* smartboyhw recommends zequence to go to http://www.communityleadershipsummit.com/08:50
contrapunctussmartboyhw: No 'tell' bot here?09:12
smartboyhwcontrapunctus, no I think09:17
zequencesmartboyhw: It's a bit too far away for me. My wallet does not make me airborn for that far distances atm09:42
zequenceI need to add more magic to it09:43
smartboyhwzequence, magic:O09:48
smartboyhwhey DarkEra 10:23
DarkErahi there smartboyhw 10:23
DarkErai totally forgot we enter the RC release tomorrow which means i need more coffee10:26
smartboyhwDarkEra, LOL11:00
smartboyhwlen_: Ooh?11:00
smartboyhwLen went MIA:(12:17
DarkErahe'll be back12:19
smartboyhwDarkEra, I know:P12:20
zequenceI hope he remembered to pay his bill :P13:22
smartboyhwzequence, ROFL13:22
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smartboyhwlen-1304: You finally paid your network fees! (zequence joked about that)16:09
madeinkobaiaHi all : )16:40
DarkEraheya madeinkobaia 16:41
madeinkobaiadarkera : hi, whats up ?16:41
DarkEranot much actually, relaxing a bit :)16:42
madeinkobaiacool, I am fine by my side : )16:42
DarkErathat's always good :)16:44
madeinkobaiafor all : I just added a picture presentation for the ubuntu-studio webshop project, that means a proposition for the web site layout and a t-shirt version, you can get the picture here : ubuntustudio-art/ubuntustudio-resources/art in the ON-AIR folder, any feedback is welcome : )16:45
DarkEramadeinkobaia: where is that located?16:48
madeinkobaiaOn launchpad, you can get the branch here : https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-art/ubuntustudio-resources/art16:50
DarkEraoh ok, thanks :)16:51
madeinkobaiaMost welcome : )16:51
DarkEramadeinkobaia: looks great and i like the concept, well done. In the header i would change the color of the logo (lighter blue), background a bit more blueish and i'd change the color of the 'Webshop' text a bit or add some more dropshadow to it. Because everthing seems to drown in the other color if you know what i mean. :)17:03
madeinkobaiadarkera : Thanks for the feedback : ) 17:05
DarkErayou're most welcome :)17:05
DarkEraand i want to order a t-shirt right away, size Large and black color17:06
madeinkobaialol, for the colors there will be 3 basics : white, black and grey, for the size, no problems I think : D17:08
DarkEranice :)17:08
DarkErawhat will they cost?17:09
madeinkobaiaNo ideas about the details, the project is manage by ttoine. Now I think the price will be cool as our distro :D17:11
DarkErahahaha, ok :D17:11
madeinkobaiadarkera : Did you already joined a section of the team ? I start to read the conversation about that last day...17:13
DarkErai joined in on ubuntu studio and ubuntu studio testing at Launchpad yesterday17:15
zequencemadeinkobaia: It's very inline with what we have now, but I think I'd like to see the slogan in there as well. 17:15
zequencemadeinkobaia: Also, realizing this is just a proposition so far, is the front material optimally placed? Seems like it could go closer to the middle17:17
DarkEraThe 'Want a ear- and eyegasm? Use Ubuntu Studio and get creative' slogan?17:17
zequence"Linux for creative humans"17:17
zequenceor, "linux for creative humans"17:18
DarkErai know, just teasing you a bit17:18
zequenceI wasn't actually sure if there had been a slogan like that in the past17:19
DarkEracan't recall that to be honest17:21
madeinkobaiazequence : ok, about the slogan : I will just add it on the back, it will be too much graphical information if I keep the proportion as it is for put it on the front. 17:21
madeinkobaiaNow I will make some tests to how it works on both anyway17:22
zequencemadeinkobaia: I guess you could remove "ubuntu studio" from the back, and just have the slogan17:23
madeinkobaiazequence : for sure17:23
zequenceOn the front, and/or the back, one could put "ubuntu studio" at the top, but maybe that doesn't work?17:23
zequenceI liked it when you made the slogan in color too. I think that would look good. But not sure about blue in this case. Well, you have a better eye for that anyway17:24
zequenceI need to see it in order to know17:25
zequenceI guess there are some standards. I'm thinking if perhaps the COF should not be in botht the front and the back17:28
DarkErai'd keep ubuntu studio under the logo on the front, on the back the slogan. As for the color of the text i'd keep it black for the white anyway17:29
zequenceI'll be gone for an hour or so..17:29
madeinkobaiazequence : We have do it step by step, its like coding, one info added needs several tests, can be exponential (lol ; p) We gonna work on the content and composition (that means where are placed the elements) first and finish with colors (the easy part)17:29
DarkEraok zequence chat ya laters then :)17:30
DarkErastill have to eat anyway17:30
zequencemadeinkobaia: Ok. Different people like different methods. Some like making many versions, some prefer only to make on or two. I have complete faith in your abilities, and prefer you decide on the method. I'll happily just give you feedback whenever you require it17:33
madeinkobaiazequence : that's great, as I said any feedbacks are really welcome, no problems : )17:34
madeinkobaiaCould be great if ttoine comes around for speak about the project too : )17:37
DarkEramadeinkobaia: pm or email him so you two can meet up here. Maybe that's a option? :)17:48
madeinkobaiadarkera : I was just searching his email, I will contact him on his blog.17:55
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DarkEramadeinkobaia: lol... two minds alike :D18:15
zequenceI think I'm addicted to cyckling, and married to my bike19:46

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