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tomboy64is it possible to get notified about updates on an untrusted archive that's listed within launchpad?07:41
tomboy64via e-mail, that is07:41
__marcoI cannot understand the workflow for a merge (after a proposal). specifically how can I merge the request? I have two local branches, the master and a bug fix, and two remote branches, the master and the bug fix. If I merge locally the branch and the push the changes to lauchpad, will the merge proposal closed?09:44
__marcothis thing of local/remote branches is confusing me09:45
__marcoeven more the help of launchpad is quite confusing. here[*] it explains a bit the code review process but at the end, making the merge, it links to a bazaar page where it explains command `bzr merge` but nothing about the merge on launchpad. [*] https://help.launchpad.net/Code/Review09:48
__marcoAm I correct if I suppose that making the local merge and pushing the changes to launchpad, the code review process will be closed?09:49
czajkowski__marco: are you making changes to launchpad itself ?09:50
__marcothe code behind the lauchpad site? (zope, etc?) no09:51
__marcoI'm sorry I think I don't understand you question09:52
czajkowskiwhen you were talking about review process I thought you were asking about the LP workflow and getting  your code reviewed09:52
__marcono, I was talking about the tools that launchpad offers to make the code review of a generic project09:53
__marcoczajkowski: do you want I rephrase the question to make it clearer?09:58
czajkowski__marco: if StevenK or wgrant are around they may be able to help if not I suggest posting to the mailing list10:02
__marcoczajkowski: thanks10:02
__marcowhere is located the launchpad users mailing list?10:05
davidbaumannHello together11:45
davidbaumannI have submitted my first Bug, but I guess I did wrong whatever is possible to do so ;)11:45
czajkowskidavidbaumann: that's an ubuntu bug not launchpad11:46
czajkowskidavidbaumann: perhaps #ubuntu will be able to help you.11:46
davidbaumannAh ok.11:46
davidbaumannYes of course, it's not a launchpad bug ;)11:47
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teolemonwe're seing many timeouts on "unstranslated items" links on rosetta since a few days. have you pushed anything or noticed anychange on the servers logs ?16:27
czajkowskiteolemon: do you have an ooops id16:27
czajkowskias we've not done anything16:28
teolemonthis one for instance16:28
teolemonrelated to a simple:16:29
teolemonwhich usually works well16:29
czajkowskik will log the bug for it16:30
czajkowskiteolemon: what are you doing whe you see the oops?16:30
teolemonjust clicking from the summary page on the untranslated count16:30
czajkowskiwe have a few translaton bugs that are critical already16:31
teolemonone hint: nightmonkey is back into action, so there might be more translators working on the template at the same time16:31
czajkowskiI'm wondering is it one of them16:31
teolemonnot sure whether it is supposed to impact16:31
czajkowskiteolemon: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/73600516:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 736005 in Launchpad itself "POFile:+translate timeouts" [Critical,Triaged]16:41
teolemonshould i add the fact that the show=untranslated argument is making things worse16:42
teolemonor not necessary ?16:42
czajkowskiteolemon: can do16:43
teolemon(I'm already susbscribed to the bug)16:43
teolemonit comes to the point where i can't review any suggestions anymore16:56
teolemoni've been refreshing the page for 10 minutes, and translations pile up every hour16:56
czajkowskiteolemon: the page is working fine for me, so maybe just keep hitting refresh16:57
teolemongot it ten sec ago16:58
czajkowskibut bug isn't on the schedule to be fixed atm although they are working through criticals16:58
teolemonaaaand it's gone for the next one16:58
teolemoni'll refresh for another ten minutes :-)16:58
teolemoni now got a Please try again page17:24
teolemonwhich is not a OOPS17:24
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