GridCubei just bought a new laser printer, after downloading the drivers from http://www.support.xerox.com/support/phaser-3040/downloads/enin.html?operatingSystem=linux&fileLanguage=en_GB it get recognized and its on lsusb it shows as Bus 002 Device 018: ID 0924:3cf9 Xerox  and the printer settings says its there too, using this URI usb://Xerox/Phaser%203040?serial=3179006196 , however after trying to run the test print i get an error and this is th00:10
GridCubee CUPS log http://pastebin.com/gr1wmkjq00:10
GridCubei get "Filter failed" on the cups log00:18
GridCuberebooting did nothing00:27
GridCubeso, anyone knows some CUPS?01:30
GridCube i just bought a new laser printer, after downloading the drivers from http://www.support.xerox.com/support/phaser-3040/downloads/enin.html?operatingSystem=linux&fileLanguage=en_GB it get recognized and its on lsusb it shows as Bus 002 Device 018: ID 0924:3cf9 Xerox  and the printer settings says its there too, using this URI usb://Xerox/Phaser%203040?serial=3179006196 , however after trying to run the test print i get an error and this is th01:34
GridCubee CUPS log http://pastebin.com/gr1wmkjq01:34
GridCubethe printer queue in cups says "filter failed"01:35
GridCubei have an epson inkjet printer in the same usb-hub and it works perfectly01:36
GridCubenot getting any answer gives me lots of anxiety01:47
GridCubeno luck02:47
GridCubei cant figure this out02:47
holsteinGridCube: are there other drivers? try the most generic one you can02:49
GridCubei cant seem to find generics02:49
holsteinGridCube: i just force them in the GUI02:50
holsteinGridCube: the add-a-printer GUI.. i havent used the actual CUPS web interface in a while02:50
GridCubeim using that02:51
GridCubei dont understand02:59
holsteintheres even a .deb package...02:59
holsteininteresting... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=213616303:01
Cheri703Anyone know how to set up bitlbee?03:04
Cheri703oh, wait...maybe it's working03:04
Cheri703nvm :)03:04
GridCubeholstein, yes, thats my exact problem03:04
GridCubebut just like me, no one answered03:04
GridCubethis is one of the reasons why i understand why people hate linux03:09
GridCubeand even more when this is just a printer, if something linux should do office stuff better than no one03:10
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
carreraGreetings!  :)09:20
carreradoes xubuntu desktop support RAID?09:21
carreraI had to install the Ubuntu server to setup RAID on my laptop09:22
baizoncarrera: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID09:23
carrerabaizon, thank u sir!  :)09:24
carreradoes xubuntu include zeitgeist?09:27
baizoncarrera: not by default09:28
baizonim using it with "synapse"09:28
carreraI don't want it09:29
carreraI tried to remove it from Ubuntu 12.04 + Gnome and it messed up my desktop09:30
baizoncarrera: because without it, dash wont work09:31
baizon... and unity.09:31
carreraI knew about unity09:31
baizoncarrera: but to your question, xubuntu uses xfce which isnt usint zeitgeist at all09:31
carrerabut I didn't think it would break Gnome09:31
carreramind u, I did a apt-get remove zeitgeist*09:32
baizoncarrera: it does not, but ubuntu is using gnome + unity09:32
carreraand I said, "Yes" to remove all matching packages09:32
baizonou ok :)09:32
baizonthen you removed all dependencies :>09:32
baizonwhich broke your desktop09:32
carrerayes sir!  :)09:32
carrerais that why I couldn't get Gnome running without installing unity on my Ubuntu Server 12.0409:35
carrerabaizon, I really like Gnome but I don't want to have to install Unity just to run Gnome09:37
carreraany suggestions?09:37
packetfrogcarrera, %09:40
packetfrog^ rather09:40
carrerapacketfrog, thanks!  :)09:40
* packetfrog passes the thanks on 2 google09:40
carrerawhich version did Ubuntu go Unity only btw?09:42
rhin0i'm sticking to 10.04 because the next lts last time I tried it (4 months ago) .. was unstable to the point of locking up09:43
rhin0I am not moving off 10.0409:43
rhin0the next LTS09:43
packetfrog12.04 worked fine for me.09:43
packetfrogand a million other people09:43
PensacolaI have installed 12.10 server edition, and the gnome3 packages on top09:43
carrera12.04 worked fine for me too09:43
Pensacolaworks perfectly09:43
rhin0i'll stick to it for now .. my options are to try the next LTS again or go to centos09:44
packetfrogI like Xubuntu. Ktnx.09:44
rhin0i've evaluated many linuxi ... I like centos09:44
packetfrogcentos is not an option09:44
carreraPensacola, did u have to install unity too?09:44
packetfrogthats just silly09:44
rhin0I know its not ubuntu - but to go forward09:44
Pensacolano, I did not install ubuntu-desktop09:44
packetfrogFor a daily desktop ?09:44
rhin0i like centos -- i've only run fedora mandriva ubuntu09:44
packetfrogrhin0, ^09:45
rhin0yeah for a daily desktop09:45
Pensacolajust a sec, let me search the correct package09:45
packetfroggood luck with that09:45
rhin0why can't it be a "daily desktop" packetfrog09:45
packetfrogI just tried it out for a week and it was chit.09:45
Pensacolajust install the gnome package09:45
packetfrogwell It can obviously09:45
packetfrogbut it is not any funy09:45
rhin0im still getting updates on 10.04 :)09:45
packetfrogfun* jesus I cant type laying down09:45
carreraI installed 12.04 Server and Gnome Shell but I had to install Unity to get it start at boot09:46
Pensacolait installed lightdm with the gnome package, so no problem with that here09:47
Pensacolalightdm is the login manager, sort of :)09:52
carreraI'm confused now09:53
carrerathere's an image of on the page09:53
carrerathe caption is LightDM in Ubuntu 12.04 with its default Unity Greeter front-end09:53
Pensacolawell, it uses gdm in xubuntu, it's in the list09:54
carreradoes LightDM use the dreaded unity greeter?09:54
Pensacolayou can choose :)09:54
Pensacolabut I can't remember the command to switch if you have multiple installed09:54
carrerado u guys live on the west coast?09:55
carrerait's almost 3 am here in Vancouver09:56
packetfrogi do09:57
carreraI'm going to bed now but I'll be back with more questions tomorrow09:57
packetfrogim below u09:57
packetfrog5 to 3 actually09:57
carrera2:57:50 to be exact09:57
carrerathat's my OCPD09:58
carreraI was trying not to be exact for once, and u caught me09:58
PensacolaI live in the netherlands :)09:59
carreraI've been to the Netherlands09:59
carreraI stayed at the09:59
carreraAmerican Hotel in Amsterdam10:00
Yotsoncheeseheads ftw! :D10:00
baizonfor the win10:01
carrerabaizon, thanks10:01
baizonbut guys, this is a support channel, if you wanna talk offtopic you can do this in xubuntu-offtopic10:01
baizoni mean #xubuntu-offtopic10:01
carrerathanks baizon, didn't know about  #xubuntu-offtopic10:02
antisober552Hi im looking for a lightweight ubuntu dm10:08
baizonantisober552: dm10:12
antisober552Lightweight ubuntu distro10:14
baizonantisober552: Xubuntu, Lubuntu10:14
baizontry them10:14
rhin0is the lighter (than xubuntu)10:14
rhin0lubuntu = xubuntu lite10:15
