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xnoxogra_: the panda issues were all fixed in X and we are expecting to release both desktop & server panda just fine next week, correct?12:08
ogra_unsupported ... but we'll release12:08
xnoxogra_: as usual.... if somebody drop-ships golden bricks to your backyard, hell yeah it will be supported =)12:10
ogra_we will not touch the kernel (not even rerbuild it) nor will we touch the xserver driver12:10
ogra_even if there are bugs ... as long as they are not fatal12:10
ogra_kernel and xorg driver are as is from quantal12:11
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shadeslayerhrw: hi, I'm trying to get the Nexus 10 with ubuntu as the main OS up, however my kernel+initrd combo seems kaput, ogra_ suggested I ask you for the chromebook kernel, since both the devices have the same board, I might be able to boot the chromebook kernel18:11
ogra_note that the display stiff will most likely differ though18:12
ogra_since the chromebook has a differnt display and no touchscreen18:12
shadeslayerI can diff the .config maybe18:12
shadeslayerogra_: do you have the kernel config for the chromebook?18:14
ogra_no /proc/config.gz here18:16
ogra_the package will surely have it18:16
shadeslayeryeah, /proc/config.gz is disabled18:16
ogra_but i think hrw already called it a day ...18:16
hrwshadeslayer: linux-chromebook package has /boot/config-* file18:24
* hrw off18:25
shadeslayerthanks :)18:25
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