leepingCaliMac, I can't access any of that00:00
leepingbecause I think it tries to boot to the graphical desktop and then hang00:00
leepingI just need to get to the boot menu or something00:01
CaliMacleeping, heres something that might help:   http://askubuntu.com/questions/68220/system-wont-boot-with-nvidia-driver-enabled00:02
sparkssanyone here good with mdadm raid ?00:02
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leepingCaliMac, thanks. I think I'm looking for something else because I need to install the drivers from NVIDIA instead of the Ubuntu repository00:05
rawdiggerwilee-nilee, DJHenjin, thx for helping me out may God or somebody else bless you. Good Night00:06
wilee-nileerawdigger, Good l,uck.00:07
wilee-nilee!ask > sparkss00:07
ubottusparkss, please see my private message00:07
ZiberSo, unity + 3d desktop cube? Is that possible?00:11
wilee-nileeZiber, Has been, but use a good weblink on setting it up, compiz is a bit of a problem at times, unless you are familiar with tweaking t.00:12
ZiberLooking at http://askubuntu.com/questions/86977/how-to-correctly-enable-desktop-cube-in-unity-3d00:12
sparkssthanks for the note wilee-nilee00:14
NET||abusearrrg,, got to end of install, then it's trying to setup grub, but it wants to put it on the mbr of sda, but my os is on sdc, sda/b/c/d are in the 4 drive bay, and when i get the second sata interface working i will have to have /dev/sde be bootable, but for now i have that disk in sdc slot, how can i get it to use sdc?00:16
NET||abuseis there a way to sort this?00:16
sarabethJOIN \multiplayertrivia.en00:16
sarabeth#JOIN \multiplayertrivia.en00:17
wilee-nileesarabeth,  /j "#channel"00:17
semitonesI am preparing to do hardware testing for the ubuntu beta -- I was just curious, are there any examples of the testing information being put to good use?00:18
bandit22Can anyone tell me why in ubuntu 12.04 using nautilus to rename file it suddenly refused to rename filles? I can still rename if using gksudo nautilus.00:18
Zibergot it working. :D00:19
jribbandit22: have you ruled out a permissions issue?00:20
bandit22The files were in home/Downloads and it was working fine and all of sudden not.00:22
bandit22The permission of the particular file said I had read and write.00:23
* flazzle slaps sarabeth around a bit with a large trout00:24
NET||abuseawww, really stuck now.. i can't figure out how to make the installer use a different disk for the grub MBR? it wants to use /dev/sda by default, but i've left that bay empty for storage, sdc is my os drive, how can i get to install on /dev/sdc/00:25
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Ben64NET||abuse: it lets you choose a different device if you want, but if "sda" is empty, it shouldn't give that as an option00:26
NET||abuseBen64: ok,not empty, but a drive that is there is uninvolved with this setup, will be using it for an LVM storage setup later,00:27
NET||abuseBen64: but i didn't see any point where it asked me to use a different drive.00:27
Ben64are you sure you didn't install onto sda00:27
NET||abuseOf that i am sure.00:28
Ben64maybe go back and choose some advanced option or something?00:28
ZiberUsing unity + compiz desktop cube, when switching between desktops, there's a flash on the screen... what would be the causes of that?00:29
NET||abuseBen64: i don't see any "advanced" options on the menu.00:29
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GRIM-buttIs there a way to get nvidia settings to load xorg.conf on reboot in 13.04? WhenI reboot the resolution settings all drop to default.00:30
NET||abuseBen64: if i drop down to the "Use LILO boot loader" option, it had a list, and dev/sdc is there.00:31
Ben64what version are you installing00:31
NET||abusebut is LILO really functional? I haven't seen LILO in action in years....00:31
NET||abuseBen64: i'm using 12.10 server install.00:32
Ben64oh server00:32
NET||abuseBen64: this is a headless box, microserver for home,00:32
NET||abuseBen64: backups for all our stuff, box for me to hold some of my web work, store all my legitimately backedup media...00:33
GRIM-buttI use nvidia settings to get the screen set up the way it needs to be for my tv, but when I reboot it doesnt stick :)00:33
Ben64GRIM-butt: #ubuntu+100:34
NET||abuseBen64: ahh, found google answer, (askubuntu answer actually) if you say no on that step, then it gives you the choices.... duh.00:35
antzQuestion: I changed /etc/gdm/custom.conf to add AutomaticLogin and now ubuntu does not even go to login page. How do i reach /etc/gdm/custom.conf from grub?00:36
Ben64use recovery mode00:36
NET||abuseoh bugger,, now the menu wont let me go back into the install grub boot loader....00:37
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NET||abusei click it, the screen flashes a progress bar and then just dumps me back to the same menu.00:37
NET||abuseI tried going back a step, re-do "select and install software" and it just does an update attempt,, then back to main menu, and..... nope, still the same, flash progress bar and dumped back to main menu00:39
NET||abusecome on installer....00:39
NET||abusehmm, i could just try to run grub-install /dev/sdc from command line?00:39
NET||abusebut it doesn't have that command in the normal command paths,,,, darn.. where is that grub-install command then?00:40
ZiberCan I use the trackpad to switch bewteen workspaces?00:40
NET||abuseZiber: don't know of an option, but maybe ccsm has a gestures setup somewhere?00:41
Ziberdidnt see one.00:42
Ziberstill looking though.00:42
NET||abuseZiber: here's a google result, but looks like ruby script hacking... http://url.ie/ha6p00:42
antzQuestion: I changed /etc/gdm/custom.conf to add AutomaticLogin and now ubuntu does not even go to login page. How do i reach /etc/gdm/custom.conf from grub?00:45
ninjalacwhats  up poeple00:45
f0steranyone know of an irc client (X11) that loads images in the chat window when someone chats a link? Limechat does this but is for OSX00:46
wilee-nileeantz, So why from there user accounts has a autologin option in ubuntu.00:47
wilee-nileeantz, You wil have to access it from a live cd with gksudo nautilus or chroot to it.00:49
dr_willis!text | antz00:49
ubottuantz: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode00:49
dr_willisboot to text mode. or use the console. alt-ctrl-f1 to get to a console and  alter the file as needed.. i dont reccomend using auto login at all00:49
dr_willisf0ster:  one of the kde irc clients can do that i belive. i found it really annoying.00:50
dr_willisf0ster:  it might of did a popup on mouseover.. i cant recall what one it was00:50
JoshDreamlandI just installed the package phpmyadmin, but nothing was installed to /var/www.00:50
JoshDreamlandWhere might it have been installed instead?00:50
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StevenXHi everyone. I have a list of VPNs when I open up the Network Connections tool, but I can't "tell" the system to connect to the VPNs.00:52
dr_willisJoshDreamland:  use the package manager tools to see what files it installed where, should answer that.00:52
StevenXI just have the option to edit them.00:53
StevenXDelete them, etc.00:53
JoshDreamlandwhat tools in particular, dr_willis?00:53
thufir_I'm trying to edit grub to "text" as per:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/148717/     but there's no GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT.  I just installed 12.10 to a laptop.  it has a "recordfail" section in GRUB, but no GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT.  How else can I boot to regular text mode with r/w file system?00:54
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Exia_Is there a way to add a FTP user on a VPS running ubuntu?00:56
dr_willisJoshDreamland:  any of the gui packages managers should be able to show you package details.. or theres command line tools. or just use the locate command to look for the files. (after running a sudo updatedb)00:56
thufir_can I just add GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text" to grub?00:57
dr_willisExia_:  a user who can ONLY  ftp you mean? that should be doable. I think ive seen guides on askubuntu.com on that.. but its better to use ssh/scp and forget ftp00:57
wilee-nileethufir_, Can you paste your /etc/default/grub for us to look at.00:57
wilee-nilee!paste | thufir_00:57
ubottuthufir_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:57
Exia_Yeah I mean on SSH.00:57
dr_willisthufir_:  if you want text mode to be the default you can edit the grub configs.00:57
thufir_wilee-nilee: I can't paste it, it's long and on another computer.00:57
thufir_I mean I can't easily access it in order to paste it.00:58
Exia_I use the server for games and want to give access to the FTP to someone to a specific folder.00:58
dr_willisin /etc/default/grub   wher eit says 'quiet splash' you can use 'quiet splash text'  or 'noquiet nosplash text'00:58
dr_willisExia_:  askubuntu.com has info on sftp only users i recall.. ive never done it.00:59
dr_willisi imagine the forums got a few dozen articals on it also.00:59
Exia_Alright thanks ^_^00:59
rmarkeri am unable to pull up my software sources and software center. What can i do?01:01
OdditieGreetings! I need some help, just pointed in the right direction really. I'm trying to setup my desktop as a media "server", but everything I'm finding online is for a headless server setup01:03
OdditieI'm planning on having a Raspberry Pi w/XBMC in my living room streaming media off my PC, but first I need to get desktop setup for torrents and all that jazz. Anyone have anything to help me out?01:04
thufir_wilee-nilee: grub is something like:  http://pastebin.com/KKjy2iPD   there's no GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT in there at all.01:06
wilee-nileermarker, What happens if you run a sudo apt-get update you can pastebin all the text from that if you see errors.01:06
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she_dyedOdditie: sounds like a forum type question01:06
quemgpg you resource eating hog.01:07
OdditieYea, thats what I'm getting to, just thought I would check in here first. Thank you she_dyed01:07
quembacking up 150gb to amazon s3 with duplicity takes its time.01:07
she_dyedsure it's headless Odditie but that only means you gotta ahve access to it01:07
rmarkerE: Malformed line 49 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist parse)01:07
rmarkerE: The list of sources could not be read.01:07
wilee-nileethufir_, Is this a ubuntu install from windows? give us some background and details.01:07
she_dyedwithout any fancy gui though Odditie01:08
Mio-chanOkay. Worse nightmare ever. I installed Arch, things went horribly wrong. Wiped out arch. Grub is still working, but Windows isn't showing up. On my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS CD. Any suggestions? Thank you.01:08
thufir_it's a clean install of 12.10 (server) onto a laptop.  (server because it fits on a CD).  I just want to boot to text mode to fix X11 stuff.01:08
wilee-nileermarker, Open the sources.list and look at that line.01:08
Odditieshe_dyed- Yea, I understand the headless part and the reasoning for it, but makes it hard to get everything setup going through any how-to you find and its all going through Putty, or SSH, or some other method of remotely setting everything up.01:09
wilee-nileeMio-chan, give the output of sudo fdisk -l in a pastebin01:09
Mio-chanAlright, will do wilee-nilee01:10
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rmarkerdeb http://nightly.openerp.com/7.0/nightly/deb/ .01:10
wilee-nileethufir_, YOu can purge and reload grub, have you checked the ISO's sum, could be a bad install.01:10
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NET||abusearrrg,, at a loss01:11
NET||abusei'm completely at a loss as to how to specify where grub should install..01:11
=== sinedeviance is now known as SineTheCreator`
wilee-nileermarker, What is that, it is not a stock line?01:11
Odd0002is it possible to run an ubuntu server install as a live CD? I made one with unetbootin but the only options I see are to install it or drop into an ash shell or check integrity01:12
rmarkeri was trying to install OpenERP01:12
NET||abuseall the mounts under /target seem to be where the system is going.... /target/boot is mounted from /dev/sdc1   but putting that in tothe grub-install option isn't working.01:12
Mio-chanwilee-nilee, output: pastebin.com/efr7TStc01:12
NET||abusethen i have /dev/mapper/labN40L-root01:12
thufir_wilee-nilee: I checked the sum.  everything was fine until I installed X11 stuff and ran into this bug:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-sis/+bug/1066464  which is why I want to boot to text mode. However, the GRUB seems non-standard, perhaps because it's a laptop.01:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1066464 in xserver-xorg-video-sis (Ubuntu) "SiS driver crashes Xserver with EXA acceleration" [High,Triaged]01:12
NET||abusethat didn't work..01:12
NET||abusejust /dec/sdc doesn't work,01:12
NET||abuseso really, not sure where to point the grub boot loader..?01:13
NET||abusedoes sdc have to have special boot flag set?01:13
thufir_what is grub recordfail?  I'm not finding anything informative about it.01:13
wilee-nileethufir_, Laptop or desktop same grub, although there are different releases tied to releases.01:13
wilee-nileethufir_ Any power outages?01:14
wilee-nileeMio-chan, I see two windows partitions one looks to be the boot sda1 a swap and another linux partition.01:16
thufir_wilee-nilee: the battery doesn't work, so it's always plugged in for power.01:17
thufir_wilee-nilee: I can just copy a grub2 file I see that looks good and put that in?01:17
Mio-chanSo, I try and boot up and I get this error, Wilee-nilee: no bootable device, insert boot dick and press any key01:18
thufir_I'm going to put this into grub and see what happens.  I'll try to backup grub file first.  http://pastebin.com/6HtgyKU801:18
wilee-nileethufir_, Not sure about that to be honest, generally I would just purge it and reload.01:19
rmarkerwilee-nilee: any clue how to fix this01:19
wilee-nileeMio-chan, Boot up what exactly, you described a arch failure, what is in the sda4 partition?01:20
rmarkeri am a newbie when it comes to any kind of linux01:20
wilee-nileermarker, NOt really other then removing that line, and figuring out the install.01:20
NET||abuseso sad... so stuck..01:21
juniorsaHi I'm looking for a program that will give me realtime information from my router (SNMP) to show me which devices are using how much bandwidth  - any ubuntu program that would help?01:21
Mio-chanI've wiped the sda4. Sda2 is where Windows is01:21
Odd0002anyone know if it's possible?01:21
wilee-nileermarker,That line pulls up a web page full of links.01:21
Mio-chanSda4 and sda3 are now empty, for my future ubuntu install.01:21
Mio-chanAnyway, I wish to get GRUB to boot sda 2...where windows is... :/01:21
NET||abusejuniorsa: snmp shows set metrics from devices, they provide the stats over snmp so you can only see what they offer.. so you can use mrtg just fine01:21
wilee-nileeMio-chan, Right grub is in the mbr from the linux install you need to reload the mbr with the windows bootloader.01:22
Mio-chanYep, that is indeed what i need to do, and I have no clue how to01:22
juniorsaNET||abuse: thanks very much I will do that01:22
NET||abusejuniorsa: as a nice layout, you can use munin.01:22
wilee-nileeMio-chan, Grub will work if the OS is there, you have removed it.01:22
rmarkerwilee-nilee: how do i take that line out01:22
juniorsaNET||abuse: which one is better mrtg or munin?01:22
Odd0002is it possible to run an ubuntu server install as a live CD? I made one with unetbootin but the only options I see are to install it or drop into an ash shell or check integrity01:23
wilee-nileermarker, Open it with gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list that makes it read and write.01:23
NET||abusejuniorsa: mrtg is simpler.. munin is a little more config, but munin creates organised set of webpages which cover multiple machines.. mrtg you have to do it all yourself.01:23
NET||abusethey're bascially the same graphs though.01:23
wilee-nileeMio-chan, Do you have a windows recovery or install dsic/usb?01:23
juniorsaNET||abuse: thanks very much I will give it a try :)01:24
she_dyedMio-chan: you can switch boot order in the BIOS setup menu01:24
kandinskihow can I check the frequency of automated bug reports for a given version of ubuntu?01:25
wilee-nileeOdd0002, A persistent usb has problems with the caper-rw is not cleanable it will fill up eventually01:25
NET||abuseso, anyone able to help me make an lvm module bootable?01:25
kandinskiI have frequent NetworkManager crashes on my x220 with 12.04 LTS, and I want to know whether it's a common defect, or there is something wrong with my laptop01:26
NET||abusereally stuck getting this very last part of the setup working.01:26
derplolNET||abuse to make it bootable you need to make bootable first01:26
wilee-nileeshe_dyed, THey have one HD.01:26
Odd0002wilee-nilee: I just want it in case I need an emergency server or something like that01:26
derplolkandinski never had problems with NetworkManager myself01:27
wilee-nileeOdd0002, Yoy might ask in #ubntu-server I guess01:27
kandinskiderplol, which hardware are you using?01:27
rmarkerwilee-nille: thanks it worked01:27
kandinskieh, now apport crashed01:27
Odd0002wilee-nilee: oh, didn't know that was a channel, thanks01:27
kandinskithis is messed up indeed01:28
kandinskiderplol, running LTS yourself?01:28
rmarkerdoes anyone know how to install OpenERP? i don't want to screw up this time01:28
wilee-nileeMio-chan, If you do not use nicks it is hard to follow you, reloading the windows bootloader is easy if you have a disc do you have one?01:28
Mio-chanAlright wilee-nilee, I do not have an install disc. However, I managed to boot into the windows boot manager, although it will not start Windows from there.01:29
nightdemon666dang wilee-nilee, you are here more than i am lol :)01:30
wilee-nileeMio-chan, Do you have a ubuntu live cd?01:30
NET||abusealright, /dev/sdc1 boot flag is on, i did mount -o remount,rw /dev/sdc1 /target/boot    and tried selecting hte install boot loader option in the menu, said "no" on the prompt and entered /dev/sdc1 in the option for grub-install    still getting the "Executing 'grub-install /dev/sdc1' failed."01:30
wilee-nileenightdemon666, I have a lot of freetime.01:31
Mio-chanYep, I do!01:31
nightdemon666so, does anyone... i mean anyone, actually use a freakin weather indicator app for their unity desktop ubuntu 12.04 and up??? or am i the only dong dong that really cares to have that feature? :/01:31
Mio-chanGrr. I did it again, yes, I do Wilee-nilee01:31
she_dyedNET||abuse: dont put in /dev/sdc1, put it in /dev/sdc01:31
wilee-nileeMio-chan, Run this app just the bootinfo summary and post the url given. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair01:31
NET||abuseshe_dyed: haven't tried that since the remount, so i'll try agan..01:32
NET||abuseshe_dyed: nope, still not working.01:32
nightdemon666just throwing it out there, if there are people that are particularly interested in ssh on linux in general, i can help... pardon my not being quickly responsive... i have an eight year old :)01:32
NET||abuseshe_dyed: is it worth selecting "Continue withoutboot loader" and finish the installer process, then reboot from the usb stick in livecd mode?01:33
wilee-nileeMio-chan, Also open gparted on the live cd and look at the windows partitions and make sure they show, and check the information on them for info.01:33
NET||abusedoes the ubuntu server disk image have a "live" mode?01:33
alainusI'm experiencing slowwwwnness.... Any idea how to debug it - see what's causing it ?01:33
alainusI have very little apps open01:33
erpoalainus: Open a terminal, type free, hit enter, and pastebin the result.01:34
wilee-nileermarker, I found this install guide. http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2012/12/how-to-install-openerp-7-0-on-ubuntu-12-04-lts/01:36
Mio-chanwilee-nilee: The boot repair logs are at http://paste.ubuntu.com/5717559 Thank you for your help so far :)01:36
alainuserpo,  https://gist.github.com/anonymous/27577ff42dee3695257e01:36
RileyGuySonikkuAmerica: Are you on?01:37
RileyGuyCan anyone help me?01:38
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.01:38
NET||abuseRileyGuy: ask question, dont ask to ask,,, yeh that one01:38
nightdemon666RileyGuy, whats up???01:39
nightdemon666or as some would say, "whats yer beef?"01:39
RileyGuynightdemon666: I am having problems with wine and garrys mod01:39
nightdemon666hmm... as with anything linux, needs research, whats the actual issue?01:39
RileyGuynightdemon666: Every time I start garrys mod in linux it says could not load library client01:40
NET||abuseRileyGuy: I'd say check your WINEARCH and anything else refer to winhq db01:40
RileyGuyNet||abuse: Tried that no documentation whatsoever on the topic01:40
she_dyedso its unsupported01:41
she_dyedunless its in winrhq db01:41
RileyGuyno no no no people have gotten it to work01:42
nightdemon666RileyGuy, try this???    http://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/browse/name/?app_id=5494;tips=101:42
thufir_the grub file on my clean, new install of 12.10 onto a laptop is along the lines of:  http://pastebin.com/pBBMWx3R    where or how can I put something like GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text"  so that it boots without graphics, text mode?01:42
RileyGuyomfg thanks nightdemon :D01:42
alainuserpo, any ideas?01:43
nightdemon666check key words "could not load library client" i did ctrl + F key and found it right away... have you followed this guide??? please tell me you google searched before asking here!?01:43
nightdemon666i ask the "great google" everything before i come here to ask01:43
wilee-nileeMio-chan, The bootrepair tool in other options has a repair windows bootfiles option. That might work, you can load a linux based bootloader called lilo here is a link to instructions from a live cd. http://pastebin.com/QEKYQJ2d01:43
RileyGuyI did google search01:44
wilee-nileeMio-chan, This is assuming windows is not damaged and is bootable the script shows it having the correct files in sda2, make sure it has a bootflag on it from gparted.01:44
she_dyedthufir on my grub2 its top of the file01:45
RileyGuyand nightdemon this doesn't work D:01:45
she_dyedthufir_: followed by GRUB_TERMINAL="console"01:46
RileyGuynightdemon666: i did google search and that suggestion u gave me doesnt work D:01:46
she_dyedthufir_: To disable graphical terminal01:47
nightdemon666i see... more research, but that should really do it from what im reading.. it seems like a linuxers "forcing games to work on linux" dream. well at least for cxgames. that is the program you are refering to with the issue correct RileyGuy?01:48
RileyGuyim using steam in wine01:50
RileyGuyand running gmod from there01:50
nightdemon666ok, searching...01:50
RileyGuyme too01:50
echinos_I have an executable... and I can't run it. Says "permission denied". My user owns it, and I chmod 777'ed it. It won't even tab-complete.01:51
she_dyedwhere is it echinos_ add it to $PATH01:52
gMan1987Boa noite gente, tenho uma camera Nikon Coolpix S2500 PTP aqui e consigo montar, ver os arquivos mas não consigo executar nem copiar os videos pro HD, alguem pode me dar uma ajuda? O Google não conseguiu.01:52
echinos_she_dyed: ok.. I'll try it01:52
EmilyWolfyiff time01:52
nightdemon666RileyGuy, and you are running this on what version of ubuntu or distro of linux? i have to ask...01:53
echinos_she_dyed: no dice01:53
she_dyeddoes it have the #! line echinos_01:53
RileyGuyumm 11.10 amd6401:53
echinos_it's a binary file01:54
she_dyedechinos_: where did you put it01:54
yesac__Hi, I am having issues with my dell xps 13 touchpad. The synaptics touchpad has stopped the vertical edge scrolling. It does two finger scrolling just fine when I enable that via synclient verttwofingerscroll=1 but vertedgescroll=1 does nothing01:54
gMan1987Good evening people, i have a cam Nikon Coolpix S2500 PTP here and i can mount, see all files but i cant run/copy anyone insede my HD, might anyone please help me? The Google could not.01:54
KatsumeBliskyesac__: Are you using the sputnik kernel?01:55
yesac__I am on 12.0401:55
RileyGuyVocê já tentou tirar qualquer proteção contra gravação de qualquer GMAN espada?01:55
yesac__KatsumeBlisk, I believe so01:55
nightdemon666RileyGuy, check this out, "You know what, totally ignore that, I found an answer after a bit of a  search, so someone on the facepunch forum said to just rename the  garrysmod folder (under your user name in steam dir) to garrysmodold...  or delete it i guess, that fixed it, even though I did a fresh install  previously! weird!" quote form URL: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=298038101:55
yesac__uname -a01:55
yesac__Linux apex 3.2.0-40-generic #64+kamal15~DellXPS-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 29 23:26:13 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:55
yesac__so yes01:55
KatsumeBliskyesac__: Yeah. I'm not sure then. I don't have this hardware. I just wanted to make sure you were using Dell's kernel because it could've solved your problem if you weren't.01:56
yesac__edge scrolling worked just fine for months and stopped today01:56
nightdemon666check it out and make since of it... thats what i would do. some how i'll bet you'll get it to work. i was so upset trying to get openCL to work on backtrack and finally did after wanting to throw the computer.01:57
KatsumeBliskyesac__: Does two finger scrolling work?01:57
yesac__The only thing I have done mouse related today was install wminput for a wii mote01:57
RileyGuystill getting an error01:57
yesac__two finger scrolling works01:57
gMan1987yesac__: try reinstall synaptics sometimes after any update it gets crashed01:57
KatsumeBliskyesac__: Maybe you need to enable it in the Mouse settings. I know on my laptop I switched it from edge to two fingers.01:57
yesac__I have set edge scrolling via terminal and gnome control01:57
KatsumeBliskyesac__: Just making sure01:57
yesac__I have also removed the synaptics package and reinstalled it01:58
RileyGuygMan1987: Você já tentou tirar qualquer proteção contra gravação de qualquer GMAN espada?01:58
nightdemon666RileyGuy, did you try repeating the same steps as performed in that forum... you may have to reinstall01:58
RileyGuyi did yes01:58
RileyGuyi dont get how people get it to work flawlessly01:58
nightdemon666im givin it all she's got captain!01:58
gMan1987RileyGuy: como assim tirar proteção? Eu to usando fedora aqui é meio diferente01:58
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RileyGuyand i am not upgrading to 12.04 or 12.10 cuz they dont have fglrx01:59
nightdemon666what gfx card are you using?01:59
RileyGuyati catalyst01:59
RileyGuygMan1987: sim01:59
nightdemon666yesac, i LOVE using my wii remote for my media center ;)02:00
yesac__nightdemon666, the wiimote seems to be working fine, I have also gotten a 360 controller to work02:01
gMan1987RileyGuy: ai é que ta estranho proque a montagem automatica do systema aqui não mostra o caminho pra eu mexer. Geralmente mostra sem problemas02:01
yesac__I will try removing the wminput package and see if that helps02:01
RileyGuygMan1987: Eu não tenho certeza então.02:02
nightdemon666yesac, ah, you used the xbox360 wireless dongle.. i have one of those :P02:02
gMan1987RileyGuy: agradeço a idéia, vou mexer depois quem sabe isso resolve, testei a cam no WinXP rodou redondo, vlw a ajuda.02:03
gMan1987Thanks RileyGuy i ll try that, good luck.02:03
yesac__nightdemon666, yep, it works with most games I have tried. except for wolfenstein enemy territory, I am still working on that one02:03
quemgMan1987: yes?02:04
RileyGuytudo bem02:04
RileyGuygMan1987: tudo bem02:04
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roseysdaddycan anyone help me with smtp?02:08
Mio-chanWilee-nilee, didn't work. Windows claims it has been damaged. Plan B I guess.02:08
wilee-nileeMio-chan, Have you looked in gparted to see the partitions?02:09
Mio-chanI have, wilee-nilee02:09
dlami have a sorta old box with a package "libmemcached4" installed.   i'm trying to installing on a new 10.04 lucid VM,  but there's no packages with that name!  anyone got any ideas?02:09
wilee-nileeMio-chan, What do you see?02:09
nightdemon666RileyGuy, check out  http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1160456&page=71   i suggest you go through that and make sure you have toyed with the recommendations. apparently there is a concern with case sensitive filesystem organization. hence why a common fix is renaming files... JFS seems to be consistent with relative fixes regarding your "could not load library client" error.02:10
Mio-chanWilee-nilee: sda1 is pretty much empty. sda2 is nice and filled, it's where my windows files are. sda3 is empty, sda4 is empty.02:10
Mio-chanWilee-nilee: Boot flag is also set to sda202:10
wilee-nileeMio-chan, So the sda2 is not showing as unallocated?02:11
nightdemon666i dont even play games often on any system lol so i never have the greatest recommendations, but i can google the heck out of anything ;) i should be a certified googler :P02:11
Mio-chanWilee-nilee: Correct02:11
wilee-nileeMio-chan, So is plan b the lilo install? I wonder if windows needs a chkdsk, have you kept it in good order, defragged and chkdsk's so often?02:12
Mio-chanWilee-nilee: Yes I have. I believe the reason of all of this is that I've wiped the MBR on accident.02:13
uabn93hi, is it a good idea to apply the infinality font patch to ubuntu? would it create a better font rendering than what is already provided with ubuntu's own font patches?02:13
Mio-chanWilee-nilee: Yeah, Plan B is lilo install. Plan C is getting a windows iso and repairing it.02:13
echinos_I have an executable... and I can't run it. Says "permission denied". My user owns it, and I chmod 777'ed it. It won't even tab-complete.02:13
nightdemon666moi-chan, mind if i chime in? whats the cut and dry on your situation?02:14
wilee-nileeMio-chan, When the script showed syslinux in the mbr, lilo should work, the bootrepair may just be the files in the OS.02:14
wilee-nileeI never use the bootrepair however it is quite popular Mio-chan02:14
Mio-channightdemon666 - after wiping arch (after a failed install), Windows fails to boot, and I've also tried to install Ubuntu, and it fails to detect Windows as well.02:15
shcherbakechinos_: where is it?02:15
KatsumeBliskMio-chan: Have you tried using the Windows install disk to reinstall its boot loader?02:16
KatsumeBliskMio-chan: I know the commands if you need to do it.02:16
nightdemon666Mio-chan, yep, sounds like a mbr hose or windows bootloader hose... i would make a windows recover disk, and repair via command line that way. just my experince with it.02:17
KatsumeBliskMio-chan: That may fix your problem with Ubuntu not seeing Windows.02:17
Mio-chanKatsumeBlisk: my computer did not ship with a disk but I'm in the process of writing a windows 7 iso to my usb. what are the commands?02:17
boydoyhi! i just want to ask.. i have a android phone and i want to change to ubuntu OS, this is possible?02:17
thund3rstruckfixmbr: http://www.sevenforums.com/general-discussion/17521-how-fix-mbr-through-command-prompt.html02:17
nightdemon666echinos_, try ls -l /path/to/exec/file and see if you actually have the rwx for it02:17
KatsumeBliskMio-chan: So you go to a command prompt (i don't remember the exact way) via repair and "bootrec /fixmbr" and "bootrec /fixboot" should reinstall the Windows boot loader.02:18
nightdemon666 boydoym like ubuntu on the phone?02:18
echinos_nightdemon666: yep02:18
nightdemon666Mio-chan, yeah! what  KatsumeBlisk said! :D02:19
echinos_I'm thinking it must be something wonky with the binary02:19
echinos_although I think I've experienced this before with something else02:19
KatsumeBlisknightdemon666: are  you talking about my mbr commands? lol02:19
Mio-channightdemon666, KatsumeBlisk: here goes nothing. my laptop was refusing to boot off of usb earlier.02:19
nightdemon666KatsumeBlisk, yep... i hosed a windows os from booting before, and so i did basically what you recommended via a recovery disk :)02:20
roseysdaddyanyone know how I could go about making ubuntu email me when a directory is created in a certain other directory?02:20
wilee-nileeMio-chan, Here is a link the bootrec /fixmbr may be all you need, however there are rebuild commands as well. http://pastebin.com/6F7D34Uf02:20
wilee-nileeboydoy, #ubuntu-touch02:22
nightdemon666boydoy... so, supposedly, yes, but im sure certain devices are supported and some les than others. i hear its still buggy and a PITA so if i were you, i'd hold off on the ubuntu on phone thing untill bugs get worked out... unless of course you plan on helping make it beter02:22
boydoythank you wilee-nilee02:22
wilee-nileeboydoy, Yeah the touch and a desktop is available, however in development.02:23
echinos_K, figured it out02:23
nightdemon666not trying to steer peoples form using ubuntu on mobile devices or anything :P02:23
uabn93would it help to apply infinality font patches to ubuntu?02:23
echinos_the dir is on a second partition, and it's mounted noexec02:23
boydoyok thank you..02:24
nightdemon666echinos_, well now your problem makes since lol02:24
echinos_thanks anyhow, helped me work thru it02:24
ninjalacdo ya'll think that Ubuntu will ever support Nvidia Optimus drivers  : \  i cant stand this dual gpu grahics02:24
KatsumeBliskninjalac: Do you use the dedicated GPU? If not, I'd recommmend disabling it in BIOS and not worrying about it at all.02:25
ninjalacyou cant :(02:25
KatsumeBliskninjalac: I assumed you could02:25
KatsumeBlisk ninjalac my bad02:25
ninjalac thanks  np02:25
ninjalac but 12.10 is alot better than linux mint i must say02:25
nightdemon666makes me want to load a flash drive with 12.10... need to chatch up again02:26
semitonesif you have a slow computer, and you install a kde app, do all the extra libraries that are installed slow the computer down?02:26
nightdemon666semitones, by slow, you mean... CPU? RAM?02:27