antisober552Lubuntu does not load for me10:15
rhin0what have you tried rloading it off .. maybe try a CD10:15
antisober552I have xubuntu but it freezes my pc10:15
rhin0i've found 10.04 to be rock solid to the extent that I have not had a freezeup in 3 years10:16
antisober552Xubuntu 10.04 ?10:16
rhin0I am sure that the new LTS (long term support) release, will have similar reliability10:16
rhin0i love it man ... its fantasstic10:17
antisober552Cause i have the 12.04 installed10:17
rhin0tbh 4 months ago I was gettin glockups with it10:17
rhin0also bugs10:17
rhin0IMO .. as software gets o;der it decays10:17
antisober552Okay i will try xubuntu 10.0410:17
rhin0I may be right in expressing an opinion, that 10.04 is a stabler release10:17
rhin0thing is tho (aintisober)10:18
rhin0its out of support now10:18
antisober552Or should i try lubuntu 10.0410:18
rhin0this month10:18
antisober552I dont get what that means10:18
rhin0no idea .. haven't tried it have only tried the later lubuntu10:18
rhin0supported as in "updates" .10:18
rhin0supported by canonical .. with patches10:18
rhin0seriously -- running xubuntu 10.04 now is like running win xp10:18
rhin0if you were into windows (retchesp)10:19
rhin0i retch gaaah.10:19
rhin0i wasn't that impressed to be getting complete lockups with the lates xubuntU lts10:19
rhin0backed away off it10:19
antisober552Yeah ivehad windows xp installed all my time of having this pcand im kinda board with it so i thought about ubuntu10:19
rhin0xubuntu gives you a traditional desktop10:20
rhin0ubuntu now has gone more like apple10:20
rhin0I'm sick of people changing an OS completely every few years -- I walked off ub ujntu because of that (when they went to unity)10:20
rhin0thats why I don't go near windows -- look @ the difference now between win 7 and win 810:21
rhin0they are throwing new paradigms at their poor sap users for marketing reasons10:21
rhin0that marketing reason being, that they need to develop a mobile platform10:21
antisober552Oh i know win 7 was okay but win 8 is bad i hate it10:21
rhin0because currently microsoft is as good as dead mobile (market share)10:21
antisober552So i dont care if i cant update i just want a pc which runs really fast on a diffent  os10:23
rhin0you'll find that xubuntu  is far less bloated than micorosft product10:23
carrerathanks for all the help guys. see u tomorrow!  :)10:23
rhin0its small10:23
rhin0i load this on a 500gb disk and its 1% usage upon install10:23
antisober552Soim gunna download xubuntu 10.04 as i like the xubuntu 12.04 look10:24
rhin0I think you can upgrade xfce on 10.0410:24
rhin0the xfce 4.2 (new release) which is on 12.0410:24
rhin0is more luxurious10:24
rhin0it is very nice really10:24
antisober552That one thing i wo7ld want to update10:24
rhin0I set up plenty of panel applets10:25
rhin0all I need10:25
rhin0right click on panel ..set up blank pannel applet (for anything)10:25
rhin0pure utility10:25
* rhin0 has many setup 10:25
antisober552Umm where can i download xubuntu 10.0410:26
rhin0ill give u the link for the iso brb10:26
antisober552Okay thx10:26
rhin0 xubuntu-10.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso10:26
rhin0for 64 bit -- "dessktop"10:26
rhin0plain install10:27
rhin0"alternate" .. is a lower graphics install10:27
antisober552I need the intel one10:27
rhin0desktop install gives you a full gui on install10:27
rhin0 xubuntu-10.04.2-desktop-i386.iso10:27
rhin0i386 = intel (non 64 bit)10:27
rhin0xubuntu-10.04.2-alternate-i386.iso          <- alternatively (low graphics install) (low resource install)10:27
rhin0you download the iso10:28
rhin0then use your cd burner10:28
rhin0no idew wht it is on windows10:28
rhin0or on ubuntu I personally use "sudo usb-creator-gtk" to blank and write the iso to a usb key10:28
rhin0works fine10:28
rhin0thats the most basic working tool to write iso images to a usb key (IMO)10:28
rhin0both methods (cd or usb) give you a bootable "live" issue of xubuntu10:29
rhin0which will connect, booted off a cd or usb key10:29
rhin0when you have install .. be sure to set up "software sources"10:29
rhin0"applications > system > software sources"10:29
antisober552Well i do it of usb would that be fine10:30
rhin0and tick the boxes on the tab "other softrware" for "canonical"10:30
antisober552Or would it be best off cd10:30
rhin0to make sure your repositiory is up to date use sudo apt-get update10:30
rhin0"sudo .. " etc10:30
rhin0then when it's all updated10:30
rhin0after you've clicked on to get the 200mb of updates it'll signal you with10:31
rhin0then, you can download the drivers it knows you need10:31
rhin0if you have hardware that doesn't have a linux driver right now10:31
rhin0say a comms card10:31
antisober552Okay dude thx for your help10:31
rhin0you can use "ndiswrapper" (plenty info out there) .. to "wrap" a proprietary windows driver .. so the dfvice is useable on linux, using the windows driver10:31
rhin0then .... .. you can hit the thing with a SLEDGEHAMMER multiple times and it will not break (10.04 is so robust IMO)10:32
antisober552I have a wifi pci card will that be picked up at start10:32
rhin0therres good sites for linux wireless compatibility, driver sources .. at the most you have to go to your hardware site10:32
rhin0simplest solution IMO is to use a wireless usb key10:32
antisober552Or will i need the drivera10:32
rhin0say a netgear WG511 ... totally, absolutely compatible10:33
rhin0xubuntu picks up hardware like that automatically10:33
rhin0say a "belkin" wireless usb key10:33
rhin0buy the most common (buy the cheapes) .. its like having a ford escort10:33
rhin0all works10:33
antisober552Okay thx10:34
rhin0nothing faster in this game at a certain level .. all you want a comms card/key to do is work10:34
rhin0and they all work the same10:34
packetfrogI like mine to be hackable10:35
packetfrogso i can look at your packets10:35
antisober552To be fair ever since i replaced my hdd master sleve xubuntu 12.04 runs well10:35
antisober552Touch wood10:35
packetfrog^ Packet samurai face.10:35
rhin0packefrog must be a nunja leet haxxor10:36
packetfrogNo, Im not chinese.10:36
kerlhey packetfrog you there?12:22
kerlcan anyone help me with TinyCore ?12:24
kerlI'm new on linux and dont know how to install stuff on TinyCore12:26
Picikerl: This channel is for Xubuntu support only. We don't support other distros.  Try #tinycorelinux or ##linux12:27
cfhowlettkerl, this is xubuntu support.  see tiny core 's page for support options12:27
kerlthanks it's just i talked to someone about that distro yesterday12:28
antisober552Hi gridcube13:30
GridCubehi antisober55213:31
antisober552That os u said about didnt load13:31
GridCubewas a long shot13:32
antisober552Yeah i guess but ive changed my master sleeve for the hdd and xubuntu has not crashed as much as before13:33
antisober552Hi rhin013:34
rhin0hi antisober55213:35
antisober552Ive had to put xubuntu on to a dvd and bootit that way since i dont that the installing it is working im about 75\% thought the setup13:36
