wilee-nileeGuest78104, Here is my stock list I did not save your link of yours. http://pastebin.com/qn5katdS00:02
Guest78104my tip to the developer community is: make notes in alpha and beta software that inform uninformed testers what is supposed to not work. when i decided to check canonical partners in 'software & updates' i had no clue it was not supposed to be checked.00:02
Guest78104you where right w-n. it was the partner00:03
wilee-nileeGuest78104, Ah, good, the fun of running a development. ;)00:03
Guest78104i would never have guessed00:03
wilee-nileetook me 2 days, lol00:03
Guest78104and when you do stuff you expect to work but dont check it right away00:04
Guest78104say no more00:04
Guest78104i think the developers could either just hide functions that is not yet ready. or atleast make notes in software00:05
Guest78104wilee-nilee: thanks alot for the help00:06
wilee-nileeGuest78104, No problem. ;)00:06
jbichaGuest78104: you could file a bug about that specific issue00:07
Guest78104where? how?00:07
jbicharun ubuntu-bug software-center00:08
Guest78104does it involve registering?00:08
jbichayes, you need a Launchpad or Ubuntu One account00:08
Guest78104so much stress, ill have to think about it. would be much more interesting if one could report problems anonymous through a application i ubuntu. i dont even know if this is a bug or if it is supposed to be like this since it is a beta OS i am using00:16
Guest78104common people dont want to get technical00:17
Guest78104a no need for registration 'report bug' application where you choose what application or other feature you have problems with and a prompt for short description and log files automatic attached by chosen software/feature would be great.00:23
Guest78104there should be no need to search all over the net to find such solutions00:24
Guest78104there is one more issue i have many times wondered about. why on earth under installation do you have to enter the city/home place before you choose input/keyboard language? most languages have special characters in city names and places. would it not be natural to be able to write those characters when you enter your city name?00:31
FishsceneGuest78104: That would make logical sense... figuring out the keyboard type *before* you have to type..00:35
GRIM-buttI need help with nvidia settings on 13.04. I get the settings all the way I want and save the file, but when I reboot it goes back to default. Im a massive newb and need help :(00:35
Guest78104exactly, why has it always been the other way around?00:35
Guest78104beats me00:35
Guest78104what i call a epic fail00:36
FishsceneIs it specific to Ubuntu? Or is Ubuntu using an installer from upstream?00:37
Guest78104Fishscene: I have no clue. But I guess the installer is ubuntu made00:38
GRIM-buttIs the anyone available that has experience with nvidia cards and setting custom resolutions?00:39
Guest78104GRIM-butt: You might try to make a generic question on #ubuntu00:40
GRIM-buttI did they sent me her e:(00:40
FishsceneGuest: He's using 13.04 beta00:40
GRIM-buttI should probably switch to a non beta build considering I essentially have no idea how to do anything but the basics with unbutu00:40
GRIM-buttThe second something doesnt work right im stumped00:41
Guest78104GRIM-butt: have you experience with earlier versions of ubuntu?00:41
GRIM-buttLike I said, very slight00:41
GRIM-buttThe problem is that the settings dont seem to carry over from a reboot00:41
Guest78104i dont have nvidia on my laptop so i really cant help00:42
Fishsceneheh. Yea, I'd recommend Ubuntu 12.10. :) Beta's are really only for bug-testing, so it's bound to have unfixed quirks.00:42
GRIM-buttOk ill reinstall with 12.10. Im sure the same issue will arise but then the other guys get to help me :)00:42
FishsceneQuick question though... How are you making the changes? Through terminal? GUI?00:42
GRIM-buttThanks :)00:42
Guest78104if i remember correctly you should not have to save any thing00:43
Fishscenehmmm... the only thing I can think of off the top of my head is to try to launch the GUI with sudo, make the changes and reboot.00:43
GRIM-buttI tried that, the xorg.conf reflescts the changes, but its like its not even using that on boot...00:43
Guest78104you should just do the changes in the nvidia manager or what it is called and the it should be set00:43
GRIM-buttGuest78104: Yeah thats what I feel as well, but alas its not working as such00:44
GRIM-buttIm going to make a 12.10 install stick and see what happens.00:44
FishsceneSounds good. Thanks for asking here though. Maybe a developer will pick up on it and look into it. :)00:44
Guest78104you have installed the recomended thirdparty driver?00:45
GRIM-buttGuest78104: Yes00:46
GRIM-buttThat alone took me like 3 hours to figure out lol00:46
GRIM-buttIm exagertaing of course00:46
Guest78104i am very noob despite i have been using ubuntu more or less since 7.0400:47
Guest78104i am more interested in plain use than troubleshooting and terminal voodoo :D00:48
FishsceneNo worries mate. It takes people from all walks to make things work well. :)00:48
