StevenKcjwatson: r=me. I'll land it if you haven't already when I return from breakfast.00:28
StevenKwgrant: https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/dump-top-level-yui/+merge/158837 I can't see anything in the deployment stuff that needs the top-level directory02:33
StevenKUnsure about buildbot02:33
wgrantStevenK: That seems fine, if anything breaks then we'll fix it.02:36
wgrantStevenK: You'll want to check that the tree on carob doesn't have it02:38
wgrantBut I think clean_buildout should remove it, so that'll be fine02:38
* wgrant disappears for lunch for an hour or so02:45
StevenKwgrant: Added a clean_js rule to remove it, with a comment02:58
StevenKwgrant: Not landed it yet, I don't know where the built tree on carob is03:36
wgrantStevenK: /home/warthogs/archives/rocketfuel-built04:03
StevenKRight, it has an empty yui directory04:05
StevenKwgrant: Strangely, there's a full LP tree under ~lpqateam04:06
StevenKRevision 108xx04:06
wgrantStevenK: That was used to run the PPR until yesterday04:07
wgrantI think it's unused now04:07
wgrantIt had to be out of date because the PPR was moved to lp-dev-utils04:08
wgrantYesterday I fixed the lp-dev-utils version and changed the crontab to use it04:08
StevenKwgrant: Should I remove it, or that can wait a few days?04:10
wgrantStevenK: Check that nothing in the crontab uses it, and then kill it I guess04:10
StevenKDBR=/home/lpqateam/launchpad/utilities/report-database-stats.py -U devpadreports -d launchpad_prod_master -H lp-prod-pgbouncer.internal --limit=3004:11
StevenKNot exactly04:11
wgrantAh, that is unfortunate.04:11
wgrantSo leave it, I guess :)04:11
StevenKYeah, it's not like carob is currently begging for space04:12
StevenKwgrant: How does a branch to promote 3.9.1 sound?04:14
wgrantStevenK: It's been almost 48 hours, so sounds good.04:16
StevenKwgrant: https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/391-by-default/+merge/159546 trivial04:54
wgrantStevenK: k04:55
StevenKI do not get why the CSS rules are not applied05:33
wgrantStevenK: Do you have a branch?05:55
StevenKwgrant: For this YUI calendar? Nope05:56
StevenKwgrant: I can push one up if you'd like to have a play and hopefully fix some of it05:56
wgrantI can hopefully at least fix the CSS05:56
StevenK"Note: be sure to add the yui3-skin-sam classname to the page's <body> element or to a parent element of the widget in order to apply the default CSS skin."05:57
StevenKWhich I've done, but it doesn't help05:57
StevenKwgrant: lp:~stevenk/launchpad/new-yui3-calendar it's based off devel as of last week, so you'll likely get an easy to resolve conflict in Makefile06:00
wgrantStevenK: I'd avoid destroying yui2 in the same branch, simply to avoid confusing things, but let's see.06:05
StevenKI can probably do that pretty easily06:06
StevenKwgrant: So we continue building it, but drop it from the combo loader and yuixhr?06:06
wgrantStevenK: I'd drop it all in one hit06:08
wgrantDropping it is not a prereq for adding the new calendar.06:08
wgrantIf I want to see what your calendar changes were in a year, I don't want to have to wade through 30000 lines of YUI2 diff that are in the same rev for no reason :)06:08
StevenKBut I live to make your life hard ... :-P06:09
wgrantI know :)06:12
StevenKwgrant: Right, done. I can delete current branch and push this small and clean up if you wish06:12
wgrantI imagine it's about 1% of the size :)06:12
wgrantBut I've got your existing one running now06:12
StevenK257 lines versus 2680806:13
StevenKwgrant: In the depths of calendar.js, I create a container_div where I set the classes. That was testing a theory, which turned out to be false, but I'm not certain if we care about another level of <div>'s06:16
StevenKThe Calendar docs do say parent node, but I'm not clear if that's immeadiate parent or up the chain06:16
wgrantStevenK: I make that 0.95%, not 9.5%06:17
StevenKMissed a zero06:18
wgrantStevenK: Fixed06:24
StevenKwgrant: What is the fix?06:25
wgrantStevenK: The main CSS is in calendar-base, not calendar06:25
wgrant+    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/+icing/yui/calendar-base/assets/skins/sam/calendar-base.css" />06:25
wgrant+    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/+icing/yui/calendar-base/assets/skins/sam/calendar-base-skin.css" />06:25
wgrantIt's still ugly and the nav buttons are oddly unthemed, but it's a bit of an improvement06:26