nightdemon666i have a slow computer running kde, and what makes my computer slow is when ram gets used up.02:27
nightdemon666although, i must say, kde takes up more ram im sure than lets say,,, lxde02:27
KatsumeBlisknightdemon666: Yeah. I think KDE is "slow" only because of RAM. It's fast on any modern computer.02:28
ninjalacnew pc can handle kde now right ?02:28
KatsumeBlisksemitones: It depends on the app. Does it want KDE libraries or Qt?02:29
KatsumeBliskninjalac: Yeah. I ran it fine.02:29
zykotick9ninjalac: did you see the nvidia optimus news recently?  http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTM0NzE02:30
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ninjalaci hope it is good news lol02:30
ninjalaczykotick9 is that  out now  ?02:31
wilee-nileezykotick9, Hehe nice pic of linus, lol.02:31
saegeoffubuntu rox02:31
KatsumeBliskzykotick9 wilee-nilee I'm pretty sure Linus flipping off nVidia is the defacto image now for Linux nVidia articles. lol02:32
zykotick9ninjalac: ? i don't really know the details, i just remember reading about nvidia making optimus drivers finally (was that /. perhaps?)02:32
ninjalacyep thats it02:32
saegeoffany of you guys into wayland or do you think Mir will be king?02:32
semitonesKatsumeBlisk: I'm trying to come up with general things to avoid to keep a fast system. Are KDE libraries heavier than Qt?02:32
zykotick9wilee-nilee: that's become a famous photo for sure.  ;)02:33
nightdemon666semitones, if you want to use kde on an old pc thats fine, just know that ram will get used up faster than with a more light weight DE like LXDE. however, i seem to get more out of my PC by adding the vm.swappiness line to my /etc/sysctl.conf file and setting it to 0. however, i recommend you read up on that too, but i do notice that basically the OS seem lesser likely to swap with that seting thus less ram used up aft02:33
saegeoffif you want a fast system, you should use Arch... not ubuntu02:33
KatsumeBlisksemitones: It depends. People saying using KDE apps on GNOME or vice versa are slow, but it's only really a problem when they use KDE libs or GNOME because that brings in a good chunk of the DE itself.02:33
semitonesgnome libs?02:34
KatsumeBlisksemitones: It'd be better performance-wise to use just Qt/GTK apps02:34
semitonesgtk != gnome?02:34
KatsumeBlisksemitones: Both KDE and GNOME have libraries that are extended off of Qt and GTK respectively.02:34
zykotick9semitones: kde uses qt... just sayin'02:34
KatsumeBlisksemitones: Nope. Gtk stands for GIMP Toolkit actually.02:34
KatsumeBlisksemitones: GNOME is just the biggest DE (besides Unity now) that uses GTK. LXDE and Xfce are other DEs that use it.02:35
Guest19753there is no response in #ubuntu+102:35
KatsumeBlisk!ask | Guest1975302:35
ubottuGuest19753: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:35
KatsumeBlisk!patience | Guest1975302:35
ubottuGuest19753: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/02:35
KatsumeBliskGuest19753: Sorry. wrong command.02:35
Mio-chanAlright. Wilee-nilee, I got windows on a USB. Although, my laptop won't boot off of it now...so, uhh..02:36
nightdemon666semitones, well, from my experience using old computers, kde is the heaviest, hence QT/KDE apps considered "heavy" then gnome, then xfce, then lxde, then really light "nearly pointless to have a DE" flux box.02:36
wilee-nileeninjalac, This is PPA has nvidia use at your own risk. https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa02:37
KatsumeBliskMio-chan: you might be able to boot off of it using PLoP02:37
semitonesnightdemon666: Ok, thanks for the advice!02:37
Guest1975313.04 amd64 and ati radeon hd 2400 will not install02:37
wilee-nileeMio-chan, Are you familiar with the boot from menu not in the bios?02:37
nightdemon666Mio-chan, your BOIS does allow you to boot off of USB right??? the MBR of the harddrive shouldnt be holding you back on USB boot or am i off target here!?02:37
Mio-channightdemon666, it does, I've done it earlier today.  However, it is not even showing the USB in the boot order.02:38
Guest19753 this is the log file when i run the .run file downloaded from the ATI site: http://pastebin.com/m91iNE4k02:38
KatsumeBliskMio-chan: Do you have multiple USB ports? Try another one.02:38
nightdemon666Mio-chan, holy crap! i bet thats why you can boot via USB? its shown usb in the boot order before? are you sure the usb has boot flag? you have a another computer ot troubleshoot right?02:39
Mio-channightdemon666 - just tried my other USB slots. Not working.02:39
ninjalacis there anything 100% safe lol02:39
wilee-nileeusb's don't boot from the bios at times there is another bot menu02:39
Mio-chanNightdemon666 - I'm on my linux box atm.02:39
she_dyedMio-chan van use Plop, it will load a USB driver before anything02:39
KatsumeBliskMio-chan: do what she_dyed and I have suggested. :)02:40
wilee-nileeMio-chan, How did you load the usb?02:40
ninjalacwould anyone care to help me  install a display driver  ?02:40
nightdemon666Mio-chan, i dont know about those other suggestions, but if baffles me that you are tryingot get a very basic thing to work.. i'd point the finger at the BIOS at this time. you need the BIOS to recognize the usb drive02:40
she_dyedoh sometimes it shows as 'removable'02:41
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Mio-channightdemon666 - I agree with you on this point. The USB mounts on my desktop just fine....my laptop on the other hand, BIOS does not see it. USB does light up though02:41
KatsumeBliskwilee-nilee: Take it easy. :)02:42
wilee-nileeKatsumeBlisk, You guys are not giving a great bit of help here.02:42
KatsumeBliskwilee-nilee: How is suggesting something else besides BIOS to load the USB drive not helping?02:43
nightdemon666Mio-chan, are you sure that it isnt being registered as another internal harddrive.. ive seen that before too. have to go in the BIOS and actually tell it to boot from the second generated "internal drive" thats actually the flash drive.02:43
Mio-channightdemon666 - Good suggestion although I've actually tried that. Just my physicalhard drive.02:43
wilee-nileeKatsumeBlisk, Many have problems with the bios not booting, this other boot menu works, suggesting plop and other things are not logical, no one had =s confirmed the usb is correctly loaded or suggeted this other menu.02:44
nightdemon666wilee-nilee, i assume you are refering to the typical F12 key when you say boot menu.. correct?02:45
Guest19753Mio-chan: what kind of bios?02:45
wilee-nileeand a correctly loaded usb02:45
nightdemon666well, Mio-chan says the BIOS isnt even seeing it. stuck until thats resolved :/02:45
Mio-chanGuest19753 - stock BIOS on my HP laptop. Pavilion g7. Nothing fancy. Just a boring BIOS.02:46
wilee-nileenightdemon666, So plop and using another computer will fix this.02:46
Guest19753does the usb show up in OS?02:46
KatsumeBliskwilee-nilee: I consider the F12 menu part of BIOS.02:46
nightdemon666wilee-nilee, so thats the other thing.. totally correct! i'll bet the flash drive isnt properly set up as a boot device thus BIOS over looks it...02:46
Mio-chanGuest19753 - Yes USB shows up ony mother computer02:46
wilee-nileeKatsumeBlisk, It's not02:46
KatsumeBliskwilee-nilee: So my suggestion was valid because I assumed it wasn't showing up in that menu.02:46
KatsumeBliskwilee-nilee: How is it not?02:47
wilee-nileeKatsumeBlisk, It is outside of the bios.02:47
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wilee-nileeMio-chan, Anyway you are being led by to many with bad advice best of luck.02:47
nightdemon666Mio-chan, you are trying to boot what OS off of USB again??? sorry, its way up the lines of chat :P02:47
KatsumeBliskwilee-nilee: What is your suggestion, oh masterful one?02:48
=== starmeleon is now known as FreakingTea
wilee-nileeKatsumeBlisk, putting you in ignore lol02:48
nightdemon666KatsumeBlisk, im personally not offended.. im here to learn too02:48
Mio-channightdemon666 - Windows 7. I tried it with Ubuntu and it didn't work either. Luckily I had a spare LTS CD.02:48
KatsumeBlisknightdemon666: He's trying to boot Win7 so that he can restore its boot loader so that Ubuntu will see it.02:48
dinoh masterful one who did not read the screen in the bios that says "F12=Boot menu"02:49
Guest19753is this of any help? http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en&docname=c0036497902:49
KatsumeBliskdin: precisely02:49
dinKatsumeBlisk++ ;)02:49
nightdemon666is recovery CD for win 7 not an option???02:49
KatsumeBlisknightdemon666: His computer didn't come with one.02:49
nightdemon666thats how i fixed my wifes computer.. same issue02:49
nightdemon666i know, but you can make one02:49
KatsumeBlisknightdemon666: Most computers come with recovery partitions nowadays.02:49
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Mio-chanGuest19753 - Did most of those things. Will try resetting to default settings.02:50
crash1hdCan anyone or does anyone in here able to suggest a channel where I could get help in understanding some of the basic logic to vpns and what not? (it does not have anything to do with ubuntu) thanks :)02:50
Mio-chanaaand no luck.02:50
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dr_williscrash1hd:  perhaps #networking02:50
crash1hddr_willis, thanks :)02:50
nightdemon666Mio-chan, i suppose the recovery partition doesnt work then right?02:50
crash1hdjoin #networking02:50
crash1hddoh lol02:50
Mio-channightdemon666 - Let's just say MBR and recovery are toast. The only thing that is surviving is sda2 which is where Windows is...but well, without anything else I can't really boot into Windows. I did try lilo, that didn't work.02:51
Mio-channightdemon666 - and to top off my nightmare, now BIOS doesn't like me.02:51
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dr_willisMio-chan:  there are windows 7 rescue/recovery cd images you can download/burn  - i saw some info on them at the lifehacker web site a few months back.02:52
nightdemon666ah screw lilo.. i have a philosophy fix window with windows, and linux with linux... if you have a blank CD laying around make a win 7 recovery disk... i'll find the link02:52
KatsumeBliskdr_willis: He tried that.02:52
KatsumeBliskdr_willis: He can't boot the USB02:52
dr_williserr.. these were cd's02:53
Guest19753Mio-chan: problem is windows not booting?02:53
relisherI had the same issue. I used Super Grub Disk to boot into Windows, iirc02:53
KatsumeBliskdr_willis: ISOs. I assumed he wrote the ISO to a flash drive.02:53
brwolfgangJust arrived, what can I help you with?02:53
KatsumeBliskMio-chan: And you'll need a DVD, not a CD to burn it.02:53
Mio-chanGuest19753, correct. dr_willis: that's what I tried. Burned to my USB, although my comp now refuses to boot from USB, even though it did a few hours ago..02:54
Mio-chanKatsumeBlisk - Oh no. I ran out of clean DVDs xD02:54
nightdemon666not true following this link.. you can use a CD    http://neosmart.net/blog/2009/windows-7-system-repair-discs/02:54
Guest19753Mio-chan: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/win7-windows-7-mbr,10036.html02:54
FreederWould running apt-get upgrade cause my crontab file to be removed?02:54
dr_willisFreeder:  i wouldent think so02:55
KatsumeBlisknightdemon666: If those are repair and not install, that may work. I assumed we were talking about full install discs because that's all I've seen.02:55
nightdemon666Freeder, shouldnt.. they shouldnt be releated02:55
Freedernor I, heh02:55
Freedermost all my services stopped, and my user preferences all reset02:55
nightdemon666KatsumeBlisk, naw. i totally screwed up my wifes computer messing with dual boot, and had to use the win7 recovery disk to bail it out. worked like a charm, just had to look up a few commands.02:56
Freederthere were errors in the upgrade though, not all packages went through02:56
dr_willisFreeder:  the apt package system shouldent be touching stuf fin your users home at all.02:56
KatsumeBlisknightdemon666: Yeah I haven't seen just recovery disks. Granted, I don't focus on Windows stuff. :P02:57
Guest19753Mio-chan: are you able to burn a CD?02:57
zykotick9dr_willis: s/shouldn't/doesn't/  if it does, that's one BROKEN package02:57
nightdemon666Freeder, then perhaps cron was affected??? you need to try making the OS fully instal all upgrades02:57
Mio-chanGuest19753 - Yes, I am able to. I have a stack of new CDs :)02:57
dr_williszykotick9:  ive noticced that 'steam' is a little weird.. but i think its actaully the steam binary thats altering the users home. not the package manager. ;)02:57
nightdemon666KatsumeBlisk, i usually dont either but wife had to start using windows when she started school. so i had to take ubuntu off too free up space. but in the process tried braking things too. such is life :P02:58
zykotick9dr_willis: steam... no comment ;)02:58
Guest19753Mio-chan: install ubuntu from CD on a free partition and it will find Windows and make it accessible from grub02:58
KatsumeBliskGuest19753: This is why we're trying to recover Windows. Ubuntu doesn't see it02:59
SachJust installed Ubuntu 12.04.  Why do I get a screen on reboot asking me hw I want to boot? ie. Ubuntu 3.5.0-23-generic, recovery mode etc?02:59
nightdemon666although i must say, i think the system isnt recognizing the USB in the BIOS because the USB drive isnt properly set up for booting or BIOS got messed up (unlikely)02:59
KatsumeBliskSach: That's the boot loader. Just pick the top one. :)02:59
dr_willisim not sure that ubuntu even looks for the windows mbr. it would see the windows partition and set that up.02:59
bigbadbenIs there a way to listen to itunes streams on the internet?03:00
nightdemon666Mio-chan, you are using the same usb drive you have booted from before correct?03:00
dr_willis!grub | sach03:00
ubottusach: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:00
SachKatsumeBlisk: thanks, but why do I get the bootloader?03:00
dr_willisSach:  thats what boots the os and lets you controll the booting process03:00
Mio-chanGuest19753 Guess I'll try that. Nightdemon666: Yes, correct03:00
KatsumeBliskSach: It gives you options to choose which operating system to boot. Windows has one too, but it's hidden when you only have one version of Windows on your computer.03:01
dr_willisSach:  'grub2' gives you a nice menu and various options. such as vbooting other  Os's it may have found.03:01
Guest19753Mio-chan: have you maby by accident deleted some files or f...ed up your win partition?03:01
roseysdaddoes anyone here use qbittorrent?03:01
Mio-chanGuest19753 - I know for a fact I f...ed up the MBR03:01
Guest19753it should not mater03:02
Guest19753mbr is now grub?03:02
Mio-chanGuest1973 - Though, I never touched sda203:02
Sachdr_willis: when I installed ubuntu on a different laptop, I didn't get this boot menu.  Why is that?03:02
KatsumeBliskSach: Do you still have Windows on this computer ?03:02
dr_willisSach:  you did have grub2 on it.. if you only had one os on the laptop.. it hid grub by default.03:02
Guest19753sda2 is where windows is?03:03
nightdemon666Mio-chan, i believe if the MBR is messed op then the grub booting windows option would not work no?03:03
Mio-channightdemon666 - I tried using lilo and it failed to boot into Windows, Windows Boot Manager did come up, though Windows itself did not boot.03:04
dr_willisGrub installs itself to the MBR of the HD.. that then hands off to booting the other os's. it replaces the windows MBR03:04
Guest19753dr_willis is correct03:04
Sachthanks, dr_willis03:04
Mio-chandr_willis then what I did, was wipe the MBR of the HD.03:04
dr_willisthe windows repair cd's with the fixmbr, and fixboot commands would replace grub with the windows mbr.03:04
Guest19753if grub is there mbr is not fucked03:04
brwolfgangMio-chan:  If you could post the output of fdisk -l it will give us a better view of the problem03:04
subcoolHey, is there an issue with samba (as usual) - I have setup samba shares on one of my ubuntu machines, but when i try to access it from another machine. I have errors when i provide my user and passowrd03:05
nightdemon666well, i know everyone here is trying to help you get linux to help windows, but seriously dude, URL: http://neosmart.net/blog/2009/windows-7-system-repair-discs/ worked for me... just saying... again :P03:05
brwolfgangMio-chan:  paste it on pastebin and then post the link here =]03:05
Mio-chanbrwolfgang: http://pastebin.com/efr7TStc03:05
Sachdr_willis: is it possible that by installing ubuntu, I wiped out the hidden Windows 8 boot files?03:05
brwolfgangMio-chan:  thanks03:06
brwolfgangI see the Windows partitions are still there03:06
Guest19753Mio-chan: you are in ubuntu now?03:06
Morph4meno boot flag03:06
Guest19753Mio-chan: on the same computer03:06
dr_willisSach:  ive never used windows 8 - so no idea how it does things.03:06
Mio-chanGuest19753, brwolfgang: dev/sda1 is empty, along with 4. 3 is swap. ON the laptop I'm on a live cd.03:07
brwolfgangMio-chan:  As i said i arrived late =], what's your problem?03:07
Mio-chanbrwolfgang: So, after trying to install arch, I accidentally wiped out my HD's MBR. Now, I can't boot into Windows, nor can I install Ubuntu - Ubuntu returns "ubi-partman has crashed"03:08
brwolfganggot it03:08
jab416171my computer (xubuntu) randomly locks up. Here's some relevant logs: https://gist.github.com/jab416171/540969003:08
Guest19753ok install ubuntu on sda1 and windows will most probably be back in grub. just be careful and manually choose the right partition sda1 for ubuntu and leave swap as is03:09
brwolfgangMio-chan:  I guess the same solution I use to reinstall GRUB after a Windows install will work for you03:09
rdmHey, anything to do about a GPU hang or something like that03:09
brwolfgangMio-chan:  I'll give you a link to a tutorial03:09
Mio-chanbrwolfgang: Thank you.03:10
brwolfgangMio-chan:  Here it is03:10
brwolfgangMio-chan:  https://www.evernote.com/shard/s22/sh/db1f2856-55c0-4cde-94f1-7b2bbe097e25/f1515dae3e09c86994025d98b37bd82c03:10
brwolfgangMio-chan:  There are three different solutions, try each one of them03:11
ubuntuaddictedi am part of the avahi group but despite the group permissions being rws I can't delete the folder03:11
brwolfgangMio-chan:  I hope you'll fix it, then come join the Arch community03:12
brwolfgangMio-chan:  We'll be waiting for  you =]03:12
Guest19753Mio-chan: http://www.supergrubdisk.org/03:13
Mio-chanbrwolfgang: Thank you. Haha :)03:13
Mio-chanGuest19753: Will look into that if brwolfgang's steps fail.03:13
rhizmoerdm: there was a split. what's your question?03:14
Guest19753Mio-chan: Rescatux found on link above is the simplest solution to check if windows is intact03:16
Guest19753what puzzels me is the partition error you mentioned03:17
rdm_Sorry, not sure if anyone replied.  It froze for the 40th time tonight and I had to hardboot.  GPU Hang..03:18
shuhi all, a simple question to ask, how can I know "who has switched to root account via sudo or su on my linux box?" thank03:18
rhizmoerdm_: what's the deal with your video card?03:18
rdm_I don't know? It's just a laptop?03:18
brwolfgangMio-chan:  You're going to fix Ubuntu to after that install Arch?03:19
Guest19753Mio-chan: when you install ubuntu and manually set partition choose sda1 as you said, then make it the root folder-> / and ext403:20
Mio-chanOkay, back - brwolfgang  - I can't even install Ubuntu. My primary goal right now is to fix the MBR and Windows.03:20
Mio-chanBrwolfgang - Anyway, I mounted sda2 via my livecd, and all my files are intact03:20
dr_willisshu there should be some logs in /var/log about what sudo is doing.. it has logging features.03:20
Mio-chanHowever, I still can't boot it xD03:20
=== pie is now known as Guest57381
brwolfgangMio-chan:  You could jump straight to Arch linux installation "install GRUB" step, it never failed me to fix GRUB issues03:21
dr_willisyou could do a ubuntu instggall to a spare usb flash drive.. and its grub should see the windows partions and boot them.. if they are correctl.. of course if  the issue is windows is missing files needed to boot. then grub wont help. back to the windows repair type cds..03:21
Guest19753Mio-chan: you can install ubuntu. se previous comment from me. are you sure you made right settings when manually setting it up for partition?03:21
brwolfgangMio-chan:  just saying =]03:21
Mio-chanGuest19753 - the install partition function simply won't work. xD03:22
Mio-chanbrwolfgang - I'd do that, except, well, I can't boot off my USB, where Arch was :(03:22
rhizmoerdm_: try single-user mode03:22
=== Termana is now known as Guest25511
=== benkong2 is now known as _benkong2
brwolfgangMio-chan:  What a bad luck03:23
rdm_I'll try that, but I don't have more than one user enabled?03:23
brwolfgangMio-chan:  You can rewrite the Instalation Media's contents to USB using dd on your live environment.03:23
Guest19753Mio-chan: Rescatux->http://www.supergrubdisk.org/ it will find windows if it is not fucked03:23
rhizmoerdm_: well, if it's hardware, that won't work, and if it's GUI or something, you'll be able to step through and/or reconfig from the command line03:23
Guest19753sorry language03:23
rhizmoerdm_: single user mode doesn't have anything to do with how many users you have03:24
rdm_I don't know what it is. It happens every 60 seconds or so. I have to click report, It's annoying.03:24
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Mio-chanGuest19753 -> Doing that right now. :)03:25
Guest19753good good03:25
Mio-chanHaha, rescatux is my last hope. After that, I'm gonna go ask one of my friends for a spare Windows 7 CD03:25
rhizmoerdm_: this is something you do at boot03:25
rhizmoedo you get to GRUB?03:25
Mio-chanLuckily, I'll be able to save all of my Windows files.03:25
Guest19753yes, i have been there more than one time :P03:25
Mio-chanSo, at least I didn't obliterate all my files03:26
rdm_Forgive me for being stupid. I did the windows installer. When the computer boots. I just select Ubuntu03:26
dr_willisms has official repair/recovery cd iso images you can dowload..03:26
dr_willisrdm_:  you used a WUBI instgasll on windows 8 ?03:26
rdm_Windows 7. My machine is 64bit, if that matters03:26
dr_willisok. ;) windos 8 and wubi are not on good terms.. but WUBI is best avoided anyway03:26
=== raj` is now known as raj
Mio-chanGuest19753 - and let the burning begin, to the CD..03:28
rhizmoerdm_: i think i don't know your question03:28
Mio-chanIf this works, first thing I'm doing is fixing my messy partitions before I install any linux distro again xD03:29
rdm_rhizmoe, I'm not sure either. I'm sorry.  I just keep getting told that I've had a GPU Hang, do I want to report it.  I do.. but it's every 60ish seconds.03:29
KatsumeBliskMio-chan: You're patient. We've been going at this for quite some time. :)03:30
rhizmoewhile running windows?03:30
rdm_I don't think windows is running.03:30
Guest19753Mio-chan: make windows the first partition and leave the rest empty for ubuntu to install on03:30
convictcan anyone here help with setting up openvpn?03:31
Mio-chanKatsumeBlisk - Well, I really have no other option. Plus I've tested several video games + unstable distros, so I'm kind of used to thinks breaking. This time, it just happened that I f---ed up with the MBR03:31
Guest19753he he03:32
huttanMio-chan: if u have a windows cd u can boot into recovery mode and fdisk /mbr03:32
Mio-chanhuttan - I WISH I had a Windows CD :( Should be required imo.03:32
brwolfgangconvict:  I would like to learn that, too03:32
Guest19753Mio-chan: good sport, i am very unpatient :P03:32
=== Liam-away is now known as Liam-
huttanMio-chan: other option would be to boot up on an ubuntu cd and fix ur grub03:33
convictI setup br0 and eth0 in /e/network/interfaces, only br0 gets an IP address for some reason so I can't connect to the local network.03:33
convictif I give br0 the actual IP to the network it will work, but I can't access local machines on lan through the vpn for some reason03:33
Mio-chanGuest19753 - alright, booted into Rescatux03:33
Guest19753does it find your windows?03:33
huttanconvict: do u have a route for the whole x.x.x.0/24 ?03:33
convicthuttan, yeah, i mean eth0 won't even take the IP address for some reason03:34
convictit's not using dhcp, it just disregards whatever is in the interfaces file it seems03:34
huttanconvict: i had this problem sometime, i used the guide to set it up and it worked03:34
huttanconvict: i manually edited /etc/network/interfaces, ubuntu wouldnt pick it up03:34
convictthe guide is not helping much at all03:35
huttanconvict: mind pastebin ur interfaces file?03:35
Mio-chanGuest19753 - Which option should I take? Rescatux or supergrub203:35
Guest19753Mio-chan: try super grub first03:36
convicthuttan, one sec03:36
Guest19753it should find windows and let you boot in to it03:36
Guest19753Mio-chan: any luck?03:38
huttanconvict: cat /etc/network/interfaces |pastebinit03:38
Mio-chanGuest19753 - Yeah. It got me to the Windows Boot Manager, which is harassing me for a Windows Disc that I don't have xD03:38
Guest19753well you could find a torrent03:39
Guest19753a non hacked one03:40
Mio-chanGuest19753 - Well. My BIOS refuses to boot off of USB, which I had a windows 7 iso on that, aaand to make things worse, I don't have any clean DVDs03:40
KatsumeBliskGuest19753: There are plenty of ways to download one legally, but it won't boot off of flash drive. lol03:40
Guest19753i see03:41
Guest19753but if it worked earlier with the usb? two options: you have destroyed the usb stick or you have made some wrong settings in bois03:42
Mio-chanWell, I'll guess I'm out of luck. I could ask my friend who's a computer tech who is bound to have a Windows 7 disc to lend it to me, riiight?03:42
Mio-chanI reset the BIOS settings haha03:42
GRIM-buttIs it common for ubuntu to drop the wifi connection randomly and the not be able to see the AP unless you reboot?03:42
KatsumeBliskGRIM-butt: no it is not. :)03:43
convicthuttan, have to restart sec03:43
GRIM-buttCrap, is there a fix for it?03:43
embed-nsGRIM-butt: as KatsumeBlisk said, its not common. Are you operating on the 2.4mhz band or 5mhz? Have many bluetooth devices? Perhaps an older portable phone operating at 2.4 as well?03:44
convicthuttan, http://paste.ubuntu.com/571773103:45
convicthad to disable br003:45
GRIM-buttembed-ns: No on everything you just said. Im sure its something with the latop cause all the tablets and other laptops are fine...03:45
GRIM-buttAnd by all I mean the two other tabs and the two other laptops.03:46
embed-nsGRIM-butt is your wifi device a broadcom chipset?03:46
GRIM-buttIts an acer aspire one03:46
embed-nsyeah, that's the one, operates better with b43 module (at least I think that's what it was)03:46
GRIM-buttHow would one go about that?03:47
thufir_I looked in /boot/grub and couldn't find the grub file I see on boot.  where is it please?03:47
KatsumeBliskembed-ns: There are tons of aspire ones, so how do you know which wifi module it has? lol03:47
GRIM-buttIm under the impression at this point EVERY thing is on braodcom03:47
embed-nsKatsume, heh, I don't actually know, but that aspire is one I had lots of trouble with broadcom.03:48
embed-nsGRIM-butt, gonna need the output of lsmod03:48
GRIM-buttOk, I REALLY appreciate the help. But lets pretend I have NO idea what youre talking about :)03:49
GRIM-buttIm a NEWB NEWB to linux03:49
convicthuttan, you there?03:49
GRIM-buttHow do I get you the output of lsmod?03:49
KatsumeBliskGRIM-butt: type "lsmod > output.txt" in the terminal, open that text file, and post the output to pastebin03:50
Guest19753  Mio-chan: this might be of interest: http://cybernetnews.com/windows-7-recovery-disc/03:50
GRIM-buttKK thanks03:50
KatsumeBliskGuest19753: He disconnected03:50
redrocketGRIM-butt, did you say you have an Acer Aspire One?03:50
KatsumeBliskredrocket: One of them. lol03:50
creeseAnyone have success with linux and apple thunderbolt display?03:51
FisherMackHello good people03:51
GRIM-buttYes redrocket03:51
redrocketGRIM-butt, I had that problem on mine for a bit. After I fixed it 4 YEARS AGO!, I got rid of it.  :)03:52
embed-nsapparently, acer aspire one is a "known entity"03:52
KatsumeBliskembed-ns: It's a popular series for netbooks. I had one. I loved it.03:52
GRIM-buttI love it with ubuntu, when it hadXP it was slow as hell03:53
redrocketGRIM-butt, I'm kidding you. Though it was very "finicky" if I remember correctly03:53
KatsumeBliskMine came with Win7. Mine was not like most netbooks. :)03:53
KatsumeBliskWe should stop talking about Aspire Ones in general. It's off topic. :)03:53
embed-nsKatsumeBlisk: I type this on an acer aspire (not a one tho)03:53
redrocketembed-ns, indeed.03:54
redrocketnow off to fix the hell out of it for GRIM-butt!03:54
embed-nsyep, this is the one that uses those shitty atheros drivers03:54
GRIM-buttOf course it is :)03:55
embed-nsbut b43 can work, but its been awhile, I think its in the restricted drivers?03:55
GRIM-buttOf course I have the shit one03:55
FisherMackCould someone help me? I am trying to build this application: Google VocProc. In the build instruction it says it has dependencies. One of which is "fftw3". I have tried to install "fftw3" but it tells me this: "Note, selecting 'libfftw3-3' instead of 'fftw3'03:55
FisherMack" when I ran sudu apt-get install fftw3. How can I get "fftw3" installed? VocProc requires it and "libfftw3-3" is apparently insufficient.03:55
redrocketGRIM-butt, you have problems with the light not working on the switch front right I'm guessing?03:55
GRIM-buttWell its orange right now03:56
GRIM-buttNot green like I remember it being03:56
embed-nsGRIM-butt: are you operating on this wifi connection right now?03:56
embed-nswell you could try  rmmod ath   and then insmod b43  (but not sure if it will exist, if it fails then just do insmod ath)03:58
embed-nsyou will lose connection03:58
GRIM-buttCan you explain that as  step by step03:58
embed-nsrmmod ath03:59
embed-nsinsmod b4303:59
embed-nsif that craps03:59
embed-nsinsmod ath03:59
embed-nsall that done in terminal03:59
=== tomlol is now known as tom
embed-nsand if you completely lose it, just reboot03:59
GRIM-buttOk here goes nothing04:00
redrocketbtw GRIM-butt what kernel version are you running?04:00
GRIM-buttI couldnt possibly answer that04:00
redrockettype uname -r in terminal04:01
GRIM-buttError: Module ath is in use by: ath5k04:01
embed-nsyeah, the cascading modules are going to be a problem.04:01
GRIM-buttOh good04:02
embed-nsGRIM-butt: do you know how to disable networking?04:02
stevenbhow would I verify that a file exists then copy it to my bkup directory?04:02
GRIM-buttUp by the clock?04:03
KatsumeBliskstevenb: if you try to copy it and it doesn't exist, it'll tell you04:03
embed-nsstevenb:  ls myfilename > dump04:03
embed-nsstevenb: then open the text file.04:03
GRIM-buttUncheck enable networking correct?04:03
embed-nsGRIM-butt: yep, right click disable. So, you could try doing that before issuing those commands, don't forget to re-enable after the commands04:03
GRIM-buttCan you PM me the list of commands again04:04
GRIM-buttThere are so many parts and joins04:04
GRIM-buttSorry if Im asking too much :(04:04
wilee-nileeGRIM-butt, Some irc clients allow you to block those04:04
GRIM-buttYeah Im using Kvirc and I know I can, i just dont want to get involved with that atm04:05
=== Guest86721 is now known as Catachan
KorbitYesterday my password stopped working. I rebooted into the root recovery console and remounted / as rw. When I try to use passwd to change my password I receive the error "Authentication token manipulation error". Permissions of /etc/shadow and /etc/passwd match what I've seen online. I tried pwconv to rebuild the /etc/shadow file, but it doesn't seem to do anything. How can I fix my password so that I can log in?04:13
GRIM-buttNo good04:17
trismKorbit: what is: ls -l $(which passwd);04:17
kvothetechKorbit: check permissions on /etc/shadow check the date check you mounted / as read/write04:17
GRIM-buttOh well looks like im boned04:18
GRIM-buttBiggity boned04:18
KorbitKvothetech: permissions on /etc/shadow are -rw-r-----, date and time are correct, / is mounted as rw04:19
Korbittrism: I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're asking.04:19
GRIM-buttIll look into it tomorrow. Its late and I need sleep.04:20
=== aeon-ltd_ is now known as aeon-ltd
trismKorbit: the most command reason for the error is passwd isn't setuid04:20
trismKorbit: I wanted to see which passwd is in your path, and what the permissions were04:21
trismKorbit: err, command = common04:21
Korbittrism: -rwsr-xr-x on /usr/bin/passwd04:22
trismKorbit: yep that's fine, no idea then04:22
Korbit/etc/passwd shows -rw-r--r--, should it be the same as /usr/bin/passwd?04:23
trismKorbit: nope those are correct04:23
Korbittrism: ok04:23
[_-S1L3NC3-_]Hey, how would you on a website open up MIRC when visiting a webpage?04:31
flamesanyone can help me about VGA driver in ubuntu 12.0404:31
GTAXLThe like gnome bars are missing from my ubuntu04:33
GTAXLany clue04:33
GTAXLit just shows the desktop icons04:34
Korbitnew info? adduser fails to add a new user due to the same error as passwd: "Authentication token manipulation error"04:34
zykotick9Korbit: did you change your computers name recently?04:37
Korbitzykotick9: no, still the same as it's been for the last 2 years.04:38
flameshow install intell Graphic VGA HD 3000 in ubuntu 12.0404:38
wilee-nileeGTAXL, unity desktop?04:38
zykotick9Korbit: ok (flip side) did you change your hosts file recently then?04:39
Korbitzykotick9: not unless a recent update did it. I haven't changed anything manually recently04:39
zykotick9Korbit: ok, just checking.  best of luck.04:40
Korbitzykotick9: thanks. Hopefully I can get this fixed without having to resort to format/reinstall04:40
GTAXLnot unity04:42
wilee-nileeGTAXL, Can you give so details, what the desktop is, and what has led you to this.04:43
GTAXLI believe it's gnome3, panels always worked before.04:44
dr_willistoken manapulation error    -    seen that if /  is mounted  read only  Korbit04:44
rob_pKorbit: Are you still in the recovery shell at the root prompt?04:44
GTAXLI did update the system to 12.1004:44
dr_willisrecovery console does mount   /   read only  i belive04:45
