phillwkiwitinker: there is a blog on battery life that includes your model at http://topten.over-blog.com/article-33470575.html but I would suggest getting in touch with the laptop team via that link, or having a read of the dell forum area at http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=34200:02
phillwkiwitinker: possibly the dell area may be the best to start with :)00:03
phillw!ask | semitones00:04
ubottusemitones: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:04
semitoneshey phillw, I'm just hanging out for now :)00:04
kiwitinkerby the way this laptop is very old and does not support later versions of  lubuntu00:06
phillwsemitones: that's no problem, but we do have also have an area to say "Hi" and discuss life in general... #lubuntu-offtopic :)00:06
semitonesah, sign me up then !00:06
phillwsemitones: issue the command00:06
kiwitinkerso is it not simply a case of trying a powermanagement program other than xfce?00:07
phillwsemitones:  /j #lubuntu-offtopic00:07
semitonessorry, I'm already there :P, sign me up is just a silly affectation00:08
phillwkiwitinker: acpi may not be supported in the recent kernels. rolling back to your machine, try lubuntu 12.04, and if that fails... roll back to 10.04 - Once we have a system that works, it can possibly move forward.00:09
phillwacpi is a pain to debug, and the laptop team would be best to help, once there is a stable system on there :)00:10
kiwitinkerI'm on 12.04 now00:10
phillwkiwitinker: then ask the laptop team if your make and model is supported. It could well be you need a BIOS upgrade from Dell. I am not the best qualified person to deal with the issue, Dell do have decent support with linux, so there could well be an easy solution for you to add to your laptop and everything will work..... So.... Go and ask :D00:13
kiwitinkerproblem is I have already invested days in getting to this stage of a linux system, I have no time left now, unfortunately auto screen turn off is a major priority as this laptop will be on 24 hrs a day and was bought for the purpose of using as little electricity as can00:13
phillwkiwitinker: if you cannot turn the screen off, it is an acpi issue. I cannot solve them, the dell support forum can.00:14
kiwitinkeryeah don't hold much hope of that with such an old laptop, google brings up nothing00:14
kiwitinkerit does turn off sometimes, it is just very unreliable00:15
phillwkiwitinker: you have little faith in hoe dogged those guys are :P00:15
kiwitinkerif this laptop is not supported by 12.04 then it never will be I would think00:15
kiwitinkerI still did not get an answer to my question, can I install a different power management program other than the default xfce?00:17
phillwkiwitinker: when your laptop was made, did google actually exisit? Only joking..... You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by asking the guys (and gals) on the dell area of ubuntu forum.00:17
kiwitinkerI was using google in the early 90's00:18
phillwkiwitinker: yeas you can, and no it will 99% not work, as the issue is not the power manager but instead acpi which is the part of the laptop that talks to it.00:18
kiwitinkerstill I would like to try00:19
semitonesphillw, what is acpi, and why isn't it supported? I think my desktop at my parent's house uses it00:19
phillwkiwitinker: then install lubuntu 10.04 onto it.00:19
kiwitinkercan't start from scratch again, so can I not just install different power management and remove/disable xfce?00:20
phillwsemitones: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Configuration_and_Power_Interface00:20
phillwkiwitinker: ^^ read the link ^^00:20
semitonesphillw, reading. As an aside -- my desktop has to boot using the no1apic boot option -- does trying to get bios upgrades help that situation?00:21
kiwitinker10.04 will cause the machine to freeze when closing the lid00:22
kiwitinkerI wonder if that might work for me semitone as it does behave like a conflict to me, sometimes working and sometimes not00:24
phillwsemitones: kiwitinker ^^ read the link... If your system is not fully compliant, then it will not work fully. for once, every one (nearly) agreed. There *may* be BIOS updates and there may be 'patches' that you can use for certain makes and models of computers. BUT, if they are not ACPI compliant it is NOT the fault of linux.00:24
semitonesphillw, I'm trying to understand -- do the newer kernels implement their own powersaving schemes rather than relying on apci?00:24
semitonesdo newer computers just not use acpi anymore?00:25
kiwitinkersemitones, that is what I was wondering00:25
phillwsemitones: all the kernels accept the full acpi standards, just that not all manufacturers follow them.00:25
