led-banditlib6 error on update tonight when i got home cant boot into system now00:39
led-banditand rescue mode will not finish loading00:39
led-banditlibc6-dev-i386_2.17-0ubuntu5_amd64.deb to be exact00:47
led-banditA copy of the C library was found in an unexpected directory:00:57
led-bandit  '/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ld-2.17.so.dpkg-new'00:57
led-banditIt is not safe to upgrade the C library in this situation;00:57
led-banditplease remove that copy of the C library or get it out of00:57
led-bandit'/lib/i386-linux-gnu' and try again.00:57
led-bandithas chroot changed for 13.04?01:05
bjsniderled-bandit, http://packages.ubuntu.com/raring/amd64/libc6/filelist01:06
bjsniderthat should have been the i386 list, but whatever, just change the url01:07
bjsnideri386 is not appropriate to use on linux01:07
bjsniderjust an opinion01:07
led-banditi use multi lib to run i386 apps01:07
led-banditobviously somthing borked the install so that my system is not bootable01:08
led-banditthis update was pushed out 6 hours ago so hope others dont start having same problem01:09
bandit-ledA copy of the C library was found in an unexpected directory:02:59
bandit-led  '/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ld-2.17.so.dpkg-new'02:59
bandit-ledIt is not safe to upgrade the C library in this situation;02:59
bandit-ledplease remove that copy of the C library or get it out of02:59
bandit-led'/lib/i386-linux-gnu' and try again.02:59
bandit-ledfix http://forum.ubuntu-it.org/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=541711&sid=588a1d84d0d07e6f5079afd9670b5e54&start=40#p426269902:59
richerVE Hi, it isn't today the release of 13.04 RC ??03:04
c_smithHey, I'm testing Ubuntu 13.04 and just noticed a BIG issue: my HDMI sound is not appearing in the sound menu with the FGLRX 13.3 beta, neither with the Ubuntu supplied ones or the ones in the repos.03:11
c_smithI asked about this a while ago on Ubuntu Gnome's IRC channel with their beta, and they referred me here.03:11
c_smithcan't test the open-source drivers as with them I get a kernel panic shortly after boot03:12
c_smithGPU is too new for them to work at all.03:13
c_smithI've found a solution: Use the cards VGA port with an audio cord for the Monitor, not a perfect solution, but I can get by with it03:39
valoriec_smith: did you file a bug report?03:53
valoriethe devels may or may not read the chan logs03:53
c_smithvalorie, I'm in the process of doing so now.03:53
c_smithjust need to retrieve my Launchpad login from Keepass03:54
c_smiththough would Pulse fall under the Linux package?03:54
c_smithin this case, that is.03:54
valoriepulseaudio? you were talking about fglrx earlier03:55
c_smithI was. aside from the sound issue, HDMI works.03:56
c_smithkinda confused as to what I should file it under.03:56
c_smithwhether it be FGLRX, Pulse, or Linux03:56
valorieyou might ask in #ubuntu-kernel03:57
valoriekernel panic sounds important03:57
valorievery helpful people there too03:58
c_smiththe Kernel Panic is unrelated to the issue I was talking about, but it makes the open source AMD drivers useless on this card (and I can pin it to upstream as it also affects every distribution I've tried, Arch, openSUSE, Ubuntu, you name it)03:59
c_smithheck, I've even tried it on PCLinuxOS. which usually lags behind a bit.04:00
c_smithgonna file the current bug I'm talking about in FGLRX, seems to fit best.04:01
valoriesounds like you have two bugs then04:03
WutzanHey, wasn't the RC supposed to be out today?04:04
c_smithvalorie, true, but my Radeon card is actually pretty new (the Turks line, Radeon HD 6670) so it could be that they just haven't implemented the needed features in the free driver.04:06
c_smithhmmmmm...... looking at the apt-cache policy, the AMD driver versions in the repo and the version from the site vary quite a bit.04:07
c_smiththough 13.1 directly from AMD is unusable in 13.0404:08
c_smithif this works, it tells me it's only something AMD can fix, as it does appear the devs may have rolled back the version04:11
c_smith*people who maintain the FGLRX packages04:11
valoriethose Very Important People04:14
ShapeShifter499hi again04:18
ShapeShifter499I was checking out the cool looking updated "shutdown" prompt you'd get after hitting the computer's power button, I wasn't planning on shutting down my system but even though I exited out of the prompt by clicking the "X" in the upper left corner of the prompt my system still shut itself down about a minute later, why? is this a bug?04:21
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ShapeShifter499anyone know?04:34
valoriesounds like you selected it without meaning to04:36
Paul_MyBBI would test, but I don't want to lose my work on this essay :P04:36
* valorie uses kubuntu, not Unity04:36
ShapeShifter499valorie, I don't see how, the shutdown button area is on the right side, opposite of the exit button04:40
