mamalalahi all! anyone here that night be able to help me with an error in a vanilla qt compile?01:12
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TzinexI have a question. I have a laptop with 2 gigs of RAM, an unsupported graphics card, a 2 Ghz dual core 32 bit processor. Do you think I can run Kubuntu just fine?03:44
ahoneybunTzinex: why do you say it is unsupported?03:45
TzinexIt is a amd 3100 intergrated graphics card03:45
Tzinexunrecognizable by ubuntu 12.1003:46
ahoneybunyou mean there is no non-oss driver for it03:46
TzinexI have to use an open source one03:47
Tzinexno propietary03:47
ahoneybunthats what I mean propietary = non-oss03:47
ahoneybunHow did it handle Ubuntu 12.10?03:48
TzinexIt handles Xubuntu just finr03:49
ahoneybunsays the driver handle 3D fine03:49
ahoneybunKubuntu 12.10 works much faster then Ubuntu 12.10, but its mostly because of the speed of the dash03:50
ahoneybunon my laptop03:50
ahoneybunmy MacBook anyway03:50
TzinexTrue, but I am currently using Xubuntu03:50
TzinexI have an older toshiba sattellite03:51
Tzinexfrom the vista days03:51
ahoneybunYea I do not like those series, slow at least the one I have and it came with Windows 703:51
TzinexWell, I thank you very much for the help you have given. It was a pleasure.03:52
ahoneybunI mean if Xubuntu works for you and what you need to do I'm not going to just say jump ship.03:52
ahoneybunnp :) same here03:52
TzinexI want to try KDE anyways03:52
ahoneybunI would say try it in a VirtualBox first03:53
ahoneybunI'm trying Fedora 18 with GNOME just to try it in one03:53
TzinexI can not download it yet since I have just moved and I have no wifi so I am tethering from my rooted phone03:54
ahoneybunI'm really loving KDE and really Kubuntu03:54
ahoneybunoh thats cool03:54
TzinexThat is also cool03:54
ahoneybunYea I wanted to try to get GNOME 3.8 on it and check it out, tried to do it from Debian and it did not work right03:55
TzinexI tried GNOME 3.8. It finally works!03:55
ahoneybunYea I see that! I donated to the 2012 donation for the GNOME project03:56
TzinexI love the new classic mode03:56
ahoneybunI'm on the page for it and everything, spelled my name wrong but thats ok03:57
TzinexAlthough I hate how it still has some left over orange-ness from Ubuntu03:57
TzinexI can not stand unity03:57
ahoneybunI have Kubuntu setup like Unity lol03:57
ahoneybunI just can't use it yet as it is not fast and feature full yet03:57
ahoneybunI have Kubuntu 12.10 on my desktop and laptop03:58
TzinexWell, I am going to read a book now. Good night!03:58
ahoneybungood talk, see yea around!03:58
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lordievaderGood morning05:37
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CosmicBusing the nvidia proprietary driver jockey tells me "The driver is activated but not currently in use"06:39
CosmicBnouveau is not loaded, the nvidia module is loaded and everythin seem ok, apart from jockey saying the driver isn't in use (?)06:39
CosmicBthis is the situation on my laptop as well as on my workstation at work, I don't get it06:40
lordievaderThe jockey is often wrong in detecting which driver is being used, or so I've heard.06:41
CosmicBit seem to happen when i switch between various nvidia versions, 304, 310, mabye running nouveau and then back to proprietary again . wanybody seen this (?)06:41
CosmicBlordievader : yeah, look like it, I remember this has happened to me before in older releases. and this time the 'problem' was in 12.10, and it's still here after dist-upgrade to 13.0406:42
CosmicBI've apt-get remove'd all nvidia stuff, and even dpkg --purge'd any nvidia leftovers, before activating a driver again06:43
CosmicBcould it be jockey misses since I have no xorg.conf (?)06:43
CosmicBguess it's really not a probelm since the nvidia driver seem to work ok, I'm just getting hung up in jockey failing to detect the driver :p06:44
lordievaderCosmicB: I'm not sure, though I usually hear these stories in combination with nVidia.06:45
CosmicBlordievader ok06:46
CosmicBI like 13.04 though :) kde 4.10.2 in 13.04 is better built than my previous 12.10 with kde sc 4.10.2 (4.10.2 introdused a bug in kontact that affected me, 13.04 seem to have patched the fix into kontact 'cause I can't see the bug here)06:48
lordievaderCosmicB: Raring is indeed very nice ;)06:53
MySystemhello is it possible with diff to compare 2 files/folders with different codepages?06:56
MySystemhaven't found an option in the man diff06:57
MySystemor do i need another tool for it06:58
vaibhav_Can some one tell me how to add Channel in Konversation I am trying to add #Django channel but nothin seem to happening ..07:11
lordievadervaibhav_: I don't use Konversation myself, so I do not know, but this might help you: http://docs.kde.org/stable/en/extragear-network/konversation/serverlist.html07:15
