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Myrttiif you tried, I'm sure you could be a little bit more consistent00:33
Lil-|^RedMyrtti: Thanks for the heads-up .. just watching Jono and reading the newsletter tonight .. To be Frank .. my choice of IRC Client is the problem/inconsistent-ness.00:38
Lil-|^Redbut chances of getting that solved is like asking a farmer what milk I should drink so I don't get fat off the land.00:38
Lil-|^Red... tonight, here anyway.00:39
MooDoohelo all07:06
TheOpenSourcerermornign earthlings07:08
TheOpenSourcereror morning even ;-)07:08
TheOpenSourcererkeyboard dylsexia07:08
popeypip pip07:55
MooDoomorning popey08:00
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JamesTaitCQ, CQ, CQ - Happy Amateur Radio Day, over!08:24
SuperMatt10 four good buddy08:26
popeyWhat's our vector Victor?08:35
popeyClearance Clarence!08:35
popeyRoger, Roger.08:35
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marsilainenis there a way to generate German umlauted characters from an English keyboard layout? (eg. via Alt-Gr somehow)08:49
marsilainenI use the characters rarely, but annoying to have to bring up a character map when I do need them08:49
marsilainenI wouldn't want to switch my whole keyboard layout to German as I just need an occasional character08:50
marsilainen(eg. for someone's name)08:50
Laneymarsilainen: It'd probably be best if you enable the compose key08:52
LaneySystem Settings → Keyboard → Layout Settings → Options → Compose key position08:53
marsilainenLaney: ok, thanks - I'll look into how to use that08:54
Laneyit'll take over whatever key you pick there (I have mine as çäps łóčĸ)08:54
Laneythen you press <compose>"a to get ä08:54
marsilainenah, great - thanks08:54
marsilainenthanks, seems to work fine08:55
Laneytry <compose>:) ;-)08:56
AlanBellthat is pretty cool09:00
LaneyI had cccp set up to give a hammer and sickle once but I forgot how to do it and lost the configuration :(09:01
popey /completion -auto "cccp" ☭09:04
popeyshould do it09:04
Laneyoh irssi, I was talking about compose in general09:05
Myrttiit also kinda depends if you've got dead keys enabled or not09:06
LaneyI think you make a ~/.XCompose file09:07
marsilainenit's not a character I often need TBH :p09:12
* bigcalm spins about on his office chair09:17
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:17
bigcalmCan you guess why the spinning? :D09:23
JamesTaitbigcalm, because you can?09:27
bigcalmpopey: when you connection went to 60mb, did your upstream stay the same around 3mb?09:27
bigcalmJamesTait: that is always a good reason to do so09:27
popeyyes bigcalm09:28
bigcalmpopey: ah, that's fair enough then09:28
popeyjust speedtested it09:30
bigcalmMine from this morning http://www.speedtest.net/result/2653502098.png09:33
kvarleyJust compressed a accdb file 11.6MB into a zip and the zip is 825.2KB, can this be right?09:34
bigcalmI wrote a script to download soundcloud playlists which I run now and then on a podcast. Glancing at the output of wget made me double take. 7.5mb/s, that can't be right... :)09:34
bigcalmLaney: SDSL?09:35
popeyLaney is in Denmark?09:35
Laneyspeedtest cocked that one up09:35
kvarleybigcalm: I'm rocking my 450kb/s connection09:35
kvarleyADSL ftl09:36
LaneyI still had it in my browser showing my results09:36
Laneyrefresh → some danish one09:36
popeyget you09:39
LaneyI get (relatively) shit speeds on wireless though09:39
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:40
bigcalmI'm in for a really poopy day. Yet seeing my connection has been upped, not so poopy09:40
bigcalmMorning brobostigon09:40
brobostigonmorning bigcalm09:40
MooDoomorning brobostigon09:41
brobostigonmorning MooDoo09:41
bigcalmWind just blew my window shut - that's enough fresh air for you, back to work!10:01
bigcalmAnd here10:02
bigcalmI can't see any blue sky, but the sun still shines10:02
MooDoohere too10:02
bigcalmWhat's the plural of axis?10:02
bigcalmAh, Wiktionary says axes10:03
MooDoosorry meant it's aces10:03
MooDoorats I can't type10:03
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meeta quick query. in ifconfig i am getting different hwaddr for eth0 and wan0 . should not they be the same10:20
