SonikkuAmericaYeah... http://xfce.org/projects00:00
SonikkuAmericaThe "Core Components" section is what you want not to touch.00:00
Guest19I am testing mint cinnamon on a HP dv9000 and it just seems to have too many small gltches00:01
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org00:01
Guest19that is why I am investigating xubuntu00:02
SonikkuAmericaBy the way, random question: How do you pronounce Xubuntu?00:02
Guest19no clue00:03
SonikkuAmericaI've heard Zoobuntu, Ecks-ubuntu and Ksubuntu...00:03
David-ASonikkuAmerica: I think they are all right (different languages/countries have different pronunciation rules)00:04
SonikkuAmericaI had this long argument with GridCube over it00:04
Guest19anyway mint is just having X server problems on this lappy00:05
Guest19So I am hoping that Xubuntu will be a bit better00:05
SonikkuAmericaIt could be. What's your hardware look like? [ lspci ]00:06
Guest19intel core duo 2 core 3gig ram nvidia GO 8600m intell chipset and networking00:07
SonikkuAmericaWhat's an nVidia GO?00:08
Guest19one drive is an intelSSD x25' a 500ghitachi and a lightscribe DVD00:09
Guest19mobile version of a 8600GS00:09
Guest19want to put root on the SSD00:10
Guest19 and home,var,temp,and user on the 500 platter00:10
David-AGuest19: /user ?  you mean /usr ?00:13
Guest19anything that would have a lot of writes on the platter drive00:15
David-AGuest19: /usr is not short for "user". it makes more sense to think of it as part of the system, like /etc, /bin, etc, that you would have on the SSD00:15
Guest19 also if I make the OS mad by my tinkkering I won't lose my settings during a re install00:16
David-AGuest19: I'd think you'd have the system on the SSD for performance reasons. blindlingly fast program starts. (I am not an expert, but ... "wear" on an SSD should not be a major concern these days, I think)00:18
Guest19it is fast with mint right now, but the little glitches with it are making me look at xubuntu00:20
Guest19with just / on the SSD and a few programs on a 40G drive there is alot ofextra space for wear leveling00:22
Dr-DaveSooo, here is what I need to do --- I would like to have remote access to a computer on my home network... access from within the home network and access from my mobile/cellular internet. What do I need to install on on the -remote- computer and what do I need to install on the -controlling- computer.  Also, with regards to the accessing the -remote- computer from outside my network... do I need a separate computer as a VPN server or an SSH server and if so,00:22
Dr-Davewhat should I install?00:22
Dr-DaveI just need command line access ... not graphical00:23
GridCubeDr-Dave, i would recommend you owncloud, or a mpd server, or even a samba server00:24
David-AGuest19: the drive does not know of the file system. wear leveling is taking place about the same if the file has plenty of free space or not.00:24
David-AGuest19: but if the filesystem is very full it may suffer fragmentation, which may reduce performance and increase wear on the drive00:27
Guest19from my experience if you have  a 2:1 ratio of free space to used or more00:27
Guest19it better00:27
Dr-DaveGridCube  -- I just need to have command line access to the -remote- computer. IE, for rebooting, update installations, shutting down etc... I'm not transfering files or anything. However, I need to do that when I'm on my network, and when I'm mobile or on a different network like the Library, a friends house or something.00:28
Guest19so i'm using about 10g of a 40g drive00:28
Guest19room enough for any trim or wear function00:29
David-AGuest19: you mean like 33% full (66% free)? that sounds little. (in my experience with rotating drives, fragmentation seems develop when over 90% full (10% free))00:30
Guest19nand doesn't work like that00:32
Guest19it has to play with the whole block or nothing00:32
Guest19got to let the cat out be back00:33
David-AGuest19: I know. wear leveling moves data around when a block is written. it does not matter how full the file system is. but fragmentation matters, because then data is written to more blocks.00:36
GridCubeDr-Dave, oh then a ssh server its what you need00:38
David-AGuest19: will you be using a file system type that is designed for SSDs?00:38
GridCubeDr-Dave, there is putty apps for symbian android an so on, to log in to the ssh servers00:38
SonikkuAmericaDavid-A: extN is not recommended for SSDs?00:38
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)00:38
Dr-DaveGridCube == do I install SSH server on the --remote-- computer?00:39
GridCubeDr-Dave, you install the server in the machine you want to control00:39
GridCubeand the clients in the clients that want to control the machine00:39
Guest19David-A: right now it running with ext400:40
Dr-DaveGridCube -- OK, I'll give that a try.   I'm assuming that Xubuntu does not have that SSH stuff installed. ==Back in the day== of Ubuntu 10.04LTS ... I was able to SSH in from a winDOHs box with putty without installing anything....00:41