Guest78104yes sir00:49
Guest78104GRIM-but: you have nvidia settings manager installed?00:53
Guest78104GRIM-butt: you have nvidia settings manager installed?00:55
GRIM-buttSorry for the delay, Was making a usb install stick01:04
GRIM-buttfor 12.1001:04
GRIM-buttI really hope this fixes the issue and everything works properly, cause not being able to watch TV is annoying the WIFE01:13
bjsniderGRIM-butt, the nvidia driver automatically drives the panel to its native resolution01:17
GRIM-buttYes, thats not the issue. The native res is outside of the edges of the tv...so it needs to be adjusted.01:39
FishsceneGRIM-butt: Is it possible to set the picture mode on the TV? A lot of TV's have the ability to set things like "overscan" "full picture" "16:9", "letterbox", etc..01:42
GRIM-buttUnfortunately no, this tv deos not ave these features01:43
FishsceneIf you change the resolution, does the picture show up properly on the TV?01:44
GRIM-buttYes, till I reboot01:44
GRIM-buttWell once I adjust the resolution with nvidia settings01:44
FishsceneI wonder if it's possible to set those "TV" features in the NVIDIA driver? I'm shooting in the dark here a bit..01:44
GRIM-buttYes thats what I do, but they dont stick on reboot01:45
GRIM-buttIts ok though EFF it. It didnt work in 12.10. either01:45
Fishsceneaha. ok. Have you tried running the GUI with SUDO?01:45
GRIM-buttYup :)01:45
Fishscenecriminy. Sounds like you're up a creek then :(01:46
GRIM-buttNope, I forgot that I have an unopened copy of windows 801:46
Fishsceneerr... Well yes, this particular problem might be solved...01:46
FishsceneI'm kind of curious now... I assume you tried the open source driver?01:47
GRIM-buttand then tried Arandr01:47
GRIM-buttNo luck01:47
FishsceneIs this a laptop or desktop?01:49
Fishscenegotchya. Well, the best I can do now is hope a developer is able to resolve this at some point.01:52
FishsceneI have to go now. TTYL mate.01:52
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Guest19753i am trying to install the proper driver for my ATI radeon HD 2400 following this as the best google find: http://www.noobslab.com/2013/04/install-ati-amd-catalyst-drivers-in.html02:00
Guest19753i got one error during the first part of the install procedure regarding: libgl1-mesa-dri 9.1.1-0ubuntu2 but when i tried to reinstall it i get message it is already latest version. so i continue with the two next steps in the procedure and get no more errors02:02
Guest19753but after install there is no amd catalyst in bash02:03
Guest19753ok, i found it with file search. but i get this: there was an error launching the application02:06
Guest19753                 this is the log file when i run the .run file downloaded from the ATI site: http://pastebin.com/m91iNE4k02:20
Guest19753the line above is when i follow this steps: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-ati-radeon-hd-2600-drivers-in-ubuntu.html02:30
Guest19753so, is it possible to get some more help here?02:30
Guest19753my system works with out this driver but i am not able to play 0ad without a proper 3d driver02:34
bjsniderthe nvidia driver has an overscan feature in nvidia-settings03:35
roastedspeaking of nvidia, anybody running the nouveau driver? I had 3 unity crashes in 30 minutes and tons of weird graphic frustrations.03:46
roastedInstalled nvidia 313 updates and 100% of my issues went away...03:46
bjsniderwell, it varies depending on hardware03:47
bjsnideri'm not sure if unity is the best environment to run it in03:47
roastedto run what in03:49
roastedyeah :(03:49
roastedI want to root for nouveau too03:49
roastedbut when I have less issues on Win ME than I do Nouveau/Unity it's hard to lean that way03:50
darthanubisweek until final, how has it been treating you guys?04:17
roastedmuch better than last month when I tried it04:18
roastedlast month apport was coming up every 2 flipping minutes04:18
darthanubisI hate that04:18
roastednouveau was a headache as I mentioned earlier but with nvidia drivers things are great now04:18
wilee-nileeI remove apport on all installs04:19
darthanubisgood to know for my xbmc box04:19
darthanubisI thought about doing that04:19
roastedI'm trying to let apport on this time04:19
roastedfigure if it helps devs it'll ultimately help me (pending it doesn't irritate me every 2 minutes)04:19
darthanubiswell that was painless05:00
darthanubisupgraded two machines with no stoppers05:00
alankilaapport is nice otherwise but it takes *forever* to construct the bug report05:17
alankilaprobably consequence of having been written in python05:18
alankilaI took a look at the crash report once and it was all text and I guess it base64-encodes the core dump or whatever in the file. Perhaps that is the slow part. I am just guessing though. All I do know is that once a program crashes, apport spends half a minute at 100% cpu use before it pops a dialog.05:19
alankilaso yeah I uninstall it too05:19
* darthanubis hmmm05:23
darthanubisapparently removing apport does not break the system05:24
darthanubisI remember the days before apport05:24
