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CimmerianXhello all02:18
CimmerianXCan anyone tell me if the nexus 4 has any issues being detected on a phablet-flash -b ?02:19
CimmerianXmine shows as a 'unsupported device, autodetect dails device'02:20
RobbyFshould work02:21
RobbyFI believe there is just the one model world wide02:21
CimmerianXyep - Model Nexus 4  Ver 4.2.202:22
CimmerianXthis one seems to be running  AOKP02:22
RobbyFshouldn't matter.02:23
RobbyFyou can just flash via recovery02:23
boydoyhi! there i way i can change the OS of my android phone into Ubuntu Mobile?02:24
CimmerianXdo you mean a manual install from here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install02:24
RobbyFjust download, adb push to /sdcard/autodeploy.zip02:25
RobbyFI just did it as we speak :)02:25
CimmerianXack.   it's being pushed to /sdcard/ now.02:25
RobbyFshould work :)02:25
RobbyFboydoy, which android?02:25
boydoyim using o+ 8.5202:26
boydoyits that ok to change02:26
RobbyFno idea what that is, but check this ported list here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices02:26
boydoyand ubuntu they have also like google play02:26
boydoyi can download a free games02:27
RobbyFboydoy, not yet, the os is still in developer preview mode02:27
RobbyFabout half a year from regular user interaction.02:27
boydoyahh ok.. but if ever i try they have a way i can back to original OS?02:27
RobbyFI don't see why not02:28
CimmerianXwow - how large is the armhf?02:35
CimmerianXstill pushing.02:35
RobbyFtakes me like 3-4 minutes02:37
RobbyFI did raring which is 523M02:37
CimmerianXstill pushing.02:43
CimmerianXRobby - still here?03:18
CimmerianXI did the armhf push to /sdcard/autodeploy.zip and did the reboot recovery....   as per the wiki.03:19
CimmerianXI'm in the recovery project menu.  If I reboot, I go back to the AOKP android OS.    Is there a step I'm missing?03:20
CimmerianXoh duh/....03:20
CimmerianXthat did it - It's loaded.03:26
CimmerianXthat;s a big flash...03:27
CimmerianXhmmm....   i have the wallpaper - but phone is unresponsive....03:27
mhall119CimmerianX: swipe from the left or right edge in to the center03:28
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CimmerianXALL the way to the center03:29
mhall119well, no, but "to the center" it easier that "a little way in from the left for the launcher, follow through for the Apps lens, swipe from the right a little to peak at the next window, follow through to switch to it"03:31
DrCodehi all05:15
DrCodedose ubuntu-tuch have support for samsung s3?05:15
dijzonhi ppl05:48
dijzoni have a droid razer m ,and i been working on getting full ubuntu installed on it but i need some help05:48
DrCodedose ubuntu touch support in samsung s3?05:50
dijzonso is there anyone that can help05:50
dijzonyes it dose05:50
dijzonjust need to get the driver stacks for ur hardware05:50
dijzonstacks cdma gsm wifi cpu gpu and etc05:50
dijzondrcode what arm do u have05:53
dijzonso the droid razer m running ubuntu ,but i wanna get the full ubuntu on my test phone05:59
Mirvlool: hate to ask, but I don't find a trace of the new ubuntu-ui-toolkit upload, in queues or elsewhere in LP06:17
didrocksMirv: it's in the unapproved queue06:30
didrocksMirv: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+queue?queue_state=1&queue_text=06:30
didrocksMirv: you probably need to talk on #ubuntu-release to get it in06:31
Mirvdidrocks: oh, funny, I thought I checked that but apparently I was in a different section06:31
didrocksMirv: maybe you check NEW?06:32
Mirvdidrocks: that getting raring is btw the only remaining part I know of required to have the different aspects of the documentation being wrong fixed06:38
Mirvin both web and archives06:38
didrocksMirv: oh, even the tutorial? excellent!06:38
Mirvdidrocks: I'm not sure if dpm has updated everything yet, but at least from my point of view the package/trunk is fixed and the other things are on the move by michael and david06:39
didrocksgreat ;)06:39
dpmdidrocks, Mirv, on it, sorry for the delay. The documentation is up to date, the tutorial I'm working on06:40
Mirvdpm: great! the important thing IMHO was identifying what things needed to be fixed and where.06:41
dholbachgood morning06:44
mptmhall119, lol07:37
nik90fginther: is there a way to know if the jenkins autolanding system is back online?08:15
sil2100didrocks: so, a follow-up to the topic of integration tests for qtubuntu-camera, as I had a quick chat with gusch08:20
sil2100didrocks: right now there are no real plans for introducing explicit integration tests for that package, but what we could theoretically do is to install and execute camera-app integration tests for qtubuntu-camera08:21
sil2100As those are practically doing the integration testing08:21
didrockssil2100: so similar to what we've done for indicators up to now?08:21
didrockssil2100: they are both on the same stack already, so integration tests will be run and everything will be in or rejected :)08:23
didrockssil2100: gallery-app FTBFS in the daily-build-next ppa, so not integration tests will be run, mind having a look?08:25
oSoMoNtmoenicke: hey Thomas, would you mind reviewing/testing https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/webbrowser-app/addressbar-behind-osk/+merge/159382 ?08:39
tmoenickeoSoMoN: checking08:40
tmoenickeoSoMoN: great thx08:42
tmoenickeoSoMoN: is it invisible?08:42
oSoMoNtmoenicke: I was hoping you could test on your device(s), but yes, in theory the address bar is not visible below the osk anymore08:43
tmoenickeoSoMoN: i will test it08:43
sil2100didrocks: hm, it seems that python -c "from distutils.sysconfig import get_python_lib; print get_python_lib()" returns none in the PPA during the gallery-app build?08:48
sil2100didrocks: python should be already on the chroot, right?08:49
sil2100Maybe we need a dep08:49
didrockssil2100: no, it's not part of the chroot08:50
