setup as main os drive. then i want to make a mirror'd set out of the other 2 drives for 1 TB of storage.21:50
NET||abusewN: so that is where i am at, looking at the disk partition tool on the ubuntu ~installer21:51
NET||abuseso , the menu lists "configure the logical volume manager" and "configure software raid"  but i'm not sure which i should be doing.21:51
wNNET||abuse: it all depends what you're trying to accomplish. LVM will allow you to take disks, add them to a big pool, and care about logical disks (volume) with them. these can be mirrored, striped, or just strung together21:52
wNNET||abuse: softwaird raid actually raids your disk. raid1 raid0 raid5 etc21:52
NET||abusewN: ok, i get the impression for future expandability, lvm is better to start with? am I right?21:53
wNI like LVM personally.21:53
DJHenjink1l: i send the Syslog from the time it stopped being normal, to when it got normal again21:53
NET||abusefor now i just want a big 1TB disk and if one of the 2 disks in the group fails, how can i replace and rebuild it?21:53
DJHenjinand dmesg doesnt look out of the ordinary at all.21:53
DJHenjinNET||abuse: 2 disk striped RAID, is not recoverable.21:54
NET||abusenW: and in future, when i want to add extra drives to the storage, can i re-size the existing volume and fill it up?21:54
wNNET||abuse: how big your disks?21:54
=== jelatta_away is now known as jelatta
armlesshobowhere can I find the md5 checksum for the ISO?21:55
armlesshoboinstaller ISO*21:55
NET||abusewN: ok, i have 2 1TB disks, and a 3rd drive which i will put most of the os onto,21:55
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows21:55
cukenIs there a channel specifically for ubuntu server questions?21:55
=== tinyfox is now known as Fuchs
wilee-nileecuken, #ubuntu-server21:56
cukenThank you21:56
wNNET||abuse: so you could use the 3rd disk for the OS, and create a mirror across the 2 disks with mdadm21:56
mac_hy all.. can someone please help me out with mixing gnome and compiz -> i would like to have, that black pastet menu into this picture of defined user session :  http://imagebin.org/254421 that black menu is from gnome log in, and there is no compiz :(21:56
NET||abusewN: what's mdadm?21:56
wNNET||abuse: or you could use the 3rd disk for os and create LVM over the two 2TBs, then create a 1TB mirrored Logical Volume21:56
wNNET||abuse: mdadm is software raid21:56
wNNET||abuse: both will do what you ant21:57
=== otend_ is now known as otend
wNLVM would allow you to add 2 more 1tB disks and increase your mirrored LV to 2TB21:57
wNi dont think you can do that with mdadm21:57
NET||abusei think i would like to use the 3rd disk for os and keep it out of the lvm, that way i can move it out of the 4 disk interface to the extra sata interface off the mother board, when i try getting that working at some later stage.21:57
wilee-nileemac_, gnome 3 is mutter no compiz21:57
wNNET||abuse: you could always put it on LVM but in a different storage pool (volume group)21:58
mac_so.. is there a way to mix them?21:58
wilee-nileemac_, Another app, compiz does not run in gnome 3 in ubuntu21:58
wNLVM is stored on the header of the disk, so as long as lvm is installed ont ehs ystem, youc an move lvm wherever you want21:58
mac_aha.. ok21:58
mac_how to gtk?21:59
esxIs there a simple (GUI) way to change the default 'Ubuntu One' folder, or do I have to edit /etc/xdg/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf?21:59
mac_gnome 3 - screensaver?21:59
NET||abusewN: so the machine is a HP microserver, N40L  it has a 4 disk slots normally, but the upper bay is intended for CD drives or such, but it's a second sata interface, aparently  you can't get the extra interface to work without modifying the servers bios.21:59
NET||abusewN: so for now yeh, i'll make it a seperate disk, seperate volume or whatever, then like you said, pool the other two.22:00
NET||abuseso once i make the pool of the 2 disks. can i just rock on with the install? Does LVM do the mirroring? or do you have to setup raid within the LVM?22:01
wilee-nileemac_, NOt sure waht you want nor I doubt I could help even if I did, details are important for the channel however here is the mutter man http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man1/mutter.1.html22:01
wNNET||abuse: https://access.redhat.com/site/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/6/html/Logical_Volume_Manager_Administration/mirrored_volumes.html22:01