valorieok, haven't seen it04:44
CoreyonIs the RC out yet?05:11
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases05:15
valorienot here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/raring/05:18
lordievaderGood morning.05:50
pabs3where can I find the alternate installer for Ubuntu raring?05:57
bazhang!alternate | pabs306:18
ubottupabs3: The alternate CD has been discontinued for the main Ubuntu distro, please use and report any bugs in the !LiveCD06:18
pabs3hmm, does the main installer support preseeding?06:19
jackwwhen 13.04 is going to be released?06:37
jackwcant wait06:37
bazhang!schedule | jackw06:38
ubottujackw: Raring Ringtail (13.04) release milestones can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule06:38
lordievaderjackw: The 25th.06:39
nonix4Is there more formal/correct way to make "mdadm -S" possible than an infinite loop of "while true; do sudo vgchange -a n /dev/ubuntu-vg; done" while doing that mdadm -S? As in how to disable auto-reactivation of LVM VGs?07:53
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MonkeyDustnonix4  i'm not familiar with LVM, but it says here, that they are never automatically activated -- there's also the channel #lvm211:46
nonix4MonkeyDust: iirc the thing that activates such things automatically was related to gvfs-gdu-something...11:48
MonkeyDustnonix4  75+ people in #lvm, better ask there11:49
MonkeyDustnonix4  75+ people in #lvm2, better ask there <-- correction11:49
davidbaumannHell together. I submitted my first bug yesterday, but I guess I made some mistakes ;)11:49
nonix4think some gnome channel might be more appropriate place...11:49
davidbaumann1170463, it's about using ALFA AWUS036NHR on Kubuntu 13.04 x6411:50
yeahuyenhaving trouble using ubuntu one to backup my .home directory, getting this error: :Giving up on request after 5 attempts, last status 400 Bad Request11:50
yeahuyen /home directory i mean11:51
kvarleySkype fails to load due to a segmentation fault, any ideas how to fix this?11:59
caf4926did anyone else notice a problem with Chrome installing in the latest +112:55
caf4926specifically libudev0 (>=147)12:58
leoloveI just updated my 13.04 to new kernel 3.8.0-19 and all of sudden sound stopped working13:00
leolove/proc/asound/cards is empty, card detected in lspci, /blacklist-oss.conf contains blacklist SoundCard13:01
leoloveany idea?13:03
philinuxleolove: boot the previous kernel and see if all ok13:09
leoloveYes tested, it works13:10
leoloveprevious version was 3.8.0-1813:10
philinuxleolove: boot into 19 and in terminal ubuntu-bug linux and send off a bug report13:11
leolovephilinux done13:14
leoloveseems alsa modules not loaded13:14
philinuxleolove: hang on13:15
philinuxI have sound but /proc/asounds/cards is cat: /proc/asounds/cards: No such file or directory13:16
philinuxnot sure how relevant that is13:17
leolovewait, let me share the link13:18
philinuxleolove: i've just done a sound test in sound settigns and all fine here13:18
philinuxleolove: maybe hardware specific13:18
philinuxleolove: mine is " Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)13:19
leoloveAudio device: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] FCH Azalia Controller13:19
philinuxleolove: I'll check my other pc later13:20
philinuxwhats the bug report number13:20
philinuxI'll be back later13:21
leolovephilinux are you there?13:34
leoloveI just sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-$(uname -r) and it worked now13:34
wilee-nileehabanany, Have you checked the usb to see if it is full, a persistent will fill up and is really difficult to clean without a hack.13:37
habananyi guess im gonna have to stop the process13:38
BluesKajHi all13:39
leolovehabanany you are facing issue to erase usb?13:40
wilee-nileehabanany, Updating a persistent is problematic all of the updates are in the casper-rw, kernel upgrade may brick it, so that you have to remove the casper and just have the iso.13:40
wilee-nileeleolove, No a stuck update.13:40
habananyleolove i ll hist going to reboot13:41
habananyjust **13:41
leoloveseems ubuntu / AMD had problems with switchable graphics13:44
BluesKajmost switchable graphics are a problem on Linux, period13:46
habananyleolove it seems like terminal was sleeping13:46
habananyleolove i had this apport stop/waiting13:53
leoloveBluesKaj I was fighting with tearing switchable graphics and followed every guide. Nothing works but a small trick13:53
leolovehabanany okay13:54
leoloveso it resolves now?13:54
BluesKajleolove, then save that trick or an expalanation in text  form, so that you can share wih others who may have the same issue13:55
BluesKajleolove, I know the that the nvidia dual graphics switch seems to work for some using bumblebee13:56
BluesKajaka optimus13:57
leoloveBluesKaj, when we run amdconfig --initial to generate xorg.conf somehow the tearfree desktop option dissappear.13:58