semitoneskiwitinker, you might want to try booting up with apci disabled -- I have no idea what your problem is, but if apci is the problem, it could very well help without having to install anything else00:26
phillwjust like not all browsers support full accessibility standards (there were two conflicting ones last time I looked into it, just for reading out a table). The most wonderful thing about a standard?.... anyone can make one. Remember the fight with DVD-HD and BluRay? ... no? that's because BluRay won.00:27
kiwitinkerthanks semitones, exactly how would i do that?00:28
semitonesphillw, if all the kernels accept the full acpi standards, what do the newer kernels do differently?00:28
semitoneskiwitinker, hold on, let me look it up. basically when you boot up, you edit the boot options directly from GRUB00:28
semitoneshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Changing_the_CD.27s_Default_Boot_Options -- scroll down to the part about "common kernel options" -- the one you want to try is apci=off00:30
semitoneswhen you're booting your system, interrupt GRUB before it boots, and follow the instructions there to add that boot option to the end of the boot command00:30
semitonesif it works, you can configure GRUB to do it every time00:31
kiwitinkerthanks, I remember seeing that option on the screen00:32
phillwsemitones: there are different versions of acpi. Do you ever sit back and think... Jeeze, so many mobile (cell) phones and they all have different connectors to charge them? Inside, the battery is the same voltage. a standard Lithium battery, different capacities of charge it can hold. But to many different connectors.....00:32
phillwsemitones: have a read of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_External_Power_Supply and then wonder :D00:33
semitonesthere are a lot of different ways00:33
phillwsemitones: but these are discussions to have on the off-topic area, I've taken acpi as far as I can on here.00:36
n-iCehello guys00:59
n-iCeIm on a lubuntu live cd, first time trying it00:59
n-iCelooks amazing00:59
n-iCehi chalcedony01:01
n-iCehow are you_01:01
chalcedonyn-iCe, great!01:01
n-iCeI really like the desktop environment!01:02
chalcedonyneat i'm glad01:02
n-iCeIm used to gnome, was wondering to run something faster, my laptop is fast enough to run gnome and a heavy desktop, but I was wondering why to run a big one when I can run a light desktop?01:02
n-iCechalcedony: you use lubuntu as well?01:02
chalcedonyn-iCe, can't remember why i joined here01:03
n-iCewhat os are you using?01:03
chalcedonydebian / gnome01:03
n-iCeyeah, I'm used to Debian, for over 4 years01:04
n-iCeBut you know it is pretty old, they don't like to upgrade it a lot01:04
chalcedonyi don't really like things that move01:04
n-iCedrivers seems to be running in ubuntu01:04
n-iCeyeah, they keep it pretty stable01:04
chalcedonyno forced upgrades01:04
n-iCethat's true, Debian gnome, was using like 600MB at least of RAM memory01:05
n-iCelubuntu is using 200MB01:05
n-iCechalcedony: do you use chrome?01:06
n-iCeor firefox01:07
chalcedonywow that's a lot less01:07
chalcedonyn-iCe, firefox01:07
n-iCeI see, I'm wondering the difference between chromium and google chrome01:07
chalcedonychromium is a chrome-like01:07
n-iCecan't find any difference01:08
phillwn-iCe: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/wiki/ChromiumBrowserVsGoogleChrome01:09
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n-iCeawesome, thanks01:10
n-iCeSo google chrome browser seems to be the best choice01:10
n-iCephillw: how can I know the packages that fits with the lxde desktop01:11
n-iCeto avoid installing gnome/kde packages01:11
=== sinedeviance is now known as SineTheCreator`
semitonesalright! first impressions!01:14
semitonesI love the new desktop wallpaper!01:14
phillwn-iCe: if you want metrics etc, which F/OSS dis-agree with etc. There is little difference. I use the bleeding edge chromium, as I'm a tester. As to "how to tell how much extra things a new applicaton will bring in" when you go to install it, it should tell you how much extra it wants.01:14
semitonesphillw: sometimes I wonder how much those extra things matter01:15
semitoneslike if an application is going to install a bunch of libraries, do those make the computer slower01:15
phillwn-iCe: both sudo apt-get install and synaptic will tell you.01:15
semitoneswhat do you look for in the list of thngs apt tells you it wants to install?01:16
n-iCephillw: says like, brasero-lxde?01:16
n-iCeok lubuntu was installed, need to reboot, brb01:16