Mamaroklordievader: if he wants to add a channel, just /join #hannelname is enough, works the same way in all IRC clients07:52
lordievaderMamarok: Wasn't sure if he just wanted to join a channel or add it to a list so it would auto-connect.07:53
Mamarokapparently only join another channel, as #kubuntu is default when he launches Konvi in Kubuntu07:54
Mamarokso pointing him to an IRC howto would probably be better next time :)07:54
lordievaderMamarok: Will do.07:57
c2tarunhi friends, anyone here installed KDE 4.10 on Kubuntu 12.04?09:37
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doctorpepperhi guys !!11:02
doctorpeppercan anyone please help me, i am installing new fonts (monospaced)  using systemsettings ==> font management but they don't show up in the list monospaced fonts11:06
BluesKajHiyas all11:51
kouroshis any body here12:59
kouroshi want some help about tor12:59
Artakhatalk about patience13:07
ti_tuxIs it normal that choqok french translation is missing in 13.04 ?13:08
smartboyhw_!patience | kourosh13:12
ubottukourosh: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/13:12
smartboyhw_ti_tux: apachelogger should be able to answer you:)13:12
ti_tuxok so apachelogger if you read me :)13:20
apacheloggerwas it missing in 12.10?13:21
ti_tuxYes It was13:22
ti_tuxthe french translation is freshed (2 weeks)13:22
ti_tuxI think13:22
apacheloggerI highly doubt that13:22
apacheloggerupstream tarball 1.3 contains no translations13:22
apacheloggerti_tux: I guess filing a bug at bugs.kde.org might help13:23
ti_tuxbecause on svn a modification appeared 2 weeks ago and on the french translators page it is marked as 100% translated13:25
ti_tuxI will talk about that on the french mailing list13:26
ti_tuxand I'll post a bug if no answer is found13:27
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apacheloggerti_tux: it may be translated in svn, but it has not been released by the choqok developers13:55
ti_tuxapachelogger: I'll ask them too ;)14:02
G__81hi i installed Kubuntu 12.10 32 bit and when i click on Mozilla firefox installer i get the following errors15:33
G__81dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/firefox_20.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.10.3_i386.deb (--unpack):  trying to overwrite '/usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop', which is also in package kubuntu-firefox-installer 12.04ubuntu1 No apport report written because MaxReports is reached already                                                               dpkg-deb: error: subprocess paste was killed by signal (Broken pipe)15:33
G__81can some one help me on how to resolve this problem?15:34
genii-aroundG__81: sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite  /var/cache/apt/archives/firefox_20.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.10.3_i386.deb15:36
G__81genii-around: i still get some errors15:37
genii-aroundG__81: That's fine. After the dpkg command finishes, try: sudo apt-get -f install15:37
G__81genii-around: cool thanks a lot it worked :)15:38
genii-aroundG__81: You're welcome15:38
G__81genii-around: if i have to install firefox, what should i do ?15:44
G__81click on that mozilla firefox installer again?15:44
lordievaderGood afternoon15:45
genii-aroundG__81: I generally do it from commandline with: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox15:45
G__81genii-around: so when i do that now, will i get the same problem again ?15:46
genii-aroundG__81: If you do, let me know15:46
G__81genii-around: ok thanks a lot sure will let you know15:48
* genii-around makes another pot of coffee and settles in15:49
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c2tarunwhen I put my laptop to standy, I hear standby music repeatedly 3-4 times, is this the case with everyone?16:56
c2tarunthis channel is lot low on traffic then I remember it from time of Kubuntu 10.10. Is this because Canonical abandoned Kubuntu?17:01
wxlc2tarun: while i can't imagine that's the case (there's tons of community-supported projects that have vibrant forums, channels, etc), i can't imagine it's not a factor17:02
wxlmeanwhile we're making kubuntu our standard desktop at work :)17:02
BluesKajc2tarun, no , our nick count has increased by 100 or so since then17:02
c2tarunwxl: well one thing for sure, Kubuntu is lot lighter then I remember and in comparison to Unity its like my lappy wants to thank me.17:03
BluesKajit's afact that 12.10 seems very stable atm , so there are fewer probs17:04
wxlc2tarun: agreed. and kde is a lot lighter than when i first used it many moons ago. i mainly use lubuntu at home but find myself enjoying a LOT about kubuntu.17:04
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wxlcould you guys offer any insight as to why this html5 player isn't working? http://archive.org/details/DLR035 i do have kubuntu-restricted-extras installed, although i'm not sure that helps.17:39
