Odd0002is it possible to create a live ubuntu server USB drive, like you can with the desktop edition (with persistence)?  I tried with unetbootin and it only allowed me to install or check media01:30
sarnoldOdd0002: it is my assumption that if you have a second usb drive or have partitioned your drive to leave some free space after the OS, you could easily mount it and have some persistence..01:38
sarnold(it may not be the magical experience that it is on the desktop live image with persistance, but you ought to be able to store data on it persistently.)01:40
Odd0002but you can't actually start up the server edition01:41
Odd0002only the installer or an ash shell01:41
Odd0002from busybox01:41
sarnoldoh :/01:42
Odd0002that's why I'm asking01:43
peteyi just ran a bunch of commands I shouldn't have ran - had them copied and pasted02:06
peteyis there a way to undo that02:06
sarnolddepends on the commands, but in general, no.02:06
peteyi had some rewritecond pasted in...02:06
peteyhmm can i edit /etc/modsecurity/optional_rules/$f /etc/modsecurity/activated_rules/$f02:07
sarnoldwith the literal name '$f' in those directories? or all files in those directories? or some files in those directories?02:08
peteythats the folder that went through02:08
petey  https://gist.github.com/anonymous/dcf9ecd7ef3ae2f5326402:08
peteytake a look, that's what i ran02:09
peteyno thats the error that showed up, sorry02:09
peteyhttps://gist.github.com/anonymous/240f0ef7e18a563f8e1f - these are the commands that ran02:10
sarnolddid any of those actually -do- anything when run?02:10
peteylooks like a bunch of errors02:10
peteyi was only worried about the one that said 'done'02:11
sarnoldprobably the only lines that didn't error were the blank line and the # END line :)02:11
peteylol alright thanks02:11
peteysorry its been a long day02:11
peteyi would figure i would check to see if i didnt mess anything up02:11
sarnoldalways a good idea02:11
shaunoif you want to be sure, tail /var/log/auth.log - you used sudo, so if any of that was actually executed, sudo would have logged the commands02:12
sarnoldI've made that similar mistake, pasting a giant pile of unrelated things, and _hoping_ that none of the starts of the lines were anything in the PATH... :)02:12
sarnoldshauno: yay good idea :)02:12
shaunoit doesn't look like it should have, but it's kinda comforting seeing for sure02:12
peteyi didnt use sudo02:12
peteybut i will tail definitely02:13
peteythanks alot02:13
shaunothe actual command inside the loop uses "sudo ln -s ..."02:13
peteyshit yes you're right02:13
peteyi dont think it ran anything to be honest02:14
peteyjust some wordpress stuff i was doing02:14
peteywait crap it may have..02:14
petey /uploads ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/nano /etc/modsecurity/optional_rules/02:14
qman__petey, it has to have been a valid command on one line02:19
qman__even if that had run, all you would have done is set a couple of variables02:19
peteyi see02:19
qman__assuming "/uploads" is not a valid executable on your system02:20
peteyits just a folder02:20
peteywordpress install02:20
sarnoldpetey: woot. looks like you got lucky tonight and nothing happened :)02:24
peteylol yay sarnould02:27
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cukenI have a zfs pool running on samba, but on my windows box I can see the root of the share, when I click on it I get a network resource not found error04:02
Iapetusso my server can't be accessed by the outside world anymore. can anyone point me in the right direction?05:38
IapetusI do not have a FWDN05:39
Iapetusbut I do have gin and tonic, which makes it better05:40
Iapetusoh and crackers05:40
IapetusThis must be a common question I take it..05:50
greppyIapetus: do you have a public IP address on the server?06:19
Iapetusand  no06:20
greppyhow is your network connection setup?06:21
IapetusIt's a cable modem connected to two computers via a router06:22
greppyso do you have the router configured to port forward to your server?06:23
greppyWhat is the public IP?06:24
Iapetusare you referring to http://www.whatismyip.com/ or how I locally connect to it?06:26
greppythe actual public IP :)06:26
greppyso probably what shows up on whatismyip.com06:26
Iapetusit probably won't give you shit but:
greppyhopefully you are using RFC1918 space behind the router.06:27
greppyI have an ethical dilemma...06:29
IapetusI feel like I should just get passout drunk and not care about anything06:29
Iapetuslife sucks anyway06:30
Iapetusno search away on it if you like, you won't find anything06:30
Iapetusgo on then06:33
Iapetushave at 'er06:33
Iapetusshe'll like it06:34
greppyIapetus: did you see my private messages to you?06:34
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columbHey there. How do I reserve memory/cpu for Ubuntu? I'm aware of freeze on overload. Remoted didecated server on 11.10.08:41
ak5I need to have php msqli extension but when I try to install php5-mysql it pulls mysql-common - which I don't need or want10:08
Bongonehi guys.. Ive got exim and cyrus imap on my server. Is there any way that I can check the incoming emails of a user?10:12
greppyBongone: check them for what?10:14
Bongonegreppy: I want to see if there are incoming emails10:15
greppycheck the log files10:15
Bongonegreppy: I want to check how many emails are there. Because the users when they try to pull emails dont receive any10:21
greppycheck the mailq10:28
greppyI don't know if exim has the mailq command, but you can also look in /var/log/mail.log and see if mail is being delivered.10:28
TJ-What process creates (and doesn't delete) files in /var/tmp/guest.*/ on each boot? It's related to libguest but I've been unable to discover what is creating the directories and using the space10:32
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linuxcadetteHello! Im trying to change the PS1-variable to display current shell+ current directory. PS1='$(0) $(pwd)' doesnt seem to work with printing current shell. ideas?11:27
caraconanHi there. Any quick way to disable apparmor to allow this? http://pastebin.com/VCmVVivf12:12
caraconanI just want to test VirtFS12:13
bambanxguys i am here https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-install-iredmail-on-ubuntu-12-10-x64 , in the part of https://secure.instantssl.com/products/SSLIdASignup1a and in the select box  Select the server software used to generate the CSR: ?12:14