wNNET||abuse: https://access.redhat.com/site/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/6/html/Logical_Volume_Manager_Administration/raid_volumes.html22:01
wNNET||abuse: i would suggest reading both of those pages, then deciding if you want to do raid1 or lvm mirroring.22:01
wNNET||abuse: then there is a link on how to set it up22:01
wNNET||abuse: of course, you can just install ubuntu and configure this after its up22:02
NET||abusewN: oh goodie :) reading... i'll read those, cool. thanks so much.22:02
armlesshobohow do i burn an iso image to a usb stick?22:02
NET||abusewN: that's a good point, since i can make seperate volumes, just boot of the smaller disk, leave the other two just pooled, then configure them and add them to the mounts after the fact.22:02
mac_wilee-nilee, thank u22:02
MonkeyDust!burn | armlesshobo22:02
ubottuarmlesshobo: CD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto22:02
mac_this help22:03
mac_this helps22:03
NET||abusewn: also means i get my second monitor back once i get sshd running, back to extended desktop on my laptop.22:03
wNNET||abuse: you could even just ignore them entirely and add them to the pool later22:03
armlesshoboMonkeyDust: this does not write to a usb stick, only discs22:03
MonkeyDustarmlesshobo  use unetbootin, it's the most common way22:03
NET||abusewN: thanks, really helpful to get me started. yeh, your right, just ignore them till later.  Is there any advantage to having the small os disk under LVM in the long run?22:04
MonkeyDustarmlesshobo  correct, the factoid should be updated22:04
wNNET||abuse: only if you ever need to extend it22:04
mac_wilee-nilee, i would like to explore different desktops... gnome, ubuntu, lxda are ones i know about...22:04
NET||abusewN: i don't see that being a real posability.22:05
fabrica_alguem sabe instalar programas no linux22:05
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.22:05
NET||abusewN: ok, i'll ignore for now. many thanks.22:05
MonkeyDustfabrica_  it's /join #ubuntu-br       (don't forget the / )22:06
wilee-nileemac_ There about 50 take your pick22:06
mac_am... something like gnome 3 and compiz? if possible with handy things like rool-up windows?22:07
mac_all of them?22:08
MonkeyDustmac_  do you like a lot of eye candy?22:08
mac_not very much.. just handy things... this rool-up, or lower windows is perfect mause solution ... :)22:09
mac_but, i exceptet :)22:09
angshow can I set time & date of the system permanently?22:09
mac_sorry, 4 my bad ang..22:10
mac_angs - bios?22:10
angsI am running ubuntu on not pc22:10
MonkeyDustnot pc?22:10
angsI mean on an embedded board that does not have bios22:11
mac_MonkeyDust, what u got?22:11
MonkeyDustmac_  nothing, sorry22:11
angshow can I set the time and date of the system (ubuntu) permanently?22:11
MonkeyDust!details | angs22:12
ubottuangs: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."22:12
genii-aroundangs: Probably ntpd22:12
angsgenii-around, if we assume the ubuntus will not have an internet connection, is there another method than ntpd?22:13
bekksangs: "date".22:13
genii-aroundangs: How does it currently tell time?22:13
angsThu Jan  1 00:18:09 UTC 197022:14
wilee-nileemac_, yes22:14
bekksangs: And "hwclock -systohw"22:14
bekksangs: And "hwclock -systohc", sorry22:14
mac_can we go through the process of downloading some of those 50..22:15
angsbekks, which one would you recommend date or hwclock?22:15
angsis one of them more reliable than the other one?22:15
wilee-nileemac_, I could not find the list sorry, but there is some info on the web for options.22:15
bekksangs: First date to set the date, then hwclock -systohc to set it to the hwclock (bios).22:16
bekksangs: Both commands have to be used using sudo I guess, at least the latter.22:16
angsthank you22:17
mac_wilee-nilee, thank u22:21
=== Guest41294 is now known as maybe
angsI did cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Stockholm /etc/localtime to change the timezone, but cat /etc/localtime shows weird output http://paste.ubuntu.com/5717244/ , is it normal to have such output or did something go wrong on my timezone setting?22:24
nilaycan anyone help me with network manager in ubuntu 12.1022:24
nilayi am screwed22:25
nilayplzzzzzzz help me22:25
angsyou cannot get help without telling your problem22:26
blakewhats up nilay22:26
nilaymy wired connection says device not managed22:26
nilayi have installed it today itself22:26
angsnilay, whatever your problem is, Wicd might be better to use22:26