bigcalmmeet: no, they are two separate network devices, just happen to be in the same system10:21
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bigcalmIf they had the same hardware address, you couldn't use them individually10:21
meetbigcalm: but hwaddr is the mac address .. right?10:22
meetthen my device has 2 mac addresses?10:22
meetdell laptop10:22
directhexmeet, at least10:23
bigcalmeth0 is the wired port, wan0 is the wifi connection10:23
bigcalmdirecthex: we10:23
directhexMAC addresses are found on wired networks, wireless networks, bluetooth, and TV cards10:23
bigcalmAh, least not last10:23
meetdoes that mean i have 2 NIC?10:23
* bigcalm goes back to his cave10:23
directhexmeet, yes10:24
meetok.. one for wifi and other for wired.. that way .. right?10:24
directhexmeet, yeah. typically an intel centrino wireless, and some cheap ethernet chip (maybe realtek)10:24
meetdirecthex: so on a desktop or an old pc.. both the hwaddr will be same presumably?10:25
directhexmeet, on a desktop or an old pc, you wouldn't have a wan0 device10:25
meetoh.. ya right :)10:26
directhexmeet, you get one device listed in ifconfig per network device. many desktops have more than one wired connection. so eth0, eth1, eth2...10:26
bigcalmdirecthex: I was quite surprised that my Alienware X51 desktop has wifi10:26
meetok.. and hwaddr=hardware address?10:26
bigcalmmeet: yes10:27
directhexand virtual network devices (if you use virtualization software like virtualbox) gets a fake MAC too10:27
directhexmeet, yes10:27
meetthanks a lot bigcalm and directhex :)10:27
directhexdirecthex@desire:~$ ifconfig | grep HWaddr10:27
directhexeth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:24:1d:12:05:4d10:27
directhexeth1      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:24:1d:12:05:4f10:27
directhexvirbr0    Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 1e:9a:9e:ef:5d:1c10:27
directhexmeet, oh, one more thing that might interest you10:27
directhexmeet, the first 6 digits of the MAC address are supposedly unique to a device manufacturer. so you can identify the network card brand from the MAC10:28
directhexe.g. with my example above10:28
meethm.. nice .. :)10:28
directhex00:24:1d is gigabyte. and i have a gigabyte motherboard10:28
davmor2Morning all10:32
bigcalmMorning davmor210:36
bigcalmdavmor2: Alex wasn't at the lug last night and I forgot to mention about today. I'm guessing he hasn't gone10:37
davmor2bigcalm: you can probably ask him on wolveslug (which almost certainly means he is home)10:38
MyrttiI wonder should I outdo a friend who recently met RMS by meeting an actual freedom fighter who flies around the world meeting and talking to people10:51
davmor2Captain America?10:52
bigcalmHe doesn't fly10:52
Myrttithen again I think the speeches are already prebooked to other people10:52
Myrttiuni students and like10:52
MyrttiDalai Lama10:53
davmor2bigcalm: so you finally joined the 21 century then10:58
bigcalmdavmor2: my taste in music has yet to do so10:59
bigcalmdavmor2: but yes, it was a nice surprise this morning10:59
davmor2bigcalm: musically I think we are both back in the 80's and 90's11:01
bigcalmSpeaking of which, I'm on the phone to Halfords to try and get my DAB problem fixed11:02
davmor2bigcalm: what issue is that11:02
bigcalmdavmor2: the stork controls aren't working as advertised. 1) I can't access the system menu, 2) changing station only works buy going up the list11:03
Myrttiaw, gord isn't here11:04
popeyindeed, wanted to wish him HB earlier11:04
* popey opens skype11:04
bigcalmIf I'm on Absolute 90s and want to go to Absolute 80s, I have to go though all 60ish stations11:04
davmor2bigcalm: ouch11:05
bigcalmYeah, bit miffed11:06
bigcalmI sent a support request to the AutoDAB manufacturer, but haven't had a response11:06
SuperMatta lot of digital radios seem to be content with just backwards and forward buttons11:06
SuperMattthere's too many channels for that!11:06
SuperMattit was ok when we only had 5 tv channels, but I think it's time to move on11:06
bigcalmIndeed, this unit does allow for 7 preset stations. But I can't access the system menu to set any11:07
