qwebirc89144Hi, Just install Mythbuntu 12.04 and I have a Hauppauge 1950.  When I select the capture card.. it is not detected and gettig an error.  But I know that 1950 works because installed mplayer in Mythbuntu and I can tune in to NTSC channels.  Any Help thanks.00:49
Shadow__XCron is constantly emailing me with this http://pastebin.com/Ztb0VyZV and am unsure what to do about it. Should i just comment out the cron?01:13
superm1if you don't use mythtv-status, just uninstall it02:03
Shadow__Xi do use mythtv-status though02:07
Shadow__Xi like having that info come up when i login through ssh02:07
Shadow__Xsuperm1: what should i do if i do use it but i keep getting these emails?02:32
superm1Shadow__X: i guess try to purge the package and reinstall is a good start03:33
superm1otherwise you can try to remove the file it's complaining about and see if it helps so it's generated again next time03:33
Shadow__Xsuperm1: ok i purged it and will wait to make sure the emails stop before i reinstall thanks03:38
ubuntuaddictedanyone here? i'm having issues with an upgrade from 0.23+fixes ubuntu 10.04.4 to mythbuntu 12.04.2 and mythtv 0.26+fixes13:33
rhpot1991ubuntuaddicted: more likely to get help if you list out specific issues you are having14:42
ubuntuaddictedi am getting a lot of mythlogserver and mythpreviewgen processes spawning and it's causing my server to lockup14:47
ubuntuaddictedwhen I exit mythfrontend as well, it doesn't cleanly close, it just sits there on the screen for Do you really want to exit MythTV? I click "yes, Exit now" and it just sits there14:49
ubuntuaddictedi mean look at this, top of my backend server: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-JTZbY1LoU34/UXAIffS9IcI/AAAAAAAABtI/9gS206Ugkjo/s640/Screenshot%2520-%252004182013%2520-%252009%253A51%253A14%2520AM.png14:52
rhpot1991ubuntuaddicted: load average of 56 ouch14:58
rhpot1991ubuntuaddicted: http://www.mythbuntu.org/repos14:58
ubuntuaddictedand I don't know what to look at to fix14:58
rhpot1991enable that and sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade14:58
ubuntuaddictedalready am, thanks though14:59
ubuntuaddictedi am running 0.26+fixes form mythbuntu repos14:59
ubuntuaddictedall those mythpreviewgen and mythlogserver are basically deadlocking my server15:00
ubuntuaddictedman, i wish I could get some help15:05
G64Is there anyone that would help me formatting my 2TB drive and setting the correct write permissions ?20:54
G64On my Ubuntu 12.10 machine20:55
tgm4883is this a new drive20:55
G64i have used it, it is used on another linux system20:56
G64It doesn§t automount and the program i use to record tv cant write to it and i as a user cant create folders also20:56
tgm4883G64, it's local to the system?20:57
tgm4883what is it formatted as?20:57
G64But different OS20:57
tgm4883single partition?20:57
G64its a 2TB drive for saving recordings and timeshift20:57
tgm4883G64, ok, and you want to delete everything that is on it right now?20:58
G64Yes, thats no problem20:58
G64Because of fiddling around with it it might be better to reformat i think20:58
tgm4883so, it's mounted right now, but not automounting? Where is it mounted?20:58
G64But i am not sure if it is REALLY needed or that it only needs to be setup to autmount and that the correct permissions have to be set20:59
G64at this moment it is not mounte20:59
G64it mounts as i clik it in Unity20:59
tgm4883do you know the /dev/sd** location of the drive?21:00
G64You want to know what it mounts to after i click it ?21:00
tgm4883no, not necessary if you know it's sdb21:00
tgm4883G64, where do you want to mount it?21:00
G64i now clicked it and it says:21:01