leoloveJust delete the xorg.conf and restart the pc, it will use fglrx but without your discrete graphics. You can then enable tearfree13:59
uictamaleHey all, I just installed 13.04 and my background is solid white and doesn't change when I pick a new background.  Any ideas?14:15
slinnkyw00 laaaag14:19
genii-aroundAll the available nvidia drivers now properly install/deinstall and work for me again on x86_64  with the -19-generic  kernel and headers, if anyone's interested.15:06
genii-aroundAfter re-enabling xorg-edgers the 313 from there also works fine.15:10
BluesKajok genii-around , thanks for the heads up15:14
philinuxleolove: audio sorted?15:14
BluesKajgenii-around, think I'll pass on the xorg-edgers 313 ppa . Past experience with that driver wasn't good.15:31
genii-aroundBluesKaj: I'm currently using it, but of course Your Mileage May Vary!15:37
Dreamanhttp://picbg.net/img.php?file=8dad8206e6727931.png  my ubuntu 13.04 rc bulgarian and iron maiden :)15:37
BluesKajgenii-around, yup :)15:37
XajinalDoes anyone know if Raring Ringtail has speed improvements?15:40
wilee-nileeXajinal, What is your definition of speed improvements?15:42
XajinalIgnoring the laggy UI (I use a tiling WM), I mean improvements to the compilation of core packages15:43
XajinalThe set of CFlags used in previous versions hasn't been very optimized15:43
XajinalI get noticeable speed improvements compiling from source as opposed to the default Ubuntu packages15:44
BluesKajgenii-around, the 310.44 driver seems to be working fine . It didn't in the past .15:54
XajinalHmm... seems no-one knows what CFLAGs are15:55
genii-aroundBluesKaj: I tested the -experimental-304, -experimental-310, and the 313-updates which all installed/ran/deinstalled fine and survived reboot, then got brave and re-enabled the xorg-edgers and installed that, which seems to be working fine so far15:57
BluesKajgenii-around, did you get a list of messages during the reboot after installing the non-default drivers and then a stall , which resulted in a complete shutdown shortly after ?16:00
BluesKajbut the startup was normal afterwards16:02
alankilaXajinal: if you claim improvements, produce measurements for performance. Subjective assessments are useless because human observers are generally extremely biased16:10
alankilain general it is not unthinkable that some compilation flags help performance but they may also harm performance, it's not always a win... unfortunately.16:11
alankilaand since we went 64 bits the bar was raised very high with respect to CPU capabilities. SSE2 can be assumed to be present etc.16:12
Xajinalalankila: I have results from tests naturally, but previously when I've filed bug reports to launchpad they been ignored16:13
jtaylorXajinal: example for an CFLAGS?16:13
Xajinaljtaylor: CFLAGS are variables which specify additional parameters to the compiler16:14
alankilaas a rule I'm personally interested in improvements larger than 10 %. That is something that begins to be noticeable to disinterested observers16:14
jtaylorI know what they are16:14
Xajinaljtaylor: Why were you asking then? I'm confused16:14
jtaylor17:43 <Xajinal> The set of CFlags used in previous versions hasn't been very optimized16:15
XajinalI don't have the source to hand, but when I looked in previous versions (particularly 12.04 when I became interested) they seemed crude16:15
alankilahe just wants to see one good cflags line that you claim to improve performance of some package16:16
XajinalAlthough I understand a lot of Ubuntu software really just comes from Debian, which is cautious in its use of optimization16:16
XajinalI don't have the files available, on my gentoo box at the moment16:17
XajinalI'll file another launchpad ticket I guess, though responses to those seem pretty low16:17
alankilayes, debian has certain diseases which boil down to being extremely infatuated with obsolete hardware16:17
jtaylorCan you point me to an existing launchpad ticket?16:18
genii-aroundBluesKaj: Nope, went smooth as silk16:18
XajinalSearch for "CFLAGS" on the tracker16:18
jtaylorXajinal: more specific please16:19
BluesKajok genii-around thanks , it must be a reboot glitch of some kind. I'm going to test it again , brb.16:19
jtayloryou must also take into account that ubuntu is a binary distribution, so you can't use stuff like -march=haswell16:20
alankilaI can't find anything relevant with respect to cflags query on the launchpad bugs. 275 bugs, 12300 pages, nothing seemingly relevant for 'cflags optimization'. Giving up.16:21
alankilaI've seen that some bunch of benchmarks show some 10-15 % improvement when built with -O3 than -O216:24
jtaylorthe set of application that profits from O3 is quite limited16:25
jtaylorthe most major improvement is the activation of the autovectorizer16:25
jtaylorand that only helps if you do some kind of number crunching16:25
alankilahttp://compcert.inria.fr/compcert-C.html#perfs is a fairly typical result16:25