darthanubisit usually howlers after fresh install, but then after a few checkboxes here and there, I never hear from it again05:25
wilee-nileeIt will popup on any problems if you have any 3rd party stuff it is irritating, it has been buggy in the past, probably still is.05:26
chilukalright, so I've been following raring on my development test laptop05:27
chilukand the unity launcher is no longer coming up.05:27
chilukbasically after logging in all I get is my desktop background with whatever icons I had strewn accross the desktop.  No launcher, no top bar...just the desktop.05:28
chilukthis was after a most recent apt-get upgrade today after apparently weeks of not having done so.05:28
chilukI'm able to ssh to the laptop just fine to look at logs and such.05:29
chilukI'm just not sure where to start with debugging unity05:29
wilee-nileechiluk, you have a nvidid card05:29
chilukI'm running bumblebee05:30
chilukso intel + nvidia05:30
wilee-nileechiluk, Ah, where did you get the drivers for the card?05:31
chilukthe repo.05:31
chiluklet me double check.05:31
wilee-nileecool, some will download form nividia and a kernel upgrade will break the drivers.05:31
chilukyeah I'm a bit more savy than that.05:32
wilee-nileeI figured as such. ;)05:32
lordievaderGood morning05:37
darthanubisdo you guys card reader work?05:45
chilukI had to disable mine for eating too much juice05:48
alankilachiluk: dpkg --configure -a is a good first step when debugging apt-related problems. Sometimes the update terminates mid-way. The next step is to make a new user account and log in with that, see if that works05:51
alankilaif it works with new user account, it's some configuration issue most likely. Those are annoying but nothing a few random rm -rf's won't fix05:52
alankilaif it doesn't work with that either then logs of the x session must be located and read for clues05:52
chilukAlankila guest fails similarly05:52
alankilahmh. Sounds like a problem at the system level then not configuration.05:53
chilukthe var/log/xorg.0.log shows no errors05:53
chilukI did get some random corruption that e2fsck claims to have fixed.05:53
alankilanah that file is not the one either. I think it might be ~/.xsession-errors05:53
chilukdo you know the magic to tell apt or dpkg to go check the install05:53
alankilaah? Perhaps you might want to install debsums and let it check everything05:53
chilukAlankila thanks for the thoughts... we'll see how things go.05:54
alankilaI've for long thought that we shouldn't have a / filesystem. We should have some fuse mount that reads list of installed packages and pretends every one of those has been decompressed to a filesystem, without actually doing so. Then a layer could be applied on top of it to allow /home to exist, and some specific files like /etc/passwd.d/ that would contain file per user, through some overlay mount05:57
alankilaat least it would be rather interesting system if not exactly practical. There are far easier ways to achieve something like this though. Like only ship read-only system images like android does.05:58
alankilainstall will take something like 20 seconds because it only takes 20 seconds to write 2 GB of stuff on a harddisk. There are no upgrade problems, they are simply not possible.05:59
chilukalankila sudo lightdm restart from a virtual terminal shows Failed to use bus name org.freedesktop.DisplayManager, do you have appropriate permissions?06:00
alankilahmmh... dbus dead? I have no idea what is wrong though.06:00
chilukdbus being dead would probably greatly hamper unity and the toolbar06:00
alankilahave to go to a meeting right about now.06:02
chilukalankila++ thanks for the thoughts...06:03
chilukAlankila, debsums yielded nothing of consequence, but my kern.log is spammed with ata errors.  looks like hd issues.07:05
chilukstrange that everything works except for dbus and unity07:05
alankilahmmh. Okay, well that would do it I guess.07:06
alankilaPerhaps time to do smart long self-test and see what it says.07:07
chilukAlankila , time to back up /home, upgrade firmware, then do self-test07:14
alankilaharddisk firmware? that is one dangerous operation.07:18
drhalanhi. is there a reason there is no eclipse 4.2 package in ubuntu?07:29
drhalani read somewhere that there are licensing issues with eclipse? but archlinux also packages the most recent version...07:39
gacruxhi all, in raring, as of latest kernel update i've lost hdmi audio from my radeon card, is this known/expected?08:03
gacruxi have radeon.audio=1 as a kernel arg08:03
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nonix4Wonder whether anyone has documented the process of installing Ubuntu in a VM that has access to one(+) gpt partition, creating (1-disk) partitionable raid1 on that with /boot on md_d0p1 and lvm on md_d0p2 and then finally booting the result on bare hw? Done that a few times, wonder whether the steps needed should be written down...10:04
MonkeyDustnonix4  you want to write a blog about your experiences?10:04
MonkeyDustblog / article10:05
nonix4might if there is demand for such info... bit low on time tbh :)10:05