Korbitrob_p: um... I'm logged in as root, not quite sure if that's separate from the recovery console04:45
rob_pKorbit: mount -rw -o remount / and then use the mount command to verify that / is mounted rw...04:45
Korbitdr_willis: I have already remounted / as rw04:46
rob_pKorbit: Did you verity that / is indeed mounted rw?04:46
wilee-nileeGTAXL, to add to the top panel you need the gnome-shell extensions04:46
Korbitrob_p: yes, I am able to create edit and save files.04:46
rob_pKorbit: the mount command will tell you...04:46
rob_pKorbit: Ok...04:46
Korbitrob_p: mount also confirms / as rw04:47
rob_pKorbit: and your /etc/shadow is mode 640, right?04:48
Korbitrob_p: yes04:48
dr_willishiddy hoo04:50
KorbitOn another note, what irc client can I use that will let me hide channel entry/exit messages? I'm currently using pidgin because that's what was installed.04:50
rob_pKorbit: Does the user account name in /etc/passwd match *exactly* the user account name in /etc/shadow?04:51
dr_willisKorbit: most can do that04:51
zykotick9Korbit: pretty much ANY actual irc client can do that (pidgin isn't an irc client)04:51
Vince__Anyone have any experience with thinkpad x61 and enabling automatic screen rotation?04:51
dr_willispidgin has  a plugin for ir  i recall04:51
zykotick9dr_willis: it an IM client, that can do IRC (just not well ;)04:52
dr_willisi recall it havi g a plugin to hide part/joins04:52
zykotick9dr_willis: ahh, sorry.  missed your origional meaning there.04:53
joshswhy would my mouse be making small circles by itself?04:53
vince____The web IRC has the option to show/hide the joins/quits04:53
Korbitrob_p: somehow I lost the /etc/shadow file (probably when I ran pwunconv), but after running pwconv /etc/shadow is back and the user name does match (didn't check the hash). passwd still throws the same authentication error.04:54
dr_willisweechat has   "smart filters "   for parts and joins04:54
wilee-nileehexchat and xchat blocks as well04:55
joshsi have a wireless hp mouse and keyboard, why would the mouse be making small circles when i am not touching it?04:56
thisnickhow would i copy a file with only one space bar?04:56
thisnickihtting the space bar once*04:56
rob_pKorbit: pwconv doesn't recreate the passwords for each account although it will recreate /etc/shadow. I thought you had to recreate account passwords after running pwconv... but I guess if passwd is throwing token errors, you're stuck!  I'm running out of suggestions at the moment...04:59
dr_willisthisnick:  what?05:00
Korbitrob_p: thanks. yeah, I've tried everything I found on google at this point and I'm afraid the only thing I can figure out to try next is format/reinstall. I really don't want to do that even though I was able to make a backup copy of /home/.05:00
ozatomicHey guys, after installing pure-ftp-mysql i setup a AltLog option and i keep getting permission denied on the file where ever it is with all permissions on the file?05:01
buffaI am trying to find a function definition in a library source, but I don't really understand how librarys are made and I am not finding the definition anywhere, I have tried grep and cscope05:01
rob_pKorbit: I wouldn't go that far yet! There's a solution...take it as a challenge to figure it out! :)05:02
rob_pKorbit: Some of the best learning I've ever gone through is by NOT just formatting/reinstalling when strange and obsure problems came up...05:02
wooHello, I got kismet to work but only when I am connected to an access point.  Using Ubuntu 12.04 64bit.  I have card details if needed.05:03
rob_pKorbit: You'll figure it out if you persist...I get the feeling that you're pretty comfortable with the inner workings of Linux so don't give up!05:04
Korbitrob_p:  I hope I am able to find a solution, I don't want to run crying to mommy (rm -rf /).05:04
rob_pKorbit: :P05:04
Korbitas satisfying as that would be.05:04
CaliMacrob_p's point is exactly what i have experienced myself.   its a pain in the arse but the best learning05:04
wooI have been on the kismet ubuntu support thread and many people have issues with kismet.conf05:05
KorbitI even tried making a new user, just to get back to limping, but adduser throws the same error as passwd.05:07
hashI can't find the checksums for 12.10. anyone know where they are?05:07
ubottuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of all downloadable Ubuntu releases05:08
Korbitwell, at least I'm not without my movies. All of those are on an external drive and most of them can be played on the RaspberryPi.05:11
rob_pKorbit: Does /var/log/auth.log have any clues to your issue?05:14
Korbitrob_p: there only seem to be entries for root logging in and out.05:16
=== Liam- is now known as Liam-away
Korbit/var/log/auth.log.1 seems to have a lot more entries in it. I'll see if anything sticks out in there.05:18
=== alainus is now known as alainus[-_-]
darksiswant please ask the question about ubuntulog05:21
darksisi can also run this?05:21
Vince__Does anyone know how to calibrate the wacom screen on precise pangolin?05:21
Korbitrob_p: "PAM unable to open dlopen(pam_gnome_keyring.so): /lib/security/pma_gnome_keyring.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"  That seems significant.05:22
Korbitrob_p: followed by: "lightdm: PAM adding faulty module: pam_gnome_keyring.so"05:22
rob_pKorbit: Strange...05:24
Korbitrob_p: those lines get repeated occasionally all throughout the log file (oldest entry is april 7), so I'm not sure if it's a symptom of a larger issue, or directly related to my inability to login.05:25
rob_pKorbit: I wonder if PAM is hosing you... Just a guess, but maybe you need to update the PAM authentication method.05:25
rob_pKorbit: Can you run pam-auth-update05:26
Korbitrob_p: classic PAM.05:26
rob_pKorbit: Try running that and selecting your method of authentication for your system...05:26
Korbitrob_p: yes, but I'm not sure what should be selected. there are 3 entries, Winbind NT/Active Directory authentication, [empty line], and ConsoleKit Session Management05:27
starkillerdoes anyone know a tool that would help me orginize or take fully control of my routewr:P?05:29
rob_pKorbit: You are looking for Unix, unless you are specifically using one of the other methods...It's a standalone box and uses local authentication, I presume?05:29
Korbitrob_p: only the first and third entries were marked, so I tried marking the middle (blank) entry, and that didn't seem to do anything. it was unmarked when I reopened pam-auth-update05:29
starkilleryea XD o have 1 really good router , but the configuration and stuff its a mess05:31
Korbitrob_p: yes, standalone. There are only those 3 entries listed. I tried unmarking the Winbond entry and now I don't get an error from passwd, but it also doesn't ask me to enter a password. That doesn't seem right.05:31
mradotcan someone help me05:31
mradotwhere can i find the tarball for libgtk1.2-dev and libgtk2.0-dev05:31
rob_pKorbit: There should be one for Unix.  You can select others, but that one is crucial for local authentication via /etc/passwd /etc/shadow...05:32
starkillerwinblind XD? ill  get on it XD05:32
Korbitrob_p: yes, it seems odd that that isn't listed. I don't think that would be related at all to my computer running a dualboot with Win7. The specific distro I'm using is Lubuntu 12.04 64-bit. Could that be the source of the difference?05:34
jonyI want remote desktop over internet between two ubuntu systems, please help05:35
aeon-ltdjony: vnc?05:36
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX05:36
rob_pKorbit: I don't think so.  But it's strange you don't have that option...What happened initially to cause your problem in the first place? Did you do an update or install any software.  what were your actions leading up to it?05:36
mrdavidI'm running Unity on 12.04. How do I save my window layout (xterms and other programs) so they will be preserved when I reboot?05:37
Korbitrob_p: I think I did do an update earlier in the day. I discovered the issue when I tried to add a repo and couldn't sudo. How can I check what was updated and when?05:37
jonyaeon-ltd, I need some kind of VPN like hamachi05:37
wilee-nileemrdavid, Are they not being saved?05:37
mrdavidwilee-nilee: no05:38
truexfan81ok in a cli only install, is there a way to determine what a usb drive is listed as so it can be mounted? like hdx, or sdx, etc05:40
wilee-nileetruexfan81, sudo fdisk -l05:41
rob_pKorbit: I usually just browse the logs: /var/log/dpkg.log and /var/log/apt/history.log05:42
GrahCan someone please step me away from the ledge of a reinstall?05:44
GrahPulseaudio is so mad at me.05:44
GrahI just want to reinitialize it to see if I can resolve my issue.05:44
Korbitrob_P: K. Looks like I updated curl, samba, libc-bin, libpam-winbind, and some related dependencies to those programs.05:45
rob_pKorbit: libpam-winbind, hmm... Weren't you getting some PAM errors related to winbind?05:46
jonyI want remote desktop over internet from ubuntu to ubuntu, please help05:47
aeon-ltdjony: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC05:47
rob_pKorbit: Are you using nonstandard repos?05:47
chilukhow do I start with debugging unity?05:48
rob_pKorbit: You mentioned that you were trying to add another repo and that's when you noticed the issue... Just curious if you had previously added a non-official repo in the past...05:48
rob_pKorbit: 'Cause that's always risky and often leads to issues like these...05:49
Korbitrob_p: I do have some ppas active, but they are are for userapps like handbrake and steam. I can't remember if I'm using the X ppa or not, I think that was the repo I was trying to add.05:49
rob_pKorbit: Well like I said, you take the integrity of the system in your own hands when you introduce third-party repos.  It's not always a bad idea but caution should be taken...05:51
dr_willislook in /etc/apt/sources.list.d   to see what pppas are enabled05:52
starkilleri have like 2 routers and i dont know what to do with them any advice:P?05:53
dr_willisstarkiller: thats a little vague.05:54
starkilleri paid like 19 dollars for them XD i dont wantem to fo to waste XD05:54
l057c0d3rstarkiller, good deal on the routers.. thats cheap05:55
dr_willisstick them in a closet for xmas gifts later.....05:55
l057c0d3ri'll buy one off u for 1505:55
jonyaeon-ltd, TY05:55
l057c0d3rmine is crapping out.. and cheapest one around here is 45$05:55
Korbitdr_willis: I have ubuntu-x-swat-updates-precise, steam, google-talk, pcsx2, stebbins-handbrake-releases-precise, gnome3-team-gnome3-precise, and ehoover-compholio-precise (which is netflix-desktop)05:55
dr_willisxswat  is the x drivers ppa05:56
l057c0d3rKorbit, yeah yea.. i have all them but x-swat05:56
rob_pKorbit: By chance, your / partition isn't full is it? I assume not, but thought I'd ask since others have reported passwd manipulation errors when their / is ful.05:56
Korbitrob_p: that is a very good question. I don't think it is, but how do I check that from the cli?05:57
rob_pKorbit: df -h05:57
Korbitrob_p: / has 147GB used of 470GB total.05:58
l057c0d3rwait..  korbit.. when i tried to install hanbrake it wanted to remove a bunch of stuff..  like netflix....  rythbox..  ext....  did you have any of these issues05:58
rob_pKorbit: rules that out! :)05:58
l057c0d3rsigh...  sorry i know you have a question of your own you are trying to get answered... but since you mentioned it thought i would ask05:58
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
l057c0d3ractually i missed out on what exactly your problem was..  maybe if you repeate it i might be able to help05:59
Korbitl057c0d3r: I have not had issues with handbrake and netflix, but I did install handbrake first05:59
Korbitl035c0d3r: I can't login, and using passwd throws the error "Authentication token manipulation error". The usual fixes are not able to resolve it.06:00
l057c0d3rKorbit, but u can log in on the tty1 cli prompt?06:01
Korbitl057c0d3r: no, can't login anywhere. I can only access the system from the root recovery console.06:01
l057c0d3rhmm..  let me see what i can dig up06:02
LartzaKorbit, Assuming you remount as rw?06:02
Fuzzleshow do i check if my grpahics card is working even tho i installed no drivers?06:02
l057c0d3rhave you tried changing the users password in the recovery console....06:02
l057c0d3rand loging back in06:02
Lartzal057c0d3r, ... Really??06:02
l057c0d3rlet me think about what im saying really fast....06:02
Lartzal057c0d3r, Sleepy time? :D06:03
CarlFKhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/all/ipxe/filelist  -  assuming I can wget the .deb, how can I extract the files so I can get at /usr/lib/ipxe/ipxe.lkrn ?  I want to put write a script that will put it into /boot06:05
l057c0d3rkinda...  just got off work.. worked a long 12 hour day06:05
KorbitLartza: yes, and I've checked the permissions on /etcv/shadow, /etc/passwd, and /usr/bin/passwd. all of those are normal06:05
LartzaKorbit, Have you changed your password recently?06:05
Korbitl057c0d3r: I know how you feel. I was at school from 11-21:00 and only got about 4 hours sleep last night.06:05
KorbitLartza: no, using the same password as I have been since I built the system about 6 months ago06:05
l057c0d3rfrom what im reading here you can change the password from the recovery console.. u just have to make sure the filesystem is mounted read/write..   by default it is mounted read06:06
Lartzal057c0d3r, ...06:06
LartzaI asked, he has remounted06:06
LartzaPermissions checked06:06
Korbitl057c0d3r: yes, but / is mounted as rw (this has been verified multiple times and ways)06:07
shcherbakKorbit: did you try to create user?06:07
CarlFKisn't there a "change password" option on the recovery menu?06:07
LartzaPassword not changed so timestamps should not be corrupted06:07
l057c0d3roh..  sorry missed that part of the conv as well06:07
Korbitshcherbak: yes, adduser throws the same error as passwd06:07
LartzaKorbit, Have you checked /var/log/auth.log06:08
LartzaOr does that have to be enabled hmm...06:08
l057c0d3rwait are you using a shadow file06:08
l057c0d3rhave you trie wpconv?06:09
l057c0d3rerr pwconv06:09
KorbitLartza: yes, there is nothing directly relevant around the time of the error, but there are a couple PAM errors that repeat occasionally over the entire log.06:09
Lartzal057c0d3r, What purpose would pwconv serve?06:10
Korbitl057c0d3r: yes, I tried pwconv and pwunconv06:10
l057c0d3rwell say his shadow file is corrupt or missing..06:10
l057c0d3rit will remake it06:10
l057c0d3rwhich in some cases fixes the issue06:10
l057c0d3rand sadly he already tried it.. ok lets think some more06:10
Korbit"PAM unable to open dlopen(pam_gnome_keyring.so): /lib/security/pma_gnome_keyring.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"06:11
Korbitfollowed by: "lightdm: PAM adding faulty module: pam_gnome_keyring.so"06:11
KorbitThose are repeated occasionally throughout /var/log/auth.log.106:12
LartzaKorbit, Have you manually checked walidity of the passwd and shadow files?06:12
Lartzausername, timestamps, general unmalforness :)06:12
LartzaAnd that the username exists on both06:12
KorbitLartza: I have looked at them and nothing looks obviously wrong, and my username exists in both.06:13
LartzaKorbit, Do you have likewise-open, libpam-sss or libnss-sss installed06:14
KorbitLartza: I do not06:14
anujhi all06:15
anujany idea where ubuntu saves the different application screen capture to show on alt+tab06:16
l057c0d3ranuj in /tmp06:16
l057c0d3rmaybe not really sure though06:16
l057c0d3rbut seems like a good place for something that is not needed after reboot06:16
anujthanks l057c0d3r06:17
LartzaAre they even pictures?06:17
anujone more thing what is the format for saving the image with window id06:17
l057c0d3rk..  not really sure what you want to konw06:18
l057c0d3rand i run gnome-shell with an extension for alt-tab..  so im sure mine is different06:18
Ari-Yanghello, what does this error mean that I get with his media player? X11 error: GLXBadFBConfig06:18
Ari-Yang[gl] Could not create GLX context!06:18
l057c0d3runless u are running it to :-)06:18
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
anuji want use that image which ubuntu capture, to show for alt+tab06:19
Ari-Yanghere's my glxinfo if it helps.... http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=63vPHjRm06:20
LartzaAri-Yang, Are you using CUDA or something? You might need the closed drivers or select another output06:20
Ari-YangI'm on ubuntu 12.1006:20
Ari-Yangnot what CUDA is... so that error means I need a newer version of opengl?06:20
LartzaAri-Yang, What drivers are you using?06:20
Ari-Yang* not sure what cuda is06:20
Ari-Yangatm open source driver06:20
Ari-Yangnot the proprietary one (fglrx)06:21
l057c0d3rAri-Yang, do you have the restricted extras installed06:21
LartzaYeah you could need newer OpenGL06:21
Ari-Yangis there a way of updating it on the open source drivers?06:21
LartzaAri-Yang, That's weird though... but closed drivers could solve06:21
LartzaAri-Yang, No06:21
Ari-Yang@ l057c0d3r not sure what you mean by "restricted extras"06:22
LartzaAri-Yang, Is this a sudden problem? Like what are you trying to do and has it worked before?06:22
l057c0d3rs it music or video you are trying to play06:22
Lartzal057c0d3r, Video obviously...06:22
l057c0d3rwhat format...06:22
Ari-Yanghmmm.... might be stuck with it. fglrx drivers suck really bad, get loads of tearing. @ Lartza no it's always been like this06:22
Ari-Yangmkv h.26406:23
l057c0d3ri use the flgrx drivers from amd website.. no tearing here06:23
Lartzal057c0d3r, Whyyy??06:23
l057c0d3rwy what...06:23
Ari-Yanglucky..... but I get tearing06:23
l057c0d3ruse the ones from there website06:23
LartzaAri-Yang, Don't even try the AMD site drivers06:23
l057c0d3rbecause of steam06:23
Ari-YangI did06:23
Lartzal057c0d3r, Ubuntu has the latest ones so, not sure what you gain from that06:24
Ari-Yang@ Lartza yeah fglrx so far is horrible for me06:24
Lartzal057c0d3r, Oh hang on fglrx...06:24
LartzaSorry I was thinking of nvidia, fglrx could be begind06:24
Ari-Yangso anyways, there's no work around?06:24
l057c0d3rari-yang  i would make sure ubuntu-restricted-extras package is installed06:24
l057c0d3rand try a player like vlc06:24
Ari-Yangno vlc is horrible lol06:24
LartzaAri-Yang, What player are you using?06:25
l057c0d3rno..  vlc rocks...  it supports..    almost everything06:25
Ari-YangI'm using a fork of mplayer called mpv-player06:25
LartzaAri-Yang, Okay then try changing the output method06:25
Ari-Yang@ l057c0d3r I've tried vlc, sorry, not bothering with it :V06:25
LartzaI am not sure if there's...06:25
Ari-Yangand what does ubuntu-restricted-extras do?06:25
l057c0d3radds support for avi..  mp3 ext ext ext..  adobe flash......06:26
LartzaInstall packages you don't need...06:26
l057c0d3rdvd playback06:26
Ari-Yangyeah, sounds like something I don't really need...06:26
LartzaAri-Yang, http://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/ubuntu-restricted-extras06:26
KorbitEveryone: thank you for your help. I'm going to call it a night and get back to trying to fix this authentication error tomorrow.06:26
LartzaThat doesn't actually list all the packages... I think06:26
l057c0d3ryeah it leaves some things out on it06:27
=== zz_Karbowiak is now known as Karbowiak
LartzaAri-Yang, mplayer -vo help06:28
Ari-Yangyeah I know of that command and the available output drivers06:28
LartzaNone work?06:28
LartzaThat can play 26406:29
Ari-Yangvdpau, opengl, xv, opengl-old, x11, null, image, and opengl-hq. the problem isn't being able to play 264, I can play that just fine. I want to know if there's a work around that glx error06:29
Ari-Yangso far, it doesn't look like there is :V06:29
LartzaAri-Yang, Have you tried regular old mplayer? Maybe your fork has some fancier gl output plugin06:30
Ari-Yangthe reason why I'm asking is because with opengl-old I don't get that error, and I don't get minor tearing at all, but I get lag. with opengl and opengl-hq I get some tearing and that error...06:30
Ari-Yangyeah I have tried mplayer, I actually have mplayer2.. with mplayer2's -vo gl output, I get the same result with opengl-old06:31
Ari-Yangguess I'll continue experimenting with diff outputs06:31
Ari-Yanghttp://www.opengl.org/wiki/Tutorial:_OpenGL_3.0_Context_Creation_%28GLX%29 ---> would this help me? j/w06:32
LartzaYeah I am sorry I am not of much help since I always use the closed drivers due to stuff like this and 3D acceleration ;)06:32
l057c0d3rsame here Lartza..  closed drivers..  fixed settings in amdcccle06:33
l057c0d3rtf2.  h-l.. skirim..  bluray movies..  all play great :-p06:33
l057c0d3rsorry its my bedtime...06:34
l057c0d3rgood luck everyone..  hope your problems get fixed soon06:34
Lartzal057c0d3r, Though I use windows for gaming since Linux lacks...06:34
LartzaDoomed to Windows06:34
l057c0d3rna..   gaming is moving up in linux...06:34
LartzaYeah but the games I play don't work06:34
l057c0d3rand with netflix app.. i no longer have windows.. but this is a conv for offtopic.. and im hading to bed06:34
Ari-Yangmind sending me screen shots of your catalyst control settings?06:35
Ari-Yangnight l057c0d3r06:35
l057c0d3rAri-Yang, make sure anti-alis is all off..06:35
l057c0d3rand there is an option somewhere in there to fix screen tearing06:35
Ari-Yangyeah the vsync option doesn't work, I enabled that06:36
Ari-Yangfirstthing I did06:36
Ari-YangI know of the anti-alias settings.... I /might/ have turned that off too06:36
l057c0d3ri had to turn off all anti-alsi  because it really messed up my pcsx2 emu06:36
Ari-Yangmaybe I'll test fglrx again06:36
zykotick9truexfan81: it's a command, in /sbin again06:37
truexfan81wrong channel but ok lol06:37
zykotick9truexfan81: sorry about that06:38
joshsi have a hp wireless mouse and keyboard, i use ubuntu 12.04lts but my mouse is making jerking circles by itself, how can i fix this?06:40
Ari-Yangnight, good luck with your problems all. might test with fglrx tomorrow06:41
=== root____7 is now known as ncmcxxc
she_dyed joshs you have another mouse (preferable not wireless)06:48
TrDhi all06:49
TrDi have a fan problem i'm using Ubuntu 12.04LTS my fan start only when i hibernate and resume06:50
mattnieisn't the fan controled by bios depend on the temperature?06:50
=== Odysimus is now known as Odysimus_away
joshsno i sure do not06:51
TrDi dont have any setting in the bios mattnie06:51
passerineTrD starts when hibernated?06:53
TrDno when i resume from hibernation passerine06:53
passerineah, got it06:53
joshsi have a hp wireless mouse and keyboard. my mouse is moving in jerking circular patterns by itself. how can i fix it?06:56
passerinejoshs have you ruled out battery issue?06:56
joshsi think so, it is fairly new and had batteries when i bought it06:57
joshsmight have the batteries thanks!07:00
passerineis it an optical mouse?07:00
joshsi think so07:01
passerinemine does that if i use the wrong patterned surface sometimes07:01
contrapunctusHey folks. I need to make a Ubuntu install for a Linux gaming rig setup. If I install 12.04, am I likely to run into compatibility problems with newer versions of games?07:02
joshsi have been using a black piece of fairly thick construction paper since before i bought this mouse and it never gave me any problems07:02
joshsi just changed the batteries and it is fine now. those energizeraaa only lasted about two weeks!07:04
sanavhow to find IRC ? i forget the command .07:09
wilee-nileesanav, Channels?07:10
jnzhoui am the newer07:10
sanavwilee-nilee: yes07:10
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist and !alis - See also !Guidelines07:10
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*07:10
=== jnzhou is now known as new
sanavwilee-nilee: o ! its alis07:11
passerine!cn | new07:11
ubottunew: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw07:11
=== new is now known as Guest34890
=== rob1n is now known as dubzii
daniels1Hi there..I've installed Ubuntu 12.10 along side windows8..now I face boot problems...booting into Ubuntu..At times I get a prompt blinking another times I get a black screen..I've to reboot couple of times to boot into ubuntu07:14
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter07:14
dr_willisthat sounds  weird.. what video card!07:15
daniels1nvidia is my video card07:22
dr_willisnvidia makes a lot of differnt cards/chipsets. ;-) if you install the proper nvidia driverss from the 'addational-drivers' tool - it may work better for yoy07:25
dr_willisin 12.10 its a tab  under the 'software sources' tool to see what extra drivers are avilable.07:26
contrapunctusHey folks. I need to make a Ubuntu install for a Linux gaming rig setup. If I install 12.04, am I likely to run into compatibility problems with newer versions of games?07:26
dr_williscontrapunctus:  doubtfull. i would hope any 'game' would work fine on the lts version07:26
TakeItEZcontrapunctus: if you need to use wine, yes07:27
dr_willisbut  gameing on linux is still a niche thing right now.. so what games are you refering to?07:27
contrapunctusdr_willis - Oh, nothing major, STK, ZK, TT, Xonotic, FDRPG, VegaStrike, Pioneer, NAEV...07:29
dr_willisi dont recognize any of those games ll;P07:30
contrapunctusdr_willis : lol. So no grabbing deps from Launchpad or building deps from source?07:32
dr_willisyou should be able to compile newer versions from source. and id hope any  devs  would support the LTS releases of ubuntu07:33
=== Merwin is now known as thibautd
contrapunctusdr_willis Ah, darn...I broke an OS once compiling stuff, pretty scary =(07:35
=== patr|ck is now known as patr|ck|troll
dr_willis'compiling stuff' is rather broad...07:36
dr_willisi see people break their OS in here without compiling stuff. :)07:36
contrapunctusWell, thanks, guess I'll take my chances with 12.04 then ^^07:36
gunawanany idea where's different from ubuntu 12.10 with 1307:38
dr_willisgunawan:  numerous blog sites have been covering whats new in 13.0407:38
gunawanouwch... sorry but it's not reviewed in my country... and sorry for my bad english.07:39
=== darkstar is now known as Guest8700
dr_willisthat makes no sence.. I imagine the omgubuntu or webupd8 blog sites are reachable by you.. or dosens of other sites would be..07:41
dr_willissince about any ubuntu news site would be mentioning whats new07:41
jonyhow can I run an .sh executable file?07:41
dr_willisjohy you set i the executable flag on it.. and its executable07:42
dr_willisor just do 'sh fwhatever.sh'07:42
GrygrFlzrI can't seem to boot live cd without acpi=off. nomodeset causes a kernel panic and nouveau.blacklist=1 does nothing. checked iso md5 and live cd works fine in VM. pc uses nvidia gfx card. Using acpi=off blocks the wifi, hardware switch doesn't work. acpi_osi=linux and acpi_osi= does nothing. Can anyone help?07:42
dr_willischmod +x foo.sh07:42
=== patr|ck|troll is now known as patr|ck
dr_willisGrygrFlzr:  what nvidia card exaxtly? and is it one of those dual gpu optimus setups?07:43
GrygrFlzrdr_willis, nope. Laptop, GeForce G105M07:44
jonydr_willis, chmod +x, but after that how can I run it?07:44
dr_willis./foo.sh     <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  i showed you how jony07:45
jonydr_willis, it doesn't open it07:46
jonyit's the netbean's installer file07:46
she_dyed jony pay attention, he said chmod +x filename07:48
GrygrFlzrand he also said 'bbl'07:48
vichard disk unmounted any help07:50
jonyshe_dyed, sudo chmod +x netbeans-7.3-linux.sh07:50
altechhello all !!07:50
jonyshe_dyed, sudo ./netbeans-7.3-linux.sh07:50
=== altech is now known as vnc786
jonyshe_dyed, but it wont work...07:50
vnc786in ubuntu 12.04 64 bit if "Graphics = Driver: unknown"   "Experience: Standard" does this affects system performance(like moving in multiple windows, opening dash etc)  RAM=4gb, AMD dual core CPU07:50
vichi all07:50
auronandacejony: you need to describe what happens, tell us any error messages07:51
viccan someone help me mount my hard disk07:51
auronandace!mount | vic07:52
ubottuvic: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount07:52
she_dyedjony the first one, wwere you in the proper directory07:52
TheteAnyone know of any good irc chatter bots?07:53
TheteSomething with an offensive vocabulary?07:53
auronandace!ot | Thete07:53
ubottuThete: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:53
TheteI understand that, perhaps I should have rephrased, in the ubuntu repos07:53
vichow do i mount hard disk automatically, i am new to ubuntu07:54
dendzaHello guys, first time on Linux. Is anyone in the mood to help me or point me in the right direction on how to install AMD legacy drivers on Ubuntu 12.10?07:54
auronandace!fstab | vic07:54
ubottuvic: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions07:54
jonyplease tell me how can I install an .sh file step by step, TY07:54
TheteI see there's a few like rbot and gozerbot..07:54
Thetejony: sh file.sh07:55
Theteor ./file.sh07:55
k1ljony: is there no readme?07:56
hanslandahello there...im getting an error message when i open the Nvidia X Server Settings: You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.07:57
vici deleted .trash-0 after which my hard disk dont mount07:57
=== dendza is now known as dendza362
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jonyThete, TY, it worked07:58
vicwhy is mnt folder empty?07:59
auronandacevic: its meant to be07:59
vnc786i am facing slow system performance which I think is due to Graphics driver where do i get proper drivers for graphics07:59
auronandacevic: thats where you can mount stuff if you want07:59
gacruxin raring, as of latest kernel update i've lost hdmi audio from my radeon card, is this known/expected?07:59
auronandace!13.04 | gacrux07:59
ubottugacrux: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+107:59
gacruxi have radeon.audio=1 in my kernel line07:59
hanslandahello there...im getting an error message when i open the Nvidia X Server Settings: You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server. anyone can help me07:59
Thetedid you run nvidia-xconfig as root?08:00
hanslandaThete, WARNING: Unable to locate/open X configuration file.08:01
hanslandaERROR: Unable to write to directory '/etc/X11'.08:01
Theteas root08:01
hanslandaThete, yeap08:01
vicfailed to mount 160 GB hard disk... step by step help of how to mount.08:01
auronandacevic: what filesystem?08:02
auronandacevic: no, what filesystem? ext4?08:02
victhe first partition is ext2 and the second indicates its extended partition08:03
auronandacevic: do you know which partition you are trying to mount?08:04
MonkeyDustvic  type sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit and paste the url here in the channel, so we can see08:04
hanslandaThete, do you think you can help me?08:04
dendzaHello guys, first time on Linux. Is anyone in the mood to help me or point me in the right direction on how to install AMD legacy drivers on Ubuntu 12.10?08:04
Thetehanslanda: I would reinstall the nvidia drivers08:05
james9821hi everyone08:05
TheteDl the latest version and reinstall08:05
hanslandaThete, i tried sudo apt-get purge nvidia*08:05
hanslandaThete, after this i did sudo apt-get install nvidia-current nvidia-settings08:06
hanslandaThete, and its the same thing08:06
james9821i have a ¨small¨ question :)08:06
vici have not installed pastebinit08:06
james9821there is any way to automatically check if a program is running, and if not, to start it on ubuntu server 12.04?08:06
MonkeyDustvic, first install it, then try again08:07
Thetehanslanda: http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/ubuntu-quetzal-nvidia.html08:07
auronandacevic: sudo apt-get install pastebinit08:07
hanslandaThete, thanks..ill try this08:08
james9821no one? :(08:09
TakeItEZ!ask | james982108:10
ubottujames9821: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:10
starbuckhello, sometimes when i want to shutdown or reboot my ubuntu 12.10 machine freezes... where can i find the log which would show a problem about that?08:10
darksiswant please ask the question about ubuntulog08:10
darksisi can also run this?08:10
james9821ok, sorry :)08:10
darksiswant please ask the question about ubuntulog how i run this?08:14
darksis i want please ask the question about ubuntulog how i run this?08:14
dendzahow do I open or run .run extension?08:16
smzin netstat -tupn a have syn-sent on port 445 how to chcec what a process sent a package on this port in netstat i have a "-" on pid column08:17
smzdendza chmod +x foo.run08:17
TakeItEZsmz: sudo netstat -tupn08:18
smzTakeItEZ: i work on root account08:18
smzthis is debian not ubuntu08:19
TakeItEZsmz: #debian then08:19
vici am trying to mount my hard disk. any help08:19
opienghow can I exit help from the terminal, I can not seem to type anything08:19
opiengits from the ipython "?"08:19
MonkeyDustvic  what happens when you try?08:19
vicfailed to mount 160 GB hard disk08:20
MonkeyDustvic  any error messages?08:20
dry[1]Hi, how to run 2 python files from autostart in Ubuntu 11.10? Only 1 file starts (the autostarter of another file is getting erased each time)?08:21
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MonkeyDustvic  what command do you use, to mount it?08:21
vici have not used any command, i am green horn08:21
histoopieng: ctrl+d08:21
MonkeyDustvic  what did you do to mount the disk?08:22
opiengI don't know what I pressed but the terminal says "waiting for data...."interrupt to abort", ctrl+d does not work08:22
TakeItEZvic: according to your paste it seems the hdd contains encrypted filesystems.08:23
vicmonkeydust i hav been using the disk until i deleted .trash-0 then i started getting the error08:23
victakeItEZ i dont understand08:24
MonkeyDustvic  and is it an external disk?08:24
vicmonkeydust its internal08:24
MonkeyDustvic  ok, and what happens when you try? does the pc switch off? anything else?08:25
vicmonkeydust nothing else just cant mount hdd but system works ok08:26
vicmonkeydust http://paste.ubuntu.com/5718079/08:27
MonkeyDustvic  ok, but do you get any error message?08:28
MonkeyDustvic  what's the 'mapper' and 'crypt' in that list?08:29
vicmonkeydust i dont understand08:30
TakeItEZvic: pastebin the output of "mount ; df -h" please08:30
victakeItEZ http://paste.ubuntu.com/5718122/08:31
TakeItEZvic: the disk is already mounted. what do you try to mount??08:32
