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tottto-drummondsalut tout le monde16:34
IdleOneheya tottto-drummond 16:40
tottto-drummondsalut IdleOne as tu essayé la 13.0416:40
tottto-drummondmoi aussi mais sur mon portable.. a date ca se passe bien16:41
IdleOnestable a 95% nvidia me donne des petits problemes, rien de serieux.16:42
tottto-drummondla seule chose que je trouve gossant c est que j ai pas trouvé le moyen d avoir mon icone de Skype sur le panel.. pour le reste c est ok16:44
IdleOnecreate a .dektop file for skype16:45
tottto-drummondok.. et je fais ca comment16:46
IdleOnedevrais y avoir des example dans ~/16:47
cyphermoxIdleOne: soon we'll need to think about a release party? 16:47
IdleOnecyphermox: I guess so :/16:48
IdleOneI'm not in much of a party mood lately16:48
tottto-drummondok IdleOne.. j irai voir ca quand j aurai une minute16:48
cyphermoxOK.. Well me neither tbh 16:48
IdleOnewhen is the release?16:50
tottto-drummondon the 25th16:50
IdleOneouias, pas grand temps16:50
tottto-drummondnon pas vraiment16:51
IdleOnecyphermox: We should all go to tottto-drummond's house 16:52
tottto-drummondhe he.. :-) ubuntu BBq by the pool lol16:53
tottto-drummondbut pool s water may be a little cold  :-)16:53
tottto-drummondby the way I m not in Drummond anymore.. I moved a little closer to Montreal... Ste-Julie16:54
IdleOnehonestly the past 6-12 months I have not been very happy with Canonical and some of the decisions and I have been thinking hard about my association with them. Only reason I am still part of the Ubuntu community is because of the people, if it weren't for that I would have switched to debian (not sure I like the debian community much)16:55
IdleOnetottto-drummond: I lived in St-Amable when I was a kid16:55
tottto-drummond:-) IdleOne16:55
IdleOnesure la Rue Remi16:55
tottto-drummondje suis sur la rue Lapointe.. pas loin du IGA16:56
tottto-drummondactually I moved to my girlfriend s house..16:56
IdleOneit's been 20+ years since I went back to there.17:03
tottto-drummondquite a while lol17:03
IdleOneback then there was no high school, no side walks, and no traffic lights17:05
IdleOnela famille Gemme owned everything lol17:06
cyphermoxTottto moi je suis à Longueuil / Boucherville 17:06
tottto-drummondje travaille a Boucherville cyphermox17:07
tottto-drummondChez Robert Transport17:07
IdleOneis Robert still private or did they get bought by Transcorp/Saputo ?17:07
tottto-drummondIt s still private.. and will remain ... Robert family owns 80% of the company shares.. FTQ owns the rest.....17:08
tottto-drummondMentionning Transforce in the office is like talking about the Evil lol17:09
IdleOneright, transforce. 17:09
tottto-drummondClaude Robert has insvest a lot .. 2 years ago he has decided to make a green turn with trucks rolling with liquified natural gaz... 80% less polution than diesel truck.. and nearly 40% cheaper to run17:11
IdleOneThat is cool.17:11
IdleOneWhat do you do at Robert?17:12
tottto-drummondTraffic planner..17:12
tottto-drummondI work on a compressed work week.. 3 days per week17:13
IdleOne18 hour shift?17:13
tottto-drummondnope.. 12..17:13
tottto-drummondI work Fridays Saturdays and Sundays... 36 hrs per week. but paid for 40..17:14
tottto-drummondalmost semi retired lol.. not too bad at 51 yo17:14
IdleOneTraffic planner == Dispatch?17:14
tottto-drummondwell dispatching is about 50% of my workload.. 17:14
tottto-drummondremaining is planning with customer.. and troubleshooting17:15

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