alankilaOh bummer16:26
alankilathis doesn't have -O2 result16:26
alankilanever mind. For some reason I thought it did have16:26
genii-aroundYou could always just use apt-build or such16:26
alankilaanyway what you can see from this is that even a stupid compiler like compcert (relatively speaking) gives most of the bang of the bug, and gcc's extensive optimizations in O3 mode tend to make few % of difference. This is, I guess, why most people aren't interested in cflags16:27
alankilabang for the buck too. Need to concentrate on what I'm writing.16:27
jtaylora few percent in exchange to frequent very hard to find bugs16:28
alankilaIt is annoyingly hard to find proper benchmarks where someone has extensively studied variety of workloads and program types at large set of compiler flags16:30
alankilaall the search results are dominated by various gentoo related hits which isn't helping. No hard data anywhere.16:31
jtaylorits not a very useful thing to do16:31
jtaylorit depends on too many factors16:31
alankilait is, however, in principle a scriptable problem. Take a hardware, run battery of standard tests under various CFLAGS, collect results, publish. Whenever compiler updates, repeat.16:32
jtaylorphoronix does this type of thing16:32
alankilathen slice the data in two dimensions, once through cflags and once through compiler versions16:32
jtaylorbut it doesn't mean the results you get from that can be used to draw any conclusions16:32
alankilaiirc the last time I saw someone do this cflags didn't matter basically one bit but compiler version had huge impact16:32
jtaylorunless the difference is huge you can only say on this exact system that is better16:32
alankilaalso gcc versions don't always improve performance. sometimes it regresses.16:33
alankilathe one parameter that might be very interesting is link time code generation and/or whole program optimization related stuff16:34
alankilathat has a real chance of making a big impact16:34
jtaylorIn my experience it does not help much16:34
alankilagcc has been very poor with this though, for instance taking huge amounts of memory to do link time code generation for real programs16:34
alankilaoh so you have tried it? I've some android programs where I'd like to try it but IDK if the more primitive ARM cpus would benefit more16:34
alankilathese intel processors with their fancy speculative executions and all that might really eliminate the impact of subroutine calls16:35
jtaylorit of course depends on the software16:35
jtaylorbut usually if there is a real bottleneck due to missing lto it has been fixed in other ways16:35
jtaylorlike source file concatination or just putting the small functions into headers16:35
alankilathough one really nice thing about link time code generation is that you can write the code in a normal way and let the compiler inline it rather than put half of your implementation into a header16:36
alankilaso I imagine ltcg will fix that at least, even if it just gives same performance as you had before16:36
jtayloryes, its certainly good16:36
alankilait's kind of criminal how poor gcc has been and for how long. optimizing-wise, it has always been beaten by icc that is apparently done in fraction of time, and quality of error messages only got better after clang lit a fire under gcc's tail. Competition is good, even for free software. And MSVC, despite being much loathed, has done LTCG forever. I suspect that compiler beats GCC too in terms of executable code performance.16:40
jtaylorI don'T believe the icc benchmarks16:40
jtaylorhaven't seen a single one that convinces me its any good16:40
alankilathis is largely uninformed speculation on my part, but I hope that the C++ switch will help over time.16:40
jtaylorgcc has advanced a lot in recent times16:41
alankilaoh, I've seen some math-related benchmarks where it was generally ahead though later GCC versions have had a habit of catching up with ICC16:41
jtaylore.g. the autovectorizer which was always the strongpoint of icc, is really good now16:41
jtaylorthe difference is its not enabled by default16:41
jtayloralso icc favors performance over correctness16:41
alankilastill not? that seems a shame16:41
jtaylorgcc always favors correctness16:42
jtaylorbut allows to disable that16:42
jtaylorthats usually the issue with benchmarks16:42
jtaylornot comparable options16:42
alankilaso -ffast-math for win?16:42
jtaylorgcc with options equivalent to icc's default is very likely as fast or faster16:42
alankilaI actually use that option sometimes. Anything is better than call to some libm intrinsic. Those library functions are so heavy and slow... :-/16:42
alankilasorry, libm function16:43
jtaylorglibc has improved in that respect a lot too16:43
jtayloralso many non math functions are much better now16:43
jtaylore.g. memcpy is vectorized and superfast now16:43
jtaylorindependend of compilation16:43
jtaylorits all runtime detected16:43
