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IdleOne!no rmb is <reply> cjohnston, cyphermox, Destine, ejat,  hggdh, IdleOne, iulian, micahg,  Pendulum, PabloRubienes, freeflying, jared, amachu, and bkerensa. Meeting time.15:38
ubottuI'll remember that IdleOne15:38
IdleOneGoing with this. PM me or otherwise ping me if it needs fixing15:38
* hggdh pops in (again) ;-)15:38
jaredSee it works, you ping and we immediately have quorum.15:39
IdleOnenow if we can only have this happen for meetings we would we set :)15:39
hggdhI actually was in yesterday, just a tad late15:39
dholbachwho do we have here for the CC meeting?17:01
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dholbach#chair czajkowski dholbach17:02
meetingologyCurrent chairs: czajkowski dholbach17:02
dholbachso for today's meeting we just have "Ask the CC" on the agenda (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda)17:02
dholbachI haven't been part of any of these yet, so I guess I'll just ask if there's questions from anyone here? :)17:03
dholbach#topic Ask the CC17:03
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czajkowskiwell the catch up with the governance boards has been useful17:04
dholbachyeah :)17:04
czajkowskibut anyone can always ask the CC stuff or raise any issues.17:04
dholbachit's not entirely Community Council related, but I'd like to just quickly mention something I blogged about yesterday17:04
dholbachsome have noticed that in the redesign of the ubuntu.com page, the "Community" link went missing17:05
dholbachand there's work underway (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityWebsite has more details) to set up a more exciting, more up-to-date and more inviting page17:05
dholbachwhere we're still looking for some help to get it all nice and updated17:05
dholbachonce that's up and running, the link will be put back again17:06
dholbachso if anyone of you is interested in that, please let me know :)17:06
dholbachAny other questions?17:06
czajkowskiyes it would be nice if people helped if possible17:07
dholbachI guess if nobody has questions now, we could still answer them via mail and then blog them or something.17:07
czajkowskidholbach: sounds good to me17:07
dholbachI guess we can't wait a few more mins and then move over to mail17:07
czajkowskiand the loco council nominations comes to a close tomorrow17:10
czajkowskiso they'll be mailed to the CC17:10
dholbachah, great17:10
czajkowskishall we call it a day17:10
dholbachall right... I think we'll wrap it here then17:10
dholbachtomorrow I'll include it in our team report, so people get another chance to see the call for questions17:11
dholbachall right everyone17:11
dholbachhave a great rest of your day17:11
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meetingologyMeeting ended Thu Apr 18 17:11:19 2013 UTC.17:11
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crhrabalI'm not sure if this is the place to ask, but I have not been able to use Accomplishments since 13.04. Is this project still set to release in 13.04?17:53
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