Guest19David-A: that is why I want a large free to used ratio00:41
Guest19David-A: run fstrim once a week or so and I see no speed loss00:42
GridCubeDr-Dave, i dont remember if its there, i would read the help page i pasted you00:43
Dr-DaveGridCube -- I thank you, and I'll give this a try. I was kinda thinking the SSH goodies was already installed and was figuring there was some change somewhere along the way durring version changes. Thanks again.00:45
GridCubeDr-Dave, no worries and good luck00:45
David-AGuest19: if you have moved /tmp, /home and /log from the SSD, there won't be frequent writes and very little wear. (have /usr on the SSD and have very good performance)00:46
Guest19that about what I did and it is working well00:47
Guest19I did put /usr on the platter drive as well00:48
Guest19although i could put /usr in it's own portition on the SSD00:49
David-AGuest19: then, but /usr back on the SSD. I think it belongs to the "system" and it should make it more speedy. /usr is not write intense like /tmp or /var00:50
Guest19true, just want to protect it for my experimenting if I have to do a rinstall00:50
David-AGuest19: aha, you have programs installed that are not .deb or from the repos00:52
Guest19not really but I have done some really stupid tricks will I was learning00:53
David-AGuest19: but a re-install would want to create files in /usr too. could be the same kind of mess as if you had it on the root partition.00:53
Guest19broken kernels broke X if you could break it I did00:54
Guest19that fine it would still preserve my confg files00:54
David-Athe perfect experience gatherer :)00:55
Guest19as long as I didn't format it00:55
Guest19can not seem to type well today could be due to watching he hockey game00:57
David-AGuest19: the config files are in /etc (I always add a comment "# david 2013-04-18 bla bla bla" when I manually edit config files, so I can find them and copy them to /home before a re-install)00:57
Guest19There are also hidden config files for software in usr and home00:58
Guest19firefox, thunderbird and skype hawe hidden config files in both usr and home00:59
Guest19so does VMWare00:59
David-AGuest19: if you change config files in /usr you'd have to handle that the same as when you change config files in /etc.01:04
Guest19No I'm not wantinng to change them just preserve them when i have to do a re=install01:05
Guest19it worxs really well01:05
David-AGuest19: I don't understand what you are doing in /usr, and how a separat mount would help re-installing. It's late and I may never understand. May we drop it?01:09
Guest19David-A: sure third period is starting and I want to watch01:09
Guest19a good time was had01:09
Guest19 thatk you01:09
David-Ahave a nice watch01:10
KombuchaKipRichard Stallman on 9/11 being an inside job: <http://www2.ae911truth.org/profile.php?uid=979964> <http://stallman.org/archives/2009-jan-apr.html#07%20April%202009%20%28Thermite%29>01:12
SonikkuAmericaKombuchaKip: He's quite notably anti-Semitic.01:14
KombuchaKipSonikkuAmerica: He's Jewish, but regardless, what does that have to do with nano-thermite?01:15
KombuchaKipSonikkuAmerica: He didn't say who he thought had done it, only that he wanted a new investigation.01:15
SonikkuAmericaKombuchaKip: Oh, I read the whole article.01:15
SonikkuAmericaKombuchaKip: I'm quite surprised at the number of anti-Zionist Jews out there (of all the anti-Zionist people groups), that's all.01:16
Myrttihow is this relevant to Xubuntu?01:16
KombuchaKipMyrtti: It's off topic.01:16
SonikkuAmericaMyrtti: AFAIK it isn't.01:16
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:16
Myrttiwell then01:16
rusmanhow can upgrade my xubuntu's weather plugin?07:12
baizonrusman: ?07:20
rusmani installed xubuntu07:20
baizonwhat weather plugin?07:20
baizonrusman: it will upgrade automatically07:21
rusmani guess it was not07:21
baizonwhat version do you have?07:21
packetfrogrusman: http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/panel-plugins/xfce4-weather-plugin07:21
packetfrog0.8.3 (2013-02-18) is newest07:21
baizonou well youre right07:22
baizonthere is a new version :D07:22
packetfrogGet jiggy07:22
rusmanbaizon it did not show version07:22
baizonrusman: you can download it from the raring repo07:22
baizonrusman: you have the 0.7.4 version07:22
baizonrusman: http://packages.ubuntu.com/raring/xfce4-weather-plugin07:23
aienahi guys !! I am trying to use fdisk-l to identify my pen drive it executes in terminal but does not give any output can someone tell me why07:24
aienahmm it works with sudo very odd07:25
rusmanbaizon please help me download plugin07:26
Myrttibaizon: uhoh07:27
rusmanbaizon should i download all dependencies?07:27
Myrttirusman: why do you want the newer one?07:27
Myrttirusman: wait a moment07:28
rusmanbecause this one has unreadable font07:28
rusmanvery very small07:28
Myrttiyou probably can change it?07:29
aienarusman: u nreadable font where07:29