jacklkAt the Kubuntu login screen, shutdown, restart, etc do not work. I think this may be because it needs root privalleges to do this... Can someone help?17:42
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zAo^how can I install a minimalistic version of KDE under Ubuntu?18:27
zAo^kde-core is gone :(18:27
wxl!info kde-plasma-desktop | zAo^18:34
ubottuzAo^: kde-plasma-desktop (source: meta-kde): KDE Plasma Desktop and minimal set of applications. In component universe, is optional. Version 5:76~pre1ubuntu3 (quantal), package size 3 kB, installed size 37 kB18:34
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zAo^thanks wxl18:58
deadkoweIam kinda new to kubuntu and am haveing a issue with a graphics card. it is a pny geforce 5200 agp. when its installed kubuntu will not display. "it works and is good" I have to remove the card and reboot in order to view kde. but with it the card uninstalled i cannot find it in the "aditional drivers"18:59
deadkoweAm I in the wrong place for chat help?19:01
Walexdeadkowe: it is a very old card, you need to use a "legacy" driver19:03
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LinkmasterHow can I connect my 12.10 desktop to my windows 7 laptop so that I can a) transfer files from the laptop to the desktop(I don't care about the reverse) and b) connect to the internet on the desktop(whether the laptop works while connected doesn't matter)19:07
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deadkoweIm not sure how to. With my new pc it displayed kde right off the bat. then I went to kde start, aplications, system, additional drivers. and installed/activated the 3rd party drivers for my graphics card and now I can use open gl. my other computer will not display kde desktop at all when the pny 5200 is installed. when i remove the graphics card and turn it back on useing the onboard graphics it works. but then there is nothing displayed for the pny19:08
deadkowe5200 in additional drivers . the 5200 was installed when i installed kubuntu 12.1019:08
Linkmasterer...my reason for asking is because my school network doesn't allow my personal computer connected, however, they gave permission for us seniors to use "connectify". however, connectify isn't working, for whatever stupid reason. So, since I have a crossover cable handy, I figured to try and connect it that way, but the internet hasn't shown me anything that works so far19:10
deadkoweWould I need to find the driver in the multi or universe and "sudo apt-get install" the driver?19:13
Walexdeadkowe: it is a very old card, you need to use a "legacy" driver19:21
WalexLinkmaster: you have to use MS-Windows 'connection sharing'19:21
deadkowei understand its old and I need to use a legacy driver.... but How?19:31
deadkoweand Thank You for helping!19:32
ti_tuxapachelogger: in the source tarball of choqok 1.3, the french translation is provided... so it's a kubuntu issue19:41
ahoneybunapachelogger: your here?19:44
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keithzgHmphh. I keep having to restart my computer to make OpenCL work again on my AMD GPU, even just running "clinfo" will hang. Anyone know any way to restart whatever's hung with opencl or the GPU without rebooting the entire computer?20:26
keithzgAh, I see, it's actually just that I switched to a VT. D'oh. Didn't realize the AMD drivers had OpenCL so intimately tied to X11, so even if I'm connecting via SSH it meanwhile needs to be outputting to an X11 session. That's ugly.20:31
draganfor two days (after some updates probably) my kubuntu 13.04 uses 100% of 1 core constantly(cpu i7 dell 5520)20:40
draganhow to determin what is uin it and stop it20:41
dragantop program says that is pulse audio i never had problems whit that before any idea?20:43
genii-arounddragan: #ubuntu+1 for Raring20:47
draganfound topic on forum http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2136534&page=2 thay said it was fixed by updates earlier today i will check after restart20:50
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jjfhi everybody!21:03
jjfshort question: is there a way to force copy/paste do do plain text on kubuntu?21:03
jjfi often copy from web pages into gmail, and i don't want to keep the formatting21:03
jjfi don't know if this is a kde or a chrome-problem21:04
seattlegauchojjf: that's a gmail issue ... press 'shift' with the key combination to copy and it will leave formating out21:05
seattlegauchosame works for google docs21:05
seattlegauchofor linux (any browser) press shift+ctrl+v21:06
jjfit works, cool!21:06
jjfthanks, seattlegaucho21:06
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AdityabI just did a simple apt-get upgrade and now the 'video' group is gone22:04