columbHey there. How I can allocate memory/cpu to ubuntu to prevent freeze on overload? When all ram is used. 11.10 Ubuntu server.08:32
histocolumb: on a virtual machine?08:32
TakeItEZvic: there is nothing left for you to mount08:33
MonkeyDustcolumb  there's also #ubuntu-server08:33
histocolumb: Is it a virtual machine you are working with?08:33
MonkeyDustvic  you say the system works, so what brings you here, exactly?08:33
james9821there is any way to periodically (let´s say 1 min, for ex.) check if a program is running, and if not, to start it automatically on ubuntu server 12.04?08:33
columbhisto No, it's remoted dedicated server.08:33
histocolumb: do you have swap enabled?08:34
histocolumb: make it bigger08:34
histo!swap | columb08:34
ubottucolumb: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info08:34
vicTakeItEZ: when i try to open the hdd its give error failed to mount hdd08:34
TakeItEZjames9821: add a cronjob "* * * *  pgrep processname || /path/myprog"08:35
columbUnused memory? All my memory could be used by live server.08:35
TakeItEZvic: WHAT do you want to mount? there is nothing on your disk you can mount (except /dev/sda1 maybe)08:35
james9821noob here.... a little bit more help? a link to a page for ex08:35
histocolumb: And your point is?08:35
james9821iĺl try, but really a noob08:35
columbI'm aware of freeze and wish to give ubuntu at least ~100mb of reserved ram.08:36
TakeItEZvic: look at your pasts. your disk contains a big encrypted partition (logical drive) /dev/sda5, containing the encrypted system + swap08:36
histovic: please pastebin the output of lsblk  and sudo blkid and sudo fdisk -l08:37
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MonkeyDustis vic there? looks he's gone08:38
histocolumb: what are you talking about giving ubuntu x amount of ram?08:38
DJonesMonkeyDust: He's quit08:38
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histoMonkeyDust: he's gone he's spamming his question on multiple channels08:38
james9821ok, i got the command meanings, but how i can check if the program is still running? (cronjob)08:39
DJonescsdeop DJones08:39
TakeItEZjames9821: "pgrep procname" does08:40
james9821err, not cronjub, the program itself08:40
james9821oh, ok08:40
james9821a lot :)08:40
NisrocHi, I've got a problem. I'm trying to chmod a all dir's sub dir's and files in a directory but not the directory it self. I've done a bit of research and I've found two commands: "chmod -R 777 ." but this chmod's the root directory, and "find . -type f -exec chmod 655 {} +" but this does not chmod any directory or sub directory. Could I change one of the two commands to chmod all files and sub dir's but not the root dir?08:40
histojames9821: ps aux | grep programname08:41
histojames9821: or use top or htop08:41
MonkeyDustNisroc  tip: 777 is not a good idea, anyone could change anything and lock you out by doing so08:41
NisrocMonkeyDust: it's just place holder08:41
histoNisroc: the type f in your command will only change files08:42
histoNisroc: you could run it again with type d to chmod directories08:42
james9821thanks, iĺll try also, thanks for the ideas08:42
histoNisroc: find . -type d -exec chmod 655 {} +08:42
TakeItEZ655? odd08:43
histowho knows08:43
Nisrochisto: so I could do find . -type f  d -exec chmod 655 {} +    and it would do both files and directorys?08:43
histoNisroc: yeah you could do find . -type f and -type d -exec chmod 655 {} +08:43
histoNisroc: that should work I haven't played with find operators like that but you can read more in the man page for find08:44
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Nisroccheers histo08:44
histoNisroc: if not run them seperate08:44
histoNisroc: actually that won't work that will test that it's a file and directory08:45
wwwdotcomEvery time when i restart ubuntu, it starts in default screen resolution 1024x768. And  every time i have to change it to 1440x900 in terminal using xrandr --output VGA1 --mode 1440x900.08:45
wwwdotcomCan't i make this change permanent?08:46
histoNisroc: let me play real quick hold up08:46
GrygrFlzrI can't seem to boot live cd without acpi=off. nomodeset causes a kernel panic and nouveau.blacklist=1 does nothing. Checked iso md5 and live cd works fine in VM. PC uses NVidia GeForce G105M. Using acpi=off blocks the wifi, hardware switch doesn't work. acpi_osi=linux and acpi_osi= does nothing. Any ideas?08:49
Honvaihello :). What is the command to open visible filesystem dick?08:51
GambaroniI've changed my crontab-file, but the new tasks isn't running. Do I need to restart with /etc/init.d/cron restart?08:51
snugglHonvai: what?08:51
histoNisroc: actually lol just find . -exec chmod 655 {} +   will work08:51
histoNisroc: I'm making it harder than it needs to be08:52
iceroot_Gambaroni: you dont need to restart cron. what is the command you used in crontab?08:52
histoNisroc: err was making it harder08:52
MonkeyDustGrygrFlzr  still struggling? i guess your pc simply isnt fit for ubuntu https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport08:52
Gambaroniiceroot_: just added another curl taks08:52
iceroot_Gambaroni: the complete line please08:53
Honvaisnuggl: cli command. dick is from playstation 3. all info i see but i can not see (D:)08:53
MonkeyDustHonvai  disk, not dick08:53
Nisrochisto: thank you so much08:54
snugglHonvai: "mount -a" show whats mounted at the moment08:54
snuggldo you want to list whats *not* mounted?08:54
relipsei did this in my script and it totally messed up all the permissions now my website is inaccessible ---> chmod -R o=r "${dest}"      what do i do now?08:56
wwwdotcomAny ideas?08:56
vicdocuments [unmounted]08:56
snugglHonvai: there arent really a command for that08:56
snugglHonvai: you can list all partitions with "fdisk -l"08:57
alimjHello: I have problem with an Ubuntu 12.04 Virtual Machine on Virtualbox. The error I currently receive at boot is: "The system is running in low-graphics"08:57
vicubuntu one [unmounted]08:57
histosnuggl: no it does mount -a mounts everything in fstab... mount by itself shows what's mounted08:57
snuggloh right08:57
snuggland fdisk -l show you what you actually have on disk08:57
vicsnuggl: why is evrything seem to be unmounted08:58
vicmusic {unmounted]08:59
alimjI tried uninstalling VirtualBox additions. It won't show the error anymore in that case, but I would lose all VirtualBox guest aditions capabilities08:59
HonvaiWhat is the command to format disk?08:59
alimjHonvai: Be more specific. For ext4, it is mkfs.ext4 /dev/.... Also be carefull09:00
Gambaroniiceroot_: I just added following line to crontab with nano: */10 * * * * www-data curl http://domain.com/cron.php09:01
HonvaiWhat is the command to list all devices?09:01
iceroot_Gambaroni: that is wrong09:01
Gambaroniiceroot_: what's wrong with that?09:02
iceroot_Gambaroni: in crontab you dont use a username like www-data. crontab will be executed as the user which was calling "crontab". for using a different user use /etc/cron.d/mycronjob09:02
alimjgambaroni: Drupal Cron?09:02
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Gambaronialimj: no09:02
vicwhen i open my computer folder there are two items 160 GB hdd and file system. when i try to open hdd i get the error un enable to mount location09:02
TakeItEZGambaroni: /etc/crontab or /etc/cron.d/*?09:02
iceroot_Gambaroni: and i dont think www-data is able to execute scripts because www-data does not have a login-shell (but i am not sure about this)09:03
GambaroniTakeItEZ: /etc/crontab09:03
TakeItEZGambaroni: syntax is ok then09:03
alimjGambaroni: If the page is visible to everyone, it will work for any user. You will not requrie www-data09:03
Honvaiin ubuntu there are no info from disk09:03
Gambaroniiceroot_: well, the other tasks is identical with this one, except the url. and that is working..09:03
histoHonvai: lsblk or sudo blkid will show block devices09:04
Honvaithanks histo09:04
iceroot_Gambaroni: no path defined?09:05
Gambaroniiceroot_: what do you mean?09:05
vicwhen i try to open hdd i get error unable to mount location "can't mount file'09:05
iceroot_Gambaroni: /var/log/syslog should have infos09:05
GambaroniTakeItEZ: do I need to restart cron after changing crontab?09:05
TakeItEZGambaroni: no09:06
histovic: didn't someone tell you it was encrypted?09:06
iceroot_Gambaroni: try to use /usr/bin/curl  instead09:07
vichisto: yes how do i go aroung that09:07
vichisto: yes09:07
Thetego around that, lol09:07
TakeItEZGambaroni: you say you have identical cronjobs running. then check the URL if thats the only difference09:07
TakeItEZvic: you cannot09:07
TakeItEZvic: your disk is mounted already09:08
histoTakeItEZ: couldn't he use the password?09:08
histoTakeItEZ: ahh lol09:08
GambaroniTakeItEZ: done, pasting that in browser and the jobs runs as expected09:08
victakeitez: does it mean i can access the hdd09:08
TakeItEZvic: you already access it, yes09:09
victakeitez: but why this errors09:09
GambaroniTakeItEZ, iceroot_ here are the error: (CRON) error (grandchild #.. failed with exit status 7)09:09
TJ-What process creates (and doesn't delete) files in /var/tmp/guest.*/ on each boot? It's related to libguest but I've been unable to discover what is creating the directories09:09
iceroot_Gambaroni: check what "status 7" means for curl09:10
iceroot_Gambaroni: cron itself is running fine09:10
vici am really confused.... why the error can't mount location09:10
histovic: what is it you are trying to access? can you paste an image of your filebrowser and the error09:11
TakeItEZvic: again: DON'T try to mount anything. the only thing on your disk is an encrypted filesystem which you already mounted at boottime. see your own pasts from earlier this morning09:11
histo!paste | vic09:11
ubottuvic: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:11
TakeItEZ http://paste.ubuntu.com/5718122/  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5718079 vic09:11
bodhi32can anyone open a .pst file with linux09:12
Gambaroniiceroot_: thanks. couldn09:13
Gambaroni't connect09:13
dr_willispst = postscript file?09:13
iceroot_bodhi32: maybe evolution09:13
histodr_willis: i'm thinking outlook has pst files09:13
HonvaiUbuntu do not show info from disk09:13
relipsei'm running apache, I accidently messed up my permissions and now i'm getting this error: Forbidden. You don't have permission to access /main/register/ on this server. How do I fix this?09:13
histoHonvai: What kind of info are you looking for?09:13
TJ-bodhi32: Yes, you can export a pst (Outlook Personal STorage) using readpst... See, for example, http://blog.tech4him.com/moving-outlook-pst-emails-to-thunderbird-on-ubuntu-linux/09:14
bodhi32correct outlook has pst files however i have thunderbird and linux os09:14
oOsorry for the noob questions that follow but - i am trying to recover some data from a Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ and i have an issue after mounting a volume - the message tells me i dont have permissions to access it when trying to view the data in the explorer windows09:14
bodhi32sudo comand?09:15
dr_willisoO trt accessing it as root, via 'sudo' perhaps in a terminal once its mounted09:15
histooO: how is it mounted?09:15
oOyep using sudo su09:15
oOthen all commands that follow are run as admin09:15
Honvaihisto: i try to format disk but ubuntu bo not know disk logation.09:15
oOrunning from commands from here http://home.bott.ca/webserver/?p=30609:15
dr_willisdont use sudo su.    use 'sudo -s' or 'sudo -i'  to get a root shell.09:16
vichow do i send screen shots09:16
oOthanks - will give that a try09:16
DJones!imagebin | vic09:16
ubottuvic: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.09:16
bodhi32i have readpst installed however dont know how to view the pst files09:18
histoHonvai: sudo fdisk -l09:18
TJ-bodhi32: Did you read the link I referred you to?09:19
Honvaihisto: it do not show disk what i looking for09:19
histoHonvai: check sudo blkid09:20
histoHonvai: What kind of disk is it?09:20
goodgirljesshi, can anybody tell me if theres a way to ungroup windows in the task switcher? (alt-tab)?09:20
tbharathwhenever I click on one of my drives , I got this error http://pastie.org/7641562 , unable to mount the drives09:20
goodgirljessIts annoying  having it group instances of the same app09:21
dr_willisgoodgirljess:  i recall some settings in the ccsm tool for that.. I think the askubuntu.com site had a few answers on how to do that.09:21
histogoodgirljess: dunno if you can ungroup but you can alt~ or something like that to switch between groups09:22
HonvaiWindows do not show hitachi filesystem so i can format is09:22
goodgirljessI need them ungrouped, its annoying trying to find the right browser window as-is09:22
dr_willistheres alternative task-switchers you can also try out  -  super-tab might also be set to one by default that works differntly09:22
goodgirljessits alot clunkier than it needs to be09:22
histoHonvai: Is this a new hard drive?09:23
histogoodgirljess: alt~09:23
histogoodgirljess: actually alt + grave  `  the key that the tilde button is on to the left of the 109:24
Honvaihisto: yes from playstation 3 disk09:24
goodgirljessthat is somewhat helpful histo, thank you, not ideal still but better09:24
dr_willisHonvai:  you have an old hard drive from a Playsgtation 3?09:24
histoHonvai: They may use disk encryption or something goofy to hide their naughty bits. You still should be able to see the device.09:24
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goodgirljesshonvai, windows wont show the file system09:25
goodgirljessunless you load the disk manager09:25
goodgirljessitll show the volume there, and you can format it09:25
goodgirljessright click a my computer icon Honvai , choose manage09:25
goodgirljessthen disk management will be there09:25
goodgirljessfind your hitachi disk, and you can format it in there :)09:25
bodhi32Anyone know how to use readpst? http://www.enlightenment.org/ss/e-516fbc113b5688.37630866.jpg09:26
histoHonvai: goodgirljess's instructions will work if you don't need anything on the drive and want to format it with ntfs or fat32 in windblows09:26
goodgirljesshisto, its a ps3 drive they want to use on the pc, the files arent useful if its not meant for a ps3, and you cant salvage the data09:26
histobodhi32: I would google pst thunderbird  or search the thunderbird help files.  I'm sure there are many users on the net that have needed to load pst files in thunderbird09:27
dr_willisgoodgirljess:  you may need to use gparted to repariton the hard drive first.. then format it to whatever filesystems you want09:27
goodgirljessdr_willis, it was for Honvai , not me :)09:27
goodgirljesswas telling him how to allow windows to use the drive, he had aske09:27
histogoodgirljess: I did not catch what they wanted to format it with ntfs and that Honvai was they.  Nor did I realize Honvai was trying to do all this in windows09:27
goodgirljessyep, no big deal histo09:28
goodgirljessIm not good at linux, but someone asked how to do something in windows and THAT i know :D09:28
dr_williseven in windows. he might need to delete the partions first.09:28
goodgirljessdr_willis, this disk manager will tell him a disk needs to be formatted for use09:28
bodhi32histo, thanks, thunderbird works for windows pst files however ill do a google pst thunderbird search.09:29
histogoodgirljess: assuming it's partitioned09:29
Honvaii try. thanks goodgirljess09:29
dr_willisive had disk manager definatly NOT know what to do with some of my linux partioned drives. ;)09:29
histobodhi32: or askubuntu.com maybe better results09:29
goodgirljessdr_willis, assuming windows 7 or 8, it recognizes that linux filesystems are linux filesystems and doesnt prompt the user to destroy them lol, the ps3 filesystem will show up simply as garbage to the windows disk manager though09:29
bodhi32ok will do, thanks all for the support! I got to go, getting late09:30
goodgirljessany ETA on 13.04 release?09:31
Honvaii do not have format action09:31
goodgirljessI was using beta before, but a few things dont work correctly on it still09:31
ubottuA schedule of Raring Ringtail (13.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule09:31
goodgirljessaha ty09:31
goodgirljesswhere can i report a bug to the ubuntu dev team?09:33
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.09:33
goodgirljessrhythmbox works fine but the controls under the volume icon in unity dont function in the current beta :P09:33
egtergdghi all09:34
goodgirljessthats the only reason i removed it and put 12.10 back on for now lol09:34
egtergdggod give us dota2 in ubuntu?09:34
goodgirljessegtergdg, its a valve game, linux support will be added, eventually, maybe , if they get around to it09:34
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help09:35
goodgirljesswine is nice, sometimes :P09:35
tbharathwhenever I click on one of my drives , I got this error http://pastie.org/7641562 , unable to mount the drives09:35
dr_willistbharath:  and what kind of drive is it?09:36
nabblethi, what is the difference between the packages network-manager-openconnect and network-manager-openconnect-gnome ?09:36
tbharathdr_willis, partitioned hard drive09:37
HonvaiWhat is the command to format hitachi hts543216a7a scsi disk device in windows cli?09:37
histoHonvai: is the disk partitioned?09:37
dr_willisnabblet:  just a guess.. one is a GUI that depends on the other for the functionality09:37
histoHonvai: you can use diskpart or partdisk whatever it is in the windows command line09:37
dr_willistbharath:  that really dosent tell us anything.. notice the error message mentions to 'if its ntfs... try this....'  and so on?09:37
histoHonvai: you may have more luck in ##windows09:37
MonkeyDustgoodgirljess  type /join #ubuntu+1 for 13.0409:38
tbharathdr_willis, yes it is ntfs09:39
dr_willistbharath:  then use windows to check the filesystem on it to verify its in a sane state.09:40
Honvaihisto: i bo not know is the diskis partitioned09:41
histoHonvai: well it needs to be partitioned to format it.09:41
histoHonvai: Do you want to do this in windows or ubuntu?09:41
tbharathdr_willis, I can open those drives in windows09:41
braindontworkhi wher is package saved if i apt-get install -d09:42
Honvaiin system histo09:42
histobraindontwork: /var/cache/apt/archive ?? if -d is download only09:42
dr_willistbharath:  have windows check the filesustems, and then use the 'safely remove' feature of windows.. dont just unplug the thing..09:42
braindontworkhisto: ty09:42
histoHonvai: huh?09:42
jessekivimakiany help ?09:43
histobraindontwork: I know if you apt-get download packagefoo it will put it int he current working directory09:43
tbharathdr_jesus, they are partitions of my hard disk09:43
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histoAnon: help with what?09:43
Anonwith your ass09:43
histo!language | Anon09:44
ubottuAnon: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.09:44
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Guest69871"!language" :DD09:44
dr_willistbharath:  so are they some sort of raid? or just a normal ntfs partion? have windows check them for errors. and SHUTDOWN windows. dont use hibernate, or suspend.  then see if linux can access them09:44
Guest69871histo is gay09:44
histo!topic | Guest6987109:44
ubottuGuest69871: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic09:44
tbharathdr_willis, ntfs09:44
braindontwork1 more question if the library thet depends on other and i do same apt-get install -d will it istall depending libralyes or not?09:45
Guest69871Histo is gay09:45
koskozI've downloaded the latest version of PHPStorm, an IDE, and it's an archive I have to extract somewhere and was wondering where exactly. /usr/local ?09:45
dr_williskoskoz:  if for a single user.. keep it in the users home directory09:46
alimj1tbharath: dr_willis: Sorry to interfere. Whenever I have this issue, I simply reboot to MS-Windows and do the requested chkdisk. It usually works?09:46
braindontworknewermind i risked09:46
koskozdr_willis: installing software in the /home??? I'm the only user of the machine09:47
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dr_williskoskoz:  if its all in tghat archive you can extract it to your users home.09:47
braindontworkty good bye09:47
tbharathalimj1, chkdisk ? how can we do that09:48
SpacePoetis there a way to get some basic info of a disk drive??09:49
alimj1tbharath: If you have any NTFS parition. You should have Microsoft Windows installed. Don't you?09:49
MonkeyDustSpacePoet  what kind of info?09:50
histoSpacePoet: what kind of info?09:50
SpacePoetlike size, partitions, format etc.09:50
histoSpacePoet: sudo fdisk -l09:50
HeavylobsterHello, I have x crashing instantly the moment I log in (at least I think it is a crash.. i just get back to the lightdm login screen pretty much) but logging in as guest works ok, any idea for how to fix?09:50
MonkeyDustSpacePoet  sudo blkid09:50
SpacePoethisto: sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda??09:50
tbharathalimj1, yes I have windows09:50
alimj1tbharath: Go to windows. In Start Menu, search for 'cmd', right click and select "run as administrator"09:50
histoSpacePoet: if /dev/sda is the drive you are interested in09:50
SpacePoetMonkeyDust: blkid or fdisk??09:51
histoSpacePoet: either will work09:51
MonkeyDustSpacePoet  both09:51
tbharathalimj1, ok then09:51
alimj1thharath: Then, type "chkdks c: /F"09:51
histoSpacePoet: there is also lsblk but it will not show filesystems09:51
MonkeyDustalimj1  no windows support here, please, it's cursing in a church09:51
alimj1thbharath: Then, restart.09:51
dr_willisHeavylobster: check that the     .xauthority file is owned by your user09:52
alimj1MonkeyDust: Sorry but the NTFS will not be mounted in Linux otherwise09:52
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Heavylobsterdr_willis: where is this file?09:52
dr_willisthe error message he posted gave that command also...09:52
alimj1tbharath: Or you can format your NTFS and switch to Linux to get support from MonkeyDust :P Just joking09:53
dr_willisHeavylobster:  i n the users home09:53
Heavylobsterdr_willis: i don't appear to have a file named that at all in my home folder09:53
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histoHeavylobster: try .Xauthority09:54
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dr_willisnote the   .   Heavylobster   its hidden by default09:54
Heavylobsteryeah the capital X did it, .Xauthority is there09:54
Heavylobsterhow do I check the owner via command line?09:54
dr_willisyou coild just rename it.09:55
dr_willisit will get remade09:55
histoHeavylobster: ls -l .Xauthority09:55
Heavylobsterlooks like it is owned by root.. I guess that is the problem09:56
dr_williscommon issue. sadly09:56
histoHeavylobster: chown Heavylobster:Heavylobster .Xauthority09:56
tbharathalimj1, thanks09:56
dr_willisoften caused by using sudo to run gui apps09:57
alimj1tbharath: Did it work?09:57
histo!gksu | Heavylobster09:57
ubottuHeavylobster: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)09:57
tbharathalimj1, I am in ubuntu , I need to shift09:57
Heavylobsterok, owner's changed09:57
Heavylobstertrying to log in now.. brb09:57
HonvaiWath is command to give disk to volume attribute?09:57
histoHonvai: in windows?09:58
cobra-the-jokerHey there .... does ubuntu get released by community members ... or from canonical ?09:58
histoHonvai: in diskpart it's assign09:58
Honvaihisto: yes09:58
Heavylobsterhisto: it works now. thanks :)09:58
alimj1tbharath: Do not forget two things. First, you may require to reboot 3 times. Second: replace c: in that command with approperiate drive09:58
histoHeavylobster: np09:58
histoHonvai: you really should be in ##windows  type /join ##windows and ask windblows related questions there.09:59
Honvaijod jod09:59
deeauto disable prolink 3.75g (PHS300)  usb modem.  any solution10:00
MonkeyDust!details | dee10:00
ubottudee: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:00
ak5hi I am running ubuntu on amazon10:01
ak5I need to have php msqli extension but when I try to install php5-mysql it pulls mysql-common - which I don't need or want10:02
logicalshello, i am first time here on irc so with who can i talk10:06
ak5logicals: the whole channel just ask your question10:06
logicalsok... I my wireless card can't see MY wireless network, but it can see other networks... I just plugged in usb wireless adapter so i could connect to it10:07
logicalsbtw. my wireless is without password, the others have (if that is a possible reason)10:08
ActionParsniplogicals: if you run:  sudo iwlist scan     do you see networks?10:09
haithamconfigure: error: Python headers not found10:11
haithamconfigure: error: Python headers not found10:11
haithamhow do?10:11
John_mPython installed?10:11
logicalsi can see netwroks, only not MY network10:12
MonkeyDustlogicals  is wireless enabled in your router?10:12
melanchthonhaitham: python-dev installed?10:13
ActionParsniplogicals: do you hide your SSID?10:13
John_mmaybe u have wrong version of Python10:13
ActionParsniplogicals: is the system a laptop?10:13
ActionParsniphaitham: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue10:13
kitaumascuhi how can i install all deb packages in 1 folder whtout clickin 1 by 1 by 110:13
logicalsdual boot ubuntu 12.10 x6410:13
ActionParsniplogicals: tried movng closer to the router?10:13
MonkeyDustlogicals  was your network detected beforeN10:13
MonkeyDustlogicals  was your network detected before?10:13
ActionParsnipkitaumascu: sudo dpkg -i ./*.deb10:14
kitaumascuActionParsnip:  go to folder in terminal and tupy thet?10:14
logicalsyes it was detected before, AT THIS MOMENT i use and USB wireless adapter (it can see my network), so i can chat with you10:14
haithamok thank you10:14
ActionParsnipkitaumascu: yes10:14
kitaumascuActionParsnip: ty10:14
MonkeyDustlogicals  you lost me, does it or does not see your network?10:15
logicalsok listen BROADCOM BCM 4311 802.11 A/B/G CANT SEE MY NETWORK, I used it before...10:16
lalondongGuys, just simple question, but i don't understand.10:17
logicalsother LAPTOPS can see my network only mine10:17
lalondongWhat is "fall backs" mean?10:17
MonkeyDustlalondong  "classic mode", similar to gnome210:17
ActionParsniplogicals: what wifi chip does the laptop use that isn't the usb?10:17
lalondongyou mean, go back to what we have already?10:18
logicalsROADCOM BCM 4311 802.11 A/B/G CANT SEE MY NETWORK10:18
logicalsBroadcom BCM 43111 802.11 a/b/g thats it10:18
kitaumascuActionParsnip:  just to know   ./ = all in folder and * .deb seys to it to just list deb ?10:18
enzotibHi, I know about /etc/xdg/autostart and ~/.config/autostart, but what is the use of /usr/share/autostart/ ?10:19
TJ-What process creates (and doesn't delete) files in /var/tmp/guest.*/ on each boot? It's related to libguest but I've been unable to discover what is creating the directories and using the space10:19
MonkeyDustlalondong  no, fallback mode makes your gnome3 look like gnome210:19
John_m logicals, try turn on and turn off10:19
ActionParsnipkitaumascu: ./ means the pwd, *.deb means just the deb files10:19
lalondongohh, the system requirements?10:19
ActionParsnip!broadcom | logicals10:20
ubottulogicals: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx10:20
meeta quick query. in ifconfig i am getting different hwaddr for eth0 and wan0 . should not they be the same?10:20
logicalstried many times... with restart... and other things.... i am a new user, is there a way to uninstall the Wireless card and then to add the device again?10:20
ActionParsnipmeet: is the system virtual?10:21
MonkeyDustlalondong  classic looks like this http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-fpdM3UOam3Y/TzW6lrA9yNI/AAAAAAAAHuQ/5Wf9Xum-oxQ/s1600/ubuntu12.04-classic-session.png10:21
kitaumascuActionParsnip:  pwd = directory? sorry i just want to learn so i dont ask more stupit questions10:21
ActionParsniplogicals: use the guide I pasted10:21
logicalsok thank you10:21
ActionParsnipkitaumascu: run:  pwd    note the output10:21
meetActionParsnip: no. but what do you mean exactly by virtual?10:21
ActionParsnipmeet: VMware? VirtualBox, etc...?10:21
votzIs there a way to rewrite all TCP responses to an address to a different address? Like all TCP connections that would respond to instead respond to With an ifconfig rule or similar?10:21
meetdual boot with win710:21
kitaumascuActionParsnip:  it outputs in what dir am i10:22
ActionParsnipkitaumascu: yes, that is the pwd10:22
varunlogicals, for a quick shot, download linux-firmware-nonfree package from here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/all/linux-firmware-nonfree/download copy it to your system and double-click to install10:22
ActionParsnipkitaumascu: (p)rint (w)orking (d)irectory10:22
kitaumascuActionParsnip:  ty you so much10:22
ActionParsnipkitaumascu: by using ./  you tell the interpretter to look in the pwd10:22
vltvotz: iptables -t mangle maybe.10:22
ekiwokmeet, they shoudn't10:23
votzvlt: Thanks for the hint. I'll sniff there.10:23
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meetekiwok: but they are being shown10:24
ActionParsnipkitaumascu: you can specify the whole path if you want but ./ is not in $PATH so needs using if you want to run or use stuff in pwd10:25
ekiwokmeet what do you mean? HWaddr is MAC each has different10:26
ekiwokmeet if you all interfaces woud have had same hwaddr they woudn't be able to communicate10:26
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lalondongAhh, okey10:29
lalondongstill don't get it though.hehe10:29
hamid1990_hi how can i pass the filterring10:32
MonkeyDusthamid1990_  filterring?10:33
hamid1990_MonkeyDust: yes10:33
MonkeyDusthamid1990_  what filterring? what do you want to do?10:34
hamid1990_government filtering10:34
MonkeyDusthamid1990_  how legal is that?10:34
hamid1990_its just random sites whit some words they filter MonkeyDust10:35
MonkeyDusthamid1990_  and how is that ubuntu related?10:36
hamid1990_im using ubuntu10:36
hamid1990_sth work on this OS10:36
MonkeyDusthamid1990_  so you want to bypass a government decision?10:37
hamid1990_oh forget about it10:37
minasHow can I see which programs are in swap space?10:37
ekiwokminas you may prevent swaping but I dunno how to check what is stored in swap10:39
minasI don't want to prevent it - I trust the kernel :)10:39
ekiwokminas so what do you want to do?10:41
minasekiwok, check which programs are in swap space at a current moment10:41
darrellplease help how do i share videos/music/pictures from my laptop with ubuntu 12.04 to my lg smart tv can anyone help please i have samba installed but still cant get the videos on my smart tv thanks10:44
ekiwokminas mhm I dunno how to do that and is it even possible :( but I'm curioz why woud you do that?10:44
schout@minas: use top in console, and j to select the swap column10:44
lonesworddarrell, Won't u need an HDMI cable for that?10:45
darrellneed to share videos over the home network between my ubuntu laptop and my smart tv10:45
loneswordI haven't done it myself, but I guess it involves playing the movie on your laptop and the picture is played in the TV as well if the HDMI is connected10:45
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darrelli know how to plug my laptop into my smart tv but i dont want to do that i want to share files between my laptop and my smart tv over my home network10:47
MonkeyDustdarrell  is that xbmc?10:47
darrellwhats xbmc10:48
MonkeyDustok, so no10:48
Myrttidarrell: sounds like a job for upnp, samba or plex10:50
loneswordI thought xbmc was a media centre app for ubuntu10:50
vicload screen shot10:50
ejvsounds like something windows actually does well ;)10:50
vichow do i share screen shot10:51
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darrelli want to share videos over my home network with my lg smart tv10:52
KM0201!screenshot | vic10:52
ubottuvic: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.10:52
TJ-minas:  PROCESS_NAME=init; grep VmSwap /proc/$(pidof $PROCESS_NAME)/status10:53
alimjAlright. After re-installations, RTFM, search and all other staff: It was VirtualBox 4.2.12 Host + Guest additions that were screwing with my precious Ubuntu 12.04 LTS VM at office. Graphic was not working. After downgrading to VirtualBox 4.2.10, everyting is working fine again. Was it just me or anyone else encountered this?10:56
vichelp with mounting http://imagebin.org/25447710:56
darrelli know how to plug my laptop into my smart tv but i dont want to do that i want to share files between my laptop and my smart tv over my home network10:57
Myrttidarrell: would mediatomb do the trick?10:57
schoutdarrel: look at the supported filesystems for the smartTV10:57
KM0201depending on the type of tv, minidlna might work as well.10:57
schoutmaybe a shared nfs partition is enough10:58
alimjdarrell: Does your smart TV support DLNA (UltraPNP?)10:58
darrelli have a LG 47inch cinema 3d tv full hd10:58
KM0201!pastebin | vic please open a terminal and pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -l" (thats a lowercase L)10:58
ubottuvic please open a terminal and pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -l" (thats a lowercase L): For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:58
darrellyes it supports DLNA10:58
KM0201darrell: dlna iss easy, but it doesn't have a webUI10:59
KM0201i use it to stream to my NAZS10:59
KM0201*from* my NAS10:59
darrellthats it stream from my laptop to my smart tv10:59
KM0201i would think it would work... you just need to make sure the dlna service is running on the laptop, and that you have the appropriate shares added10:59
KM0201but.. if you want a webUI... i would think mediatomb will work as well.11:00
ContrapunctusHey guys. Just did an install of 12.04, and have a silly problem with synaptic - when I search for packages, even ones that _are_ there don't show up =\ What's up?11:00
MonkeyDust!info mediatomb11:00
ubottumediatomb (source: mediatomb): UPnP MediaServer (main package). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12.1-0ubuntu5 (quantal), package size 8 kB, installed size 77 kB11:00
schoutdarrel: do you want to use the codecs on your laptop or let the visuals be rendered by your tv?11:00
schoutthat makes quite a difference11:00