rusmanno there is no option07:29
aienawhic app07:29
rusmanaiena on the panel07:29
rusmanaiena xfce4-weather-plugin07:30
aienaI am trying to format a pen drive fdisk-l would not give any output untill i used sudo fdisk-l07:33
aienaI have identified the postition of the pen drive as /dev/sdb07:33
aienanow when I runsudo  mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb it states that the device is busy07:34
aienadevicde or resource busy07:34
packetfrogrusman Did you look under appearance in the settings menu?07:34
packetfrogaiena unmount it07:34
rusmanpacketfrog yes i did07:34
rusman packetfrog but found nothing in settings07:35
packetfrogrusman Try the text settings in the dock settings menu07:35
aienapacketfrog: if I unmount it I cant format it07:35
packetfrogaiena you cant format it mounted07:36
rusmanaiena use GParted07:36
aienabut if it is unpounted sudo fdisk -l does not show it up07:36
aienaso it is difficult to identify the location of an unmounted usb drive07:37
aienaand I maight gformat something else07:37
packetfrogaiena, sudo apt-get install gparted07:38
aienarusman: gparted works for usb's too07:38
rusmanpacketfrog where is dock settings menu ?07:38
packetfrogrusman right click on the dock anywhere and click the lower pref menu   the higher one is for whatever your clicked07:38
packetfrogaiena, gparted works on any drive your cant mount07:39
baizonaiena: have you used sudo?07:39
aienabaizon yes07:39
aienafor both07:39
aienaif i did not use sufdo fdisk -l07:39
aienait would not show up the device locations07:40
aienai found the location to be /dev/sdb07:40
aienathen i used sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb07:40
aienait states that the device is busy07:40
aienathough nothing is opened from it07:40
aienaits just plugged it07:40
aienathunar is closed too07:40
aienafor it07:40
rusmanpacketfrog there is no font setting i need upgrade this plugin07:41
packetfroghold on I will install it07:41
rusmanyou'll install new version07:42
rusmannew version have this setting07:42
packetfrogMenu> Settings Manager> Appearance > Custom DPI07:43
packetfrogincrease it07:43
packetfrogAppearance > Fonts rather07:44
rusmani don't want07:44
rusmanbecause it cause all system07:44
rusmani need only one plugin07:45
rusmanthis plugin with bug07:45
packetfrogthere is no plugin specific text size increase on even the newest version07:45
rusmanNew option to set font size manually and removed code that did it automatically (bug #9369). Font settings can be undone by middle-clicking on the button.07:45
ubottubug 9369 in linux-source-2.6.15 (Ubuntu) "i810 sound works with OSS driver, but not with ALSA driver" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/936907:45
baizonrusman: the easiest way is to use the xubuntu ppa07:46
rusmanbaizon what is it07:46
baizonthere you have the up to date verion of the weather plugin... https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/xfce-4.1007:46
baizonjust install the ppa and update. Done :-)07:47
rusmanok ill try now07:48
packetfrogahhh I see it now07:48
packetfrogunder the font menu07:48
packetfrogbaizon is a smart sooka07:48
yurijhello, I have a question. Is there a way to control toolbar/icon sizes in xfce? I am getting really annoyed by LibreOffice toolbars taking up to 30% of the screen...07:51
packetfrogWhatcha talking about07:51
packetfrogyou want to resize them or get rid of them?07:52
yurijtoolbars. The lines, that usually are bellow menu with many icons to perform actions :D07:52
yurijI want to resize them07:52
packetfrogyurij Figured it out07:55
packetfrogone sec07:55
packetfrogIn libreoffice (write for testing on my side) Tools> Options > (expand LibreOffice) View> change icon size   small07:56
packetfrogyurij, ^07:56
packetfrogLet me know if that works for ya07:57
yurijOh, nice. Thanks a lot07:57
yurijIt works, though I had some trouble finding menu because of translations :D07:57
aienabaizon: how do I give administrator priviledges to KDE partition manager ?07:58
baizonaiena: sudo07:58
aienaok in terminal thanks07:58
baizonindeed, gksudo for gui07:58
aienayeak gksudo uis better07:58
aienasudo can be dangerous for gui's07:58
aienaas I read07:58
packetfrogLife is dangerous, Live on the edge!07:59
aiena:P my life is always dangerous but living on the edge isnt necessary !! In this case07:59
rusmanoup sorry08:00
packetfrogI do that all the time when using Guake :/08:00
rusmanbaizon, packetfrog thank you. i win08:09
packetfrogYAY FOR WINNING08:09
* packetfrog bows to baizons elite sooka style08:09
rusmannew version looks perfectly08:09
packetfrogrusman I even left it on my toolbar  woohooo08:09
packetfrognot that I need to look to see the weather   it just rains and rains here08:10
packetfrogrusman. tell your frens! #xubuntu is the support channel to be in!08:10
aienais there a way to change the layout of xubuntu e.g. bring the toppanel to the bottom and move the quick bar at the bottom to the side or hide it ?08:58