phillwsemitones: yes, if you install unity, you will bring in all the unity libraries, which will make one heck of a difference. If in doubt? ask on the mailing list :)01:16
phillwn-iCe: brassero is already installed?01:17
n-iCexfburn I think01:17
phillwn-iCe: you are correct, sorry, my 12.10 has had that much tested on it, I do lose a bit a track, brassero does not pull in a load of extra stuff.01:19
phillwit just slightly heavier than xfburn, owing to the fact it can do 'more things'. It is fully compliant with lubuntu libraries and brings in just enough to make it function. (I use it as default, which is why I had to check).01:20
n-iCewhich one you have as default? brasero?01:22
phillwn-iCe: i have a choice of either, i installed brasero because I needed a GUI to do some stuff that x-burn cannot.01:23
phillwyou do not lose one, when you install the other :)01:24
n-iCeseems pretty similar to me01:24
phillwI have bluefish installed, not many people need it, but it did not ask to bring in a load of libraries that I did not already have installed for my LAMP installation. n-iCe remember, lubuntu can run anything ubuntu / kubuntu / xubuntu / edubuntu / myhtubuntu etc etc. can. It is just how much extra do you wish to add to your lubuntu system.... The more you add, the more the system takes up. :)01:26
semitonesphillw: it would be really cool if there was a short list of common "do not let these things become installed" packages for keeping a fast system01:27
semitonesYou started it off: #1, Unity01:27
semitonesHey, hey01:27
semitonescan we make a page on the wiki right now???01:27
semitoneswe can do this01:27
n-iCe#2 compiz01:27
semitonesgood one01:27
semitones#3, GTK?01:28
Myrttibecause we all love ncurses01:28
n-iCeneed to reboot, installation finished, hold on01:28
semitoneshy Myritti :)01:28
phillwsemitones: you install unity, you have installed ubuntu... There is nothing wrong with having both. On my CentoOS system I have GNOME and KDE stuff. Linux is not about reducing choice, it is about expanding it.01:28
MyrttiI thought all lubuntu apps use gtk.01:29
semitonesphillw: linux is not about reducing choice, but people can choose to restrict their software to the capabilities of their hardware. That's the point of lubuntu01:29
semitonesMyrtti: i am bad at computers, sorry :p01:30
semitonesI think it would be useful to have a list of common things to avoid installing if you want to keep your computer fast01:30
phillwsemitones: then, when you go to install something and it says it wants to add 20+ things, say NO :) Then you can go and ask. That is what I do, and it works fine for me.01:31
semitoneslike I would try not to install kde apps, because starting the app would have to load all that kde stuff01:31
phillwsemitones: I use kde apps, it is the libraries you need to watch out for :)01:31
semitonesphillw: What I'm proposing is you take that list of 20 things, you look at the list of things to avoid, and then if you still have questions, then you ask01:31
phillwsemitones: do you have any idea as to how many linux programmes there are?01:32
phillwn-iCe wb :)01:32
n-iCe_lubuntu is installed :)01:32
semitoneshow about a top 10 common packages to not install on lubuntu01:33
n-iCe_downloading 130MB of updates though01:33
n-iCe_why is it, if I'm downloading the last CD01:33
phillwn-iCe_: what version of lubuntu?01:33
=== n-iCe_ is now known as n-iCe
semitonesfirst impressions continued: I love the new icons!01:34
phillwthere are SRU's going back as 13.04 comes to a close for a release.01:34
phillwn-iCe: this close, you should have been brave and grabbed 13.04 :P01:34
n-iCeWell I can wait for the stable release01:35
semitonesBut why are the Wifi networks listed in alphabetical order -- shouldn't they be listed in signal strength order?01:35
n-iCephillw: If I install 13.04 will it automatically turn to stable?01:35
phillwsemitones: nope, as signal strength could keep altering. all that is is a snap shot of what network manager found when it closed / slowed down your connection to find stuff :)01:36
semitonesoh ok, that's fair01:37
phillwn-iCe: 13.04 testing will update to stable, also 12.10 will let you know when 13.04 is out. The newest artwork is on 13,04, though :D01:38
n-iCewhere can I see that new artwork?01:38
phillwn-iCe: if you have 12.10 installed you can get it to then update to the 13.04 testing series.01:39
n-iCedoes it worth it?01:39
phillwn-iCe: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Artwork/Incoming/Raring/Box01:40
n-iCewhat changed?01:40
phillwn-iCe: you will also have the stuff the devs have been working on, so, yes as a desktop release it's worth it.01:41