rhin0#1 issue for getting xubuntu up and running is connection (obviously)13:36
rhin0yeah - dvd will be faster13:36
antisober552Im still installing it to the hard drive13:36
antisober552Ive not even got togetting it connected to theinternet13:37
kgbantisober552: master sleeve?.. btw., (x)ubuntu 13.04 is pretty slick (still just beta 2, should be coming out April 25th)13:39
kgboh you meant USB?13:39
GridCubethe live session connects to the internet13:40
GridCubekgb, he mean to "slave"13:40
antisober552Yeah sorry13:40
antisober552It does not happen as much as it did but on 12.04 the pc just freezes and i cant seem to find out why so im going to 10.0413:41
kgbantisober552: sometimes.. the CD will work - rather than the DVD - and vice versa, btw.13:41
kgbhad that happen on this machine here, in the past13:42
antisober552Ive had window xp ,vista and win 7 on this pc and never happend once i had ubuntu install as well but it was laggy but never freezed but since i wipe my hdd and installed xubuntu 12.04 i get the pc freeze at random13:44
antisober552So im installing 10.04 to see if i have the problem on this version13:45
antisober552Then i might try the beta13:45
kgbdid you make some empty space and let the installer "install along side of windows" or did you partition yourself.. could be that there's a mistake there MAYBE13:48
kgbbc i really haven't had a single problem since (x)ubuntu 12.0413:48
antisober552No xubuntu as a clean install13:49
antisober552I got board with windows so i gotrid of it13:49
kgbhehe cool!13:49
kgbbtw., with Sandy bridge (and higher), there is CPU virtualization to run windows within the oracle vm for example13:50
antisober552And ilike the fact 6hat xubuntu looks so clean13:50
kgbyea XFCE rly came a long way :))13:50
kgb^^ there's a BIOS option to turn on virtualization13:51
kgb*uefi bios13:51
antisober552The only problem i have is that i have an iphone and that need itunes 1113:51
kgbright, i downloaded windows xp 64-bit and using that for some apps; works pretty flawlessly13:52
kgb*xp 64-bit sp213:52
kgb.. not 2 bother with Wine13:52
antisober552Yeah i was gunna try and keep to on os if i can13:52
kgbsure, this isn't dual-booting; oracle vm runs it as a file13:53
antisober552Ive had wine before on ubuntu and it never worked with itunes13:53
antisober552Okay will it run on ubuntu13:53
kgbhttps://www.virtualbox.org/ (and there's a plugin, for hardware)13:54
antisober552Okay well xubuntu is still installing13:54
rhin0i get my ipod mini updating from some ubungu prog13:54
kgb"VirtualBox 4.2.12 Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack" is what's needed...13:55
antisober552Okay thxs13:55
kgbsure :)13:55
kgbone sec, i will find the link to optimize the image file as well13:55
rhin0that gives you usb13:55
antisober552This group is so helpful at times13:55
rhin0the virtualbox from the site > the virtualbox from synaptic (ubuntu package)13:55
antisober552Rhin0 i need help]it installed but i got a message up for the grub-pc13:56
kgbhere, this topic isn't bad.. i was able to cut-down the initial install from over 5GB, to under 4GB (after defragmenting with Raxco perfectdisk and compacting) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146424813:56
rhin0grub = bootloader13:57
rhin0just hit return13:57
antisober552No its says13:57
kgbrhin0: yeah, it's for USB, good call13:57
kgb(he will need that)13:57
antisober552Install the grub boot loader to the master boot record13:57
antisober552Yew or no13:57
kgbnah, imo, it's not necessary; but it matters in some cases13:58
kgbstrange it doesn't ask me that, on default install13:58
antisober552So yes or no ?13:59
kgbnot sure!..:)13:59
antisober552Rhin0 ?13:59
rhin0if you want to blow away windows14:00
rhin0you are not installing side by side14:00
rhin0is it a clean install of linux onto machine14:00
rhin0nothing else14:00
rhin0if so "yes" to that14:00
GridCubeandrzejr, yes14:00
rhin0i thin khes got the alternative install14:01
kgb(maybe make sure it's going to sda - to the correct hdd if you have more than one plugged in)14:01
antisober552Okay its not booting14:04
kgbblah how come, no grub showing up?14:05
kgbso you have more than 1 HDD plugged in?14:05
antisober552I only have one hdd14:06
GridCubeantisober552, try this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair14:06
GridCubei cant help you further tho, i think you have a hardware issue14:06
antisober552I dont have any way off booto=ing to do a boot repair14:07
antisober552I guess i will try 13.0414:07
GridCubeantisober552, you do have access to the live session on the dvd14:08
rhin0is it an old machine .. I mean -- your install was slow14:08
antisober5526his machine in 9 years old14:09
GridCubeantisober552, well sorry then i dont know14:09
antisober552On 6hats fine14:09
GridCubetry a new hd maybe? :(14:09
cfhowlettantisober552, lubuntu or xubuntu 12.04 LTS are suggested14:09
rhin0thats OLD now14:09
kgbby the way, why not use a USB to install - instead of cd/dvd (it's a *lot* faster)14:09
rhin0also what spec14:09
GridCubeantisober552, for such an old machine a non-pae kernel its recommended tho14:09
rhin0its going to run like a dog with 512mb of ram14:10
kgboh, true, alternate CD for older (non-pae kernel)14:10
GridCubeso 12.04 xubuntu its your bet option14:10
rhin0check hardware requirements (wikipedia, xubuntu)14:10
* rhin0 guesses its only got 512mb ram14:10
rhin0also the disk may be v old14:10
antisober552Okay spec of this pc is 768 mb of ram 80 gb hdd readon 9200 and its a p414:11
rhin09 years old = slow14:11
rhin0thats an old hard drive14:11
rhin0p4 = ancient14:11
rhin0you are at the barest level for running modern ubuntu14:11
kgbantisober552: i was able to do a regular install with radeon 9250 and p4 celeron D in the past (xubuntu 12.04)14:11
antisober552Hey i wont have that xubuntu runs well on 6his pc it just freezes random14:11
rhin0im pessimistic14:11
rhin0also 768mb of ram is an irregular ram size14:12
rhin0there could be mis-matched anything on that machine14:12
kgbrhin0: not if it's not dual-channel RAM; should be fine, right?14:12
rhin0ok ok14:12
rhin0not a hardware person14:12
GridCube(mis-matched rams never stopped me)14:12
* GridCube has 1*512mb, 1*1gn, 2*2gb14:13
kgbdang xD14:13
antisober552No still the same ram which was in the pc when it was brought14:13
antisober552I have a dell opitplex gx240 lol14:14
antisober552That was m6 very first pc i ever got14:14
kgbantisober552: the HDD is completely empty, you have no data on it that you need to keep??14:15
antisober552Yes it was a complet wipe im gunna get 12.04 lts on dvd and install that way'14:16
kgbok if you can wipe it and you have patience, boot from the cd/dvd/usb and just remove all partitions with gparted and don't make any14:16
kgbthen run the installer after rebooting14:16
kgbthat might do the trick14:17
antisober552I cant find specs for xubuntu14:17
GridCubeantisober552, you should be fine, but slow14:17
GridCubeif, and only if, hardware is fine14:18
