lamontwho knows swraid enough to tell me if a RAID built on i386 can be used on amd64?00:45
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smblamont, In theory I would be disappointed to the point of grabbing pitch fork and torch to visit some developers if not. Practically one never knows. But should be easy to verify with some test-vms. 07:43
ppisatimail.google.com doesn't work for me this morning07:43
ppisati'You cannot perform this step unless you first disable OpenID on your account.'07:43
ppisatithen you click on 'disaple OpenID', but nothing changes07:43
smbppisati, That was one of the reasons I took the delay of migration as a chance to put myself on opt-no07:44
ppisatican't check my personal email now07:44
smbHm, seems to arrive on the phone for me still07:45
smbat least the spam07:45
ppisatimaybe if i delete some cookies, cache, bookmarks, the entire internet, etcetc07:45
ppisatino no07:45
ppisatiit works07:45
ppisatiit's just the web mail that is borked07:45
smbppisati, You are sure you have logged out of the Canonical google account07:45
ppisatismb: i can't07:45
ppisatismb: there's no logout thing07:46
ppisatithe 'logout' click to link07:46
ppisatiwasn't there07:46
ppisatiand if access any google service (e.g. finance)07:46
ppisatiit say 'Sign in'07:46
ppisatiso i'm logged in ATM07:46
ppisati*i'm not07:47
ppisatiok, going trhough ww..google.com07:48
ppisatii saw i was still logged in as *canonical07:48
ppisatiand switching account didn't work07:48
ppisatii first had to logout07:48
ppisatiand then relogin with my private account07:49
smbyeah, that sounds like my experience. I usually go to either main google page or g+ and log-out-in to switch07:50
ppisatiaccount switching usually worked07:50
smbmaybe a "feature" of migration07:52
brendandhenrix, hi - i see the certification-testing task was marked Invalid for Lucid09:12
henrixbrendand: hmm, ok. so the bot hasn't been fixed yet. can you please fix it manually?09:13
henrixbrendand: i'll go fix the bot for next cycle09:13
brendandhenrix, it seems we might be too late?09:13
henrixbrendand: to be honest, i don't actually know in which fase of the sru we are currently... sconklin is driving this cycle09:14
brendandhenrix, already in -updates09:14
henrixbrendand: oh09:14
henrixbrendand: ouch09:14
henrixbjf: ^09:15
henrixbrendand: the cert task creation for lucid kernels has been explicitly removed from our scripts due to comment #9 in bug #109535009:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 1095350 in linux (Ubuntu Lucid) "linux: 2.6.32-45.102 -proposed tracker" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109535009:37
brendandhenrix, yeah - that changed later on though09:38
henrixbrendand: ok, i'll revert that then09:38
brendandhenrix, anyone it's not a huge problem, let's just get it reverted and we'll resume testing from next cycle09:39
henrixbrendand: ack, will do. thanks09:39
rtgogasawara, we need to develop a firmware delivery mechanism for Precise LBM. cw-3.6+ and up have support for wifi drivers that also need new firmware.12:56
argestjaalton: hi13:05
rtgogasawara, FYI - I'm updating your patch in bug #1068751 that never got applied for some reason.13:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 1068751 in linux-backports-modules-3.2.0 (Ubuntu Precise) "Add Conflicts: for compat-wireless stacks" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106875113:06
ogasawarartg: ack and ack13:07
tjaaltonarges: hey13:07
argestjaalton: re: bug 1157678. I have the patch already there, and I thought bryce had put it into the xserver-xorg-video-intel.git tree13:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 1157678 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[ffe] unplugging an external monitor from laptop results in corrupted screen. Logging out fixes it." [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115767813:08
tjaaltonarges: he didn't push anything13:08