bambanxwhat i should choose?12:14
jdstrandhmm, caraconan didn't wait too long...12:22
strocknar_I'm wanting to use mod_sftp in proftpd. however, the server I am using is on 10.04. Aside from upgrading to the latest and greatest, is there anything else I can do to use this mod?13:39
strocknar_I tried snatching the .deb from debian sid for proftpd-basic, but it requires libraries of a higher version than what is available in ubunto 10.0413:40
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RoyKstrocknar_: what does that do that sftp in sshd can't?14:07
strocknar_easy chroot14:08
RoyKrssh should do that, though14:09
strocknar_right now I use sshd's sftp server14:10
strocknar_but am wanting something a bit easier to manage14:10
RoyKtried using rssh?14:10
strocknar_nope. but I will now :D14:10
RoyKwon't work if the clients need shell access, though14:10
strocknar_is the website for that really 'pizzashack.org'!?14:11
RoyKapparently ;)14:13
RoyK"home of pizzacode" :D14:13
RoyKrssh should be available from the repos, though14:14
strocknar_RoyK: I may fall back to taht if I can't get proftpd to compile from source14:14
strocknar_thanks for the input14:14
strocknar_looks like a good tool to have in the belt14:14
billy_ran_awayIs it safe to mount and use a RAID array that is recovering?17:01
billy_ran_awayI did last night and suddenly one of the drives was found to be faulty and was removed.17:02
ak5hi guyes17:16
ak5will I have difficulties if I use `usermod -l ubuntu somethingelse` as ubuntu on a single user system?17:16
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TheLordOfTimewhat's the default "PermitRootLogin" setting for openssh-server18:07
TheLordOfTimethat's what i thought18:08
TheLordOfTimebut i couldnt find that in the package's files :P:18:08
TheLordOfTimehence my asking :)18:08
keldwudnoob here with an issue that may or may not be of interest to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nagios-nrpe/18:09
keldwudnot sure how to properly search or verify or file if it is needed18:09
keldwudanybody want to guide me through the process or to a resource that can instruct me how to do so?18:09
QuestIf I have a asterisk server having centos or ubuntu or so  and hardware core2duo and I make the harddisk image by ddrescue or clonezilla or somehting. and past that image to a P4 Ht technology computer for example (different hardware). will the paste work? will I have any driver issues or something else? (please inform for assuming console based soervers and also for GUI servers)?18:10
keldwudI'm somewhat sure that my nrpe issue is isolated to ubuntu server 12.04 and/or 12.1018:11
Questit seems that its too dificult to have a contigency plan. (what if the server crashes or get burned. we need prompt premade backup)18:13
RoyKkermit: why use nrpe when ssh checks are so much easier to manage?18:37
kermitRoyK: i've never used nagios18:38
RoyKI have, for 10 years or so18:39
FrobergHi all. I'm setting up my first ubuntu server with 4 X 3TB drives. I'm reading the documentation but something has me stumped.. (https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/advanced-installation.html)19:00
FrobergIt says I need to create a swap area on each disk. Surely this cannot be accurate? From what I've learned having a large swap area is not generally a good idea.19:00
FrobergBut from the documentation, it appears to be the case. Would someone help clear things up for me before I proceed and potentially will have to re-do everything at a later date? :)19:01
sarnoldFroberg: I don't think swap space is mandatory19:02
markthomasFroberg: how are you configuring the storage in your system?  Software RAID, hardware RAID, or none of the above?19:02
sarnoldFroberg: nearly everyone likes having swap though, and spreading it across drives makes sense.19:02
FrobergI'm using Software RAID - was planning on RAID 5.19:02
sarnoldFroberg: but it makes sense to me to have some place to shove data that is rarely used and doesn't need to live in RAM all the time, if the memory could be more profitably used for something else19:02
FrobergThe guideline says twice the swap area of available memory. Would that mean that in my case, with 2GB of memory, that I should create a 1024MB SWAP area on each drive, then?19:03
markthomasFroberg: if you have swap partitions that are not RAIDed, and the drive with the swap goes down, you may (will?) need to reboot the box.19:03
FrobergOr should I do a 4096 on each drive instead?19:03
sarnoldFroberg: I'd want 2-4 gigabytes of swap space after raid has been taken into account..19:05
FrobergAye, I have allocated 4096 to the first drive already.19:05
markthomasFroberg: I second sarnold's recommendation.19:06
FrobergBut I got confused about the documentation and the statement that I had to repeat steps for all drives.19:06
FrobergSo you're saying I should keep the 4GB Swap on Drive #1 and repeat for the remaining three?`19:06
sarnoldI'm no good at the raid math :/ would that give you 8 gigs of swap or 12 gigs of swap once it is raided together?19:07
markthomas8gb, I believe.  That's a lot of swap for that much RAM.19:07
Froberg4 x 3TB = 9TB usable space19:09
FrobergWhen Raid 5 is used, I mean.19:10
Frobergso by my math I'd end up at 12GB of Sweap19:10
Froberg*swap, sorry19:10
sarnoldyeah, that's a lot of swap..19:11
sarnoldwhich might be nice if you ever move the array toa nother machine with 32 gigs ram :)19:11
sarnoldbut with two gigs of ram, either way that's a lot of swap.19:12
Froberghttp://askubuntu.com/questions/44217/frustrated-with-ubuntu-and-softwareraid-5 been reading that now19:14
FrobergI must admit that not a whole lot of what he's saying makes that much sense to me19:14
scarhow can i get an ubuntu server to use htaccess19:15
sarnoldFroberg: will you be installing your OS to this array or is this solely for your data?19:16
FrobergI will be installing the OS to it as well.19:16
FrobergI was hoping to avoid having to rebuild my server if the OS Drive failed.19:16
sarnoldmakes sense.. then heed the warning about /boot being mirrored, not raid5..19:18
FrobergSo we're talking multiple raid implementations? =)19:20
sarnoldcould be :/19:20
sarnold.. and stepping firmly outside of my experience19:21
FrobergTo be fair.. it seems needlessly complicated.19:21