kgbif you have a USB, stick xubuntu on it with http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/14:18
antisober552I deleted it ;(14:18
antisober552Should i try 62 bit ?14:18
kgbyour PC is 99% not 64-bit =)14:19
GridCubeuse 3214:19
antisober552Cause ive had win 7 62bit installed on that pc before14:19
GridCubeantisober552, its 64, not 62, 64 its 32+3214:19
kgboh no kidding.. then go with 64-bit; the xubuntu installer will tell you if you can't install 64-bit14:19
antisober552Sorry its this keyboard im using on android14:20
GridCubeO_o its 64? or 32? you put half of those numbers14:20
kgbanyway GridCube when he tries to start it with AMD64 it will tell him if his PC is 32-bit14:20
antisober552No ill go with 32 bit cause when i installed the 64 bit win 7 it ran like a bag of crap14:21
kgbif you put 32-bit on 64-bit machine, it means that everything will be translated and it will run actually slower14:21
genii-aroundHard to tell though if thats because it's 64 bit, or because it's Win 7 ...14:21
rhin0try 65 bit14:22
rhin0ok ok not funny14:22
kgbhehe ;p14:22
rhin0maybe lubuntu will run better on a machine that old14:22
GridCubeor puppy14:22
rhin0cos it is a lot smaller footprint,faster14:22
antisober552Its does not14:22
rhin0but .. its not as "luxurious" as xubuntu14:23
antisober552Lubuntu does not even load14:23
rhin0also -- its not xfce .. its lxde14:23
rhin0its a bit non standard iMO14:23
rhin0puppys a more widely used distro than xubuntu14:23
rhin0its in the top 514:23
rhin0xu buntu is about 28 now14:24
antisober552I dont like puppy its all over the place14:24
rhin0horses for courses14:24
kgb.. there's crunchbang14:24
kgbbut try erasing the partitions and just running the installer with no manual partition creation.. still *might* work that way14:25
antisober552I will try xubuntu install by dvd if it freezes ill go to crunchbang14:25
kgband i'm out 2 get a haircut :) w00t14:26
antisober552Oksy thx for the help14:27
antisober552Im going to change my keyboard14:27
antisober552Thats better14:28
SonikkuAmericaUnit193: May I inquire about one of your work items in Xubuntu: "See if we ship the Pidgin IRC client by default" What did that mean?15:11
antisober552Hi guys15:18
rhin0was in bash sorry15:18
SonikkuAmericarhin0: Oh. No biggie. :)15:18
SonikkuAmericaHello again andrzejr15:18
rhin0i've got a batch file "k"15:19
SonikkuAmericaOr rather hello antisober55215:19
rhin0kills .....15:19
rhin0without mercy15:19
aienaHi I need help getting my geniusPen M406 graphic tablet to work on xubuntu 12.0.4 LTS any tips ?15:31
SonikkuAmericaThat wouldn't be Wacom-based, would it?15:32
aienano non wacom based15:35
aienado you thin using wine + the wiondows driver will work ?15:35
aienasorry I am new to linux as a whole15:35
aienaI am running dual boot15:35
SonikkuAmericaYou might want ndiswrapper though.15:36
aienait has a macosx driver15:36
aienado you think that can be used15:36
aienasince mac is unix based15:36
aienaI think15:36
SonikkuAmericaCan you pastebin your [ lsusb ] output?15:36
SonikkuAmericaaiena: I think it can. Step 1: ^15:37
aienaone sec15:37
aienaSonikkuAmerica: http://pastebin.com/rbeKRwqr15:39
aienathe last one kye systems is the usb device15:40
SonikkuAmericaOK. Now how about [ xinput list ]?15:40
aienaSonikkuAmerica: pastebin.com/3Fk4EqYB15:42
aienait is there as Genius EasyPenM40615:43
aienaunder virtual core poiner15:43
* aiena nods15:43
SonikkuAmericaDoes it work as a mouse?15:43
aienabut no clicking15:43
aienano pressure sensitvity15:43
SonikkuAmericaGridCube: I was looking at that first thing. GMTA.15:44
mohowdy, i have a question15:44
SonikkuAmerica!question | mo15:44
ubottumo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:44
=== mo is now known as Guest74470
SonikkuAmericaGuest74470: Did you forget to auth?15:44
Guest74470i try to lock down some settings15:44
Guest74470no, didn't know io have to. no matter.15:44
aienaGridCube: thanks looking at the video15:44
Guest74470i tried to use /etc/xdg/xfce4/kiosk/kioskrc15:45
Guest74470but it seems not to be read at all15:45
Guest74470(tried strace -f to check for that.)15:45
Guest74470and nothing honors the settings therein15:45
SonikkuAmericaGuest74470: That's probably becuase it's .kioskrc15:45
Guest74470why would it be?15:46
SonikkuAmericaOr it's kiosk.rc15:46
aienaGridCube: thats exactly what is happening15:46
SonikkuAmericaeither way15:46
Guest74470in libxfce4util there is exactly that path given (strings /usr/lib/libxfc....)15:46
Guest74470xfce4-kiosk-query gives me the correct information about locked down capabilities15:47
Guest74470but xfce (and the xubuntu-session) don't honor those settings15:47
GridCubeaiena, read the thread15:47
Guest74470do you know anything about that?15:47
aienayes reading !!15:47
SonikkuAmericaGuest74470: Can't say I have... you may need to wait around or ask in #xfce15:48
GridCubeGuest74470, a workaround we found once was to change the owner of ~/.config/xfce4 files to root, that way no changes will affect the files by the user meddlings15:48
Guest74470that is not so good15:49
GridCubedo you understand what i mean?15:49
GridCubeyes, thats not the best option but kiosk doesnt really work anymore15:49
Guest74470because our homedirs are on an nfs, and the /etc/skel is chowned to the newly created users and stuff15:49
GridCubecant you just make ~/.config/xfce4 a symlink to a root dir?15:50
Guest74470so, having root:root files in $HOMEs is ... kinda tinkery15:50
Guest74470i could do that, yes15:50
GridCubeGuest74470, i know this is not optimal, but its the best workaround we found15:50
Guest74470would have been nice to have a 'real' xfce-way solution15:51
Guest74470booted kde out for that15:51
GridCubeGuest74470, yes, i know15:51
GridCubeyou could ask on #xfce but i dont think it would change much15:51
Guest74470(there is NO way to config a kde besides the graphical stuff. a zillion files which are all working together, .inis, xmls ans config-servers... that's no way to admin many users15:52
Guest74470and the docs are for kde 2.somethingreallyold15:52
GridCubeGuest74470, you could report the kiosk fail to the #xfce-dev people and see if they can guide you? but i don't know15:52
Guest74470will do15:52
Guest74470thanks anyway :)15:52
GridCubeGuest74470, good lucks and report your findings if you do find a best solution i would like to know15:53
xubuntu351Hi, I have a proplem during the install process where I get the following message "We're sorry; the installer crashed.  After you close this window, we'll allow..."16:07
GridCubewhat release?16:08
GridCubedid you check the iso?16:08
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows16:08
xubuntu351I will check it now. But I've had the same error twice.  The first time was trying to instaqll on a normall HDD from a USB and the second time was trying again from a CD rom to my primary SSD.16:10
GridCubemmm maybe its another problem then, what computer is it?16:11
xubuntu351It is an Acer Veriton S671016:14
