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smbapw, Yup it was me. 07:21
diwicapw, you still have broken sound, right? Or did it resolve itself?07:23
apwsmb, heh ... ok08:12
apwdiwic, i think that the condition my system is in now it is not happening08:13
apwdiwic, i am suspicious it is power related, being on battery or some such, but not being able08:13
apwdiwic, to get fully updated easily is hampering my efforts to exclude cause08:13
diwicapw, anyway, I saw two more bugs related to hdmi audio this morning. One was an oops and I'm about to write a patch for it08:17
apwsounds good, i'll assume my issue is unreproducible till it isn't08:20
apwdiwic, get the patches out, they can go in the first SRU08:59
diwicapw, I just posted it to the list08:59
apwdiwic, always ahead of me, heh09:00
diwicapw, but sigh, maybe I need to do the the SRU essay too09:00
apwdiwic, yep after kernel freeze one needs that anyhow basically09:01
* ppisati hates pollen09:02
apwppisati, pollen already?09:05
ppisatiapw: yes, pollen f***ing pollen!09:06
ppisatiapw: i'm sneezing like there's no tomorrow09:06
apwsounds lovely09:06
apwmore drugs for you09:06
ppisatii don't like to mess pills :)09:07
ogra_ppisati, http://www.snopes.com/science/stats/sneeze.asp09:07
apwheh i think if i was alergic to the world around me i'd be popping them09:07
ppisati"it's the time for the sneezin' of love"09:09
ppisatioh my...09:09
ohsixa histamine reaction isn't fun, you don't have to mess with many pills to get it back to normal :p09:09
ppisatiohsix: i was kidding dude...09:11
ppisatiogra_: weren't you talking about modules on N4?10:23
ogra_was i ?10:26
ogra_what do you want to know ? 10:26
ppisatiwhy don' we use the new N4 kernel in the phablet img?10:27
ogra_i think that still needs some changes to the android build system ... 10:28
ogra_i know rsalveti committed something already, but i'm not sure thats enough yet10:28
ogra_also there is work going on to flip the containers which means we'll use an ubuntu initrd, i guess that needs to be done as well before we can change 10:29
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ppisatiogra_: i'm reading irc logs10:31
ogra_oh, and there needs to be some way of ugrading the kernel ... we'll need to research if flash-kernel really makes sense (if we dont flip the containers it will be better to use abootimg directly)10:33
ppisatino containers flip? doesn't sound good to me10:34
ogra_well, we dont know if it will work yet 10:34
ogra_ChickenCutLass is still exploring10:34
* henrix -> food12:09
apwogra_, what are we using from android other than the kernel anyhow12:26
ogra_apw, HAL, binary drivers, the input and media layers ...12:26
ogra_pretty mich everything that talks to HW directly12:27
amitkogra: which would dictate more or less an Android API for app developers?12:34
ogra_amitk, nope, there is libhybris in android and the ubuntu platform-api sitting on top of it12:36
ogra_so devs need to use the api12:36
ogra_s/api/ubuntu api/12:37
rsalvetiogra_: ppisati: I sent a patch yesterday to allow reusing the kernel available in ubuntu13:48
rsalvetiand also enabling that for nexus 4, waiting sergio to review & apply it13:48
ppisatirtg: apw ^14:02
rtgppisati, yep, saw that.14:02
apwppisati, good news indeed14:24
henrixsconklin: do you think its worth starting bisecting the Q bug in parallel?14:30
sconklinhenrix: I think we need to find an in-house reproducer machine14:31
sconklinI can't see any commonality in the hardware in the various bugs14:32
sconklinexcept that they are all filed against the 64 bit kernel14:32
bjfsconklin, henrix i think some of the people in bug 1140716 are having the same problem14:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 1140716 in linux-lts-quantal (Ubuntu Precise) "[regression] 3.5.0-26-generic and 3.2.0-39-generic GPU hangs on Sandybridge" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/114071614:33
apwwhats the bug14:33
henrixapw: bug #1167114 and bug #116938014:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 1167114 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu Kernel 3.5.0-27 does not boot" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116711414:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 1169380 in linux (Ubuntu) "Alienware M11x fails to boot with 3.2.40 upgrade" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116938014:33
bjfhenrix, sconklin, actually i won't be surprised if we are looking at multiple issues here14:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 1169304 in linux (Ubuntu) "3.2.0-40-generic hanging Lenovo T420 on boot" [High,Confirmed]14:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 1168961 in linux (Ubuntu) "Linux kernel 3.2.0-40-generic update causes regression, does not boot anymore" [High,Incomplete]14:34
henrixbjf: yep, i'm almost sure we are due to different feedback from different users14:34
sconklin1168961 has only one graphics card14:35
ogra_kamal, oooh, congrats for the new job ... !14:40
sforsheeapw, is there any reason to try and keep our enforcer rules in sync between the phablet kernels and the others?14:48
apwsforshee, it is less sensible where the base versions do not match14:54
apwwhere they do we should be trying to make a set of rules representing what we intend14:54
apwsconklin, henrix, i note that at least one has a call trace starting right after a failure to initialise the GART14:54
