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Noskcajxubuntu isn't on the iso tracker, any idea why?20:31
Noskcajnevermind, i refreshed and it was there20:31
Noskcajknome, what ali linx has said in the emails isn't boasting, he really is a huge part of why lubuntu is so popular.21:42
knomeNoskcaj, i'm not saying any of that.21:42
Noskcajhe had though that's why he was being ignored for the most part21:43
knomehe should have communicated that to the team then21:43
knomethere are a few reasons why he didn't get too many responses21:44
Noskcaji'm not entirely sure what his intention is, but having him on the team would be a huge help21:44
knomeone of them is that people are really busy right now21:44
Noskcajknome, makes sense21:44
pleia2I keep asking him directly what his exact plans are for working with us, he just keeps saying "work together"21:44
knomethe other is that he clearly doesn't know what's going on21:44
pleia2which isn't very helpful :(21:44
knomei don't know how much we really need people working on the social media right now.21:45
knomethere are other areas that would need much more help21:45
knomeo hai pleia2!21:45
pleia2Noskcaj: btw, our social media stuff is linked at the bottom of xubuntu.org21:45
Noskcaji agree with both of you, i'll try and get him on irc some time21:45
pleia2in case you were wondering where to find the "official" ones, I don't know anything about that xubuntu one on facebook is you found21:45
knomepleia2, good to see you're fine after all the booms around there.21:45
Noskcajpleia2, thanks21:45
pleia2knome: I am oblivious to the whole world at this conference :)21:45
pleia2one of my cousins was in the marathon though, he's fine21:46
knomepleia2, good to hear that21:46
pleia2Noskcaj: I really am happy to work with him (and anyone) and we've talked several times, he's quite enthusiastic, but it's hard for me to work with someone who won't propose actual action items :)21:47
knomecouldn't agree more.21:47
pleia2tons of people come along all the time with ideas about "what xubuntu should do"21:47
Noskcajpleia2, he hass been fairly vague21:47
knomeyep. now and then i feel like the -devel list has become the wishlist list.21:48
pleia2I don't mind so much, when people get angry that things aren't done and they don't help is when it gets frustrating21:48
pleia2I think most people don't realize how small of a team we are :)21:49
lderanaye I would agree with that22:07
knomehmm. what's the scope of team reports really? lubuntu and kubutnu are not even mentioned in the team reports22:11
knomeedubuntu isn't either22:12
knomeonly xubuntu and ubuntu studio are22:12
Unit193I think it's more along the lines of who submits them?22:20
lderanknome, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5720091/ how does the voting look now?22:25
knomeUnit193, sure, but xubuntu or US hasn't submitted anything.22:26
knomelderan, looks good :)22:26
Unit193Not for a while.22:27
knomeUnit193, they are still listed though. k/l/edu aren't.22:27
lderanso just the seconds to remove then thats it i think22:55
knomeand get it upstream! :)22:56
pleia2knome: every project should do them in the whole ubuntu! but the ones that show up on that report are ones someone added to the template at some point22:56
knomepleia2, yes mum.22:56
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TeamReports/MonthTemplate is the template22:56
knomeubuntu development teams looks sad :)22:57
lderanknome, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5720199/ seconds have now been banished. Shall look into upstreaming it tomorrow as I have no idea how to do that. Also need to make sure I haven't left any logging directory stuff in there.23:19
knomemhm :)23:20
knomeyou should ping AlanBell on that.23:20
lderanwill do :)23:21
lderanbut first sleep23:21

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