didrockscontrarly to CI that adds some deps for nothing unfortunately :/08:50
sil2100So ok, I think the dep needs to be added ;p08:51
didrockssil2100: yep, nice catch! :)08:51
didrockssil2100: btw, how did you spot it from the logs? /me curious08:51
sil2100didrocks: I checked that it said no DESTINATION is given, while the DESTINATION is ${PYTHON_PACKAGE_DIR} in this case, which is fetch through execute_process and the python command in the CMakeLists.txt file08:52
didrockssil2100: interesting, nice work :)08:53
sil2100brb in a moment08:55
didrockssil2100: I'm rerunning gallery-app and the app stack build09:52
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DrCodehi all10:10
DrCodeany support for samsung galaxy s3 or only nexus?10:10
nik90!devices | DrCide10:11
ubot5DrCide: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices10:11
nik90DrCode: check the link to see if your device is supported10:11
DrCodeI realylike to test ubuntu-tuch10:11
DrCodedose ubuntu0tuch come with all pkgs in ubuntu10:12
nik90DrCode: The S3 international is not supported...but there are version for verizon I think10:12
DrCodelike aircrack-ng?10:12
DrCodeI see10:12
nik90DrCode: not sure.10:12
DrCodewhat I love in s3 is that I can use microsd10:12
DrCodedidn't found it in nexus10:12
nik90DrCode: I have a S3 international as well, but not supported yet :(10:13
DrCodewhen a stable release will be of ubuntu-tauch?10:13
DrCodeI see10:13
DrCodeI realy love this mobile10:13
nik90DrCode: the beta should be available this october hopefully...10:13
DrCodewow, nice10:14
nik90DrCode: I think they are targetting first quarter of 2014 for final release10:14
DrCodeit will be very intersting10:14
nik90DrCode: You can already try out some core apps like calendar, clock, calculator, facebook etc on your computer10:14
DrCodedose thay plan to support most devices?10:14
DrCodeor only spcifics?10:15
nik90Officially canonical are supporting the nexus devices, but the community or any one can port to any device you want.10:15
popeymardy: you about?10:16
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Guest13130does ubuntu touch support restoring your old android ?10:17
Guest13130on HTC Desire hd or htc one x10:17
sil2100didrocks: hmmm, my branch with the explicit list of packages was merged, right? Since I see that the hud stack generic job failed because of extra packages wanting to be installed10:30
sil2100Was all correctly deployed?10:31
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didrockssil2100: yeah, it's in and deployed10:32
didrockssil2100: the stacks are running with those now10:32
sil2100didrocks: in what moment is the packages list used? You once said it's being used as a comparison table - that if an extra package is installed and not in the packages list, the warning gets emitted, right?11:11
didrockssil2100: indeed, it's when we install the machine which will run autopilot11:12
sil2100didrocks: is there an easy way to check what 'packages' were in the config during a generic build that has been fired?11:12
sil2100In the packages parameter?11:13
sil2100Since it looks as if it was ignoring all the packages we put there recently :11:13
didrockssil2100: what are you looking at exactly?11:13
didrockssil2100: yeah, I told you to discare those and looking at what we are going to run :)11:16
didrockssil2100: so run 102 for instance11:16
didrocksI redeployed this morning11:16
sil2100Ah, so there's no up-to-date results right now ;p?11:16
sil2100I think I misunderstood and thought that since you re-deployed in the morning, those should he the 'latest'11:17
sil2100Ok, so I go back to my HUD-hunting then11:17
didrockssil2100: not yet :)11:21
didrockssil2100: yep ;)11:21
* sil2100 wonders how we got that test passing for armhf in HUD in the past11:25
didrockssil2100: was it passing when we were building with the platform api?11:29
sil2100didrocks: not sure now, maybe you're right and it never did - need to poke the platform-api people, since I think I know what's wrong but need to check with them on if I'm right11:34
didrocksok :)11:34
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sil2100ricmm: ping12:00
ogra_rsalveti, i managed to drop another 700M (unpacked) from the tarball12:16
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Taiten987trying to build /ubuntu in another AOSP here, but keep receiving failure12:29
Taiten987checked files under /build but I can't really find what did I missed12:29
Taiten987here is the log http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5718645/, please advice if you have any idea :(12:31
ogra_janimo, lol ... see above ... i removed most of the superfluous toolchains  in my testing12:35
ogra_funny that we always sectretly look at the same stuff without the other knowing12:35
pmcgowanhey Taiten987 how are you12:40
Taiten987pmcgowan, working on the patches :)12:40
Taiten987pmcgowan, a bit stuck here12:40
pmcgowanif rsalveti is around he may be able to help12:41
Taiten987pmcgowan, I just figured out it was surfaceflinger API changes12:41
Taiten987pmcgowan, yes, I had pinged him12:41
Taiten987pmcgowan, hopefully he can see it12:41
pmcgowanTaiten987: can you use the same version of AOSP? did you see my email?12:41
Taiten987pmcgowan, yes I do12:42
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janimoogra_, heh :)12:46
ogra_i just answered your mail12:47
janimonot usre where' above to look, will check the email12:47
ogra_we want to actually start building the android stuff on the package builders12:47
ogra_to do that the source tree needs quite some cleanup though ... so you dont have to upload a 1.4G tarball for every change12:48
janimoogra_, the problem with removing some of all prebuilts is that some  kernels only build with a specific one12:48
janimoso mako kernel did not build for me with raring gcc a while ago12:48
janimoogra_, also I tried building for a huawei device and that to only built with an inlcuded 4.612:48