MonkeyDustnonix4  write it and submit it http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/category/how-to10:07
nonix4Result of those steps is such VM image that it can be booted both inside VM and on bare hw without changes, which is pretty nice thing to have. With actual raid1 mirroring being trivial to add if/when needed.10:07
bauhi all, I can't install packages from gdebi because it says that the password is incorrect, but if I run sudo apt-get in the terminal, it accepts my password, why is that?10:11
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baizonMy pulseaudio process is running at 100% CPU load since the last update. Anybody else having this issue?10:39
baizonscreenshot: http://i.imgur.com/kO0x81b.png10:46
Dark_lighthuumm has the top right icon (the one you shut down from) changed color by default?10:57
Dark_light'cause it turned orange here after updating today which well it sucks because it doesn't fit with my theme :P10:58
nonix4Hmm... why are there two identical-looking checkboxes of raring desktop/server in testdrive?11:47
BluesKajHiyas all11:51
Dark_light I'm beta testing a steam game that was working ok till yesterday but with today's mesa updates it crashes12:58
Dark_lightbasically switching from 9.0.3  to 9.1.1 broke it I guess13:00
nonix4hmm, "Bootlader install failed" does not allow input to the "Choose a different device to install the bootloader on" box?13:22
EgonRHow do i add a multi-name SSID to the /etc/network/interfaces file?13:38
EgonRie a name with spaces in it13:38
pinodo you think there already is an iso?14:33
beanthere is an iso14:33
pinonot officially14:33
beanthere's daily's14:33
pinoyes, but i mean the definitive one14:33
pinothe one which will be officially release on 25th14:33
k1lpino: show some patience :/14:34
k1lpino: if you dont have the patience go for the last daylies. or wait for the release day14:34
pinobut the official release must be ready14:35
pinocome on14:35
k1lpino: no14:35
pinothey are testing it14:35
k1ljust use the last testing isos14:35
pinoso the latest dayly will be the official release?14:35
wilee-nileepino, You are obviously not familiar with this. ;)14:36
philinuxpino: + any updates between now and 25th14:36
k1li dont know what is gonna be changed until releaase14:36
pinowilee-nilee: no really14:36
k1lpino: just install the last testing iso. it will update to the final release anyway14:36
pinoi 'd just  like to know what  the final release is based on14:36
philinuxpino: if you install now and update then u will have the release by the 25h14:36
pinophilinux: really?14:37
k1lpino: it will be based on the last working testing iso14:37
pinophilinux: so everything is frozen now14:37
PiciIt'll be based on what we have now.  There will be iso changes commit up until the time of the release on the 25th.14:37
philinuxpino: bug fixes14:37
PiciAt this stage, you'll likely see high-profile bug fixes and installer fixes.14:38
philinuxpino: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule14:38
pinoi just wonder if the update on 25th will be as smooth as if i had installed the latest release14:38
pinousually updates from non-final to final are critic14:39
philinuxpino: nah14:39
philinuxnot at this stage14:39
genii-aroundIt's all pretty much incremental if you do upgrade/dist-upgrade every day or so14:39
wilee-nileepino, You are reasoning with dichotomies and assumptions.14:40
pinowilee-nilee: i believe in god14:40
BluesKajpino, there isn't going to be anything different between the daily today and the final release , and as Pici and philinux indicated that will update and upgrade when it's ready. IME the last upgrade is usually very small and anticlimactic14:40
philinuxI installed raring on this lappy 3 months ago. I update each day14:40
wilee-nileepino, lol.14:40
BluesKajerr anything much different14:41
philinuxpino:  also anyone upgrading from 12.10 to 13.04 on the 25th as opposed to a clean install will encounter a long drawn out process cos of pressure on servers14:42
pinoBluesKaj: do you know if libfuse is still 2.9.0?14:42
otendthat'll be fun, won't it?14:42
pinoi hope they will update the library as ntfs-3g has a bug when using that version14:43
otendI have Raring installed for one reason: it uses a newer Intel GPU driver.14:43
otendThe one in 12.04/12.10 constantly crashes on me.  This one does not.14:43
pinootend: is it a new driver for old stuff or a new driver for new hw?14:44
philinuxAnyone noticed raring using much less memory14:44
otendIntel HD 3000, so quasi-old14:44
BluesKajpino, yes it's 2.9.0-114:44
otendit was a bit of a shot in the dark; I ran Arch for a while, and had no crashes, yet 12.04/12.10 constantly broke on me.  I guessed that this was because of software newness, so I upgraded to Raring and boom, fixed.14:45
otendso my upgrade could be a lifesaver or make everything worse14:45
BluesKajphilinux, overall the cpu and gpu on my system fans don't seem to be as active as evn a few eeks ago14:46
philinuxBluesKaj: I got FF with a few tabs and xchat and conky reports 628 ram before it would be 800+ (64 bit by the way)14:47
