teolemonany people seeing increased timeouts lately16:50
teolemon(ie last week ?)16:50
dpmhi teolemon, around?18:11
bkerensadpm: so translators I guess only updated the quantal version of docs18:21
bkerensawe need to get raring docs translated at some point and then SRU those back to raring just after release18:22
bkerensajbicha had suggested I ping you to see whan that lang pack will land18:22
dpmbkerensa, yep, I talked to seb128 the other day. The issue was that the raring translation template never got updated. I'd suggest uploading the first post-release language packs 2 weeks after release, and sync the ubuntu-docs SRU with that18:23
bkerensadpm: this translation template updating.... This is something translations team does right or is this a doc team responsibility? Doc team sort of fell apart finally this cycle so I'm trying to bandage it all and get us back on track18:25
bkerensaand the processes are not documented very well so I have to actually ask people who are no longer actively involved in the team18:25
dpmbkerensa, it's the docs team who do it, translators don't have commit rights to the code18:27
dpmIt involves:18:27
dpm1) Running 'make pot', committing and pushing the .pot file to the trunk branch18:28
dpm2) Uploading that same .pot file to the translation URL of the source package in LP18:29
dpmTranslators can actually help with step 2), as we've got permissions to upload .pot files18:29
bkerensadpm: ok18:30
dpmAltough often step 2) is done by including the updated .pot file in the source package and doing a package upload. But it's much easier to manually upload the .pot file to Launchpad only, it does not require uploading the docs package18:31
bkerensadpm: okie dokie thanks... I will follow up if I have more questions :)18:33
dpmbkerensa, excellent thanks!18:33
teolemonquick question21:39
teolemoncan you see translated descriptions in the dash ?21:39
teolemonwhen you search for a package21:39
teolemonfor French, for instance we see it translated in the software centre21:40
teolemonbut not in the dash preview21:40

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