FrobergI don't this usage scenario is entirely unique19:21
sarnoldI think folks with raid setups tend to do something like simple mirror or 0+1 (or 1+0..) for OS, and maybe raid 5 or raid 6 for their data drives..19:22
Frobergwith four available drives using two of them on mirroring would defeat the purpose19:25
Frobergunless multiple raid levels can be in effect on the same drive19:28
Frobergbut.. I lack experience on the subject19:28
sarnoldFroberg: yeah, same here. I -expect- it is possible but might complicate repairs well beyond reasonable.19:31
Frobergwithout Ubuntu Server being backed up though.. I'm really going to be up "shit creek" without a paddle if anything goes wrong with the system drive.19:32
markthomasJust catching up, here. Sorry, I thought you said 3 drives.  If you have 4, then yes, it would be 12GB swap, which is crazy…but that's IF you don't put the SWAP on a RAID as well.19:33
FrobergAccording to the guide the swap is being set up in a raid19:33
FrobergNext, select the Size of the partition. This partition will be the swap partition, and a general rule for swap size is twice that of RAM. Enter the partition size, then choose Primary, then Beginning.  Select the "Use as:" line at the top. By default this is "Ext4 journaling file system", change that to "physical volume for RAID" then "Done setting up partition".19:34
FrobergI take that to mean that the swap area will indeed be part of the raid array19:34
markthomasUltimately, a RAID-1 is sufficient for SWAP in most cases.19:34
Frobergwell sure.. but I want Raid5 for the extra space it grants over Raid119:35
Frobergyou suggesting I raid1 system on all drives19:35
Frobergthen when the system is installed, I Raid5 the remaining free space?19:36
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sarnoldFroberg: is there no chance of getting two new drives for the OS that you could mirror?19:39
FrobergAll drives are entirely new.19:40
FrobergI just got them today.19:40
FrobergThey're being installed in a HP MediaSmart EX490 server where I've upgraded the CPU.19:40
FrobergIt has four drive bays (hot swap) and nothing else.19:40
FrobergIf it were a matter of adding more disks that would be fine, if it were an option but it's not.19:40
sarnoldaww, nuts.19:40
sarnoldI'd seriously look into 0+1 or 1+0 or whichever works better. :)19:41
FrobergThat would leave me with 6 TB of space19:41
Frobergwhereas Raid 5 only removes the space from one drive.19:41
FrobergYielding, unless my math is off, 9TB of usable storage.19:41
sarnoldtrue enough, but unless you want to boot off a USB stick....19:41
sarnoldactually, how do you feel about booting off USB? :)19:41
* sarnold runs19:41
Frobergnot terribly comfortable, to be honest.19:42
FrobergThe server is headless, so I've had to buy a debug cable and attach it to the motherboard for a VGA connection19:42
FrobergThe cable will not fit inside the case, as such, it'll have to go.19:42
FrobergI would like to eliminate the chances of something going wrong that will require me to dismantle the entire server and re-attach it.19:43
FrobergBooting from a USB seems like a risky thing to do, in this scenario.19:43
sarnoldyeah, agreed there. but it does let you use your huge data drives for data with the raid5 without overly complicating repair..19:43
Frobergif I can raid 1 a small system partition on all drives19:44
Frobergand then raid 5 the remainder when the system is booted19:44
FrobergI don't see any reason why that shouldn't be rock-solid.19:44
Frobergbarring dual drive failure19:44
sarnoldhrm, that sounds worth trying19:45
Frobergmarkthomas - what size to I partition these mythical raid1 partions in, then? :P19:47
stressedfredJust checked my web server logs, i have like over 10 different chinese ips that connected to port 22. What should I do?19:47
markthomasFroberg: what are you doing with this server?19:48
FrobergSamba File Share and Plex Media Server19:48
Frobergrtorrent as well19:48
markthomasstressedfred: fail2ban or denyhosts19:48
markthomasFroberg: and how much RAM did you say you have?19:49
stressedfredmarkthomas: I already have fail2ban installed.19:49
Frobergmarkthomas 2GB19:49
markthomasstressedfred: then if it's doing its job, those IPs should already be in /etc/hosts.deny19:49
beanstressedfred: them connecting isn't a big deal.19:50
FrobergLooking for a second hand 4GB DDR2 module somewhere.. prices went up after ddr3 as usual ;)(19:50
sarnoldstressedfred: make sure you do not allow password authentication over ssh, consider using hosts.allow or iptables to limit connection attempts to 'known good' IP ranges that you and your users use (not always feasible..) -- consider using ufw limit ssh/tcp    to rate-limit incoming connection attempts from specific ips19:50
markthomasFroberg: No more than 4GB, IMO.  If you start paging, you need more RAM.  2GB is a little lite.19:50
markthomasstressedfred:  good practice to turn off password auth, but not always feasible.19:50
IdleOne!language | stressedfred19:51
ubottustressedfred: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.19:51
stressedfredGot IPs from North Korea, Ukraine, and Russia too19:51
stressedfredJesus christ.19:51
Frobergmarkthomas so do I make a 1GB Swap on each drive, or a 4GB swap on each drive? :)19:51
Frobergraid 1 over four drives should still only yield 1 GB of swap, so I think 4?19:52
markthomasFroberg: correct.19:53
markthomasFroberg: overkill, in this case, but with the drive configuration you have…  Alternately, if you really want to RAID-5 your swap, do 1.5GB Each.  I can't guarantee how well the latter will work.19:55
FrobergI'm indifferent either way.19:55
FrobergAs long as the primary storage space is in Raid5 to optimize the available space.19:55
FrobergI will be making backup to external drives so 100% reliability is not absolutely critical19:55
FrobergStill, being able to survive one drive failure would be nice indeed.19:55
markthomasFroberg: if the swap is mirrored, you should be able to stay online if a drive fails.19:57
Frobergwhat do you know.. random google searching turned this up: http://www.mediasmartserver.net/2011/06/07/guide-how-to-set-up-ubuntu-and-raid5-on-the-mediasmart-server/19:57
markthomasI love the optimism: "This exercise also likely dedicates too much space for swap, but in the grand scheme of things this should not make much of a difference."19:58