jtaylorvery neat16:43
alankilaI kinda think much of C library shouldn't even exist. Only stuff that's required to interface with linux kernel should be there, everything else should be inlinable functions of the compiler16:43
jtaylorthe opposite is the case now16:44
jtaylorgcc inlines are often slower than glibc16:44
alankilawell gcc inlines could be improved to take whatever glibc does16:44
jtaylorbecause glibc can imply much more on the system than gcc16:44
jtaylornot in the same way16:44
alankilabut the point is, the call overhead can be pretty huge and there's no way to do partial evaluation there16:44
jtaylorfunction call cost is not so high on amd6416:44
alankilaso even if you know that some value is not zero, say, the function must test it anyway because it can't be specialized16:45
alankilathis is largely the issue with the math functions :-/16:45
alankilathey have to do a lot of this sort of crap before they get to the actual operation16:45
jtaylorfor so smaller math operations its not so nice16:45
jtaylorbut more expensive operations like log sin,cos etc the operation cost is pretty high compared to the check16:46
alankilaI guess if you need transcendentals you've lost the game no matter what... it tends to go like that16:46
jtaylorthough I'm not sure if glibc actually beats IMKL yet16:46
jtaylorproblably not16:46
alankilaI wonder if we could write x86-64 vm that reads the binary and shared library and uses dynamic inlining and dead code elimination and gets higher performance than executing it on bare metal will16:49
alankilathere used to be a VM like this which actually ran some powerpc code faster than bare metal could, which is pretty impressive I guess. In that case it was reportedly the fact that it rewrote the code without branches as much as possible, which were apparently very slow on the hardware16:50
alankilanothing of that sort helps with intel because the processor is so smart, but perhaps we can run dumber processors if we have better optimizing runtimes and get more cores for lower watts16:50
alankilaWhat really kills me about the stuff like SSE/SSE2 SIMD is that so few places can actually use any of that capability. If GCC stilll doesn't generate vectorized code by default, you can bet it sits unused for almost all programs. Only if programmer has taken the time to write some intrinsics or assembly, or build it with nonstandard options will anything use those SIMD instructions.16:52
alankilafor instance I am a java programmer and I know for a fact that this dynamic compiler can't use the SSE unit for anything. It's pretty horrible. A much simpler CPU would do just as well if you employ it to run JVM.16:53
jtaylorin standard software opportunity to vectorize does not occur that often16:53
alankilayes, precisely.16:53
jtaylorwith AVX2 it might get better16:54
jtaylorit has much better operations for scatter/gather and blending16:54
alankilawhich is why I think there's a case for Very Simple cpu. The sort of core that has no bells and whistles other than getting stuff our stupid code generators actually does emit to run fast16:54
jtaylorthat is a bit what intel tried with itanium16:55
alankilaiirc with C you have to use the 'restrict' keyword to allow vectorizing. C is so ill specced that it must assume that pointers can overlap and it only has the rule that pointers of different type of values do not overlap16:55
jtaylorit is a much simpler cpu, one hoped to be able to do the optimizing in the compiler16:55
jtaylorthat didn't work out well16:55
alankilamuch good that does for you if you want to SIMD some dot product loop, everything will probably be float32 type16:55
jtaylorgcc will do runtime aliasing checks to get around that16:56
jtayloralignment is probably a larger issue16:56
alankilayes, itanium went wrong somewhere but it doesn't eliminate the point of putting a lot of performance per watt out by having simpler ISA which fits actual use cases better...16:56
alankilaoh. Man, that's news to me. So GCC will check this sort of thing? That's crazy.16:56
jtaylorit can also backfire :)16:57
alankilayes the alignment is a real problem too. you want movaps, not movups16:57
jtaylorif you compile c++11 array<4, int> it will stupidly add alignment and aliasing checks which is much more expensive than 4 scaler operations :)16:57
alankilabut for instance C++ new operator had no way to specify alignment for allocation. All you know is that the address will be divisible by 4. Great.16:58
jtaylorC11 has a aligned_malloc16:58
alankilaa good reason to look into that then.16:58
jtaylorwe should probably move to a PM, kind of off topic16:59
alankilaI might actually go play a game...16:59
ChogyDanmeh, unity is not working for me17:01
ChogyDananyone know of log files I can check, or anything?17:01
ChogyDanor how I can restart unity17:02
wololo_226hi, I'm trying to install Kubuntu 13.04, but installer stalls at the "Preparation to install" screen17:08
