jaredjea: I was referring to next weekend if that was better. Also, the weekend after is a possibilitity if it means more people can come.07:43
Noskcajdoes anyone online have testdrive installed? i need some bugs confirmed08:38
iktnot testdrive09:04
iktNoskcaj: this is for testing iso's?09:04
Noskcajikt, that is the program's main aim09:05
iktgot 13.04 on my laptop09:05
iktwant me to download?09:05
iktNoskcaj: 09:16
Noskcajikt, if you could. sudo apt-get install testdrive09:16
Noskcajif you ever want to do some testing it will help09:17
Noskcajthe bugs are at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/testdrive/09:18
ikti'll take a look09:24

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