Froberghe's not terribly good at documenting his steps, either :p19:59
Froberghe is also, apparently, letting it configure everything automatically20:01
Frobergwhich isn't exactly what the official documentation recommends20:01
FrobergI guess one could try his method and see if it even works20:02
Frobergit's not like I have fear of data loss at this point ;)20:02
FrobergJust tried to see what it looked like.. swap at 2.1 GB, 3.0TB Ext4 and 1.0 MB biosgrub20:03
Frobergnever seen biosgrub before20:03
markthomasGrub2 has a couple different ways to boot, now: UEFI and BIOS.  I guess we know which is being used here.20:25
FrobergRaid 5 array with 4 drive is set up20:26
FrobergUbuntu server is installing..20:26
Frobergswap area landed at six gigs20:26
Frobergno hot spare ;)20:26
Frobergso far my first Ubuntu Server experience has not been as terrifying as I'd suspected.20:27
Froberglargely due to you markthomas and sarnold - so cheers guys. :)20:28
Frobergaccidentally only chose samba package to install20:35
Frobergnow I have to add openssh manually20:36
Frobergoh well, learning experiences!20:36
izanagisanI'm setting up a RAID 1 in 2 1TB drives and leaving a third 1TB drive as Hot Spare. Am I being silly for not setting up RAID 5 on all 3 instead?20:36
Frobergwell I just did ten minutes of reading on the subject20:36
Frobergso clearly I'm already an expert20:36
FrobergBut the idea behind hot swap is nice, but it's also dangerous imo20:36
izanagisanhahaha, same here man, read the IBM documentation on RAIDs. Fascinating topic20:37
Frobergif a degradation of your array is detected, the hot spare will kick in and the array will rebuild20:37
FrobergWITHOUT user interaction20:37
Frobergthis stresses the reamining drives and can potentially cause a cascading failure on the other drives20:37
Frobergleaving your with a dead array20:37
Frobergmeanwhile if you don't have a hot spare, you'll at least have a shot at backup before rebuilding20:37
Frobergthat's why I chose against a hot spare, at least.20:38
izanagisanI think I'm gonna try all possible configurations and run tests20:39
izanagisanbut yah I'll proly stay with RAID 5 on all 3 drives20:39
Frobergwhat the hell20:39
Frobergnow it asks me where to put the grub boot loader20:39
Frobergam I expected to remember all the drive names? :D20:40
izanagisanhow many virtual drives did you create?20:40
Froberg4 ext4 and 4 swap20:40
Frobergresulting in one ext4 raid 5 and 1 swap raid520:40
markthomasPut the grub bootloader on the first drive (/dev/sda, usually)20:41
Froberghere goes nothing20:41
izanagisanallright, it seems like very soon I'll run though the exact same issues than you. Starting my first UbuntuServer installation on an actual server, with hardware RAID20:41
Froberga list would be nice to have :P20:41
Frobergizanagisan I'm happy to make all your mistakes for you! :)=20:42
markthomasizanagisan: hardware RAID will be somewhat different.  The drive configuration will be done before install.20:42
izanagisanwas done already. A first test with 1 virtual drive, 2 phisical drives RAID 120:42
Froberg... install finished.. rebooting20:42
Froberghold on to your socks20:43
izanagisanso, that'll make the UbuntuServer install process easier, right?. the RAID config will be transparent?20:43
izanagisanI'll only see one drive?20:43
markthomasFroberg: the scenario they're describing is unlikely, unless you keep your drives well outside their expected lifespan.  But it's not unheard of.  Bottom line: back up your stuff.20:43
markthomasizanagisan: you should.  Hardware RAID is typically done by the BIOS (some SATA Fakeraid of old would still show multiple drives.  Had to do some tweaking then.  It's been awhile).20:43
Frobergwell markthomas in a scenario like mine.. I've bought all four drives at the same time. Same manufacturer and type. (WD Red 3TB).20:44
FrobergIt's not entirely unlikely that they will fail within a short period of each other.20:44
FrobergBut hey, a five year warranty is hard to beat.20:44
markthomasRight.  If you're concerned, I'd stress them and burn them in BEFORE going into prod.20:44
Frobergit's not like my NAS and media server is a critical application.20:45
FrobergAs long as I continue to keep religious backups, I should be fine.20:45
markthomasWhat are you backing up with?20:45
Frobergmarkthomas the system is booted and is just slowing a blinking cursor, should I be worried or leave it alone?20:45
markthomasFroberg: leave it for a moment and see what happens.20:46
Frobergbacking up to external drives which are then stored at a secondary location20:46
Frobergdefine "moment" :p20:47
markthomasIf it's still not working, it might be time to boot to a rescue CD and try to mount the volume and look at the logs.20:47
markthomasDid you see any output from the OS at all prior to the black screen?20:48
markthomasOkay.  Use the rescue boot.20:49
Frobergassuming this is on the boootable usb20:50
Frobergsecond boot worked20:51
FrobergI have terminal!20:51
Frobergsystem load 1.26, 94 processes, 2% memory usage20:53
Frobergfairly decent!20:53
izanagisandum question but have to ask: when one sets up RAID from the Ubuntu installation, it means there will be a software RAID, controlled by the OS, using the CPU?20:53
izanagisanand that's prone to failure in case of electric failure?20:53
FrobergI certainly hope not..20:53
markthomasizanagisan: unless your hardware raid controller has battery backup, there's no difference in risk :)20:54
markthomasFroberg: try to mount the RAID array you created.20:54
izanagisanit does, I'm installing on an IBM x3650 M3 with a 5015 RAID card with battery cache20:54
Froberg.. isn't it mounted when the system can boot from it?20:54
markthomasIf you booted from the rescue CD, then no.20:55
markthomasAnd in any case: not exactly.20:55
FrobergI didn't20:55
FrobergIt booted all on it's own!20:55
FrobergAfter being rebooted20:55
markthomasCool!  Then…never mind.20:55
uvirtbotFroberg: Error: ",^" is not a valid command.20:55
markthomasDo a df -h just to verify things look right.20:55
Froberguvirtbot it's a smiley.20:55
uvirtbotFroberg: Error: "it's" is not a valid command.20:55
Frobergstupid bot20:55
Frobergit says dev/md0 8.2 T, 1.2G used, 7.8T Available20:56
markthomasThere you go.20:56
