troyhI just upgraded to 12.04.2 and moved from 0.25 to 0.26 and now mythfrontend hangs on startup (can only be killed with a SIGKILL) displaying only the background on my two frontend boxes. However, the frontend starts and runs correctly on the frontend/backend system. Anyone have any suggestions?13:41
rhpot1991troyh: I've seen similar where it is waiting for you to setup13:46
rhpot1991kill -9 all mythfrontends then go start a new one13:46
rhpot1991see if that helps13:46
troyhrhpot1991: Oh, I've tried to kill it and start it several times :-)13:46
rhpot1991troyh: check your backend logs, make sure everything is good there13:47
rhpot1991when I had a similar issue I had messages about a pending db upgrade13:47
troyhthe frontend does run on the backend box and everything is playing and recording correctly there. I just can't get the remote frontends to start13:48
troyhnothing jumps out as an issue in the mythbackend.log13:49
rhpot1991troyh: make sure your settings didn't revert back to as the IP for the backend13:57
troyhI should also mentioned, I tried moving my .mythtv directory out of the way on the frontend and starting mythfrontend with the -d and the -p options so I don't think it is even getting far enough to start talking to the backend.13:58
troyhOh, this is interesting, so I was fighting this for hours last night trying to figure out what was going on. When I gave up I left one of the frontends in the "hung" state. However, it must have eventually connected because when I looked just now it was fine. However, I exited and tried to start it again and it hangs again. I must take over 45 minutes before it eventually starts.14:02
rhpot1991troyh: anything useful in that frontend's logs?14:19
troyhrhpot1991: not that I can see! I went over them several times. I also started it under strace and many of the threads are sitting on a futex. There are so many thread and I don't know the code at all so I couldn't make much out the backtraces when connecting to the running process with gdb other than it seems to be blocked waithing for some resource but I have no idea what that resource is.14:21
troyhHow do you completely purge myth from a mythbuntu frontend and reinstall clean with NO left over configuration? I tried to purge mythtv-common mythtv-frontend mythtv-status libmyth-0.26-0 libmyth-python libmythtv-perl remove /etc/mythtv and removed the .mythtv dir in the primary user home directory but that doesn't seem to be enough. After I reinstall and start the frontend it still hangs but it is using the mythcenter theme that I use but I don't think17:04
troyhthat is the default so I must have missed some confiuration somewhere.17:04
DaveInTOpurge mysql also?17:05
DaveInTOdelete the user also?17:05
troyhDaveInTO: Ahh, no I didn't I din't realize there was a localdb on the frontend boxes17:05
DaveInTOah..sorry..didn't read the front end part17:06
troyhhrm, yeah do mysql server17:06
troyhMy dedicated frontends are hosed and I'm tying to get them back to functional. Not sure what the best way to purge everything is to start fresh, short of a fresh install17:07
DaveInTOyeah...no idea..i've switched my dedicated front ends to xmbc17:08
troyhxbmc from the mythbuntu repo's?17:09
DaveInTOno...i picked up a xios ds17:09
DaveInTOand using that17:09
DaveInTOcouldn't find a box small enough and cheap enough to do myth fe17:09
DaveInTOso picked up http://www.pivosgroup.com/xios.html17:10
DaveInTOand using that as my myth front end on 2 of my 3 boxes..probably going to switch the 3rd box to that soon also17:10
troyhjust a stock mythtv backend?17:10
DaveInTOtroyh: yeah17:10
DaveInTOxbmc 12+ works great with myth17:11
troyhhrm only $110...17:12
DaveInTOrecordings/videos.. only issue i ran into was my xbmc box is on a different floor then my myth box..and the wifi wasn't quick enough to handle the 5.1 HDTV OTA recordings17:12
tgm4883troyh, frontend configuration is stored in the database17:12
