dholbachgood morning06:42
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looldholbach: moved invite 5 mn earlier to have people joing the HO etc.13:15
loolalso added this channel to the invite13:16
looletherpad for the HO http://pad.ubuntu.com/zx7ysKeP7813:21
Vikramhi there13:23
dholbachI just updated http://ubuntuonair.com/13:23
dholbachso the video should say "Power management architecture"13:23
dholbachif it doesn't please reload13:23
dholbachwe'll start in 7m13:24
MasterLotusHey gaize13:24
dicasto se ne vidi ovo polje gdje se pise :/13:24
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Fiszuo kurde13:25
Fiszuwitajcie !13:26
adi___i'm in indonsia13:28
sidewalkQUESTION: what goals do you have for the Power Management architecture in Ubuntu?13:28
loolsidewalk: saving power!13:29
sidewalklool: i hope thats not it13:30
mamthelegendsercan nickin ne yaw13:30
achiangwhat is the link to the etherpad?13:30
adi___this progam13:32
adi___bisa bahasa indonesia13:32
namihi adi are u from indonesia?13:33
Milky_where is discussion going on?13:34
Windows7x64When i can download Windows 7?13:34
dholbachMilky_, http://ubuntuonair.com/13:34
glamgood evening13:34
adi___mau upgrade dari ubuntu 10.04 ke ubuntu 10.10 knp ga suport13:34
sammy87good evening13:35
primaxwhat about power management on pc?13:35
dholbachplease if you ask questions, make sure you prefix them with QUESTION:13:35
dholbachso it's easier for us to pick up13:35
comiPFCI have a question. Will Ubuntu be avalible on old android phones like Motorola Defy for example or just newer ones?13:35
dholbachcomiPFC, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch lists all the devices where Ubuntu Touch was ported to13:36
JsKandhariIs the event on ?13:37
pamchihow can i get involve ubuntu development????13:37
dholbachit's up on http://ubuntuonair.com/13:37
dholbachJsKandhari, ^13:37
JsKandhariit is 5 mins over and i can still see the noise screen13:37
einalexdholbach: perhaps it's more visible if you put it in the topic13:37
dholbachpamchi, http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/ basically13:37
Fr34kadelle@JsKandhari Try to Refresh?13:37
pamchidholbach i mean, work for canonical,13:37
dholbachpamchi, http://www.canonical.com/about-canonical/careers13:38
Guest11549getting balck screen in between..\13:38
JsKandhariThanks !13:38
dholbachcomiPFC, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices I meant - sorry13:38
HackoGramI've questions13:39
dholbachHackoGram, feel free to ask them in here, just make sure you prefix them with QUESTION:13:39
glamQUESTION: why linuxmint rating's in distrowatch ahead ubuntu's rating ?13:40
comiPFC@dholbach i found it there.. so only Nexuses so far...13:41
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dholbachcomiPFC, there's like 30-40 devices listed there, no?13:41
dholbachglam, that's not really related to power management architecture :)13:41
glamQUESTION: why linuxmint rating's in distrowatch ahead ubuntu's rating ?13:41
comiPFCtalking about phablet-flash13:41
glamdholbanch, i think it's because Unity DE13:42
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dholbachglam, still unrelated - it'd be a distraction from the topic13:42
qwinieQuestion : i'm from belgium, working with Ubuntu now for a few years. I would love to sell or just let the people know about Ubuntu. Where should i go to?13:42
Milky_there is some problem with your cam seth please recover13:42
dholbachcomiPFC, ah yes, that's being discussed on the mailing list - all the bits have to be redistributable to be supported by phablet-flash13:42
dholbachcomiPFC, if we can make sure that everything is redistributable, they could be supported by phablet-flash too13:43
dholbachcomiPFC, it might help to ask in #ubuntu-touch13:43
ubuntualex89Thomas you have some issues with your connectivity13:44
tvossubuntualex89, thx, am I breaking up?13:44
dholbachtvoss, you were briefly, yes13:45
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Mattia93itWhen Ubuntu13.04 relase-day?13:45
tvossdholbach, hopefully better now, let me know if it gets worse13:45
Libras2909 /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER Libras2909 kflqnfkwnhcq13:45
hareeshmy pc gets heatd up usin ubuntu 64 bit13:45
ubuntualex89Yep.... prrety much . It seems there are issues in Germany :)  .'cause also Martin has some lag13:45
dholbachubuntualex89, I'm in Germany too ;-)13:46
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qetalle007i´m from germany too :D13:49
comiPFCQUESTIO: Maybe this isn't the time or the place for this question, but since i installed Ubuntu on my computer (from XP) it's running slower than Windows, and since it uses less ram and processor strenght it shouldn't..13:49
hareeshlags a lot over India too..13:51
