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smartboyhwzequence: You started working on the S blueprints?11:29
zequencesmartboyhw: Yes. Sorry for all the mail11:35
zequenceI should have subscribed teams last11:36
smartboyhwzequence: No worries, just asking:)11:37
zequenceI'm also starting planning for 14.0411:45
smartboyhwzequence: Whoo hoo!11:49
smartboyhwzequence: One strange thing: We still don't have a codename for S.11:51
zequencesmartboyhw: It will be decided around the release for 13.0411:51
zequenceThe names for the blueprints can be changed, so there's no worry11:51
zequenceIf needed..11:51
smartboyhwzequence: Em the Ubuntu Foundations Team are already feeling strange that the codename isn't out out.11:52
smartboyhws/out out/out yet/11:52
kubotusmartboyhw meant: "zequence: Em the Ubuntu Foundations Team are already feeling strange that the codename isn't out yet."11:52
smartboyhwClearly that might be a possible solution for sabdfl to start rolling by simply not naming S:P11:53
zequenceWell, I can only plan for what I know. I would be surprised if they decided on a rolling release post 13.04, after all that has been said11:55
zequenceI'm more leaning on that possibility after 14.0411:55
smartboyhwzequence: +111:55
smartboyhwzequence: So the number of blueprints in S will be = to R?12:18
zequencesmartboyhw: I haven't counted12:20
zequenceThe categories are a little different this time12:20
smartboyhwzequence: By how?12:20
zequenceI'm focusing a bit more on the actual packages we have12:20
DarkErai don't know what update caused it but on the 13.04 the fan of my videocard keeps spinning very high. Checking the temperature in nvidia-settings showed it starts with 70°C and went up to 78°C. The normal temperature should be between 66°C and 68°C14:51
DarkErai removed the driver and switched back to nouveau but have the same result14:52
holsteinDarkEra: try the older kernel14:52
DarkEraholstein, i did try that, same result14:53
DarkErai'm back on 12.04 on my dual boot machine14:53
DarkEracould this be Xorg related?14:53
holsteinDarkEra: its unreleased software.. could be anything14:54
holsteinDarkEra: is the install still there?14:54
DarkErai know, just trying to help with testing and solve the issue :)14:55
DarkErawhat install, 13.04?14:55
holsteinDarkEra: yes.. is the installation still there?14:55
DarkErayes, i have it on another partition for testing14:55
holsteini would do a few things... one thing.. consider just waiting and upgrading again after asking about it in #ubuntu+114:56
holsteinanother option.. force the vesa driver in a custom xorg.conf14:56
holsteinalso, boot the generic kernel ... using the generic kernel puts this upstream of ubuntustudio... meaning, if you are not booting our kernel, then this is not an ubuntustudio specific issue14:57
holsteinthat would be good, since i think it would be more likely to get attention14:57
zequencexserver got updated 8th of April. you can see the changes, by doing: apt-get changelog xserver-common14:57
DarkEraok, i'll look into that later on the evening14:58
zequenceDarkEra: Is this a laptop?14:59
holsteincould be hardware related14:59
holsteinis it "acting" like that from other installs? or live CD's?14:59
zequenceDarkEra: First thing I would do is make sure you don't have dust in your fan outtake. Open the back, blow through the fan outtake - even if it looks clean. 14:59
zequenceDarkEra: Just make sure to open the back before you blow15:00
DarkEra12.04 is working fine holstein, i'm on that now15:00
zequenceholstein: We've had other reports saying newer releases make HW warmer15:00
holsteingreat... nvidia zequence ? or accross the board?15:00
zequenceI do think however that the amount of increase is pretty steep, and would feel more comfortable in making it a real issue, if I was sure there wasn't dust involved15:01
zequenceDarkEra: My15:01
zequenceholstein: Seems to affect at least AMD and Nvidia so far15:01
DarkErathis problem occured after i pulled in the latest updates 30 minutes ago15:01
holsteinzequence: it wont hurt to blow out some dust.. it can only be helpful15:01
holsteinDarkEra: ^^15:01
zequenceDarkEra: My experience of dust is that it makes a gigantic difference removing it15:01
DarkErai'll be right back, wife needs me for a few minutes15:02