tjaalton-0ubuntu2 is the latest on git13:08
argestjaalton: so you are pushing it into the ubuntu package as an FFE for raring?13:08
tjaaltonarges: if bryce doesn't beat me to it, yes13:09
tjaaltondoesn't matter who pushes the button13:09
argestjaalton: ok. I'm not entirely sure about the procedures for X stuff, so as long as it gets fixed13:09
argescool thanks13:10
* henrix -> back in 2013:30
bjfhenrix, ack14:08
bjfbrendand, you an still test kernels that are in -updates, no?14:08
brendandbjf, we can if you'd like. testing can't start until monday though because our lab engineer is in Portland for the OpenStack summit14:10
bjfbrendand, more testing es never a bad thing14:11
bjfbreandan, that statement is kind of confusing. you only have 1 person that can do the testing and he can't kick the jobs off remotely?14:15
bjfbrendand, next week is testing week anyway14:22
brendandbjf, well we can do 80% of it remotely. there are a couple of systems that won't obey a wakealarm so need a push to resume from suspend14:27
bjfbrendand, like i was saying, next week will be fine. if you find anything just let us know.14:27
ogasawarappisati: I've probably missed hearing of any updates, but have we gotten any feedback for the nexus7 kernel from the X guys about the touchscreen issue?15:24
ppisatiogasawara: no updates so far15:26
ogasawarappisati: do we have an eta?  maybe we should just upload, it'll really force the issue then (or confirm nothing else needs to be done).15:28
ppisatiogasawara: i agree15:29
ppisatitjaalton: ^15:29
tjaaltonit's not a kernel issue15:29
tjaaltonum, what issue? :)15:30
ppisatitjaalton: we are carrying a patch in our nexus7 tree15:30
ppisatitjaalton: to make X (and the desktop img) work with  the touch screen15:30
tjaaltonoh just that, ok15:30
ppisatitjaalton: the problem is that the same exact kernel has a broken touchscreen when used on the touch img15:31
ppisatitjaalton: and that touchscreen patch is the culprit15:31
ppisatitjaalton: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ppisati/ubuntu-nexus7.git;a=commit;h=58245f54a897f928a6c86f30a599b461e96cd23a15:31
ppisatitjaalton: it's the bad patch (but we need it for the desktop img)15:31
tjaaltonI guess you want jani then15:32
ppisatitjaalton: ogra told me you were working on a fix15:34
ppisatiogra_: ^15:34
tjaaltonnot the same thing15:34
tjaaltonthat's the touch grab hang bug15:35
ogra_ppisati, only jani can tell 15:35
tjaaltonon X15:35
ogra_and yeah, different issues15:35
ogra_i think the patch from jani simply makes X aware of the device 15:35
ogra_turning it into an ev dev15:35
evo/ ;)15:36
ppisatiok so,. 2 questions:15:36
ppisati1) if we upload, do touch img get atutomatically it?15:36
ppisati2) is there a way to distinguish i'm running in an android env?15:36
ogra_not easily since the android definition is just in the process of completely being changed 15:37
ogra_and in the end the andripd bits will likely run *in* ubuntu15:37
ogra_ppisati, waht touch image do you refer to with 1)15:38
ppisatiogra_: really? yesterday i heard a completely opposite story15:38
ppisatiogra_: the phablet nexus715:38
ogra_i think rsalveti was working on something that pulls the binaries into the image build, yeah15:38
ogra_ppisati, for now we will start with an android container ... but i belive the whole set of android bits will eventually just end up in packages in the normal system15:39
ogra_i think the final implementation will only be decided at the sprint though15:39
ogra_its all in flux15:40
ogra_ppisati, what did you hear yesterday ?15:41
ppisatiogra_: that we weren't switching containers15:41
ogra_right, thats the first step15:41
ppisatiogasawara: anyhow, it seems we cannot upload because it would break the touch img15:42
ogra_but the android linker uses  its completely own path ... so in the end having the bits just packaged and installed as normal debs will be easier15:42