phillwn-iCe: the complete switch to box, and a new set of wall papers as voted upon by the lubuntu community.01:42
phillwanyways good people, I'm heading for bed. enjoy lubuntu :)01:44
n-iCethanks, good to know we have support here, nite.01:45
semitonesCan you guys think of some other packages to avoid to keep lubuntu fast?02:04
semitonesso far I have unity and compiz02:04
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=== Guest70986 is now known as semitones
n-iCequestion, how do I add icons to the panel?02:20
semitonesn-iCe: good question -- that's kind of hard to do in lubuntu, somebody had to help me do it once and I forget how02:24
n-iCefound it02:25
n-iCereally easy02:25
n-iCesemitones: just click on any icon you have on the panel, and go to aps settings02:26
n-iCeand add from there02:26
semitonesoh cool02:30
semitonesso at first you have internet and file manager02:31
semitonesand you just add whatever else you want02:31
semitonesphillw: this is the work in progress: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AvoidFatDependencies02:38
Ludlow!how to mount a share drive03:04
ubottuLudlow: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:04
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount03:04
LudlowHello. Does anyone know how to mount or see a NAS ?03:05
k_sze[work]Why does lubuntu have dedicated x86 and x64 images for Mac, whereas Xubuntu and Ubuntu don't seem to have such dedicated images?03:24
holsteink_sze[work]: i learned that the other day, and forgot... lemme see if i can find that... it wasnt all that special03:25
holsteink_sze[work]: iirc, this was related to the secure boot thing03:25
k_sze[work]like, working with Apple's outdated EFI implementation?03:26
holsteini was hearing the opposite.. but i cant find that page03:28
holsteink_sze[work]: whats the issue?03:28
k_sze[work]nothing. I'm just curious as to why.03:28
k_sze[work]I don't plan to install it via Bootcamp though. I think I'll just use VirtualBox.03:29
holsteinUnit193: was it you talking about that?03:29
Unit193holstein: Pretty sure not me, I just know of PPC mac.03:29
Unit193(I have no idea.)03:31
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kewelhello .. piii1ghz512mb lubuntu12.04 -- uninstalled chromium, and installed chrome .. does anyone know what's up with getting flash player to work?  much thx06:52
javier_I have got problems to automount my usb with Lubuntu 12.10, all functions in PCMan are activated, any known issues? Thank you07:55
bytecounterHi @all08:36
bytecounterI need  any tip for booting from USB. I create an USB-Stick and add Grub 2. Now the system starts grub, but after select any entry, after a short time the system reboots. Also I tryed with any options, then the system say "Booting a command list" and after about 30 seconds (or 1 minute) the system goes to reboot - no messages08:38
bytecounternobody here?08:40
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linuxdumbI broke my flashdrive live install of lubuntu, with persistent enabled I had saved some very important documents, but I can't boot to this install any longer, so have installed lubuntu to harddrive and mounted my old flashdrive live lubuntu hoping to access these documents, but so far had no luck finding them?11:58
linuxdumbhow do I access them12:00
LudlowHola. anyone alive?14:19
cerebratei guess not14:21
cerebratei mean i guess so >:c14:21
* cerebrate slaps his brain14:21
jacklkAt the Ubuntu login screen, shutdown, restart, etc do not work. I think this may be because it needs root privalleges to do this... Can someone help?17:42
wxljacklk: you are NOT going to get help spamming every canonical channel about this.17:48
n-iCehello guys18:45
n-iCehow do I change the lxterminal shorcuts?18:45
echoSMILEHi. I'm trying to boot lubuntu with a livecd in a powerpc and when the gui appear with loading animation I got " unable to find a medium containing a live file system " how can I bypass this?19:22
wxlwow that old bug? i thought that was long gone. which livecd, echoSMILE ?19:24
wxlthat's odd. i must have booted that 10s of times in testing. you should check the md5s if you haven't already. and if that's good, you could reburn at the slowest possible speed.19:25
echoSMILElet me ask, how can change the speed of burn can change anything?19:27
wxlechoSMILE: it's less error prone19:27
wxl1 bit makes a difference19:27
wxland can mean the difference between success and failure19:27
echoSMILEis that the 'only' solution for this, like you said, old issue?19:28
wxlthat's the most likely problem19:29
echoSMILEok, i will reburn and test it.19:29
echoSMILEtks a lot.19:30
echoSMILEwxl: btw, is the desktop version I'm using, not the alternative.19:44