ActionParsnipContrapunctus: run:  sudo apt-get update    first11:00
ContrapunctusActionParsnip - Did that. Twice.11:01
darrellrendered by my smart tv11:01
ActionParsnipdarrell: can the TV access samba shares?11:01
LeMikemy brasero wont burn data to multiple dvds . does anyone have a app for that? bruning 17 gig to multiple dvds?11:01
schoutin the second case you should install something like mediatomb or xbmc to control which video to stream11:01
ActionParsnipLeMike: could use tar to make achives, then burn the archives11:01
alimjActionParnip: DLNA does not support samba11:01
KM0201vic: one more.. post the output of "mount" please11:02
ActionParsnipalimj: yes, but the TV may....11:02
ActionParsnipContrapunctus: does software centre work as expected?11:02
alimjActionParnip: Most of new SmartTVs have Linux and prefer DLNA over Smaba11:02
schoutthen google the supported filesystems of your tv, create a share in that filesystem and make sure your tv and laptop are on the same subnet11:02
ContrapunctusActionParsnip: Would rather like to avoid SS if possible.11:02
ActionParsnipalimj: again, yes, but if this particular system likes samba, we can use it. Can't we11:03
alimjDarrell: 1st, Then you want DLNA. You would require to connect both TV and Laptop to a router. Or you can make your Ubuntu a router. Both TV and Ubuntu should be on the same network.11:03
ActionParsnipContrapunctus: its a test, nothing more, does it work11:03
alimjActionParsnip: You are right11:03
ActionParsnipalimj: so its not a bad question to ask11:03
alimjAnyway, Darrell left11:03
ContrapunctusActionParsnip: It works o.o11:03
oOok so i have managed to get my new ubuntu install running and tried this command to mount the drive sudo -i  fuseext2 -o ro -o sync_read /dev/c/c /mnt/lvm211:04
MonkeyDustvic  how did you install ubuntu?11:04
ActionParsnipContrapunctus: if software centre works then we can isolate the issue to Synaptic, if its bad there then we know there is a wider issue11:04
ContrapunctusActionParsnip: And search works in SS.11:04
KM0201MonkeyDust: was just wondering the same thing.. i think thats a wubi install11:04
vicmonkeydust: live usb11:04
oOi get the error teh folder contents could not be displayed. you do not have the permission nexessary to view the contents of "lvm2"11:04
MonkeyDustKM0201  that's my thought too11:04
ActionParsnipContrapunctus: sounds like a bug in Synaptic, is the OS fully updated?11:04
MonkeyDustvic  is that a wubi installation?11:04
KM0201vic: did you use the "install inside windows" option?11:04
ContrapunctusActionParsnip: Except, for some reason, the Install button in SS is _always_ grayed out.11:04
ContrapunctusActionParsnip: I don't know. Just installed it, and it went all right. o.o11:05
vicnot wubi installation and i didnt install in windows11:05
KM0201something isn't right.11:05
MonkeyDustvic  i'm wondering about /dev/mapper11:06
KM0201well, it doesn't look right.11:06
KM0201that /dev/mapper, is pretty unusual11:06
vici just dont understand /dev/mapper11:06
MonkeyDustvic  are you now in a live session, or did you install?11:07
ActionParsnipContrapunctus: when you run:  sudo apt-get update    do yo uget any warnings or is it 100% smooth?11:07
KM0201MonkeyDust: he should be installed, as he has a swap11:07
vicany info11:08
KM0201regardless, i think its sda2 he needs to mount11:08
KM0201vic: ddo you know what filesystem sda2 is?11:08
ContrapunctusActionParsnip: Some failed to fetch warnings.11:08
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KM0201vic: if not, sudo blkid should tell you11:08
ContrapunctusActionParsnip: Pastebin?11:08
ActionParsnipContrapunctus: maybe that is causing the issue, are they PPAs?11:08
ActionParsnipContrapunctus: yes, please pastebin the text11:08
ContrapunctusActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/EQvcvtWg11:09
artearteHey guys, I have been trying to disable my discrete graphics card for quite a while and now I think I did. Does anybody know how I can make sure it's off? lspci still lists it.11:09
LeMikeActionParsnip: at that point, rightclick and doing the zip has the part option disabled (in the gui). can't put a MB number there11:10
ActionParsnipContrapunctus: remove the getdeb ppa and rerun11:10
ActionParsnipLeMike: what point?11:10
vicKM0201: sudo blkid shows only sda1, sda5 and mapper11:10
KM0201vic: install gparted   sudo apt-get install gparted11:11
ContrapunctusActionParsnip: Rerun as in restart synaptic, or apt-get update?11:11
vnc786in ubuntu 12.04 64 bit if "Graphics = Driver: unknown"   "Experience: Standard" does this affects system performance(like moving in multiple windows, opening dash etc)  RAM=4gb, AMD dual core CPU11:11
LeMikewhen i want to zip the files via rightclick on em and choosing to zip. the (advanced) option for making multiple volumes is disabled11:11
ActionParsnipContrapunctus: rerun:  sudo apt-get update    is it smooth?11:11
vicKM0201:  i installed gparted11:12
ActionParsnipvnc786: yes it will, what video chip do yo uuse>11:12
KM0201open it up from the menu11:12
oOhow do i change it so users can view mount points not just root?11:12
ContrapunctusActionParsnip: Oh wait. I should probably mention that I just added this repo and this problem has been happening before that o.o11:13
ActionParsnipoO: users can view mount points by default, unless you mount it as such11:13
MonkeyDustoO  the mount command does not need sudo11:13
ActionParsnipContrapunctus: is the apt-get update now smooth? no warnings etc?11:13
oOit errored out when i tried to run without sudo11:13
ActionParsnipoO: run what?11:13
MonkeyDustoO  the mount command does not need sudo, if you just want to see where partitions are mounted, that is11:13
LeMikewhat is the command on console for zipping or tar files to multiple archives?11:14
LeMikenah just zip. the customer has zip only11:14
oOwhen i run mount this is what i get for the drive i want to be able to copy stuff from - /dev/c/c on /mnt/lvm2 type fuse (ro,nosuid,nodev)11:14
KM0201vic: what does gparted say about your partitions?11:14
MonkeyDustLeMike  i'm sure the people in #bash can help you with that11:14
ekiwokLeMike tar11:14
oOcommand i am running to mount is  fuseext2 -o ro -o sync_read /dev/c/c /mnt11:15
LeMiketar can do zip?11:15
LeMikelike: tar cvf foo.zip ?11:15
ContrapunctusActionParsnip: Weirder and weirder, almost all repositories are UNchecked under 'Other software' O_o11:15
ActionParsnipLeMike: http://superuser.com/questions/290986/how-to-create-tar-archive-split-into-or-spanning-multiple-files11:15
MonkeyDustLeMike  is this useful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression11:16
ActionParsnipContrapunctus: are there any warnings now in the apt-get update command>11:16
oO(1) sudo su (2) apt-get install fuseext2 (3) apt-get install lvm2 (4) modprobe fuse (5) vgscan (6) vgchange -ay c (7) fuseext2 -o ro -o sync_read /dev/c/c /mnt11:17
KM0201vic: i have no idea man.. youve got one weird setup11:17
ContrapunctusActionParsnip: Give me a few minutes to complete the apt-get update.11:17
ActionParsnipoO: I'd use:  sudo -i11:17
oOthese are all the commands i am running to mount a volume that is split over 4 drives from a netgear readynas11:17
ekiwokLeMike you shoud have gzip also11:17
KM0201vic: it doesn't look like you have a free partition to mount...11:17
vnc786ActionParsnip: lspci -vvv11:17
vnc78600:01.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Wrestler [Radeon HD 6310] (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])11:17
vnc786 Subsystem: Giga-byte Technology Device d00011:17
LeMikecan windows do gzip by default?11:17
MonkeyDustvic  i guess you'll have to start the installation from the beginning, something seems to have gone wrong -- backup first11:17
oOi tried sudo -i but same deal11:17
ActionParsnipvnc786: did you install the proprietary video driver?11:18
minetapeHello, i woke up this morning, my computer was off (i suspended it last night) and i turned it on, it was like booting the second time on ubuntu. All of my files were gone, programs still there but not licked to the task bar, is there any way to recover the files?11:18
ActionParsnipoO: it will be, but the environment will be different :)11:18
KM0201vic: did you encrypt your home folder?11:18
KM0201durign install?11:18
vnc786ActionParsnip: yes but still the same ..11:18
vicKM0201: have been using this installation since October 2012, the problem only stated this week11:19
oOfrom the terminal window i can cd /mnt/lvm2 and then ls shows me the data i want to recover11:19
oObut how can i view when not using terminal? i like a gui11:19
KM0201 vic i have no idea man.. sorry... something is weird there11:19
ActionParsnipoO: then run:  nautilus /mnt/lvm211:19
vicKM0201: can deleting .Trash-0 affect mount points11:20
minetapeanyone there to help?11:20
MonkeyDust!ask | minetape11:20
ubottuminetape: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:20
KM0201vic: i don't think so.. it would just regenerate when needed (i assume you mean /home/username/.trash)11:21
oOnow i get nautilus could not create teh required folder "root/.config/nautilus" before running please create the following folder or set permissions such that Nautilus can create it11:22
MonkeyDustminetape  ok, you already asked, missed it11:22
vicKM0201: is there a repair utility for ubuntu.. i dont have the .iso11:23
KM0201vic: i'm not sure any sort fo "repair utility" will work for you, as i have no idea what is wrong... buut to answer your questoin... not to my knowledge11:23
TJ-vic: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode11:24
ActionParsnipoO: because you ran it as root, use your user. If you use sudo with commands instead of switching to root, you will confuse yourself less11:24
vnc786ActionParsnip: do any other driver will work i dont know but something "common driver"  which i can download11:25
vicKM0201: ok. /dev/sda2 extended file system?11:25
minetapeMonkeyDust: thought of anything?11:25
KM0201vic: i don't know, it doesn't list a filesystem11:26
ContrapunctusActionParsnip: Strangely enough almost all boxes were unchecked in repositories, so I ticked them, did an apt-get update, now I get only one warning (W: Failed to fetch gzip:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/security.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_precise-security_main_i18n_Translation-en), but synaptic still persists with that error =\11:26
vicTJ; will check11:26
vicKM0210: thanks11:27
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ActionParsnipContrapunctus: wget https://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/fixpackage; chmod +x ./fixpackage; sudo ./fixpackage11:28
MonkeyDustminetape  what's the output of lsb_release -sd ?11:29
=== nils_2__ is now known as nils_2
oOok have just restarted the virtual machine - will try again now11:29
linuxcadette185Hello! Im trying to change the PS1variable to display current shell+current directory. PS1='$(0) $(pwd)' doesnt seem to print out Bash. ideas?11:29
jriblinuxcadette185: do you understand what $() does?11:30
vichow do you decrypt hdd11:31
oOok so ran all commands again after the reboot - with sudo then command etc11:32
linuxcadette185jrib, not really. I think its used to print out variables within text strings, yes?11:32
oOi now get could not display /mnt/lvm2 the location is not a folder11:32
oOafter running nautilus /mnt/lvm211:32
jriblinuxcadette185: $(XXX) will run the command XXX and be replaced by its output.  It's called "command substiution"11:32
vicdecrypting hdd11:33
linuxcadette185but the output from echo $0 is "Bash" and from pwd it is current directiory. So it should work?11:33
jriblinuxcadette185: I'd urge you to read the PROMPTING section in man bash.  You can see the different substitutions you can use in the bash prompt (see \s in particular)11:33
Dark_lightIs there a way to start the totem player without the controls by default?11:34
jriblinuxcadette185: "$(0)" means run the command "0".11:34
jrib(and return the output)11:34
linuxcadette185jrib, ooh. That explains the "command not found" ! :D11:34
MonkeyDustDark_light  View > show controls11:35
ActionParsnipoO: just use nautilus itself to navigate, it can go up folders and you can get to the /mnt folder easily11:35
linuxcadette185so PS1='$(echo $0)' should work?11:35
jriblinuxcadette185: I urge you to read the PROMPTING section in man bash like I suggested instead11:35
oOno error this time but there is no data in the folder???11:36
Dark_lightMonkeyDust: yeah but by default11:36
Dark_lightMonkeyDust: it's an option that doesn't stick11:36
linuxcadette185jrib, my way did work. But I can see thats not the intentinal way of doing it. I will read that section in the man pages. Thank you!11:36
MonkeyDustDark_light  just looked i dconf, too -- no such option11:37
ContrapunctusActionParsnip: No joy. o.o11:46
atomms_hi!  after checking the system monitor in ubuntu10.04 i find my CPU always at top 100% load11:46
cuscohello folks11:48
hpuser4466Is it possible to access the partitions of an android phone plugged via usb?    Using ubuntu 12.04 here.11:48
hpuser4466I have my LG optimus L3 e400 connected via USB and ubuntu recognizes it.  Now it's a matter of finding the devices in /dev, if it's possible to access the devices.11:49
atommshi! after checking system's monitor in my ubuntu10.04 i find CPU always100% loaded, an y ideas how to reduce it?11:50
oOany other ideas ActionParsnip ?11:50
atommsRAM is 100% too (1MB)11:50
atommsand it provokes continuous hangs11:51
BluesKajHiyas all11:51
ActionParsniphpuser4466: may help http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/12/how-to-connect-your-android-ice-cream-sandwich-phone-to-ubuntu-for-file-access11:55
ActionParsnipContrapunctus: does the script run through ok?11:55
muindorhey all. does anyone snow a very small linux distro which could run from a live usb stick, it only needs a console, no gui or fancy stuff. i have an old thin client here and have to make some linux run on it. though most of those i tried yet didnt boot correctly. this a 500mhz system with 64mb ram11:58
jribmuindor: try damn small linux?11:58
muindorjrib, ye tried it already, but didnt boot either11:58
linuxdumbI broke my flashdrive live install of lubuntu, with persistent enabled I had saved some very important documents, but I can't boot to this install any longer, so have installed lubuntu to harddrive and mounted my old flashdrive live lubuntu hoping to access these documents, but so far had no luck finding them?11:59
MonkeyDustmuindor  puppy11:59
linuxdumbhow do I access them?11:59
MonkeyDustmuindor  antix is pretty lightweight too11:59
muindorMonkeyDust, Ntemis, jrib: thank you guys, ill try those out12:00
ActionParsnipmuindor: xpud12:00
ActionParsnipmuindor: feather linux12:02
ActionParsnipmuindor: tinycore12:02
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bambanxguys i am here https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-install-iredmail-on-ubuntu-12-10-x64 , in the part of https://secure.instantssl.com/products/SSLIdASignup1a and in the select box  Select the server software used to generate the CSR: ?12:11
bambanxwhat i should choose ?12:11
ContrapunctusActionParsnip: Sorry, missed your message, yeah, it ran fine, but the problem persists.12:11
MonkeyDustbambanx  is that a server? if yes: there's also #ubuntu-server12:12
ActionParsnipContrapunctus: search the web for the error, may give clues12:12
bambanxgreat aport MonkeyDust12:12
bambanxMonkeyDust, i am not using server version12:13
julianoCould not initialize the application's security component. The most likely cause is problems with files in your application's profile directory. Please check that this directory has no read/write restrictions and your hard disk is not full or close to full. It is recommended that you exit the application and fix the problem. If you continue to use this session, you might see incorrect application behaviour when accessing security features.12:18
ActionParsnipjuliano: what is causing that? Which release of ubuntu12:19
ActionParsnipjuliano: how can we possibly advise with no context12:19
ActionParsnipjuliano: what application is causing the issue?12:19
julianoe-mail thunderbird does not open correctly12:20
ActionParsnipjuliano: where does it say Thunderbird in your initial question?12:20
julianoCould not initialize the application's security component. The most likely cause is problems with files in your application's profile directory. Please check that this directory has no read/write restrictions and your hard disk is not full or close to full. It is recommended that you exit the application and fix the problem. If you continue to use this session, you might see incorrect application behaviour when accessing security features.12:20
ActionParsnipjuliano: and how does repeating the same thing help anyone12:21
julianoand not conect servers12:21
ActionParsnipjuliano: did you check if your partition(s) are full?12:21
julianonot full12:21
TJ-Anyone know what runs libguestfs-tool-test at start-up (which fails, using up space in /var/tmp/ leading to /var/ mount using 100% and services failing)12:21
ActionParsnipjuliano: didn't add that either....can you see a  pattern12:22
ActionParsnipjuliano: what have you tried to get this to work?12:22
MonkeyDustjuliano  start from the beginning, what are you doing and what brings you here12:22
julianosudo apt-get not repair12:24
ActionParsnipjuliano: is your issue with thunderbird or with apt-get12:24
ActionParsnipjuliano: please stick to one issue at a time, its less frustrting12:24
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juliano[Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x804b0033 (NS_ERROR_UNKNOWN_SOCKET_TYPE) [nsISocketTransportService.createTransport]"  nsresult: "0x804b0033 (NS_ERROR_UNKNOWN_SOCKET_TYPE)"  location: "JS frame :: chrome://messenger/content/accountcreation/guessConfig.js :: SocketUtil :: line 1057"  data: no]12:25
ActionParsnipjuliano: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/couldnt-initialize-applications-security-component12:25
ActionParsnipjuliano: have you seen that page?12:25
ActionParsnipjuliano: and this https://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/thunderbird_wont_open_problem_with_profile_directory12:26
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lesshasteis there some way to use vnc just to run one application?12:29
compdoclesshaste, there is something like that. virtual apps12:29
lesshastecompdoc, do you know a link? A web search doesn't seem to show it12:30
compdoclesshaste, different OSes have their own versions. even microsoft12:30
lesshastecompdoc, this is ubuntu only12:31
ActionParsniplesshaste: you can do it with X forwarding12:34
lesshasteActionParsnip, that is far too slow sadly12:34
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MonkeyDustco_jkt  what language are you looking for?12:39
=== olli__ is now known as olli
vekexasiahello all. I've some servers with ubuntu 12.10 64bit. It happens that some of these servers randomly freezes. By freeze i mean that it become impossible to reach it even with a simple ping or whatever. I added a couple of sysctl.conf entries since I thought it was a kernel panic so that it reboots when it happens .12:52
pranavi use desktop switcher for different apps. I have 6 desktops. can i also have separate icon in each of these ?12:53
vekexasiaProblem is i don't get it rebooted automatically so I think it's not a kernel panic. how can i debug this ?12:53
pranavI mean.. having separate category of files in each of these 6 workspace, instead of just showing separate applications those are running ? any app. in ubuntu 12.04 ?? :D12:54
=== jelatta_away is now known as jelatta
MonkeyDustpranav  use of multiple screens is still a big issue in linux at large12:55
pranavMonkeyDust: is it unstable ?12:56
MonkeyDustpranav  not sure what you mean by unstable, it's just not very well supported12:57
pranavall I needed was the feature to categorise different sets of icons in my workspace's desktop. (single monitor) is there some software to do it in ubuntu 12.04 ? :)12:59
pranavin each of 6 desktop12:59
aneksI installed Ubuntu alongside Windows 8 and for some reason it didn't install the boot loader as it boots into Windows straight away. Is there any way I can fix this?13:03
Guest56593 you cant install windows 8  along with ubuntu13:03
aneksI know I can, I've done it before but this time there is no boot loader, otherwise it'd give me an option to choose between the two.13:04
MonkeyDustaneks  did you install ubuntu first, then windows?13:05
aneksno I already had Windows installed13:05
MonkeyDustaneks  do you mean there's no grub menu?13:05
aneksyeah that's right, there is no grub menu, it boots into Windows straight away13:06
Guest56593aneks  windows 8 disable the mbr boot manager by default you have to install ubuntu first then windows or go into the bios and set sata to ide13:07
MonkeyDustaneks  it's not exactly your situation, but you may find this link useful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub13:07
anekswell only 3-4 days ago I installed Ubuntu alongside Windows and had no issues13:07
aneksMonkeyDust, thank you13:08
Guest56593In order to install Linux  alongside Windows 8  you have to disabled UEFI  in bios or  boot  to a flash drive with the Linux image. that might help13:11
auronandace!uefi | aneks13:11
ubottuaneks: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI13:11
TLMis there a way to make an image in terminal?13:19
MonkeyDustTLM  you mean an ascii image?13:19
MrSassyPantsis there some OSS alternative to flash pro cs6?13:20
TLMMonkeyDust just a normal image that can be converted to jpg and others13:21
PiciTLM: are you looking to create an image or just to convert it?13:25
MonkeyDustTLM  there's this http://caca.zoy.org/wiki/libcaca13:25
TLMPici create by using commands13:25
PiciTLM: imagemagick *might* be able to do that.13:25
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ubottu日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。13:39
haitham exact error that occured. This usually means GLIB is incorrectly installed. configure: error: maybe you want the pygobject-2-4 branch?13:41
haithami need help13:42
sybaritenhey, i would like to do the following, how would you go about:13:43
EgonRHow od i add a milti-name ssid to the /etc/network/interfaces, ie: an ssid with spaces in it's name.13:44
sybariten1) start with a fresh Ubuntu "install" or, something....   2) install some software, more precisely some VPN stuff, and make some firewall settings, 3) make a liveCD out of it, that can boot to ram!13:44
=== security is now known as megha
sybaritenthe idea is that the livecd should bring me to this specific state13:44
she_dyedEgonR: you can use cli put a \ before the space13:45
haitham exact error that occured. This usually means GLIB is incorrectly installed. configure: error: maybe you want the pygobject-2-4 branch?13:45
EgonRaah so i just add with slashes, i tried plain text and within quotation marks.13:45
she_dyedEgonR: how many spaces?13:46
KM0201EgonR: that should work also actually... however, you cann also use "tab" to autocomplete.. nad it will handle it for you13:46
she_dyedEgon better tab as KM0201 says let autocomplete13:46
she_dyedit autocomplete*13:46
she_dyedEgonR: otherwise \13:47
EgonRnano does not autocomplete13:48
EgonRit is just a text file13:49
=== nils_2_ is now known as nils_2__
she_dyedEgonR: is this a script13:50
wilee-nileesybariten, You can use remastersys ore build https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization13:51
kwanghello every body13:53
compdochey kwang13:53
EgonRit is /etc/network/interfaces13:59
she_dyedEgonR: use the backslash OR you put the quotes wrong probably windows-style14:01
jnhghyHi, I've just created a little test app using quickly and glade and I've created a .deb pack that works fine and I was just thinking the src is python then theoretically I can create a windows installer also... my question is this possible?14:03
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest88620
Guest88620hello somebody is out there?14:08
mattnieof course ;)14:08
dry[1]Hi. I have some problems with autostarting 2 python files on Ubuntu 11.10. Only one file usually starts. How to fix it?14:10
she_dyeddry[1]: are they together in ONE script?14:10
mattniehow do you autostart it?14:10
jribdry[1]: explain exactly what you did14:10
PeterGriffinHi all. How can I connect to an active console remotely via ssh? I started an update and now it is stuck request to choose old or new configuration and I  want to finish it remotely.14:11
mattnieif they are in one script you can easily add & behin the command14:11
jribPeterGriffin: what do you mean when you say "started an update"?14:12
PeterGriffinjrib: I mean apt-get upgrade14:12
jribPeterGriffin: were you in screen or tmux by chance?14:12
dry[1]she_dyed, jrib: There are 2 files and only 1 starts from 'Startup Applications': /usr/bin/python /home/user/Desktop/1.py /usr/bin/python /home/user/Desktop/2.py14:13
PeterGriffinjrib: I don't know what you mean, but I started it in terminal out of the graphic envirement. tty114:15
mattniehow do you start it?14:15
jribPeterGriffin: look into retty and reptyr14:15
jribdry[1]: did you create separate entries in Startup Applications for each?14:15
dry[1]mattnie: Ubuntu 11.10 -> Startup Applications -> Additional startup programs14:16
dry[1]jrib: Yes, I created separate entries and one always disappears.14:16
mattniedry[1]: you can easily add /usr/bin/python /home/user/Desktop/1.py &  /usr/bin/python /home/user/Desktop/2.py to /etc/rc.local14:16
jribdry[1]: define "disappears"14:17
PeterGriffinjrib: Thank you. I will try them. :))14:17
jribdry[1]: you mean you add the entry to startup applications and then later that entry is no longer in startup applications?  Or do you mean something else?14:17
mattniedry[1]: I have forgotten the second &14:18
dry[1]jrib: Icon (starter) of one of files is gone each time from Additional startup applications14:18
jribdry[1]: note that mattnie's suggestion would start your scripts as root14:18
jribdry[1]: is it consistently the same file (1 or 2)?14:18
mattnieif you do not set up it correct14:18
mattnieyou can set a user14:18
mattniewhich runs it ;)14:19
dry[1]mattnie, jrib: I'll check that.14:19
jribmattnie: it's not ideal14:19
mattniejirib: you can run it as normal user? so why it is not ideal?14:19
mattniedry[1]: if you want to run it form a other user just "su <user>" befor command14:20
jribmattnie: runs at a different time than startup applications.  Maybe you need access to the graphical environment or other environment settings for the user that only get set once you login, it's also less organized than placing the scripts in their "proper" place14:20
dry[1]jrib: it is consistently one from files (doesn't matter which kind - but the last one on the list = last one added)14:20
jribdry[1]: check what's going on in ~/.config/autostart (there should be a .desktop file for each of your entries)14:21
rupertHi, I'm trying to restore an Ubuntu install using dpkg get/set-selections and apt-get dselect-upgrade. But when I do apt-get dselect-upgrade it installs 32bit versions of the packages, but both the new and the old system are 64 bit. What's going wrong here?14:21
mattniejrib: you are right!14:22
jribrupert: what does the output you got from dpkg --get-selections look like?14:22
=== Odysimus_away is now known as Odysimus
rupertjrib: just <packagename> <install/deinstall>, no mention of i38614:23
jribrupert: what ubuntu version?14:23
rupertjrib: 12.0414:23
rupertjrib: although the source system was upgraded to 12.04 from 10.0414:24
rupertjrib: but that was already done a while ago14:24
jribrupert: uname -m; dpkg --print-architecture   (on the new system) returns?14:25
theadminI'm having an issue here, it appeared after the last kernel upgrade. Sometimes, Ubuntu freezes on boot and just shows a black screen, nothing can be done apart from hard reset. It works most of the time, though. What could be the issue?14:25
rupertjrib: x86_64, amd6414:25
jribrupert: can you pastebin some sample output that shows it will install i386?14:25
theadmin(Oh, 'tis Precise)14:25
rupertjrib: ok hold on14:26
rupertjrib: btw, I've also noticed after running --set-selections not all packages are actually selected. For example, I have libapache2-mod-wsgi set to 'installed', but running --get-selections again after --set-selections shows no mention of libapache2-mod-wsgi14:27
jribrupert: strange14:28
evil_andyHi, I'm using 12.04LTS and I can't figure this issue out: No matter what desktop manager I select when I log in, it will work just find (and remember the selection) until I reboot. then it always reverts to Unity. How do I make the window manager selection permanent (even if just for my user)14:31
dry[1]jrib, mattnie: There is only one file each time in ~/.config/autostart directory. Just closing Startup Applications Preferences is enough for the python file rejection from the list of startups.14:31
jribdry[1]: ls -ld ~ ~/.config ~/.config/autostart14:32
she_dyedevil_andy: you select fromlogin screen?14:32
ActionParsnipevil_andy: unity isn't a WM, it's a shell. You probably mean Compiz14:32
wilee-nileeevil_andy, Can you be more precise, what desktop manager and how you are doing it would help.14:32
ActionParsnipevil_andy: do you use autologin?14:32
evil_andyI don't use auto-login14:33
=== stephen is now known as Guest51608
rupertjrib: here is the start of dselect-upgrade: http://pastebin.com/j8ASUHkC14:33
evil_andymy .dmrc file currently has 'Session=gnome-shell' under [Desktop]14:33
ActionParsnipevil_andy: do you use autologin?14:34
evil_andyActionParsnip, I don't14:34
jribrupert: could be dselect-upgrade in 12.04 wasn't multi-arch friendly in 12.04?  I am just guessing, don't know for sure14:34
ActionParsnipevil_andy: the last session should be remembered for each user14:34
evil_andyActionParsnip, and it is if I just log-out and log in again (without selecting the session). But as soon as I reboot, it reverts to Unity14:35
=== ip is now known as Guest42582
rupertjrib: hmm, is there any way to 'force' apt choosing for 64bit packages? Or is there anything else I can do?14:35
jribrupert: what does the dpkg --get-selections output look like after you used set-selections?14:36
theadminrupert: Well, you can define the architecture when using apt-get manually, e.g. "sudo apt-get install packagename:amd64"14:36
ruperttheadmin: ok, but that's only for installing per-package, I'm trying to do a dselect-upgrade14:37
jribrupert: the two workarounds I thought of were for you to edit the selections file and append :amd64 and to temporarily disable multi-arch.  I would do a little more research first though before doing either of these (there may be a better resolution and it's likely documented in ubnutu or debian's bug tracker)14:37
theadminrupert: Not too sure what that even is to be honest14:37
john_doe_jrI would like to read each line of a text file in bash….I'm trying to use the bash read command but can't figure it out..can anyone help me with this?14:37
rupertjrib: --get-selections after --set-selections doesn't show any mention of i386, but it's also missing a lot of packages, like libapache2-mod-wsgi that I mentioned earlier14:37
jribrupert: some change does take place though?  i.e. there are some new packages getting set?14:38
rupertjrib: let me verify14:38
evil_andyAhh, I wonder if it's caused by /etc/X11/Xsession.d/65compiz_profile-on-session, it sets the COMPIZ_CONFIG_PROFILE to 'ubuntu' it appears14:38
dry[1]jrib: .config/ drwx------ & .config/autostart drwxrwxr-x14:38
jribdry[1]: this is not what I asked14:39
ActionParsnipevil_andy: in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf do you have: user-session=ubuntu14:39
jribrupert: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/879324 might be a good starting point (I have not read through the comments yet)14:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 879324 in apt (Ubuntu) "apt-get dselect-upgrade prefers multiarch over native" [Medium,Triaged]14:39
evil_andyActionParsnip, I do indeed...14:39
ActionParsnipevil_andy: or try: sudo /usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm-set-defaults --session gnome-shell14:40
evil_andyActionParsnip, I'll comment that out and see what happens. Thanks!14:40
jribrupert: at least one comment mentions that disabling multiarch, doing the dselect-upgrade, and then re-enabling multi-arch worked for him.  So if you just care about a workaround, that may be sufficient14:40
ActionParsnipevil_andy: or change the file to choose the session you want, or comment out, lots to go at14:40
ActionParsnipevil_andy: http://askubuntu.com/questions/62833/how-do-i-change-the-default-session-for-when-using-auto-logins14:40
rupertjrib: thanks for the link and the help, I'll investigate that workaround14:41
dry[1]jrib: Sorry, I don't get it (autostart problem).14:42
jribdry[1]: ls -ld ~ ~/.config ~/.config/autostart14:42
jribdry[1]: run that command and pastebin the output14:42
john_doe_jrjrib: hey,14:42
chrohow can I make skype start after login ?14:42
jribjohn_doe_jr: hi14:42
jrib!startup | chro14:42
ubottuchro: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot14:42
ActionParsnipchro: use the startup items app in dash...14:43
chroI want on unity not gnome14:43
ActionParsnipchro: unity is a shel for Gnome, Unity doesn't replace gnome14:43
wilee-nileechro, You can set a delay on the start in the startup manager.14:43
ActionParsnipchro: again, in Dash in Unity, search for: startup   and you will see the app14:43
ActionParsnipchro: by using Unity you are also using Gnome desktop14:44
=== gkastner is now known as RunsWithScissors
ActionParsnipwhat is funt though is run COmpiz without desktop, then Unity stands alone like Fluxbox etc. No Gnome then :)14:45
rupertjrib: I did a diff now between before --set-selections and after, and the only thing that changed was the deinstallation of linux-image-3.2.0-29-generic and the accompanying headers package. I'll try to disable multiarch now and see if the other packages are properly selected this time.14:46