ppisatiogasawara: i'll try to come up with a patch to make it work in both worlds15:42
ogasawarappisati: ack15:42
ogra_ppisati, if you could make it check for the android gadget being enabled and make it use the patch only if that isnt, i guess that could be a good distinction15:43
ppisatiogra_: that's what i wanted to do: if (!$android) touch_patch(); 15:44
ogra_the phablet image needs adb, adb needs the android gadget ... while the desktop image is completely built around the compositre gadget 15:44
ogra_err, wait ... 15:44
ogra_do you actually apply two differnt configs  and build two different binaries ?15:45
ogra_dekstop *needs* g_composite builtin ... while phablet *needs* g_android15:45
ppisatiogra_: builtin? no modules?15:45
ogra_i guess there are a good bunch of other options the different systems need set/unset15:45
ogra_builtin, yeah15:45
ppisatiogra_: to get a system running with wifi/usb/screen/etcetc not that much15:46
ogra_well, g_android could be a module but it wouldnt load if g_composite is builtin15:46
ogra_and g_composite or g_serial builtin is essential atm 15:46
ogra_we need some access to the initrd to make the container flip work ... currently i'm actually abusing the desktop kernel for this15:47
rsalvetiogra_: ppisati: the mako related patch should land today15:47
rsalvetiand with that it'll grab the kernel automatically from the archive15:47
ogra_yeah, mak is fine15:47
ogra_grouper isnt 15:47
rsalvetisame will happen with nexus 7 once we get a blessed kernel15:47
ogra_rsalveti, thats the problem 15:47
rsalvetiand so on15:47
rsalvetiogra_: why?15:47
ogra_we need quite different config options for both images15:48
rsalvetinot necessarily15:48
ppisatiogra_: i unserstand we need g_android in phablet, but i don't understand we need g_composite in desktop15:48
ppisati*why we15:48
ogra_we have quite some users depending on it, using it to access the initrd etc 15:49
ppisatiogra_: ?15:49
ppisatiogra_: what you mean? i probably never used this feature15:50
ogra_it provides net access and serial access 15:50
rsalvetibut they are modules, not sure if they exclude each other15:50
rsalvetido we need them built-in?15:50
ogra_in fact i'm just working with ChickenCutlass on the container flip completely depending on exactly that feature15:50
ogra_rsalveti, for initrd access we do15:51
rsalvetiwe could get the module inside initrd 15:51
ogra_the initrd cant carry a single module ... 15:51
ogra_it gets to bg for the boot partition15:51
ogra_we have only a few bytes free 15:51
rsalvetiwhy? how large is the boot partition?15:51
ogra_8M ...15:52
rsalvetiright, wonder why the kernel is so big for nexus 715:52
ogra_the kernel is  around 515:52
ogra_no idea15:52
ogra_i didnt make the config 15:52
rsalvetithat can probably be fixed 15:52
rsalvetibut I'd like to have them in modules and fix whatever uses it to load that at runtime15:52
ogra_iirc rtg looked into that a while ago15:53
ogra_or apw ... i dont remeber whom i talked to 15:53
ogra_its really a while agio15:53
rtgogra_, apw was doing the config review15:53
ogra_cant we just wait a week and start using the grouper kernel with S ?15:53
ogra_ripping out features a week before release doesnt seem sane 15:54
ppisatiogra_: are these workitems still valid for S?15:55
ogra_especially in the light that we have a hard frozen archive since yesterday15:55
ogra_ppisati, workitems are nowadays on a monthly base :)15:56
ogra_so yes, sure15:56
ogra_i'll happily even drop the desktop n7 image in S 15:56
rsalvetiogra_: we can wait S, for sure15:56
ogra_so we dont have that issue at all anymore15:56
ppisatiogra_: do you mind collecting all of them (touchscree patch, usb config $g_things, kernel size, etcetc) in a blueprint?15:56
ppisatiah, if we want to drop the desktop img then...15:57
ogra_ppisati, well, how about we hold back for a week and just let the desktop image die (or leave it up to the users to live with the changes/breakages)15:57