echoSMILEbtw, any other recomended live cd for powerpc?19:46
wxlechoSMILE: if you have no graphics problems, it should work fine.19:47
echoSMILEwxl: the loading animation appears, so I can say gui is working fine?19:47
wxlechoSMILE: probably but it'll be really telling when you see the desktop.19:48
echoSMILEI'm burning at 4x and the md5sum is fine.19:48
echoSMILElet see after this :P19:48
wxlyou can do an md5sum on the cd, too, after burning, if you want to get really obsessive19:49
echoSMILEhow I do that at windows?19:49
echoSMILEI dont have cdrom in my laptop to test in linu19:49
echoSMILEwxl: imagine the cd is fine, what can be, a hardware issue?19:57
echoSMILEany difference between the boots 'live' live-powerpc' and 'live-powerpc64' ?20:10
echoSMILEwxl: same error. :/20:12
phillwechoSMILE: you can install http://www.winmd5.com/ on windows to md5checksum20:14
echoSMILEphillw: yeah, but that checks the CD?20:14
echoSMILEnot the .iso file.20:15
phillwechoSMILE: can you see the cd mounted?20:15
echoSMILEmounted how/where ?20:15
echoSMILEshould I test the ram with memtest or something?20:16
phillwsoz echoSMILE It's been too long since I used win. let me have a look for you.20:16
echoSMILEphillw: about the integrity the burn software check after and was ok.20:17
phillwechoSMILE: have a read of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM#MD5SUM_on_Windows from my understanding of the http://www.nullriver.com/downloads/Install-winMd5Sum.exe version, you should may be set the directory to your cd/dvd drive. But that's just a stab in the dark.20:20
phillwin the URL window, and then 'send to' winMd5Sum20:21
echoSMILEphillw: I will try it later, but I double is about the cd.20:25
phillwechoSMILE: are you installing from cd onto the ppc computer?20:25
echoSMILEphillw: trying to run the live cd only20:25
echoSMILEand yes, in a ppc computer20:26
phillwwhen it boots, it should give you the option to 'self test' the CD. But, you need to chat to the PPC guys for the options that are presented. I don't have access to a PPC machine and the VM system doesn't show the problems that you guys have.20:27
echoSMILEI have the boot entries: 'live' live-powerpc' and 'live-powerpc64'20:28
echoSMILEand more.20:29
echoSMILEbut I'm using ppc so I just say that.20:29
phillwdo you not see the option to test integrity of the cd/dvd ?20:30
echoSMILERight now I cant answer that, but I will check it later.20:31
echoSMILEbut by default what you are saying is that option exist right?20:32
echoSMILEanyway, when I boot, I get a shell where I can't press enter and boot with the default 'live' option or press TAB and see the others options to boot20:33
phillwechoSMILE: you need to chat to the PPC guys, not too many are on #lubuntu all the time. A good way is using the lubuntu-testing mailing list https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing#Getting_Involved20:37
echoSMILEtks all.20:38
phillwechoSMILE: if wxl is on later when you get back, he is one of the PPC guys and can help within PPC20:39
echoSMILEcool :)20:40
phillwechoSMILE: but, I do recommend you join the testing team. I'll approve your application real quick. on the testing mailing list we put [PPC] at the start of the subject so they PPC and none-PPC guys don't have to read the ones they cannot assist with (the mailing list is fairly low volume, but at this stage of testing it does get a bit busier :) )20:43
echoSMILEok. tks. I will join, any help from my part, count with me for testing.20:44
wxlechoSMILE: sorry busy at work. what's up?21:26
SineTheCreator`hi all21:48
SineTheCreator`is there any way to reduce cpu usage in lubuntu?21:48
zleapnot sure,  what is running that doesn't need to be running21:49
SineTheCreator`i have noticed that my system is a bit sluggish. after checking htop i've seen that it uses hardly any RAM (~200 megs, i have 1GB) but that the CPU is often highly utilized even at idle21:49
SineTheCreator`eh. lubuntu itself, docky, and hexchat21:49
SineTheCreator`thats about it21:49
SineTheCreator`oh and xcompmgr for docky21:49
zleaphmm not sure21:50
SineTheCreator`i dont use a lot of the effects though. basic shadows and opacity. thats it.21:50
zleaptry free -h21:50
zleapthat tells you how much memory you're using  and how much is free,21:50
zleapi know top does but top also gives you a big list21:50
SineTheCreator`Mem:          874M       606M       268M         0B        83M       303M21:51
SineTheCreator`it's showing 0B used in swapspace21:51
SineTheCreator`it's showing 606M used, 268M free21:51
SineTheCreator`i guess 303M cache is what's using the majority of the RAM21:51
phillwcache is fine, you need to see what is eating CPU time21:52