TheSheepaiena: yes08:59
TheSheepaiena: just do it08:59
aienaI am using blender and these are getting in the way08:59
TheSheepaiena: right-click on the panel, select properties and change what you want08:59
packetfrogright click panel  panel   prefrences08:59
packetfrogthe panel that is highlighted in red slashs can be dragged09:00
packetfrogor you can use the menu there and do whatever09:00
aienapacketfrog: is there a way to disable/hide the bottom quick bar temporarily so that it soes not pop up when i hover my mouise below ?09:01
aienaor rearrange that quick bar or whatever it is called09:01
aienayep same way09:03
aienathanks guys09:03
aienapacketfrog: is there a way to limit how a window resizes09:04
aienae.g. to set it to resize to a maximum extent smaller than the screen maximum09:04
packetfrogaiena, Settings Manager > Workspaces & Margins > Margins09:07
aienapacketfrog: hmm it automatically resizes correctly09:07
aienathat cool09:07
aienathanks !!09:08
packetfrogIts the best thing I can think of for what you want09:08
aienapacketfrog: I want to change the orientation of the xubuntu menu09:08
aienaI want to have the xubuntu menu pop up instead of down09:08
aienaI prefer my panel down09:08
packetfrogYou want that bar on the bottom of the screen like windows?09:09
aienabut the menu gets hidden09:09
packetfrogby what?09:09
aienait moves down out of the screen like default09:09
aienainstead of up09:09
aienaso it does not show09:09
aienaif uyou press the xubuntu logo09:10
aienathe menu normally drops down09:10
aienalike the file menu in windows09:11
aienanow if i drag the panel to the bottom of the screen all is fine09:11
aienabut the menu still drops down09:11
aienaand i cant see it09:11
aienaanyway to fix that ?09:11
aienahmm now it seems to work09:13
aienamaybe it was not completely down09:13
packetfrogit works when I change mine...09:14
aienayup now its ok09:14
aienasorry to bother you09:14
packetfrogyours must have been high on crack for a minute09:14
packetfrogno bother09:14
aienaprobably lol09:14
* aiena grins09:14
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aienahow do i install an icon to use for a launcher i have the icon file10:07
aienathe icn does not appear in the icon launcher select icon list10:08
aienaI have the file10:08
TheSheepaiena: there is a dropdown at the top of the icon selection dialog10:08
aienaah found it10:08
TheSheepaiena: select 'image files' from it10:08
aienayes thanks TheSheep10:08
artearteHey guys, I have been trying to disable my discrete graphics card for quite a while and now I think I did. Does anybody know how I can make sure it's off? lspci still lists it.11:12
baizonartearte: this command egrep -i " connected|card detect|primary dev" /var/log/Xorg.0.log11:14
packetfrogartearte, http://forums.eukhost.com/f15/how-do-i-turn-off-discrete-graphics-card-ubuntu-linux-hybrid-graphics-17897/#.UW_Vc6ClfVM11:14
packetfrogYou can turn if off in your BIOS as well most likely11:14
artearteCan't do that in HP bios sadly. I had already tried turning it off via switcheroo but since I still get [    14.120] (II) intel(0): Output LVDS1 connected[    14.142] (WW) RADEON(G0): No outputs definitely connected, trying again...[    14.142] (WW) RADEON(G0): Unable to find connected outputs - setting 1024x768 initial framebuffer                I guess I hadn't.11:19
antisober552Hi guys11:21
baizonhi andrzejr11:21
packetfrogartearte, lspci shows my nvidia card but I know its not in use.11:21
baizonhi antisober55211:21
packetfroghello mrhigh55211:22
artearteThat was the output of egrep -i " connected|card detect|primary dev" /var/log/Xorg.0.log and I'm pretty sure it's still in use because of how much power it's drawing.11:22
antisober552So i know my power supply is dead as i cant power 1 dvd  and a wifi card where if i unplug my the dvd drive i can use my pci card11:23
antisober552So im gunna get a new power supply next week11:23
packetfrogartearte, http://askubuntu.com/questions/103253/how-do-i-turn-off-the-radeon-gpu-ono-my-hp-pavilion-dm411:23
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artearteThank you a bunch guys, I'm retarded and hadn't logged off.11:28
nklshi there! how can i back my login screen, not automaticly to log-in?11:32
baizonnkls: http://xubuntu.org/news/faq-1204-precise/11:33
baizonnkls: question 711:33
nklsbaizon, i have xubuntu xfce11:34
baizonnkls: so do i11:34
nklsbaizon, i have another question:11:34
nklschoose password for new keyering11:34
nklsthis is headache for me11:35
nklscan i remove this pop-up?11:35
baizoni dont understand your question. You want to change your password?11:36
nklsno, i want to remove this pop-up when i opened chrome11:36
nklsthis is something why i get every time when i open chrome11:37
nklsthis is something what i have every time when i opened chrome* "choose password for new keyering"11:38
baizonnkls: yes, now i understand. The solution: http://karim.cytrontech.com/2013/03/22/xubuntu-solution-to-chrome-asks-for-password-to-unlock-keyring-on-startup/11:39
