mlankhorstPrf_Jakob: NVAF by any chance?05:21
Prf_JakobI don't think so05:21
Prf_JakobI do have a MacBookAir with NVAF tho05:22
Prf_Jakoblets see what dmesg says05:24
Prf_Jakobmlankhorst: hmm just modprobeing the nouvaue driver with modeset=1 brings down the host05:33
Prf_Jakob02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation G96 [GeForce 9600M GT] (rev a1)05:34
Prf_Jakob03:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation C79 [GeForce 9400M] (rev b1)05:34
mlankhorstPrf_Jakob: nothing in dmesg?05:35
Prf_Jakobwhen I modprobe?05:37
Prf_Jakobits insta-depth05:37
mlankhorstreal death or just backlight turning off death?05:38
Prf_Jakobdeath as in network dies05:39
mlankhorstoh the death kind of death05:39
Prf_Jakobyeah it dies pretty much directly, and tailf /var/log/dmesg doesn't get my anything05:43
mlankhorstI dont have hat hardware, sadly05:44
mlankhorsta laptop with 2 nvidias would be nice for hacking05:44
Prf_JakobI don't think you can run them both at the same time with that model.05:45
Prf_JakobSome later ones can I think05:45
mlankhorstthat was my guess, and nouveau will run the POST script if it sees a card being powered down05:45
mlankhorstbut fixing that would mean adding a static int first; if (first++ == 1) return -ENODEV; (or 0) to the kernel module and a full rebuild05:46
Prf_Jakobcan't I just blacklist the device somehow?05:47
mlankhorstmaybe through generic kernel mechanisms, i dont think nouveau has something specific about that05:48
mlankhorsthm interesting, the backtrace of tibia has has len  and src reversed08:45
tjaaltonlooks like till was right, adding the one patch from ddrake seems to have fixed stuff on the nexus09:07
tjaaltonah, too soon :)09:07
mlankhorsttjaalton: whot knows the issue, just doesn't know how to fix it09:22
mlankhorstI was right about the touch still being alive after ungrab :(09:23
tjaaltonbut till claims the two patches fix it for him..09:23
tjaaltonso I want to prove him wrong :)09:23
mlankhorstyeah one of the patches is a workaround for stuff that was fixed by whot's branch, so it's not needed to grab that patch09:23
mlankhorstthe one from the xorg mailing list09:24
tjaaltoni'll try it anyway09:24
mlankhorstit is only useful when you dont grab whot's branch09:24
mlankhorstanyway seems the sequence is having a button grab, release button grab, end touchapt09:27
mlankhorstah there we go09:29
mlankhorstutil/u_mm.c:184:u_mmAllocMem: Assertion `size >= 0' failed.09:29
mlankhorsthm weird stuff09:30
mlankhorsttoo simple09:35
mlankhorstI wonder why it didn't show up during piglit, though..09:35
mlankhorstthere are some duplicate symbols for some functions with x86 prefix..09:37
mlankhorstsrc/gallium/auxiliary/rtasm/ and src/mesa/x86/rtasm/09:37
mlankhorsttjaalton: on a positive note, that does confirm nobody cares about x86 any more09:45
mlankhorstah well maybe I can update it with the gallium version, they have diverged at one point09:47
mlankhorst.. maybe not, sed job time10:06
mlankhorstwell my hack worked10:19
=== ara_ is now known as ara
arado you guys know if anyone if having a look to the hangs for sandybridge gpus in raring?10:32
arait happens to me at least once a day10:32
arabug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/94689910:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 946899 in linux (Ubuntu) "[drm:i915_hangcheck_elapsed] *ERROR* Hangcheck timer elapsed... GPU hung" [High,Triaged]10:32
mlankhorstara: that's not going to be useful, there's too many potential causes of gpu hangs :/10:45
tjaaltonara: does it hang hard?11:22
tjaaltonor is it just an apport popup you get every now and then11:29
aramlankhorst, it hangs completely12:15
araI need to hard reboot it to bring it back to life12:16
tjaaltonthere are a few things to try. like disabling rc6 power savings, fbc ..12:16
tjaaltonbbiab ->12:16