ubuntualex89Yeah...not a good day for science it seems :))13:52
sergiusensdid the hangout just die or is it just me?13:54
sergiusenspage refresh did the trick13:54
mfischA great example of API abuse that I used at my last job: http://mjtsai.com/blog/2010/08/03/ios-background-app-kludge/13:55
CODENAME4365hey guys13:55
sergiusensyeah, like whatsapp13:58
sergiusenstvoss: yes we do :-)13:58
HcNguyen111_@mfisch, interesting...14:00
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benkaiserare you talking about the power consumption being a stat on the app or attached to user reviews?14:01
tvosssergiusens, ? :) sorry, difficutl to associate :)14:02
einalextvoss: sure the system should save your power, but in the end the user is still interested in which application uses how much energy. She can judge how important a certain application/functionality is then because she knws the costs (in battery life).14:02
tvosseinalex, sure, having that information available is useful14:03
sergiusenstvoss: users care about network usage14:04
tvosssergiusens, they do, sure. as I said: having the data is useful to the user, but our default policies should be clever as well14:04
brunogirinlool: would it be a case of having the app being able to specify "I need this device while running in the background so please don't shut it down" with device being things like audio, screen, etc.14:05
einalexI guess we agree that we want both: very good policies and introspection14:06
loolbrunogirin: yeah, do you have a specific example?14:08
loolmaybe with sensors etc.14:08
karni_You can leave that up to the app, allow it to use different flags to indicate what the expectations should be. Exactly, hints.14:09
sergiusenstvoss: camera should keep the screen on, video as well... certain video games may not require it14:09
benkaiserjust have a permission for 'allowed to keep the screen on'14:10
karni_video/game should grab a lock that keeps the screen on. full screen image preview would not.14:10
brunogirinlool: for screen, video playback; for audio, music playback14:11
sergiusenskarni_: depends on the video game, so yes, up to the app14:11
karni_sergiusens: Sure. Perhaps chess game would allow for the screen to go off haha :)14:11
benkaiserby giving th 'fullscreen' permission it would mean I trust that app to keep the screen on. Like when I trust an app to have sms capabilities, I trust it to not abuse them.14:11
karni_fullscreen != keep screen on14:12
karni_mixing the two would be a huge mistake.14:12
psi__hi everybody14:12
einalexkarni_: +114:12
benkaisersorry I mean keep screen on permission14:12
karni_I trust the image preview can take up fullscreen. But no sense for it to keep screen on, unless it's a "picture frame feature"14:12
brunogirinlool: you could have an API like startDeviceSession(device); stopDeviceSession(device) to notify the OS that your app wants to use a given device without interruption14:13
karni_+1 on reference counting device wake lock14:13
momitsi feel it makes sense to let the apps themselves decide which full-screen priority they need. even if the default should be really restrictive.14:14
Skald_9_it has to be easy to turn on and off14:14
karni_The app could even provide as granular flag as "grab screen lock, allow dim"14:15
aabbit's powerful14:15
karni_(that would actually be alternative of two flags, for the record)14:16
achiangkarni_: android does that with the flags you pass in to the wakelock, right?14:16
momitsQUESTION: as the goal is to reach convergence between the desktop and phone codebase, will the power management rules also apply for desktop apps? like video-renderers etc?14:18
karni_achiang: correct14:18
karni_achiang: an activity (what you see on the screen) can also have a "keep screen on" flag (just a wake lock made easier)14:19
loolbrunogirin: what you describe is typically android wakelocks14:20
loolbrunogirin: but then we're screwed in that we can't really be clever at saving power; we have to honor the apps desire14:20
karni_momits: What do you have in mind? A desktop computer usually does not go off/suspend on it's own, in contract to handheld devices.14:20
momitskarni: im thinking of the dockable version of handheld devices (like ubuntu for android), which will probably replace desktop computers some time.14:21
brunogirinlool: ok didn't know :-) but we can use a similar principle and rather than the API being a hard request, make it a query from the app with a way for the OS to say "no I can't do that"14:23
karni_momits: I see. If you'd dock such device, power management wouldn't be so conservative, so your video renderer would happily use the screen that is on.14:23
karni_PowerManagement policy will change the moment you dock, I would imagine.14:24
