Pici!guidelines > BOOMSHAKALAKA15:34
LjLboom boom!15:34
bazhangthought he was banned17:38
IdleOnehe should be if not17:38
h00k!away > Lut|off18:27
bazhangantispam is spamming18:27
bazhangseems like natsirt is up to no good18:32
bazhangis that a fork bomb?18:32
IdleOneit is18:34
jbroomethat http://sumber_tak_terpercaya url is dead18:35
jbroomewell duh.  it's missing a .something18:35
bazhang<natsirt> what's a fork bomb18:35
bazhang<troll detected >18:35
jbroomea horrific event at a buffet18:36
bazhang :(){:|:&};:  <---- thats what he posted18:36
jbroomethat's exactly a forkbomb18:36
IdleOneI'm thinking he is just really new18:37
bazhangI am not trollin , whatever that is?18:37
h00kapparently that was some ban evasion happenin18:40
bazhang* bazhangisgay (~tristan@ has joined #ubuntu18:52
bazhangwonder who that could be18:52
jbroomenatsirt.  if you weren't being rhetorical18:55
jbroomeaaand you were18:55
bazhanghad him in PM as natsirt (+q) and then he did that18:56
Myrtti!rootsudo > SunStar20:55

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