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tiagoscdhi folks21:02
tiagoscdI like to know how can I have the #ubuntu-br-rj back from freenode-staff21:02
tiagoscddo you know how to do it?21:02
tiagoscdI think that founder dropped their nick and the channel owner was changer to freenode21:03
Fuchsyes, ask someone from the IRCC, they will decide since it is in their namespace, and ask us to modify the access list, which we will do then21:03
FuchsYes, indeed. This is default behaviour for single-# channels21:03
tiagoscdFuchs: great, do you know where I can found an IRCC?21:05
Fuchsin here21:05
Fuchsjust wait for them to appear :)21:05
* Myrtti prods AlanBell 21:05
tiagoscdFuchs: thanks :-)21:05
tiagoscdMyrtti: :-)21:05
Fuchspoor Alan, just because he starts with A ;)21:05
Fuchstiagoscd: you're welcome21:05
Myrttino, only because I saw him mention a juicy steak.21:05
Myrttihas nothing to do with being first in the alphabet21:06
MyrttiI want a juicy steak too.21:06
FuchsAwww, now I want one as well21:06
Fuchsbad Myrtti :(21:06
AlanBellit was a nice steak21:07
tiagoscdreally seems nice :)21:08
AlanBellanyhow, we need to look at #ubuntu-br-rj21:09
Myrttiaw you!21:09
tiagoscdAlanBell: our team (Ubuntu-BR) are reactivating the Ubuntu-BR-RJ subteam, and we think that should be a good idea to put it to work again21:10
AlanBellI see tiagoscd is an admin in -br so that all looks in order21:10
tiagoscdAlanBell: thanks :-)21:10
AlanBellso, yes, a bit of staff assistance would be great to add flags for ubuntuirccouncil and tiagoscd  please21:11
FuchsMyrtti: you want / I shall?21:11
Myrttigo ahead21:11
MyrttiI'm holding half of D's laptops screws in my other hand21:12
FuchsAlanBell: same (full) flagset for tiagoscd?21:12
AlanBellyes, that would be great21:15
FuchsAlanBell: all done :)21:17
tiagoscdAlanBell, Fuchs, Myrtti: thanks guys :-)21:17
Fuchstiagoscd: and gals21:18
FuchsAlanBell: you're welcome21:18
tiagoscdFuchs: sorry, hehe21:18
tiagoscdthanks guys and gals :P21:18
Fuchsyou're welcome :)21:31
tiagoscdAlanBell: could I request another channel (#ubuntu-br-rs) for our team? same problem21:33
tiagoscdFuchs: :-)21:34
Fuchstiagoscd: well, ready, but I need confirmation from the IRCC21:34
Fuchswhile we can technically do it, we won't unless asked to. Sorry. But I am sure he or one of his colleagues will be around shortly :)21:35
tiagoscdFuchs: great, I understand :)21:35
AlanBellyes, that one is fine too Fuchs, thanks21:39
Fuchsdone :)21:40
FuchsAlanBell / tiagoscd     all set. Poke me if there is something else, else do have a nice day  (well, do have a nice day anyway)21:42
tiagoscdthanks again AlanBell and Fuchs :-) you're great!22:11
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