markthomasIncidentally, check out LVM sometime.  With that much space to play with, it may give you some flexibility in space allocation.20:57
markthomasBut in any event, it's time to start doing stuff.  Oh, and that system load will drop to zero once the RAID sync is done.20:58
markthomasLogical Volume Manager.20:58
FrobergI've never done manual stuff on ubuntu before20:58
Frobergonly done some sharing from ubuntu desktop20:58
Frobergassuming I should apt-get updates or something first :P20:59
Frobergand install the ssh server20:59
markthomasTo patch, apt-get update && apt-get upgrade20:59
markthomasAlso, I often use aptitude in place of apt-get.  Syntax is very similar (aptitude incorporates some functions of apt-cache as well), but it does a slightly better job with dependencies.21:00
markthomasJust put it on your things-to-look-into list right under LVM. :)21:00
FrobergI shall pretend to know what that means and return to google!21:00
markthomasIn the meantime, yes, do the patching and reboot.21:00
Frobergjust installed ssh server21:00
Frobergthe real fun will be adding a static ip to the damn thing21:01
markthomasEasy peasy.21:01
markthomasYou know how to use vi?21:01
FrobergI have no idea about anything at all21:01
markthomasor nano, or pico, or…okay.21:01
FrobergI was even considering adding a GUI to the server to help me out a bit. :P21:01
Frobergnano is a file editor right?21:01
FrobergI seem to remember that21:01
markthomasyes.  Put 'vi' on that list.  Then, type sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces21:02
markthomasYou should see:21:03
markthomasauto eth021:03
markthomasiface inet eth0 dhcp21:03
FrobergI see it21:03
Froberg(now working in putty ^^)21:04
markthomasCool.  One sec.21:05
markthomasMake it look something like that.21:06
markthomaswhitespace shouldn't matter.  dns-search isn't especially important, unless you have one.21:06
Frobergis dns-search neces..21:06
Froberghaha :)21:07
Frobergseems a lot like cisco router configuration when you look at it21:07
markthomasFor example, if you use comcast for an ISP, you could set it to comcast.com, etc.  Or, nothing at all.21:07
Frobergahg alright :)21:08
izanagisaninstallation went as swiftly as in a regular PC. Well, now to set a static IP and run lots of tests. I'm sort of excited to finally be running UbuntuServer on a real server and not my laptop, hehehh21:08
markthomasOnce you're done, use ctrl-x to save, run /etc/init.d/networking restart (ignore the warnings).21:08
markthomasizanagisan: nice.21:08
Frobergseems slightly weird that you have to specify network and broadcast addresses of the subnet though21:10
Frobergshouldn't ubuntu be able to figure that out using the subnet mask?21:10
markthomasYou don't.  But I included it out of habbit.21:16
FrobergAh okay :)21:16
markthomasIf you ever mistype your netmask, you may be glad you did that.21:16
FrobergI saved the file and chose restart21:16
Frobergshouldn't that have booted me from the terminal?21:16
markthomasDid you change the IP?21:16
markthomasThen verify the new ip with ifconfig21:17
Frobergstill running the old one21:17
Frobergas I suspected21:17
markthomasAny warning messages when you restarted (other than the "use upstart" messages)?21:17
Frobergdon't think it actually restarted21:19
Frobergfroberg@slave:~$ /etc/init.d/networking restart21:20
FrobergRather than invoking init scripts through /etc/init.d, use the service(8)21:20
Frobergutility, e.g. service networking restart21:20
markthomasWhich you can do.  Shouldn't matter in this case, but go ahead.21:20
Frobergstill no luck21:21
Frobergat least ifconfig shows no change21:22
markthomasNo other messages at all?21:22
markthomasCan you do an ifconfig -a and then a cat /etc/network/interfaces and post those to pastebin.ubuntu.com?21:23
Frobergsure.. sec21:23
FrobergI don't suppose I should delete the auto eth0 line?=21:25
Frobergto make it static I mean21:25
markthomasNo.  If you leave that line out, the interface won't be configured.21:26
markthomasIt was the "dhcp" that you changed to "static" that made the difference.21:26
Froberghttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5719960/ <21:26
Frobergthat must've been it21:26
Frobergthink I missed that bit21:26
Frobergthat'd be it21:27
markthomasThat'll do it.21:27
izanagisangot this message21:29
izanagisan* Running /etc/init.d/networking restart is deprecated because it may not enable again some interfaces21:29
izanagisanthen process actually froze and it's not ever ending : p21:29
izanagisandoesn't happen on my laptop but just happened on the server21:29
markthomasYou can generally ignore that message for this, but the fact that it froze...21:30
markthomasTry to kill it and run it again.21:30
izanagisanah lol21:30
izanagisanno, I'm being an idiot21:30
Frobergthe ip changed21:30
izanagisanI have the server RIGHT NEXT to me, but I was SSH-ing for that command from a nearby PC21:30
FrobergI was correct about something :D21:31
izanagisanindeed, the server got the static IP I gave it21:31
Frobergsame for me21:31
Froberghappy day! :)21:31
markthomasOh.  Nice.  Yeah, that'll do it.21:32
markthomasSorry, multitasking during that last bit.  Missed the obvious.21:32
Frobergnow patching and updating21:32
Frobergthis is excellent practice for the ubuntu course I have to take.21:33
Frobergmarkthomas would you recommend that I install something like webmin?21:41
markthomasFroberg: not for what you described.21:43
markthomasIf you want to manage Samba, try swat.21:43
FrobergAlright :)21:46
FrobergIn my previous experiences with Samba I had many issues21:46
Froberghopefully now that everything is on a linux filesystem it'll be much improved21:46
Frobergwell a short glance at it seems much improved from file edits and mucking about with the gui - cheers :)21:48
Froberg(i.e. the gnome desktop gui)=21:50
wxlis there an upgrade method (not do-release-upgrade, obviously) that won't suffer the possibility of replacing systemwide settings?22:01
Frobergthis is juuust great.. :P Now the server is back in "I REFUSE TO BOOT" mode.22:02
Frobergrebooted to finish installing updates.22:02
Frobergback in the lovely blinking terminal window22:03
markthomasSomething odd there.  If you can get it booted, we need to check dmesg22:03
maxbwxl: do-release-upgrade is the correct upgrade method22:04
Frobergdoesn't look like I'm in luck22:04