jribrupert: ok, though I'll be away for a bit14:47
dry[1]jrib: 'ls -ld' output: http://dpaste.com/1063471/14:47
jribdry[1]: then it's not a permissions issue.  Someone else may be able to help you.  (You may try copying the .desktop file that you have for 1.py in ~/.config/autostart and creating the one for 2.py yourself)14:47
john_doe_jrjrib: you helped me a  lot last time...I would like to read each line of a text file in bash….I'm trying to use the bash read command but can't figure it out..can anyone help me with this?14:48
jribjohn_doe_jr: #bash can help you with that.  It's in their faq linked from their topic14:49
dry[1]jrib: thx. I'll try.14:49
evil_andyActionParsnip, Thanks, that did it. it behaves as expected now :)14:49
ActionParsnipevil_andy: yay14:49
lesshastehow can you type an e with two dots over it in inkscape?14:51
theadminlesshaste: The same way as anywhere... Use a character map if it's not on your keyboard14:52
lesshastenormally there would be a menu option14:53
lesshasteit's not on a US keyboard14:53
theadminlesshaste: Right, use a character map then.14:54
theadminlesshaste: Ubuntu comes with one, just search for it in the apps14:55
schoutlesshaste -> double quotes and then e14:56
schoutif you use us international14:56
theadminlesshaste: You can also press Ctrl+Shift+U, type 00eb and then press Enter.14:56
lesshastetheadmin, ctrl-U 00eb worked14:56
theadminlesshaste: Those are Unicode character codes -- you can find them in the character map, too :P14:57
Picigucharmap is the executable name iirc.14:58
theadmin"charmap" works too14:58
SunStari've got a script here that has hundreds of files to search through, i want to search inside of every file looking for a particular word so i can replace it with a non-misspelled version of the word. any good apps to help me with this?14:59
ActionParsnipSunStar: sed15:00
SunStarright now all i have is a desktop search tool that only checks filenames15:00
theadminSunStar: sed -i 's/w0rd/word/' filenames15:00
* SunStar looks up up15:00
ActionParsniptheadmin: no g?15:00
theadminActionParsnip: Ah yes15:01
theadminSunStar: Add g at the end of that: s/w0rd/word/g15:01
=== romain__ is now known as Romordriel
theadminSunStar: See perldoc for more details: http://perldoc.perl.org/perlop.html#Regexp-Quote-Like-Operators15:01
fluffyponyheya - I'm trying to resize the primary partition on a KVM; the gparted liveCD doesn't see the virtio disk, but the Ubuntu 12.04 installer disk's rescue mode does15:03
fluffyponywhat should I be using to resize it? parted moans about how the drive has features enabled15:04
fluffyponyresize2fs says the filesystem is already maxed out15:04
=== slinnky is now known as BOOMSHAKALAKA
ActionParsnipfluffypony: then do it in the Ubuntu liveCD, is it ok there?15:05
fluffyponyActionParsnip: the provider doesn't have the Linux liveCD as an option, so I'd have to ask them to add it15:05
fluffyponyparted was fine with deleting and recreating the linux-swap at the end of the disk15:06
fluffyponybut it doesn't look like it plays nicely with ext4 partitions15:06
pranav no matter whatever i try, sth like AXIS_HOME=/my/path in ~/.bashrc.15:07
pranavit wont pick up even after "source ~/.bashrc" :( what might have been wrong15:07
pranavwhy won't update to ~/.bashrc for TEST=100 work. possible reasons ? yes, i re-loaded it using source ~/.bashrc ?15:09
suncica2222what program to use to edit pdf?15:10
she_dyedpranav: need an export my guess15:10
pranavshe_dyed: i did already try15:10
pranavwhy won't update to ~/.bashrc for TEST=100 work. possible reasons ? yes, i re-loaded it using source ~/.bashrc ?15:11
she_dyedpranav: need a $ my guess15:11
pranavshe_dyed: no, man. i just tried $ again. don't work either.15:12
pranavweird :/15:12
she_dyedpranav: $TEST?15:13
=== nils_2_ is now known as nils_2
suncica2222what program to use to edit pdf? open office?15:13
=== nils_2 is now known as nils_2_
Picipranav: #bash would likely be a better resource for this issue15:14
pranavshe_dyed: yeah, man.. i've tried all15:14
she_dyedpranav: except #bash15:14
she_dyedtheir channel15:14
pranavPici: : thr's 800 there.. never knew it existed... thanks15:15
brwolfgangsuncica2222:  I use pdfedit15:15
suncica2222how about open office?15:16
BLZbubbawhat is the official way to stop the notify-osd popups?15:16
BLZbubbathe google results all suggest opening a terminal and moving files, but there must be a better way15:16
she_dyedsuncica2222: no15:17
dtcrshrsuncica2222: i use inkscape15:17
dtcrshrbut openoffice also edits some pdf15:17
dtcrshrbasically both gimp and inkscape are very competent on importing and editing pdfs, suncica222215:18
genii-aroundpranav: Likely you need export TEST=whatever15:20
she_dyedtold us he tried that15:20
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ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:25
jamesgcdHey guys I'm just wondering, can the owner of a file have less permissions on it than the group/other users?15:26
jribjamesgcd: yes15:28
jribjamesgcd: you should experiment and see15:28
jamesgcdthanks jrib I was going to experiment but I'm downloading an ISO and was wondering if it would make sense to the system, it makes little sense to think of in normal terms but in this case the security would be increased doing so :p, so thanks ;)!15:29
eN_Joyi used to use apt-get but now want to study aptitude, a quick question: if i highlight an upgradeable package and press `U`, then press `g` to execute, will i upgrade *only* this package but not anything else? i have lot of upgradable packages but not intend to perform the upgrade right now. thanks!15:29
mentocWhat is the proc file system used for?15:35
ActionParsnipmentoc: system running stuff, like PIDs, system info and so forth15:40
ActionParsnipmentoc: do you mean /proc ?15:40
ActionParsnipeN_Joy: if you want to upgrade a single package, just run:  sudo apt-get install packagename      and it will be downloaded and installed if a newer package exists15:41
ysuireanybody here ?15:43
ActionParsnipysuire: many15:43
ysuiregood lol i have a question15:43
ysuireI am testing 13.04 and since then, Rhythmbox doesn't play any streaming radio ... just wanted to know if anyone else had this problem ?15:44
ActionParsnipysuire: #ubuntu+1 for Raring until release day please15:44
ysuireok sorry :)15:44
mentocActionParsnip: sorry for the delay. Yes, I was talking about /proc15:46
eN_JoyActionParsnip: thanks, so still the question: with aptitude, press `g` will upgrade *all* upgradable?15:48
ActionParsnipeN_Joy: not sure, I don't use aptitude, it doesn't handle multi-arch which you will probably need in 64bit OS15:49
Unknown0BCHi, I just got myself a Samsung Galaxy Pocket. I am running ubuntu oneiric, usually I just plug in my phone ( my nokias ) with a usb cable then a folder pops up and I have access to the memory card. However my Galaxy Pocket brings up nothing... ( under windows it works though...)15:49
Unknown0BCIs it just me ?15:49
ActionParsnipUnknown0BC: Oneiric has about 2 weeeks support left, you may want to upgrade soon15:49
ActionParsnipUnknown0BC: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/12/how-to-easily-mount-the-galaxy-nexus-on-ubuntu-11-10-via-unity15:50
* ActionParsnip will be glad when Oneiric dies15:51
Unknown0BCActionParsnip, :) let me see...15:51
LittleMidgetY u no like oneiric?15:51
ActionParsnipLittleMidget: its so old and newer stuff doesn't run great on it like in newer releases15:51
philinuxUnknown0BC: you may need to install mtp-tools mtpfs and gmtp but my guess is oneiric wont vhave these15:51
ActionParsnipLittleMidget: just like Lucid, so old now15:51
LittleMidgetActionParsnip: true story15:52
ActionParsnipluckman212: word15:52
ShapeShifter499hi again15:52
philinuxUnknown0BC: http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Transfer-Files-from-Ubuntu-to-Android-341722.shtml15:53
ShapeShifter499can someone explain to me what is a "source code" repo?   do they contain the source code of projects/apps/files in the regular repos I have?15:53
Unknown0BCphilinux, thanks.15:54
ActionParsnipShapeShifter499: read /etc/apt/sources.list   you will see deb-src  lines, these debs contain source code15:54
ActionParsnipShapeShifter499: the deb lines will be binaries and what you expect to install with apt-get15:54
philinuxUnknown0BC: with 12.10 and 13.04 I just connect my S3 and it's just there15:54
LittleMidgetShapeShifter499: A source code repository is a file archive and web hosting facility where large amounts of source code are kept, either publicly or privately15:54
Unknown0BCphilinux, cool.15:55
ActionParsnipUnknown0BC: personally I connect to my sftp server using andftp, no usb cable needed. This is the same as every othe system I own, no slow bluetooth, all over the wireless :)15:55
ShapeShifter499ActionParsnip, LittleMidget so if I wanted the source code to something I installed and its public I maybe able to find it in the source code repo?15:55
LittleMidgetShapeShifter499: you are right15:56
ActionParsnipShapeShifter499: yes, assuming there is a source code source for it, the packages which are fully open have source code in the repos too15:56
moultonrI'm trying to stamp a signature onto pdf files, but my signature.pdf has a white background.  Anyone have any idea how to create a pdf that's exactly like the png (as in transparent background) it was created from?15:56
philinuxUnknown0BC: and those apps are not installed so I guess ubuntu sees the s3 and a usb device15:56
Unknown0BCActionParsnip, that sounds like an option I might consider. But WiFi is still slower than usb or not ?15:56
ShapeShifter499LittleMidget, ActionParsnip cool15:56
LittleMidgetShapeShifter499: :)15:56
GrygrFlzrIs it a bad sign that my wifi doesn't work but my usb ethernet works? Internal ethernet seems to be fried.15:57
Hwkillermoultonr: are you using pdftk?15:57
SailorMoonhey guys i need your help lol15:58
RageRiothi, Ive just boot up and the desktop loads but looks like it hangs. the dash/launcher appears but doesnt accept input/click. the mouse moves. I used ctrl + alt + f1 loagged in and used '  unity --replace  ' and went back to ctrl + alt + f7 and I ca use the desktop again. restarting I got the same behavior. the only thing I installed yestoday was preload via apt-get which I've just removed and restarted but still get same result.15:58
SailorMoonI need to clone a Windows 7 HDD15:59
RageRiotclone zilla15:59
SailorMoondoes that come with Ubuntu?15:59
SailorMoonon the disk?15:59
SailorMoonbecause all i have is an ubuntu install disk]15:59
SailorMoonwith no internet15:59
moultonrHwkiller, yes.  First I ran convert sig.png -transparent white -background none sig.pdf (imagemagik) and then pdftk file.pdf stamp sig.pdf output done-file.pdf15:59
RageRiotyou can download and burn it with the live disk16:00
SailorMoonhow can i clone a HDD with the ubuntu install disk16:00
SailorMoonwith no internet access16:00
RageRiothardware not working ?16:00
RageRiotor no physical connection16:00
RageRiotor wifi*16:00
philinuxSailorMoon: you could use dd16:01
RageRiotyeh I was going to sugest that but it is quite slow..16:01
RageRiotit was for me .16:01
SailorMoonphilinux: How would i do that?16:01
SailorMoonDD is okay with the HDD being broken (Tons of bad sectors, etc) Right?16:01
RageRiottook 1hour 40 for a 64Gb SSD16:01
ActionParsnipUnknown0BC: usb will probably be faster, but you need to be need to sit at the system. My sftp server s accessible anywhere :)16:02
philinuxSailorMoon: can u not just rescue important data16:02
ActionParsnipUnknown0BC: (was just on the phone)16:02
Hwkillermoultonr: Why not just convert sig.png sig.pdf ?16:02
RageRiotI think it will try to read bit for bit so technically it will copy a bad file system16:02
ActionParsnipHwkiller: moultonr I believe imagemagick can do that16:02
=== average_drifter is now known as average
Hwkillerthat's what he is using, ActionParsnip16:03
=== patr|ck_ is now known as patr|ck
=== pie is now known as Guest7524
moultonrHwkiller, ActionParsnip someone whip me with a wet noodle -- I've got more than one php script; apparently the one I'm testing with is NOT the one that's doing the work.  Must be an older test script...16:07
moultonrHwkiller, ActionParsnip I've got transparent sigs...16:07
Hwkillerlast time that I used convert on a transparent png, I just ran it without options16:09
RageRiotjust booted up and the desktop loads but looks like it hangs. the dash/launcher appears but doesnt accept input/click. the mouse moves. I used ctrl + alt + f1 logged in and used '  unity --replace  ' and went back to ctrl + alt + f7 and I can use the desktop again. restarting I got the same behaviour. having to repeat previous steps to get on so I can fire up xchat. The only thing I installed yesterday was preload via apt-get which I've just removed but16:09
RageRiotI seem to get the same result.16:09
Unknown0BCActionParsnip, philinux , I just want to let you guys know that the tutorial philinux gave me worked.16:10
Unknown0BCthanks :)16:10
HwkillerI actually didn't want that, so I had to specify options to make it have a white background16:10
GrygrFlzrShould I have 2 ext4 partitions (root and home) and 1 swap?16:10
ActionParsnipGrygrFlzr: I do, makes backups easier :)16:10
Hwkillerbah, he quit16:11
ActionParsnipGrygrFlzr: some like to have one big partition for all and 1 swap16:11
philinuxUnknown0BC: nice one indeed. I bookmarked it but never neeeded here16:11
philinuxActionParsnip: I've altered mine. Now home on root as normal but a swap and data partition16:13
Unknown0BCphilinux, although gMTP freezes up... I have to unplug the cable and replug it then it detects the phone.16:13
elisa87how can i search the whole computer for a file ? doesn't work? find */ -name "gpgpu_inst_stat.txt"16:13
RageRiotmy unity is unresponsive after login, I have to use unity --replace to get it back in a different console ( ctrl + alt + f1)16:13
ActionParsnipphilinux: makes sense, then just symlnk to the mount point of the data partition16:13
RageRiothas been working perfectly before today16:13
philinuxActionParsnip: not here I just use data to backup say firefox profile and similar16:14
ActionParsnipelisa87: try:  sudo updatedb; locate gpg*.txt16:14
philinuxActionParsnip: i've had trouble in past with left over config files. I like a clean home now16:14
ActionParsnipphilinux: I have a file server, so all I do is map to that after clean install. Chrom has settings in the cloud16:15
philinuxah ok16:15
CentosbeginnerI got an X server problem can someone help ?16:19
PiciCentosbeginner: On Centos?16:19
Centosbeginnerbut x is same on all distros?16:19
PiciCentosbeginner: Then you need to ask in #centos, not #ubuntu16:19
PiciCentosbeginner: No.16:19
Dyomedeshow long should it take from putting in a disk to boot Ubuntu from to actually seeing it on my screen?16:20
Centosbeginnermaybe you can point me to in the direction of some reading?16:20
BOOMSHAKALAKACentosbeginner, sorry dude, Pici is pretty anal about this stuff16:20
CentosbeginnerPici: none answers in centos :(16:20
BOOMSHAKALAKACentosbeginner, what problem are you having exactly?16:20
ActionParsnipBOOMSHAKALAKA: its channel poicy16:20
ActionParsnipBOOMSHAKALAKA: please help in PM if you want to help16:20
CentosbeginnerJust loads of rainbow pixls16:20
Scunizils -al will give me a directory listing of just the directory names. What command will give me just the directory names and directory names of any sub-directories?16:20
CentosbeginnerBOOMSHAKALAKA: may I pm you?16:20
ActionParsnipCentosbeginner: could try in #linux too16:20
BOOMSHAKALAKACentosbeginner, dude I'd help you out right here in channel but I need to catch up on some sleep... have to wake up in 6 hours.. sorry dude16:21
CentosbeginnerBOOMSHAKALAKA: thanks anyway the thought counts :)16:22
Centosbeginnerany advise on what to read though ?16:22
BOOMSHAKALAKAso.. what exactly is wrong? does X crash?16:22
ActionParsnipScunizi: find /start/path -type d     maybe16:22
ActionParsnipScunizi: yep, works well16:23
ScuniziActionParsnip: hummm.. I did try ls -alD which worked but also gave me the file names in the directories.  That was too much.. I"ll give you're a go to.16:23
ActionParsnipScunizi: -d only shows directories :)16:23
CentosbeginnerBOOMSHAKALAKA: just loads of rainbow pixels and then system freez16:23
Centosbeginnercan only boot with nomodeset16:24
ActionParsnipCentosbeginner: please take it to #linux16:24
Dyomedesanyone help me?16:24
ActionParsnipDyomedes: wassup16:24
p0wn3dCentosbeginner: Change your nick to Ubuntubeginner and ask again16:24
Dyomedeshow long should it take from putting in a disk to boot Ubuntu from to actually seeing it on my screen?16:24
ScuniziActionParsnip: yep.. yours worked well.. Now I can produce a catalogue of all my music :)16:25
ActionParsnipDyomedes: depends on spec, CDs will take longer than USB sticks16:25
Centosbeginnerjust a how to or something guys16:25
Centosbeginnereven if its a general one16:25
Centosbeginnerill be off after that16:25
ActionParsnipCentosbeginner: #linux16:25
ScuniziDyomedes: depends.. could be up to 2 minutes or more..16:25
Dyomedesmy screen is now flicking between two black screens - normal?16:25
ActionParsnipDyomedes: do you see a black screen at boot?16:25
Centosbeginnerok well thanks anyway i guess :(16:25
BOOMSHAKALAKACentosbeginner, yeah that's shit with your driver probably... google your video card and x16:25
Centosbeginnerthx guys16:25
ScuniziDyomedes: keep waiting.16:25
* BOOMSHAKALAKA sleep time16:25
Dyomedes[17:25] <Scunizi> Dyomedes: keep waiting.16:26
Dyomedeshow long?16:26
ActionParsnipDyomedes: tried the boot option:  nomodeset    if you use intel GPU, or try:   nouveau.blacklist=1     if you use Nvidia16:26
Dyomedes[17:26] <ActionParsnip> Dyomedes: tried the boot option:  nomodeset    if you use intel GPU, or try:   nouveau.blacklist=1     if you use Nvidia16:26
Dyomedesdid not understand a word - sorry!16:26
ScuniziActionParsnip: he'll need specifics :)16:27
pranavcan ~/.bashrc have various versions ? and show differently upon loading them in gedit at times ?16:27
RageRiotmy unity is unresponsive after login, I have to use unity --replace to get it back in a different console ( ctrl + alt + f1)16:28
DyomedesScunizi, shall i continue to wait on this?16:28
RageRiotand then all my drives are unmounted ( not on the launcher)16:29
ripthejackerhi everyone need help16:31
Dyomedesyeah need some help installing16:31
ripthejackerubuntu startup freezing all of a sudden16:31
Dyomedesblack screen flicking between a slightly less black screen16:31
Dyomedesnow being told my graphics config didn't work16:33
Dyomedeswhat would i like to do: run in low graphics for one seesion; reconfigure; troubleshoot the error,; exit console login16:34
MonkeyDustDyomedes  put as much information as possible  in one line and repeat it every 15 minutes, until someone enters who can help16:35
UbuntuSuperFanHi all. I cant get a command executed in sylpheed (inside filter settings). The filter is working but the command wont be executed. For testing purposes i have written '/usr/bin/eject&' in there but nothing happens16:35
ripthejackerhi everyone ubuntu startup freezing all of a sudden16:36
ripthejackerplease help16:36
ripthejackercant even access the shell16:36
MonkeyDustripthejacker  how are you upgrading?16:36
ripthejackeri'm on 12.116:37
RageRiotmy ubuntu is freezing as well16:37
MonkeyDustripthejacker  upgrade in the terminal or with the gui?16:37
ripthejacker? i'm not upgrading16:37
=== dave is now known as Guest74585
ripthejackerit was wroking fine16:38
ripthejackeri did one update today16:38
MonkeyDustripthejacker  i misread, it's startup, not upgrade, apologies16:38
ripthejackerso what's the next step16:38
LittleMidgetripthejacker: http://askubuntu.com/questions/162021/ubuntu-12-04-freezing-on-startup16:38
Paul_MyBB13.04 doesn't like dual monitors16:39
nmatsakisHello all, I am attempting to configure my mac keyboard such that the opt and command keys correspond to meta and super respectively (the opposite of the default).  I found this wiki page <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppleKeyboard>, which suggests that I may need to apply a patch <https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/10259/>, but that bug dates from 2009.  Can anyone tell me whether this patch is still needed and, if so, point me16:39
nmatsakis HOWTO for the steps I ought to take16:39
MonkeyDustPaul_MyBB  #ubuntu+116:39
chrowhen will ubuntu 13.04 be released?16:39
Paul_MyBBIt's already released as a beta.16:39
MonkeyDustchro  2 weeks from now, if all goes well16:40
chroMonkeyDust, what are the major changes?16:40
MonkeyDustchro  ask in #ubuntu+116:40
RageRiotmy unity desktop will work if I use unity -- replace16:41
RageRiotinitial boot just hangs after login16:41
RageRiotI cant load anything in the GUI, I have to use ctrl + alt  + f116:42
xenhello i have an huawei e1550 modem when i open windows i get all signal's and in ubuntu 12.04 it says its not enabled16:42
xen<xen> ie mobile broadband : not enabled16:42
posdifuDyomedes: first start in low graphics mode. check your lightdm config files. instructions are on the wiki. than reboot. that fixed it for me.16:42
xenhello i have an huawei e1550 modem when i open windows i get all signal's and in ubuntu 12.04 it says its not enabled ie mobile broadband : not enabled16:43
pranavhow to remove byobu ?16:43
MonkeyDustpranav  sudo apt-get purge byobu;sudo apt-get autoremove16:44
xenpranav sudo apt-get remove byobu16:44
pranavE: Encountered a section with no Package: header16:44
pranavE: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/ubuntuarchive.hnsdc.com_ubuntu_dists_precise_main_binary-i386_Packages16:44
pranavE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.16:44
pranavwhy does my package list always gets curropted no matter how many times i del it ? :(16:45
ripthejackerLittleMidget, thanks it was a driver issue after all16:46
LittleMidgetripthejacker: no worries :) glad you solve it16:46
ripthejackerbut till last time i could atleast access the shell after kernel update16:46
ripthejackerthis was one serious update16:46
MonkeyDustpranav  i guess you're using a mix of i386 and amd616:46
MonkeyDustpranav  i guess you're using a mix of i386 and amd64 sources16:47
ripthejackeri had to install the driver in recovery mode16:47
pranavso, is there a quick fix16:47
MonkeyDustpranav  what's the output of sudo apt-get update | pastebinit? paste the url here16:47
=== alainus[-_-] is now known as alainus
The_ghostI would like to know of a site that teachs how to make a Shell script Menu ?16:47
ovenss_Hi all, I am wondering if anyone can help me with KVM problems  (virtualization)16:48
MonkeyDustThe_ghost  ask help in #bash16:48
barbarianovenss_ what do you need, maybe I could help you16:48
Dyomedesreboot in windows sounds like a solution for me16:49
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
MonkeyDustDyomedes  it's called 'the windows trick'16:49
jrib /away16:49
ovenss_Barbarian --> thanks my problem stems from (i think) kvm-amd module16:49
The_ghostI would like a site that teach´s how to make shell script16:49
jrib!terminal | The_ghost16:49
ubottuThe_ghost: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal16:49
jribThe_ghost: also, #bash is an excellent resource for help with shell scripting16:49
=== Obscure2_ is now known as Obscure2
ovenss_essentially I have 2 systems16:50
MonkeyDustThe_ghost  http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/16:50
ovenss_---> 1 intel core I7 and 1 Dual CPU AMD 623416:50
The_ghostYep, like i want to make a script to auto syc a pendrive to my PC16:50
ovenss_--> the intel one has no problems running or creating KVM machines16:50
MonkeyDustThe_ghost  use cron16:50
MonkeyDustThe_ghost  use cron if you want it time-based16:51
ovenss_--> the amd machine reboots right after machine creation, but never saves the machine in virt-manager16:51
barbarianovenss_ what virtualization software do you use?16:51
The_ghostok thanks MonkeyDust16:51
ovenss_--> I have tried a handful of kernels from 3.2 to 3.8 from the Ubuntu Mainline. I am running LTS16:51
ovenss_--> I am using qemu-kvm16:52
barbarianovenss_ did you check logs?16:53
ovenss_yes the only thing that logs is the virt-manager log16:53
ovenss_i can send that if it helps16:53
ovenss_nothing in syslog, kern.log, auth.log16:53
barbarianplease paste it on phttp://paste.ubuntu.com/16:54
barbarianand btw. did you tried to compile kvm-adm module?16:54
ovenss_no, i did remove it and reinsert in on the fly16:55
ovenss_and I tried reinstalling the kvm packages16:55
anewstupid question but if i restart my server that will restart apache right16:55
DJonescummins: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?16:56
TK-999anew: Does it run as a daemon?16:57
anewactually yeah that did what i needed16:57
anewhow can i check if it runs as a daemon16:57
ovenss_---> sorry did you see the paste link?16:57
TK-999anew: Is it a service?16:58
glitch__morning all  im ahving an issue with the screen saver function  i am unable to adjust it through brightness and lock like i should16:58
anewnot sure tk-999 how can i check that also16:58
barbarianovenss_ I think you have to write about it on qemu-kvm support16:59
TK-999initctl list16:59
ovenss_--> you mean the mailing list?16:59
barbarianthere are nothin what I could help you with it, no suspicious logs16:59
glitch__any ideas how i can find whats wrong that keeping me from changing settings17:00
ovenss_--> i tried adding noapic to grub to no avail17:00
RageRiotunity is not behaving correctly. Same issue but I discovered the windows key brings up the dash home panael. mouse click are ignore completely but the mouse moves. unity ---replace resolves this problem.17:00
barbariannot exactly, they have IRC channel so17:00
RageRiotrunning ubuntu 12.1017:00
xenhello my huawei e1550 was working with linux mint 14 but when i switch to ubuntu 12.04 it does not work please help17:00
MonkeyDustRageRiot  problem solved?17:00
barbarianovenss_ > Join us on #kvm at Freenode.17:01
barbarianits their channel, maybe there you will get some anserws17:01
ListenerUnity task bar: Isn't a click on the icon supposed to shrink the ap?17:01
RageRioteverytime I login the mosue is uselesss until I use another console to run unity --replace17:02
xenplease anyone ?17:02
sharp15could someone tell me what release number 'Precise' would have been?  probably one of the 12.x releases.17:02
ovenss_thanks Barbarian, I have joined the suggested channel17:02
c2tarunsharp15: 12.0417:02
barbarianand ! last question, did you ever had same issues on other distros using amd ?17:02
sharp15c2tarun: thank you.17:02
ovenss_--> barbarian, this is a new build for me, so I have only tried Ubuntu based (mint etc) I am downloading Fedora right now17:03
ovenss_but I have not installed it17:03
RageRiotis there any thing I can check to see why unity ignores the mouse until I use unity --replace ?17:04
RageRiotlogs files/ etc17:05
betraydRageRiot: maybe you have .xsession-errors in $HOME17:05
billy_ran_awayIs it safe to mount and use a RAID array that is recovering?17:06
RageRiotbetrayd,  is that file contain info from a single session17:08
RageRiotthere are errors17:08
betraydRageRiot: scan for mouse-related messages, usually gets replaced per session yes17:09
RageRiotcant see anything mouse related..17:11
RageRioti'll paste it . http://pastebin.com/FbjyApTy17:11
betraydwhat's the mousename RageRiot17:12
RageRiotcheap fujitsu siemens mouse17:12
ShapeShifter499if I encrypt my hard drive does it get decrypted everytime ubuntu runs?17:12
RageRiotit's odd because my gaming mouse (CYBORG  RAT 9 ) doesnt work at all17:13
TK-999It provides protection when the disk is physically stolen or somebody tries to access it outside of Ubuntu.17:13
TK-999Once you are logged in, the file system is decrypted.17:13
ShapeShifter499so if I use my system like a server, where it runs 100% of the time, then there is no point in encrypting my drive17:13
ShapeShifter499TK-999, it would provide no protection from network attacks correct?17:14
jribShapeShifter499: well you could still turn of your system...17:14
TK-999It would not.17:14
TK-999whoops, sorry; it's https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BasicSecurity17:15
ShapeShifter499jrib, I'm going to run email, bnc, and maybe social networking tools that keep track of my online data17:15
ShapeShifter499so this system has to run near 100% of the time17:16
jribShapeShifter499: for example, police could knock on your door, you could then turn off your system to protect your privacy17:16
jribShapeShifter499: it depends on what you want to do really.  If you don't care that anyone with physical possession of the drive can read its contents, then don't encrypt17:16
ShapeShifter499jrib, I see but if I do a remote reboot of my encrypted server how would I decrypt it in that situation?17:17
=== uncle|sam is now known as Uncle|Sam
ShapeShifter499would it even boot?17:17
ShapeShifter499this server is a netbook btw17:17
jribShapeShifter499: I'm not familiar with the details, but I imagine you would only encrypt parts (the data you want to protect)17:18
The_GhostOk, Ive been on the #bash IRC, but the sent me back, how can i set up a udev bash script17:18
tmmunqdropbear http://www.howtoforge.com/unlock-a-luks-encrypted-root-partition-via-ssh-on-ubuntu17:18
jribThe_Ghost: http://reactivated.net/writing_udev_rules.html17:18
nemoHey guys.  I'm trying to migrate someone to a new machine.  I wanted to identify what packages they installed on the old one.17:20
billy_ran_awayWhy am I getting this? http://cl.ly/ONJb But fuser and lsof say nothing is using /dev/md0...17:20
nemoIs there somewhere in /var I'd look, perhaps, to find out what was explicitly installed, instead of as a dependency?17:20
nemoI'm looking over the apt history trying to figure out what I would look for, but hoping there's an easier way.17:21
jrib!clone | nemo17:21
ubottunemo: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this may cause problems with multiarch before 12.10) - See also !automate17:21
The_GhostAlso, anyone know of a good tutorial on how to remaster the ubuntu ?17:22
nemojrib: cool thanks17:22
nemojrib: heh. bot still recommending aptitude eh17:22
jribnemo: to search for packages that were installed manually it's probably the easiest way.  If you want to avoid it, look into apt-mark (iirc)17:23
nemojrib: well. don't have it installed on any of my machines, and AFAIK isn't recommended anymore.  wasn't aware of apt-mark.  thanks.17:23
NoizeI keep getting an error when i try to run 'sudo apt-get update'17:24
Noizeerror msg: 'E:Encountered a section with no Package: header, E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_raring_universe_i18n_Translation-en, E:The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened. '17:24
OerHeks!raring | Noize17:26
ubottuNoize: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+117:26
nemojrib: weird. that aptitude command is returning stuff that clearly wasn't manually installed :-/17:27
nemooh well. back to apt-marks :)17:27
jribnemo: packages installed at install time will all be marked as manual I believe17:27
nemojrib: ah-hah17:28
zAo^How can I install Unity on x/lUbuntu without needing to install the whole dummypackage?17:28
betraydRageRiot: if you can get a different desktop to run, preferably not compiz, see if the mouse works then. If you know how, add a user to use a differenmt desktop, without compiz17:28
nemojrib: ok. but apt-marks showmanual still shows wildly different results from the aptitude command17:29
nemojrib: and a much shorter list17:29
nemoI'm inclined to go w/ the more conservative one :)17:29
betraydthat log tells us that compiz.desktop is failing and shifts to SW rendering RageRiot17:29
RageRiotI see17:29
jribnemo: I know that in the past they used two different systems (for a long time only aptitude would track manual and auto).  I sort of assumed they eventually used the same system, but that may not be the case (so installing things with aptitude manually would leave apt-get none the wiser and vice versa).  I'm just speculating though17:30
RageRiotit's odd because --replace makes it work fine. all the 3d works etc17:30
nemojrib: hrm... actually. sorry. my bad. diff was being confused by whitespace17:31
nemojrib: the aptitude command appears to have a ton of padding whitespace at the end, apt-marks no17:31
betraydRageRiot: the -replace works then? pastebin the log before the -replace17:31
nemojrib: anyway. thanks. core thing was this manual flag. had no idea about :)17:31
jribnemo: good to know17:31
nemojrib: shame it tags install packages. was hoping to keep things semi-clean on this fresh install. ah well.17:31
RageRiotI'll rebot17:32
nemoperhaps I can do something w/ the log to filter17:32
jribnemo: you could generate the list on a pristine install and then subtract those packages17:32
RageRiotbetrayd, how can I copy a log inside the terminal '17:32
WhereIsMySpoonHi, I'm getting these errors in the console after launching gedit: http://pastie.org/764725317:33
nemojrib: well. prob is this machine is pretty old.  my thought is the list of installed packages shifts over time. and prob based on architecture.  I'd wanted to do a clean install of whatever version that was on this machine I guess17:33
RageRiotwould it be .old by any chance ?17:33
betraydRageRiot: we'd look for a pastebin site with an 'upload file' feature17:33
betraydRageRiot: ls -l and see the timestamp17:34
betraydRageRiot: ls -l and compare to the one you pasted earlier17:34
nabblethi, is there a native pdf viewer with "true" pdf annotation? - i found serveral sites that say no, but most of them are a bit outdated17:34
anjo5have filipino girl here17:35
ShapeShifter499is there away to preform a full disk encryption after install?17:35
bazhanganjo5, wrong network17:35
bazhangnabblet, why is "true" in quote marks17:35
nemonabblet: pdf.js appears to display annotations fine when I access http://www.pdfill.com/example/pdf_commenting_new.pdf in Firefox17:35
MonkeyDustShapeShifter499  start here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory17:35