xubuntu351Also, I have installed successfully on another pc16:14
xubuntu351Is it possible that the error is caused because of a connectivity issue? This machine uses a wireless connection.  My other is hard wired.16:18
GridCubeit might, but you can unplug it completely from the internet first if that bothers you, the install will use the cd files and will update later16:21
aienaGridCube: synaptics says that the installed version of evdev is but I cannot find version 2.5.99 listed16:23
aienasnyway I can get it16:23
GridCubethats a huge leap between versions there16:23
GridCubeand why do you need this newer version?16:24
aienasee http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/digimend/index.php?title=Tablet_support_status16:25
aienaspecifcally KYE EasyPen M40616:25
aienain that link16:25
GridCubeaiena, have you tried other graphic programs? like krita, mypaint, gimp, pinta?16:26
aienaI tried with gimp as base16:26
aienakrita states on its site that it only supports wacom16:26
aienaso that may not be a good testebed16:26
aiena*test bed16:26
GridCube!info evdev16:26
ubottuPackage evdev does not exist in quantal16:26
GridCube!search evdev16:28
GridCube!info xserver-xorg-input-evdev16:29
ubottuxserver-xorg-input-evdev (source: xserver-xorg-input-evdev): X.Org X server -- evdev input driver. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.7.3-0ubuntu2 (quantal), package size 33 kB, installed size 132 kB16:29
aienawait one sec16:29
aienahmm it say 1:2.7.0 in synaptics16:29
aienadoes that mean 2.7.0 is the version number ?16:30
GridCubei dont know what that means16:30
GridCubeprobably yes16:30
GridCube!info linux-generic16:34
ubottulinux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (quantal), package size 1 kB, installed size 32 kB16:34
aienaGridCube: can you red http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/digimend/index.php?title=Tablet_setup_with_xf86-input-evdev and tell me what you understand from it ?16:37
aienamaybe I have to alter the configuration file16:39
aienaand then it will work16:39
aienabut not sure16:39
GridCube:/ i dont know any of this xorg magic16:39
aienaWell I guess I'll never get it working the way its supposed to but will keep trying16:40
GridCubeaiena, maybe ask on #xorg ? give them all the info you gathered and that page especifically16:41
aienathanks GridCube16:41
=== daim2k5 is now known as daim2k5_Zzz
aienaGridCube: Whenever I use the sudo command to install a package it request my authentication in the terminal but whenever i try to  type in anything it does not go into the terminal16:46
aienathis is weird16:46
aienaif i press ctrl+z it quits and input works normally again in terminal16:47
GridCubeit should16:47
GridCubesudo doesnt change your user, its just for the running application16:47
aienaI am installing wizardpen16:48
aienait might fix my problem16:48
aienai have succeded uptill unzipping the tarball no the desktop16:48
aienanow I need to compile it16:49
aienabut not sure about the dependency bit16:49
aienacan you help16:49
GridCubeif deps are unmet it will tell you16:49
GridCuberead the README files16:50
aienait states16:52
aiena 16:52
aienaPackages to build you must have installed:16:52
aiena 16:52
aienasudo apt-get install xutils-dev xutils libx11-dev libxext-dev build-essential xautomation xinput xserver-xorg-dev16:52
aiena 16:52
aienabut running the sudo command doesn;t work16:52
aienaI am on administrator login16:52
aienahow do I install the deps16:52
aienasynaptics ?16:53
GridCubeadinistrator login?16:53
GridCubethere is no such thing16:53
aienahmm maybe not16:53
aienatheres one in windows I assumed it was so in linux too as i use the same authentication to install drivers etc16:54
GridCubeaiena, sudo apt-get should work, unless you have another apt program locking the sources16:54
aienait works untill it ask for my authetication16:54
GridCubeits your password16:55
aienathen when i type any letter in terminal16:55
GridCubethe one you use to login to the system everyday16:55
aienait freezes over till i press ctrl+z16:55
aienai can't input a thing into terminal16:55
aienaat that point16:55
aienathis is the problem16:55
GridCubewhen you type your password you dont see anything16:55
GridCubebut its typing16:55
GridCubejust hit enter after the password is entered16:56
aienaGridCube: ah it is hidden16:57
aienashould i unplug my tablet when istallingt dependencies and wizardpen ?16:57
GridCubedont see why you should16:58
aienadependencies are installing I am getting all the feedback in the terminal I'll inform you when its done installing16:59
aienaok completed16:59
GridCubeaiena, linux does have an "administrator" user, his name is "root" you use sudo to fake root17:01
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo17:01
aienaI am leaning more about the terminal from you thanksa lot17:03
aienaI am familiar with the dos shell but not the linux shell17:03
GridCubelol, after using a real terminal you will want to kill cmd17:04
aienalinux terminal is way more powerful17:05
GridCubeautocompletion and bash history have saved my life more than once17:05
aienaalso dangerous though17:05
GridCubenot really, if you dont  use sudo17:05
aienaGridCube: now I am supposed to run autogen.sh17:06
aienado i run it with ./autogen.sh17:06
GridCubei would guess so, if thats what the README says17:06
aienathe readme does not say that this http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/digimend/index.php?title=Tablet_setup_with_WizardPen does under compiling section17:07
aienamaybe i have to chmod +x it17:07
aienabut i forgot if it is chmod+x autogen.sh17:07
aienaor chmod +x ./autogen.sh17:07
aienaor chmod +x /autogen.sh17:07
aienawhat do you think just read the link17:08
aienaand tell me17:08
aienathey have this line ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr17:08
aienathough i dont know what the prefix bit at the end means17:09
GridCubeaiena, its the a makefile file there?17:10
aienabut is the --prefix=/usr needed17:11
aienawhat does that bit mena17:11
aienado i have to chmod +x autogen.sh17:11
GridCubeit means if you want to change where the program will reside, in this case /usr17:12
knomemost probably not if the instructions do not say so.17:12
aienathe instructions on the website say so17:12
aienaso i think so it has to reside there17:12
GridCubedo so then17:12
aienaGridCube: is that the correct syntax17:12
GridCubeit will generate the makefile17:13
aienaGridCube: it says autoreconf not found17:14
aienawhat does that mean ?17:14
GridCube!search autoreconf17:15
GridCube!info build-essentials17:16
ubottuPackage build-essentials does not exist in quantal17:16
knome!info build-essential17:16
ubottubuild-essential (source: build-essential): Informational list of build-essential packages. In component main, is optional. Version 11.5ubuntu3 (quantal), package size 5 kB, installed size 37 kB17:16
baizondamn, he was faster :(17:17
knomehah, i even double-checked with apt-get show on a terminal.17:17