ogra_well, rsalveti added a patch to actually use the packaged binary instaed12:48
ogra_so you dont need to build the kernel at all12:48
janimoif we expect people to contribute ubuntu touch ports they may have an additional hurdle if they need to find a toolchain12:49
ogra_for porters we will have to keep the full tree around12:49
janimoalthough not sure how we could move stuff to cdimage and support many crazy toolchains12:49
ogra_but for building for something supported we want a cut down set12:49
janimoso I hope we can make all work with stock gcc12:49
pmcgowanjanimo: thats a valid concner12:49
ogra_well, you need to shuffle a lot ... gcc, and gcc-cross need to work12:50
janimoogra_, well we only have packaged kernels  for nexus 712:50
ogra_but since yesterdays desaster with image builds we decided we want a very small tree and use the package builders for rolling images12:50
janimoa lot of the rest of devices are either 3rd patry hacked up OEM kernels or too new SoCs we do not package yet12:50
janimohopefully multiARM kernels will come to the rescue soooooon12:50
sil2100didrocks: the phone-app with the changes made works like a charm on my desktop12:51
* ogra_ tried to implement image building on the livefs builder ... that resulted in the machine to die for a full day 12:51
sil2100didrocks: there's one merge that needs to go in though12:51
didrockssil2100: \o/ excellent news ;)12:51
didrockssil2100: ah?12:51
ogra_luvefs builders arent designed for cross compiling :P12:51
ogra_janimo, we also plan to package the android bionic toolchain for cross building12:52
ogra_thats a long term plan though12:52
ogra_in the short term using the packaged toolchains (or packaging linaros android cross chain) is the plan12:52
sil2100didrocks: https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/phone-app/hud1/+merge/158201 <- waiting for CI to finish the re-build12:53
didrockssil2100: mediumtests failed12:55
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Orangermhall119: Hey ! My branch seam to be clean now. I want to work on the package but can't do it still your branch "package-fixes" isn't merged12:55
sil2100eeek, all of them!12:57
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sil2100Strange, since HUD 1.0 is in the daily PPA already12:57
ogra_use the large tests then, not the mediumtests :P12:58
sil2100didrocks: what PPA is CI using when running the autopilot tests, do you know by any chance?12:58
didrockssil2100: I think they start using your daily-build-next ppa, but better to check with fghinter12:59
didrocksogra_: tsss :p12:59
Guest87519I would like to know if it is possible to contribute as a tester, I mean not only for bugs but also to describe things that can be improve (for example, I suggest to blcok the switch between apps from the top and the bottom corner of the right part of the screen)13:00
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fginthernik90, the best way to know if jenkins is back online is to check the url:
fginthernik90, The server is online at the moment (Hooray!) but it's a little more work to setup the jobs for each project.13:23
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awe_lool, I don't see anyone from the indicator/settings team?13:39
mzanetticyphermox: ping13:41
Orangermhall119: ping13:43
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cyphermoxmzanetti: pong13:45
mzanetticyphermox: hi13:45
mzanetticyphermox: regarding https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/autopilot-qt/add-tests/+merge/15369513:45
mzanetticyphermox: I guess its now or never13:45
cyphermoxrock on!13:46
mhall119Oranger: pong13:46
mzanetticyphermox: its still on Needs Fixing from you13:47
Orangermhall119: 1 point13:47
mzanettiyou mind approving?13:47
Orangermhall119: Hum sorry ^^13:47
Orangermhall119: Hum so I did what you ask me yesterday, the directory is clean13:47
mhall119Oranger: checking it out now, thanks13:47
Orangermhall119: And I want to finish the package but actually I can't until your branch isn't marge13:47
cyphermoxmzanetti: done.13:48
mzanetticyphermox: thanks a bunch13:48
cyphermoxnote that this won't land in raring as-is; you'd need to file it against lp:autopilot-qt/0.813:49
cyphermoxthat said, does it need to be in raring?13:49
cyphermoxactually, ignore me13:49
mzanetticyphermox: no... just need to get it merged because other work that requires adding more tests is pending13:49
cyphermoxyou got the FFE ack anyway, so might as well if we have the chance13:49
cyphermoxonce that gets merged I'll re-run the qa stack13:50
cyphermoxcould you file it against the 0.8 branch too?13:50
mhall119Oranger: can you review my package-fixes branch?13:51
Orangermhall119: Yes I do it now13:51
mzanetticyphermox: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/autopilot-qt/add-tests/+merge/15963613:54
mhall119Oranger: your branch is approved13:55
Orangermhall119: Thanks13:55
mhall119fginther: so is jenkins back on the job, or still recovering?13:55
fginthermhall119, It looks to be alive. I'm checking to make sure the build tools are in place before I deploy the jobs13:58
mhall119thanks fginther13:59
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rsalvetisergiusens: you noticed already but I pushed your stuff yesterday14:00
rsalvetiand sent the kernel one after doing the 4 builds and also producing a test grouper one based on the ubuntu package as well14:01
Orangermhall119: I approved14:01
mhall119thanks Oranger14:03
fginthermhall119, I've pinged martin about the jenkins server. There is still a little more work to do that I can't complete.14:08
dpmfginther, thanks for bringing Jenkins back to life. While you're at it, and if there isn't one already, would it be possible to add a job to run the autopilot tests in the core apps branches?14:08
fgintherdpm, the test infrastructure is currently insufficient to do this, but I'll discuss this with my team to see if we can get it on the roadmap14:10
