diploMorning all07:23
MooDoohello all07:50
diplo    function onHold($limit, $offset) {08:29
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diplo                ->from($this->item_table)08:29
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diploSorry guys :D08:30
diploPutty + right click paste is good, but not when you do it by mistake08:33
MooDoobeen there done that lol08:33
BigRedSI do wonder how much source code leakage is from people right-clicking on IRC windows08:41
diploFirst time for me, but probably a bit08:41
JamesTaitHappy Friday, and happy Primrose Day everyone! :-D08:41
MartijnVdSJamesTait: I just finished Mockingjay (Hunger Games 3/3).. how appropriate :)08:51
JamesTaitMartijnVdS, It is?  Sorry, I'm not familiar with the Hunger Games series.08:53
JamesTaitI should really start reading more fiction again.08:54
MartijnVdSJamesTait: you should :)08:54
JamesTaitI seem to have swapped Pratchett for various other forms of hocus pocus, magic incantations and sourcery.08:57
MartijnVdSJamesTait: ah, you fell prey to (some of the) "doorstop" fantasy series?08:59
JamesTaitMartijnVdS, I read a lot of Pratchett (and Eddings, and others) at Uni.  Don't seem to have (or more likely make) the time these days.09:01
feisarmorning all09:03
feisarwhat's happening regarding Ubuntu's release cycle, is 13.04 the last release before rolling?09:04
MartijnVdSJamesTait: Most people I know have started reading those 1000 page epic stories (like the Game of Thrones stuff, etc.).. but I can't stand that kind of "Fantasy" stories :)09:04
JamesTaitMartijnVdS, I also spent a lot of time at Uni playing and coding on MUDs, most of which were of that genre. ;) I'm not sure which came first, but they probably fed each other.09:05
BigRedSfeisar: I don't think rolling has been decided on, has it?09:11
MartijnVdSI think they discussed it in a podcast09:11
MartijnVdSso popey knows09:11
BigRedSa podcast? How modern09:12
BigRedSSince I've stopped spending 4hrs a week on a motorway I've almost completely stopped listening to podcasts...09:12
feisaroh right, I wasn't sure09:12
directhexsince i stopped taking the bus i stopped playing handheld games09:12
JamesTaitBigRedS, me too.09:13
* JamesTait spots a theme.09:13
popeyno, there will be 13.04, 13.10 and 14.04...09:13
BigRedSI'd really like an idiot-proof device that I could give a bunch of podcast feeds to and have it play those whenever I turn it on, as a radio replacement09:13
BigRedSbut I can't quite be bothred to create one09:14
feisarBigRedS: I wouldn't describe it as idiot proof exactly but Subsonic combined with a phone client would come pretty close to that09:15
BigRedSAnything involving phones isn't idiot proof for me :) Mine's got a flat battery ~20% of the time09:17
feisarsure, I was fortunate enough to get a Nexus 4 for Christmas so it works for me : )09:19
MyrttiI think the "rolling release", AFAIK, will be for n+1 version09:19
Myrttiie. people who want to keep using the developmental version can do that with less hassle09:19
Myrttinormal users see no difference09:19
feisarMyrtti: that sounds good09:20
Myrttipopey will probably stab me for this09:20
popeyI will?09:22
Myrttidid I explain it wrong?09:22
MyrttiI don't know if I even myself understood what I said09:23
popeyme either ☻09:23
popeyask Laney09:23
popeythat whole conversation was a disaster09:23
Laneyi've been busy watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbIOD_elAgo09:24
popeythat's excellent09:25
LaneyWhat I understand came out of that discussion is that the non-LTS releases will be supported for less time than before (9 months IIRC), and that there will be a way for people to always stay on the dev. release.09:25
LaneySo imagine a symlink raring → development-release that you can put in your sources.list, which then upgrades you to swanky sloth next week.09:26
directhexmore people running +1? sounds like a recipe for unbotability09:26
LaneyNot sure it'll result in more people running it09:27
mungbean9 month support is from release date, right?09:27
directhextyping from bed is hard09:27
LaneyI don't remember what the precise number of months is09:27
BigRedSI'd probably tend towards a rolling release dev one if it was likely to end up repeatedly fixed09:27
mungbeanhence, in 5 months, who's gonna install 13.04?09:27
BigRedSlike Debian testing09:27
feisarand is there a set period between LTS?09:28
MartijnVdS2 years09:28
MartijnVdSI guess09:28
mungbeanwith 9 mth support, you only get people installing within first couple of months.09:29
mungbeanit will get messy09:29
mungbeanbut hopefully it will mean better support for LTS users?09:29
feisarI'm feeling that makes LTS really the only way to go for me then09:29
MartijnVdSmungbean: it's like that already09:30
MartijnVdSmungbean: people don't install 13.04 when 13.10 comes out, do they? Either LTS or latest..09:30
mungbeanMartijnVdS: but why install at 2 months away from 13.1009:30
mungbeanu only have 5 months left of support09:30
MartijnVdSlts ;)09:31
MartijnVdSor you install 13.04 and upgrade as soon as 13.10 comes out09:31
MartijnVdSLTS still gets several years of support, I guess?09:32
mungbean5 i think09:33
mungbeanbut "support"09:33
MartijnVdSsecurity updates + hardware enablement, I guess09:33
mungbeanlots of bugs on LTS don't get backported to LTS09:33
MooDooit's a shame you can't go from LTS to latest using upgrade-manafer09:33
BigRedSMooDoo: hah, yeah, some of our Ubuntu machines became centos 'cause of a bug opened in 2010...09:34
MooDoonothing wrong with centos :D09:34
MartijnVdSMooDoo: because they don't have bugs09:35