brunogirinlool: or allow the app to register a callback so that the OS can send back a notification if it decides to reclaim the wakelock early14:24
momitsok, makes sense.14:25
brunogirinIsn't it more important to know whether your device is plugged in or not rather than whether it's in phone or desktop mode?14:26
karni_brunogirin: I agree, however "phone mode" is not well defined. Plugged phone is somewhat better, so both factors are important.14:27
brunogirinRegarding old/new APIs, what about restricting apps that use the old API (current desktop apps) to only run in desktop mode while apps that use the new API can run in any mode?14:29
denemeooh no14:32
denemei just came :(14:32
einalexdholbach: Hi Daniel, Do you know if the google calender linked on ubuntuonair.com is up to date? the last hangout and to one coming up don't appear there14:43
dholbacheinalex, JoseeAntonioR would know14:44
dholbachI don't, sorry14:44
einalexdholbach: alright, thanks14:44
einalexlet's see if he got the ping14:45
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HcNguyen111_that was good14:54
linuxdudeare we live15:00
dholbachlinuxdude, no15:02
dholbachlinuxdude, 1h until the next hangout15:02
linuxdudedholbach: thank you15:03
laky95hi all :)15:15
qwertyuioppo 15:22
qwertyuioppo 15:22
qwertyuioppo 15:22
qwertyuioppo 15:22
qwertyuioppo 15:22
qwertyuioppo 15:22
qwertyuioppo 15:22
qwertyuioppo    15:22
qwertyuioppo 15:22
qwertyuioppo 15:22
qwertyuioppo 15:22
qwertyuioppo  15:22
qwertyuioppo 15:22
einalex~get a life15:22
qwertyuioppo 15:22
qwertyuioppo 15:22
qwertyuioppo 15:22
qwertyuioppo 15:22
qwertyuioppo 15:22
qwertyuioppo 15:22
qwertyuioppo 15:22
qwertyuioppo 15:22
qwertyuioppowhere can i buy it?15:22
qwertyuioppo 15:23
qwertyuioppo 15:23
qwertyuioppo 15:23
qwertyuioppo 15:23
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qwertyuioppo 15:23
qwertyuioppo 15:23
qwertyuioppo 15:23
qwertyuioppo 15:23
einalexfrom me15:23
qwertyuioppo 15:23
qwertyuioppo 15:23
qwertyuioppo 15:23
qwertyuioppo 15:23
stijndgnice :)15:23
qwertyuioppo 15:25
qwertyuioppo 15:25
qwertyuioppo 15:25
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qwertyuioppo 15:25
qwertyuioppo 15:25
qwertyuioppo 15:25
qwertyuioppo 15:25
einalexdholbach: you're needed ;)15:25
Natzerfirst time on hangout... but i'm wondering..  ubuntu is such a nice os but only an handfull people right here?15:26
kenvandinedholbach, thanks!15:26
einalexmany thanks! :)15:27
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prashantso whats new is going to ubuntu15:41
sheeru[QUESTION] is canonical mentoring for gsoc 2013?15:44
dholbachsheeru, no, Ubuntu is not part of this year's GSoC, I'm afraid15:46
id4rkhello everyone"15:48
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soecan I use ubuntu on my huawei c8812?15:48
dholbachsoe, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices lists all the devices ubuntu touch was ported to15:49
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id4rkcould you make a smaller video the next time, i cannot see the chat and video at the same time lol :P15:52
id4rkor put the video on the left side of the chat15:52
id4rkeveryone has widescreens nowadays15:53
dholbachid4rk, JoseeAntonioR might be able to help with that15:53
dholbachalthough I'm not sure he's around right now15:53
id4rkIt's ok for now, don worry, it's just an idea.15:54
dholbacha good idea :)15:54
id4rkThank you. :-)15:55
disaksenHello people! :)15:55
disaksenHmm, dholbach is Turkish, or atleast located in Turkey...15:56
dholbachdisaksen, not really :)15:57
einalexdholbach: what's wrong about using another client?16:01
dholbacheinalex, nothing at all16:01
dholbacheinalex, but I guess a lot of people just use their web browser16:01
einalexhehe that#s what I thought :)16:01
pig_orghi all16:02
MarekZeman91Yeap, I’m in G.Chrome16:02
MarekZeman91Ps: Hi all16:02
id4rkReply: test16:04
MarekZeman91test success :D16:04
KharitonWhen will begin show? ))16:04
einalexit just did16:05
MarekZeman91still see nothing16:05
dholbachif you want to ask questions, please do, but please prefix them with QUESTION:16:05
Kharitonwau. this is awesome...16:05
dholbachmight have to restart the page16:05
einalextry to reload the page16:05
sopyktHow do I use ubutu touch on android ph16:05
dholbachsopykt, that might be a question for #ubuntu-touch16:06
MarekZeman91QUESTION: So what’s the current status/progress of mobile Ubuntu or Ubuntu Android?16:08
vibhavMarekZeman91: Thats unrelated to the topic. You can ask them at #ubuntu-touch16:08
vibhavQUESTION: Essentially, the Facebook and the Twitter core apps use the friends api?16:10
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Is friends made with Python 3? Why not C++, I feel like good C++ code could be faster and more memory effective than good Python 3 code.16:12