baizoni did with http://packages.ubuntu.com :>17:18
aienaautoconf libtool pkg-config17:18
aienaThe program 'autoconf' can be found in the following packages:17:18
aiena * autoconf17:18
aiena * autoconf2.1317:18
aienaTry: sudo apt-get install <selected package>17:18
aienai presume this means autoconf isnt there yet17:18
knome!pastebin | aiena17:18
ubottuaiena: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:18
GridCubelol i added an s17:19
aienaknome: it was short so thought I'd just list it here directly17:19
GridCubeaiena, as said, you probably need build-essential17:20
GridCubei didnt say it tho17:20
aienaGridCube: you are right17:20
aienait is listed on the website17:20
aienabut it waqs not listed in the readmen17:21
aienai sudo built from the readme17:21
aienait states build-essential is already the newest version17:22
GridCube!hi | xubuntu48117:23
ubottuxubuntu481: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!17:23
aienaGridCube: what is autorenconf ?17:23
GridCubei have not the slightiest idea17:24
aienaone sec17:24
GridCube!info autoconf17:24
ubottuautoconf (source: autoconf): automatic configure script builder. In component main, is optional. Version 2.69-1ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 554 kB, installed size 1889 kB17:24
aienaGridCube: see http://pastebin.com/q1NdsSCU17:24
GridCubehave you already installed build-essential?17:25
GridCubesudo apt-get install build-essential17:26
aienawhen i sudo17:27
aienait sates that I already have the latest version17:27
aienaand terminates17:27
aienaGridCube: http://pastebin.com/7gTyMFQ817:28
aienaGridCube: http://www.gnu.org/savannah-checkouts/gnu/autoconf/manual/autoconf-2.69/html_node/autoreconf-Invocation.html17:29
aienaautoreconf icalls autoconf17:29
aienaso and other things17:29
GridCubethen sudo apt-get install autoconf17:29
aienaok installing17:30
aienaok done installing17:30
GridCubetry again17:31
aienashould i retry the .sh17:31
aienaGridCube: http://pastebin.com/QbQDt34k17:32
aienai presume i need to install the other components too for autoreconf17:33
aienaautoconf, autoheader, aclocal, automake, libtoolize, and autopoint17:33
GridCubeall of them17:33
aienathese are called by autoreconf17:33
antisober552Hi guys ive instslled xubuntu 13.04 looks great17:33
aienaok doing17:33
antisober552But the systems wirking good no freezes touch wood17:34
GridCubecompiling does that kind of things aiena it does needs lots of things to work, thats why we all preffer .deb files where all the compiling was already done17:34
* aiena nods17:34
aienaI agree17:34
GridCubeantisober552, :D excellent17:34
* GridCube crossfingers for antisober552 17:34
antisober552The only thing is i cant get it to detect my wifi card17:35
aienaGridCube: ubuntu cant find the package autoheader needed by autoreconf17:37
aienadont know what to do17:37
rhin0is it wrong not to like regex17:39
aienait cant find autoheader and libtoolize in http://www.gnu.org/savannah-checkouts/gnu/autoconf/manual/autoconf-2.69/html_node/autoreconf-Invocation.html17:40
knomeaiena, they are probably in other packages, starting with lib*. you could also install intltool if that's what it's after.17:40
aienaone sec knome cal you have a look at http://pastebin.com/Sb2mkN5P17:41
aiena*can you have a ...17:42
aienasee line 14 onwards17:42
knomeaiena, you can try to install the package libtool as well.17:42
antisober552Okay can some one help me it looks like i will install my drivers for my wifi card as its not reading17:43
aienaknome: trying and will see17:43
aienaknome: it succeded but I made a mistake i forgot to add the --prefix=/usr17:45
aienaso how do i do what --prefix=/usr does manually17:45
knomejust run the script again with that17:45
knomeyou have done nothing final/irreversible yet.17:46
aienaok thanks17:46
aienanow i should run the next 2 commands make17:47
aienaand sudo make install17:48
SonikkuAmericaWill the messaging menu ever come back to Xubuntu?17:48
aienai think so everything is correct to this point17:48
aienaknome: is make irrevocable ?17:49
baizonSonikkuAmerica: yes, since xfce is working on a gtk3 port. In the worst case it should happen 201517:49
aienawhat about make install17:49
knomethat's somewhat more final.17:49
SonikkuAmericabaizon: Guess that was a stupid question, because I knew XFCE was working on GTK+ 3 migration.17:50
knomethere might be uninstallation instructions, but you probably want to see if what you build works first17:50
SonikkuAmericaThen again, the only dumb question is the one that isn't asked... so...17:51
baizonSonikkuAmerica: well, else thats a question for #ubuntu, because they write the code :)17:51
knomebaizon, not really... they won't support GTK2.17:51
knomebaizon, if it is going to be done, it's somebody that actually needs the GTK2 port.17:51
baizonknome: ok17:52
SonikkuAmericaMATE would, but that's kind of outta the league.17:52
baizoni think until then, xfce will be gtk3 :)17:52
SonikkuAmericaSoon enough it will... there's supposed to be GTK+ 3 forwards compat in 4.12, although it'll still be coded in GTK+ 217:53
antisober552Hey guys do you think it could be my wifi card which is making ubuntu not boot or freezes the pc17:53
baizonantisober552: no17:53
antisober552Cause when the wifi pci card is put on the system my pc does not load xubuntu but with it out xubuntu loads first time17:54
GridCubeit might be faulty the17:56
antisober552Just shut down pc pluged it in and no boot17:56
GridCubeantisober552, maybe, just maybe, you have network boot enabled on your bios?17:57
antisober552Oh good thinking17:57
aienaknome: is there a way to open a directory in thunar by typing /usr/lib for example like in windows17:59
aienai can find the bar only icons17:59
GridCubethunar /path/to/dir18:00
knomeaiena, view -> location selector -> toolbar style18:00
aienaknome: thanks a lot I am more comfortable this way18:00
antisober552I cant see network boot in the bios18:01
GridCubethen i dont know18:02
aienabrb - reboot18:02
antisober552Umm the only other thing i can think off is that my power supply is not powerful to run everythink18:03
antisober552But just took wifi card out and booted first time18:03
antisober552Its wired ummm18:04
antisober552Im gunna leave xubuntu running to see if it freezes cause i checked system required and my pc meets all requirement's18:05
antisober552Okay im 100% sure i might have a faulty pci card18:28
GridCubeC: yay! antisober55218:29
antisober552For 20 mins pc been fine plug the pci card in and no boot18:29
antisober552Just pluged pci card out rebooted pc and boots on xubuntu first time18:30
antisober552So what can i do to get this pc online though wifi18:32
antisober552Can the card be unsuitible for ubuntu18:32
GridCubemaybe try an usb network card18:33
antisober552Lol i dont have any i brought this one off a friend18:34
antisober552Umm might have to wait until payday to get one18:35
antisober552Of all things why the wifi card18:35
antisober552I also have a hdd problem but its not a problem as such18:36