apwogra_, cirtianly it was me doing configuration reviews.  there i was basically not moving anything y->m15:58
apwand therefore the kernel was still fat for android, which doesn't load modules15:58
ppisatiUbuntu's archive are more hostile than the Death Valley, you can get easily killed if no one cares for you15:59
ppisatiand that being said...15:59
* ppisati -> workout -> beer -> chinese food -> evening -> EOW15:59
* smb skips the workout and chinese food16:09
jsalisburysmb, no hurry, but when you have a chance, can you review bug 1168350  There is a fix available, but it seems fairly large to be considered for SRU16:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 1168350 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) " arch_trigger_all_cpu_backtrace() results in Oops on virtualized guest" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116835016:12
smbjsalisbury, I think I heard about that in the past, but back then the proposed changes were not even upstream16:14
jsalisburysmb, they are upstream now in commit f447d5616:15
smbjsalisbury, Hm that seems to be one. Somehow I thought to remember two or even three16:16
smbanyway, will maybe put that off to next week16:17
jsalisburysmb, sounds good.  thanks for looking.16:17
jsalisburysmb, oh and pass some of that Chinese food over here ;-)16:17
smbjsalisbury, Thats ppisati, not me16:17
jsalisburyrtg, apw if you have a chance, can you take a look at bug 117015016:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 1170150 in linux (Ubuntu) "vmlinuz/initrd.img symlinks do not point to signed versions on kernel updates of secure boot UEFI machines" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117015016:26
rtgjsalisbury, hmm, I'm having a hard time caring about that one. I guess I'm not groking the real problem.16:29
jsalisburyrtg, cool, thanks for looking16:33
rtgjsalisbury, lets get apw's opinion16:34
jsalisburyrtg, sounds good16:34
rtgjsalisbury, though we may have missed him for the day. make a note to annoy him on Monday.16:34
jsalisburyrtg, will do, thanks16:36
apwrtg, though i am drinking a beer ... i am still about16:54
apwrtg, i am not sure we can trivially fix that for R, we have talked about wacking the non-signed version in general but ... hmmm16:54
rtgapw, if you're drinking beer then you should just get lost. come back to work on Monday :)16:55
rtgkamal, how about 'UBUNTU: SAUCE: (no-up) drm/i915: partially revert PCH_PWM_ENABLE quirk on Dell XPS13 SandyBridge' ?17:00
kamalrtg: no, that's not really right17:00
rtgkamal, right, I just read it myself17:00
kamalrtg: revert PCH_PWM_ENABLE quirk for Dell XPS13-FHD17:01
cjwatsonHi.  There are a load of kernel source packages still in the archive which only build for armel.  Can I remove them from raring?  linux-linaro-mx51 linux-linaro-omap linux-linaro-shared linux-linaro-vexpress linux-meta-linaro linux-meta-qcm-msm linux-n900 linux-qcm-msm17:01
rtgbjf, ^^17:01
cjwatsonI finally have a script to detect this kind of thing ...17:02
bjfcjwatson, i don't see anything there we want/need17:04
ogra_do we have a vexpress kernel from our generic build ?17:04
* ogra_ would appreciate having a kernel for qemu system usage in the archive ... even if its old 17:05
cjwatsonWell, you don't right now if you're relying on linux-linaro-vexpress :)17:06
cjwatson(Except in <= quantal)17:06
rtgogra_, raring has CONFIG_ARCH_VEXPRESS=y but I've never tested it using QEMU17:07
ogra_isnt it just a rotten binary ?17:07
ogra_rtg, well, thats enough 17:07
cjwatsonogra_: It won't be referenced in any raring Packages files17:07
cjwatsonIt'll still be in the pool until all series containing armel are obsoleted17:07
ogra_well, if we have a generic flavouor that potentially works with qemu thats enough 17:07
ogra_the advantage of vexpress was that we had a netboot image for it so you could just grab vmlinuz from the archive without having to fiddle with packages17:09