mlankhorsttjaalton: hm the next time we should just upload next release right away instead of waiting for a fix from intel13:59
tjaaltonmlankhorst: orly? :)14:00
tjaaltonbut we got lucky with your patch14:01
mlankhorstnot really, I would have done so anyway regardless day of week14:03
mlankhorstvery straightforward and obvious to reproduce bug14:03
mlankhorstI guess it's time to start worrying about lts-raring uploads now :)14:53
Dark_lightwhos maintaing mesa for 13.08? 15:54
mlankhorstthere is no 13.0815:55
Dark_lightmlankhorst: I'm pretty sure it's clear that I meant the beta :P 16:09
Dark_lightubuntu 13.08 beta16:09
Dark_lightwho's the mesa maintainer? 16:09
mlankhorstwhat 13.08 beta16:10
ogra_13.08 ?16:11
ogra_beta ?16:11
ogra_Dark_light, there will be a 13.10 ... definitely no 13.08 16:11
ogra_ubuntu releases happen in april (.04) and october (.10)16:12
ogra_no releases inbetween16:12
Dark_lightoh right16:12
Dark_lightsorry it was a bad typo 16:12
ogra_and we dont have maintainers ...16:12
Dark_lightwell a packager16:12
ogra_packages are usualy handled by teams16:12
Dark_lightwhoever pushed mesa 16:12
Dark_lightok 16:12
seb128you better ask your question16:13
Dark_lightso does this whole team handle all the X packages mesa included? 16:13
seb128or state what you want to know16:13
ogra_you could check who uploaded last and talk to him/her ... but even that might just have been a sponsor for a bugfix from the bugtracker16:13
Dark_lightthe mesa 9.1.1 update broke a few things most likely opengl 3.0 related 16:13
Dark_lightit could be an issue only related to sandy bridge 16:13
Dark_lightI'm not sure wether it's a regression in mesa itself or if it's a patch that's been applied 16:14
Dark_lightthe only evidence I have is a steam game I'm beta testing that worked mostly fine till I upgraded mesa this morning now it just segfaults 16:14
Dark_lightI've already talked to the devs but they basically don't care much about  mesa because it's not mature enough I've asked in mesa-dri and they told me to git bisect it to find the cause  16:15
ogra_googling for "sandybridge ubuntu bug" gets me bug 1041790 as the first hit16:15
ubottubug 1041790 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[snb] GPU lockup IPEHR: 0x0b160001 IPEHR: 0x0b140001, workaround i915.semaphores=0" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104179016:15
ogra_did you consider researching on the bugtracker first ?16:16
Dark_lightwell no since the upgrade has been this morning and I'm on 13.04 how could someone have already reported it?16:17
Dark_lightalso it's not X related 16:17
Dark_lightit's opengl related most likely16:17
Dark_lightas everything else is business as usual 16:17
Dark_lightI have dmp file from the game (that I don't know how to handle) if that can help tracing the root cause16:18
SarvattDark_light: what game?16:24
Dark_lightSarvatt: Euro trucks simulatr 216:25
Sarvattguessing you mean euro truck simulator 2 since you mentioned a .dmp file and it being a beta and "mostly fine" would mean 2 fps? :P? http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=119&t=8346 16:25
Dark_lightindeed :) 16:25
Dark_lightnot 2 fpses16:26
Dark_lighthere it was working16:26
Dark_lightalmost perfectly16:26
Dark_lightit had only some issues with flickering and it crashed if the bed icon was red (have to rest) and you opened the map on the menu16:26
Dark_lightso it was playable 16:26
smallfoot-in repository there is mesa 9.1.1-0ubuntu216:27
smallfoot-but 9.1.1-0ubuntu3 is supposed be released16:27
Sarvattlooking for bug reports on the mesa bugzilla about it, it's something that will get fixed in 9.1.x updates later if its broken16:27
smallfoot-but its not in repo16:27
Sarvattsmallfoot-: its in raring-proposed16:27
smallfoot-I see!16:27
Dark_lightthe thing is I don't even know what to report 16:27
