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iktjared: have you seen the meeting log page?10:26
jeaikt: which page is that? loco.ubuntu.org?10:34
iktjust checking10:35
jeaIt has recently been upgraded10:40
jeamuch nicer looking10:40
jaredikt & jea I think the whole revamp of loco.u.c has been a good thing. I believe it looks a lot better and there is work slowly underway to make more features available as well.18:30
jaredjea: do you know anywhere good to hang out on a Saturday afternoon? Thinking a similar time to Sydney's party might be a goer, I just have no idea about venues as I never go out anywhere (no time!).18:32
jeajared: I am much the same. This weekend I have 3 assignments to do, including a group meeting that has been scheduled for saturday afternoon23:07
jeaso that sort of puts me out for that time23:07

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