sergiusensrsalveti: yes, I am reviewing now... and I did check as I mentioned it in the gcc email thread :-)14:10
sergiusensrsalveti: I can only test build the mako and grouper, those are the two devices I don't have ;-)14:10
* sergiusens just noticed he was marked away14:10
rsalvetisergiusens: that's fine, we can request someone else to test mako if needed14:11
sergiusensrsalveti: I will review, I trust you did the testing I will review14:11
sergiusensrsalveti: who has a mako? I can build and send14:11
sergiusensoh plars  :-)14:11
* sergiusens thinks he might be abusing plars' devices14:12
plarsyesss? :)14:12
dpmthanks a lot fginther. Just asking to have some more context: why is the test infrastructure currently insufficient?  Is e.g. the number of jobs that the jenkins instance limited and we've reached the limit? Or is it related to autopilot not playing well with jenkins... ?14:12
dpmsorry, I meant "that the jenkins instance can run"14:13
sergiusensplars: give me a couple and I'll create a mako image... still reviewing the code ;-)14:14
plarssergiusens: sounds good14:14
didrocksmterry: FYI, sil2100 did some progress on touch today, and we are almost being able to build and test everything. Do you mind checking with him if you have time for finishing up the autopilot things?14:15
mterrysil2100, talk to me!  :)14:16
fgintherdpm, the main reason is that autopilot tests can't run inside a pbuilder, they need a real desktop environment. The likely solution is to do this in a dedicated VM, which isn't too difficult, but there may be some resource constraints that I'm not aware of.14:16
sergiusensrsalveti: I take that in 2 weeks time that raring in the BoardConfig will change to slug?14:17
benkaiseranyone got an ETA for GSM in Ubuntu Touch (e.g. data)14:18
sil2100mterry, didrocks: so... I had a talk with fginther, and soon we should be able to get both the phone-app HUD version bump and qtvideo-node arches merges in, those are required for us to carry on14:18
dpmthanks fginther, understood14:18
rsalvetisergiusens: yeah14:18
sil2100I'm trying to figure out now with the help of rsalveti on how to deal with the armhf test failure on HUD, as it's a problem with android-specific bits14:18
mterrysil2100, yay14:20
benkaiseranyone? gsm ETA?14:20
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ogra_sergiusens, so i looked into removing the oggs and mp4's, seems there are a bunch of changes needed for the build system to get rid of them (and i'm also not sure if we use something like i.e. the camera sound from teh android side when taking pics)14:43
sergiusensogra_: that's already done14:43
sergiusensogra_: update and see14:43
ogra_well, i'm playing with the tarball here :)14:43
ogra_but havent pulled todays yet14:44
sergiusensogra_: or just look at http://phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb?p=CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/phablet-10.114:44
* ogra_ hugs sergiusens 14:44
sergiusensogra_: also made the changes to the makefiles as necessary in vendor/cm14:44
ogra_so now the toolchains and kernels and we should have a sweet 500M tarball :)14:45
sergiusensogra_: after getting this kernel review in, I'll be looking into making it smaller14:45
ogra_or even less14:45
ogra_yeah, sadly the gcc-cross one doesnt work14:45
ogra_not sure if slangasek got it solved14:45
sergiusensogra_: this would of been done sooner if we ever had this git repo in place for more than 2 months :-)14:45
ogra_no hurry14:46
MalMenanyone can tellme if that tablet support touch http://www.efox.com.pt/envios-da-europa-vido-n101-ii-android-4-1-rk3066-dual-core-10-1-1280-x-800-ips-32gb-3g-wifimara-dupla-tablet-pc-p-300356 ?14:46
MalMenthank you14:46
ogra_after all i'm happy  that i can skip raring :)14:46
ogra_and concentrate fully on S14:46
ogra_(for the image builds)14:46
wilee-nileeMalMen, your link has a bad wot popup14:47
WebVisitor-3Hello! Sorry  for the interruption. I bought a Vaio T13 touchscreen ultrabook hoping that Windows 8 is a usable os. This isn't so, I found Windows 8 very user unfriendly and slow OS. So I installed Ubuntu 13.04 on my ultrabook. The problem is that the multitouch is not supported. I mean I cant click, drag with the touchscreen. I read that I need to install some kind of touchscreen driver. Could you please explain where do14:47
MalMenwilee-nilee what specs i can give you to know if is compatible ?14:48
wilee-nileeMalMen, none I'm just on the channel.14:48
rsalvetiogra_: the reduced toolchain and pre-built set should happen later today as well14:51
rsalvetiogra_: today's tarball is also xz14:52
rsalvetiwith -6e14:52
ogra_rsalveti, yup seen :)14:52
rsalvetitakes quite a while to generate it hehe :-)14:52
ogra_only 1.4G14:52
rsalvetiyeah, step by step14:52
ogra_500M or so in the end would be good14:52
ogra_rsalveti, did you talk to slangasek ? i didnt see him comment anything after the linker error14:54
rsalvetiogra_: nop, and as I said, I'm not convinced we should remove all pre-built toolchains at this point yet14:54
rsalvetiso I'll just remove the stuff we're not using at least14:54
ogra_rsalveti, if we can se should ... from the tarball ... i would say lets keep the git tree completely untouched14:55
sergiusensrsalveti: any reason why cm.dependencies for mako still lists the kernel?14:55
rsalvetisergiusens: the kernel source is needed still for the headers14:56
ogra_the tarball will be used for autobuilds and we only need the bits for building the supported sets ...14:56
rsalvetisergiusens: it's used by some hardware/qcom components14:56
ogra_the git tree should have as much as possible for porters14:56
rsalvetiogra_: well, we can create a separated tarball with the toolchain once we get a working toolchain from the archive14:56
sergiusensrsalveti: let's keep it for now and figure out how to get just the headers in14:56
ogra_rsalveti, thats what i mean ;)14:56