nklsbaizon, thanks!11:39
nklsi will look at this now11:39
obscureangelPTHi guys12:44
obscureangelPTWhere do i report bugs?12:44
obscureangelPTI am getting a massive bug thing on this Xubuntu 13.0412:45
obscureangelPTPulseaudio is eating me a full core of my cpu12:45
gusnanobscureangelPT, looks like it is already reported: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/117031312:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1170313 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "Latest inotify patch causes 100% CPU" [High,In progress]12:47
obscureangelPTyep, must be that, gonna read and confirm that i have too12:52
obscureangelPTIts sad because its a netbook XD12:52
obscureangelPTAnda netbook cant do nothing at higher CPU percentage12:53
obscureangelPTThanks a lot for the support12:53
baizonobscureangelPT: yes i know the pain, have the same problem since this morning :(12:53
obscureangelPTSO its been happening to all people with 13.0412:55
xubuntu593hey anybody listen?14:08
baizonxubuntu593: to?14:08
xubuntu593i have a problem with my os...14:09
xubuntu593i downloaded yesterday...the installation went allright....but from then,when i try to enter xubuntu a black screen appears....and nothing more... :S14:09
xubuntu593any help?14:10
aienaIs there a ram and processor usage widget for xubuntu ?14:19
SunStaryeah for the panel14:20
SunStarnot aware of anything that sits on the desktop wallpaper but that doesnt mean it doesnt exists. to me the dock is a better spot for it anyways14:21
redcougar27Hello, I am running Ubuntu 12.10 embedded in / along Windows xp. I want to get rid of Ubuntu (problems with Adobe Reader and I don't like the interface) and replace it by Xubuntu 12.10. There is a safe way to do it without crashing Windows xp??? Thanks14:21
aienaSunStar: how do you use/install it ?14:21
SunStarredcougar27, use a live USB disk to delete the xubuntu partition and resize the windows partition, then reboot the computer with the XP disk and use the recovery options to reinstall the bootloader14:22
redcougar27When installing Ubuntu, it asks you "Install Ubuntu instead of Win xp OR along it without damaging windows?" I choose the later solution.14:23
SunStaraiena, right click on panel 1 (the one that hides) and select panel -> new item -> search for cpu or system load monitor14:24
SunStarredcougar27, sorry i misread, i thout u wanted to get rid of linux14:24
aienaSunStar: thanks !! that dows not mention ram usage though !! But thanls all the same14:25
SunStarredcougar27, what i would do is quit the installer and go into launcher menu -> system -> gparted and erase the Ubuntu partition and start over, then go back into the installer and install xubuntu14:25
holsteinaiena: i like conky14:25
SunStaraiena, you sure? my system load monitor shows me CPU, RAM and SWAP14:26
redcougar27No, no, I want to replace Ubuntu by XUBUNTU without damaging windows. OK, thanks for your answer, I will try.14:26
SunStarthats what i said redcougar27, use gparted to delete the *Ubuntu* partiton and make a new one for your *Xubuntu* then go back to the installer14:27
holsteinredcougar27: no need.. xubuntu *is* ubuntu.. you can just install xfce pretty much... or convert your ubuntu to xubuntu14:27
aienaSunStar: I added the wrong widget14:27
aienaSunStar: how do you remove an added panel widget14:29
SunStarright click on it and select remove14:29
redcougar27Thanks by the way. I am moving the lawn. Bye.14:31
genii-aroundI wonder where it's getting moved to14:33
Matteo99Hello everybody =D Where i find a lubuntu 12.10 non-pae kernel iso? Thanks (tell me simply because i'm italian... ;D15:56
GridCubenon pae kernels do not exist any more, last release with non pae kernel was 12.04 xubuntu, and lubuntu for that matter15:59
Matteo99GridCube: and what i do?16:00
Cheri703why do you need non-pae specifically?16:00
GridCubeMatteo99, get 12.04 its lts16:00
GridCubeCheri703, because he has a non pae cpu?16:01
Cheri703but can't you use pae on non pae stuff?16:01
Cheri703or am I wrong?16:01
GridCubeno, you are wrong16:01
Cheri703ah, ok16:01
Cheri703ignore me then :)16:01
Matteo99ahahah =D16:01
GridCubedont worry :)16:01
Matteo99GridCube, can you write the link for lubuntu 12.04 lts? thank you16:02
Matteo99GridCube,  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04.2/release/  It's correct?16:09
GridCubethats for ubuntu, no xubuntu or lubuntu, you need to navigate to such directories16:10
GridCubelubuntu would be http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/ and xubuntu http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/16:10
Matteo99Oh. yes... But here i don't find the lts iso... omg WTF i do now16:11
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.16:12
Matteo99oops... =D16:12
Matteo99Oh. yes... But here i don't find the lts iso...16:13
GridCubexubuntu 12.04 its lts, lubuntu never had an lts16:13