holsteinit does.. i have had quite a few machines that would overheat to the point of failure.. blow them out, and they work again15:02
zequenceYeah. Like new from the factory15:03
zequencetime to go home. bb in a couple of hours 15:03
DarkEragonna have a look at the fan, bbl15:04
smartboyhw_Hello ttoine15:40
smartboyhw_ttoine: madeinkobaia made some merchandise art in the Ubuntu Studio Art bzr branch I think. 15:43
smartboyhw_Hey DarkEra, glad to see you joining the LP teams:)15:51
DarkErathanks smartboyhw_  :)15:52
DarkErai guess some people got a bit upset after you shared my wallpaper on G+... lol15:53
smartboyhw_DarkEra: May I ask who?!15:53
DarkErai guess the fuduntu peeps15:53
smartboyhw_DarkEra: Sorry there:(15:54
DarkEraall of the sudden i got my old hostmask/cloak back, they wanted to give me a fuduntu/member cloak first when i announced i would leave15:55
DarkErasmartboyhw_, no worries15:55
DarkEranothing has been said to me so it's all cool :)15:55
smartboyhw_DarkEra: :)15:56
DarkErabbl, food15:57
DarkErahi there ttoine 15:57
smartboyhw_ttoine: Meet DarkEra!15:58
ttoineso, it is definitive: we have the right to create a spreadshirt shop. Both Canonical and Spreadshirt legal dpt agree15:58
ttoinehi DarkEra 15:58
ttoinenice to meet you15:58
smartboyhw_ttoine: Whoa15:58
DarkEralikewise ttoine :)15:58
smartboyhw_ttoine: DarkEra is a new contributor to Ubuntu Studio.15:58
DarkEragonna have some food now, will be back soonish15:59
smartboyhw_He is actually originally a Fuduntu Team member15:59
ttoinewas hard with canonical... I had to explain a lot of stuf, etc...15:59
ttoinebut eventually, I did it!15:59
* ttoine is very proud of that !!!15:59
smartboyhw_ttoine: Phew thanks!!!!!!!!!15:59
dtchenttoine: nice!15:59
ttoinefubuntu ? what is fubuntu ?15:59
smartboyhw_ttoine: Fuduntu sorry;P16:00
smartboyhw_It is a Fedora clone with GNOME 216:00
ttoinesmartboyhw_, a link please ?16:00
smartboyhw_ttoine: Don't care about it, Fuduntu Linux will die in 30 Sep.16:00
smartboyhw_die = EOL16:00
smartboyhwSorry I left.16:02
smartboyhwStupid wi-fi on my GALAXY Pocket16:02
smartboyhwttoine: You got the message about the merchandise artwork from madeinkobaia?16:04
ttoineI was hoping to find it here16:05
smartboyhwttoine: There isn't16:05
ttoineI was very busy at work16:05
ttoineto find him16:06
smartboyhwttoine: Check out the artwork in ~ubuntustudio-art 's bzr branch16:07
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ttoinesmartboyhw_, could you give me the link ? i don't use bzr at the moment16:21
smartboyhw_ttoine… erm wait16:22
smartboyhw_ttoine: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-art/ubuntustudio-resources/art/files16:30
smartboyhw_Not sure if it is FULLY completed though16:30
ttoinesmartboyhw_, there is no directory for merchandise...16:33
ttoineI will try to spend more time on the chat16:33
ttoineand chat with him16:33
smartboyhw_ttoine: Try to do some e-mail conversation.16:34
ttoinesmartboyhw_, ok16:45
zequencettoine: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-art/ubuntustudio-resources/art/files/head:/ON-AIR/16:59
ttoinezequence, thanks17:09
ttoineI just need the files without the shirts ;-)17:09
zequencettoine: We're not printing any shirts yet17:10
zequencettoine: We first need to make up the design17:10
zequencettoine: This is still work in progress17:11
ttoinethis is not t-shirt design ?17:11
ttoineah ok17:11
DarkEragood evening madeinkobaia :)17:33
DarkErattoine was here and said he'll be back later 17:34
DarkEralooks like you got a go for the wenbshop and shirts17:34
zequencemadeinkobaia: You may have noticed that I put some blueprints up for 13.10 and 14.0417:36
zequencemadeinkobaia: You are free to add to them. I'm thinking our main goal is 14.04, and 13.10 is more of a rehersal for that. Also, there's no pressure to be finished with anything for 13.10. 17:38
* DarkEra is dreaming about 14.04 already17:39
zequencemadeinkobaia: Since you work with art, maybe you have some knowledge about graphics applications? Would be nice if you could also have a look at our -graphics meta, to see if we are providing a good choice of apps, and if we have enough extras, like fonts, brushes, or anything like that.17:39
