snap-lBlazeix: http://decafbad.net/2012/06/06/i-love-my-phone-company-or-why-ting-com-is-awesome/00:29
mathomastech1jcastro: Hey, rick_h_ mentioned that you use simple mobile on the T-mobile network. Any opinions on it? I am planning on moving to T-mobile soon, currently on ATT with an unlocked N400:37
widoxBlazeix: http://blog.forecast.io/its-not-a-web-app-its-an-app-you-install-from-the-web/01:20
Blazeixmathomastech1: http://files.fuqua.io/upload/jump/a.html01:27
snap-lGood morning12:09
brouschYou see that video of the Texas fertilizer plant? Crazy12:14
snap-lNo, I missed it12:17
snap-lI've been avoiding news as of late.12:17
snap-lThat's awful12:21
snap-lAlso, dumbass12:21
snap-lSeriously, that's way too close to plant12:22
mathomastechYea, that is kinda scary.12:23
mathomastechUnfortunately, another victim of VVS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bt9zSfinwFA12:24
rick_h_I have to say...I don't get how twitter and music fit together.12:38
rick_h_but hey, if they can make $$ more power to them I guess12:38
jjesseon a local news site for the texas explosion some commentor has said that iy look closely at the video you ee a missile streak by13:39
jjessehahahaha idiots make me laugh13:39
snap-lSeriously? They'll make a conspiracy about anything.13:46
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, I don't understand the Twitter Music thing at all13:47
brouschI normally wouldn't share this, but I had to for #7 for rick_h_ http://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicamisener/29-things-only-people-from-the-midwest-understand14:30
rick_h_brousch: yea!14:48
rick_h_#4, #5, #7, #8, #15, #20, #28 and definitely !#29 :(14:50
brouschIt's actually a good list. More than half apply to me or my immediate family14:51
brousch#1 my uncle claims to have invented cornhole, but someone stole his plans. #2 half of my family has worked at a Steak & Shake for the last decade14:52
rick_h_I was kind of cranky when I went to a steak and shake and didn't find steaks14:53
rick_h_I've been bitter ever since14:53
brouschsteak burgers!14:53
brouschIt's like they pre-chew the steak for you!14:54
brouschI'm actually not a big S&S fan14:59
snap-lGarrison Keilor is not God in the flesh15:31
snap-lSeriously, I don't understand this list.15:31
brouschI had no idea who was in that picture15:32
brouschAnd now, aside from having heard the name before, I still have no idea15:32
snap-lPrairie Home Companion on NPR15:33
snap-lWhich is the moment when I realize my radio can switch stations in .2 seconds.15:33
snap-lI think this list is more geared to the west-side of the Midwest15:34
snap-lFrankly there aren't enough chains and manacles in the world to get my ass into a Steak and Shake15:34
* jrwren starts a LAke Woebegon monolog15:37
snap-lPepper it with Lutheran jokes, and you're halfway there.15:37
jrwrenok, this is cool:https://github.com/dsc/pyquery16:32
rick_h_jrwren: that's cool it'll do that from ET16:37
rick_h_this is cool http://www.nycresistor.com/2013/04/16/pebble-hackathon/16:39
snap-lThis is not a library to produce or interact with JavaScript code. If that's what you need, check out16:50
jrwrenwtforms looks cool16:56
jrwreni just wrote this18:16
jrwrenx = dict.get('x', True)18:16
jrwrendict.pop('x', True)18:16
rick_h_"this damn well better be true...unless there's a value...but if not.."18:17
jrwrenyeah. need more coffee and sugar or something.18:17
jrwrenstupid brain.18:17
rick_h_defaultdict to True :P18:18
snap-ljrwren: That's a nice language you're writing in. I hope you try Python soon. ;)18:18
jrwrenthat isn't python18:20
jrwrenomfg, stfu about having a clue what the fuck i'm working k?18:20
jrwrendefaultdict DIAF18:20
snap-ljrwren: I'm just messing with you. :)18:21
jrwreni know, i'm j/k too, sorry about the language.18:22
jrwrenon a serious tip, what isn't pythonic about18:22
snap-lNo worries.18:22
rick_h_ok, so the world just ended here. Hope you guys are all doing well18:23
jrwrensomearg = kwargs.pop('may_not_be_there', True)18:23
jrwrenwe just dumped on and very dark all of a sudden but just for a few minutes.18:23
rick_h_evidently it's now dark time and the rain is falling sideways straight into the house18:23
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, it's supposed to get nasty by my house too18:23
rick_h_so much for the whole idea of open windows with a nice breeze18:24
greg-grain? what's that?18:24
rick_h_greg-g: it's how flowers grow :P18:24
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, time to hunker down18:25
greg-gnuh uh, there's flowers here, but no rain18:25
rick_h_and the crud from the winter gets washed into the sewers18:25
snap-lrick_h_: You hope18:25
greg-goh, your crud gets washed away? our's just pools around forever.18:25
rick_h_all that salt from the roads left in the corners now flushed18:25
snap-ljrwren: I thought you were using dict as a keyword18:26
snap-lnot as a variable.18:26
snap-land was having some parsing problems.18:26
rick_h_oh heh, now RSS shows "severe thunderstorm warning expires 2:30...filed 2:23pm18:29
brouschMy city is in a state of emergency18:33
brouschThe creek near my house is flooding everything18:33
jjessei can imagine18:33
jjessei've seen pictures18:34
* rick_h_ double checks the sump pump18:34
brouschI'm high enough up that it doesn't affect me18:34
jrwreni'm glad i live on top of a hill18:34
greg-gdid you see the stuff in Chicago? crazy18:34
rick_h_we've got a guy on the team in CO with 16" of snow the last two days18:34
rick_h_so at least not there. A bit much for april18:35
jrwrenyeah, my friend in denver was like TOO MUCH SNOW< WTF18:35
greg-gtoo much snow? never, go skiing18:37
jrwrenskiing is a rich persons sport. I'm too poor for that.18:37
jrwrengive me a basketball in a concrete jungle plz18:38
greg-gok, cross country skiing? snow shoeing? make awesome homemade ice-cream with snow+milk+sugar? make a snow fort?18:38
greg-ganyways, snow == endless fun, imo ;)18:38
rick_h_I almost cleaned up the table ont he deck to work outside today so I'm putting snow behind me now18:39
rick_h_however, glad I didn't end up getting out there today18:39
rick_h_lol ah penguicon19:40
greg-ghuh, found another musician that Tom Morello/The Night Watchman sounds exactly like: Dave Alvin, who's currently on Bootleg Liquor on SOMAFM21:07
jrwrenwe are building debs. I was considering using debconf. I have decided not to. Anyone have thoughts on this decision?21:12
rick_h_jrwren: debs of your .py?21:38
rick_h_jrwren: or just debs in general?21:38
rick_h_jrwren: either way I guess I don't know enough to say anyway. Toss it out to G+ or the like and I can RT and see if someone has opinions21:39
jrwrenrick_h_: thanks, yes, I'll G+ it.22:05
snap-lApparently ratshack is on G+22:43
brouschI posted a video to Facebook and this is the actual text of the email I received when it was done processing: "You video is now ready to view on Facebook!"22:51
brouschThat email must be sent out thousands of times a day22:51
snap-lThey probably have an orbital satellite sending those emails.22:52
greg-gbrousch: with the typo or without?22:52
brouschgreg-g: With the typo23:25
greg-gbrousch: hilarious23:26
rick_h_doh, reformatted and forgot to set back up NAS rsync. 50GB more to go.23:39

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