SonikkuAmericaYou're D3n4riu5 aren't you01:27
zundsyes SonikkuAmerica01:28
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whoowhen removing kernels that have accumulated. is it a good idea to reove and not completely remove the previous kernel ? Just in cae it needs to be reinstalled ?04:21
whooRight now i still have 3.5.0-25 installed but have completely removed-17 -18 -19 -21 and -23. 3.5.0-27 is the current kernel04:24
whooShould I just dump -25  ?04:25
Unit193It's recommended to keep current, and one backup you know works.04:28
whooalright thanks...so I'll keep -25 then04:33
whooIs it the kernel update that screws up when your system goes bad for no (apparent) reason then ?04:34
whooThanks for the tip.....later04:36
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dreamy_hi ! could anyone please recomend me a good pc to be used with ubuntu studio  (so this means for music writing and production)17:00
zequencedreamy_: Depends on what you want to do17:01
zequenceAh, you said music production17:01
dreamy_zequence, i think its music production and or writing17:01
dreamy_soudn quality17:02
zequenceWell, you don't really need that much. The faster the CPU, the more FX you can have17:02
zequenceFor audio quality, all you need is an ok audio device17:02
dreamy_zequence, m-audio?>17:02
zequenceIf you're going to use a lot of samples, like big libraries, you'll need RAM17:02
zequence8 GB is more than enough for most people17:03
zequencedreamy_: USB, or PCI?17:03
dreamy_m audio is ok.. i know17:03
zequenceM-Audio, depends on which one17:03
dreamy_zequence, usb or pci? like how?17:03
zequenceThere are usb devices, PCI devices, PCI-E devices and firewire devices17:04
zequenceThe simplest, and cheapest is PCI17:04
dreamy_zequence, ok, but what pc should i buy ?17:04
zequenceM-Audio Delta series is quite good17:04
dreamy_could it be any ? with free slots?17:05
zequencedreamy_: Is it going to be a desktop PC?17:05
dreamy_yes indeed17:05
zequenceI usually build mine from scratch. And get my parts under 400$17:06
dreamy_im not thinking of building a pc :(17:06
zequenceFor music production, what I think is the absolutely most important thing is a silent computer, unless you are planning on having it in another room17:06
zequenceYou can easily fix the CPU fan, by just buying a new one, and they are quite cheap, but the power supply is a different problem17:07
zequenceThis is why I buy it in parts17:07
dreamy_i was in love with fuzitsu , but i didnt liked much what was on theyr web page17:07
dreamy_no im thinking about "hp:17:07
dreamy_"hp" computer17:08
zequenceThe brand doesn't matter. Only the componenets17:08
zequenceI would look for a silent computer, with a fairly good CPU. You don't need heavy graphics17:08
dreamy_zequence, yes , but that was if i where going to build a whole computer, but  i cant17:08
zequenceAs I said, the brand does not matter. The components do. No matter, if you are building it yourself or not17:09
dreamy_i understand17:09
zequenceI would stay away from brands that are too custom, which make it difficult to change parts later17:09
dreamy_whats even better then m-audio?17:09
zequenceAll cards that work, and are meant for audio production are good17:10
zequenceAll cards have different features. You'd want to choose a card that has the features you need17:11
zequenceLike mic amp, if you need that. Or instrument input, if that is important. If you need more than 2 channels, etc, etc17:11
zequencem-audio may not have the best mic amps. But, the difference between the cards of the same price range is very small17:12
zequenceIf you want better, it will cost a lot more17:13
zequencemost people would not hear the difference anyway17:13
zequenceBetter to start small, with quality products that work17:13
dreamy_zequence, this question is a bit offtopic(about what we where chatting)  .. do you think machintosh are good for my purposes?17:14
zequencedreamy_: Are you talking about OSX, or just the machine17:15
dreamy_zequence, whatever the machine can do, it doesnt got open source applications :( , i like those17:16
