CFenixHello, i just installed Lubuntu but it doesn't seem to detect my Nvidia chipset like Ubuntu, can someone give assitence?04:12
KorbitI can't login and passwd throws the error "Authentication token manipulation error". The typical fixes that I found on google aren't working.04:36
deitarionI'm going to need to upgrade from Precise through to Raring to get driver support for a non-Wacom tablet. How should I go about freezing my current desktop theme to prevent 12.10's "completely new icon theme" and any other appearance changes from taking effect?08:11
Noskcajdoes anyone online have testdrive installed? i need some bugs confirmed08:37
bombayhow do i downgrade kernel version? i did upgrade to 3.5.* and myCPU consumption has gone crazy14:31
holsteinbombay: i would boot into the older kernel from grub and confirm that...14:34
holsteinan easy way for me to downgrade is by using synaptic14:34
bombayok, how do i do that?14:34
holsteinbombay: there are plenty of ways14:36
holsteinbombay: what am i suggesting? actually boot the older kernel.. reboot the machine and choose the older kernel you want from the grub list.. if the grub list is hidden, then you tap or hold shift after the bios to un-hide grub14:36
holstein*then*, you can decide to downgrade the kernel, if you want, which you dont14:36
bombayi am a noob, is there easier explanation?14:37
holsteinbombay: you are assuming the kernel upgrade broke you setup14:37
holsteinbombay: reboot the machine, and you will see previous kernels there14:37
holsteinbombay: if you dont, tap or hold shift and you will14:37
bombayah, well i dont :S i dual boot with another linux distro14:38
holsteinbombay: then, you dont actually need to downgrade the kernel, since, unless you removed the older kernel, its still there14:38
holsteinbombay: you boot the older kernel, and test the machine.. then you can decide what to do14:38
bombayi did some "upgrade" on linux image, which my cpu go mental.. i dont know how to downgrade that , from what you are saying that might not be the kernel14:39
holsteinbombay: what im saying is, confirm that by booting an older kernel14:39
n-iCeguys, how do I edit the lxterminal shortcuts?14:39
holsteinbombay: if you boot the new/latest kernel that you upgraded or upgraded to, and its "mental", and you boot a previous kernel and all is well, then you are correct, and you can decide what you would like to doo14:40
holsteinn-iCe: what is an lxterminal shortcut?14:40
bombayok i will try that, thanks holstein14:40
holsteinn-iCe: you mean, in the menu? the lxterminal item? you want to edit that command in the menu?14:40
n-iCeno, I want to edit lxterminal keyboard shortcuts14:41
n-iCeI want to change how to copy and paste in the lxterminal14:42
holsteinn-iCe: what is an lxterminal shortcut?14:42
n-iCeyou know what lxterminal is?14:42
holsteinn-iCe: yes.. and a "shortcut" is that14:42
n-iCeand a shortcut is a combination of keyboard keys to make an action14:43
holsteinn-iCe: what are you wanting?14:43
n-iCeLike Ctrl + C to copy14:43
holsteinn-iCe: no.. a shortcut is a shortcut14:43
n-iCeoh god14:43
holsteinn-iCe: that is a keyboard combination14:43
holsteinbut, what are you wanting?14:43
holsteinyou dont want to do control+shift+C i assume?14:43
holsteinn-iCe: no need for caps14:43
holsteinn-iCe: would you prefer waiting on another volunteer?14:44
n-iCeExactly, want to change it just for a simple CTRL + C14:44
holsteinn-iCe: i would start here http://askubuntu.com/questions/53688/making-ctrlc-copy-text-in-gnome-terminal14:45
n-iCethat has no sense14:46
n-iCeI am telling you, in lxterminal14:46
n-iCeNot gnome terminal14:46
holsteinn-iCe: correct14:47
n-iCeman do you at least use lubuntu?14:47
holsteinn-iCe: im suggesting that as a place to start..14:47
holsteinn-iCe: yes14:47
n-iCethat's not a place to start, since both terminal are really different14:47
n-iCeanyway, thanks.14:47
holsteinn-iCe: and i know now *exactly* what you are asking.. but the above link is for gnome-terminal.. do you think its relevant?14:47
holsteinn-iCe: thats what im suggesting.. as a place to start... OK?14:48
holsteinn-iCe: did you read the link?14:48
holsteini am still searching about that functionality for lxterminal.. but, if you dont want me to bother, i wont14:48
n-iCedon't, please.14:49
holsteinn-iCe: cool14:49
holsteinn-iCe: in the future say *keyboard* shortcuts.. i have seen you posting about this and no one is answering you because its not clear what you are asking14:49
n-iCebecause nobody knows how to14:49
holsteinan lxterminal shortcut is that.. a shortcut .. a launcher14:49
holsteinn-iCe: i will/can figure that out.. just let me know if you want me or another volunteer to help you find the answer14:50
n-iCedon't thanks14:50
n-iCeI will figure it out.14:50
holsteinn-iCe: cheers14:50
holsteinhttp://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/33501/single-set-of-keyboard-shortcuts-for-copy-paste-cut-across-all-x11-applications is relevant14:54