antisober552When i boot pc i get a disk error but restart the pc it goes away18:37
rhin0glike I said .. ndiswrapper ""18:38
rhin0wraps windows drivers for use in linux18:38
rhin0so if the card doesn't have a linux driver18:38
antisober552No the pc does not like the card at all18:38
rhin0not even on windows18:39
antisober552If i put the wifi card in the pc does not boot18:39
rhin0get a usb wreiless dongle18:39
rhin0i recommend for standard18:39
rhin0netgear wg511 v218:39
rhin0or 318:39
rhin0that thing ^ is about as standard anc compatible as you can get18:39
rhin0works 100pc with xubuntu18:40
rhin0they're cheap18:40
antisober552I was thinking maybe getting a wifi dongle  + 3g so i can top it up and use it when im out18:40
SonikkuAmericaIn which dollar?18:41
* rhin0 has 218:41
SonikkuAmericaOh good...18:41
rhin0i got one from china18:41
SonikkuAmericaI have a 300-300 USB WNA I got for $4518:42
antisober552Im not going 4 weeks without wifi on my pc18:42
antisober552I cant believe out of all the things it could of been it had to be wifi card18:44
antisober552But loving xubuntu 13.0418:45
MonoLinuxhola, alguien sabe cuanta ram usa Xubuntu sin intefaz grafica?18:54
antisober552Hey guys i have a spare motherboard its pretty much the same is i already got installed in my pc the only problem is that i beleive it has a bios problem18:57
antisober552Do you think i should try that board18:57
tethtibiswhat kind of problem?18:58
tethtibishave you tried removing the cmos battery and booting it to resolve the issue with it?18:58
tethtibisor have you tried re-flashing the bios to remove the issue?18:58
antisober552Well you boot this board up it gets so far then shuts down and18:59
tethtibisor, if you can actually access the bios, returning it to defaults?18:59
antisober552No cause i dont have the skills to do that18:59
=== Phantor is now known as PhantorGorth
antisober552I can access the bios using defualt settings does not work19:00
tethtibiswell, if it's shutting down after a certain time, it could be related to heat or power.19:00
tethtibisheat can be resolved by adding thermal paste to the heat sink on the processor usually,19:01
antisober552You get passed the bios then it just shuts off19:01
tethtibisand if it's a power issue, try running it with all the expansion cards removed.19:01
tethtibisyeah, that sounds like a heat or power issue, not bios.19:01
antisober552Okay thanks man you guys are really healpful19:02
tethtibisif it were a bios issue, it would generally give you some error, either on the screen, or audibly.19:02
antisober552I like my other board more aswell19:02
tethtibisnp, hope it helps.19:02
tethtibisyou can get thermal paster from any computer store or best buy for like 10 bucks.19:02
tethtibis*thermal paste*19:03
tethtibisI'd look into that before power supply.19:03
tethtibisheat is generally the first thing to cause that.19:03
antisober552I have thermal paste from fixing xbox 360 i did that as a little repair plase but19:04
antisober552Other thing my old board does not have sata where the board im using atm does19:04
antisober552Which i found out today while i striped my board19:05
antisober552Okay looking at my processor theres a pin missing19:06
tethtibiswell, that's no good. :OP19:06
antisober552I do have a new processor19:07
tethtibisi guess you found your problem, though. that's good. :O)19:07
antisober552The on board battery is in the wrong way19:07
PiciSurely this sounds like a better topic for ##hardware than #xubuntu19:08
tethtibisthat only causes the cmos settings not to save, no biggie in this instance.19:08
antisober552I know19:08
antisober552I know this is of topic guys19:09
antisober552But i love doing this sort off stuff19:10
tethtibishonestly doesn't hurt my feelings. it's not like we were discussing anything else. :OP19:11
well_laid_lawnI kept opening this channel thinking someone needed help but it was just random chatter...19:12
well_laid_lawnthat's the point of #offtopic19:13
antisober552Hey dude it was a bad proccessor19:27
aienaAnybody who uses a genius tablet with xubuntu on this channel ?19:38
antisober552Even the pci card works on that board :-)19:40
antisober552So i how have 2 pc without hdd one with out ram but apart from that i got 3 of my old pc working i dont mind spending out on new ram and hdd19:42
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!19:43
carreraGreetings Everyone!  :)20:23
tethtibishello. :O)20:26
aienais there any virtual audio driver in linux which can be used like stereo mix to stream all audio playing from the soundcard to audacity ?21:17
ChaserHello, is there a cheese like webcam application suitable for xubuntu ? I don't want to pull in all the dependencies for cheese.21:30
SonikkuAmericaChaser: Why not?21:31
carrerahow can I change the Settings->Window Manager->Keyboard shortcuts?21:31
SonikkuAmericacarrera: Hit the green + sign near the bottom.21:32
SonikkuAmericaOr click the shortcut you wish to change.21:32
carreraSonikkuAmerica, I don't have it. All I have is Clear and Reset to Defaults21:32
ChaserSonikkuAmerica, It wants to install various gnome stuff.21:32
SonikkuAmericaChaser: GNOME stuff? Or GTK stuff?21:33
carreraSonikkuAmerica, nothing happens when I click the shortcuts either21:34
ChaserSonikkuAmerica, I am guessing GNOME as the extra packages it wants to install are brasero* gstreamer* some evolution packages apart from others.21:34
SonikkuAmericaChaser: Are they in "Suggested packages" or directly under "The following packages will be installed"?21:35
SonikkuAmericacarrera: Weird.21:35
ChaserSonikkuAmerica, the latter21:35
carrerayup!  :(21:36
xubuntu996Just reinstalled xubuntu 12.10 and the Google Play Music website (in Google Chrome) just plays way too fast, Any suggestions?21:36
SonikkuAmericacarrera: Ummm... try reinstalling xfce4-settings-manager?21:36
SonikkuAmericaxubuntu996: Too fast? What does it use to play?21:37
xubuntu996It plays 1.5 times faster than normal.21:38
carreraSonikkuAmerica, I'm on Version 4.8, distributed by Xubuntu21:38
carreraSonikkuAmerica, which I installed on ubuntu 12.0421:39
carreraSonikkuAmerica, but I have the same problem in Xubuntu 12.10 running on VirtualBox21:39
xubuntu996Thanks. Bedtime for me.21:39
SonikkuAmericaxubuntu996: I didn't even finish! O_O21:40
SonikkuAmericacarrera: It works for me on Ubuntu Studio 12.10 running XFCE 4.1021:40
SonikkuAmericaChaser: Did you try Google?21:42
SonikkuAmericacarrera: You might ask in #xfce21:42
SonikkuAmericacarrera: They might know a thing or 221:42
carreraI tried App Menu->Settings-?Window Manager to no avail21:42
SonikkuAmericacarrera: You're double-clicking, right?21:43
carrerasame thing as App Menu->Settings->Settings Manager->Window Manager21:43
carreraSonikkuAmerica, THANKS!21:44
ChaserSonikkuAmerica, yup, vlc mplayer etc seem to be the alterative applications.21:44
ChaserSonikkuAmerica, vlc works ! cool.21:45
SonikkuAmericacarrera: Sometimes even I overrun common sense.21:45