sergiusensiirc aosp doesn't install the kernel headers by default14:57
rsalvetisergiusens: hm, iirc this qcom component is the same from aosp14:57
rsalvetimight be something cm specific though14:57
ogra_we have a headers package as well :)14:57
rsalvetibut yeah, to be investigated14:57
sergiusensrsalveti: and we do have external/kernel_headers as well14:57
rsalvetibut I believe these headers are mako specific14:57
rsalvetiwe might try to reuse the headers available from the kernel package as well14:58
sergiusensrsalveti: typo in the previous comment, aosp doesn't install kernel sources by default14:58
rsalvetiwill see if I can get something to work based on that later today14:58
sergiusensrsalveti: I won't block the patch in any case, just wondering what the result was of the conversation from yesterday :-)14:58
rsalvetisergiusens: right, yeah, this will follow, just wanted to get something that works first14:59
rsalvetiogra_: problem is that if it's indeed mako specific, it might not be available at the headers package15:00
rsalvetihad similar issues with panda in the past15:00
rsalvetithat's why I decided to investigate this later :-)15:00
ogra_well, no hurry :)15:00
ogra_(you two seem to do everything *right now* .... we're not on a race :)15:01
sergiusensgusch: saw your updates to the bug... I recall the issue and a workaround jhodapp made to get it going (I'm pretty sure it was him). But yeah, the crash has been there for some time.... :-/15:24
sergiusensrsalveti: code looks good, building now (had to wait for meeting to end)15:25
rsalvetisergiusens: sure15:25
guschsergiusens: the crash is there since the beginning, but the side effect of the flipped preview occured somewhen after the MWC demo image15:26
sergiusensgusch: yup, which brings up the question if we should focus on the crash instead15:27
guschsergiusens: that's what I do now ;)15:29
slangasekogra_: I got past the linker error (just needed to add -fuse-ld=gold in the right place), then ran into problems because of libgcc references - which is kind of what I was expecting to find.  We need to build an -> armel cross-compiler to target android specifically15:29
slangasekogra_, rsalveti15:29
slangasekogra_, rsalveti: and at least for upload to the archive, we would need to solve the use of prebuilt compilers... as distributing those without source is a GPL violation15:29
ogra_i doubt we need to build it ... since linaro has one :)15:30
slangasekyes we do.15:30
ogra_ah, we cant use the linaro one ?15:30
rsalvetiwe can probably use if we grab the sources used to built it15:30
rsalvetibut yeah, at the archive it'd be better to use our own toolchain15:31
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|lunch
slangasekrsalveti: given that we are already building cross-toolchains in the archive for other targets, and we track the Linaro patches for the arm builds, we should build the android toolchain the same way rather than introducing a parallel toolchain source15:42
jhodappsergiusens: yeah, I was helping gusch figure out how to use gdb on the android side15:43
rsalvetislangasek: sure, no question about that15:43
rsalvetijust saying that it's doable to use the prebuilt one if really needed15:43
rsalvetijust need to find the sources15:43
rsalvetislangasek: who can be allocated to do that work?15:44
slangasekwell, if we're putting it in the archive we also need to *build* the toolchain, not use the prebuilt15:44
rsalvetisure, it'll just force ogra_ to wait until the toolchain is in place15:45
ogra_as i said, i'm not in a hurry15:45
ogra_lets discuss it at the sprint and do proper planning15:45
rsalvetisure, we'd need to get someone to work on this15:46
ogra_we wont start raring builds based on that right now ... so it is S material15:46
rsalvetibut it's a high prio to be able to spin builds based o S, right?15:46
ogra_i personally would prefer if doko could do it, everyone else will need double the time15:46
rsalvetiat least via cdimage15:46
ogra_but i dont know how heavily booked he is15:46
ogra_rsalveti, right, but even in S we can live with the jenkins builds in the beginning15:47
ogra_i expect the S builds to be bumpy in the beginning anyway15:47
Orangermhall119: You don't do something in particular for core apps to merge branches than "merge + commit + push" ?15:47
rsalvetiogra_: right, that's why I said if we want to build them at cdimage15:47
ogra_doesnt make them less bumpy :)15:47
ogra_we'll have to keep raring building for a while in parallel if we want usable images ... important is that by S release we will not have two parallel builds anymore but can smoothly transition to T this time15:48
ogra_thats my major target ...15:49
ogra_while i want S builds as early as possible they dont need to be in place on day one imho15:50
ogra_(would be a nice to have ... but i have no illusions here)15:50
sergiusensplars: http://people.canonical.com/~sergiusens/cm-10.1-20130418-UNOFFICIAL-mako.zip15:51
slangasekrsalveti: I need to talk to doko yet about the cross-toolchain requirements and when we can have this done; if you have anyone on your team who can help doko identify the necessary configure arguments for gcc, that will probably let us get it done faster15:52
rsalvetiplars: got a mako as well?15:52
rsalvetiplars: just to know in case I need someone else to help me validating stuff15:52
plarsrsalveti: I do... I just realized something on it though, it's dead again15:53
rsalvetiplars: :-(15:53
rsalvetiplars: does it require you to remove the battery as well?15:53
plarsrsalveti: Its odd, I can leave my galaxy nexus sitting without it being plugged in for a long time and nothing happens, but it seems like the mako dies quicker15:53
plarsrsalveti: not so far15:53
rsalvetislangasek: right, that's fine, linaro produces a build script which is public15:53
plarsrsalveti: need to take a look at that, could be that I had wifi enabled on one and not the other15:54