SineTheCreator`also i'm not sure why it only shows 874M available? my laptop has an ati x200m, dedicated RAM. no shared memory architecture.21:52
zleapphillw, whats the difference betweet top and htop21:52
SineTheCreator`phillw: right now, cpu is mostly used by X and htop according to htop21:53
phillwzleap: it gives a more GUI version of what is going on and is a bit more customisable in what you want to prioritise for sorting.21:53
SineTheCreator`htop is using 3-8%, X is using 1-3%, all else is 0 or less than 121:54
SineTheCreator`if this is the case... why is the system so sluggish?21:54
SineTheCreator`it can often take a full ten seconds to load chromium or hexchat, and then after loading the app in question is incredibly slow and choppy21:55
phillwSineTheCreator`: what video card do you have?21:55
SineTheCreator`i switched to using qupzilla instead of chromium, it's a bit faster but not by much. scrolling and resizing is still painfully slow21:55
SineTheCreator`phillw: ati x200m21:55
SineTheCreator`it's using the default driver that comes with lubuntu21:56
SineTheCreator`but i'd assume it works normally, since compositing and shadows and such work okay21:56
phillwSineTheCreator`: have a read of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver21:57
SineTheCreator`phillw: i did. my card doesn't even seem to be listed there21:58
SineTheCreator`you'll notice that article applies 99% only to desktop cards21:59
SineTheCreator`very few mobile cards are listed21:59
SineTheCreator`i'll try the fglrx driver but i dont think it supports my card22:00
SineTheCreator`even the windows official ati driver doesnt support it22:00
SineTheCreator`they left that up to laptop manufacturers22:00
zleapphillw, looks a lot better than top, thanks22:03
phillwSineTheCreator`: try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=181116122:03
SineTheCreator`i dont even have an xorg.conf to backup22:03
phillwzleap: I use htop on all but servers.22:03
SineTheCreator`that article must be quite outdated22:03
phillwSineTheCreator`: as is the card. You can force the system to make an xorg.conf, but it will take me a few minutes to find the link unless someone here has the link handy.22:04
SineTheCreator`so... i DONT need the fglrx driver?22:05
SineTheCreator`or just not the official one/22:05
SineTheCreator`what is this xorg edgers crack?22:06
phillwSineTheCreator`: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2061399 will create an xorg file for you.22:06
SineTheCreator`phillw: cant do that. fatal error because X is already running22:07
SineTheCreator`oh. i have to reboot into recovery shell22:08
SineTheCreator`also why would i want to move to unstable xorg packages from this repo?22:08
Freddie_FreewingHello everybody, I have a quick question that I hope someone can help me with. I recently snatched an old iMac G3 out of the trash. It runs, alas I don't have the os install disk to reset the passwords so I am locked out of it. I was trying to use the lubuntu live cd. It booted to the text screen where you have to choose the kernel to boot from. I tried several, unfortunately it seems to kernel panic saying that it ran out of22:09
Freddie_Freewingmemory and there are no killable processes. Any ideas?22:09
phillwSineTheCreator`: the best team to ask on GPU's is http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=334 (read the FAQ), that area deals with multimedia :)22:10
phillwFreddie_Freewing: I'd suggest asking the PPC people, they can be found generally on http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=328 (the Mac PPC sticky is a good resource).22:15
Freddie_Freewing9.5530611 Kernel panic -not syncing: out of memory and no killable processes ... I guess I maxed out the ramdisk? Thanks Phillw I shall do that. :)22:16
n-iCehello, how can I test my microphone?23:27
wxln-iCe: try arecord23:29
n-iCelets see23:31
n-iCea lot of things are happening on console23:31
n-iCeno idea what does that mean, lol23:31
wxlwell you have to read the manual to understand what it does23:32
wxlthere's nice examples in there23:32
n-iCeBut when I do noise, new characteres appear23:33
n-iCeI think it is working23:33
wxlthere is that23:33
wxlsorry for being less helpful than normal n-iCe23:34
wxlbusy at work23:34
n-iCeless? you were really great23:35
wxlwell normally i'd probably have given you all the command line swwitches you needed :)23:35
n-iCecuz you rock23:36
n-iCearecord word was enough.23:36
wxlkewl then23:36
n-iCeI installed lubuntu in my gf computer yesterday23:36
n-iCeNow I'm doing it on mine :p23:37
n-iCealmost done23:39

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