bluesabresaw the catfish update.  Thanks micahg!03:36
* micahg will have to look at the image failures tonight if no one gets to them first12:48
kgbjust a question, since they have no PPA(s), perhaps it would be possible to include ScummVM version 1.5.0 in the final release of Xubuntu 13.04?..13:39
kgb.. is there a forum, or a place to make such a request?13:39
GridCubekgb, there is a time to ask for new additions, :P that time is not two or so weeks before release13:57
kgbGridCube: gotcha, tnx. :\13:59
kgbdammit :-D13:59
ochosikgb: just wondering, why would you want scummvm in xubuntu by default? why would it be useful to the general public or our diverse userbase (not all of them play old adventure games)? why not set up a ppa instead?15:33
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