bigcalmPaid a fair bit for the unit and for Halfords to fit it. Glad I did, it's their problem to fix :)11:08
bigcalmOddly, I found that listening to Kerrang was clearer on FM than it was via DAB11:08
SuperMattwell the thing is, digial radio isn't so hot in cars. It doesn't deal with movement very well11:09
SuperMattwhen you're in a good spot, of course the sound is better, but start moving and it starts to degrade *quickly*11:10
* bigcalm ponders where to slither off to for lunch11:12
SuperMattI'm going to itsu11:12
SuperMattin about 15 minutes11:12
SuperMattthe only problem with itsu is that it's quite close to mcdonalds11:13
* popey goes to get something nommy for lunch11:13
* popey ponders what though11:13
SuperMattin fact, I have to cross and extra road to get to itsu11:13
bigcalmSuperMatt: McDonald's it is then11:14
* TheOpenSourcerer feels a wander into town coming on. Visit to the bank to deposit a cheque (why do customers still pay with cheques?)11:14
funkyHatThe *only* problem with itsu?11:14
funkyHatActually there is an itsu right outside here11:14
bigcalmTheOpenSourcerer: so that they get to hang on to their money for a little bit longer11:14
funkyHatAnd a Pret, and an Eat11:14
TheOpenSourcererMaybe bigcalm but the customers who pay us with cheques always pay well before the due date...11:15
bigcalmWow, their website is majorly messed up in chromium11:15
funkyHatI have clients who pay by cheque, I think they are scared of technology and used to cheques11:16
* SuperMatt shakes a fist at a "mail provider" called mailgun11:22
SuperMattthey only retry sending an email once, and that's from a random mail server in their pool, so it's not guaranteed to pass greylisting.11:23
TheOpenSourcererOne for lunchtime reading: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2035651/open-source-is-taking-over-the-software-world-survey-says.html :-D Some of us knew this already...11:23
SuperMattI've fired off an email to them11:23
directhexSuperMatt, so they don't understand email then?11:25
SuperMattclearly not!11:33
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Lil-|^RedOT | Rick shared an interesting App .. a c ouple of days ago | http://bit.ly/Gubuntucat12:55
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SuperMattI've just found the weirdest bug13:10
SuperMatttyping the letter n into my launcher is entering an invisible character13:10
Lil-|^RedSuperMatt .. Check the CapLock, Alt, Tab, SuperKey and Tilda key are not active.13:13
SuperMattlogging out and back in again fixd it13:14
mungbeanwhats happenin kids13:54
bigcalmTired and I want to go to bed14:05
Laneyi had a little drink about an hour ago14:06
bigcalmAnd it's gone straight to my head14:07
mungbeandum dum dum dum dum dum JAWSS14:08
* bigcalm ponders a nap14:12
bigcalm+1 for working from home14:12
mungbeanthere's a violent hailstorm outside14:12
bigcalmJust grey here14:13
brobostigoncloudy/sunny spells here.14:14
MyrttiI should get my dyepot inside, it's probably cooled enough14:16
davmor2Myrtti: I read that as despot I was wondering which dictator was outside yours :)14:18
Myrttimungbean: close, but not quite https://plus.google.com/100016383867666174158/posts/6P5rcuWAirW14:19
bigcalmdavmor2: car booked in with Halfords for Monday lunchtime. They were quite apologetic14:20
davmor2bigcalm: nice14:22
mungbeanthis server room has stalactites14:23
bigcalmOh my14:23
bigcalmThat doesn't look healthy14:23
mungbeani wanted to touch one but they also stored radioactive material in there so i didn't. looked like crumbly limestone on the floor of the room. checkmate atheists14:24
mungbeanfrom the stalacmites that got stamped on14:24
Myrttiit's going to be such a lovely green yarn14:26
mungbeanmy wife is knitting me a jumper in sirdar chunky14:26
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* xnox giggles at searching for "aa" and finding a manpage:14:51
MooDoohttp://youtu.be/tj7al6MXu7U - can I borrow your iphone?14:53
* bigcalm drums his fingers, waiting for chapter 2 to come out for Kentucky Route Zero15:02
brunogirinxnox: brilliant, I've learnt a new command today!15:11
xnoxthe AA team!15:11
