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pittiGood morning05:03
jibelgood morning07:00
didrockssalut jibel, joyeux vendredi! :)07:02
jibelSalut didrocks07:03
ritzseb128 morning07:24
seb128hey desktopers07:25
seb128happy friday07:25
seb128ritz, hi07:25
ritzyou are up early07:26
seb128it's in fact quite late compared to other europeans there ;-)07:26
ritzhaha, is cyphermox on vacation ?07:27
seb128he should be around in ~5 hours07:28
ritzaah, thanks07:28
ritzmy bad, I thought he was working from Europe07:33
didrockssalut seb128, happy Friday!07:35
seb128didrocks, lut, to you too!07:35
ritzdidrocks, hi, I believe you own a wetab. Have you tried ubuntu touch on it ?07:37
didrocksritz: hey! No I didn't TBH. My wetab didn't boot for a long time.07:37
didrocksritz: TBH, I doubt this will work as long as we have that many dependencies on android stack07:37
ritzoh, android 4.2 works fine on it07:38
ritzatleast, android x8607:38
ritzand if I remember correctly, we do plan to port mir to support non android based driver07:38
chrisccoulsongood morning07:41
chrisccoulsonhappy friday!07:42
seb128chrisccoulson, good morning and happy friday to you too !07:42
seb128chrisccoulson, how are you ?07:42
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, good thanks. and you?07:43
seb128chrisccoulson, I'm good thanks, weather is finally set on sunny for some days and sticking to it07:44
seb128and it's friday07:44
chrisccoulsonseb128, oh, it rained pretty much the whole day here yesterday ;)07:45
didrockshappy Friday chrisccoulson!07:45
chrisccoulsonbut at least it's not snowing now :)07:45
chrisccoulsonhey didrocks07:45
didrocksseb128: ah, so you stole my sun! :)07:45
seb128didrocks, and I'm pround of it :p07:45
didrockssnif! so sad :)07:45
didrocksseb128: I know you are bored, care looking at https://code.launchpad.net/~didrocks/mediaplayer-app/dailyrelease/+merge/159759 quickly? ;)08:00
seb128didrocks, looking08:02
seb128didrocks, hum, how does that stuff work again? I should you need a bootstrap r<...> in the changelog ... what's the marker?08:05
didrocksseb128: the marker is below, in the previous commit08:05
didrocksseb128: the only part missing was to put an upstream-downstream changelog08:05
seb128didrocks, oh, ok, the diff cuts too short to see that08:05
didrocksthe package is already in split mode08:05
didrocksyeah ;)08:05
seb128didrocks, I approved but can't change the status08:06
seb128didrocks, I'm not in the right team I guess08:06
didrocksseb128: ok, I'll do it :)08:06
seb128Laney, hey, happy friday!08:06
seb128didrocks, thanks08:06
didrocksseb128: thanks to you!08:06
Laneyhappy friday to you too!08:06
didrocksseb128: just to give you some context…08:06
didrockshappy friday Laney!08:06
didrocksseb128: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/cu2d-media-head-1.1prepare-mediaplayer-app/5/console08:07
didrocksseb128: here is what happens, because I dch "bug balablabla first"08:07
didrocksto it change native to nativeubuntu108:07
didrocksand then, when I finally dch -v "" before the last commit…08:08
didrocksseb128: I prefer to keep it that way so that we are asking ourself "did I put it in split mode"?08:08
didrocksbut it seems that mterry & cyphermox missed that steps in at least 3 projects ;)08:08
seb128didrocks, I see08:09
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seb128shrug, users really hate bug #106787608:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 1067876 in openSUSE "Missing "Safely Remove Drive" option from Quicklists. Only have "Eject"." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106787608:17
ogra_luckily its in opensuse :P08:18
ogra_why does lp not pick the ubuntu task ... /me shakes head08:18
ogra_(or the bot .... )08:19
seb128ubot2, you are not so clever it seems...08:19
ubot2seb128: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:19
didrocksit agrees08:19
seb128ogra_, ^ that's why :p08:19
didrocksoh no, it's raining!08:20
* didrocks puts all the blame on seb12808:20
didrocksno balconey today! :)08:20
seb128didrocks, :/08:20
seb128blue sky and sun here08:20
didrocksthat's unusual :)08:20
* Laney yodels for pitti09:59
Laney... does org.freedesktop.login1.Manager.PowerOff work for you?09:59
pittiici il pleut aussi :(09:59
pittiLaney: it usually does, I just wouldn't like to try it right now when I have two VMs and a langpack build running10:00
LaneyI tried it in a VM ;-)10:00
Laneyhere it seems to try to call the systemd unit for some reason?10:00
pittihm, that should fail and fall back to "shutdown -h"10:00
pittioh, wait10:00
pittiis that because of our systemd shim?10:00
pittidoes that offer these APIs, but not implement them?10:00
Laneyah, maybe10:01
Laneyhow do I get logs out of logind?10:04
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pittiLaney: kill it, and start it in a shell10:35
Laneyah ok10:36
pittiLaney: what does it stumble on?10:45
desrtgood morning, all10:46
desrtlarsu: if you're awake yet, stay inside10:47
desrtthere's cops all over the place and the transit is shutdown.  the news is telling everyone to stay inside10:49
desrtthey killed one of the guys and they're trying to catch the other and he's somewhere around here10:49
Laneypitti: Going to test http://paste.ubuntu.com/5721208/ now10:51
didrocksdesrt: seems you have animated neighborhood10:51
pittiLaney: ooh10:51
desrtdidrocks: i'm at mterry's house :)10:51
pittiLaney: good catch10:51
didrocksdesrt: ah, that explains :)10:52
desrtdidrocks: it's the boston marathon explosion stuff...10:52