rsalvetimight need a android specific sysroot, need to check that15:54
plarsrsalveti, sergiusens: let me charge it for 10-15 min then I'll pull down that build and try it15:54
rsalvetiplars: cool, thanks15:54
plarssergiusens: just use that one with today's rootfs?15:55
plarssergiusens: what was included in this? what was it intended to fix?15:55
sergiusensplars: oh, left a sentence incomplete15:56
sergiusensplars: it's using a packaged kernel instead of the one from the android tree for mako15:56
sergiusensplars: packaged by the kernel team15:57
rsalvetiaka ubuntu kernel15:57
slangasekrsalveti: can you point me to that build script? :)15:57
plarssergiusens: ah, cool15:57
ogra_slangasek, the other issue seems to be that the CM kernels seem to not get along with gcc > 4.6 ... we will need the 4.6 in the tree still for porters15:57
rsalvetislangasek: yup, looking into it15:57
rsalvetiogra_: that's fine, we can produce different tarballs15:57
ogra_(not for what we upload to the archive eventually indeed)15:57
slangasekogra_: the kernel team is already building the kernels; we should not be building them as part of the "android" source package, porters should be getting that elsewhere15:57
ogra_slangasek, but porters do15:58
ogra_so we need that for the community in the git tree still15:58
slangasekogra_: completely irrelevant to the source package question15:58
ogra_not in the exported tarballs15:58
ogra_just a note :)15:58
sergiusensplars: I leave wifi and 2g network on all the time on the maguro and it lasts at least 2 days (less with screen on)15:59
rsalvetislangasek: http://android.git.linaro.org/gitweb?p=toolchain/build.git;a=tree16:00
sergiusensogra_: they can add it to their cm.dependencies and we could remove it with no issues16:00
sergiusenstalking about gcc16:00
ogra_sergiusens, ohhh ... good idea !16:00
* ogra_ didnt think about that16:01
rsalvetislangasek: seems everything is there16:01
mhall119Oranger: usually Jenkins will automatically merge approved merge proposals into the project's trunk branch for the Core Apps16:01
rsalvetisergiusens: yeah, the toolchain will still be available at phablet16:01
rsalvetiand we can spin a separated tarball with them like ogra_ said16:02
rsalvetithen we're all good16:02
Orangermhall119: Oh ok, Jenkins is very usefull... when he is alive :p16:02
mhall119yeah, he's been under the weather recently :)16:02
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Orangermhall119: Do you know when he will come back ?16:03
rsalvetihttp://android.git.linaro.org/gitweb?p=toolchain/build.git;a=blob;f=README; is also quite informative16:03
mhall119Oranger: fginther might now, he may be back now and just churning through his backlog16:03
Orangermhall119: ok, thanks :)16:04
fgintherOranger, sorry. the server is back up and running, but there is some additional setup that needs to be done. I've pinged someone to help me. Sorry for the inconvenience.16:05
rsalvetisergiusens: I'm +1 regarding the latest patch from janimo16:06
Orangerfginther: No it's good ! Thanks you for working hard on it ! ;) Take all the time you need !16:07
rsalvetisergiusens: let me know if you want me to apply it16:07
shadeslayerChickenCutlass: hahaha, if I try to boot android with a custom kernel with VT and FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE support, it bootloops16:16
shadeslayerogra_: ^^16:17
shadeslayerso fbcon is just plain broken16:17
rsalvetiyeah, seems a common issue with android based kernels16:19
* rsalveti bbl16:19
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: interesting.  I have it now where it boots then keeps rebooting16:21
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: same as you16:21
shadeslayeryeah it's a bit weird16:22
shadeslayerChickenCutlass: but you can control the brightness via the initrd right16:23
=== lubuntu is now known as Guest75616
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: yes16:27
shadeslayerI'm kind of out of ideas since fbcon doesn't even work with android16:28
shadeslayerclearly enabling fbcon here is an issue16:28
ogra_well, you will need a working framebuffer for your Xorg ...  the console is just for getting there16:29
ogra_i still dont get why g_serial doesnt work for you though ... fbcon is often differing by device ... gadget support shouldnt16:30
shadeslayerhmm, I'll try with android16:30
shadeslayerif g_serial works16:30
ogra_note that it kills adb ...16:31
shadeslayeryeah that's fine16:31
ogra_since that uses the gadget driver too16:31
shadeslayerI know :)16:31
ogra_if g_serial doesnt work you can also try g_composite as alternative ... i have found devices wheer that one works better16:31
ogra_(has additional USB net support)16:31
shadeslayerhmm, will try16:32
shadeslayerogra_: booted android after enabling g_serial, nothing16:38
ogra_with proper console= args on the kernel cmdline ?16:39
shadeslayertrying composite16:39
shadeslayerI just booted it without any arguments16:40
shadeslayertrying with console=ttyGS0 now16:40
ogra_yeah, thats needed16:40
shadeslayerhmm .. maybe that was just fastboot16:41
* shadeslayer tries flashing again16:41
shadeslayernope, nothing with console=ttyGS016:42
ogra_nothing in dmesg on the host ?16:43
shadeslayerlast message is when I was in fastboot16:43
shadeslayerogra_: CONFIG_USB_CDC_COMPOSITE > is that the composite gadget you're talking about?16:47
shadeslayerthere's also a CONFIG_USB_G_MULTI16:48
shadeslayerwhich is a "Multifunction Composite Gadget"16:48
ogra_never tried that16:48
ogra_that likely works only as module and needs options passed16:48
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ogra_to flick the switches on and off16:48
shadeslayerhmm okay16:50
* shadeslayer tries with CONFIG_USB_CDC_COMPOSITE16:50
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shadeslayerogra_: compiling with the composite driver is not possible17:02