davmor2xnox: invalid option error: team is an unknown option use AA --help for assistance :D15:18
mungbeansucks. bug 114071615:22
lubotu3bug 1140716 in linux-lts-quantal (Ubuntu Precise) "[regression] 3.5.0-26-generic and 3.2.0-39-generic GPU hangs on Sandybridge" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/114071615:22
mungbeanupgraded to 3.5 kernel because that was suggested15:22
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mungbeannow the fix is in 3.2.x proposed15:22
mungbeanoh, looks like proposed fix aint working for some15:24
mungbeananyone have suggestions on where would be good to buy 100 x samsung galaxy note 215:40
Myrttihow many?15:40
mungbeanabout a hundred or so15:40
MartijnVdScall your local Samsung representative ;)15:41
mungbeantablet not phone15:41
MartijnVdSmungbean: still, a Samsung salesperson would probably be HAPPY to help :)15:42
directhexyeah, 100 is "talk to manufacturer" numbers15:42
directhexsince you're talking lots of money15:42
directhexdon't bother trying an etailer like expansys. they'll dick you.15:43
SuperMattis it possible to have multiple workspaces enabled, without having the button?16:06
TheOpenSourcerermungbean: If you are a company - you will probably need to talk to a distributor (a box shifter that supplies the likes of expansys et al).16:06
BigRedSSuperMatt: which button?16:15
SuperMatton the launcher16:16
BigRedSah! forgot about that. I've no idea16:17
TheOpenSourcererCTL+ALT+Arrow Keys is what I use all the time. the whole launcher thing and stuff is just way too slow.16:18
SuperMattI know about the keys, but the button clutters my launcher. If I turn the button off though, I lose the ability to switch workspaces altogether16:25
TheOpenSourcererorly - I didn't realise that!16:27
SuperMattI think so16:27
SuperMattlemme test16:27
SuperMattyeah, these only a tick box for enable workspaces16:28
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MartijnVdSSuperMatt: The Design Team wants it to be like that17:38
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: Workspaces are of the devil!17:38
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: like normal scroll bars, and menu bars17:38
Lil-|^RedMartijnVdS: 'el diablo' ? I thought you were an Angel ?17:39
MartijnVdSLil-|^Red: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E28WrhpTzQA17:39
Lil-|^Redha ha ..17:40
Lil-|^Redhttp://identi.ca/notice/100659276 !Linux 3.4.41 !Kernel has been released http://www.kernel.org/17:42
MartijnVdSidenti.ca still exists?!17:43
Lil-|^Redno its pump.io now.17:43
MyrttiMartijnVdS: yeah I had hoped it would have died years ago17:44
Lil-|^RedYep. This does though ... https://diasp.eu/tags/ubuntu17:45
Myrttioh yeah, that's the other social media service nobody remembers unless someone mentions it17:45
Lil-|^Redgood posters /etc....17:45
Myrttithat's what I call it atleast "the whassit, the service nobody remembers..."17:46
Lil-|^Red.. mm .. how rude.17:46
Myrttino not really, I think it's a representative name for it atleast among my acquaintances17:47
Lil-|^Redacquaintaines / association / bros .. why not just call them friends ?   https://launchpad.net/friends17:48
Myrttiit's a bit like the game (which both you and I have now lost)17:48
MyrttiI hate gwibber with a passion17:48
Lil-|^Redwhat about W8 ?17:48
Myrttithe fruit juice?17:49
Lil-|^Redoh dear..17:49
Myrttiyes, that.17:49
Lil-|^RedYeah .. I like to hate things .. just not when you try to 'change' people . that's narcistic .. like telling ppl what to eat etc..17:50
Lil-|^RedI know this java guy who never wore shoes ..17:50
popeyMyrtti: i ended up not bothering to login to identi.ca and diaspora when people remind me they exist, because when I did, there was nothing there worth seeing17:50
popeyMyrtti: i guess how some facebookers see G+ ?17:51
Myrttipopey: I suppose17:51
bigcalmThat's how I see Facebook17:51
popeysame here now ☻17:51
Myrttibut yeah, your experience matches with mine, apart from the fact that I rile myself up to be proper angry when I did have a look into identica17:51
Lil-|^RedEverytime I mentioned I was going to the fridge he said .. If it's not full freshh cream and not pasteurised.. then I am not talking to you .. I left.17:51