AtumIs there any date to 13.04 official release?18:25
n-iCeapril 2518:27
Atumn-iCe: Ok, thanks.18:36
roseysdaddyanyone awake?20:40
cerebrate#lubuntu has two daddies!20:43
roseysdaddy_anyone know anything about installing something like the lubuntu desktop environment?  im thinking that id like to put it on my headless ubuntu server for emergencies.  I don't want to boot into it all the time, only when I have no other web access.20:45
Unit193You can install lubuntu-core.20:45
Unit193!info lubuntu-core20:45
ubottulubuntu-core (source: lubuntu-meta): Lubuntu Desktop environment - minimal installation. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.45 (quantal), package size 3 kB, installed size 30 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; powerpc; ia64; sparc; lpia; armel; armhf)20:45
roseysdaddy_how would I go about running the desktop when I need it and exiting back to the command prompt?20:46
Unit193You can edit /etc/default/grub and the commandline option to TEXT, then after you login, startlubuntu.  Logout should drop you back to shell login.20:48
holsteinroseysdaddy_: you can just forward certain applications over ssh20:48
roseysdaddy_ok, i installed lubuntu-core but when I run startlubuntu i get a Gtk-Warning error about the display21:18
maker-kidshi. how do we configure lubuntu to allow normal users to access a ftdi USB-serial without having to sudo chmod 666 each time it's plugged in?21:43
phillwmaker-kids: I think that's one for the mailing list :) I will have a look to see if there is anything on the ubuntu areas for you.21:47
phillwmaker-kids: have a read of http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=171731121:48
maker-kidsthank you phillw!21:53
RaphaelBarrosHi guys and gals!21:53
phillwmaker-kids: there are other areas, but having had a quick read of that, I'm sure it will give you the information needed to get it working.21:56
maker-kidsI think that's not quite it. Each time we plug it in it adds a file /dev/ttyusb0 that we use to access it, but each time it adds that file we also have to sudo chmod 666 or we get a permission error. so really any device -- not just ftdi.21:57
maker-kidshi RaphaelBarros21:58
maker-kidshi n-iCe21:58
maker-kidsphillw: I think I found it! http://askubuntu.com/questions/219830/give-write-access-to-usb-and-serial-devices-automatically21:59
phillwmaker-kids: google is your friend :)22:00
phillwnever feel alone... almost always, someone has been there and got the Tee-Shirt :)22:00
maker-kids:) thank you for your help! time to get this 3d printer up and running now!22:02
qkzoo1978Anyone with experience using ssmtp?22:48
qkzoo1978I am getting the emails from using ssmtp, but I'm getting two instead of one.  The second one is trying to be sent to andrew@mygmail@gmail.com, which obviously isn't valid, but I don't even know where that came from)...?22:52
deitarionphillw: Not always. I've written quite a few blog posts specifically because I was "the first one there" and wanted to both do my part and take notes for myself.23:12
phillwdeitarion: I fully understand that. I am one of the 'few' who wrote up the lubuntu wiki area and still hold information on my own area of things before lubuntu was adopted.23:13
phillwbut, deitarion this is a better chat on #lubuntu-offtopic23:14
deitarionphillw: I wasn't intending to start a conversation, just to make a brief comment.23:15
deitarionWhich reminds me of why I joined about 12 hours ago while everyone was asleep. Does anyone know of any caveats to running the LTS-updated packages with the old 3.2.x kernel?23:17
deitarionI ask because the DIGImend project hasn't released a patched 3.5.x kernel yet, my tablet's drivers only got mainlined in 3.7, and I need at least xorg-xserver-core 1.13 to avoid a bug when setting up a coordinate transformation matrix to properly map shapes on my 16:9 tablet to my 25:10 dual-monitor desktop.23:18
phillwdeitarion: you can lock your kernel with synaptic package manager, as lubuntu desktop install is a meta package, it will obey those rules if you use synaptic to update. As to how this work in practice?.. I cannot give you a 100% guarantee.23:21
deitarionphillw: Not quite. I have to have the 3.5 kernel installed because of dependencies but the digimend-patched kernel uses a different package name. I'm just wondering about how readily using older kernels with newer userlands causes problems on Lubuntu.23:22
deitarionI've reconfigured my GRUB to default to whichever kernel I picked last, rather than the top of the list, but I haven't rebooted yet.23:23
phillwthe kernel should not cause any issues. If the new one does, under grub you can then choose the older one.23:23
deitarionphillw: More like "If the old one does, you can choose the new one". The whole point of this is that I need to run the 3.2 kernel with patches when the userland expects 3.5.23:24