zequencemadeinkobaia: About the meta, or the "workflow", I will prepare similar workitems for all workflows. But, I thought maybe you'd be suitable for taking care of graphics17:41
zequenceIf we can't get other people involved, we need to share the workload on doing the same for -audio, -video, -photography, and -puplishing as well17:42
zequenceSome require more work than others17:42
madeinkobaiadarkera : hello, thanks for the info, I contacted ttoine by mail.17:49
madeinkobaiazequence : Hi, no problems I will check all that : )17:50
madeinkobaiazequence : I added a working note for the webshop project, feel free to take a look on it.17:51
zequenceI'll check it out17:51
madeinkobaiazequence : still for the webshop, I will put online on monday few propositions who will include your last remarks. I contacted ttoine and waiting his remarks too.17:54
Len-nbzequence, smartboyhw_ when is release day?20:40
zequenceLen-nb: April 25th21:03
zequenceRC should be out today21:04
len-1304Good, just reading it says Final freeze today.21:07
len-1304Testing tracker doesn't have an RC though21:07
zequenceWe also have our own, slimmed down version https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/DevelopmentReleaseSchedule21:11
len-1304The first one is really hard to read towards the end with orange on red.21:12
len-1304So should we expect a respin for RC? or will they just rename the daily.21:18
zequenceI think the RC will pop up as soon as they're ready to build it21:20
zequenceHaven't followed the QA procedure, so no idea how that works with RC21:20
zequencesmartboyhw_: ^21:20
DarkErai hope it isn't the current ubuntu iso they release as RC, i wanted to have a look but couldn't get the unity desktop loaded on the laptop with the nvidia graphics card. Compiz failed21:24
DarkEraworks fine though on the netbook21:25
DarkEraintel card^21:25
zequenceI'll probably get Intel graphic for my next machine21:26
DarkEranice :)21:27
zequenceMakes sense, since they write their own drivers, and they are FLOSS21:27
DarkErathrought the years i used linux i got the impression that intel and linux work really great with each other. I had a Packard Bell laptop before and never had any issues21:29
DarkEramost of the stuff was intel in there21:30
DarkEratoo bad it died on me after 3 years21:30
zequenceIntel is one of the main contributors to the Linux kernel, and my impression is that they will sometimes even add support for hardware not yet on the market21:31
zequenceI would guess most of their work is in making drivers for their products21:31
zequenceOr, add new features, as for their CPUs21:31
* DarkEra takes a note.... when buying a desktop pc make sure Intel stuff is in there21:32
zequenceAMD should work too, as from what I've understood, they are quite open and providing info so free drivers can be made21:33
zequenceBut, it's not perfect IMO21:33
zequenceMost of it is Intel, but when you need top notch graphics, it's Nvidia21:34
DarkEradon't make me drool again.... i visit that site often21:34
zequenceFor a multimedia content creator, with no special need for extreme graphics, Intel should be fine21:34
DarkErayeah, think so too21:35
zequenceThey visited last physical UDS in Copenhagen. I was there. I think it was this one https://www.system76.com/laptops/model/gazp821:36
zequencePangolin Performance also has the same graphic chip21:36
zequenceFrom the information I got from them, it's enough for graphics production21:36
zequenceBut, I'm not an expert21:36
zequenceFantastic colors21:37
DarkErai want to have a chat with the guy from this 'shop' in the near future if his business continues: http://www.ubuntushop.be/index.php/ubuntu-desktop-computers.html21:37
DarkErathere's a pdf for download with more pc's they sell21:37
zequenceHe includes LCD screens, right?21:38
zequenceThe whole set, with keyboard, mouse, etc21:38
DarkErathat's indeed a nice laptop from system7621:38
zequenceThat considered, the price is not that bad21:38
DarkErayeah, i guess he does21:38
zequenceBut, otherwise, the components are a bit out of date21:39
DarkErabut i think only with those two on the website21:39
DarkErai have to look into the pdf to make sure21:39
DarkErafrom what i can tell only the two on the website come with a monitor. The rest is keyboard and mouse only21:41

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