hggdhIRCC -- I would like to have the ubotu-br in other #ubuntu-br-* channels. What do I need to do?01:06
IdleOnejust join the bot01:27
IdleOnedoes it need +o ?01:27
hggdhIdleOne: we could like to +o it, yes. I think we can do it there ourselves, but I want to be sure we are following the rules of the game01:41
IdleOneyup you are. You needed the ircc because you wanted to ask for an ubuntu cloak. as far as what bots you want to have in your channels, all up to you.01:43
Picihggdh: just make sure that the bot is documented in the appropriate section in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots01:43
IdleOneif the bot some how is an issue that effects the Ubuntu project then the IRCC might step in, I don't see you making a bot that would be a problem for Ubuntu :)01:43
hggdhcertainly we -- I mean *I* -- do not want to create problems for us01:45
hggdhhum, the above sentence is confusing01:45
IdleOnemine or yours?01:46
IdleOnebecause I understand them both01:46
hggdhI understood it when I wrote it. When I read it again I got lost01:46
PiciI think I know what you meant though01:46
hggdhPici: thank you :-)01:47
hggdhwe are in the process of reactivating some of the channels, and putting them up to standards. This is why I kept bothering you folks01:47
hggdhPici: I will add the bot to the wiki (haven done it yet, shoulda)01:48
tiagoscdhggdh: :)02:12
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