philinuxthis is ubuntu running unity 3d14:48
philinuxcpu idling at 3% too14:49
BluesKajdepends what you have open14:50
philinuxBluesKaj: me just comparing FF and xchat open to previous weeks14:51
BluesKajI always have FF open with 3 fav sites , konversation, and maybe the terminal . KDE here , but i'm not using any less memory , about 1G altho the cpu load is definitely lower bu 10% or so14:53
BluesKajalso using raster rather than native for Qt graphics14:59
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thebishopWHOOO I don't know if 13.04 did it or the Xorg-edgers crew, but for the first time in almost a year i can use an external monitor on my laptop!15:05
BOOMSHAKALAKAthebishop, 13.04 kicks ass15:07
BOOMSHAKALAKAexcellent development... makes me want to focus my coding on ubuntu devel15:07
BluesKajthebishop, odd , was 12.10 not providing a monitor output ?15:11
thebishopBOOMSHAKALAKA, hell yeah.  as usual there isn't one BIG change, but this one already feels far more polished than any recent release15:15
thebishopBluesKaj, I'm running a laptop with hybrid graphics and the hdmi port only works with the dedicated card15:15
thebishopBluesKaj, i used to be able to get it working in 12.04 by fiddling with vgaswitcheroo15:16
thebishopbut it would never work in 12.10, and until recently in 13.0415:16
BluesKajthebishop, what about the VGA out . did you try that ?15:16
thebishopBluesKaj, my laptop doesn't have vga15:17
thebishopmaybe through some displayport adapter, but i don't have one and never tried it15:17
thebishopyou read that right: Displayport on an HP laptop15:17
BluesKajhdmi is more convenient anyway15:18
thebishophdmi is the best port since usb imo15:18
thebishopi like thunderbolt too, but it's not clear that PC OEMs are going to adopt it15:18
thebishopit would be great to be able to use my firewire audio recording interface on a modern laptop, but that might be too much to ask15:19
thebishopfirewire via thunderbolt i mean15:19
Dark_lightOpengl 9.1.1 broke a steam game I'm beta testing15:27
Dark_lightfor intel cards15:27
BluesKajerr the game is beta :)15:27
Dark_lightBluesKaj: well yeah but it worked pretty much ok before the update15:28
Dark_lightand now it crashes as sooon as I open a menu15:28
Dark_lightsince that one did not get updated15:28
Dark_lightand since the devs already told me that mesa is problematic15:29
BluesKajDark_light, which game ?15:29
Dark_lightBluesKaj: Euro truck simulator 215:29
BluesKajsomeone on #kubuntu-devel was aaccusing a dev of mucking up mesa15:30
Dark_lightmucking up?15:31
BOOMSHAKALAKADark_light, I think BluesKaj meant fucking up15:32
BluesKajthat's all they said15:32
Pici!language | BOOMSHAKALAKA15:32
ubottuBOOMSHAKALAKA: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.15:32
BOOMSHAKALAKAPici, I think you meant !language | BluesKaj15:32
PiciBOOMSHAKALAKA: no, I didn't. Please mind your language here, no cursing.15:33
philinuxborked is the technical term15:33
BluesKajmucking up is better it indicates a muddied sistuation15:33
BOOMSHAKALAKAPici, be quiet15:33
BOOMSHAKALAKAphilinux, yes15:33
BOOMSHAKALAKAthat's true15:33
Dark_lightwell I'm not sure if he applied any patches or something but sure as hell something's wrong with it15:33
Dark_lightbe it the packager's fault or a regression in mesa itself15:34
BOOMSHAKALAKAwhat's wrong with mesa?15:34
BluesKajBOOMSHAKALAKA, I'm checking15:36
BOOMSHAKALAKAwhen is 13.04 supposed to be released anyway?15:37
Dark_lightsomething got ,as BluesKaj put it, mucked up I'm pretty sure it's GL support for sandy bridge15:37
Dark_lightor it could be GL support in general15:37
BOOMSHAKALAKA<-- mesa works fine here15:37
BOOMSHAKALAKAcould be sandy bridge I'm not running that15:38
Dark_lightBOOMSHAKALAKA: well we should all run the same test to verify it, all I can say is that a game I'm beta testing worked mostly fine till yesterday night, this morning mesa was updated and now the game is seg faults15:39
Dark_light*that last is shouldn't be there15:39
Dark_lightI would give more details if I'd knew how to fetch them15:39
BOOMSHAKALAKAdoes freeciv use mesa?15:39
Dark_lightIt could but this game uses opengl 3.0 specifically15:40
Dark_lightit's actually one of the main reasons I swtiched to ubuntu :-\ to get proper opengl support15:40
PiciHave you found a bug for this issue?15:41
BOOMSHAKALAKAwell it's a beta so you should expect shit to be broken occasionally15:41
BOOMSHAKALAKAbut yeah that's annoying15:41
Dark_lightwell yes but since the game has not been updated I don't think it breaks by itself15:41
BOOMSHAKALAKAsoftware sucks15:42
Dark_lightPici: well no, I haven't even looked that game is not yet out and mesa 9.1.1 is "new"15:42
Dark_lightso I wouldn't even know what to look for15:42
PiciDark_light: I mean a bug inUbuntu15:42
BOOMSHAKALAKAOpenGL sucks. we should all switch to DirectX15:42
BOOMSHAKALAKAdirectx and GNU/Hurd15:43
BOOMSHAKALAKAreal microkernel15:43
BOOMSHAKALAKAwhy isn't there a Ubuntu Hurd yet?15:43
Dark_lightBOOMSHAKALAKA: you talk to rms I handle the rest15:43