DaveInTOso i setup mythexport + handbrake to generate 720p stereo exports of the recordings that i might want to watch on that box17:12
troyhtgm4883 I don't think I'm getting far enough for the fronend to be actually talking with the backenddb17:13
troyhit hangs on startup only showing the background and doesn't get to the menu.17:13
tgm4883troyh, if it's not asking your for db credentials, it's probably far enough to talk to the db17:14
troyhDaveInTO: it has a physical NIC port an I have ethernet so the wireless would be an issue17:14
DaveInTOtroyh: yeah...i bought 50 feet of cable17:14
DaveInTOand some wall jacks17:14
DaveInTOjust have to get the courage to start putting holes in the wall and running cable between floors17:15
troyhtgm4883: yeah, even when i pass the -p and -d options it still hangs before I get to enter the db info17:15
DaveInTOthe xiosds has android + xbmc app (sucks ass slow)17:15
ZinnDaveInTO: Please watch your language.17:15
DaveInTObut xbmc people put out a linux firmware build for it supported by pivos17:15
troyhDaveInTO: where do you find this build?17:16
tgm4883troyh, I didn't think mythfrontend took -p and -d options17:19
troyhtgm4883: it doesn't act like it does :-) but according to mythfronend --help it should17:19
tgm4883troyh, when did this start? has it ever worked?17:20
troyhtgm4883: yes, everying has been working fine for the last two+ years. Yesterday I did a upgrade to 12.04.2 AND to from 0.25 to 0.26 at the same time. After the upgrade both of my frontend only boxes will not star the frontend. However, on the fronend/backed box everything works fine. I just installed the frontend on my Debian laptop and it works as well.17:22
tgm4883troyh, have you tried changing the theme and/or themepainter?17:26
troyhtgm4883: how? I have tried purgeing all of the packages, and removing /etc/myttv plus everything in the user home dir that could be related17:27
tgm4883troyh, you can set those at the command line17:28
troyhoh, -r17:28
* troyh tries17:28
troyhdidn't help, still hangs17:29
tgm4883try 'mythfrontend -O ThemePainter=opengl'17:29
troyhtgm4883: same result17:32
tgm4883troyh, what do the frontend logs say if you set them to debug?17:33
DaveInTOtroyh: in the pivos forumss17:35
DaveInTOone sec17:35
DaveInTOthat thread17:35
DaveInTOToys4Me and Speedster have both created builds17:35
troyhtgm4883: http://pastebin.com/b8tt6vbm17:36
tgm4883troyh, I don't see much. Try this17:37
tgm4883try 'mythfrontend -O ThemePainter=qt -O Theme=terra'17:38
tgm4883troyh, also, as I always do, I suggest upgrading to +fixes17:40
troyhtgm4883: still hung. how do you enable +fixes? I though the mythbuntu-repos package was deprecated in favor of the GUI selection in mythbuntu-control-center17:43
troyhThe version of mythtv-frontend that I have installed is 2:0.26.0+fixes.20130419.0af65f7-0ubuntu0mythbuntu117:44
tgm4883troyh, yep, thats the lastest version. Not sure why I thought 0.26.1 was out17:45
tgm4883troyh, you might pop over to #mythtv-users and ask there17:45
DaveInTOalso on their site is the pivosgroup official firmware..its just 2 months old17:46
troyhtgm4883: thanks!17:46
troyhDaveInTO: I just grabbed a xios and threw on overnight delivery so maybe that will be up and running before I figure out this problem, thanks for the pointer!17:47
DaveInTONp..i've had it for a week17:57
DaveInTOso far so good17:57
DaveInTOmake sure you have a microSD card17:57
DaveInTOyou need that to be able to do firmware upgrades17:58
DaveInTOalso works well for storing fan art with the Toys4Me build17:58
troyhahh, don't have an extra microSD!17:58
DaveInTOwell as long as you have one you can get it working with the new firmware17:59
DaveInTOuse the one you have...copy the firmware on it..install it..then put the card back where it belongs17:59
troyhnever hurts to have a spare :-)17:59
DaveInTOyeah...good to have on always in the xios..just for storage of data that xbmc likes18:00
DaveInTOeg apps and skins and fanart18:00

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