phillwdeitarion: is the 3.2 you have been updated with the patches you need?23:25
deitarionCould you rephrase that? I can't parse it as sense-making English grammar.23:26
phillwdeitarion: which is your language / country?23:27
deitarionen_CA. The problem is that "is the 3.2 you have been updated with the patches you need?" is not valid English.23:27
deitarionWhat about the patches I need?23:28
deitarionWhich of these phrasings is closest to what you meant? ...23:28
phillwdeitarion: as I have no idea what "userland" is, it does make it somewhat difficult for me to try and help. Is it a game?23:30
deitarionphillw: "userland" is the technical term for all the non-kernel packages in the system.23:30
deitarion(code that runs in user mode rather than kernel mode is said to be the OS's "userland")23:30
deitarionAnyway, was this what you were trying to ask? --> "Is there an update to the 3.2 kernel with the patches you need?"23:31
phillwwell, in all my time I've never heard that word23:31
deitarionphillw: You're more likely to hear it in more technical circles. For example, Debian channels, Gentoo Linux, Free/Net/OpenBSD, LWN.net, etc.23:32
phillwdeitarion: but not Red Hat.... :D23:32
deitarionRed Hat and Ubuntu are more aimed at end users while Debian, Gentoo, and the BSDs have communities where you're more likely to bump into enthusiasts, hobbyists, and developers.23:33
deitarion...you can also pick up the term if, like me, your childhood included reading UNIX administration books and DOS hobbyist guides from the '80s and '90s.23:34
phillwdeitarion: regardless, I'm a volunteer (as we all are) trying to help you.23:35
deitarion*nod* I'm just asking you to rephrase your last question since, as phrased, it doesn't follow English grammar rules closely enough for me to make sense of it. (I can guess... but there are at least three different meanings it might have and all are completely different.)23:36
phillwHave a try on #ubuntu-kernel as with all our teams, if we do not know the answer.... we do try to find a group who can :)23:36
phillwdeitarion: Okies, do some applications expect to 'see' 3.5 and you use 3.2 ?23:37
deitarionI don't know yet. Hence why I'm asking. I'd rather not boot the system with a 3.2 kernel and -lts-quantal X11 packages and find it broken.23:38
phillwin which case, you have to ask yourself what is in the 3,5 kernel that is not in the 3.2. It is not something I'd like to try myself23:39
deitarionThough, so far, I suspect the 3.2 kernel will work BETTER than the 3.5 kernel because the VirtualBox kernel modules refuse to compile against 3.5.23:39
phillwdeitarion: ahhh... the wonderful Vbox. Well, after much screaming, shouting and stamping of feet. 13.04 now ships with the more up to date version of Vbox :)23:40
phillwdeitarion: I'm a kvm fan, but as part of the QA team, we also do chase issues on KVM, VBox and Testdrive.23:43
deitarionI'm on 4.1.12 and, so far, it seems to meet my needs for testing my web creations but that's good to hear. Maybe I'll be able to run the La Mulana remake in my old copy of WinXP.23:43
deitarionIn principle, I prefer KVM but, in practice, I'm not a kid anymore and I need something that Just Works™.23:43
phillwdeitarion: have you looked at http://lxc.sourceforge.net/ ? I'm looking forward to learning what it can bring to the table. Ubuntu-QA/Testing already use it.23:45
phillwfor KVM, I use virt-manager, it works in the same way on my ubuntu system and CentOS (Red Hat) systems. No need to recall which OS you are running on to create a machine.23:47
phillwfor VBox, in 13.04 it is running the newer version and testdrive has also been updated to use it.23:48
deitarionI've heard of it but, last I checked, Vagrant only had providers for VirtualBox, VMWare Fusion, and AWS and VirtualBox was the only officially-tested option for http://modern.ie/ testing VMs.23:48
phillwdeitarion: there has, and is still a lot, of work to update testdrive. Upon 13,04 release do have a look at it again.23:50
deitarionEven if Vagrant did somehow support LXC, it's a virtualization mechanism, not a VM manager. I can see LXC being useful for lightweight release testing for things like RedHat and SuSE, analogous to building a chroot using debootstrap, but I use Vagrant to simulate my VPSes prior to pushing updates and I doubr LXC will ever let me run a Windows kernel for http://modern.ie/ testing.23:50
phillwVbox has the dis-advantage of being none F/OSS, KVM, Cloud etc are written into the kernel and only require a hook into them. As such, they will always be more efficient23:51
deitarionLast I heard, only the pre-built VirtualBox Guest Extensions and the plugin for things like raw USB 2.0 virtualization were non-GPL.23:52
phillwdeitarion: but, can we take this chat to #lubuntu-offtopic ?23:52

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