ogra_but yeah, armel isnt an option anyway 17:09
rtgogra_, I guess we should add the vexpress DTB to the build. otherwise I don't think that kernel will work. There are several dts files in the kernel tree. Any idea which is the right one ?17:13
ogra_heh, nope ... i'm a dtb virgin :)17:15
* ogra_ was at all the planning discussion from day one in brussels ... never used a dtb though ...17:15
rtgogra_, as am I mostly17:16
brycetjaalton, I'll handle arges' patch, I had thought he was going to prepare a more minimalist patch so was waiting on that.17:21
tjaaltonbryce: ok, thanks17:22
tjaaltonfrom what I heard it should actually be fixed in the kernel, but that'll wait :)17:23
argesbryce: I posted a patch17:32
argesbryce: which was a backport of that earlier patch17:32
argesbryce: not sure how much more minimalist you'd like it, I tried to keep it as close to upstream as possible17:36
argestjaalton: re-assigning myself to this, as I think the patch is good to go.  bryce let me know if there are any other actions you need from me17:36
* rtg -> lunch17:41
* apw beer, have a good one17:43
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tjaaltonbryce, arges: right, it's from upstream so what choice do we have :)18:11
* henrix -> SIGBEER18:13
tjaaltonindeed, barely made it to the store in time to get a refill ;)18:17
bryceI'll post the unrefactored in a sec; just checking it still builds.18:19
tjaaltonthe commit from upstream doesn't even apply, the last hunk fails18:23
tjaaltonso you need to adjust it18:23
argestjaalton: that patch I posted in the bug adjusts the one line18:31
tjaaltonarges: yep18:31
argesit should apply with 'git am'18:31
tjaaltonwe use quilt18:31
argesi think its worth fixing cause once everybody installs raring and plugs into a projector they may get bit18:31
tjaaltonof course18:31
tjaaltonI'd have uploaded it immediately :)18:32
tjaaltoncause I happened to hit it myself18:32
argesOk so there is a git tree git://git.debian.org/git/pkg-xorg/driver/xserver-xorg-video-intel18:32
argesbut since its so close, you need a debdiff18:32
argeswith the path18:32
tjaaltonbryce is on it18:32
argescoool. let me know if you all need help18:33
tjaaltonit's trivial, drop the patch in debian/patches, update series and changelog and go18:33
brycethe reason I want the minimal patch is mainly to get through sru.  If we'd gotten this in a week ago we could have just slammed it in.  But now we need to get it signed off by non-X.org people, so for their sake I want to provide as easy-to-review patch as possible18:41
tom231t6hi, anyone online?19:11
tom231t6in http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.9-rc7-raring/ you forgot to upload the extra debs!19:12
tom231t6or do I miss something?19:12
tom3356lost connection19:15
tom3356I'm testing nvidia 319.12 on raring for optimus support and I need kernel 3.919:16
argestom3356: i e-mailed the maintainer of that build script.19:21
^MikeI've been asked to test this kernel (http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.9-rc7-raring/) but when I try to boot it, the kernel panics with "cant find init, try passing init=". My system has encrypted LVM set up. So, /boot is on an unencrypted partition, and then it needs to decrypt and mount / in order to continue. I figure it is trying to use the boot partition as the root partition, which would explain why it can't find init.19:31
Sarvattlooks like -extra was removed a few days ago in the mainline builds so its not needed19:39
^MikeAs far as I can tell, the entries that got added in /boot/grub/grub.cfg are correct. At least, they look like the entries that work... same "set root=" line, same "--set-root" option on the search line, same "root=" on the linux line19:39
Sarvatttom3356, arges: ^19:39
argesSarvatt: ack19:40
* rtg -> EOW20:10
brycearges, it got accepted22:59

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