moocow_So, remember that Ubuntu build I got to compile for encore? It flashes alright, but it powers off about 5 seconds later. So, this must be the debug part I heard so much about...17:02
shadeslayerogra_: http://paste.kde.org/727622/17:02
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Chandrakant_Bhello all17:11
Chandrakant_BAnyone has tried touch on Pantech Burst or anyone developing it????17:12
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moocow_Chandrakant_B, if there is a cyanogenmod for it, you could try and build it yourself.17:14
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Chandrakant_Bor just idle17:30
Chandrakant_BDoes anyone chat here?17:30
ogra_only if we have something to say :)17:31
shadeslayerogra_: so what I'm trying now is : copy adbd binary to initramfs and just run the thing after sysfs/proc stuff is mounted17:32
shadeslayermaybe, just maybe, it'll work17:32
shadeslayernope, doesn't work17:46
shadeslayerChickenCutlass: ogra_ I'm still quite confused as to what s3cfb.bootloaderfb is exactly17:55
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: what device are you on17:56
shadeslayerNexus 1017:56
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: are you trying to get X running17:57
shadeslayeruh, at the end of the day, yes17:57
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: if so, I doubt there is a good enough fb driver17:57
ChickenCutlassthat X needs17:57
shadeslayeroh? Isn't there the xf86 arm soc driver?17:58
ogra_armsoc should work17:58
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: you need one for that specific chip17:58
ChickenCutlassogra_: it might17:58
ogra_you will need the mali GLES libs17:58
ogra_ChickenCutlass, its the same board as in the chromebook17:58
shadeslayerright ^ and we can get that from the android sources?17:58
ogra_i'm using armsoc here17:59
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ChickenCutlassok good17:59
shadeslayerogra_: oh ... if the rootfs is armhf, won't that cause issues? ( or is the mali gles built against armhf? or can armel libs run on armhf? )18:00
ogra_you can use the armhf chromebook libs ...18:00
shadeslayeroooh awesome18:00
shadeslayerandroid not booting anymore :P18:01
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shadeslayereh wait18:08
shadeslayerogra_: can't I just use your kernel + initrd18:08
shadeslayersince it's the same board18:08
ogra_i use the preinstalled kernel on my chromebook18:09
ogra_havent updated ever18:09
shadeslayerwait, you used the one that came with your chromebook?18:10
ogra_but hrw has a kernel iirc, talk to him in #ubuntu-arm18:10
ogra_yes, still using it18:10
ogra_i even used the chrubuntu script to switch from chromeos to ubuntu ...18:10
ogra_(then i mostly re-did the userspace as raring though)18:11
shadeslayerI feel this is going to be one of those long nights18:12
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Orangermhall119: I'm sorry i'll can't be at the meeting at 19:30 UTC18:37
mhall119Oranger: that's okay, I'll see if anybody else shows up and is interested in helping18:43
mhall119otherwise you and I can just keep chatting anytime in here18:43
Orangermhall119: Ok :) I hope that someone will be there18:44
mhall119me too, we can use more devs18:45
hashLABEverywhere it says wifi is possible. How to configure wifi?18:54
awe_hashLAB, you can use the network indicator to select an access point to connnect to18:55
awe_if secure, you can enter a password18:55
hashLABNo, there it says Empty!18:56
awe_there's not much else implemented for wifi control at this point18:56
mhall119kenvandine: is qtdeclarative5-accounts-plugin18:56
awe_your're other option is to use phablet-deploy-networking18:56
mhall119not built for quantal armhf?18:56
awe_which will copy a NM profile from your laptop to the device18:56
hashLABIs wifi only working with quantal?18:56
awe_it should work on both our quantal & raring images18:57
hashLABokay thanks18:57
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kenvandinemhall119, it is somewhere...19:22
kenvandinemhall119, in  ppa:super-friends/ppa19:23
mhall119thanks kenvandine19:23
kenvandinemhall119, np19:24
perathi all19:24
peratcould somebody help me to manage problem with android restoring?19:25
mhall119kenvandine: did you see my video of the facebook app?19:25
peratfirst, a run adb reboot-bootloader19:25
peratand in bootloader mode device is not found19:26
peratBus 002 Device 008: ID 04e8:685d Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd19:26
peratsudo adb devices gives me nothing19:26
peratI use Ubuntu 13.0419:27
ogra_there is no adb in bootloader mode19:27
peratmy device Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (GT-N8000)19:27
mhall119kenvandine: any ETA on getting a UOA front-end on the phablet so I can give it my Facebook account?19:27
peratwhen I run takju-jdq39$ ./flash-all.sh I'm getting only < waiting for device >19:28
peratwhat can I do to bring it up?19:29
ogra_what do you actually try to install there ? does samsugn actually offer original images for self install ?19:30
kscloudAnyone help me with an SDK issue?19:33
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peratsorry, I triyed to run firmware for my phone))19:35
peratinstead of tablet image19:35
kscloudI was looking at mhall119's app development thing and noticed his first step was to select an ubuntu app or something to that effect, but my install of the sdk doesn't have this option. Nor does it have Qt Quick 2.19:35
kenvandinemhall119, not really, designs were just ready last week19:35
kenvandineand work has started on read/write qml bindings19:35
kenvandinemhall119, want to test my script?19:36
kenvandinemhall119, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5719686/19:37
kscloudIt's 13.04 btw19:37
kenvandinemhall119, save that as something like uoa-create19:37
kenvandine./uoa-create SERVICE USERNAME19:37
kenvandine./uoa-create twitter kenvandine19:37
kenvandinemhall119, it only handles facebook and twitter for now19:38