alo21hi... I have a problem with my wireless card on 13.04 live mode17:15
ChogyDan2Im still having unity issues.  Any help would be appreciated17:17
alo21when I go to 'software source', into tab, 'Additional drivers', I select on the b43 driver. During the installation of that driver, my PC crashes17:17
alo21my first question is: Do I have a network connection to install my b43 driver, or the files are in the kernel yet?17:19
ChogyDan2alo21: is this on 13.04?  my guess would be you need a net connection17:20
alo21ChogyDan2, yes.. is on 13.04. So you think that my PC will not crash if I connect it to the net?17:21
ChogyDan2man, this sucks.  This is the worst state my Ubuntu install has been in in years :(17:23
LukeL13.04 is for testing17:30
ChogyDanunity seems to be failing.  Anyone know where relevant log files are? or other ways to see what is happening?17:44
Volstarhow am I supposed to install Kubuntu 13.04 while installer is broken? how it is possible such bugs slips through testing?17:49
wilee-nileeVolstar, Have you summed the iso or disc?17:50
Volstarwilee-nilee: iso, I tried beta 2 and the latest daily build, so I wasted two dvd17:50
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows17:51
Volstarwilee-nilee: it's not possible to download two images with errors, but I check this in a moment17:51
wilee-nileeVolstar, Make sure they are burned slow as well if the sum matches17:51
Volstarwilee-nilee: I used 8x which was the lowest possible speed17:52
Volstarthe beta md5 sum is correct17:53
Volstarhowever, there's a chance I burned beta twice instead of the latest daily build17:54
wilee-nileeVolstar, So in the past all kubuntu/ubuntu installs have gone fine, and you have looked on the web for any problems with 13.04 and your hardware?17:54
Volstarbut, I also booted into desktop and updated ubiquity, so the ubiquity from the latest build should be used, right?17:54
wilee-nileenot sure on that.17:55
Volstarwilee-nille: I found forum threads about ubiquity to be broken in 13.04 beta/beta 217:55
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Volstarwilee-nilee: but those people were saying it was fixed later17:55
wilee-nileeVolstar, Ah, I have not had to install it again mine is from a earlier install.17:56
Volstarwilee-nilee: maybe I'll do the same, but I will make sure I have burned the latest daily build as well17:56
wilee-nileeVolstar, I'm not a real tester I install than clone it for an easy reload.17:57
wilee-nileeif needed.17:57
wilee-nileeVolstar, Yeah with clonezilla.17:58
Volstarwilee-nilee: it seems I indeed burned beta twice, so I'll try the latest build now18:02
BluesKajI hope the ubiquity freezing and not recognizing locale and amd HW issue is solved before the official release , just tried a daily a few days ago and it still exists for my setup18:02
wilee-nileeBluesKaj, Yeah, that would be nice with the server downloads being bad enough on releases.18:03
BluesKajseems it's not being taken seriously , at least that my perception, wilee-nilee18:07
BluesKajit's been known for over 4 months, but it might difficult to recreate , so hard to solve18:08
LukeLeveryone speaks english and uses intel18:13
genii-aroundWell, maybe only 98%18:13
sungyosshfs#iam@server:/home/foo /home/foo/boo fuse defaults,idmap=user,allow_other,users,gid=1000,uid=1000,IdentityFile=/root/.ssh/id_rsa 0 018:36
sungyoIm ubuntu 13.04 and that's my content of 'fstab' file18:36
sungyoand it's not working.18:36
sungyoWhen i try to mount /home/foo/boo,  It saks me the password of server.18:37
sungyoAnd key file also works well.18:38
sungyoOnly, after booting, it's not mounted.18:38
sungyoWhat can be the problem?18:38
sungyo(And I'll take my sleep. Does anyone answer me, I'll check and try it.)18:40
VolstarI've tried the latest build, but the installer is still broken18:42
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Paul_MyBBDoes anyone know where I can find the location of the PNG/SVG used for the Ubuntu launcher icon?19:06
bjsnidericons are usually kept in /usr/share19:27
bjsniderthe default location of arch-indep stuff19:27
trismI think it's /usr/share/unity/6/launcher_bfb.png but he already left19:27
ChogyDanqum_: it just seems strange that you are running kernel 3.719:38
qum_Well ChogyDan, i'm kinda new to linux19:38
qum_I just downloaded ubuntu yesterday, installed today and here i am, trying to get things "right" :D19:39
wilee-nileequm_, Did you get the drivers from nvidia?19:40
guntbertqum_: for someone new to linux using a beta release is not really recommended19:40
ChogyDanqum_: or did you get them from the edgers ppa?19:40
ChogyDanqum_: you should probably try to just do a general upgrade or something19:40
qum_wilee-nilee: i think i got them from edgers...19:40
qum_i got them from the additional drivers page19:41
qum_after adding their ppa19:41
qum_i think :D19:41
