kelemengaborhey teolemon, check out the new links on http://nightmonkey.ubuntu.hu :)19:16
kelemengaborso far, it works for me19:16
teolemonyes :-)19:20
teolemoni've been talking with the awesome chap who did that :-)19:20
teolemoni'm sooooo19:20
teolemonhappy :-)19:20
teolemoni actually duplicated a bug Istvan opened19:21
teolemonand this time the lp devs saw it19:21
kelemengaboraswesome :)19:23
teolemoni'm going to do a mail at some point tonight19:25
teolemonthe cool thing is that we're enabling casual translators to find their favorite package19:26
teolemonand translate it19:26
teolemonand i'm going to push software centre integration19:26
teolemonso that we get a "Translate this description" link or button19:26
teolemonwe can market the DDTP globally19:26
teolemonas nightmonkey enables people to chose their language19:26
teolemonand do translations by "verticals"19:27
teolemonscience packages19:27
teolemonkde packages19:27
teolemonlxde packages, ...19:27
teolemonalso, to celebrate, i'm willing to provide automated suggestions for Hungarian if you're interested19:28
kelemengaborautomated? no way! Machine translations (Google translate...) are pretty bad quality for Hungarian.19:34
kelemengaborhowever, enhancing DDTP-related functionality would be indeed great :)19:34
teolemoni'm going to do a test po for either multiverse or main19:34
teolemoni won't put it on launchpad, but i'll give you a link to it so that you can see if it can be useful for repetitive and simple strings19:36
teolemonand i'll push functionnality anyway19:37
teolemondon't worry :-)19:37
teolemonet l'url ultime20:00
teolemonwrong window20:00
teolemon(just change the lang code to join the fun :-) -20:00
trijntjenightmonkey working again? Thats great news!20:23
teolemonyes :-)20:27
teolemonjust sent a mail to the list21:38

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