BluesKajDark_light, did you do a backtrace on the segfault ?15:43
BOOMSHAKALAKAhaha, I actually hung out with rms a couple years ago15:43
BOOMSHAKALAKAhe's a donkey15:43
Dark_lightBluesKaj: I'm not quite sure how to do it all I have is a .dmp file from the game which is unreadable15:44
BluesKajand are you sure it isn't opencl ?15:44
BOOMSHAKALAKAhe tried to get with my friend Sarah15:44
Dark_lightBluesKaj: of that I'm sure15:44
BOOMSHAKALAKAsend that core dump to the devel that broke mesa15:44
ysuirehi there15:45
lordievaderGood afternoon15:45
BOOMSHAKALAKAhi ysuire15:45
Dark_lightBOOMSHAKALAKA: who's the dev? and what are .dmp files?15:45
ysuireanyone has trouble with streaming radios on Rhythmbox since the beta ?15:45
Dark_lightthe second question is because I'm ignorant :P15:45
BOOMSHAKALAKA.dmp is core dump15:45
BOOMSHAKALAKAwhen a program crashes it dumps core15:46
hggdhan update to mesa is being published now15:46
BOOMSHAKALAKAcore dump is usually meaningless crap that devs ignore anyway15:46
Dark_lighthggdh: with what changes?15:46
hggdhDark_light: hopefully, the fix to the sigsegv in X15:47
hggdhbut I will only be able to check this evening15:47
Dark_lighthggdh: who's the maintainer? because I already tried talking directly with the guys at #dri-devl but they told me to git-bisect it15:48
Dark_lightfrankly if there's already a decent maintainer I'd rather dump this kind of work to him :P15:49
hggdhDark_light: someone in #ubuntu-desktop. But, again, an update was uploaded a few ago15:49
Dark_lighthggdh: I updated this morning (8 hours ago) to
Dark_lightwas that it?15:49
ysuireanyone that cares about my question lol ?15:50
Dark_lightbecause that is when the issues started :P15:50
hggdhDark_light: newset is 9.1.1-0ubuntu3. I think you are on 0ubuntu215:50
Dark_lighthggdh: yep I'm on 0ubuntu2, do you think it could be related?15:54
hggdhDark_light: that's my hope. The only probable change I saw in term.log from yesterday was mesa being updated (twice). But I cannot check right now15:55
Dark_lighthggdh: I fear a regression in mesa itself that'd be a pain in the ass15:55
hggdhDark_light: indeed. I know this caused an issue with Unity (crash on start); mine is a bit different, I can start a session, and some time later it freezes (but I am KDE)15:57
hggdhDark_light: another thing... this was a version upgrade (from 9.0.3 to 9.1.1)15:58
Dark_lighthggdh: yes that's why I'm worried15:59
Dark_lightalso the game devs are not interested into supporting mesa at the moment because they say it's no mature enough and the mesa devs are too busy to care about something like this16:00
Dark_lightso yeah I'm kind of frustrated :-\ I really don't want to bisect mesa, also last time I tried to upgrade it I was on slackware and it was a HUGE pain16:01
Dark_lightthe idea of testing like 20 or so revisions makes me shiver16:01
hggdhDark_light: should not be painful under ubuntu; anyway, we can always back out to 9.0.3 (while it is still available)16:02
Dark_lighthggdh: do you mean we as in me you and a few others or we as the whole community and stick to 9.0.3 for 13.04 ?16:03
ysuireI'm kinda frustrated too because i asked a question something like 20 minutes ago and it seems that nobody cares about it ... I'm sorry if i'm not an expert as you are but i thought it was an open community ...16:03
hggdhDark_light: I mean us right now, not the whole community. My issue is just getting my laptop in a sane state16:03
hggdh(my issue right now)16:03
Dark_lighthggdh: I've never downgraded anything with apt-get I have to look into it16:04
hggdhysuire: it *is* an open community; but it may happen that none of us know how to answer (I certainly do not, and I did see your question)16:04
ysuirewell that would be nice to know that someone saw the question16:04
Dark_lightI don't use radios16:05
ysuirei'm sorry if i'm not very friendly but well for a "still beginner" like me its a little frustrating to have no answer, not even "i don't know" (something i can understand you know)16:05
Dark_lightjust idle in the channel and ask again every now and then someone will answer ;-)16:06
ysuireok sorry i'm not used to IRC16:06
Dark_lighthggdh: apt-cache showpkg libg1-mesa-rivers doesn't show the old version how can I downgrade it?16:08
hggdhDark_light: it might be already under /var/cache/apt/archives. Otherwise you have to apt-get install <whateverPkg>=9.0.3-0ubuntu116:16
* hggdh goes out for lunch16:17
thebishopis anyone else finding significant slowdown in Unity after a recent update? it was fine yesterday, but now certain unity animations are really choppy.  tooltips and icon highlighting seems to lag significantly behind the mouse16:33
chrowhat are the major changes on ubuntu 13.04?16:41
Paul_MyBBIt fixed a graphics glitch that causes Amnesia to break ;)16:41
Paul_MyBBIt upgrades to a 3.8 kernel16:41
Paul_MyBBUnity is upgraded16:42
MonkeyDustchro  http://www.maketecheasier.com/ubuntu-raring-beta-review/2013/04/0316:42