G64./dev/sdb1 on /media/jp/Data type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks2)21:01
G64jp is the user (me)21:01
G64is it better to have it mounted to /meda/Data ? or doesnt that matter21:02
G64the user hts (from TVheadend) also needs writing permissions21:02
tgm4883i mount mine at /srv/<DRIVESIZE>/21:02
G64As u see (i am not the linux guru yet ;) )21:02
G64Ok, so it doesnt really matter where i woudl mount it21:03
G64./media/Data is ok21:03
tgm4883nope, just don't mount it inside your /home/USER/ directory21:03
G64ah ok21:03
tgm4883ok, so do 'sudo blkid'21:03
G64Is it better to reformat it since it has been in another system ?21:03
tgm4883and get the UUID21:03
G64got it21:04
tgm4883you could, but it shouldn't matter21:04
tgm4883are you familiar with /etc/fstab?21:04
G64not really21:05
tgm4883ok, are you familiar with editing system files?21:05
tgm4883(eg. needing sudo and such)?21:05
G64i have it open in nano now but have not used it before21:05
tgm4883so you want to add a line similiar to 'UUID=06086710-47c7-4b02-9dbf-6f8de034fa3d /srv/storage    ext4    defaults        0       2'21:06
tgm4883replacing your UUID in there, and changing /srv/storage to wherever you want to mount it21:06
G64Like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1r3do8am12jx7ev/output.jpg21:10
tgm4883G64, yep that looks good21:11
tgm4883so save that file21:12
tgm4883does the /media/Data directory already exist?21:12
tgm4883if not, you need to create it prior to mounting21:12
G64ill check21:12
G64it wasnt21:14
G64but i have now created one as root21:14
G64sudo mkdir /media/Data21:14
G64i even made it cleaner and is now /media/data21:15
G64no capitol letter21:15
G64then i will now add it to fstab21:15
tgm4883G64, ok21:15
G64ok done21:16
G64now reboot and see if it is automounted ?21:16
G64or am i too fast :)21:17
tgm4883no need to reboot21:17
tgm4883is the drive mounted anywhere now?21:17
G64if do mount21:17
G64./dev/sdb1 on /media/jp/Data type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks2)21:17
G64but that might be old21:18
G64or when i clicked from Unity21:18
tgm4883G64, ok, do 'sudo umount /media/jp/Data'21:18
G64i think its mounted :)21:19
G64./dev/sdb1 on /media/data type ext4 (rw)21:19
Gumby`hi all.  I'm just wondering if anyone here knows how to stop mythtv-backend from starting on boot.  I have tried to disable its init script however it still appears to start.21:20
G64It works :D21:20
G64i have rebooted and is mounted when i check "mount"21:20
G64and i can create a folder there as myself21:20
tgm4883G64, nice21:21
tgm4883Gumby`, how did you try to disable it?21:21
G64Yeeyyyy, i also start recording and i see a file there :D21:23
G64Niceee :D21:23
Gumby`tgm4883: first I tried using update-rc.d, then I tried renaming the startup script in /etc/init.d/, and then I even tried removing the startup script completely21:23
Gumby`yet, mythbackend still starts21:23
Gumby`its like a virus21:23
tgm4883Gumby`, I don't think you know what a virus is, but anyhow. You didn't do any of that right21:23
Gumby`is it documented somewhere how to do it/21:24
tgm4883Gumby`, upstart jobs aren't in /etc/init.d/ they are in /etc/init/   Further, the proper way to disable the upstart job is21:24
tgm4883echo 'manual' >> /etc/init/mythtv-backend.override21:24
tgm4883!disable | Gumby`21:26
ZinnGumby`: To disable the MythTV backend from starting at boot, simply do "echo 'manual' | sudo tee /etc/init/mythtv-backend.override". To restore the auto-start at boot, delete that file "sudo rm /etc/init/mythtv-backend.override"21:26
Gumby`thanks again21:28
G64Thanks tgm... Have set some recordings and see several recordings being recorded :D21:28

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