yourimym11hello can any one give me help about swap !12:02
elacheche_anisHey yourimym11, how can I help?12:02
yourimym11i've created swap partion for my ubuntu , now i need to activate it12:03
elacheche_anisyourimym11, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq#Why_is_my_swap_not_being_used.3F12:04
yourimym11i need to activate the parition ,12:05
yourimym11i've created it manually from live usb12:05
yourimym11the fstap part , i can't do it12:06
yourimym11need help12:06
elacheche_anisThere is a "Enabling a swap partition" section in that wiki page ;)12:06
elacheche_anisJust read the wiki page ;)12:06
yourimym11am stuck at it :)12:06
yourimym11and afraid to mess with any thing12:07
yourimym11can u give me a hand to edit fstap file !?12:08
elacheche_anisyou can use nano or vim to edit it..12:09
elacheche_anisdon't forget the sudo ;)12:09
yourimym11give me the command then if u may !12:10
elacheche_anissudo nano /etc/fstab12:10
yourimym1sorry DC12:16
yourimym1still here ?12:17
elacheche_anisyep yourimym112:18
yourimym1what should i add then to the fstap file !?12:18
yourimym1the new partioin created is "sda912:22
yourimym1so , ?12:27

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