markthomasTime to boot from the CD22:04
sarnoldwxl: I'm a bit scared of what you're trying to do :)22:04
FrobergI thought it could be down to boot device priority22:04
Frobergusb had to be set to #1 to boot the installer22:04
Frobergchanged to hdd0 and now nothing22:04
Frobergwill try usb, sec.22:04
Froberg(switched to hdd only after booting failed btw)22:05
wxlsarnold: at work i'm sort of inheriting some servers and truthfully, we've had a really hacky past in the it department. i'm not sure what people have changed systemwide. nothing's documented. i don't want there to be some file overwritten in the upgrade that results in some important part of our business going down due to someone's hack. just covering my rear. :)22:05
sarnoldwxl: you could try something gross like mount overlayfs or aufs over your /etc and throw away writes when you're done. But you'd have to be in a pretty strange situation for that to make sense. (I shouldn't even suggest it, just .. I can't help being helpful)22:05
sarnoldwxl: yikes indeed :)22:06
Frobergmarkthomas booting from usb got me the "select os/memtest" menu. Before I could chose anything it booted in to OS.22:06
sarnoldwxl: if it were me, I'd try to clean one machine at a time; bring up a new system, fiddle configs to make it work, replace old system. rebuild it clean, take over another system's functionality...22:07
markthomasThere should be a "recover' option.22:07
Frobergit moves past that on its own immediately, if there is one.22:08
FrobergI think I know what might be at fault.22:08
FrobergThe MBR, I only but it on sba22:08
Frobergømaybe sba is actually the damn usb stick22:08
Frobergmarkthomas can I just re-run the grub-install from terminal or something similar to that?22:13
markthomasHeh.  sba or sda?22:14
wxlthanks for the help maxb sarnold. i think i've at least put my mind at ease about what i need to do. thanks for the support!22:14
markthomasDo you have desktop boot media handy?22:14
Froberg./dev/sda sorry22:14
sarnoldwxl: good luck :)22:14
Frobergyeah I booted from usb just fine22:14
Frobergit just skipped the ubuntu menu22:15
Frobergguess I can unplug the hard-drives and see if that makes it behave22:15
markthomasYeah.  That's SCSI/SATA device #1.  So, it booted to a live "CD"?22:15
maxb//dev/sda *can* end up being the USB stick sometimes22:15
markthomasYou don't want to do that.  You need to boot to a live CD.22:15
FrobergI am booting on the installation USB22:15
Frobergit won't boot without it22:15
markthomasAnd the server booted all the way up?22:16
Frobergmaxb I think you're right, it was listed as HDD1 in BIOS22:16
Frobergmarkthomas yes it's booted now, looking at the terminal login pront22:16
markthomasIf it booted all the way up, the USB shouldn't be sda.  But you can do a "mount" or "df" to confirm22:16
maxbblkid is also a useful command for establishing what drives are what22:17
maxbEven if they aren't mounted22:17
Frobergblkid did nothing22:17
FrobergFilesystem      1K-blocks    Used  Available Use% Mounted on22:19
Frobergudev              1011372       4    1011368   1% /dev22:19
Frobergtmpfs              408312     480     407832   1% /run22:19
Frobergnone                 5120       0       5120   0% /run/lock22:19
Frobergnone              1020772       0    1020772   0% /run/shm22:19
Frobergnone               102400       0     102400   0% /run/user22:19
Froberg./dev/md0       8714928900 1293988 8274427924   1% /22:19
Frobergthat's what df returns22:20
maxbPlease 'cat /proc/mdstat' for more clarity on the md volume22:20
Frobergpastebinning, sec.22:21
maxbHm, so you have 4 hard disks, sda,b,c and e? What's sdd? Or isn't there one?22:23
FrobergOnly the four hard-drives22:23
Frobergmaybe it's the usb thumb drive22:24
Frobergcan I look up the partitioning table somehow?22:24
maxbfdisk -l /dev/sda22:24
Frobergcannot open22:24
maxbAre you root?22:25
markthomasYeah, probably need sudo.22:26
Frobergam now :p22:26
Frobergsda is 3 TB22:26
FrobergWARNING: GPT (GUID Partition Table) detected on '/dev/sda'! The util fdisk doesn't support GPT. Use GNU Parted.22:26
maxb'parted /dev/sda print'22:27
Frobergsdd is the thumb drive22:27
maxbCould you try blkid again as root?22:27
Frobergkeep forgetting to sudo :p22:28
Frobergfor the blkid22:28
maxbAh, that's rather more helpful22:28
FrobergI haven't seen anything thus far that explains why it won't load without the thumb drive as primary boot device22:30
sarnoldFroberg: when I'm going to do a bunch of commands that require root, I tend to use sudo -s to start a shell :) it saves some typing..22:30
Frobergand the wonderful tips keep on flowin'22:31
Frobergthis might be my new favorite channel!22:31
maxbLet's see the partition tables? It'll be clearer then where the bootloader's actually supposed to be22:32
Frobergok sec :)22:32
maxbAlso, since this machine is using GPT, is it doing UEFI or BIOS booting?22:34
Froberg.. honestly I've no clue.22:35
Frobergor rather, it boots from what I tell it to in BIOS22:35
Frobergonly it didn't want to boot from the hard-drive for some reason22:35
Frobergbut when the usb gets to boot it seems to skip something and go ahead and boot anyway22:35
Frobergit's really weird22:35
maxb23:26 < Froberg> WARNING: GPT (GUID Partition Table) detected on '/dev/sda'! The util fdisk doesn't support GPT. Use GNU Parted.22:35
maxb23:27 < maxb> 'parted /dev/sda print'22:36
maxbDo you know what that partition 1 is supposed to be for?22:37
Frobergno, during partitioning it was just left empty.22:37
Froberghmm no hang on22:38
Frobergthere was something22:38
Froberg[22:03:24] <Froberg> Just tried to see what it looked like.. swap at 2.1 GB, 3.0TB Ext4 and 1.0 MB biosgrub22:39
Froberg[22:03:31] <Froberg> never seen biosgrub before22:39
Frobergthat was the automatic partitioning thing22:39
Frobergcould that be it maxb ?22:40
sarnoldhrm. I've got a vague recollection of efi systems needing some sort of smallish FAT filesystem at the start of the drives.22:41
sarnolddoes uefi? what happens if that's missing?22:42
FrobergMaybe I should just start over after work tomorrow.22:42
FrobergClearly I must've FUBAR'ed something22:42
* Froberg pops open a beer to console his miserable self22:43
maxbIt makes some sense that there'd be a 'biosgrub' partition22:44
markthomasFroberg: didn't you say there was a biosgrub partition?22:44
