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ypwongsmartboyhw, hi08:31
smartboyhwypwong, hello:)08:31
ypwongsmartboyhw, if everything goes well, when will RC image be released?08:33
smartboyhwypwong, Thursday night (UTC time)08:33
smartboyhwHowever RC images may changed08:33
ypwongsmartboyhw, change after it's released?08:35
smartboyhwypwong, RC images are not only 1 image08:35
smartboyhwWhen there's a release-stopper bug fixed, the Ubuntu Release Team will respin the RC image.08:36
ypwongsmartboyhw, got it08:41
ypwongsmartboyhw, how do we suppose to test?08:41
smartboyhwypwong, eh? Follow the testcases:P08:41
ypwongif there's respin, need to re-test?08:42
ypwongcheck if we are affected and decide whether need to re-test?08:42
smartboyhwypwong, first option.08:43
ypwongsmartboyhw, thx08:52
ypwongJackYu, hi09:02
smartboyhwfreeflying, aren't you supposed to appear in #ubuntu-meeting now? (Friendly reminder)12:09
freeflyingsmartboyhw: thanks for reminder, I'm on it12:09
ypwongfreeflying, did you go through the Q&A for your MOTU?12:33
freeflyingypwong: we didn't have that :)12:33
smartboyhwypwong, you mean the DMB meeting?12:34
smartboyhwfreeflying, I finally get the idea of why having many testimonials is EXTREMELY GREAT:P12:36
freeflyingsmartboyhw: its the reliable way for us to judge, you know we might not have chance to meet those contributors at all12:38
ypwongfreeflying, newbie question, why you can vote?12:40
* ypwong is going for dinner12:41
freeflyingypwong: I'm on board12:41
ypwonghow many testimonials he has?12:41
freeflyingonly 112:41
smartboyhwfreeflying, when I got membership (about 1.5 months ago) I have 10:P12:41
smartboyhwAnd I have a lot of Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio guys live-supporting:P12:42
freeflyingsmartboyhw: lucky you :)12:42
ypwongone... pathetic12:42
cfhowlettsmartboyhw, you DO rock the Ubuntu Studio ...12:42
smartboyhwfreeflying, the meeting almost was cancelled due to under-quorum until one guy steped in:P12:43
smartboyhwcfhowlett, LOL12:43
freeflyingsmartboyhw: sounds you own him a drink :)12:43
smartboyhwfreeflying, http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/02/20/%23ubuntu-meeting.html ypwong cfhowlett12:43
smartboyhwEven some people at AskUbuntu.12:43
ypwongsmartboyhw, which district do you live in?12:43
ypwongyou have done a lot12:43
smartboyhwypwong, district? You mean in HK?12:44
smartboyhwypwong, C&W12:44
ypwongi can't decipher that12:45
ypwongcentral and western?12:45
* smartboyhw thinks this channel has rather turned into a "Ubuntu Membership Board Meeting off-channel discussion channel":P12:45
smartboyhwypwong, correct12:45
freeflyingypwong: https://launchpad.net/~not-canonical12:45
ypwongsmartboyhw, someone is planning for release party in may, just wondering if you'd like to appear or give a talk12:46
* ypwong runs12:48
freeflyingypwong: unless flights and accommodation will be sponsored lol12:49
cfhowlettWill BLUG be holding any kind of event in Beijing?  I mean, it being the capitol and all ...12:51
ypwongfreeflying, nah, it's another one in HK12:51
freeflyingcfhowlett: sounds you're quite familiar with blug12:52
cfhowlettfreeflying, nope.  only been to one meeting ...12:53
freeflyingcfhowlett: nice12:54
smartboyhwypwong, I responded and no:P13:17
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