Sarvattstill says PENDING for some reason16:27
Dark_lightin the meantime how can I downgrade to 9.0.3 ? 16:28
Dark_lightone of the main reasons I switched to ubuntu was to get proper opengl support for this game .-.16:28
Sarvattdid you email them your .dmp?16:29
Dark_lightSarvatt: to whome the games dev ? 16:30
Sarvattyeah they were asking for the dumps to be emailed if you have a problem, http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=119&t=8379&start=10#p2255916:31
Dark_lightI've already told them about the previous issues but they were very clear on the fact that they couldn't do anything about it, I've emailed about this last issue too but they just stopped answering 16:31
Dark_lightI'm in a limbo, the games devs say mesa is too immature and mesa's devs are way too busy to care about something like this 16:32
Dark_lightAnd I can't fix mesa let alone fixing the game :P 16:33
Sarvattyou'd be really surprised, the intel guys really want steam games to work, https://01.org/linuxgraphics/documentation/how-report-bugs-0 would be the best bet for filing a bug if there's any way you'd be willing to do that16:33
Dark_lightSarvatt: I can but I'm not really sure what to write besides that the game segfaults when opening the quick job menu 16:34
Sarvatti've got it installing now16:35
smallfoot-ubuntu-x rocks, you fixed the bug i reported yesterday in less than 24 hours, and also fixed the X input leak security bug16:35
Dark_lightSarvatt: what card are you testing it on? 16:37
Sarvatthd4000, which sandybridge do you have? 2 or 3?16:38
Sarvatterr 2000 or 300016:38
Sarvattif it affects that it'll probably affect mine too, but i'll try on a hd3000 if not16:39
Sarvattso how do you reproduce it?16:39
Sarvattjust open the quick job menu in game?16:40
Dark_lightyou just start the game and try to get a quick job (I'm not sure on a new account)16:40
Dark_lightit loads the map16:40
Dark_lightand a second after that it crashes 16:40
Dark_light*the menu16:40
Dark_lightit was working ok on 9.0.316:40
Dark_lightI would downgrade for now but can't figure out how to this it cleanly with apt-get 16:41
Sarvatti like this game but i'm not crazy enough to run it on an intel igp, its not the fastest even on a gtx 460m :)16:41
Sarvattand looks extra ugly if you lower the quality settings16:41
Dark_lightmeh I don't care that much about the looks plus having a gaming desktop just to play this game and europa universalis would be overkill :P 16:42
Dark_lightwhat I wonder though is how come valve's games work mostly fine with mesa while for scssoft it's not mature enough 16:43
Dark_lightI don't mean to criticise but I just don't get it 16:43
Dark_lightSarvatt: just in case how can I downgrade mesa with apt-get? I know the old packages are in /var/cache/apt/archives 16:52
Sarvattits a crapload of packages, you're gonna have to grab them off launchpad.. pastebin the output of dpkg -l "*mesa*" ?16:55
sarnoldDark_light: you wouldn't, apt only does one direction... but you can use dpkg --remove and dpkg -i with your .deb files..16:55
Dark_lightsarnold: http://bpaste.net/show/92392/ 16:55
Dark_lightops I meant16:56
Dark_lightSarvatt: ^^16:56
Dark_lightsarnold: but does it resolve the deps too? 16:56
Dark_lightthey are all deps that should be in the archives 16:56
sarnoldDark_light: not easily, no :(16:56
Dark_lightso I should hunt them down one by one, that's going to be fun 16:57
Dark_lightboth regular and multilib 16:57
Dark_lightI really hope it doesn't come to this :P 16:57
Dark_lightit's not hard but it's an hassle 16:58
Sarvattstart looking into how to pin packages, i'm making up a list of all the files you'll need to download16:58
Sarvattok you want to download those all to some empty directory and sudo dpkg -i *.deb there17:01
Dark_lightand then lock them 17:01

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