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stevenmHello everybody, I've downloaded a daily of 13.04 - I'll be using the 3.8 PPA on it after... should be using gnome3 ppa or gnome3-staging ?09:32
stevenmi'm after stability - so i'm thinking gnome3 ppa only - but will i miss anything by not adding gnome3-staging (other than new features)09:33
stevenmi.e. is gnome3 pps *complete* in the sense it has everything GNOME released 3.8 to have09:33
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jbichadarkxst: oh I didn't see your patch for bug 106402223:17
ubot5bug 1064022 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "gnome-shell crashed with signal 5 in st_widget_get_theme_node()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106402223:17
jbichawe can still ask the release team to let it in for raring but they may wait to do it as an SRU23:20

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