popeyit's me isn't it?17:53
popeyas soon as I say something he says /me leaves and quits17:53
popeyor am I being paranoid?17:53
marsilainenif I install Apache on a system which is already running nginx, will this cause a problem? what I really mean is, will nginx continue to be responsible for port 80/443 and keep working?17:57
popeymarsilainen: apache will fail to start on install18:00
Myrttipopey: I suppose it's possible, perhaps you should have a similar script to his to put random stuff on the channel? :-P18:00
popeyif nginx is up18:01
popeybut when you restart the system there's the possibility apache will start before nginx18:01
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NET||abusehi folks.19:12
NET||abusewas having a real pain in the butt with my drive boot setup. trying to configure the n40L to work with not /dev/sda as theboot disk19:14
NET||abusei set the bios to use sdc for now (i've not loaded the bios mod to get sde working) so i have 2x1TB disks in sda and sdb, and the os drive is sdc,19:15
NET||abusesda1 is flagg'ed boot, and i ran grub-install /dev/sdc successfully. but..19:16
DJonesOoh, raring's friends update has brought twitter back19:17
NET||abusewhen i just boot it up,, i just get a blinking cursor.. no messages at all.19:17
mungbeanmanlab \o/19:20
directhexflagging boot doesn't do anything. it's a pointless holdover from CPM or somesuch19:36
marsilainenpopey: ok, thanks for the info19:44
marsilainenI want to move from nginx -> Apache, but just figuring out the way that's going to cause the least downtime for my users19:46
popeymarsilainen: run them in parallel19:47
mgdmhmm, most folk go the other way :) any reason for that?19:47
popeywith apache on port 8000 for testing for example19:47
popeythen flip the switch at a quiet time19:47
popeyand swap the ports over19:47
popey(is what I'd do)19:47
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marsilainenpopey: yeah, I think that's a good idea20:28
popeythats what i did when i migrated from apache to lighttpd20:28
marsilainenmakes sense20:28
marsilainenso I guess I'm ok to install Apache on the running ngnix server and then just configure it to use 800020:28
marsilainencool, thanks for the help20:29
popeyyou'll get an error on install20:29
popeybecause it will try to start20:29
marsilainensure, that's no problem20:29
marsilainenon another note, I'm quite impressed by Linode20:30
marsilainengetting quite a lot of power for the price20:31
marsilainenseems better value than what I had on Bytemark20:31
marsilainenyeah, that doesn't sound great...20:33
marsilainenI knew that they had done a password reset, but wasn't aware of the full extent of the circumstances20:34
* MartijnVdS is on Bytemark's new platform now20:35
shaunothe linode issue makes me uneasy, because they said it was restricted to a single customer when they did the password reset.  we only got more details because the intruder started bragging20:38
Myrttiwhat worries me is that a lot of people are probably leaving Linode, and they're apparently quite a nice, friendly company20:38
Myrttiit's a shame being nice isn't enough to keep the data secure20:39
shaunothey are, but being upfront goes a whole long way in this business20:39
shauno$proverbial happens.  but keeping it to yourself isn't fantastic for customers20:39
Myrttioh man I wish my dye pot wouldn't stink so bad20:42
shaunoheh, I know the feeling.  fermenting anything has turned into a bad idea now that I've moved into a much smaller place20:43
Myrttired onion skins and alum doesn't have a sweet smell I can tell you that20:45
shaunosaurkraut has much the same problem.  I simply can't do it in this flat20:48
* popey pokes bigcalm 20:50
shaunoslightly more on-topic, anyone intimate with openstack?  I've moved from the livecd in a VM, to devstack in a VM.  but I'm running into two issues, probably related.  one is that kvm-ok tells me to load kvm_intel, but modprobe kvm_intel complains it doesn't exist.  the other is that VMs are being run with -no-kvm, which is turning my laptop into a spaceheater20:54
popeydoes your laptop support VMX?20:55
popeywhat CPU is it?20:55
shaunoit does, and I'm passing that to the VM too20:55