NoizeI keep getting an error when i try to run 'sudo apt-get update'  error msg: 'E:Encountered a section with no Package: header, E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_raring_universe_i18n_Translation-en, E:The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened. '17:29
crhrabalAnyone know what the status is of Accomplishments in 13.04?17:51
crhrabalI have not been able to get Accomplishments to work in 13.04 at all17:51
trismcrhrabal: I notice bug 1132483 , might see if you are getting similar errors17:58
ubottubug 1132483 in Ubuntu Accomplishments Daemon "Ubuntu Accomplishments Daemon is not working in Raring" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113248317:58
crhrabalThe following packages have unmet dependencies:18:00
crhrabal accomplishments-daemon : Depends: ubuntuone-couch but it is not installable accomplishments-viewer : Depends: gir1.2-launchpad-integration-3.0 but it is not installable18:00
trismcrhrabal: do you have universe enabled?18:04
trismcrhrabal: although looks like launchpad-integration was deleted recently18:06
uictamaleHey all, I have the dreaded white background problem.  Is there a proper way to fix this?18:41
uictamaleI tried the instructions regarding gconf settings, but I don't have "nautilus" under apps18:42
Kalidarni assume it's a fairly trivial process to upgrade from raring ringtail development branch to the final released next week18:45
Kalidarnor would there be anything specific that has to be done?18:46
ubottuIf you install a development version of Ubuntu Raring and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 13.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.18:46
Kalidarnah okay18:46
Kalidarnim just wondering if on the terminal prompts that that (development branch) thing will disappear18:46
Kalidarnie if i do ctrl+alt f1 it says "Ubuntu Raring Ringtai (development branch) system_name tty118:47
trismKalidarn: yes it will once it gets closer to release18:47
Kalidarn:) yay, that's answered that question18:48
Kalidarnone thing i have noticed is with the raring ringtail install finally framebuffer is correctly set at the right resolution!18:48
Kalidarnie 2560x1600 :D18:48
NoizeI keep getting an error when i try to run 'sudo apt-get update'18:50
Noizeerror msg: 'E:Encountered a section with no Package: header, E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_raring_universe_i18n_Translation-en, E:The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened. '18:50
Noizeanyone know what's wrong?18:50
Kalidarntry deleting /var/lib/apt/lists18:50
Kalidarnand doing it again18:50
Kalidarnthat might not be a good idea18:51
Kalidarni think those are temporary files18:51
Kalidarnyeah you can remove them safely.18:51
thebishopanyone get their hands on the new 15.6" Samsung Series 7 Chronos? does it run ok on 13.04?18:55
Kalidarnthebishop: i want one but i already have a macbook retina so i can't justify buying one :(18:59
Kalidarni could try booting the amd+mac image19:00
FernandoMiguelthebishop: I have the arm version of samsung chromebook. runs chromeos wonderfuly :)19:00
thebishopKalidarn, oh god, the 15 macbook retina is a thing of beauty, but i've heard some really worrying things about running linux on macs.19:01
Kalidarnyeah it can be a pain in the ass19:01
thebishopapparently linux doesn't support Apple's power management properly and over time causes permanent hardware damage19:01
Kalidarnits not really the damage issue19:01
Kalidarnthat afaik doesnt happen anymore19:02
Kalidarnbut some of the issues are simply you get less battery lifetime19:02
Kalidarncos afaik the switching they use is something proprietary19:02
Kalidarni actually like how the samsung series 9 isn't a macbook look alike19:03
Kalidarnlike that new kirabook from toshiba, is just another mac look-a-like19:03
thebishopi got my wife an asus zenbook prime.  runs ubuntu really well and is pretty much a black Air lookalike19:03
Kalidarnsame with HP's envy series19:03
thebishopi have an envy 14 ;)19:03
Noizety kalidarn19:03
Kalidarnand then there's the dell XPS z19:03
thebishopi have zero issue with mac-alikes19:03
Kalidarnwhich also tries to look like a macbook19:04
Kalidarnthebishop: they just usually look ugly lol19:04
thebishopif you can't beat them, copy them19:04
Kalidarnas in the touch pad usually isn't has a nasty ridge or bezel19:04
thebishopi think the envy14 is pretty sharp19:04
Kalidarnaside from the fact they love using that synaptics crap19:04
Kalidarnive not used one PC laptop that has actually had a touchpad as good as my macbook19:04
Kalidarnexcept for samsung haven't used theirs19:05
thebishopit's got an etched pattern in the chassis that gives it a somewhat different look19:05
Kalidarnthey might have good ones because they make phones19:05
Kalidarnand might use some of the same technology19:05
Kalidarnwho knows19:05
thebishopas far as i can tell, the series 7 chronos is the only powerful PC laptop that has made the wise decision of dropping the optical drive19:06
Kalidarnthat's actually something i like about the retina19:06
Kalidarnno optical drive, as it's a useless waste of room19:06
thebishopretina is powerful as hell and thin19:06