sforsheeapw, thanks. The base versions don't match, so now I can take the easy route and just delete the rule I don't want :-)14:55
sconklinapw: that helps, let me dig through the pile of graphics patches in the last stable update14:56
apwsforshee, do you know anything about what bumblebee actually changes14:57
apwas peple on the same bug are saying that installing that is sorting them out, and there is a definate theme of sandybridge (integrated intel graphics) + a-n-other card in these machines (first bug at least)14:57
sforsheeapw, not a clue, sorry14:57
sforsheeapw, I suppose it's likely to power on the secondary graphics device at least14:57
calcanyone happen to know where the fix for 957298 is supposed to be? it doesn't appear to be in 13.04 (3.8.0-18)15:10
calcand the workaround stopped working after 12.1015:10
bjfcalc, looking15:11
calcit mentions that 3.9 should help resolve the issue, but the bug was closed out as fixed already15:11
bjfcalc, 3.8.0-19.29 has the latest upstream stable commits in it. that's in -proposed you could try that to see if it fixes your issue. you will want to just grab the .debs for the kernel and not enable -proposed for raring as that may pull in other packages that are not ready 15:32
calcbjf: ok thanks i'll that now, when losing interrupts like a few seconds ago i can't even type, heh15:37
calcer i'll try that now15:37
* calc brb rebooting15:45
henrixsconklin: i give up trying to reproduce the bug. tried *every* x86 box i have around with both 3.2.0-40.64 and 3.5.0-27.46. no luck15:48
sconklinI just posted another bisection to the one bug that had a reported failure from the first bisection, and I'm looking at some patches in that first bisection result range15:49
sconklinhenrix: thanks for trying15:49
sconklinincidentall, that is bug #116938015:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 1169380 in linux (Ubuntu) "Alienware M11x fails to boot with 3.2.40 upgrade" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116938015:50
henrixsconklin: yep, seen it. lets wait and see...15:51
calcbjf: working atm, will watch it and see if it starts eating cpu again15:51
bjfcalc, ack, good luck :-)15:52
calcbjf: thanks for the help :)15:54
sconklinhenrix: there are two patches having to do with graphics transition from grub2 to kernel. One clears all buffer attributes, and I wonder if it's perhaps breaking the dual display case. But that's speculation15:54
* calc leaving going to do suspend/resume testing, etc, bbl15:55
henrixsconklin: also, there are a few regression fixes in the -proposed kernels (both P and Q).15:56
sconklinI found a suspicious patch15:56
sconklinthat's the upstream one15:57
sconklinhenrix: but there are several others, which touch fb driver, or have to do with grub2->kernel graphics transition15:58
henrixsconklin: ah, interesting. and that commit is on both kernels15:58
sconklinany patch with "band-aid" in the description is suspect immediately15:59
henrixheh, true :)15:59
sconklinthe patches I found are pretty spread out through the commits between known good and bad, so I don;t think we can do much better than just letting the bisection run its course right now. After one or two more we may be able to tell.16:01
henrixsconklin: fortunately, the bug reporters seem to be quite responsive16:01
sconklinsmall miracles16:02
calcbjf: seems that doesn't fix the issue :-\16:16
bjfcalc, sorry to hear that16:16
calcbjf: is there an ppa for testing newer kernels? i could try one of those to see if it helps16:17
bjfcalc, the -proposed is the newest16:18
sconklinhenrix: I'm going to start bisecting for quantal bug #1167114 also16:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 1167114 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu Kernel 3.5.0-27 does not boot" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116711416:19
henrixsconklin: ack16:19
calcbjf: ok16:19
Jopehello.. I joined to inquire whether you guys have considered enabling config_chromeos_laptop in your 3.9.0 builds? 17:16
rtgJope, CONFIG_CHROMEOS_LAPTOP=m is in our git repo, but apw's mainline build may not have it turned on.17:17
Jopeok, that's nice.. so just that I don't misunderstand, does this mean it will eventually make it to the mainline too?17:18
apw3.9 is built against raring, so if the config is in master-next it would likely get turned on in a mainline build; unless they moved it or somethig dumb17:18
apwrtg, when did it get turned on in raring ?17:19
rtgapw, not asure if it exists in raring17:19
rtgapw, in fact it didn't appear until 3.917:19
apwrtg, "CONFIG_CHROMEOS_LAPTOP=m is in our git repo," ... which one17:19
apwoh unstable-3.9 ?17:20
rtgapw, unstable-3.917:20
apwso yeah when you cut SS repo we would start building using that, and it would be on in later mainline builds17:20
apwi wonder when we will know what it is goibng to be called17:20
Jopeok, cheers :-)17:26
Jopehopefully I don't have to build too many kernels of my own then17:26
rtgwhere has the morning gone ? /me -> lunch17:27
apwwhere has my broadband gone, oh, i know that17:27
calcbjf: it appears to be fixed in 3.9rc7 and I updated the bug report noting that. I'm willing to test any kernels in the effort to get it fixed properly for 13.04 as well, otherwise the bug report probably should stay open until 13.10.18:31
rtgsforshee, uploaded the N4 kernel with your FTRACE config changes.20:13
* rtg -> EOD20:24
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