pleia2mhall119: since you idle here.. I'll ping you when I'm back in May re: community site (jono planned the sprint on it several months back for while I was traveling, and I thought it fizzled out after that)05:35
pleia2good to know it's still something people are interested in05:36
pleia2is the demo for it still running somewhere?05:36
pleia2of course, why didn't I remember that :)05:39
pleia2adding it back to my todo list for when I return!05:39
bkerensapleia2: im wondering if there is some etherpad, google doc or repo in which contributions are taken for this site?05:40
pleia2I think dholbach sent some proposed text to the doc mailing list a little while back, but I think it was just pasted-into-email (and I was too pre-occupied with finding people to improve the actual docs docs :))05:41
pleia2"we can't point people to it with a stub article until we fix what we're pointing people to to be useful!" and all05:42
bkerensapleia2: I see05:44
pleia2aha, here it is: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityWebsite05:45
pleia2and right, that's the day I was on a panel at LISA12, not something I could reschedule :)05:47
* pleia2 sleep &05:50
vibhavgood morning05:56
dholbachgood morning06:41
philipballewgreetings Ubuntu09:41
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dholbachJoseeAntonioR, I don't want to take responsibility for it, but I'm more and more getting the idea that it would be better to move ubuntuonair.com off of wordpress and turning it into a very simple django app10:19
dholbachUbuntu SSO leads admins to a form where they can add shows date, time start, time end, title10:20
dholbachirc channel too10:20
dholbachand add a link to the hangout whenever it's about to go live10:20
dholbachand no more meddling with removed text from the web page, people who forget to link to timeanddate, no problems with wordpress plugins and updates10:21
dholbachand most importantly: we can tell people if the show is live or not10:21
dholbachthe current system drives me nuts :)10:21
dholbachbut not sufficiently nuts that I'd do it10:21
elfyI'd not have guessed :)10:22
* dholbach 's schedule is just too full10:22
dholbachit should be a quick job and I swear the next time I complain, I'll do it10:22
* dholbach goes back to update the text and everything in wordpress...10:22
* elfy sets timer10:22
smartboyhwdholbach: Good idea. :)10:23
dholbachsmartboyhw, don't worry - it wasn't mine ;-)10:24
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czajkowskidholbach: yay for text editors :)10:32
smartboyhwczajkowski: Yeah for nano10:33
smartboyhwTm_T: Nano editor in terminal:P10:34
vibhavemacs \o/10:34
smartboyhwYeah for gedit too.10:34
Tm_Taaand the hook was taken10:34
mhall119pleia2: pinging dholbach would be better, he's driving the community portal now11:51
JoseeAntonioRand dholbach dissappeared11:58
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR: No worries he'll be back:P11:58
JoseeAntonioRbut I need to run now11:58
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR: Just leave your messafe here is OK  I thinj11:59
JoseeAntonioRnah, he won't read it11:59
JoseeAntonioRanyways, I'm out.11:59
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR: dholbach.is.here.;P12:01
dholbachdpm, hey hey - how's life over there? in calls?12:44
dpmdholbach, hey. Not in calls, but I've just realized I was supposed to be in one. popey, sorry I had to go to the tax office and just came back. I guess you guys don't need me in the clock design call, otherwise, I'll be happy to jump into the hangout12:47
dholbachdpm, I would've just caught up with you, nothing urgent though12:47
dholbachmaybe tomorrow morning we can have a go at looking at the spec again12:47
dholbachalmost all of the rest of today I'll be in calls until 812:47
dpmdholbach, up to you, I'm free now, or we can talk tomorrow morning12:48
dholbachnevermind - let's talk tomorrow - I'll go and update a few other things in the meantime12:49
dpmok, sounds good12:49
popeydpm: its cool12:51
popeyweather one is coming up in 1012:51
dpmpopey, ok, sorry about that, will join the weather one12:51
popeynp ☻12:57
pleia2mhall119: cool, thanks16:06
smartboyhwpleia2: Today is Ask the CC right?16:07
* smartboyhw thinks he has nothing to ask the CC…16:07
pleia2smartboyhw: yes, but I'm at a conference and won't be attending16:08
smartboyhw_pleia2: OpenStack conference I know. How's it BTW?16:09
pleia2it's great16:11
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smartboyhw_pleia2: :)16:13
dholbachsee you tomorrow!17:11
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jonomhall119, around?23:25
mhall119jono: eating dinner23:27
jonomhall119, quick q when you get a moment23:27
jonowhen running weather I get:"23:27
jonofile:///usr/share/ubuntu-weather-app/weather.qml:3 "components": no such directory23:27
jonoany idea how to fix it, I need to take a screenshot23:27
mhall119jono: how are you running it?23:32
jonofrom command line23:32
mhall119jono: run "qmlscene ubuntu-weather-app.qml"23:32
mhall119wait, did you install it, or are you running it from a branch?23:33
jonomhall119, I have the PPA23:33
jonowhere is the branch?23:33
mhall119let me check the packaging23:33
mhall119jono: lp:ubuntu-weather-app23:33
jonomhall119, got it23:36
jonothanks, works23:36
mhall119I wonder why the package wasn't, it has the components directory in it23:36
mhall119jono: can you check if you have /usr/share/ubuntu-weather-app/components/ and if so what are its contents?23:37
jonomhall119, I dont have it23:37
mhall119do you have /usr/share/ubuntu-weather-app/?23:37

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