Kalidarni also like the fact it has thunderbolt, mini display port and a HDMI port for projectors19:06
Kalidarnthe mini display ports can easily be converted to anything else, the HDMI port is sometimes useful for video projectors that have that and VGA and nothing else.19:07
Kalidarnand thunderbolt provides awesome I/O on portable solid state disks :D19:07
Kalidarnquite a bit more than USB 3.019:07
thebishopit would be nice to have thunderbolt on PC laptops.  i've got a nice firewire audio interface that i can't use on any modern laptop19:07
Kalidarnwell firewire is pretty much dead19:08
Kalidarnbut i really hate people that say thunderbolt == apple == firewire cos it's not.19:08
thebishopfirewire is dead, but quality firewire devices survive19:08
Kalidarnthunderbolt is obviously an intel tech19:08
Kalidarnyeah a lot of camcorders were firewire only for video capping cos it was the only thing with the bandwidth19:08
thebishopthere are a handful of pc laptops with thunderbolt, but none that i'd want to buy19:08
Kalidarnyeah none with HD displays19:08
Kalidarni would have bought a PC laptop if i could have got a 15" HD display, thunderbolt + displayport + hdmi19:09
Kalidarnmy brother bought a dell laptop came with HDMI19:09
Kalidarnand he found he couldn't push 2560x1600 on his dell monitor with it anymore19:09
thebishopit would be cool if Ubuntu would choose some reference laptops the way they've chosen nexus 7 and 10 as reference platforms for the ubuntu touch stuff19:09
Kalidarnyeah its hard i imagine for laptops19:09
Kalidarnthe samsung series 9 though looks really good i want to see that in person19:10
Kalidarnit doesn't have thunderbolt but i think it has everything else19:10
Kalidarni don't like 13" laptops19:10
Kalidarntoo small19:10
Kalidarnand a lot of the retina-like laptops are 13", like that vaio, and the kirabook from toshiba19:10
Kalidarnafaik the series 9 is the only 15" pc one19:10
Kalidarni also like how it doesn't look like a mac, shows a bit of originality ;)19:11
Kalidarnthough the max system memory on it is only 8GB19:11
Kalidarni've got 16GB in this retina19:12
Kalidarnthat might be the old one19:12
Kalidarnbecause it says 1600 x 90019:13
Kalidarnthebishop: im guessing http://www.samsung.com/us/computer/laptops/NP900X4C-A01US-features is the non HD version that was in that demonstration video19:13
thebishopKalidarn, yeah the series 9 is a great laptop19:15
thebishopi went with the zenbook prime though19:15
thebishopand it runs ubuntu 12.10 quite nicely19:16
Kalidarnwhat resolution?19:16
Kalidarnare there any that do anything close to 2880x1800?19:17
Kalidarnfor 15"19:17
thebishopKalidarn, i haven't seen any pc laptops over 1080p19:17
Kalidarnthe 13" mbpr does 2560x160019:17
Kalidarnseems all the pc ones are 13"19:18
Kalidarnor mostly are except for i thought the series 9 came in 15"?19:18
thebishopthat 13" mbpr doesn't get my blood pumping like the 15" though.  no dedicated graphics is disappointing for an overpriced ultrabook19:18
thebishopthe 15" is overpriced, but it's overpriced in the same way a porche is19:19
Dark_lightI'm having some tearing issues with videos with an intelhd300019:46
johnjohn101what will ubuntu's status be on evolution going forward?20:11
genii-aroundI think the consensus is that they believe that evolution progresses forwards, yes.20:15
* genii-around giggles and runs away20:15
IdleOneI'll +1 that20:16
thebishopjohnjohn101, it's really up to the evolution developers right?  thunderbird is the default mail app in ubuntu for the last several releases20:16
* johnjohn101 wondering when t-bird will integrate exchange20:42
johnjohn101one more week!20:43
uictamaleHey all, I have the dreaded white background problem.  Is there a proper way to fix this?20:47
uictamaleI tried the instructions regarding gconf settings, but I don't have "nautilus" under apps20:47
geek15Is the release candidate for Ubuntu 13.04 going to be published today?20:48
genii-around!schedule | geek1520:49
ubottugeek15: Raring Ringtail (13.04) release milestones can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule20:49
geek15The schedule calls for a release candidate to be released on April 18th (Today), but I can't find it on the official mirror yet.20:50
genii-aroundgeek15: Will probably take a while to migrate out20:52
MonkeyDustin ubuntu one, if I click explore, it's totem that opens, not nautilus, is that a 13.04 issue or a ubuntu one issue?21:05
johnjohn101why can't the font antialias and all be done for each individual font and not system wide?21:08
johnjohn101i'm using ubuntu tweak21:08
aljosai've just upgraded (13.04) and kde/kwallet isn't working. any password i enter (right or wrong) it does nothing. any ideas?21:44
rymate1234Any way to improve unity performance in 13.04?22:32
rymate1234It seems really sluggish fps wise22:36
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carreraGreetings!  :)23:53
carrerahow can I install ubuntu 13.04 with Gnome2 or MATE, WITHOUT Unity and zeitgeist23:55

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