Matteo99oh, i see16:14
GridCubeyou can ask in their channel though16:14
Matteo99oh, ok.16:15
Matteo99but it isn't the problem16:15
Matteo99i had to update lubuntu16:16
Matteo99then i wrote sudo apt-get update16:17
Matteo99then i wrote sudo apt-get upgrade16:17
Matteo99and then ALT+F216:18
Matteo99and then update-manager -d16:18
Matteo99i've select "a new version 12.10 is here: download" or something like that16:19
Matteo99and i've update lubuntu16:20
Matteo99but the linux-kernel generic cannot install16:21
Matteo99And the indicator in the bottom of screen, after the reboot, says that the installed packages have dependencies unresolved16:23
Matteo99what i do now?16:23
Matteo99please help me16:23
holsteinMatteo99: if it were me, i would backup my data.. then i would run "sudo apt-get update" and troubleshoot errors16:24
Matteo99no problem... 4 hours ago i've installed lubuntu16:25
Matteo99and i haven't any data in my pc16:25
GridCubeMatteo99, as said, if you need non-pae kernels you need to stick to 12.04 and all its updates16:26
GridCubeno moving to 12.10, no using lubuntu, just xubuntu16:26
Matteo99i have to re-install Lubuntu or try Xubuntu?16:28
Matteo99but what i do if the support of Lubuntu ends?16:28
GridCubei would recommend xubuntu, but if you dont update to 12.10 you will be fine with lubuntu16:28
GridCubeMatteo99, the xubuntu desktop will continue to have support for a few more years16:29
mikodoHi, I deleted and restored my Xfce 4.10 panel, and now I don't have notifications of open windows like web-pages. How do I fix that?16:29
GridCubeafter that you need to buy a new computer or use another distro Matteo9916:29
Matteo99thank you GridCube for your help16:29
GridCubedont worry16:30
daracehi xubuntu users ;-)16:51
GridCube!hi darace16:52
GridCube!hi ¬ darace16:52
ubottuGridCube: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:52
daraceI am looking for a chipset driver for dell latitude d610 laptop. for xubuntu 12.10. intel pentium m 740 @1.73 ghz.16:52
GridCube!hi | darace16:52
ubottudarace: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!16:52
GridCubewhat is a chipset driver if i can ask?16:53
daracedont remember i would have to reboot into windows xp and look at CPU-Z16:53
GridCubewhy do you need this "chipset driver"16:53
daraceintel speedstep technology16:54
GridCubeain't that integrated to the kernel already?16:54
daracei dont know. ima fresh newby to this. :-(16:54
GridCubedarace, speedstep its integrated to the kernel since linux 2.616:55
daracehwo do i gert to it?16:55
GridCubedarace, http://www.overloadit.com/2011/05/17/intels-speedstep-in-linux/16:56
daracethanks grid16:56
daraceopened terminal and it read it all just right :)16:58
daracepermission denied using power scaling  :-/17:04
GridCubesudo it17:06
daracehow to sudo it?17:09
SunStartype sudo before the command to run as admin17:10
SunStaror gksudo if it is a GUI app17:10
daracebut it still denied me17:11
SunStarthen sudo su17:11
SunStarsudo su whateverthiscommandis17:11
genii-aroundsudo -i17:11
SunStaror that17:11
daraceit gave me root now17:11
daraceit wont let me. i just reembered Dell bios cant recoignize the power adaptor so it clocked it to half cpu at 800 mhz. gonna take me some time to find the right adaptor17:14
daracein windows i could use a tool called rmclock and set it to 1.73ghz with no ill effects17:15
daracedoesnt seem this easy in xubuntu17:16
daraceim using xubuntu because i just dont feel like going to windows 7 or 8 next year when xp is pulled from support17:17
GridCubedarace, no idea, but i would think that at that level any tutorial for linux should help you, its not really a matter of xubuntu, and by that i mean, you can search for any applicable solution for linux and then try to figure if it will work in ubuntu17:27
jacklkAt the Ubuntu login screen, shutdown, restart, etc do not work. I think this may be because it needs root privalleges to do this... Can someone help?17:42
=== daim2k5_Zzz is now known as daim2k5
Matteo99Hello everybody =D I don't speak English very well because i'm Italian... Well, this is the problem: everytime i install an update on Xubuntu 12.04 my pc freezes whit a black screen and i must force shutdown. What i do for solve this problem? Thanks18:45
SonikkuAmerica!it | Matteo99, we have an Italian channel18:47
ubottuMatteo99, we have an Italian channel: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)18:47
Matteo99People on #ubuntu-it don't answer.... Well, this is the problem: everytime i install an update on Xubuntu 12.04 my pc freezes whit a black screen and i must force shutdown. What i do for solve this problem? Thanks19:08
SunStarhave you tried sudo apt-get dist-upgrade19:09
SunStari just went throough that not 10 minutes ago n thats how i fixed it19:09
Matteo99SunStar, do you talk to me?19:10
Matteo99oh, ok19:12
Matteo99but 12.10 have a pae kernel and i need a non-pae19:13
pleia2dist-upgrade does not upgrade your os to 12.1019:13
