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trender(.) (.)06:14
Kilosmorning all06:15
inetprogood morning06:30
trendermoning inetpro06:31
Kiloshi inetpro 06:33
magespawngood morning y'all07:06
Kiloshi magespawn 07:08
Kiloshi not_found 07:11
Squirmtrender: this isn't the place to show your boobs. I'm sure there are channels for that07:32
trenderthose are eyes man :)07:34
Squirmtrender: I know :P07:48
Squirmbut they don't just look like eyes ^^07:48
trender( | ) << and this is a butterfly07:50
trendermornin mr Georgl08:12
Georglgood morning trender08:12
Georglany progress?08:13
trenderyea yea always08:13
Kiloshi Georgl 08:13
Georglmorning Kilos08:13
trenderi have plenty resources mate08:13
trenderin all countries08:13
trenderim communicating with the engineer dirrectly now in korea08:14
Georglthat's great08:14
trenderi dont expect thier sollution to be the best even08:15
Georglbut i am sure a step in the right direction?08:17
trendermeans to an end yea08:18
trenderat least to fix 100 boxes fast08:18
trenderarg well mabee just move on to other ventures08:20
trenderthe cubieboard interests me next08:20
trenderim gonna see what those can do 08:21
trendersoon we gonna have stamp linux pcs if there arent any already08:25
Georglthere a bit around already08:27
trenderi just want something cheap with a sata interface08:27
trenderthe cubieboard looks a candidate08:27
Georglhave not looked at as yet08:28
trenderthe PI is gonna die i think08:28
trendernew tech doesnt last long these days08:28
Georglit has its place out there08:28
Georglthere is still a huge following for pi's all around.08:29
trenderi odnt even know why people pruduce these products for a bowl of rice08:29
trenderi wouldnt produce PI for those prices08:29
trenderits insane08:29
SquirmI like the idea behind the Pi08:30
trenderpeople still only buy a handfull in spite of the hype you hear08:30
Squirmtrender: I have a Pi, past few days I've been looking through their website08:31
Squirmyou should see what people are doing with them08:31
trenderive got some idea what people do with PI08:31
SquirmI'm about to buy another Pi(kinda broke this one and it has 256mb as apposed to the new 512Mb version08:32
trenderyou looked at cubie ?08:32
trenderor do the GPIO things matter to you ?08:32
trenderwell prices hit the ground on PI now08:33
trenderthe uk prices look the best..cant tell you why though makes no sence to me08:34
trenderneed to dig in chinas bins some more08:36
SquirmI want to buy a Pi, a GertBoard and their PiCam will probably be released this month08:39
Squirmthe Gertboard is an easy conversion for the GPIO08:40
Squirmgives you Analogue and Digital In/Out and is easily programmable08:40
Squirmsits neatly on top on the Pi08:40
magespawndid you see someone designed a case for pi out of lego?08:42
Squirmmagespawn: let me find you a link about Pi and Lego08:42
superflyohi from ScaleConf08:42
Squirmlo superfly08:43
magespawnhey superfly08:43
Squirmsuperfly: I think henkj is there too08:43
Kiloshi superfly 08:43
superflySquirm: he is, I saw him earlier08:43
superflyso is ThatGraemeGuy08:44
SquirmI want to be there :/08:44
magespawnwhat is it about?08:45
SquirmI need to start making a mission to go to these tech talks08:45
Squirmmagespawn: http://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/2012/09/iridis-pi-supercomputer.jpg08:45
Squirmraspberry Pi Supercomputer08:45
Squirmhoused in Lego08:45
superflymy boss is speaking right now08:45
Squirmthere you can see it08:46
Squirmsuperfly: they need Live Streaming :/08:47
magespawnvery cool, how did they get it all working together?08:47
Squirmmagespawn: yes, I had a look at it08:48
Squirmat the software08:48
Squirmyou kind of, make each one a node, controlled by one Pi08:48
magespawnwhat can it do? processing power?08:49
Squirmso you give your core Pi, say a sum to work out, e.g, to find the root of Pi. Then it spreads the load among all the units08:49
Squirmthese huge datacentre wide supercomputers use the exact same principle08:49
Squirmexcept they run in petaflops, I don't know how much you'd get out of a bank of Pi's08:50
magespawnwell it looks like there are about 64 Pi there08:51
trenderonly loads of fun by the looks of things08:51
magespawnindeed 08:52
Squirmthere are08:52
magespawnso 700Mhz * 6408:52
magespawnMaaz 700 * 6408:52
Maazmagespawn: 4480008:52
magespawnhow to convert Mhz in flops?08:53
Squirmflops is different08:53
Squirmflops is calculations done per second08:53
superflymagespawn: you can't, they're completely different08:53
SquirmHertz is speed08:53
tonberryE35264 very slow 700mhz processors...08:54
trenderis also depends on the architecture risc cores tend to be 1:1 per clock08:54
trenderso mips could be the same08:54
trendercould be rather fast08:54
tonberryE352a single pi is about as fast as a 300mhzish p208:55
trendercould well be likely08:55
Squirmmagespawn: http://upload.wikimedia.org/math/f/e/d/fede3df8fbbb36650e89a724c6ae0fe3.png I'll leave it up to you to calculate that08:55
Squirm700MHz ARM processor08:56
Squirmso I guess..08:56
tonberryE352only practical use for a pi cluster is to experiment with or teach cluster computing08:56