Adityabtherefore I cannot log in to kde normally22:04
AdityabI'm currently using some convoluted way of tty -> login -> sudo xinit -> plasma-desktop to get a working desktop22:05
Adityabalso kwin says22:05
AdityablibGL: OpenDriver: trying /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/i965_dri.so22:05
AdityablibGL error: failed to open drm device: Permission denied22:05
AdityablibGL error: failed to load driver: i96522:05
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Adityabby 'gone', I don't mean just my user account being removed from that group22:07
Adityabthe group itself has vanished. systemwide22:07
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Enklaveanyone here who can help me please23:17
Enklavehello, need help please to increase my RAM memory on my laptop23:19
Enklavehave installed 8 GB23:19
Enklavebut linux just recognise 2,9723:19
Enklavehow could that be?23:20
Enklavenobody here?23:20
Enklavearen t here over 100 people ??23:20
Enklaveand nobody write anything?23:21
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valorieby "linux just recognize 2.97, what do you mean?23:22
valorieEnklave: ^^23:22
Enklavethx for answer23:23
valoriethat's a question, not an answer23:23
valoriebecause it depends23:23
Enklaveis there something i must do to use full physical memory23:23
valorielet's see if the bot knows anything useful23:23
ubottuIf you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html23:23
Enklavethe bot?23:24
valoriethe bot knows all kinds of useful links, like the above23:24
valorieanyone can use the bot23:24
Enklavethe first link was not helpful23:26
Enklavei try the next23:26
valoriealso, based on past experience: be very sure it's securely seated23:27
valorieand secured23:27
Enklavethe 2nd wasnt also very useful23:27
Enklaveone thing in advance23:28
Enklavei use a sony vaio laptop AW11xu23:28
valoriestill, you didn't give any error message to us, or what you used to get your information23:28
Enklavewhich can only take 4GB (32 Bit)23:28
Enklaveonly with 64 Bit i can have 8 GB23:28
Enklavecan i send you a screenshot?23:29
valorieso are you 100% confident that your hardware is acceptable?23:29
valorieyou can post a screenshot to the channel23:29
valorieI'm no expert23:29
valoriejust trying to get some information23:29
valorieany experts here feel free to chime in23:30
Enklaveand how can i post that?23:30
Enklavedoes it work?23:31
Enklaveguess not23:31
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.23:31
valorieif you want to add imgur to the bot message, you have to ask an ubuntu irc person23:32
valoriethey are friendly23:32
* smartboyhw_ has forgotten the command23:32
valorieimagebin works23:32
Enklavehere it is23:32
valorieEnklave: do you have a 64-bit system set up?23:33
Enklavesorry 2.92 are only used23:33
Enklaveor recognised23:33
Enklavei have 32 bit23:33
Enklaveset up?23:33
valoriedid you install the 32-bit kubuntu, or the 64-bit one?23:34
Enklaveso i should have at least 4GB which i could use23:34
valoriewell, your image shows quite a large swap23:34
valorieEnklave: you just told me above that to use the whole 8 GB, you have to have 64-bit23:35
valorietherefore you will have to re-install a 64-bit image23:35
Enklaveyou are right, but the swap do to 95% nothing on my system23:35
Enklaveok, sorry valorie, 8 GB would be fine (but thats just physical memory, which i have installed)23:36
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info23:37
Enklavei have read that 32-bit just accept 4 GB (unfortunatelly), but i can only use 2.97, why?23:37
smartboyhw_Enklave: ^23:37
valorieah, I forgot that23:38
valoriesmartboyhw_, as his name indicates, is smarter than me23:38
smartboyhw_valorie: Nah nah23:38
valoriepersonally, I got around a similar sitch by using 64-bit23:39
valorieI think it's ready for prime time23:39
Enklaveok, useful link :-)23:40
Enklavewhat is the code adress to send codes, please?23:41
valoriedo you mean pastebin?23:41
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:41
Enklavedoes this mean that i can use 64-bit on my 32-bit system?23:43
valorieok, dinner23:43
valorieperhaps smartboyhw_ can help you further23:44
Enklaveisnt 64-bit a question of the hardware?23:44
valorieit's a question of the kernel23:44
Enklavei am sorry for that questions, i am in learing phase23:44
valoriethat's how we learn23:44
valorienice to meet you, I'm also known as "linux grandma" (blog)23:45
valoriebut time for dinner for me23:45
Enklavethank you also smartboyhw for your tipp (pae)23:47
Enklavecan pae be dangerous for my system; or does the experience says?23:48
Enklaveplease help: had the error been fixed?23:56
Enklavei hope so23:58
Enklavei come in 5 min23:58
Enklavehave to restart23:58

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