pleia2it just does all the current updates instead of all the "safe" ones that just regular upgrade does19:14
Matteo99ok thank you19:15
Matteo99i'll try19:16
=== daim2k5 is now known as daim2k5_Zzz
antisober552:-) /join mcpedevs19:36
Matteo99SunStar, i cannot solve this problem. What i do?19:43
Matteo99I have a problem: everytime i install an update on Xubuntu 12.04 my pc freezes whit a black screen and i must force shutdown. What i do for solve this problem? Thanks19:50
antisober552_hi guys can someone tell me how i can find root terminal20:49
knomeantisober552_, what do you need it for? just prefix any command with sudo.20:49
antisober552_no i run a php server and i need root access but if i put sudo infront of the cmd it does not run where if i use the root terminal it all works fine20:51
bekksantisober552_: use sudo -i and run your command inside that shell.20:51
knomeantisober552_, i don't know a case where you'd need to run a command with the root user on a php server that couldn't be done with sudo.20:52
SunStaryou need to use sudo su to enter into root terminal20:52
bekksSunStar: No.20:53
antisober552_if i dont run with root none of my work i do on the php will not save20:53
bekksSunStar: sudo su is a bad habbit. And sudo -i gives you an interactive root shell.20:53
antisober552_where if i run with root it saves20:53
SunStarbekks, No.20:53
bekksSunStar: Yes.20:53
knomeantisober552_, save what?20:53
SunStarbekks, No.20:53
bekksSunStar: Yes.20:53
SunStarbekks, No.20:53
knomeSunStar, bekks: please stop now.20:53
bekksSunStar: Please dont discuss things you dont know.20:53
bekksknome: ok.20:54
antisober552_im not gunna go into to much detail i just need to run it with root terminal20:54
knomeantisober552_, what "work"? it sounds like you have something set up the wrong way if you need a sudo user.20:54
knomei mean, sudo terminal to save your work.20:54
bekksantisober552_: Run sudo -i to get an interactive root shell, run your command, exit the shell.20:54
antisober552_i thought i had done that as well i think i will go and set it up from begging20:55
antisober552_it might help if i spelled thing right like beinning20:57
knomeantisober552_, i would seriously fix the permissions another way than have to use a root terminal for a php server. but it's your call.20:58
antisober552_yeah i think i will take you advise20:58
knomeplaying around with root where you really don't have to is always at least questionable, and possibly dangerous too.20:59
antisober552_so lets say i use ./start_php.sh to start the server what do i do chmod it with 077720:59
knometo start the php server?20:59
knomeyou do need root access to start the php server.21:00
antisober552_but in order for thing to save i do21:00
knomecan you be a bit more specific in what you are doing?21:00
antisober552_not really21:01
knomechmodding something that starts something won't help you saving files.21:01
knomeyou would need to give the appropriate user some permissions in the appropriate directory21:01
knomesay you have something running in /var/www/mydir21:01
knomethen in the normal case, the user running the apache server would need to have write access to that directory21:02
knomeif you simply want to edit the files yourself in that directory, you will need to give write permissions for your user in that directory21:02
antisober552_that it i need writing permissin but the files which need it i cant edit21:02
knomeantisober552_, the easiest way is to do "sudo chown username:username /var/www/mydir"21:03
knomeantisober552_, after that, you can edit the files in that directory21:03
knomeantisober552_, i also believe the default apache user in ubuntu should have access to that directory even after that.21:04
knomesomebody who has worked more with the server side in ubuntu would have to confirm that21:04
antisober552_how do you get the red writing up21:06
antisober552_ive been trying to figure that out21:07
SunStarsudo su (hey he asked for it, why am i not allowed to tell him?)21:08
knomeantisober552_, red?21:10
knomeSunStar, that's not what i said.21:10
SunStarroot terminal has red text21:10
knomethere are other, better ways to get red text on terminal.21:10
antisober552_yes in here21:11
SunStaroh your IRC client does that when some one says your name21:11
antisober552_oh but when i say someone name it doesnt happen lol21:12
antisober552_thats why i asked21:12
SunStarit does on that persons screen21:12
antisober552_oh okay21:12
antisober552_got ya21:12
antisober552_knome i got this error chown: missing operand after21:15
antisober552_oh wait21:16
antisober552_okay i done that yes i still cant do anythink21:17
antisober552_wont right21:17
knomedid you replace username with your username and /var/www/mydir with the appropriate dir21:18
knomeyou also want -R if you need to edit files in subdirectories21:18
SunStar-Rv to visually see what its doing21:19