wilee-nilee!details > nilay22:27
ubottunilay, please see my private message22:27
nilayearlier i had problem with raspppoe in windows 722:27
jakey1is there a place I can ask c programming question or newbs22:28
jakey1for newbs22:29
jribjakey1: ##c22:29
ddsscubuntu 12.10 is slow as hell. any quick fixes for this?22:29
wilee-nileenilay, Run in the terminal lspci and find the ethernet info and post that22:30
ddssccorrection: ubuntu 12.10 is slow as hell in virtualbox.22:30
blakejakey i know a little c - shoot22:30
wilee-nileeddssc, Ubuntu has always been a problem in virtualbox, you might check with #vbox22:30
wilee-nileeat least I have found it problematic22:31
jakey1blake, http://pastebin.com/iaxF73nb  it will not compute more than n = 30?22:32
jakey1Its because the n is an int and can't hold more information22:32
jakey1How do increase it's seize22:33
DJHenjinjakey1: C max integer size may be your problem, use a big number library22:33
jakey1DJHenjin, such as?22:34
nilaywhat details should i give22:34
DJHenjinjakey1: thats not really a discussion for a Ubuntu channel, More for C or C++ channel22:35
bray90820is there a way to mount an ubuntu SSH server as an sd card on android22:37
nilayi dont know what u are asking for, but i am posting the entire result22:37
nilay00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/PM/GMS, 943/940GML and 945GT Express Memory Controller Hub (rev 03) 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03) 00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03) 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation NM10/ICH7 Family High 22:37
qumi habvbe a moitor issue22:38
DJHenjinnilay: pastebin,22:38
qumi have a tv monitor 26inch and i can't get the screen right. it appers that the taskbar is almost unseern.. any help?22:38
DJHenjindont paste large chuks of text in channel, use pastebin.com or similar site22:38
nemoSo.  I'm trying to figure out how to install ubuntu on a Lenovo G6780 without losing existing windows.22:38
wilee-nileenilay, You are looking for ethernet in the list,22:38
nilaysorry but where is it22:39
nemoTBH, I'm strongly tempted to just back the entire disc up to a file in case I ever need it, since last time I never ended up booting windows once22:39
martinahi i have a problem with my sd card reader it is not working in ubuntu that's the model :Alcor Micro Corp. AU647722:39
wilee-nileenilay, This is a onboard right not a usb plugin ethernet?22:39
she_dyednemo there is an option to instll alongside windows22:39
nemoBut anyway, finding the UEFI documentation on ubuntu.com a wee bit confusing22:39
DJHenjinnemo: http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/dual-boot-windows-7-ubuntu.html or google search dual boot ubuntu with windows 722:39
wilee-nileenilay, For example mine shows this. 02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8039 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller (rev 14)22:40
nemoDJHenjin: one thing that bothers me is that the USB drive doesn't seem to boot unless I enable legacy mode22:40
nemoDJHenjin: the one on which I installed the ubuntu 12.10 64 bit22:40
qumguys, any help?22:40
nemoDJHenjin: makes me worried that it won't detect UEFI in the installer and screw up boot partition or something22:40
she_dyedqum search for xrandr and thinkwiki22:41
nemoDJHenjin: that's a deviation from the page you linked to almost immediately :)22:41
nilay05:00.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8055 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 11)22:41
nilaymine is 05:00.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8055 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 11)22:42
qumshe_dyed: well, i don't know what to do:/22:42
she_dyedgoogle those terms22:43
wilee-nileenilay, Here is link for fixing networking not sure what you are actually trying to do you are missing details. http://askubuntu.com/questions/71159/network-manager-says-device-not-managed22:44
nilaywilee-nilee, u there?22:44
wilee-nileenilay, yes22:45
nilaywhat details do u want22:45
nilayi can give u22:45
qumshe_dyed: well, the problem is that my monitors native resolution is 1360x768. In win it shows well, in linux it seems to be not a full screen, the launcher bar is seen only in a half and i can't see the task bar almost at all!?22:46
nilaysee i am new to this, so i dont know anything other than how to open terminal22:47
she_dyedqum you can try xrandr -q in a terminal to see what supported by the current display driver22:47