tonberryE352not to do real calculations08:56
Squirmthey were just messing around when they did that08:56
trenderyea its not gonna give you supercomputing08:57
tonberryE352a single modern quad core cpu could more or less keep up with 64 PIs08:57
trenderjust a nice experiment08:57
tonberryE352at least it looked that way last time i did some very quick math08:57
tonberryE352and keeping 64 PIs going will be a task in itself08:57
trendervery hard to equate to many vairable to considder08:58
trenderits not supposed to compared to pcs08:59
Squirmif I had R400 in my bank account I'd buy a Pi right now08:59
* tonberryE352 has 209:00
SquirmtonberryE352: I broke mine09:00
trenderyou not bitcoin mining hard enough Squirm lol09:00
Squirmbut I want to stick it onto my quadcopter. Hook up a webcam and WiFi dongle and stream wirelessly09:00
Squirmtrender: obviously not :/09:00
trenderand the rpice of warcraft gold has hit the floor :)09:01
magespawnit is a nice toy 09:04
magespawnyou could use it for simple household automation09:05
trenderyoud want to leverage its muscle with something meaningfull09:05
Squirmmagespawn: that's why I want a Gerboard09:06
Squirmit provides an easy interface for the GPIO09:06
magespawnaccording to that you would need about 1.4 Million Raspi's to get into the top 500 09:07
magespawnif could get that many pi's it would be a record on its own09:08
tonberryE352it always bothered me that they used 64 seperate pi power supplies instead of a few big ones...09:08
magespawnredundancy maybe09:09
tonberryE352more likely they were CSes and not engineers09:09
tonberryE352or lazy09:10
magespawnthat article says is can all be run from a single 13A supply09:10
tonberryE352then why use 64...09:10
magespawnno idea09:10
tonberryE352pi needs at least 500ma each09:11
tonberryE352usually more09:11
SquirmMaaz: 13000/6409:15
MaazSquirm: 203.12509:15
SquirmI see what you mean09:15
magespawnthis makes for interesting readin especially the table showing the costs09:27
inetproKilos: what are you doing wrong again?11:06
Kilosi swapped from maverick to kde inetpro 11:07
charlgood afternoon11:14
charlMaaz: coffee on11:14
* Maaz starts grinding coffee11:14
magespawnMaaz coffee please11:14
Maazmagespawn: Sure11:14
magespawnMaaz Large11:15
MaazIn a beer mug just for you magespawn11:15
magespawnhey charl11:15
Kiloslo charl 11:16
KilosMaaz: coffee please11:16
MaazKilos: Done11:16
KilosMaaz: large11:17
MaazIn a beer mug just for you Kilos11:17
Kilosalso as well11:17
MaazCoffee's ready for charl, magespawn and Kilos!11:18
KilosMaaz: ta11:19
MaazDis 'n groot plesier11:19
magespawnMaaz botsnack11:19
magespawnCoffee is for geeks as sunshine is for plants11:19
Vince-0heerlikheid I'm bored12:08
Vince-0bored at work is not a good thing12:08
Squirmdownload the internet12:12
Squirmonto your Pi12:12
magespawnVince-0: is there work to be done?12:27
Kiloshi gaffa welcome to ubuntu-za12:58
Kiloshmm... masked and all12:58
Kilosno noob to irc13:01
Kilosinetpro: its not a sin to enjoy maverick13:05
inetproKilos: uh?13:07
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Vince-0magespawn, negative /me twiddles thumbs13:53
charlhi magespawn, Kilos 14:26
magespawnlater all14:28
charlciao magespawn 14:30
Kiloshi charl 14:31
charlciao all14:38
Squirmsnow on the Drakensberg again today :/14:52
SquirmI mean really... It's April14:52
Squirmhmm, home time14:58
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gaffahi and thank you, Kilos :)16:20
Kilostell us abnout yourself gaffa 16:20
gaffaI'm from Denmark. A programmer using debian as an operating system. I love Sibusiso Zuma, please convince him to come back and play for FC Copenhagen ;P16:22
Kiloshow did you find this channel16:25
Kiloswe have a few peeps in foreign countries here16:25
gaffaI was just looking to socialize with a broader bunch of free software people and started joining local irc channels for ubuntu and debian in languages I understand or almost do ;)16:27
Kilosah well you are welcome16:27
gaffaThank you very much :)16:28
gaffaHow is Ubuntu doing in South Africa?16:29
Kilosgood i think. we love it. got a couple of ubuntu dev guys here too and python experts16:32
Kilossome use other linux flavours though16:32
gaffaSounds great. See ya, the Pizza is here! :)16:39
Kiloshi georgelappies kodez Mezenir drussell 17:05
trenderyo kilos17:05
Kilosyo trender 17:05
trenderkfc need some gens huh17:06
trenderhad to eat woolies17:06
trenderpower down here all day17:06
Mezenirhi kilos17:09
Mezenirhi all17:09
kodezhi uncle kilos17:12
georgelappieshi Kilos 17:37
inetprogood evening18:14
inetprohighvoltage: wb18:14
Kiloshi inetpro 18:15
inetproKilos: you are way to quiet18:18
Kiloswell you guys say i talk too much18:19
Kilosso now i play freecell18:20
highvoltagehey inetpro and Kilos 18:33
inetproKilos: nee man18:50
inetproKilos: ek sien die koue is op pad?18:54
Kilosja dis baie naby18:54
Kilosen so vroeg al inetpro 18:55
Kilossneeu vanaand in lesotho en drakensberge18:55
Kilosas die suide wind waai gaan ons eina koud kry18:57
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:12
trender  __20:45

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