popeyoh, you're in a VM20:55
popeydoes that even work?20:55
MartijnVdSyou can nest now20:55
shaunoin vmware, yes.  in vbox, no20:55
MartijnVdSin kvm, sometimes20:55
shaunothe VM is running in vmware, because I'm on a mac, and I've found installing multiple hypervisors makes for mysterious explosions20:57
shaunobut kvm-ok reports  INFO: /dev/kvm exists  (newline) KVM acceleration can be used20:58
shaunobut if I launch an instance, I'm seeing qemu-system-x86_64 with the -no-kvm option, and constantly at 99.something% cpu21:00
popeywell, it will21:00
popeywith -no-kvm21:00
popeymodinfo kvm-intel21:00
popeydoes that show the module?21:00
shaunomy understanding is that if kvm-ok says I'm happy, I shouldn't have -no-kvm, vt-x should be used, and all will be happy21:01
popeysurely not if you specifically say -no-kvm21:01
shaunoit does, as /lib/modules/3.5.0-27-lowlatency/kernel/arch/x86/kvm/kvm-intel.ko21:01
popeyand cat /proc/cpuinfo shows the vmx flag?21:02
shaunothat's the question .. where's -no-kvm coming from21:02
shaunoyes, vme & vmx21:02
AlanBellevening all21:02
shauno(not sure what the physical cpu is, it's a year-old mac)21:02
* AlanBell is in Wales21:03
shaunopor quoi?21:03
AlanBellcustomer visit, just had yummy steak with them :)21:03
shaunoa personal irony, I consider myself travelled.  I've lived in england/scotland/ireland, the states, etc.  I've not spent so much as 2 seconds in Wales, unless the M6 grazes it21:04
shaunoquite annoyed that this is beating me.  I have to launch a small environment at work, a virtual lab comprising 4 physical servers.  and I'm having a terrible time trying to figure out if there's any linux-based stack that'd be preferable to vmware's21:08
shaunoI really don't want vmware because they want windows for anything more than basic interaction.  and while I really don't have a beef against windows, it tends to make me look stupid because I'm entirely unfamiliar with it21:09
mungbeani use windows as vsphere os21:15
mungbeannothing more21:15
shaunothat's what I'm trying to avoid.  because I need to script creation/snapshot/destruction.  and I honestly have no idea how you'd do that anymore21:16
mungbeanjust started looking at openstack last week but there is no official ref guide21:17
mungbeanwhich means i resort to fora and blogs = bad21:17
shaunoyeah.  a big problem I've run into it is that it tends to assume you're overly familiar with Amazon's methodology21:18
shaunoso things are just described as "this here is parallel to that on AWS"21:19
shaunowhich is probably very intuitive if you're trying to bring an AWS stack in-house.  but we're not allowed to touch amazon.  our projects must be born, live, and die in-house21:20
mungbeanwhich all sends the not mature yet message21:21
shaunowell, this build is for a lab, it doesn't need to be mature21:21
shaunoI just need (Real world)<-->(VM'd firewall)<-->(Appliance)<-->(physical switch).   where I need to be able to deploy new or snapshot versions of the firewall & appliance from a cozy web frontend21:23
mungbeanspacewalk /kvm?21:23
shaunomost my complication is that we need to be able to add dhcp server, dns server, smtp server between the appliance and the firewall, and I need something that will allow packet capture on the virtual networks (both sides of the appliance)21:25
shaunobasically just different environments the appliance could be deployed in, so we can replicate a basic version the customer and packet-capture our way to glory21:27
shaunoopenstack+juju or openstack+chef/puppet is looking fantastic for being able to create random services on the internal network.  but I don't have hardware yet, and it's not playing well with my laptop :/21:29
shaunorecently had a customer who had a DNS server with a whitelist of what IPs it was allowed to outbound to.  that's the kinda crazy I need to be able to build on demand21:38
shauno grep -ri no-kvm .21:55
shaunogrep: memory exhausted21:55
shaunonever seen that before :)21:55
NET||abuseupsetting.. i'm on GBit switch, only getting 170-200KB/s transfer with ssh/scp?23:48
NET||abuseoh well, bedtime.23:50

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