crhrabalQUESTION:  Will Friends have different UI in desktop vs touch?16:14
vibhavcrhrabal: friends is an API. You can decide the UI16:15
vibhavFriends doesn't provide a UI, iirc16:15
micah_QUESTION: I'm working on a Pandora client for Ubuntu touch. I'm in the early stages, but it would be nice for the final product to be able to post to facebook / twitter, etc. Where can I find the info about the friends API?16:16
vibhavmicah_: Are you talking about documentation?16:17
vibhavlet me see16:17
CheeseBurgCheeseBurg: Is the friends api connecting to Ubuntu One so that the Ubuntu One account is automatically connected to my other accounts. This would be nice doing a fresh install and once I log in, all my other accounts just sync without any extra work.16:20
jessejoker What code editor are showing us there Ken?16:21
trobert2are we going to be able to code apps in python for mobile?16:22
trobert2i got the impression that we can do it only in c/c++16:22
ahayzenQUESTION: How does the QML app link to the Python 3 API behind...and is the Python 3 API running on the Phone or is something else used?16:23
ahayzentrobert2, same...maybe u can use Python backends?16:23
CheeseBurgQUESTION: How many social networks do you support now? Are you expecting the community to add more or will a team within Canonical also be working to add more networks along side the community?16:24
vibhavjessejoker: QtCreator16:25
jessejokervibhav: ty!16:25
trobert2thank you!16:25
vibhavQUESTION: Where can I find the api documentation for the friends api?16:26
dholbachthta's https://launchpad.net/qml-friends16:29
dholbachthat's https://launchpad.net/qml-friends :)16:29
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ahayzenkenvandine, thanks :)16:32
kenvandineahayzen, np16:32
vibhavQUESTION: How can I use the friends api with my C code?16:33
kenvandinethere are code examples there as well16:33
crhrabalDisqus would be great with Friends :)16:33
kenvandineand you can build it with docs enabled for gtkdoc style docs16:34
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Will Unity Next use the friends api?16:36
crhrabalQUESTION: Are Google+ and Google Hangouts Open-Source? Would Google+ and Hangouts be possible to implement within Friends?16:38
micah_QUESTION: Will there be a way to only allow certain contacts from fb, etc. into our contact book? I have too many FB friends.16:43
CheeseBurgQUESTIONS: Is the api being developed with the SDK?16:44
CheeseBurgDoes Ubuntu have a contacts application? Will the friends api be intergrated into it?16:45
crhrabalQUESTION: With limitations in Google+, does Ubuntu have any plans to create their own unfettered alternative to Hangouts?16:45
Lil-|^RedWill the Social network App allow for a statusnet (pump.io etc) aspect ? i.e. https://pump.jpope.org/jpope16:46
Lil-|^RedQUESTION : | Will the Social network App allow for a statusnet (pump.io etc) aspect ? i.e. https://pump.jpope.org/jpope16:46
Lil-|^Redsoz forgot the pre-amble.16:46
brunogirinQUESTION: if I build a new online platform, how much work is it to add support to it in Online Accounts?16:48
Lil-|^RedQuestion : | Will diaspora be supported :: e.g. https://diasp.eu/posts/22439416:51
CheeseBurgbye guys16:53
ahayzenthanks guys :)16:53
Lil-|^Redsee-ya thanx.16:53
robruLil-|^Red, no *plans* for diaspora but I'm certainly interested in accepting some patches for it if somebody were to write it ;-)16:54
Lil-|^RedI wil federate that request to the networks :-[ wHAT'S THE BEST CONTACT INFO. FOR THAT ?16:55
Lil-|^Redsoz 4 caps.16:55
dholbach #gwibber on irc.freenode.net it seems16:56
Lil-|^Redrobru: dholbach: Sorry, I turned up late .... I meant in launchpad ?16:57
dholbachhttps://launchpad.net/friends if I'm not mistaken16:57
dholbachmight be worth checking with the guys in #gwibber though :)16:58
Lil-|^RedI will mention the info. of " https://launchpad.net/~robru " too.16:59
robruLil-|^Red, that's my launchpad page ;-)17:01
Lil-|^RedOK .. Federated to one pod so far .. https://diasp.eu/posts/946179#  [If you click on the speach-bubble ('Comment') and the bottom of the screen - you should get a Request for Patches message.17:20
Lil-|^RedIf you can't... don't bother/worry .. It's only another bpod to deal with ;)17:21
Lil-|^Redrobru: Hope some love comes yur way .. :-)17:22
RojLaweRojhi frriend :(17:30
RojLaweRojwho is here17:31
Lil-|^RedRojLaweRoj: Moi- sei17:31
Lil-|^RedWhy the :( grumpy-face ?17:32
* Lil-|^Red tucks into his chicken home pride...17:32
Lil-|^Redoh well ...17:33
Lil-|^Redsame guy ?17:34
KeironIs the stream over?18:51
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Guest63766 days left to hit the official 13.04 ? :)19:27
JoseeAntonioRhey, ip4gjb23:51

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