xubuntu239I have updates regularly, but should I be worried about drivers for my xubununt 12.04? When I first downloaded xubuntu to my computer, I was told to update a driver, but what about now?21:36
xubuntu239I've had xubuntu about a month.21:37
xubuntu239o.k. cheerio! thanks21:38
xubuntu239oh, so do I have to worry about updating drivers?21:40
heoyeathose are rare stuff to update21:40
heoyeau usually update applications only21:40
ddssshow to install xubuntu from usb-drive? Can I just dd .iso onto thumb drive?22:18
Unit193ddsss: Because it's a hybrid with quantal and higher, yep.22:20
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent22:21
ddsssUnit193: thanks. got it.22:25
* packetfrog claps22:27
packetfrogddsss is one of us!22:27
packetfrogddsss, Can we get a Xubuntu roar?!?22:27
ddssspacketfrog: em?:)22:27
packetfroglike that22:27
ddssspacketfrog: ahh. yeah. no  - I've been usingit for awhile on desktop. this is for a laptop.22:28
packetfrogddsss Can we get two rawrs then?22:28
ddsssrawr rawr22:28
carreraHello All!  :)22:47
carrerais there a xubuntu alternate ed?22:48
carreraI want to configure my 2 SSDs with RAID 022:48
knomenot after 12.0422:49
pleia2but you can do raid in the 12.10+ installers22:49
carreranot after 12.04?22:50
pleia2the last time xubuntu had an alternate cd was in 12.0422:50
carrerabut 12.10 came after 12.0422:50
carreraso which is correct?22:50
carreraoh, got it22:51
carrerathanks guys!  :)22:51
carrerathat's great news22:51
knomethere is no alternate images for xubuntu after the 12.04 release, but the regular installer should support raid starting from 12.1022:51
pleia2(and lvm!)22:51
carreraso that's why there's only a desktop version in the 13.04 dir22:51
knome(and a pink wallpaper!)22:51
knome(not really.)22:51
knomecarrera, that's correct22:51
carreraknome, that's great news. thank u sir!  :)22:52
carreraso which one do u like more, KDE or Gnome?  ;)22:52
carrerais that why your nick is knome?  ;)22:53
carrerathen, what does it stand for22:54
knomeit's something completely unrelated. also,22:54
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!22:54
carreraknome, cool. thanks!  :)22:55
carrerawill 13.04 dektop have no problems with nVidia GPUs?23:09
SonikkuAmericacarrera: I don't think anyone in the world could guarantee that.23:09
mesaso i just installed xubuntu. whats up. didnt expect there to be a lot of people here honestly.23:10
carreraI remember having to use the alternate edition with ubuntu23:10
SonikkuAmericamesa: We all showed up here after Mr. Supreme World Dictator (hint, hint) introduced "Unity."23:10
SonikkuAmericaFunny, his nick is sabdfl23:11
SonikkuAmericaActually, we never dehumanize Mark Shuttleworth THAT badly, but...23:11
mesaAh, nice nice. I can understand that. I don't know who it actually was who introduced the unity in ubuntu, but I am looking for the most low resource os that I can23:12
SonikkuAmerica...let's just say that no DE (not even GNOME 3) caused as much DISunity.23:12
SonikkuAmericamesa: How 'bout Lubuntu?23:12
mesanah, i liked the look of this one right now.23:12
SonikkuAmericak I follow, I actually use Ubuntu Studio.23:12
carreraSonikkuAmerica, sabdfl?23:12
mesaI installed gentoo a while back on another laptop but I dont want to fuck with it until I learn a whole lot more23:13
SonikkuAmericacarrera: It stands for Self-Appointed Benevolent Dictator For Life.23:13
mesaI am trying to learn C coding and am looking at doing the Linux from scratch23:13
SonikkuAmericaGoogle it23:13
mesaI liked Tiny-Core, but that shit is crazy if you are trying to get wifi to work.23:13
SonikkuAmericamesa: Try cplusplus.com ; it's for C++ but most of it is quite similar.23:13
SonikkuAmericaIn fact, regarding disunity...23:14
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use the !Unity desktop environment by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown.23:14
mesayeah I have a couple pdfs of college level textbooks, some with a lot of good reviews.23:14
carreramesa: read the bible by Brian Kernighan and the late Dennis Ritchie23:14
mesalol what carerra?23:15
SonikkuAmericamesa: The C++ bible, not the Christian Bible23:15
carreramesa, The C Programming Language23:15
SonikkuAmerica^ Yeah tha.23:15
mesaI figured that as much, but is that the name of the bible?23:15
mesaC++ bible?23:15
SonikkuAmericaC bible23:15
mesacool deal.23:15
carreraI donno if the C++ book by Bjourne Stroustrop was ever called the C++ bible23:16
carrerait was a very hard book to read23:16
SonikkuAmericaJuan Soulie's online reference was my textbook for C++ I23:16
carreraThe C++ Primer by Stanley Lipman was a much easier read23:16
mesayeah i took a little of java programming at college, and some other stuff but I dropped out. so I underrstand some principals23:17
carreraC++ Language Tutorial,  by: Juan Soulié, Last revision: June, 200723:19
SonikkuAmericacarrera: Soulié made cplusplus.com23:19
carreraSonikkuAmerica, oh, ok. I didn't know of him23:21

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