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harsh___I have question about using Ubuntu 12.4 as Server in production. Can someone assist?09:44
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FinnigannI did this along time ago, yet I cannot recall how I changed my Desktop/interface. Could someone point me in the right direction? Tango Yankee19:25
geirhaUse a different desktop environment?19:40
FinnigannYes, I think it went from a Gnome variant to KDE (or the other way) Is this possible with Ubuntu (I'm assumin it is) but how can I do this. I have v 12.0x now but I kinda liked the 11.xx that I first installed.20:04
Unit193!purekde | You can "change" with this.20:05
ubot93You can "change" with this.: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »20:05
DavidP_Could someone help me solve a problem when I am installing lubuntu?22:49
wilee-nileeDavidP_, Hi, the channel works with you stating the problems, if someone knows they will answer, if no one does then you can try #ubuntu or #lubuntu22:51
DavidP_I am installing lubuntu, and once i click the "install lubuntu" button, it starts with the splashscreen. After about 3 minutes the screen goes black and soon after the mouse appears. Then the screen goes through a phase of showing a black screen, then ujst a mouse. A few times after this, the screen starts to flicker between sleep mode, and various other screens. This continues for as long as I have waited and yet nothing h22:58
wilee-nileeDavidP_, Have you checked the md5sum of the iso or disc, or checked the disc integrity at the first gui at powering on?22:58
DavidP_No, I will do.22:59
DavidP_What is the rough process?22:59
wilee-nileeDavidP_, That is generally where I would start. Rough process in what context?23:00
stlsaintDavidP_: are you currently on a widows or linux machine?23:00
DavidP_How would i go about checking the md5sum. I am very inexperienced.23:00
wilee-nileestlsaint, Feel free here you would have more insight. ;)23:01
stlsaintDavidP_: are you currently on a widows or linux machine?23:01
DavidP_My main computer is running windows altough I am installing linux on an old computer for a web server etc.23:02
stlsaintDavidP_: how much ram on the older system?23:03
DavidP_256mb although i believe that's ok for lubuntu23:03
stlsaintDavidP_: yes but its not ideal for it. which release are you trying to install?23:04
stlsaintDavidP_: have a glance at the wiki. The 12.10 requires more than 256 RAM for the "desktop" installer but you can use the alternate installer and it should run fine23:06
DavidP_ok what distro would recommend for that kind of spec, considering i would like to run a web server and some other things23:10
stlsaintDavidP_: you new to linux yes?23:10
stlsaintDavidP_: ubuntu server will be fine and its well documented for web servers23:11
DavidP_i have used it a little. I have used ubuntu, know some simple commands and have a raspberry pi23:11
stlsaintDavidP_: lubuntu really wont be lubuntu as a web server23:12
DavidP_so ubuntu server will run on only 256mb of ram plus bear in mind the processor is only intel celeron23:14
stlsaintDavidP_: ouch forgot about that part with the ram23:14
stlsaintDavidP_: what type of content are you serving on the web with only 256 RAM?23:15
DavidP_it'll only be a basic website,  and i might add more ram later on if there is large traffic or it needs bigger files on it23:16
stlsaintDavidP_: i am inexperienced with running low ram web servers. Least ive ever used was 2GB in a vm. But there is other OS's that may be able to but are some that i have never tried, IE: slax23:18
stlsaintDavidP_: although i know puppy linux can be ran as a webserver23:19
DavidP_yeah i could run it on my larger pc which has 16 gb of ram but it is very powerful so it would be very power consuming plus i wouldnt be able to run windows in paralell23:23
stlsaintDavidP_: now you said a webserver and "some other things"...what other things if you dont ask me asking?23:23
stlsaintoh yea23:23
stlsaintthere are always virtual machines :D23:24
DavidP_im happy to ill try puppy tho23:24
Unit193Could also try AntiX for smaller, full featured.23:25
DavidP_that didnt make sense long story why lol. by other things i meant like maybe some python23:26
DavidP_antix seems good. btw im that bothered if the server is a bit slow its just a bit of an experiment really, just to make use of the computer.23:30
DavidP_*but not btw23:30
stlsaintDavidP_: cool, have fun23:33
stlsaintUnit193: go away :P23:33
Unit193Good idear.23:33
DavidP_who go away? why?23:35
stlsaintDavidP_: not you, I was messing with my pal Unit19323:36
DavidP_ok i will try some of those distros tomorrow but how would i check the md5 checksum to make sure the disk is accurate?23:38
stlsaintDavidP_: sorry not sure how on windows23:38
stlsaintim sure there is some little handy utility around23:39
stlsaintmaybe?? http://www.winmd5.com/23:39
DavidP_ok i will find out myself. should i check it once downloaded when on disc. In fact i think my disc burner has the function built in! :)23:40
stlsaintyou can check the iso once you download it before you burn it23:40
stlsaintUnit193: ping23:41
Unit193stlsaint: Pong, but still need to get grub.23:41
stlsaintUnit193: go grub then ill bug you when you return23:42
stlsaintUnit193: i just have a strange issue with my directories i wanted to throw at you23:42
DavidP_thank you very much for your help guys, now i think i shall get some sleep :P you r a wonderful community, i love open source :D23:42
stlsaintDavidP_: later man23:45
Unit193stlsaint: Kind of in and out.23:57

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