wilee-nileequm_, Cool, enjoy. ;)19:41
qum_and, what exactly do u mean by general upgrade?19:41
qum_wilee-nilee: i'll try mate, i just want to be sure i got the best working drivers for me :D19:42
wilee-nileequm_, I think you probably fine if it all looks good.19:42
ChogyDanqum_: I don't see how you got a 3.7 kernel, unless you are outdated.  I figured 3.8 was the kernel for awhile now19:42
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wilee-nilee3.7 is the latest kernel in my raring19:43
qum_mmm, ChogyDan, maybe from some update or links i pressed? :(19:43
bjsniderhe's new to linux and he's using an unstable distro, and xorg-edgers, which is terribly experimental19:43
bjsnider2 strikes19:43
wilee-nileeas of yeterday anyway19:43
qum_So guys, can u instruct me what to do pls?19:43
ChogyDanwilee-nilee: is the kernel labeled as 3.8 or something?19:44
bjsnidertalk about diving into the deep end of the pool19:44
qum_bjsnider: talk about helping me out m8)19:44
wilee-nileeChogyDan, I'm in precise when I looked in raring boot it says 3.7.19:45
bjsniderlatest kernel appears to be
ChogyDanwhat bjsnider said for me as well19:45
qum_okey, so i should google for how to upgrade the kernel to
ChogyDanno qum_, you need to learn basic upgrade stuff.  That should do it for you.  You probably downloaded the wrong disk or something19:46
qum_ChogyDan: can u be so kind and point out in link to what should i download? I don't mind formating and installing ubuntu again, it's better to do it now :D19:47
bjsnidersince we're at rc, it might be ok to stay with raring, but it won't be as well documented as quantal19:48
bjsniderbut i would ppa-purge xorg-edgers19:49
bjsniderthat is for more experienced users who are experimenting with bleeding-edge xorg stuff19:49
ChogyDanqum_: it looks like this page is it: http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/19:49
qum_ChogyDan: so that i would be safe, i should download it, burn to disc and install from fresh?19:50
qum_Can't i just upgrade the kernel somehow without format? I mean without leaving chance to some bugs later?19:51
ChogyDanqum_: here is a command: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install linux-generic ubuntu-desktop && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade19:52
ChogyDanqum_: i have to go a bit.  My unity is crashing19:53
wilee-nileethats the command19:53
qum_cya soon :D19:53
qum_ChogyDan: i did it and it didn't upgrade anything...19:54
ChogyDanqum_: I don't know, but you may be better off just reinstalling.  the upgrade may take up just as much bandwidth, and take longer to install19:56
qum_ChogyDan: i got a pretty good bandwith.19:56
qum_and if i can upgrade from inside without any bugs later i prefer it.19:56
qum_well, that way i won't format the system, less time :D19:58
ChogyDanqum_: a fresh install takes less time than a large upgrade.  And checking out why your system isn't upgrading is that exciting..20:01
qum_ChogyDan: kk, so i downloaded http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/ubuntu-13.04-beta2-desktop-i386.iso i'll burn it to a disc and then just install?20:02
qum_wilee-nilee: is that what he ment?20:06
wilee-nileequm_, I guess not sure why a new install is needed though honestly, you have all the repos a update and dist-upgrade should suffice.20:08
qum_wilee-nilee: so what should i do?:(20:20
wilee-nileequm_, You are running the ubuntu unity desktop correct?20:20
wilee-nileepanel on the left side of the screen?20:21
qum_if u mean if i got the unity launcher on the left, then yes :D20:21
wilee-nileequm_, This command should get you the kernel upgrade and anything else, I assume the ppa nvidia drivers will be okay, that is a bit out my area.  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install linux-generic ubuntu-desktop && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:23
wilee-nileegraphics I'm not real up on I have never needed driver beyond a install.20:23
wilee-nileequm_, Removing the ppa if things go south and the drivers and using the regular repos drivers I would get acquainted with is all, just to be informed. ;)20:26
qum_sec mate20:27
qum_wilee-nilee: when i type sudo apt-get install linux-generic ubuntu-desktop it says ubuntu-desktop is already the newest version.20:34
qum_linux-generic is already the newest version20:34
qum_and no action is taken20:34
wilee-nileequm_, what do you get from uname -r in the terninal?20:37
wilee-nileequm_, Did you run this sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:38
qum_and i wrote u what i got20:38
qum_ubuntu-desktop is already the newest version.20:38
qum_linux-generic is already the newest version20:39
qum_0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.20:39
qum_that's what i get when i type it20:39
wilee-nileequm_, Not sure than myself I ran the whole command and am at 3.8.0-19-generic I would assume it is in the regular repos, honestly I don't really worry about kernels mine have been up to date except for raring today, and now is, so I'm not the best help on this. ;)20:41