carreraSonikkuAmerica, :)21:45
carreraSonikkuAmerica, I think it's because u only have to click on the shortcut in Gnome21:45
SonikkuAmericaChaser: Didn't know it did, but I (gasp) don't have a webcam on this lappie.21:45
carreraI want to change the workspace navigation shortcuts21:46
carrerait currently has <Control><Alt>Up21:46
ChaserSonikkuAmerica, yup apparently doing vlc v412:///dev/video0 brings up the webcam video stream.21:46
carreraand I want to change it to just <Control>Up21:47
carrerabut when hit <Control>Up, it shows as <Primary>Up21:47
carrerawhat's <Primary>?21:47
carreradoes that for both <Control> keys21:47
SonikkuAmericacarrera: That is correct (and intended)21:48
carreraokay, but why do they call it <Primary> and not <Control>?21:49
SonikkuAmericacarrera: I think there's an article on that somewhere...21:52
carreraI'll Google it21:52
carrerawhat was the green button u were talking about?21:53
SonikkuAmericacarrera: That was to add a shortcut.21:53
carrerawhy don't I have that?21:53
SonikkuAmericaSettings > Settings Manager > Keyboard > Shortcuts....21:54
antisober552hi guys so ive managed to fix all my problems and have my wifi pci card installed aswell i just want to thanks everyone for helping me out over the last few days21:56
antisober552ive even got my dvd-rw to work again21:57
xyzoneno prob21:57
antisober552im running xubuntu 13.04 and its alwsome21:59
antisober552one more thing i need help with i was told about this program but cant remember whats its called its so i can run php22:06
antisober552i think it was called php cli22:06
genii-aroundProbably php5-cli22:08
antisober552thats sound right22:08
SonikkuAmericaGrrr... My Logitech USB headphones now cause sound to become extinct!22:09
David-Aantisober552: tips: if you had searched for   php cli   in Synaptic or Software Center you would probably have recognized the package name in the result list.22:13
antisober552i couldnt find it but i fould it now22:14
David-Aok fair22:14
carreraantisober552, have u tried any other flavors like lubuntu?22:16
carreraI really like Gnome Classic but don't like the Unity and zeitgeist22:16
carreraso I'm looking for something lighter like xfce and lxde22:17
antisober552im going to22:17
antisober552i would go for xubuntu 12.1022:17
carrerawhy not 13.04?22:18
carrerait's in Beta22:18
antisober552im using 13.04 and working great22:18
carrerathere u go22:18
antisober552the 13.04 is22:18
carreradid u run 12.10 as well?22:18
carrerahas 13.04 changed a lot from 12.10?22:18
carreraI'm running xubuntu 12.10 on VirtualBox22:19
antisober552but i did worked really well22:19
antisober55213.04 is really nice22:19
carreralet us know what u think of lubuntu22:20
carreradid u try the ubuntu with Gnome classic?22:20
antisober552your welcome im gunna try lubuntu soon as i already have it on usb22:20
carreraI find the Gnome windows much nicer22:21
David-Acarrera: the Mate desktop looks very much like Gnome2, if you liked that. (I have only tried it briefly, don't know if it is good enough)22:21
antisober552i saw picture of it and thought it didnt look as clean as xubuntu22:21
carrerawindows, menus and the general look and feel I should say22:21
carreraDavid-A, thank u sir!22:21
carreraI really like Gnome222:21
carrerabut I can live with other stuff too22:22
carreraI used to work on xvwm on Solaris for 5 years22:22
carrera6 really, from '99 to '0522:23
carreraerr, I think it was fvwm22:24
antisober552[ERROR] Please install "autoconf" anyone know how to fix that22:25
genii-aroundinstall autoconf ?22:27
carreraDavid-A, does Mint come with MATE?22:28
David-Acarrera: yes, but have you looked if it is in (x)ubuntu's repository?22:29
carrerahere is why22:29
carreracurrently I'm running Ubuntu 12.04.02 on nice 18.4" Toshiba Qosmio X50022:30
carreraI have 2 SanDisk 480 Gb SSDs22:30
carreranaturally I've RAID 022:31
xyzonewhat's the fail rate on ssds?22:43
David-Axyzone: that is not an xubuntu question, but i'v had an eeepc with SSDs for 4 years. havn't noticed any problem with them.22:52
David-Axyzone: as for rotating disks, there should be data sheets with meassures of expected lifetime and read error rates.22:55
David-Axyzone: is there anything special that concerns you?22:56
xyzoneno David-A thanks22:56
David-Axyzone: web sites that sell stuff usually have comment fields where you can read customer's opinions about each product. (I'v read some SSDs have had problems)22:59
carreraI could have gone with Ubuntu Alternate but I went with the Server edition cause I wanted to install just Gnome Classic23:03
carrerasorry, I was on the phone with my sister23:03
carrerabut after I installed the Gnome shell, I realized that I HAD to install Unity too!  :(23:04
carreranow, I have 2 problems23:05
carreraI like Ubuntu but I do NOT like Unity and zeitgeit23:06
carreraand I like to have RAID 023:07
carreracause I get great speed with my Core i7 and 1666 MHz bus23:07
carreraserver + Gnome is not an option, cause I have to install Unity too23:08
carreraso I might as well install the Alternate ed23:08
pleia2can you folks take non-Xubuntu support talk to #xubuntu-offtopic, please? :)23:08
carrerathis is xubuntu talk23:09
carrerabut I only saw the desktop editions in both xubuntu and lubuntu reps23:09
carreraI'm on XFCE 4.8 right now, and xchat suddenly closed on me23:11
David-Acarrera: you installed X and it installs Y,Z by dependency. if you uninstalled X and want to uninstall Y,Z as well, then in Synaptic try select Status & auto removable, or  sudo apt-get autoremove23:12
carreradoes anyone know what key kills a window?23:12
carreraDavid-A, actually installing Gnome didn't install Unity23:15
carreraI had to install it so I would get a graphical login screen23:15
carreradoes xubuntu have an alternate edition?23:17
carreraso I can configure RAID 023:17
Guest19Is it possible to remove all the installed software without breaking Xfce?23:51
SonikkuAmericaXFCE IS software.23:51
Guest19I mea some of the apps23:52
SonikkuAmericaYou can remove the apps without breaking XFCE...23:52
SonikkuAmericaSome will knock off xubuntu-desktop but that's just a pointer package, no problem there23:52
Guest19good to know' just want to try a23:53
Guest19very stripped version23:53
Guest19had a problem once with a buntu distro and I removed the evolutution email and the DB and it broke Gnome23:54
SonikkuAmericaEvolution is part of GNOME... you don't uninstall it. XD23:55
Guest19found that out the hard way23:55
SonikkuAmericaThunar is about the only XFCE component that doesn't start with XF23:55
SonikkuAmericaAnd Orage23:55
Guest19all i want on the lappy is some office stuff vlc and a VM23:56
SonikkuAmericaSo don't remove Thunar, Orage or anything that starts with XF and you'll be fine.23:57
Guest19great thanks23:57
SonikkuAmericaAlso don't remove ARandR23:57
SonikkuAmericaThat manages your screen.23:58
Guest19Is there any docs that state what is part of Xfce?23:58

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