Matrix3000guys, need some help04:22
Matrix3000base install of maas right now doesn't function out of the box04:23
Matrix3000at least from the 12.04.2 release cd04:23
Matrix3000also maas-cli doesn't exist anymore04:23
k0dHej! So I've got Maas controlling various nodes, but now I'd like to reinstall one. I don't really see an easy way to 'reprovision' a node.08:29
bigjoolsk0d: you just ask maas to release it.  it gets reinstalled when it is next used.08:30
melmothk0d, remove all service from it with juju destroy-service, then unallocate the machine with juju terminate-machine08:30
melmoththen it should appears back in Ready state in the web gui.08:30
melmothyou can then redeploy stuff on it08:31
k0dok, what I don't understand yet is the juju thing ;)08:31
k0dI haven't actually got that installed yet08:31
k0dbigjools: I missed your message ;) I can use maas-cli to release it…I've done that bit before!08:32
bigjoolsk0d: there you gop08:33
k0dIs there a reason that it's not available inside of the web interface?08:34
bigjoolsit's just not implemented08:34
bigjoolsit should be there08:34
k0dOk, I see.08:35
k0dTo me it feels like this is a very good system, with a defined plan/goal, but it's not all been implemented yet.08:36
k0dbigjools: melmoth: thanks for your help!08:36
k0dIt's really nice to be able to start/stop nodes with the power management things, but I don't seem to be able to get it to work with my virtual machines…only the bare-metal ones.08:44
k0dI'm using VMWare, maybe I need to switch to something else that virsh works well with, but then I don't yet understand how to configure that. Does anyone have knowledge/experience with it?08:45
k0dHej, I'm trying to pass on control of a node to puppet after it's been installed.12:00
k0djuju seems to be the wrong way for me to go about this12:00
k0dDoes anyone know how to configure the cloud-init config that gets sent?13:13
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roaksoaxrvba: around?17:07
vasuQ: I installed maas on 12.10 in VMware. with 2 NICS. on the private NIC (disabled dhcp), i have a 2nd VM booting via PXE.18:44
vasuthe 2nd VM gets dhcp ip from MAAS, but fails to get tftp image.18:45
vasuanybody has a hint for me, where to look?18:45
ppetrakiroaksoax, could you please get someone to review this? https://code.launchpad.net/~vanhoof/maas/ipmi-state-fix_lp1086160/+merge/15971420:06
ppetrakitrivial code change, big impact20:06
roaksoaxppetraki: done20:27
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