racarrI just used00:13
racarrthe cursor to click on things in a Qt app00:13
racarrkdub: Any ideas yet for cursor damage00:16
kdubracarr, got distracted :P00:20
racarrkdub: np00:20
racarrone possibility is the compositor sets the damage callback the same way it does now for the Renderables00:21
racarron the Display00:21
racarrand Display exposes some method like00:21
racarrmoving the cursor is so great00:24
RAOFracarr: Cursor damage? You mean, for swcursor?00:32
racarrRAOF: Yeah! I wrote a sw cursor shell00:35
racarrit implements the compositing strategy to draw an overlay00:35
racarrRAOF: And I filled out enough of window handle to get pointer events working :)00:46
racarrclicked on some qt stuff00:46
RAOFWoo! Input you can *see* :)00:47
racarrI think I will write an acceptance test for pointer events00:48
racarrthen make it pass with the bits from this branch and propose those seperately00:48
racarrbecause the sw cursor is in the demo shell which isn't ready to land yet I guess00:49
racarror work on damage00:50
robert_ancellracarr, what is the point of CachedPtr?01:41
racarrrobert_ancell: Prevent reference cycles (it keeps a weak_ptr)01:49
RAOFThe question remains: what is the point of CachedPtr?01:59
RAOFIs it simply a weak_ptr convenience class?02:00
dufluHmm, I wonder how well that abstraction makes sense? Haven't used it. But I did encounter a reference cycle problem in surface-states which required weak_ptr02:19
racarrwell it doesnt02:25
racarrprevent reference cycles in general but it02:25
racarrallows for each of the components02:25
racarrof the server configuration02:25
racarrto have singleton factory methods02:25
racarrwithout reference cycle02:25
dufluUmm, kay.02:27
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ogra_rrrrors ?09:42
dufluOK... Friday nonsense. Must be weekend time...09:54
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alan_galf_: where do you think EventSink/Queue belong?11:35
alf_alan_g: EventSink is used all over the place (and both in server and client), so I think that the current placement is OK11:40
alf_alan_g: EventQueue is currently a detail in frontend, so I would be inclined to place it there (and don't expose it)11:40
alf_alan_g: to other modules yet11:40
alan_galf_: that sounds right to me too11:42
alan_galthough I think namespace mir should be uncluttered11:44
alf_alan_g: so create e.g. mir::event ?11:44
alan_galf_: perhaps. Not a blocker just now though.11:45
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kdubhello all! status, a few branches in the air to remove the 3rd_party/android-fbtype directory, to upgrade to raring. working on hwc1.0 vsync support today15:03
alan_gkdub: hello one!15:05
alan_gstatus: reviewing and refactoring15:05
alf_status: iterating MPs, working on/proposed pause-communicator MP15:15
kdubmorning racarr16:19
kdubhmm, no android classes on doxygen?16:19
alan_gAfternoon all16:19
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bschaeferracarr, ping18:51
racarrbschaefer: Pong20:20
bschaeferracarr, hello!20:20
racarrbschaefer: Hey! How goes?20:20
racarrJust got back from lunch :)20:20
bschaeferracarr, good! How about yourself :)20:21
bschaeferawesome, soo I've some questions about mir input :)20:21
racarrOk! Shoot20:21
bschaeferim working on porting Mir to SDL atm, but looking at setting up : mir_surface_set_event_handler20:22
bschaeferwhich isn't working atm, as it seems to be using the android platform?20:22
racarrno its just the android20:22
racarrinput stack20:22
racarrits a little misleading20:22
bschaeferalso the egl apps don't seem to be working with input either :(20:22
racarras it stands input in trunk ... at least for key! You should be able to get some events20:22
racarryou need --enable-input=true20:22
racarrand permissions on /dev/input/*20:22
racarrCan you try with both of those?20:23
bschaeferright, I had to do that for umm the eglapp and got this problem20:23
bschaeferthere doesn't seem to be focus?20:23
racarrbschaefer: Ah!20:24
racarrinput was briefly broken in trunk20:24
racarrdo you have this revision?20:24
bschaeferracarr, oo nice, I havn't updated today!20:24
* bschaefer checks20:24
bschaeferim at rev 606 :), let me try that out!20:24
bschaeferalso, so the basic idea for input in Mir, is to set up an event callback, and let the app filter out the events?20:25
racarrbschaefer: Yes. I mean the app only gets events intended for it20:33
bschaeferracarr, awesome, sounds very easy :)20:33
racarrbschaefer: Yes. The thing to remember is event callback20:33
racarrwill be invoked from a seperate thread20:33
racarrso you have to20:33
racarrwell. synchronize somehow20:34
bschaeferoo, so pump/flush the fd?20:34
bschaeferfor the surface20:34
bschaeferor wait until its received an event ... there was mir_wait but that was for something else :)20:35
racarrbschaefer: The input is on a seperate fd that is all managed internally20:36
racarrso once you create the surface20:36
racarrthere is a thread which polls on that fd20:36
racarrand dispatches events to your callback once they arrive20:36
racarrI just mean20:36
racarrwhatever object in SDL you are giving the events to20:36
racarrneeds to be prepared to be used from another thread20:36
racarror you have to lock it yourself20:36
bschaeferracarr, ooo, alright Ill have to keep that in mind20:37
racarrExcited to see SDL on Mir :)20:37
bschaefercause, im just starting on the input side of things, as I already have opengles v 1/2 running fine :)20:37
* bschaefer digs up a screenshot20:37
racarrIn my ~1 week ahead of trunk branch we have a software cursor and20:37
racarrpointer events to apps20:37
bschaeferracarr, http://i.imgur.com/D591bOX.jpg20:37
racarrso will be fun to play with a fully functioning toolkit20:37
racarrQtUbuntu stll has some quirks20:37
racarrwhereas I imagine SDL20:38
bschaeferyeah, I saw you getting it working yesterday20:38
racarrwell should just work20:38
racarrmwahaha smileys20:38
bschaeferracarr, right, all I think I should have to do, is receive an event from mir, figure out mouse/keyboard and tell SDL we have received a specific event20:40
* bschaefer hopes its that easy20:40
bschaeferalso sweet, receiving events in egl apps now :)20:41
racarryay :)21:08
racarrbschaefer: The keycodes in21:09
racarrMirEvent are xkbcommon keysyms so you can probably even copy paste21:09
racarra big event translation table from somewhere21:09
racarrif its needed21:09
bschaeferracarr, right, yeah thats how wayland was doing it21:09
racarrdont know thatmuch about SDL21:09
bschaeferneither do i :)21:10
bschaeferwell more now21:10
kdubis it just me, or does g++ ICE all the time?21:33
racarrkdub: All the time21:36
racarri.e. its not just you21:39
racarrits mostly around std::make_shared21:39
alan_g|EOWracarr: only if you don't pass the right parameters ;)21:40
racarralan is funny at night21:47
racarrmer its difficult to acceptance test motion events due to the event batching behavior22:45
kdubwhoohoo, hwc 1.0 was much easier to get going :)23:12
kdubnow that all my android factories are set up23:12

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