Frobergand it's still thbere22:44
markthomasSorry, stepped away, getting caught up.22:44
maxbI'm a bit surprised by some of those offsets that were printed by parted, though, and I'm worried that the partitions might not be properly sector aligned22:44
Frobergthey were created by using the automatic partitioning from entirely virgin drives, so that seems strange22:45
markthomasmaxb: how would that happen?  It's not like Froberg did anything particularly fancy during partition creation.22:45
Frobergmy sentiments exactly22:45
markthomasFroberg, just for kicks, try running sudo update-grub (I think that's what it's called) followed by sudo grub-install /dev/sda22:47
Frobergalright :)22:47
maxbHm, I think it's just parted getting its maths wrong22:47
maxbIf I print my own partition table using units of sectors, and parted's default, I get 2048s == 1049kB22:48
Frobergroot@slave:~# sudo update-grub22:48
FrobergGenerating grub.cfg ...22:48
FrobergFound linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-3.5.0-17-generic22:48
FrobergFound initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-3.5.0-17-generic22:48
FrobergFound memtest86+ image: /boot/memtest86+.bin22:48
Frobergerrr... that looks wrong to me :D22:48
Froberglike it's on the usb or something22:48
maxbExcept 2048s doesn't equial 1049kB, I would say22:48
maxbFroberg: Why do you think that? Is there not a /boot/vmlinuz-3.5.0-17-generic in your installed system?22:49
Frobergroot@slave:~# sudo grub-install /dev/sda22:49
Froberg./usr/sbin/grub-bios-setup: warning: this GPT partition label contains no BIOS Boot Partition; embedding won't be possible.22:49
Froberg./usr/sbin/grub-bios-setup: error: embedding is not possible, but this is required for RAID and LVM install.22:49
maxbSo I guess the problem is that the partition 1 isn't marked appropriately so that grub understands it owns it22:50
Frobergit certainly seems odd22:50
maxbYou might try 'parted /dev/sda set 1 boot on' and then retry the grub installation22:51
Frobergalright :)22:51
markthomasCrossing fingers.22:51
FrobergI'm up for anything22:51
Frobergdon't think it did what it was supposed to22:52
maxbAh, it looks like it might be 'set 1 bios_grub on' actually22:53
Frobergroot@slave:~# parted /dev/sda set 1 boot_grub on22:54
Frobergparted: invalid token: boot_grub22:54
FrobergFlag to Invert?22:54
maxbbios_grub, not boot_grub22:54
Frobergmy eyes are getting tired :D22:54
Frobergyeah saw that now22:54
Frobergshould I just run the install directly, or get the update first?22:55
Frobergroot@slave:~# parted /dev/sda set 1 bios_grub on22:55
FrobergInformation: You may need to update /etc/fstab.22:55
markthomasFor the /etc/fstab thing, if that biosgrub partition is empty, we may want to migrate /boot onto that.22:56
maxbIt would probably be sensible to do a 'parted /dev/sda set 1 boot off', since boot turned out to be the wrong flag22:56
Frobergroot@slave:~# grub-install /dev/sda22:57
FrobergInstallation finished. No error reported.22:57
maxbWhilst I've not worked with one before, I would have said that a biosgrub partition was not the same as a /boot partition22:57
maxbYou'd want a /boot partition a lot bigger than 1MB22:57
Frobergboot partition was set to the entire ext4 sys22:58
Frobergi.e. the 8-9TB's22:58
markthomasIs it only 1M.  Missed that.  Yeah, forgot that for /boot.22:58
Froberghttp://www.mediasmartserver.net/2011/06/07/guide-how-to-set-up-ubuntu-and-raid5-on-the-mediasmart-server/ <<< followed that guide22:58
maxbFroberg: OK, so in the interests of redundant booting if sda should ever die, you'd want to ensure all of sd{a,b,c,e} have had the 'set 1 bios_grub on' applied22:58
Frobergbut forgot about the part about the boot loader22:58
maxb1MB is fine for a biosgrub partition22:59
Frobergmaybe I should try (#18 in the list) and install the grub loader on md022:59
maxb /boot will live on the / partition and that's fine22:59
markthomasI've never tried installing grub on /dev/md0 before.22:59
Frobergso just rinse and repeat grub install23:00
maxbHold off on the grub install - it won't do any harm, but we want to ensure you're set up for future grub updates to install to all four drives23:00
maxbFor that, do 'dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc'23:00
maxbAfter you've gone through a couple of other questions first, you should have a screen to select which places grub should be installed to23:01
Frobergoh too late23:02
Froberggrub installed on 'em all now23:02
maxbWell, no harm done, just redundant work23:02
Frobergok sec23:02
Froberggives me a window23:02
Froberg.. a.. pink.. window23:02
maxbI think it's supposed to be Ubuntu-purple :-)23:03
Frobergat any rate, it linux command line23:03
Frobergit's currently empty23:03
maxbYou can just press enter leaving it unchanged23:03
maxbFor me, the device selection was the third such window23:03
Frobergwhat am I looking for?23:04
Frobergthe thumb drive is the only one with an asterix23:05
maxbHopefully a list containing /dev/sda, b, c and e, of which you can then select them all23:05
Frobergincluding md0 yes23:05
maxbLeave that unselected23:05
Frobergand the thumb drive?23:05
maxbYou probably don't want to install grub on that too :-)23:06
Frobergremoved the asterix from it23:06
Frobergdone & done23:06
Frobergall four installs finished, no errors23:07
maxbOh, it might be worth coming back to this screen after you've finished getting everything working, and rebooted without the thumb drive, in case your hard disks have then decided to become a b c and d23:07
Frobergalright, so removing the thumb drive, reboot, change boot device to random hdd, see if it works23:08
Frobergholy sweet jumpin' jesus23:09
Frobergit's aliiiiive!23:09
sarnoldFroberg, maxb, markthomas, nice work :)23:10
markthomasIndeed.  Nice grub work, maxb23:10
FrobergI did nothing! :)23:10
=== hggdh_ is now known as hggdh
Frobergmaxb if you ever decide to visit Denmark - I'm buyin' you a pint.23:11
FrobergHell, that goes for markthomas and sarnold too! :D23:11
sarnolddarn, was just in denmark in november :)23:11
Frobergalright I ran that configure again23:12
Frobergthe drives are now a,b,c and d23:12
Frobergdo I re-run the configuration to be sure? :)23:12
Frobergsarnold did you go anywhere nice?23:13
Froberg.. American? :)23:13
Frobergmarkthomas what, don't drink beer? ;)23:13