StevenKwgrant: We can include them directly in combo.css if you wish06:26
wgrantthat might need calendarnavigator stuff06:26
wgrantStevenK: Yes, that's what we'll want to do eventuall06:27
wgrantOnce we work out which bits we need.06:27
wgrantOr we could comboload them somehow06:27
StevenKwgrant: It's an extra 130 lines06:28
wgrantThey get merged.06:29
wgrantbuild/js/yui/assets/skins/sam/calendar-base.css and build/js/yui/calendar-base/assets/skins/sam/calendar-base.css are the same file06:29
wgrantSo we probably just want to include all the calendar stuff under yui/assets06:29
wgrantOh, only the skin bits end up under there06:29
wgrantSo we need calendar-core.css and calendar-base-core.css from elsewhere06:30
StevenKassets/skins/sam/calendar{,-base,navigator}.css ?06:31
wgrantI assume navigator is needed for the month switching arrows06:31
wgrantChecking now06:31
wgrantThe -skin variants seem to be minified06:33
wgrantI should probably read some documentation06:33
wgrantI wonder if the stuff in yui/assets/skins/sam is concatenated core and skin06:34
StevenKI think it's tiny enough to go into combo.css06:35
wgrant    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/+icing/yui/assets/skins/sam/calendar-base.css" />06:35
wgrant    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/+icing/yui/assets/skins/sam/calendar.css" />06:35
wgrant    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/+icing/yui/assets/skins/sam/calendarnavigator.css" />06:35
wgrantThat should be all we need06:35
wgrantThough the navigator buttons have now entirely disappeared, that's possibly because they're not enabled?06:35
wgrantAh, no, the skin replaces the < and > with background images that don't display, because the nodes end up contentless06:40
wgrantStevenK: Are you more on track now?06:40
wgrantStevenK: And do you understand how skins work now? Each component's -core and -skin files are combined into a single file that ends up under yui/assets/skins/foo06:40
StevenKWhy don't the background images display?06:42
wgrantI suspect because the sole node inside them is display: none, so the node has no size.06:43
wgrantIt may work better if the core sam stuff is loaded06:44
wgrantBut it's not clear whether we actually want to use that.06:44
wgrantStevenK: Ah06:52
wgrantI think it's our obsolete grid CSS06:52
wgrantSetting display: inline-block gets the images to show06:52
StevenKAre they both on the left and cut off?06:53
wgrant(we're still using 3.0.0preSOMETHING grids, I assume because 3.0.0 final changed them incompatibly)06:53
wgrantStevenK: Not if you set display: inline-block on the header06:53
StevenKYou're hacking that in using firebug?06:53
wgrantStevenK: Using Chromium's dev tools I added .yui3-u { display: inline-block }06:55
StevenKIf I edit the header div to add style="display: inline-block" I get both buttons, but they're both on the left06:56
wgrantStevenK: Yes, due to how inline-block works it needs to be on the parent.06:57
wgrantI think the only yui3-u might be the "April 2013" header text06:57
wgrantSo try setting it there.06:57
StevenKNo, the two a's are also yui3-u06:58
wgrantSo they are.07:00
wgrantWe can probably include the modern CSS07:01
wgrantThe modern cssgrids CSS, that is07:01
wgrantSince it's all yui3-*07:01
wgrantWhereas our old embedded copy is YUI2-style cssgrids, with yui-*07:01
StevenKHuh, so it is07:02
wgrantI thought they were incompatible07:02
wgrantBut it seems not07:02
* StevenK sprinkles in yui/cssgrids/cssgrids.css07:03
wgrantA significant improvement07:03
StevenKI had a make run backgrounded07:04
StevenKCaught it early enough that it didn't spew processes07:05
StevenKwgrant: Indeed, that looks great07:05
wgrantStevenK: It's still obese, but that might just be the overlay being too wide to start with?07:07
StevenKIt looks pretty much exactly like the example07:07
wgrantYeah, setting a width on the yui3-calendar-content makes it much more sensible.07:08
StevenKTo what?07:08
wgrantThe main difference is the background colour and the centred ths, and at least the latter is CSS specific to the example page07:08
wgrantStevenK: I just set it to 300px to see if it worked.07:08
StevenKwgrant: The width can be set for the widget on creation07:09
wgrantAh, right07:09
wgrantIndeed, I now see width: 340px on the example.07:10
cjwatsonStevenK: thanks08:09
StevenKcjwatson: Happy to help08:10