wilee-nileeI would hate to give you wrong info. ;)20:43
genii-aroundDid you type in sudo apt-get update   ...first?20:44
qum_ye si did20:44
genii-aroundmaybe try linux-image-generic instead of linux-generic20:46
qum_sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic ?20:46
qum_i get the same20:48
genii-aroundPerhaps the Israeli local mirror is not very up to date20:49
qum_perhaps :(20:51
wilee-nileegenii-around, I wonderd that myself. ;)20:51
qum_well... :D20:52
qum_wb ChogyDan20:52
ChogyDanmeh, nothing is fixed.20:53
gh__hi, anyone having problems doing "apt-get update" with ubuntu 13.04? I have a hash mismatch error on the universe package list20:56
gh__the hash mismatch happens with many different mirrors20:56
tgm4883gh__, did you try blowing away the hash and retrying?20:59
IdleOneworking fine here with ca.archive21:00
gh__tgm4883: removing /var/lib/apt/lists/ ? yes21:01
MonkeyDustgh__  type sudo apt-get install pastebinit;sudo apt-get update | pastebinit and paste the url here21:01
tgm4883gh__, I'd just remove the one that it's complaining about, but yes21:02
ChogyDanfwiw, I think this command fixed my unity issue: dconf reset -f /org/compiz/ && setsid unity21:03
ChogyDanso it must have been a compiz misconfiguration  oO21:03
gh__MonkeyDust: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5722699/ the error message is in french..21:04
MonkeyDustgh__  np  Ispeak french21:06
gh__it keeps happening even if I disable -updates and -backports21:06
gh__I'm in a university, could it be a network problem?21:07
tgm4883gh__, did you try 'rm /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/fr.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_raring_universe_binary-i386_Packages'21:08
gh__tgm4883: I just nuked the whole folder and tried again, the same keeps happening21:09
tgm4883gh__, well thats a subfolder of the one you specified earlier21:09
tgm4883 /var/lib/apt/lists/partial vs /var/lib/apt/lists21:10
gh__I nuked /var/lib/apt/lists/ :)21:10
MonkeyDustgh__  I have that same file, guess everybody does, not sure what it is21:11
MonkeyDustgh__  guess you can simply ignore that error21:12
gh__well, the whole universe repository is unavailable21:12
gh__which mean I cannot install a lot of stuff21:12
MonkeyDustwhat's an example of a program in the universe repo?21:19
tgm4883most things are in universe and/or multiverse I think21:20
MonkeyDustgh__  can you install audacious? it's a mediaplayer in the universe21:21
gh__it's not in universe, since it comes by default with lubuntu21:22
gh__but for instance I can not install ghc, or tree21:22
MonkeyDustyes, they are in universe too21:23
MonkeyDustaudacious is too, type apt-cache policy [package] to find out21:23
MonkeyDustgh__  type sudo apt-get install tree|pastebinit and paste the url here21:24
gh__it proposes me packages with "tree" in the name.21:25
MonkeyDustgh__  I read write and speak 4 languages, among which french, so you can paste the output21:26
gh__it happens on 3 machines in the same room21:26
MonkeyDustgh__  are there more ubuntu pc's outside that room?21:27
gh__yes but they are not using raring21:28
gh__and they don't have this problem21:28
gh__I'm reading this in a forum: "Possibly a proxy? I had to change the proxy that I was going through at the company I work at. I assume that somehow the file I tried to download was corrupt and every time I requested it, the proxy said "I've got that!" and sent me a incomplete/corrupt file. "21:29
gh__I believe my university does have a proxy21:29
gh__maybe I just have to wait another day21:29
ChogyDangh__: change repo maybe?21:29
gh__ChogyDan: already done, same effect21:30
gh__dowloading the same .bz2 file by ssh from a remove location (in another country), I have the same md5 hash. so the files are the same.21:35
MonkeyDustgh__  yes, it must be local, as I can install tree from here (to stick to your example)21:36
gh__ok, it's getting late :)21:39
gh__thanks a lot for your help21:39
richerVEGreetings, Ubuntu 13.04 RC isn't supposed to be released yesterday?22:25
valoriericherVE: yes22:37
valoriewe don't know what held up the publishing of the images22:38
valoriealthough I assume it was necessary, so all we can do is wait22:38
bekksThere was no holding up - yesterday was just the final freeze.22:39
valoriebekks: RC was scheduled yesterday22:44
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bekksvalorie: And the release date is still 25th :P23:40
bekksSo I dont see any hold up there.23:40
valoriein https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseCandidate they sort of give themselves an out, but I know that in the past, there has been an actual, named RC "release"23:41
valorienot this time around, I guess23:42

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