darkxstjbicha, backported fixes for bugs 1064022, 107754602:29
ubot5bug 1064022 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "gnome-shell crashed with signal 5 in st_widget_get_theme_node()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106402202:29
ubot5bug 1077546 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Gnome Shell sudo dialog said "Sorry, that didn't work. Please try again" when opening Synaptic" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107754602:29
darkxstcan you upload them before freeze, if no one else gets to them!02:29
jbichadarkxst: yes I'll do it tomorrow before freeze02:31
darkxstmeh, screenshield is still failing sometimes, with what looks like https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=68910602:45
ubot5Gnome bug 689106 in lock-screen "ScreenShield: try harder to become modal, and catch failures" [Critical,Resolved: fixed]02:45
darkxstbut that was meant to be fixed02:45
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slinnkyHey, are the 13.04 betas signed for UEFI Secure Boot? Are all the flavor betas signed (K-,X-,L-,ubuntu,-Gnome)?09:14
darkxstslinnky, I don't know about all the flavours, but ours are09:31
slinnkyAh okay09:32
slinnkyGood to know darkxst, thanks09:32
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nazgul_how do I upgrade from (regular) Ubuntu 12.10 to Ubuntu Gnome 13.04 (beta) ? "upgrade-manager -c -d" and later on install the ubuntu-gnome-desktop package?12:19
tommie-lienazgul_: yep, should work12:27
nazgul_tommie-lie: thanks12:28
petrus_i have a poor performance on ubuntu gnome 13.0414:06
petrus_my laptop uses optimus graphics14:07
petrus_installed nvidia bumbleebee but did't reconized nvidia14:08
atruspetrus_5: are you getting bad performance from gnome-shell, or from some application/game?14:20
petrus_5from gnome-shell14:23
petrus_5its the graphics performance that is poor14:24
petrus_5maybe it has something to do with the support for intel hd4000 and nvidia gt54014:25
petrus_5iam in the kitchen right now, so ill be answering later14:27
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darkxstpetrus_5, poor performance of gnome-shell or something else?15:12
darkxstif you want gnome-shell to run on nvidia card you probably need to edit the session file to add an optirun in there15:15
darkxstor you can try the new 319 drivers with optimus support, but they don't exactly appear to work out of the box currently15:15
darkxstjbicha, oh btw, was chatting with seb and Gunnar last night, we may have some work cutout to make sure that 3.8 lands in S15:48
jbichadarkxst: I think the stuff in the GNOME3 PPA is safe enough to land in S next month15:51
jbichathere's a few bugs with like Software Center & Nautilus and GTK 3.8 in general but there's plenty of time for those to be fixed15:52
jbichagnome-control-center and settings-daemon on the other hand is far from ready15:52
tommie-liewouldn't it be possible to have a seperate repository with the 3.9 stuff that updates together with the gnome development and have that go into S like it was done before unity?15:54
jbichatommie-lie: basically no15:54
tommie-lieaw :-(15:55
jbichaGNOME changes so much so fast it's difficult for the Ubuntu developers to keep up15:55
darkxstand its also difficult to get mis-mashing packages from different versions!15:56
tommie-liebut often there are packages available right after the Gnome release15:56
jbichait might be fixed if Unity makes it own apps for everything but I seriously doubt that the Ubuntu devs have sufficient manpower to do that in the next year15:56
tommie-liewho does the real maintaining for the gnome related packages in Ubuntu? you/other ubuntu-gnome people?15:57
jbichayes but responsibility for half of the packages is shared with the Ubuntu Desktop team15:58
tommie-lieah, ok, so that's the problem...15:58
darkxsttommie-lie, no the problem is that ubuntu heavily patch core parts of gnome15:59
jbichafor instance, external panels in gnome-control-center are a core part of Ubuntu's design but GNOME broke them in the 3.8 cycle15:59
tommie-liedarkxst: yes, that's what I meant, Ubuntu Desktop sees things differently than Gnome and that's part of the problem16:00
jbichaCanonical's desktop team is undermanned because much of the team is working on the Ubuntu phone platform too16:00
darkxstwell yes, but the real problem comes from sharing the same stack16:00
jbichaand now that Ubuntu is a mature product, Ubuntu doesn't want the risk of regressions (and additional work) just to have a few more features16:01
tommie-liedarkxst: yep, having "Unity applications" instead of using half of the Gnome stuff and modifying them to their needs would help, I think16:02
tommie-liebut sure resources are limited16:02
camelinahatjbicha, So does that mean that eventually, Unity Next will actually make it easier for keeping up with Gnome releases?16:34
jbichapossibly, it depends on whether Unity for traditional computers will use the same apps as the phone or not16:35
darkxstI don't see how it will help16:38
darkxstnot in the near future atleast16:39
petrus_5i have ubuntu 13.04 gnome 3.8.019 installed, ive got slow performance on gnome-shell16:39
camelinahatI thought that was the point, that Unity on the desktop goes QT as well as that on the phones etc. But no that would be at least a year away16:43
darkxstpetrus_5, gnome-shell should run fine on intel 400016:44
darkxstbut I have to go now16:45
petrus_5no, slow perfomance when switching applications16:47
jbichacamelinahat: well that's one way they could do, the other is that if you use Ubuntu on a desktop you get access to more powerful (gnome) apps17:02
camelinahat:( Since updating this morning I notice pulseaudio using up every spare bit of cpu usage after startup.18:59

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