cjwatsonHmm, is it intentional that, after I upgraded dogfood, https://dogfood.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+queue?queue_state=1 no longer has expanders?08:39
StevenKcjwatson: Did you leave the combo_url hack in place?09:00
StevenKcjwatson: Restart the webapp, the JS should work09:04
StevenKcjwatson: The combo_url hack includes a revision number which qas doesn't have any more09:05
cjwatsonthanks, I did wonder if it might be something like that but wasn't sure what the correct target would be09:06
cjwatsonalso: lxc is actually rather tasty once I've got it set up for testing in place of schroot09:06
cjwatsonI expected it to be more work but more accurate/better; I didn't expect it to actually be less work09:06
StevenKI've ignored lxc. My only experience has been with fiddling the Jenkins setup to make use of it09:07
StevenKMaybe we should just get +combo configured on mawson09:08
StevenKThen we can drop that horrid hack09:08
cjwatsonok, why am I getting 503 on everything after restarting the server ...09:10
cjwatsonah, I just didn't wait long enough09:11
cjwatsonyep, expanders back, thanks09:11
StevenKcjwatson: Yes, mawson's webapp takes an eon to actually start serving requests09:12
StevenKcjwatson: I tend to tail -f the nohup file just so I can know when it's actually going to answer09:13
cjwatsonwhen do deployments lock down for Ubuntu release?09:35
cjwatson(I actually think that caution is rather less necessary now than it used to be, but perhaps now isn't the time for that debate)09:36
StevenKcjwatson: We tend to not want to deploy during release week09:49
StevenKBut given it's NDT, it might be okay09:49
wgrantDeployments are safe now09:55
wgrantI wouldn't even suggest avoiding fdts during release week09:55
wgrantIt's been a very long time since something broke badly09:55
czajkowskiwgrant: lets not jinx it ;)09:55
wgrantcjwatson: Did you use /Running/LXC?09:55
cjwatsonwgrant: Yes09:55
StevenKwgrant: I seem to recall you objecting to +combo on mawson09:56
cjwatsonwgrant: No hitches at all09:56
wgrantStevenK: Only in that I needed it working earlier than I could convince ops to set up convoy09:56
wgrantcjwatson: Great, wasn't sure if that still worked09:57
StevenKwgrant: convoy is on mawson09:57
wgrantStevenK: Installed09:57
cjwatsonWith a raring host, for the record09:57
wgrantBut not configured in apache09:57
StevenKwgrant: Right, but we can probably just get the snippet from qas clagged into mawson09:57
wgrantcjwatson: btw, I think that any Ubuntu developer who isn't using LXC is probably missing out09:57
StevenKWith a path change or two09:57
wgrantStevenK: Probably09:58
wgrantFeel free to convince ops to do it :)09:58
cjwatsonWell, it depends what you're doing, but it does seem pretty useful.  I used it seriously for the first time yesterday to debug an Upstart problem09:58
cjwatsonstgraber has been pimping it at us for a year or more09:58
wgrantUntil 9 months ago or so it was dreadfully buggy and unstable09:59
wgrantBut it's great now09:59
StevenKwgrant: Sure, but I've forgotten how qas is set up :-)10:01
czajkowskicjwatson: the bug you just commented on that seb128 filed is that something you will be working on10:48
czajkowskiif so waht way do you want it triaged10:48
cjwatsonnot immediately since it has some complex dependencies10:48
cjwatsonfeel free to triage as you would normally do10:49
wgrantThat's Low at highest10:49
wgrantIt's tempting to introduce a new priority just to use that :)10:49
wgrantA new, lower priority :)10:49
cjwatsonit's not entirely unimportant for us10:49
cjwatsonsince it just caused a big argument on -release :)10:49
cjwatsonas I say I personally think we should do this by (a) get build cancellation working reliably (b) make builds auto-supersede cleanly even before the new source publishes, which would be lovely anyway both for Ubuntu and PPAs (c) change our queue handling policy to accept all the uploads for a source at once10:50
cjwatsonthere are a few other possibilities but I think that's the least broken10:50
wgrantQuite possibly, but the auto-superseding before the publisher bit will be problematic.10:51
cjwatsonI assumed it wasn't easy or we'd already be doing it10:57
cjwatsonBut even so :)10:57
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StevenKwgrant: The overlay seems very attached to being wide23:14
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