Frobergmarkthomas since maxb is celebrating with hookers and beer, probably, should I re-run the grub config?23:15
Frobergnow the drive letters have changed?23:15
markthomasYou can.  Won't hurt.23:15
Froberg</mr burns>23:15
markthomasShould be a,b,c,d now.23:15
markthomasProbably doesn't matter at all—most internal stuff is done with labels and UUID these days.  But it can't hurt.23:16
Frobergrebooted again, just to tempt fate23:16
Frobergand spit in the face of God23:16
Frobergn'.. stuf23:16
markthomasBetter now than when it's loaded with data.23:16
markthomasWhich version did you install?23:16
Frobergmy sentiments exactly23:16
markthomasPrecise or Quantal?23:17
Frobergnot the LTS one, because I'm an idiot23:17
Frobergthe 12.06 I think it was23:17
Froberglatest one available at any rate23:17
markthomas12.10, if it's not 12.04 LTS.23:17
markthomasHeh.  Only for another couple weeks ;)23:17
Frobergok.. to-do list.. figure out why samba is giving me a hard time, install plex media server, make NFS shares..23:18
Frobergoh yeah23:18
Frobergfun-times to be had in my immediate future23:18
Frobergmarkthomas I apologize about offering you a pint23:19
FrobergI should've offered you at least five23:19
Frobergyou're apparently from the UK after all.23:19
Frobergprobably the only nation other than the fins and russians who can keep up with Danes when it comes to drinking.23:20
markthomasHeh.  Once upon a time, I had some German classmates.  They didn't too badly in that area.23:21
FrobergTrue, zeh germans do love their lager too.23:21
FrobergDanes have an unfortunate worldwide record though23:21
Frobergour youths drink more than the youths of any other nation23:21
FrobergI blame Carlsberg.23:22
markthomasSamba shouldn't be too tough unless you're trying some strict access controls.23:22
Frobergwouldn't let me install that web management23:22
Froberghttp://ubuntuserverguide.com/2012/10/how-to-install-and-configure-swat-samba-web-administration-tool-on-ubuntu-server-12-04.html << tried that23:22
Frobergthings wouldn't install23:22
Frobergsome were "replaced"23:22
Frobergshould probably try and find something for 12.1023:23
sarnoldFroberg: I was in copenhagen, it was nice enough, but not much opportunity to get out into the country and see uncivilized life. hehe.23:23
FrobergI live just outside of Copenhagen.. my by reckoning Copenhagen is as uncivilized as they come.23:23
FrobergI actively avoid going there.23:24
Froberg*by my23:25
FrobergChrist.. too tired.23:25
sarnoldFroberg: btw, the samba team is running away from swat, they don't care for it and recognize that web frontends to config files isn't their strong point.. you might not want to get too cozy with swat23:25
FrobergBeen up for 20 hours now.23:25
sarnoldoh, that's trouble.23:25
markthomasHeh.  I'm in Arizona, USA.  There's about a six-week time during which it's habitable here.  Outside of that…well, if they ever colonize Mercury, they'll be recruiting from my town.23:25
Frobergand have to get up in like four hours23:26
Frobergmarkthomas Hawking has given us 1000 years, it'll happen :P23:26
Frobergsarnold so.. what else is there? :)23:26
Frobergmanual labour? ;)23:26
Frobergalso should I uninstall the swat package then?23:27
Frobergand the xinetd23:27
markthomasYou can use it for now.  Since it just writes the standard config, you could remove it once you're done.  Or, spend a few hours studying config options one by one.  Either way.23:28
sarnoldFroberg: the swat description says something about not working with "the default package-managed configuration" -- it might be a good idea to try dpkg-reconfigure samba and see what happens..23:28
markthomasYou're not running a fileserver with financial data in an org of 5,000 employees.  You're just serving media for personal use.23:28
sarnoldFroberg: .. though mark's right, if you use it once and remove it, that's not the worst thing in the world :)23:28
FrobergI have fairly basic needs23:29
markthomasIt shouldn't be difficult, either way.23:29
FrobergFour file shares ; Data / Music / Movies / TV23:29
Frobergall will be mapped network drives23:29
markthomasSecurity=user, file create mask wide open.23:29
Frobergand all but data will be accessed by the plex media server23:30
Frobergwell I managed to make it work on ubuntu desktop23:31
=== wedgwood is now known as wedgwood_away
Frobergserver shouldn't be much different23:31
Froberg(I know it is, but let me live a lie for a few hours!)23:31
sarnoldnah, server and desktop are fairly similar, it's mostly just which packages are installed that are different23:32
Frobergshould do alright then23:33
sarnoldyup :)23:33
Frobergjust annoyed that I installed the useless packages now23:34
sarnoldapt-get purge is right there :) hehe23:34
Frobergthat seems very.. dangerous23:34
Frobergor rather, sounds dangerous23:34
sarnoldit just removes the packages you specify and their configuration files, not too bad if you think through your actions first. :)23:35
sarnoldbut 21 hours awake may not be the right time, hehe23:35
FrobergYou are correct Sir.23:35
FrobergAnd with that, I will get my four hours of beauty sleep23:36
Frobergnot that it ever, ever works23:36
sarnoldgood night and good luck :)23:36
Frobergafter all, I have a long weekend of nothing but ubuntu ahead of me.23:36
FrobergI figure I'll buy a few gallons of coca cola and eat nothing but beans all weekend.23:36
* sarnold steps a little further away from .dk23:36
Frobergthe gas will be epic23:36
Frobergwith any luck I'll kill all my coworkers with a single fart on Monday.23:37
FrobergI appreciate all the help, everyone, truly. :)23:38
Froberg<< goes to bed =)23:38
sarnold'night :)23:38
izanagisannight Froberg23:50
izanagisanso, if I have a file called postgresql-8.1.13.tar.bz2, how can I install it on UbuntuServer?23:50
izanagisanapt-get and point to it?23:51
sarnoldizanagisan: normally you'd just run 'apt-get install postgresq' and take whatever version is packaged; if you want to compile source by hand, you'll need to apt-get install build-essential   and apt-get build-dep postgresql-9.1   (yes, wrong version number, but hopefully similar build dependencies)23:58
izanagisanyah, I unistalled 9.1 and want to install 8.1.13 for a test23:59
izanagisanwith an old database currently in production, that I want to upgrade23:59

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