dreamy_i like linux17:16
zequencedreamy_: There's a difference between the actual machine, and the OS. This is why I ask, are you talking about OSX, or just the machine?17:16
zequenceIt is possible to install Linux on it, you know17:16
zequenceAnd this is the user channel for Ubuntu Studio, not OSX17:17
dreamy_i didnt know that, are you shure?17:17
zequenceYes, I'm very sure17:17
dreamy_and how is the actual machine?17:18
zequenceI'm being very subjective, by saying, I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy a Macintosh17:18
zequenceBut, that's up to you17:18
dreamy_zequence, for what main reason, shouldnt it be bought?17:18
zequenceThe machine is more or less like any other PC or laptop, only you usually pay more for the same componenents17:19
dreamy_and its not expandable... i think so17:19
SunStarhigh price without garentee it'll take to studio. if it doesnt you gotta go the apple route which you can expect to cost you ~$3400 extra17:19
dreamy_but, considering that i dont have skills to build a pc, how could i buy a build one?17:20
zequencedreamy_: There are stores that build them for you17:20
dreamy_zequence, "hp" seems ok?17:21
SunStargateway is better17:21
SunStarprice / performance / quality. also asus and acer are good17:21
zequenceExcept they aren't silent, most probably17:21
dreamy_all those should bring some free slots...   .. to upgrade in the future..17:22
zequencedreamy_: What I would do is, I would go to a local quality store that builds custom PCs. Tell them what you want is: 1. silent Power supply (max 400-500W) 2. Good CPU and silent CPU fan 3. 8GB of RAM. and the rest should be cheap17:23
zequencedreamy_: If they give you a price of more than 400-500$, it's too much17:23
DarkErato be honest.. i bought a mac in 2007 for music creation and ordered Logic express back then. Now the machine is sitting right here in a corner because 1. it can't be upgraded to the latest os X, 2 the screen shows vertical lines so it's broken, repairing it would cost me too much and 3.... I'm on linux anyway everyday. So a good advice would be to stay away from mac as far as possible dreamy_  and follow zequence his advice17:24
zequencedreamy_: If you want a monster CPU, it will cost more though. And you might want to stay away from AMD bulldozer, or anything else than AMD Phenom really. Intel should be at least i5. Preferably i7 with a nice Speed. But i7 costs more17:25
DarkErai'm planning on getting myself a desktop pc in the near future myself, someone over here in Belgium has a 'web' shop and sells pc's/laptops with ubuntu or debian pre-installed. gonna have a talk with him when the time has come17:26
zequencedreamy_: Actually, maybe I'm not giving you good advice on the prices now. Say, max 500€. That's what I would look for anyway17:27
dreamy_zequence, you mentioned about "amd" . those processors are ok ?17:27
dreamy_quad core17:28
zequenceAMD phenom is ok, and cheap. But Bulldozer is not really worth it, I think.17:28
zequenceIt performs badly, while eating lots of power17:29
zequenceThere's also Piledriver, which should be better17:29
dreamy_afterwars can i insert something like an m-audio trought an usb?17:29
zequenceSure, but make sure the usb card you get will actually work before you buy it17:30
dreamy_a midi card , wich im not shure what it is for17:30
dreamy_how do i know linux will have drivers for my hardware?17:30
zequenceMore or less all existing PCI cards you can find will work17:31
zequenceUSB is the most troublesome actually17:31
zequencefirewire is less convienient on laptops, since few support firewire, but on desktops, firewire might be the best choice17:32
zequenceaside from PCI17:32
zequenceI have Focusrite Sapphire Pro 4017:32
zequenceBut, that's 8 channels, with mic amps. You might only need two17:33
zequenceA firewire PCI-E card is cheap too17:33
zequenceif your MB doesn't have it builtin17:33
ellonbrasileiro ai?18:43
ellonpreciso de ajuda com configurações de audio18:43
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