wilee-nileenilay, I'm just trying to find general info for you, and have you realize that some information is important for you to search and the channel to help. I found a earlier bug with this ethernet controller, and problems with networking. If you can get the wireless to work I would run a update22:48
Ari-Yangis anyone here familiar with smplayer?22:49
she_dyed!anyone > Ari-Yang22:49
ubottuAri-Yang, please see my private message22:49
miksdqum: how to add more resolutions to your monitor if some resolution is missing for some reason: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=945465&p=5993954#post599395422:49
Ari-Yangwell..... I have a question about smplayer (technically smplayer2), how do I make it select the default auto subtitle of a video? without enabling 'select first available subtitle track'?22:50
Ari-YangI want the default subs to be automatically enabled, but I don't want the non default subs to be loaded...22:51
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rawdiggerhi peoples22:51
nemoDJHenjin, she_dyed - FWIW the crucial thing is booting in EFI mode is important.22:51
nemoBoot screen is quite different then22:51
rawdiggerwhy does my ububntu 12.04 alternate cd not boot?22:51
wilee-nileenilayOn the #hardware channel they say they can take a look, post that ethernet info there as well.22:52
nemoDJHenjin: I'd enabled legacy 'cause I couldn't seem to get it to boot off USB in EFI22:52
qumshe_dyed, miksd, my native resolution isn't missing, just that isn't showing the full screen..like i wrote, i can't see the taskbar, only some part of it and i can see only half of the laucnher bar. I use the same resolution i used in win(there 1360x768 showed fine) and still it's doesn't seems right!?22:52
wilee-nileeoh well gone22:52
nemoDJHenjin: The solution is to go to settings in Windows 8, General, At the very bottom choose the option to reboot for USB and whatnot22:52
she_dyedAri-Yang: i think it keeps preferred settings in .mplaye ror .smplayer in your $HOME22:52
nemoDJHenjin: then once it reboots select booting from USB.  Once I did that, the ubuntu installer was aware of EFI22:52
nemoI tried setting USB boot from EFI in BIOS, but every time I restarted the windows boot loader was given precedence22:53
she_dyedqum and does xrandr -q show it or is it off by a few22:53
rawdiggersays "Operating System not found"22:53
qumshe_dyed: i'm not sure, can i paste it somewhere and show it to u?22:53
she_dyedno, did it say 1360 or not?22:53
qumshe_dyed: yes it did.22:54
she_dyedthat was painful22:55
qumcan it be a hdmi issue in linux?22:55
wilee-nileerawdigger, This the net install ?22:57
bray90820how do i ignore someone on irc22:57
rawdiggerwilee-nilee, downloaded from ubuntu md5 hash was ok, no the live cd22:58
wilee-nileebray90820, ?ignore "nick" all22:58
bray90820thank you22:58
wilee-nileebray90820, /ignore "nick" all22:58
wilee-nileerawdigger, So can you give more details this might help,22:59
wilee-nileerawdigger, The alternative is nor a live cd22:59
wilee-nileerawdigger, How did you burn it?23:00
rawdiggerwilee-nilee, its this d/l, an iso which i burned to a cd: ubuntu-12.04-alternate-i386.iso.  ah, ok, no live cd , but i must boot it... burned w</ windows standard23:00
bray90820wilee-nilee: that didn't seem to work23:01
wilee-nileerawdigger, That link does not resolve23:01
rawdiggerwilee-nilee: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04.1/ubuntu-12.04.1-alternate-i386.iso23:02
wilee-nileebray90820, That s in xchat I guess, you might look for this info on your irc client23:03
rawdiggerwilee-nilee, tried hitting F6....^^23:03
wilee-nileerawdigger, Have you looked at the UEFI info, and maybe you have burned the disc to fast.23:03
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI23:03
qumkk..i can see no one is helping, i'll try mint23:04
rawdiggerwilee-nilee, howto check the uefi info?, burned with 24x23:04
rawdigger[01:04] <rawdigger> wilee-nilee, howto check the uefi info?, burned with 24x23:05
DJHenjinrawdigger: OS install DVD's should usually be burned at the lowest speed so that there are no errors, just FYI23:06
rawdiggerwilee-nilee, does it help when i say 11.10 boots flawlessly?23:07
rawdiggerDJHenjin: its aCD23:07
DJHenjinrawdigger: CD's too for that matter23:07
wilee-nileerawdigger, not really23:07
nemoOh well. Looks like it all installed nicely. Later folks.23:07
rawdiggerso DJHenjinf, wilee-nilee, u suggest burning it again?23:08</