nemoadmittedly I'm using firefox nightly, but still17:36
nabbletbazhang: dunno - you're right, now quote marks... i want TRUE annotation support :D17:36
icedwaterHmm ... got something to figure out. I can't seem to get Ubiquity to install 12.04 on my USB stick.17:36
bazhangnabblet, which have you tried from the repos17:36
nabbletnemo: bazhang oh, sorry forgot to mention: i want to be the one making the annotiations17:36
DexterFis there ubuntu for ARM? and are there any tablets one can install it to easily?17:36
nemonabblet: that's not a viewer ;)17:37
bazhangDexterF, try #ubuntu-arm17:37
MonkeyDust!arm | DexterF17:37
ubottuDexterF: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.17:37
nemonabblet: last time I edited a PDF I used the pdf editing extension for openoffice. I have no idea if it does annotation17:37
icedwaternabblet: I like whyteboard.17:37
nabbletnemo: bazhang today i am too stupid to form a proper question :/17:37
WhereIsMySpoonHi, I'm getting these errors in the console after launching gedit: http://pastie.org/7647253 - what do I do to stop this?17:38
jacklkAt the Ubuntu login screen, shutdown, restart, etc do not work. I think this may be because it needs root privalleges to do this... Can someone help?17:38
nabbletok, so ther is no program for linux that does true pdf annotation?17:39
OerHeksWhereIsMySpoon, those messages are normal, not an error really.17:39
nabbletsorry have to leave :(17:40
jacklkAt the Ubuntu login screen, shutdown, restart, etc do not work. I think this may be because it needs root privalleges to do this... Can someone help?17:42
buchstabensalatis there a difference in battery run time between (u|xu|ku|lu)buntu?17:43
mrjoeli would assume lubuntu would run the longest due to less graphic power required17:44
zAo^buchstabensalat: since Lubuntu uses less system resources, the battery should be longer17:44
mrjoelbut have no facts to back that up17:44
RageRiotbetrayd gone, I've grabbed log of xsessison before I used unity --replace http://pastebin.com/FfqwTJABe17:45
RageRiotthe issue I'm having it mouse is ignore on unity until I restart it in another console17:45
icedwaterHi guys, what's the most minimal version of Ubuntu you can install?17:46
icedwaterI'm trying to put it on my USB stick, leaving as much space as possible.17:46
darrellplease help how do i stream from my laptop with ubuntu 12.04 to my LG smart tv over my home network please help thanks ive tried plex ive tried mediatomb and ive tried samba please help thanks17:46
jacklkicedwater: the alternate iso17:46
icedwaterHmm, is that even slimmer than server?17:47
jacklkicedwater: it can be downloaded off of the website, it features a text installer and allows you to install the packages you want17:47
jacklkicedwater: I think so, have a look17:47
RageRiotdarell the ps3 media server might work?17:48
darrelli dont have a ps317:48
RageRiotdoesnt matter17:48
=== Red_M is now known as Guest93709
RageRiotif your TV support the DNLA protcol i should work17:48
darrellyes my LG smart tv supports DLNA17:49
RageRiotit works for DNLA capable renderers17:50
RageRiotwroks great on my ps3 ofcourse17:50
=== mpmc_ is now known as mpmc
icedwaterjacklk: well in terms of actual download size it is larger. Will have to see how much I can customise though.17:51
RageRiotbetrayd, http://www.ps3mediaserver.org/17:53
RageRiot wrong link17:53
kulagradhow to add script command for path for file thet is in folder  thet will work even if i chagne place of it17:53
betraydkulagrad: why don't you put in one place in the $PATH, or out of the question?17:54
RageRiotwhen I restarted the desktop loaded fine. so I restarted again and I got the same problem. went int seprarate term and used --replace and copied old log17:54
=== samuel_ is now known as samuel
=== mpmc- is now known as mpmc
kulagradbetrayd:  i am new to linux i would like to run a command in folder but it reques files in thet folder but i would like to be able to move thet folder and run it whitout changing script evry time, anywey i dont know what $PATH is?17:57
betraydkulagrad: grab that folder name and put in variable, more questions for #bash imo17:58
kulagradbetrayd:  newermind i figur out i just tuped command in text file and save it as .sh and it worked18:01
Quest If I have a asterisk server having centos or ubuntu or so  and hardware core2duo and I make the harddisk image by ddrescue or clonezilla or somehting. and past that image to a P4 Ht technology computer for example (different hardware). will the paste work? will I have any driver issues or something else? (please inform for assuming console based soervers and also for GUI servers)?18:03
WeThePeopleanybody know how to fix broken pipes to load 12.04 fully in ubuntu 2d, the error is it cant update the .ICEauthority file,18:04
=== pie is now known as Guest79402
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
MonkeyDustQuest  ask in #ubunut-server18:09
MonkeyDustQuest  ask in #ubuntu-server18:09
rikinhow do i delete my entire filesystem18:10
p0wn3drm -rf /18:11
betraydRageRiot: all i can think of is to try without compiz or gnome.zeitgeist OR borrow a friend's PS/2 mouse18:11
betraydfor once the answer is legit18:11
ShapeShifter499MonkeyDust, Quest that would be #ubuntu-server18:11
natsirtwas htat guy a moron?18:11
natsirtditto ^^18:11
RageRiotcould java have broken it betrayd.18:12
betraydhe's doing all of us a favor18:12
RageRiotit worked without problems before today18:12
=== mpmc_ is now known as mpmc
betraydRageRiot: try it out, even disable your browsers' java18:13
=== CatKiller_ is now known as CatKiller
zerooneonewould scripts in rc.local be started last on system boot if i have upstart and init.d jobs?18:14
RageRiotwell I installed openjdk-6-jre18:15
RageRiotthat was the only other change I made to the system yestoday18:15
betraydlet me guess, moue was fine yesterday18:17
=== sigurd is now known as Guest83599
jostHi! I've got an unencrypted home partition. How do I encrypt the complete partition?18:20
natsirtright click, encrypt18:20
bekksnatsirt: Please stop it.18:21
John_mnatsirt, a u pro?18:21
bazhangnatsirt, never say that here18:21
John_mnatsirt, 31337 hax0r?18:21
natsirtwrong channel actually18:22
John_mnatsirt, i smoke u18:22
natsirtmy bad18:22
SolarisBoywrong answer too18:22
jostok, I've found this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=144916818:22
zAo^what GTK3 based desktop has a 'Global Menus'?18:22
natsirtDepending on the operating system....18:22
zerooneonei just want my local script to start last on reboot. is there a way to do that with upstart?18:22
SolarisBoythat variable is not to hard to fill in in this channel huh?18:23
natsirtwhy is this command considered dangerous? wget http://sumber_tak_terpercaya -O- | sh18:23
SolarisBoyyour exec'ing a script from online somewhere ^ natsirt18:23
SolarisBoyyou can't verify what it does but your sending it to shell -18:23
SolarisBoyzerooneone: rc.shutdown18:24
natsirtwhat, why would someone do that?18:24
SolarisBoyeasy deployment if you do know what the scritp does18:24
natsirtPeople on here try to give me bad info18:24
SolarisBoya lot of folks do in fact -18:24
MonkeyDustnatsirt  keep the channel clear for support, please18:24
zerooneoneSolarisBoy: sorry i mean the last script to start on system start (after a reboot)18:24
John_mcan't believe linux now so comfortable18:25
natsirtMonkeyDust: What am I doing wrong?18:25
MonkeyDustnatsirt  scaring people18:25
bazhang!ot | natsirt18:25
ubottunatsirt: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:25
SolarisBoyzerooneone: if you use upstart it will be like event based so not sure how to make something the last with upstart. maybe rc.local will help you18:25
John_mnatsirt - troll, ban him18:25
bazhangJohn_m, `thats enough18:26
natsirtI'm not even trolling18:26
natsirtI'm trying to learn here18:26
bazhangnatsirt, take chit chat elsewhere please this is support ONLY18:26
natsirtSorry that I do not know it all18:26
zerooneoneSolarisBoy: ok, but how do i find out when rc.local is run? is it run after all the upstart events?18:26
John_mwhy u say noob then?18:26
=== Lutzee is now known as Lut|off
PiciLet it go.18:26
SolarisBoyzerooneone: thats a good question - im not sure18:26
zerooneoneif rc.local is run after upstart, then it's easy i can just put my script in there18:27
natsirtHow do I install wireshark?18:28
MonkeyDustnatsirt  sudo apt-get install wireshark18:28
natsirtI'm having issues installing VirtualBox on my xubuntu18:29
natsirtI install it18:29
natsirtbut it never runs or anything18:29
bekksnatsirt: You have to start it...18:31
natsirtbekks: Somone told me to run the following command to get it working "   :(){:|:&};:   " But it just freezes my computer, I have to power cycle it18:32
=== gyozo is now known as Sharky_
bekksnatsirt: Thats a fork bomb.18:32
bekksDo not run it. Never. Under no circumstances.18:32
bekksnatsirt: And how is it related to vbox?18:33
natsirtI did twice already18:33
MonkeyDustnatsirt  that's two potentially dangerous commands you're posting in public, what is your end goal?18:33
Ari-YangLartza, if you're around, mind sending me screen shots of your catalyst control settings?18:33
natsirtSomeone told me to run it18:33
natsirtbut it froze my computer18:33
bekksnatsirt: I told you to not run it.18:33
bekksIt is intended for freezing your computer.18:33
bekksSo do not run it.18:33
natsirtI'm saying i already did though18:33
bekksThen dont wonder it froze.18:33
natsirtbekks: Thank you for the support18:33
pentagonpiewill running a fork bomb in virtualbox affect my host pc?18:34
bekkspentagonpie: It may, under certain circumstances.18:34
MonkeyDustpentagonpie  why would you run it?18:35
MonkeyDustah, for testing purposes18:35
natsirtwhat's a fork bomb18:35
pentagonpieMonkeyDust: experiment18:35
natsirti don't understand18:35
natsirtWhy is Linux so hard!18:35
=== gkastner is now known as RunsWithScissors
bekksnatsirt: Because you have to learn, like every one else did ;)18:35
MonkeyDustnatsirt  that's called the learning process18:36
jostI've set up a VPN connection. Now I want to connect via SSH to an Ubuntu server in that VPN. But as soon as I try to connect, the VPN-connection fails. What could be the reason?18:36
natsirtMonkeyDust: I am asking bekks for help, I am not trollin, whatever that is18:36
pentagonpienatsirt: a process that creates copies of itself, creating more copies, eventually crushing your pc18:36
MonkeyDustnatsirt  stick to ubuntu support18:36
bekksnatsirt: Other people may help you too. You have no right or whatsoever to get personal support just from me. :)18:36
MonkeyDustnatsirt  if you know something freezes your pc, then don't post it in public18:37
=== Squarepy_ is now known as Squarepy
natsirtMonkeyDust: Do you know iptables and iproute well?18:39
bekksnatsirt: If you have a question regarding that, using Ubuntu - just feel free to ask everyone in here. :)18:39
=== ameyer_ is now known as junix659
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.18:40
uictamaleWhere can I ask about 13.04 ?18:41
uictamaleI have the white background problem18:41
MonkeyDustuictamale  in #ubuntu+118:41
natsirtmkfs.ext3 / dev / sda18:41
natsirtI don't test my code often, but when I do, it's in production18:43
John_mwhere ubuntu native mount androind usb devices?18:43
natsirtmkfs.ext3 / dev / sda18:43
MonkeyDustJohn_m  type mount to find out18:43
John_mi check this, there no info18:43
natsirttroll ban John_m please18:44
John_mu cant ban Johnny Mnemonic18:45
=== cndiv_ is now known as cndiv
John_mproblem is that android usb pluged, but no mounted18:52
zerooneoneJohn_m: it should just be usb mass storage18:53
John_mok, but what /dev/?? is that android18:53
zerooneonethe device would be /dev/sdc or something18:54
zerooneonerun dmesg after you plug it in you might see the device18:54
John_mme too think that, but no18:54
=== jack is now known as Guest94970
John_mi run dmesg, he like new usb2-0 bla bla bla but no info about device18:55
bazhangJohn_m, is this to access an android device such as a tablet? gmtp may help18:56
bazhang!info gmtp | John_m18:56
ubottuJohn_m: gmtp (source: gmtp): simple MP3 player client for MTP based devices. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.3-1 (quantal), package size 117 kB, installed size 394 kB18:56
lzhangHello, I installed ubuntu as dualboot windows 8 on my samsung laptop... unfortunately when I booted back into Windows 8, I can't see ubuntu as bootable in the BIOS anymore. Does anyone have insight on this issue or a link I could read?18:58
bazhangthats not a very accurate description of what gmtp does18:58
John_mty, but i talk about sony xperia phone18:58
bazhanglzhang, a wubi install?18:58
jellosticki accidentally installed some packages from raring, but they broke my system.  is there a way I can downgrade everything I installed?18:58
MonkeyDustjellostick  did you add raring sources?18:59
lzhangbazhang: not sure what wubi is, but there's definitely some situation with secure boot on the laptop. I wasn't able to get into ubuntu without disabling it in the BIOS. Conversely, I had to enable it to boot into Windows18:59
MonkeyDustjellostick  or downloaded raring .debs ?18:59
MonkeyDustjellostick  any error messages?19:00
jellostickwell the origin problem is "glxinfo: error while loading shared libraries: libdrm.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" (for glx info in /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu)19:01
wilee-nileelzhang, Have you looked at the uefi wiki?19:01
jellostickE: I wasn't able to locate a file for the libdrm2 package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package.19:02
jellosticksame for E: I wasn't able to locate a file for the libdrm-intel1 package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package.19:02
MonkeyDustjellostick  libdrm, so music, most probably... what .deb did you install?19:03
jellosticksudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-core libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libgl1-mesa-dri:i38619:03
lastleo85can we run ubuntu applications in debian19:03
jellosticknow if i do that, Reinstallation of libgl1-mesa-dri is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.19:04
MonkeyDustjellostick  xserver and xorg are beyond me, sorry19:04
TK-999lastleo: Is there a specific one?19:04
wilee-nileelastleo85, I would ask in #debian, not safely would be my comment in general depends on your skills really. ;)19:04
jellostickthink i need to reinstall19:05
=== akshay_ is now known as akshay_r
MonkeyDustjellostick  backup important data, first19:05
lzhangwilee-nilee: Am I correct in saying that UEFI mode is only available on 12.10+ versions? I'm attempting to get 12.04 LTS installed19:06
John_msorry, why someone tell me use mp3 player? this is joke? )19:06
wilee-nileelzhang, Supposed to be in the 12.04.219:06
lzhangwilee-nilee: Ok so perhaps I installed via BIOS/MBR instead of UEFI, and I should reinstall with that instead19:07
tgm4883wilee-nilee, I think the secureboot stuff was in 12.04.219:07
tgm4883wilee-nilee, IIRC, the UEFI stuff was before that19:07
Mio-chanHello everyone! :)19:08
Mio-chanJust would like to thank wilee-nilee for his help last night. :)19:08
wilee-nileelzhang, I can't really help with uefi with confidence, maybe tgm4883 can, my advice would be to use the ubuntu forums, there are daily users there concentrated on this area.19:09
wilee-nileeMio-chan, Did you ever get things in order?19:09
tgm4883I'm not sure what the question is19:09
Mio-chanWilee-nilee - I reinstalled Windows and I'm back on my trusty dual boot system - on Ubuntu right now. Only had a few issues during the install but it worked nonetheless.19:10
jostHow do I set the MTU for a VPN connection? The networkmanager does not allow that for VPN connections. On the command line, "sudo ifconfig ppp0 mtu 1300" does the trick, but it needs to be executed for each and every connection.19:10
Mio-chanErr, I found a W7 iso on PC World's website, used that after I went to buy some DVDs.19:10
wilee-nileeMio-chan, Cool, clone that windows, and the ubuntu, that is what I do in general. ;)19:10
Mio-chanWilee-nilee - Any suggestions for what I should use for the cloning?19:11
=== Lut|off is now known as Lutzee
wilee-nileeMio-chan, If you have W7 pro or above it has a imager that can be run more than once, I use clonezilla for both and the windows imager as well.19:12
Mio-chanWilee-nilee: Thank you! :) You've been a great help.19:12
wilee-nileeMio-chan, The windows imager I like as it can be run from the OS, clonezilla ia a bootable disc, no problem best of luck. ;)19:13
scarhow can i get an ubuntu server to use htaccess19:14
MonkeyDustscar  better ask in #ubuntu-server19:14
M3owHello, I have a dual boot system with Win 7 and Debian. I want to install Ubuntu and get rid of Debian. Should I do this by just installing Ubuntu in the Debian partition?19:15
lacrymologyI'm having a lot of issues with a bluetooth dongle19:15
MonkeyDustM3ow  delete debian, then install ubuntu on that partition19:15
wilee-nileeM3ow, Not in the same partition unless you rewrite it.19:15
tgm4883select the debian partition, and tell it to format19:16
wilee-nilee+1 ^^^19:16
John_mM3ow , run Ubuntu installation , select replace existing linux system19:17
John_m.and see how u windows partiotion die... seriosly why that options kill my windows19:17
M3owMonkeyDust: Wouldn't that affect the Grub? I don't have a Windows recovery CD.19:18
John_mM3ow , Ubuntu will rewrite grub, Windows must be there and work19:19
MonkeyDustM3ow  and there are ways to repair grub, if needed19:19
lacrymologyhow can I backport to kernel 3.0?19:20
M3owOk, so here is what I am going to do. Make a bootable USB with the Ubuntu installation and boot from it. Then select the Debian partition (first format) for the installation of Ubuntu. Sounds alright?19:21
MonkeyDustM3ow  not format, but delete the partition19:22
wilee-nileeM3ow, You will use the something other option it is a manual install, choose that partition tick format ext4 and / as mount.19:22
MonkeyDustM3ow  or what wilee-nilee says19:22
wroxboxHello all! I have 12.04 LTS 64bit server installed. I have personal account + a specific aegir. I usually log with my personal account and then su -s /bin/bash - aegir as aegir user. With Suse I can configure aegir to sudo without password, but with ubuntu no success. I have changed my personal ssh key into aegir users .ssh/authorized_keys and added aegir   ALL=(ALL:ALL)  NOPASSWD: ALL with visudo.. But the login still asks password.19:23
John_mM3ow, but really think twice, i lost my 200Gb Windows files and crying now19:23
moon`I'm trying to mount my cdrom in dosbox, how do I find out what the destination for my cdrom is? i.e. /media/cdrom0 ?19:23
wilee-nileeJohn_m, Bummer, but your experience was user error right?19:24
John_mwilee-nilee, yes19:25
M3owSorry wilee-nilee, I don't understand what you mean by, "use the something other option it is a manual install"19:25
wilee-nileeM3ow, There is a gui that gives you options in the install, use the whole disc or alongside windows..etc, there is also a something other option, this is a manula install where you specifically point the install to a partitions or build them there and install.19:27
M3owOk, I understand now. Thank you.19:27
wilee-nileeM3ow, Cool, you will recognize it just ask us if you need to. ;)19:27
alinmearhi guys! maybe somebody could help me with the following issue: i restarted my OS and now get stuck within the grub boot menu; the whole system does not respond19:28
bazhangalinmear, what OS19:29
moon`I'm trying to mount my cdrom in dosbox, how do I find out what the destination for my cdrom is? i.e. /media/cdrom0 ?19:29
wilee-nileealinmear, Any info leading to this that is pertinent? Like kernel upgrades or a modified grub menu19:29
John_malinmear, u have some error text messages while boot OS?19:30
alinmearbazhang: ubuntu 12:1019:30
bazhangmoon`, try #dosbox19:30
=== sigurd is now known as Guest62031
alinmearwilee-nilee: i didnt modify anything, obviously its a standard installation of ubuntu; the only modifciations i made: compiled the v4l kernel modules19:31
moon`ok, I'm trying to locate the directory path for my cdrom, how do I go about doing that?19:31
alinmearJohn_m: no there is no error message at all; when i start the comp it gets immediatly after the bios screen stuck within the grub boot screen19:31
John_malinmear, select in grub previous kernel to boot19:32
alinmearJohn_m: i cant select anything at all; the boot menu appears and at the very same time the whole system freezes19:32
alinmearJohn_m: obviously i am not able to select anytihing else19:32
jostHow do I set the MTU *permanentely* for a VPN connection on XUbuntu? I can change it per connection using "sudo ifconfig ppp0 mtu 1300"...19:33
wilee-nileealinmear, Be careful with obvious here we only know what you tell us exactly, many varibles.19:33
John_malinmear, when u see grub menu u can press down arrow? u have list of otpions or only one string?19:35
alinmearwilee-nilee: yeah i know that the matter is not that clear and couldnt be; but as long as i am not able to trace the error i dont know what happens right there; i am using linux since 5 years and never had an issue like that; thought maybe anybody else could still pointing at the right direction, maybe a common bug or anything else, but i guess its more special then it looks like at the very first apperance19:36
alinmearJohn_m: the problem right there is that the system is totaly frozen; so i cant choose anything else from the grub menu19:36
John_malinmear, and boot still happen? grub menu disapper?19:37
wilee-nileealinmear, I would see if supergrub will boot you in to avoid having to chroot or other methods so you can deal with it in the OS.19:37
alinmearJohn_m: maybe i gonna make a chroot from an usb device and have alook at the logs; but as i mentioned above i never dealed with such an problem19:37
alinmearJohn_m: no it sill get stuck at the grub menu19:37
alinmearJohn_m: no autoboot, no response to I/O19:38
John_malinmear, u have some thing serious, reset BIOS, check hardware19:38
John_malinmear, chroot is right direction too19:38
alinmearJohn_m: something else screwed my poor htpc19:39
alinmearJohn_m: so there is no specific point to make, but thx a lot for all the responses! so i gonna trace it on my own ...19:40
elijahHow do I find out what version of libnotify I am running?19:44
guntbert!u | John_m19:44
ubottuJohn_m: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'ryt',  'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.19:44
sere_29!r | sere_2919:46
sere_29!u | sere_2919:46
ubottusere_29, please see my private message19:46
John_melijah, try "dpkg --list | grep libnotify", im not sure19:47
elijahJohn_m: That works, thanks19:51
ubottuloris2487: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:52
elijahI have a script I am trying to install that requires pygobject, not sure how to install this, sudo apt-get doesn't work19:52
elijahsudo apt-get install pygobject  == unable to locate package19:52
Picielijah: the package name is python-gobject19:53
elijahAlso it wants perl-HTML-parser but I am not sure how install that eithe19:53
iceroot_elijah: python-gi-dev or python-gobject-2-dev are the needed package names19:53
Picielijah: or python-gi19:53
elijahsudp apt-get python-gi19:54
iceroot_elijah: sudo apt-get install packagename19:54
elijahiceroot_: Thanks, I was trying to run via irssi, I missed the /exec command19:56
andrieuxAnyone speaks french?19:57
theadmin!fr | andrieux19:57
bekks!fr | andrieux19:57
ubottuandrieux: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.19:57
iceroot_elijah: use a real shell instead of using /exec in irssi, specially when its a root-task19:57
iceroot_elijah: you can easily switch terminals with screen19:57
elijahPici: It says python-gi is already installed. When I do a dpkg --list | grep pygobject I get no results19:57
elijahiceroot_: Yeah, I am using tmux, I would rather be lazy though :D19:58
TacoGeekomg can someone help me?  I've got some questions about a fresh ubuntu / lamp^ installation.19:58
Picielijah: I used apt-cache search python gobject19:58
iceroot_elijah: you have installed foo and a searching if bar is installed19:58
elijahiceroot_: Pici Thanks for that, very helpful20:02
PieteHey guys, what's that link again for completely removing *buntu_desktop metapackages?20:02
elijahThe script is saying it has a dependency on pygobject >= 3.020:02
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »20:02
iceroot_Piete: ^20:02
PieteDanke :)20:02
elijahIs dpkg --list | grep pygobject the most accurate way to determine if I have it installed?20:03
iceroot_elijah: no20:03
iceroot_elijah: dpkg -l | grep packagename   and not dpkg -l | grep some_string_which_is_not_the_packagename20:03
=== pie is now known as Guest547
theadminpython-gi provides 3.2, elijah. Are you sure the script is based on Python2? Because if it's Python 3, you'll need python3-gi20:04
BodsdaDoes anyone know if Ubuntu is planning to to switch from mysql to mariadb?20:04
elijahtheadmin: http://ubuntuone.com/6vXWZ6tPO6kdrWQUSWXNrR20:05
iceroot_Bodsda: its more like "is debian switichting to mariadb"20:05
elijahThis is what I am trying to install. I am trying to just make sure I have all dependcies first. Because I couldn't get it working so far.20:05
Bodsdaiceroot_: great answer...20:06
theadminelijah: "For Ubuntu, run apt-get install perl perl-base perl-modules system-tools-backends so the script will have dependencies needed. " -- right on their page. So, do that.20:06
iceroot_Bodsda: what is your problem with the answer?20:06
iceroot_Bodsda: if there is no special reason we will sync the debian packages20:06
theadminBodsda: You know Debian... They never change anything :/ So likely not20:06
iceroot_theadmin: they switched to libreoffice imo20:07
theadminiceroot_: That's because OO.o was killed20:07
theadminiceroot_: They also switched to MATE instead of GNOME 2.x20:07
elijahtheadmin: Okay, I have all those so I guess it isn't that then.20:07
iceroot_theadmin: i thought xfce4 is the default there (but i guess its offtopic here)20:07
theadminiceroot_: Oh, err, might be confusing them with... mint? idk20:07
theadminiceroot_: Well yeah, ot so whatever20:07
iceroot_Bodsda: http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2012/11/msg01265.html20:09
iceroot_Bodsda: see also http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=565308   imo ubuntu will switch when debian will do it20:10
ubottuDebian bug 565308 in wnpp "ITP: mariadb-server-core-5.5 -- MariaDB dropin alt server" [Wishlist,Open]20:10
Bodsdaiceroot_: yeah, I'm seeing similar email trails all over the place - no concrete info for ubuntu/debian yet but fedora, slackware and Arch have (or just as good as) switched - opensuse looks to follow suite20:11
=== Uncle|Sam is now known as uncle|sam
iceroot_Bodsda:  i hope the rest will switch too. we are interested in free software and i guess mariadb is the correct way to go but i dont think it will be switched in the next time20:12
theadminiceroot_: uh, MySQL is free software too20:12
iceroot_theadmin: its like virtualbox-ose and virtualbox20:13
Bodsdaiceroot_: I wish ubuntu would switch. It's lack of attention to community wide issues is depressing - you keep saying 'we' are you an employee or a dev?20:13
theadminiceroot_: Oh.20:13
theadminiceroot_: Well, there no longer is an OSE but I get the point :D20:13
iceroot_theadmin: or like oracle-java and openjdk20:13
iceroot_theadmin: and guess what? virtualbox, java and mysql are all from oracle and they destroy free software20:13
bekksiceroot_: Nope. OpenJDK is no reference implementation, isnt it?20:14
iceroot_bekks: but that is one of the goal (from there website)20:14
theadmin...wait, Oracle owns MySQL?... Suddenly. I missed one big piece of news20:14
iceroot_theadmin: they own everything from sun, virtualbox, mysql, java, openoffice20:15
Bodsdatheadmin: seriously? ...20:15
iceroot_theadmin: openoffice is moved to apache now20:15
Bodsdatheadmin: it was ages ago20:15
kostkontheadmin, oracle bought sun, sun is now dead, etc.20:15
bekkstheadmin: Thats a news thats few years old now.20:15
theadminEhhh alright I get it people20:15
theadminlol don't lynch me20:15
iceroot_Bodsda: but i am happy to see people like you which are interested in Free Software.20:16
Bodsdaiceroot_: :) now, time for me to figure out how to replace mysql with mariadb in place on 13.04 RC -- gonna be a long night :)20:17
theadminBodsda: They claim it's a drop-in replacement, remove one install other20:18
elijahIt is working now, I restarted Ubuntu and I think my startup script actually needed to be a started up (manually running it didn't work)20:19
elijahthanks for all your help everyone (and patience ;)20:19
bekksBodsda: Export your data first. :)20:19
Bodsdatheadmin: they also claim that ATI drivers work and that unity is good - I'll take it with a pinch of salt :)20:19
TacoGeekAlright, who's awesome with LAMP installations?  :D20:19
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:19
Bodsdabekks: heh - yeah good point20:19
theadminBodsda: Why does noone except me like Unity :/20:19
bekkstheadmin: Me does :)20:20
theadminbekks: Yay20:20
Bodsdatheadmin: bekks - I'm afraid theres nothing left we can do for you - please accept this copy of Win820:20
bekksBodsda: Whatever you are talking about.20:21
theadminBodsda: ...I'm afraid Unity appeared a lot earlier than Windows 8.20:21
Bodsdatheadmin: bekks - no one but me got the reference to a unified interface being a main reason for lack of adoption? :(20:22
* theadmin hardly understands anything, it's almost 1AM20:22
TacoGeekFresh install of 12.10 ubuntu, I've done almost nothing with it.  My main login is sysop (as ubuntu and root don't seem to go well together).  I've installed lamp^ using apt-get, everything installed fine.  Now I'm trying to change the mysql password, and am having nothing but problems.  I can log into mysql with NO password, but whenever I try to do anything, it says ''@'localhost' doesn't have permission...  What's the default us20:22
BodsdaTacoGeek: It asked you for a password during the install20:23
theadminTacoGeek: root, and the password should have been prompted during the MySQL setup.20:23
theadminTacoGeek: The mysql root and the UNIX root aren't the same thing :P20:23
TacoGeekthe lamp setup didn't seem to give me a password option.  :/  Maybe I need to back-track to fresh ubuntu install and try that again, but I don't recall getting the option.20:24
theadminTacoGeek: Try sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.5 (or whichever is there on your Ubuntu version)20:25
bekksTacoGeek: Which lamp setup? Did you install the lamp software to /opt/?20:26
bbbbbi "skipped network settings" on my ubuntu install. Now I want to enable my nice cards, eth0 and eth1. where can i find documenttation on that?20:27
TacoGeektheadmin:  omg, it was that easy?!  I really REALLY don't think that the lamp install gave me that option.  I might just re-do the install from scratch to make sure, and if not, would that be a bug?20:28
BodsdaTacoGeek: the reconfigure effectively reruns the install scripts, so whatever happens would have happened during initial install20:29
theadminTacoGeek: It wouldn't if you installed from the GUI, because that skips several configs falling back to some defaults I don't even know20:29
Bodsdaoo, really?20:29
theadminBodsda: Yeah, at least last I checked the software center had no way to interact with those ncurses config scripts20:30
=== hypnokode is now known as sudokode
tworkinis there a package that implements the features in libuu? e.g. for commandline base64 encoding/decoding?20:30
TacoGeektheadmin:  that may be what happened then.  I was pulling my hair out, reading every guide, and was wondering why some guides had those old-school shell "gui" look, and others didn't, it was just the sudo apt-get install lamp^ with nothing else.20:31
Bodsdatheadmin: never would have happened with good old synaptic :)20:31
tworkinah, coreutils20:31
wilee-nileebbbbb, Can you identify them from lspci in the terminal?20:31
lancienquelle est la commande qui suit apt-get install X pour faire suivre l'(installation d'un autre paquet par exemple Y20:31
theadminBodsda: Synaptic is confusing for new users -- they don't understand the concept of packages, trust me on that20:32
theadmin!fr | lancien20:32
ubottulancien: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.20:32
emanuel_se habla en español?20:32
DJones!es | emanuel_20:32
ubottuemanuel_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:32
bekkstheadmin: Those users wouldnt understand that downlaoding an .exe and doubleclick it would install some software, too ;)20:32
Bodsdatheadmin: dumbing down software for incompetent users doesn't always produce better results though20:33
lancieni want to install with apt-get install X but i have to install X and Y and ..... and i search for command look like apt-get install X && Y && .... to install allthem with one command ! THANKS :D20:33
lanciensorry but i'm very bad @ english20:33
Bodsdalancien: apt-get install x y20:33
kirrehi guys: i have currently problems installing an nvdida driver after a fresh install of 12.04. any help will be appreciated20:34
lancienThanks Bodsda20:34
Bodsdalancien: no problem20:34
AkstonHHi guys, is there a dpkg command that lists all the packages owned by a metapackage?20:37
hendrelouw73What is the advantage of using update-alternative to install the Java JDK as opposed to just setting the path?20:37
wilee-nilee!details > kirre20:37
ubottukirre, please see my private message20:37
bekksA metapackage does not own any packages.20:37
RalliasAccording to the second answer on http://askubuntu.com/questions/165192/how-do-i-install-drivers-for-the-atheros-ar8161-ethernet-controller , I need to install linux-backports-modules-cw-3.4-precise-generic to access my ethernet card. However, I can't find an equivelant package for quantal. Is there an equivelant package that requires me not to compile it?20:37
bekksAkstonH: A metapackage depends on several other packages, and pulls them in when being installed.20:38