kscloudWould reinstalling fix the issue?19:40
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mhall119kenvandine: thanks, I'll give it a try later19:53
kenvandinemhall119, cool, let me know how it goes19:53
mhall119will do19:53
kenvandinei'm going to blog soon with details on how to do it19:53
WarlorZhi folks, can someone please tell me what code name package i need to get for the ubuntu i would like to try out too : Samsung I9250 ( south africa)19:53
kenvandineafter i get it in the daily image19:53
mhall119kscloud: did you follow the instructions on developer.ubuntu.com to get the SDK packages?19:54
mhall119kscloud: http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/19:54
mhall119you'll need to add some PPA's and install Qt packages + Ubuntu plugins19:54
kscloudSome time ago, when it first came out (this was a 12.10 install)19:54
mhall119kscloud: oh, then you'll need to remove and purge those old packages19:55
mhall119otherwise they'll conflict with the new ones19:55
kscloudAh, didn't think of that. Is ppa-purge default or just in the repos?19:55
mhall119kscloud: don't know, probably in the repos though19:56
kscloudThanks mhall11919:56
The_Matrix_Am I alowed to ask a question regarding ubuntu touch app development? I am playing with the sdk and I don't know how to accomplish something. If no, can someone lead me to the right channel.19:58
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pmcgowanThe_Matrix_: you can ask here19:59
pmcgowanalthough most sdk guys done for the day19:59
The_Matrix_I just want to accomplish something. I want to retrive text from one file and display it on the main program. How do I do this?20:01
WarlorZhi folks, can someone please tell me what code name package i need to get for the ubuntu i would like to try out too : Samsung I9250 ( south africa) ?20:01
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The_Matrix_Can I adapt this the code from blackberry to use in this case: http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/Cascades-Development/Calling-an-element-id-from-one-QML-file-to-another/td-p/196977520:02
kenvandineWarlorZ, i don't see that on the list of ports20:03
mhall119ogra_: rsalveti: how would I tell the phablet to open text documents using a specific app?20:09
rsalvetimhall119: not sure, kaleo might know better20:10
mhall119kaleo: ^^ ?20:10
mhall119the ubuntu-docviewer-app can accept a filepath as it's first argument now, and will display it's contents20:10
mhall119and I believe the file manager can request that a filepath be opened by an external app20:11
mhall119I just need to connect the dots20:11
pmcgowanmhall119: the basic model in is the other way around which is why we do not plan to use a filebrowser afaik20:15
pmcgowanmhall119: I dont  think we have file type associations yet, part of overall content management20:16
mhall119pmcgowan: well filebrowser is just one example, we'll need to do the same with the browser when downloading a PDF for example20:17
pmcgowanmhall119: right, then we will have associations so the content goes to the app that can deal with it20:18
sergiusensmhall119: http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2013/04/testing-ubunutu-touch-images-now-with.html20:20
sergiusenspmcgowan: rsalveti ^^20:20
mhall119sergiusens: just saw it on G+20:20
rsalvetisergiusens: cool20:21
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user82hello all. is the problem still existing that a lg nexus 4 can only be completely turned off via adb?20:31
fginthermhall119, Oranger, popey, nik90, the jenkins server is back online and has completed processing the merges that were pending. Please let me know if you find anything amiss.20:42
popeythanks fginther !20:43
mhall119fginther: I noticed, thanks a bunch for getting him back online20:50
fginthermhall119, np20:50
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mhall119popey: is the weather team blocked on anything atm?21:12
popeymhall119: i think they feel blocked on design, but I expect a conversation with design on the hangout to alleviate that worry21:14
mhall119popey: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Blockers21:15
mhall119can you look over that and let me know if I'm missing anything?21:15
popeyoh nicely done, will look over in the morning, sleep is calling21:21
mhall119g'night popey21:25
nik90fginther: thanks a lot..I noticed the automatic merges by jenkins.21:27
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rsalvetiplars: mind giving http://people.canonical.com/~rsalveti/cm-10.1-20130418-UNOFFICIAL-mako.zip a try?21:38
moocow1452Brunch for the Nook Color compiles, but crashes upon flashing and needs to be manually restored. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5719982/ Any ideas?21:39
rsalvetiplars: this one is with the ubuntu kernel21:42
rsalvetibasically similar to what sergiusens created earlier today21:42
rsalvetibut this is with latest everything, and works just fine (clean build as well)21:42
kdubyay, raring images22:08
* kdub updates mir22:08
moocow1452Anyone want to help with my Nook Build?22:09
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plarsrsalveti: does this look right?22:30
plars<5>[    0.000000] Linux version 3.4.0-0-nexus4 (buildd@sigbin) (gcc version 4.7.3 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.7.2-23ubuntu2) ) #1-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Fri Apr 12 17:11:47 UTC 201322:30
plarsrsalveti: boots, spot checking a few things I don't see anything better or worse than the stuff I tested in the same image earlier22:37
plarsrsalveti: just looking at functionality (wifi, camera, etc)22:37
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rsalvetiplars: right, yeah22:45
rsalvetiit should behave exactly the same :-)22:45
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mhall119balloons: still around?23:08
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