desrtthe guy is on a rampage now, apparently10:52
didrocksdesrt: yeah, once you told you are at mterry's, I made the connection :)10:52
didrockswell, unsurprisingly…10:52
* desrt wanted to go out and get some coffee :p10:53
didrocksdesrt: or you can wake up mterry and ask him to make you a coffee, while staying inside :)10:54
desrtpish.  it's not even 7am here10:54
* desrt is still on slightly european time10:54
desrti can do some hacking for what is hopefully the short time before this wraps up10:54
didrocksdesrt: he has the opportunity to luckily works for a long day, don't make him miss that :)10:54
desrtdidrocks: and i'm supposed to be on the other side of one of the streets that they shut down by 10am :)10:55
didrocksdesrt: well, I think that everybody will understand if you can't get there on time :p10:55
* desrt doesn't suspect many other people will be there on time if he's not...10:56
Laneyand we have shutdown10:57
Laneypitti: seems to work10:57
pittiand looks straightforward10:57
pittican this still land in raring, or do we put that patch into a bug report for squishy?10:58
Laneyit doesn't seem necessary for raring I suppose10:58
Laneyi-session is still using CK for example10:58
pittiI have a local git here, based on mbiebl's local "notetaking" git, but neither is sufficiently official to stage the fix there10:58
pittiok, bug report it is then10:59
larsudesrt: morning11:02
desrtlarsu: reading the news it seems that the 'heat' of the chase has moved on now to watertown11:03
desrttransit is still down, but i want a coffee :p11:03
larsucome to my place, people seem to be awake here ;)11:05
desrtmight do11:05
desrtwas thinking the starbucks in central square11:05
larsuya, we could do that as well11:05
pittihey larsu11:07
larsupitti: hi! Wie geht's?11:07
pittilarsu: prima, danke! (fortunately) the worst thing here is the rainy weather11:07
desrtlarsu: about reading to head out.  meet you at 'the spot'?11:12
larsudesrt: need a bit longer11:14
larsudesrt: like 20 min11:14
larsuwe can meet at the starbucks if that's too late for you11:14
desrtya.  it's not too much further, so let's just meet there11:16
LaneyAh, I thought I had inexplicably broken lightdm-gtk-greeter, but it was always broken11:26
LaneyI think that's better ...11:26
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pitticyphermox: FYI, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/ brings back the dnsmasq test (both test cases)15:28
cyphermoxok, you fixed it?15:29
pitti(changelog has details what I changed)15:29
cyphermoxisn't it beyond late to be uploading that?15:29
pitti*shrug* it just changes autopkgtests; there's no change that affects the build or install of that package15:30
pittiI asked the release team this morning, and they were fine with it15:30
cyphermoxok :)15:30
pittibut I expect to do further tests in the ubuntu branch only15:30
pittiI'm currently running them against upstream trunk (fails ATM)15:30
pittiand I'll add rfkill and sleep tests15:31
pitticyphermox: did you ever see that nm-dhcp-helper ? I guess that's a new thing upstream, or was it there before and we replaced it?15:55
cyphermoxnah, I hadn't seen that15:56
cyphermoxI saw it upstream, AFAIK it's for handling hooks for dhcp15:56
pittiah, it was previously called nm-dhcp-client.action15:57
pittiI'm getting something really strange here15:57
pittido we use /usr/lib/NetworkManager/nm-dhcp-client.action ?15:57
cyphermoxyes, it gets started by dhclient16:00
pittiok, thanks16:00
cyphermoxsee src/dhcp-manager/nm-dhcp-dhclient.c16:00
pittiok, that's a mystery for Monday16:04
pittigood night everyone, enjoy the weekend!16:04
jasoncwarner__hey TheMuso seb128 , do you guys know if audio broke today? I updated, rebooted and now I have no sound. in my audio settings I have simply 'dummy output'16:11
seb128jasoncwarner__, what version of pulseaudio do you have? (dpkg -l | grep pulseaudio)16:11
jasoncwarner__hey seb12816:12
seb128jasoncwarner__, that's the current version (0ubuntu6)16:13
seb128jasoncwarner__, does it make a difference if you pulseaudio --kill ?16:13
jasoncwarner__seb128: I'll give that a shot16:13
jasoncwarner__seb128: no, seems to kill it, restart it and still no sound16:14
seb128jasoncwarner__, did you try to reboot?16:14
jasoncwarner__after the kill?16:15
jasoncwarner__no, I'll do it16:15
seb128no, just since the issue started16:15
seb128sorry for the lame suggestion16:15
jasoncwarner__seb128: doing it now16:15
jasoncwarner__seb128: one sec16:15
seb128but I've the feeling it's one of those where we will spend 25 min to debug without finding anything obvious16:15
seb128and where a reboot will fix it16:15
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jasoncwarner__seb128: still broken16:31
seb128jasoncwarner__, tried booting a previous kernel?16:32
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Laneyjasoncwarner__: I'd say diwic would be your best bet at a knowledgable pulseaudio person17:34
mlankhorstjasoncwarner__: lsof /dev/snd/*17:35
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dobeyjasoncwarner__: what sound card do you have? i noticed that the one that's part of my nvidia gt 520 card for hdmi output is gone after latest kernel update (though i also switched to lowlatency kernel at the same time)18:43
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desrtlarsu: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69760118:52
ubot2Gnome bug 697601 in gio "reduce GMenuModel D-Bus traffic" [Normal,New]18:52
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