Ralliass/requires me/doesn't require me/20:38
zykotick9AkstonH: i use "apt-cache depends METAPACKAGE"20:38
AkstonHAha, thanks bekks and zykotick920:38
=== JonnieMcDan is now known as Novimundus
bbbbbwilee-nilee: ifconfig eth0 up worked :)20:40
kirrewilee-nilee i tried to install the version currend [recommended] and it does not work, i have ubuntu12.04 precise and work with a G71 [Quadro FX 1500]        vendor: NVIDIA Corporation card20:40
AkstonHbekks, is there a difference between a meta package and a virtual package? Sorry I'm just trying to get a grip on this stuff :)20:44
theadminAkstonH: "virtual package" covers transitional packages too20:44
bekksAkstonH: Yes, there is. :)20:44
duanedesignso it is like a dummy package20:46
AkstonHtheadmin, tx20:46
geek15Is the release candidate for Ubuntu 13.04 going to be published today?20:46
Guest2110i need help iam setting up virtualbox its very slow and lags im woundering if i have the virtualbox set up right im not sure what mb to set it too20:47
theadmingeek15: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule and also #ubuntu+120:48
bekksGuest2110: What do you mean by "mb"=20:48
theadminbekks: That means "maybe"20:48
theadmin!u | Guest211020:48
ubottuGuest2110: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'ryt',  'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.20:48
=== Guest2110 is now known as Halo
=== Halo is now known as halo11
halo11need help20:50
geek15theadmin: The schedule calls for the release candidate to be released on April 18th (today), but I can't find it online yet.20:51
geek15halo11: What do you need help with? Maybe I can help you.20:51
halo11im setting up virtualbox first time its very slow and lags im not sure if i have the right mb set20:52
theadmingeek15: Might need to wait, again, ask in #ubuntu+120:52
theadminhalo11: What guest OS are you running?20:52
bekkshalo11: Which host OS are you running exactly, and which vbox version?20:52
halo11i downloaded ubuntu 1204 l something20:53
halo11and i installed that in my virtualbox which runs poor20:53
hendrelouw73Can anyone answer this question: http://askubuntu.com/questions/280124/install-jdk-in-ubuntu20:53
bbbbbso if i skipped "setting up network" on my server install - how do i get back to that prompt?20:55
halo11the virtualbox im running is oracle virtualbox20:55
bekkshalo11: Which version?20:55
halo11let me check20:55
halo11this here VirtualBox 4.2.12 for Windows hosts  x86/amd6420:56
zykotick9halo11: does your CPU support virtualization?  do you get results from "cat /proc/cpuinfo | egrep '(vmx|svm)' "?  if not... ahhh... expect slow.20:56
bekkshalo11: So your host is Windows, you are using vbox 4.2.12 to run Ubuntu 12.04 then?20:57
wilee-nileehendrelouw73, This link worked for me every time. http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html20:57
zykotick9halo11: oh your host is windows - nevermind.20:57
theadminhalo11: If you're running 12.10 on Virtualbox make sure to enable 3D acceleration20:57
halo11im new at this so im not sure wat you mean20:57
=== nexus` is now known as transit441
halo11i have that virtualbox downloaded on windows 720:57
halo11no 1204 it is20:58
theadminhalo11: Ah, okay. Then give it at least 512M of RAM (the more the better) and you should be fine20:58
halo11my computer spec are 4.00gb 374 usable if that tells u anything20:59
halo11oops 4.00 gb 374 gb usable20:59
halo11on my computer says 4.00 gb isnt that  less then 512 ram for virtualbox21:01
MonkeyDusthalo11  specify: 4gb RAM and 374GB harddisk21:02
halo11thats what it show when i click on my setting under computer yes21:03
halo11last question do i need to burn ubuntu iso to cd or no21:06
zykotick9MonkeyDust: a 374GB VM, that's a monster21:07
=== vincent is now known as Guest37223
MonkeyDustzykotick9  true, just re-read, wasnt aware it was vbox :)21:10
=== cubix``391 is now known as cubix`
Guest37223hi, i'm a linux newbie (coming from mac os x, totally tired of apple thou) and i want to compile an optimized kernel for my macbook (i5). can you reference to any starting point? or is my project to difficult with my small knowledge?21:11
zykotick9MonkeyDust: quick PM?21:11
=== s0nic is now known as electrofant
The_Ghostbye guyssssss21:18
Sali was trying to install ubuntu on my laptop, but it doesn't connect wi-fi so, i'm unable to proceed.21:18
Salis there anything i can do?21:18
Sali think its fdoesn't have the right drivers21:18
Guest37223Sal, what Laptop do you have?21:18
Sallet me find it on the net, wait21:19
SalGuest37223: http://uk.hardware.info/productinfo/1729/olidata-stainer-w280021:21
shambatI'm running 12.04 Server, trying to clean out my boot partition, but whatever command I try, apt-get tells me I need to install dependencies for the new kernel, and there is no room for those. How can I remove the old kernels that I'm not using without installing a new one? This is what I tried so far: sudo apt-get -f purge $(dpkg -l linux-{image,headers}-"[0-9]*" | awk '/ii/{print $2}' | grep21:23
shambat-ve "$(uname -r | sed -r 's/-[a-z]+//')")21:23
miksdapt-get --purge remove linux-image-you-don't-need did work for me..21:27
shambatI get this message: http://dpaste.com/1063948/21:28
miksdand apt-get -f install does whatays not enough space?21:30
ozzloyhow do i get adduser to not ask for full name, room number, etc?21:30
miksddoes what? says not enough space?*21:31
jpdsozzloy: Use useradd?21:32
jpdsozzloy: But note that it's more lower-level.21:32
ozzloyuseradd doesn't create a home dir21:32
shambatmiksd, yeah it says I cant install cause of no space :21:32
ozzloyhow do i create home dir with /etc/skel and such21:32
ozzloyi could do that too21:32
miksddelte manually some stuff from boot then21:32
KatsumeBliskozzloy: You can just hit enter and skip those prompts21:32
KatsumeBliskozzloy: For example, I don't give it a room number because it's pointless for me.21:32
miksdthen do -f install and then remove unused kernels with apt-get21:32
ozzloyKatsumeBlisk, that's not a solution21:33
shambatmiksd, what files are safe to delete from there?21:33
ozzloyKatsumeBlisk, i need the process to happen unattended21:33
ozzloythanks though21:33
jpdsKatsumeBlisk: I think he's trying to automate it by not making it interactive.21:33
ozzloyjpds, it looks like there are options for the home dir21:33
ozzloyso that's cool21:33
* ozzloy gives that a shot21:33
miksduse useradd21:33
shambatmiksd, http://dpaste.com/1063952/21:34
jpdsmiksd: That's what I said. ;-)21:34
KatsumeBliskjpds: ozzloy ahh. useradd is your option then. just make a script to make a home dir, etc.21:34
miksdjpds: sorry ;o21:34
KatsumeBliskozzloy: I thought you were just trying to not fill in those spots in the process.21:34
shambatmiksd, all the vmlinuz* files except the one I'm using?21:35
ubuntuaddicteddoes a hard drive UUID change from motherboard to motherboard or is it tied to the hard drive?21:36
miksdshambat: delete some older initrd.img21:37
zykotick9ubuntuaddicted: should be tied to HD21:37
miksdthen after you have installed new kernel remember to remove those deleted kernels with apt-get too21:38
shinigamiryukwhy is jupiter not supported in kernel 3.821:39
shinigamiryukany alternatives that I may use21:39
bekksWhat jupiter, besides a planet?21:39
ubuntuaddictedzykotick9, well, it's very important because I am changing out motherboard, cpu and ram of my server and things need be mounted back in the right place and i wasn't sure if the hard drive partitions UUID will stay the same21:40
shinigamiryukJupiter applet21:40
enigmuriaticis it a known problem that Ubuntu wifi is horribly inconsistent on spotty school networks?21:40
bekksshinigamiryuk: What is it?21:40
enigmuriaticit makes Ubuntu unusable when I'm at college21:40
Liam-awayenigmuriatic: does it do it on other networks aswell?21:40
Liam-awayenigmuriatic: ones that aren't on school grounds, that is.21:40
shinigamiryukI used it to set the laptop to power savings mode to reduce overheating21:41
enigmuriaticLiam-away, i don't remember having problems on my home wifi21:41
OerHeksubuntuaddicted, it is a random number, tied to the HDD > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universally_unique_identifier21:41
wilee-nileeenigmuriatic, I had no problems at the college I attended.21:41
Liam-awayenigmuriatic: it is probably the colleges filter or blocking system21:42
enigmuriaticour network has a reputation for being a little bloated and iffy with connections (although it's reasonably fast otherwise)21:42
enigmuriaticthings like Android phones work though, you'd think it'd be fine21:42
zykotick9ubuntuaddicted: honestly, i think LABELS make a lot more sense then using UUIDs - but both will stay the same.21:42
Liam-awayenigmuriatic: if you traffic all your connections through ssh, or a vpn that is relatively fast, then you can bypass most of that21:42
Noskcajeverytime i try to branch something i get this error, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5719998/21:43
Liam-awayenigmuriatic: i do it at school. normal connection 300kbps, tunneled through ssh (ubuntu server), 15mb21:43
shambatmiksd, new error: http://dpaste.com/1063967/21:43
enigmuriaticmy server works fine21:44
shinigamiryukhow to lower overheating in ubuntu 12.1021:44
enigmuriaticit's just connected my laptop booted to ubuntu directly that doesn't work well21:44
bekksshinigamiryuk: Clean your fan in first instance.21:44
deadweaselhello friendly linux users.  how is everybody today?21:45
shinigamiryukjust got is replaced with a new one temperature lowered by 5-6 degrees but still the core temperature is 68 degrees which is way too high21:45
Liam-awayenigmuriatic: the thing that would be slowing down your connection is either a crappy router they use, or the fact that their filter cant keep up/has low pings21:46
zykotick9deadweasel: if you have an ubuntu support question - you should ask it.  general "chat" is in #ubuntu-offtopic.21:46
RalliasHi. I'm trying to get recordmydesktop to record the audio from skype and need both my microphone and my speakers... how would I go about this?21:46
deadweaselzykotick9: how do you change arguments for a launcher in 12.04 unity 3d?21:46
sybiani got  aprpblem21:46
deadweasellike, i want to start a program with command line arguemtns, but I want them automatically run when I click the button21:47
sybiani can't run videos on ubuntu, i got a few wmv videos encoded from howrd stern, they wont work21:47
Dr_willisdeadweasel,  make a new .desktop file for the app/launcher you want. would be the normal way i think21:47
tgm4883sybian, don't use WMV videos (yuck)21:47
zykotick9deadweasel: ask again, without my nic at the front.  "i" have NO idea, but the channel might (including my nick makes other think we are "talking")21:47
sybiantgm4883, : so if i follow your advise i should not even use mp321:48
deadweaselmy bad zykotick921:48
zykotick9deadweasel: the Dr. to the rescue ;)21:48
tgm4883sybian, I'm pretty confident I didn't say anything about MP3, but let me check21:48
sybiani want to show howard stern and is there a way to watch them?21:48
deadweaselDr_willis: the usual way?  I just right clicked, empty document, called it app.desktop.21:48
sybianmaybe a player21:48
tgm4883grep -i mp3 "<tgm4883> sybian, don't use WMV videos (yuck)"21:49
tgm4883sybian, nope, no mp3 in there21:49
sybiantgm4883, : you are a very cute human, mp3 is proprietary so wmv is it21:49
tgm4883sybian, wmv can have all sorts of encoding oddities, where did you get them?21:50
zykotick9sybian: do you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?21:50
sybianfrom usenet21:50
sybianunrestricted extras? no21:50
sybianwhhere to get those unrelicted extras?21:51
tgm4883usenet? bleh21:51
Dr_willisyou need to determine the codec of the videos in the wmv file. its possible its using some unsupported on linux codec21:51
Dr_willis!info ubuntu-restricted-extras21:51
ubottuubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages for Ubuntu. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 57 (quantal), package size 2 kB, installed size 30 kB21:51
Juicyhey, enyone can help me with GAMESS form Gordon?21:51
deadweaselDr_willis: I have created .desktop file, but I'm not sure what o do from there...21:52
deadweaseldon't see anyting in MyUnity either21:52
Dr_willisdeadweasel,  take an existing .desktop file as an example and copy it and alter it as needed21:52
Dr_willisfor example gedit.desktop21:52
deadweaselcool, i will locate and edit, thankd Dr_willis !21:52
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Guest36002I don't know how to put pics in the "photo" section of Ubuntu One. I can get them in the "files". Does anyone know how?21:55
=== Liam-away is now known as Liam-
hairyman89Hey all21:58
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
karen_I don't know how to put pics in the "photo' section of Ubunto One. I've put some in via the fi"file".22:02
Dr_willisthere is the #ubuntu-one channel, im not on ubuntu so cant really say how.. I thought you just dragg/dropped them into the Ubuntu One/photos directory22:03
karen_sorry for the studdering there. ha22:03
=== human is now known as Guest8930
karen_I tried dragging and dropping photos. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.22:04
RageRiotis it worth updating pulse audio? I've had a few issues. crackling when skype is producing sound and my volume control has disapeared.22:05
karen_how do you put photos in the photo section of Ubuntu One?22:06
OerHekskaren_, i am not sure because i do not use U1, maybe you need to make an album in photo's first?22:07
karen_uhhh humm don't know how to do that either. sorry22:07
=== Guest8930 is now known as sybian
Exia0108After adding a user to the ubuntu server, how do you specify which folders in the server they can view?22:08
Dr_willisit would depend on the permissions set on the various directories Exia010822:09
Dr_willis!permissions | Exia010822:09
ubottuExia0108: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions22:09
karen_Does anyone else know how to use Ubuntu One? How do you put pics in the photo section. I already have a couple in through the file, but would like to put some in the photo section.22:10
Dr_willishttps://one.ubuntu.com/photos/   works for me karen_  but im on windows right now. ;)22:11
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karen_how does it work for you, Dr_willis/22:12
GammaXhow can I determine if my new parallel port I installed is being seen by ubuntu22:12
karen_oh sorry didn't see your https. thanks!22:12
Dr_williskaren_,  i just have my phone set to auto upload pics.. its sending everything to a directory under the photos cataory here.22:12
zykotick9karen_: there is an #ubuntuone channel as well.22:13
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OerHeksGammaX, dmesg | grep tty  or dmesg | egrep --color 'serial|ttyS'22:14
OerHekslast one is compact, only devices.22:15
ddssshow to install ubuntu from usb-drive?22:17
ddssshow would I put iso onto usb drive?22:18
ddsssCan I just dd it over?22:18
zykotick9ddsss: yes, to the root of the drive, NO partition number!  so dd to sdb for example.22:19
ddssszykotick9: dd if=iso.iso of=/dev/sdb22:19
ddssszykotick9: right?22:19
Dr_willispendrivelinux site has tools to make live-usb flash drives also.. then theres the official ubuntu tools for the same job22:19
zykotick9ddsss: well, teh of part is correct (assuming sdb is the right drive!)22:19
Dr_willisdont get the /dev/sdX wrong with dd.22:19
shambatI have a strange dependency issue. I'm trying to run apt-get upgrade, but I'm getting errors: http://dpaste.com/1064018/22:20
shambatit seems like it wants to install a version that doesnt exist22:20
kyrre_hi guys i think i have problems w/ my display resolution and the nvidia graphics driver. Nvdia Server settings says its 1400x1050 but i think its 1280x1024!!!22:21
=== rar_rar is now known as rar_rar_AFK
ddssszykotick9: hmm. the problem s - I did that. and ubuntu boots to the screen where u select 'download updated during install' and when I click next - install hangs22:22
karen_o.k. I see it works. It just says, "you have some hidden albums", but they are there in "Photos" in Ubuntu one. Thanks22:22
zykotick9ddsss: option 1) verify MD5 sum of ISO image you are using, option 2) it's a bug.22:23
karen_humm I'll have to see Ubuntu One channel.22:23
ddssszykotick9: hmm. interesting. for some reason UNPLUGGIN network cable made it go further and actually install things... weird..22:24
karen_o.k. what is ubuntu one channel?22:24
ddssszykotick9: thanks nyway:)22:25
minetapeHey, you remember me, right? I'm trying to use startup disk creator but when i click make startup disk, it freezes, then after about 30 sec it goes gray, then it crashes saying "installation failed"22:27
zykotick9kyrre_: in a terminal try "xrandr" what does it say?22:27
karen_If I want to put some pics from flickr, let's say, into ubuntu one photo section, how do I do that?22:28
mnackhey could anyone explain to me what an hdmedia installation is?22:28
mnackusing unetbootin, e.g.22:28
kyrre_http://pastebin.com/s8sgSN2n, thx, zykotick922:28
mnacklike vs a net install22:28
karen_And what if I have some on my camera I hook into my computer and want to put pics into the photo section of ubuntu one, how do I do that?22:29
zykotick9kyrre_: sorry, i don't visit pastebin.com, if you repast to paste.ubuntu.com i'll look at it.22:29
Dr_willisUbuntu one can sync any folder in your home. or just copy stuiff to the Ubuntu One Folder22:30
zykotick9kyrre_: but what does it say for the current resolution?22:30
minetapeanyone here to help?22:30
kyrre_zykotick9, is there a reasonable reason for this, w8 of corese...22:30
minetapedid you see my question?22:31
kyrre_http://paste.ubuntu.com/5720107/, zykotick9 this is what xandr says22:31
mnack"anyone here to help"?22:31
zykotick9kyrre_: a "reasonable reason" not to see crappy advertisements, and get mangled output.  yes, i think there is...  i don't understand "w8 of corese..."22:31
minetapeHey, you remember me, right? I'm trying to use startup disk creator but when i click make startup disk, it freezes, then after about 30 sec it goes gray, then it crashes saying "installation failed"22:31
gomikeHow can I disable Bluetooth from starting up when I boot?22:31
mnackuh, "herru"??.....22:32
minetapehello in a japanese accent :P22:32
mnackno i know22:32
minetape(south park)22:32
kvothetechgomike: remove it from your default init22:32
mnackis that the question you're referring to22:32
zykotick9kyrre_: so 1400 x 1050 IS your current resolution, what where you expecting?22:32
mnacki've got a question22:32
Dr_willisgomike,  theres some /etc/xdg-autostart directory that starts up some things when you LOGIN. if on BOOT theres the various upstart services you can configure/disable22:32
FloodBot1mnack: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:32
mnackdid you see mine22:32
kvothetechgomike: remove support in your kernel...compile with -bluetooth....22:32
kyrre_zykotick9, *wait, of course (ill be pasting it on paste.ubuntu). M<y screen sometimes switches on and of as if itd be changing the disp. resolution22:32
minetapeno i didnt22:32
carreraHello Everyone!  :)22:32
Dr_willisrecompiling the kernel to disalbe bluetooth is a little extreme. ;)22:32
carrerais 13.04 an LTS version too?22:33
Dr_williscarrera,  no22:33
kvothetechDr_willis: lol it'll be off if it can't possibly turn it on :)22:33
mnackcould anyone here please inform me as to the difference between ubuntu netinstall and hdmedia installations?22:33
minetapehey dr_willis can you help me?22:33
zykotick9Dr_willis: more then a little i'd say ;)22:33
carreraDr_willis, thanks. Are LTS editions released every 2 years then?22:33
Dr_williscarrera,  i think 14.04 is the next lts.22:34
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)22:34
Dr_willisI rarely worry about lts or not. ;)22:34
kyrre_zykotick9, i cant get away with the feeling that the driver is glitching. how can i make sure evrything is alright?22:34
CroomeHey, I have a problem. I have ubuntu 13.04 and I use xrdp, because of a bug I need to edit keyboard shortcuts in gconf-editor in metacity, but in 13.04 metacity is gone and I can't seem to find where to edit those keyboard shortcuts. Any ideas?22:35
Dr_willis!find dconf-editor22:35
ubottuFile dconf-editor found in app-install-data, dconf-tools, libdconf-doc22:35
mnackcan anyone help me i just have a simple question about the different versions22:35
Dr_willisI thought gconf-editor got replaced by dconf-editor22:36
mnackshouldn't be too tough22:36
Croomeohh so I should use that instead?22:36
Dr_willisIm not even sure gconf-editor exists in 12.04+22:36
Dr_willis!find gconf-editor22:36
ubottuFound: gconf-editor22:36
Dr_willisguess it does. ;)22:36
zykotick9kyrre_: if you use propritary nvidia, expect good performance - but unexpected results ;)  i used propritary nvidia for a long time, it's great for gaming etc.  but bad for freedom / stability IMO.  are you SURE you are using the right driver for your card (1st thing to verify for sure)22:36
mnacknetinstall vs hdmedia. using unetbootin. can anyone shine some light22:38
Dr_willisive never heard the term 'hdmedia' befor mnack22:38
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate22:38
mnackwell shit22:38
Dr_willisnetinstall - a tiny cd that downloads most everything from the internet as it installs22:38
mnackcuriouser and curiouser22:38
mnackoh ok22:39
jmnozis it possible to "sleep" individual monitors on a dual monitor system?22:39
mnackand hdmedia?22:39
Croomestill... where do I find keyboard shortcuts in dconf-editor?22:39
Dr_willisive never heard the term 'hdmedia' referd to by any ubuntu iso/images/versions mnack22:39
zykotick9Dr_willis: debian uses that term22:40
mnackand live is the desktop version..?22:40
Dr_willisLive is the normal desktop version.22:40
GammaX-2ok so i think I got my parallel port card installed b ut I cant find the address to point my program at it...22:41
zykotick9technically, debian uses hd-media...22:41
Croomeyayy found it thank you22:41
peyujmnoz what do you mean by "sleep" ?22:42
jmnozpeyu: make it go dork22:44
jmnoz*dark :)22:44
jmnozlike a black screensaver I guess22:45
jmnozwhich can be toggled22:45
kyrre_zykotick9 are u still there?22:45
jmnozfor individual screens22:45
carreraI've a laptop with an Nvidia GPU and 2 SanDisk 480 GB SSDs.  I'm currently running 12.04 with Gnome Classic. The drives are RAID 022:45
=== Guest93709 is now known as Red_M
peyujmnoz: I don't think you can turn off only one monitor if you're using 2 in dual view, you have to "unextend" in settings > display22:45
carreraI don't like Unity and zeitgeist. Can I configure RAID 0 with xubuntu?22:46
carreraor does it have to be the alternate or server editions for RAID22:46
jmnozpeyu: that's a shame, it's needlessly disruptive22:47
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:48
jmnozpeyu: someone suggested using a black fullscreen image on one screen. It's a bit sad I might have to resort to that :)22:48
peyujmnoz: well if you're using only one monitor, then just turn on the other in dsplay settings22:48
deitarionDoes anyone know how to disconnect the numlock LED from the numlock modifier in X11 so I don't have to choose between having a numeric keypad and remaining un-blinded by an eye-searingly bright blue light? (Or at least reliably trigger that X11 bug which causes the light to indicate that numlock is OFF rather than on)22:49
carreraDr_willis, I have an nVidia GPU and 2 x 480 GB SSDs that I want to config with RAID0. I also don't like Unity and zeitgeist. Which is the best edition for me?22:50
jmnozpeyu: say I'm watching a movie on one screen (external from laptop). I'd like to be able to blank the laptop monitor but easily be able to pop in to look something up and then go back to dark laptop monitor again22:50
zykotick9kyrre_: am now ;)22:50
ozzloyi'm trying to make byobu start with irssi as per the instructions here: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/quantal/en/man1/byobu.1.html#contenttoc6 but they seem to be ignored22:51
zykotick9ozzloy: my recommendation, forget byobu, and just use tmux directly for multiplexing.  YMMV.22:51
peyujmnoz: in this case maybe the only thing to do is to set a black desktop background22:51
kyrre_zykotick9, cant get rid of the feeling that nvidia-96 is glitching. "no video mode activated" or sth similar is displayed when im booting, then the display get on and of like three time when i log into the gnome-classic session on 12.0422:52
GammaX-2can someone please help me find the address of the parrallel port I just installed?22:52
carreradoes 13.04 desktop support RAID or do I still have to go with alternate?22:54
jmnozpeyu: yeah maybe22:54
zykotick9kyrre_: nvidia-96, you've got an old card.  expect issues.  I've personally had close to 0 success rate using those drivers.  i hope you have better luck them me!22:54
mnackso netinstall vs live? on an acer aspire one netbook, via unetbootin/usb install22:54
kyrre_zykotick, oops, sorry version is nvidia 304.88. running a nvdia wuadro fx 1500.....22:55
kyrre_zykotick9, oops, sorry version is nvidia 304.88. running a nvdia wuadro fx 1500....96 was the first driver i used  when i hooked myself on linux back then...22:56
zykotick9kyrre_: lol - that's a much different story then ;)  BUT i've never had a quadro card.22:56
zykotick9anyone, isn't nvidia 310 the new one, helped by steam?22:57
kyrre_zykotick9, for example when i watch a video and goes to fullscrenn the display "blinks" (on&off) for quic, this is starnge didnt have these things in 10.0422:57
zykotick9kyrre_: honestly, 10.04 was the last ubuntu i used myself...  that was "solid", everything after is... not IMO (YMMV or in this case, not)22:59
zykotick9kyrre_: i hope someone else in the channel can help you, best of luck.  i'm off.23:00
kyrre_YMMV? are u sing mint now? i loved 10.04, but wanted updates which will be running out end of this month23:00
kyrre_Your mileage may vary"23:00
zykotick9kyrre_: i'd say mint is worse then ubuntu, so no i don't use that (I also don't use arch ;)23:00
zykotick9kyrre_: yes, Your Mileage May Vary ;)23:01
kyrre_zykotick9, so what are u suggesting/using/ dont u wanna say be4 going off .)23:01
deitarionFigured it out. Basically, if anything uses XTest to press NumLock, the virtual XTEST keyboard LED changes state but the NumLock flag change bubbles up to the virtual master keyboard... so all I have to do to get the behaviour I want is run this on login --> "numlockx off; xdotool key Num_Lock"23:01
zykotick9kyrre_: i'm sorry, i don't have anything TO say....  but, best of luck.23:02
ddsschow does one update drivers for a specific piece of hw in ubuntu?23:02
kyrre_zykotick9, thx, have a good time23:02
zykotick9kyrre_: sorry, just empashizing "to", my bad.23:02
wilee-nileeddssc, To vague name the hw23:02
OerHekskyrre_, according to the first answer @ http://askubuntu.com/questions/153915/how-to-install-drivers-for-nvidia-geforce-fx-5200-on-precise your quadro fx 1500 needs the 173 driver, not 96 ?23:02
zykotick9OerHeks: FTW ;)  kyrre_23:03
kyrre_OerHeks, yes i think this is the one installed but the server settings say  version 304.8823:04
kyrre_zykotick9  FTW ;) paece23:04
MDandreaHello everybody, i'm still having a problem with my graphics in ubuntu 12.04 when I open some applications  the screen gets kinda scrambled, anyone have a idea on how to fix that, my video card is a nVidia 6100 nforce 40523:07
zykotick9kyrre_: see MDandrea above ;)  best of luck to both of you.23:09
kyrre_MDandrea, welcome to my club !!!23:10
MDandreakyrre_, on Nvidia too?23:11
MDandreakyrre_, when I installed the Nvidia driver from the site, it worked for a while, but from nowhere it's stopped working, and i wasn't even able to log in unity3d, but if you thing it's worth a shot you could try the driver from the website23:17
OerHekskyrre_, MDandrea the correct driver answer is in this post > http://askubuntu.com/questions/164054/correct-way-to-install-nvidia-173-driver-on-ubuntu-12-04 2nd answer  "sudo apt-get install nvidia-173-updates"23:18
OerHeksdo not use the driver from the site, you won't get updates and your system may brak on a kernel update23:18
MDandrea0erHeks, Thank you, I'll see if it works23:21
MDandrea0erHeks, i think that's not the bug i'm having, cause i can install the drivers, it just don't run as desirable23:23
kyrre_help, i cannot move my windows anymore after playing around in compiz!23:23
Ari-Yangkyrre_, restore compiz default?23:24
OerHeksMDandrea, xorg is improving, leaving older cards with less functions behind. this 173-update driver is the latest improvements to make it run on xorg 1.13, this is all i know.23:24
kyrre_Ari-Yang, didnt work, dint save setting before, now i unistalled but still no window movement...23:25
Pici!ot | cummins123:25
ubottucummins1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:25
Ari-YangI'm not sure then...23:26
clicker4721It would be much appreciated if someone that is familiar with UEFI could help me with installing Ubuntu on my laptop.23:26
MDandrea0erHeks, thanks a lot man, maybe when MIR comes out it'll works fine?23:26
clicker4721Is anybody well-practiced with navigating UEFI that would help me out with installation? Preferably via PMs.23:28
cummins1join #ubuntu-offtopic23:28
nashantHi guys. I need to install a package from quantal on precise. Is it possible?23:28
cummins1i suck23:28
clicker4721Oh, darn. I thought this was for support...23:29
clicker4721I'll check off-topic, thanks.23:29
n-iCehow can I test if my mic works? console23:29
ozzloyat the top of /etc/profile i have export XDG_CONFIG_HOME="${HOME}/.config" and yet when i create a new user and log in as it, it's not in env.  how do i set an environment variable system wide?23:30
clicker4721What? No. Off-topic is not for support.23:30
OerHeksnashant, we would not advise that, enable backports to see if your package is available.23:31
OerHeks!uefi | cllicker see this manual23:31
ubottucllicker see this manual: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI23:31
fabianahi there23:32
nashant0erHeks: Apparently the blktap-dkms package is broken for precise on kernels 3.3+, but the quantal one works great23:32
nashantOerHecks, I mean23:33
fabianai have a problem with flash player on my 12.10 ubuntu... video on chrome doesn't run23:33
clicker4721@ubottu I've been through the manuals. No dice.23:35
clicker4721...that's a bot, isn't it? Figures.23:35
ozzloywtf.  if i add XDG_CONFIG_HOME="${HOME}/.config" to /etc/environment the string leaves "${HOME}" literally23:35
ozzloywhat's the recommended way to set XDG_CONFIG_HOME system-wide?23:36
OerHeksnashant, then i think backports do not solve your issue, maybe you want to upgrade to 12.10 or 13.04 when it comes out @ 25th april23:36
jrib!environment | ozzloy23:37
jribozzloy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables23:37
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clicker4721Has anybody successfully installed Ubuntu on a system with UEFI? 'Cuz I could sure use some help with that facet.23:38
jribozzloy: is there a reason you want to define that by the way?23:38
jribOerHeks: ~/.config is the value used if you don't set XDG_CONFIG_HOME, so there's not much reason to set it to ~/.config as far as I can tell23:39
ozzloyjrib, that's the recommended value, and if it's set, then byobu uses it for its config files and i want to minimize the number of .files in "${HOME}" for ... elegance23:40
ozzloyaesthetic reasons, i guess23:41
clicker4721Need some help with installing on a system with UEFI.23:44
clicker4721I've tried my hardest to decipher the advice on the Ubuntu site.23:44
clicker4721No dice.23:44
nariciao a tutti23:45
ozzloyjrib, if it's not set, then byobu uses ~/.byobu23:46
wilee-nileeclicker4721, The ubuntu forums has the best support with uefi at this time.23:47
carrerahow can I install ubuntu 13.04 with JUST Gnome2 or MATE?23:47
carrerawithout Unity and zeitgeist23:47
Questis there a software that (irrespective of OS. windows or linux) can show all the desktops of clients in the server app (in one screen with small mini screens of clients )at the server and the person at server can even control the mouse or keyboard of clients after selecting one?23:48
wilee-nileecarrera, #ubuntu+1 is the 13.04 channel until release. ;)23:48
carrerawilee-nilee, thank u sir. didn't know that!  :)23:48
dcw329hey, what would be a good room to get help with working on vsftpd?23:49
carrerawilee-nilee, cool name. What about #ubuntu+0.06 or #ubuntu++?23:50
dcw329is anyone in the room?23:50
carrera1702 people are!  :)23:50
dcw3291700 are not talking23:51
dcw329you wouldnt by any chance know of a good room to get help on ftp servers would you?23:51
wilee-nileedcw329, It is support not chat, many are idle. ;)23:51
carreradcw329, sorry, I don't!  :(23:51
carreradcw329, just asked on #ubuntu-offtopic for u23:53
carreradcw329, <Flannel> unless its a public server, just use sftp.23:54
dcw329well, i am working on a public server23:55
dcw329my problem is ive set up vsftpd, and i can read flies, but i cant write any to the server23:55
dcw329btw, its apparently alot harder than editing the conf file or changing permissions of the dir23:56
dcw329no idea why it has to be so difficult23:56
carreradcw329, try asking on #ubuntu-offtopic, bunch of nice guys there23:56
harrismy wifi works fine with all other os on my computer but it wont conect in ubuntu it just loads then ask for password again23:58
mporraswhat do people do here?23:58
jribmporras: ask and answer ubuntu support questions23:58
byteit101I'm been having some issues with horizontal streaking on 12.04 and intel graphics. 10.10 worked fine. Happens near swapout and ACPI? events (Launching VM's, hibernation, sleeping, etc)23:58
byteit101any ideas?23:59
mporrasgreat, thank you23:59
byteit101i've tried the bios settings, but no luck23:59
ubottuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com23:59
harristhere mpkossen23:59
byteit101and again, 10.10 worked fine23:59
Flannelcarrera: please dont crosspost, and please dont suggest people go to -offtopic for support, thanks.23:59

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