BigRedSNah, it's way less atrocious than it was last time we used it09:35
MooDooMartijnVdS: I like centos, then again it's just rhel isn't it really09:35
MyrttiI care about this way too much for a person who doesn't even use Ubuntu anymore09:35
MooDooMyrtti: what you using now?09:36
BigRedSI think we're essentialyl replacing Ubuntu with CentOS as our "enterprisey long-term stability" suggested distro09:36
Myrttithe point of the 9 month support is with the mobile devices09:36
MooDooBigRedS: sounds good :D09:36
MyrttiDesktop users are strongly encouraged to use LTS's09:36
MyrttiMooDoo: Debian09:36
BigRedSMooDoo: yeah, we end up then with Debian and CentOS, so all our software is from the late '90s09:36
MooDooMyrtti: then yes you care to much, but that's a good thing :)09:36
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:41
popey10:33:31 < mungbean> lots of bugs on LTS don't get backported to LTS09:41
popeysuch as?09:41
bigcalmSomebody at VM doesn't like me http://www.speedtest.net/result/2655699819.png09:43
MartijnVdSbigcalm: awww09:43
* bigcalm reboots the modem09:43
MartijnVdSupload more ;)09:43
popeyinteresting, mine is down to 20Mb/s09:43
ahayzenWheatley campus :) http://www.speedtest.net/result/2655702833.png09:45
bigcalmRebooted the modem and now I can't even start a speed test09:46
MartijnVdSbigcalm: irc works though09:46
MartijnVdS[  3]  0.0-20.0 sec   222 MBytes  92.8 Mbits/sec09:46
MartijnVdShmm iperf :)09:46
bigcalmMartijnVdS: indeed, and I was able to connect to speedtest.net. But their test isn't actually going anywhere for me09:46
bigcalmThat's better http://www.speedtest.net/result/2655707306.png09:48
bigcalmI dislike rebooting things to fix them though09:48
MartijnVdSyeah it feels wrong09:48
NET||abusehi guys.09:50
MartijnVdS\o NET||abuse09:50
NET||abuseso got the microserver up and running, and was looking to see how it performs, did an scp transfer on hte local network from my laptop, was in around the 200KB/s which is pooor09:51
NET||abusewas over hardwaire on a netgear 1Gbit switch09:51
ahayzenSpeed on Wheatley LAN ... http://speedtest.net/result/2655711450.png ... I win :)09:51
NET||abusehardwaire?? heh, funny word.. over thernet.09:51
NET||abuseethernet... arrg.g. thats' what happens when you go to sleep at 4am and getup for work the next day09:52
Myrttiif it's a relatively low end microserver, the ssh encryption can add noticeable amounts of overhead09:52
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: ip -s link09:52
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: anything in the error columns?09:52
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: ethtool eth0 -> did autonegotiation work properly (is the cable known-good? try another cable anyway!)09:52
NET||abuseMartijnVdS: ooh, that's funky,, never used that before.. i'll have to run the transfer tonight after work and monitor that.09:52
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: and what Myrtti said.. encryption = lots of CPU cycles.. try "scp -c arcfour" for a CPU-friendlier (but maybe not as safe) cipher09:53
NET||abuseoh between the switch and machines.09:53
bigcalmCat attack09:53
NET||abuseyeh, i was thinking the cpu limit might be a factor. i was just going to use something like an nfs share or even a http wget to see how they perform on the same link09:54
NET||abusei'll run some more tests tonight and see how they perform.09:54
NET||abusethe n40L has a decent processor though.09:54
Myrttithe speed difference with NFS vs. sftp/sshfs was noticeable even on my 10mbit home lan few years ago, when I had a Dell minitower from about 2004 as a server09:54
NET||abuseyeh, well i'll definately be curious to see my results tonight09:55
Myrttiif the network is secure and on ethernet, there's no reason for using ssh09:55
NET||abusereports from the internets of other n40L owners say they see transfer speeds of 125MB/sec on gigabit ethernet in their tests09:56
NET||abuseyeh, it's my home network so of course,, but scp was the easiest to try first09:56
NET||abusesetup of nfs is something i always seem to get a headache over09:56
MyrttiI don't even try nfs nowadays09:56
NET||abuseeven though it should really be the simplest.. non encrypted stuff.09:56
Myrttiit was easier than samba in 2007, but things have changed09:57
NET||abuseoh, what's your transport of choice for a trusted link?09:57
BigRedSMyrtti: what's changed? It's still easier than samba! :)09:57
MyrttiBigRedS: not sure if there was some issues with nfs integration to nautilus/thunar that made me switch, it's been a good few months09:58
NET||abusehehe, i think there's a weird fog of misticism around nfs for some people (like me)09:58
NET||abuseit's probably much muhc simpler in practice than i think it is.09:58
popey[  4]  0.0-10.1 sec  61.1 MBytes  50.8 Mbits/sec09:59
popeybetween my desktop and microserver09:59
NET||abusepopey: aww, what transport?09:59
popeybut that's over powerline09:59
NET||abusepowerline?? hahah, you got those pogo plugs?09:59
popeythat's iperf09:59
NET||abusei used them in an apartment about 5 years ago... then after a few weeks realized my neighbours were stealing my internet through their own plug10:00
popeywith encryption10:00
popeymy neighbours can't do that ☻10:00
bigcalmNET||abuse: from my N40L to my workstation: 68MB  22.6MB/s. That's a kernel file, possibly not big enough to really test via scp10:00
NET||abusedodgy apartments with cheeply wired electrics back in Dublin :)10:00
Myrttiwe've got powerline to connect upstairs with downstairs10:01
NET||abusebigcalm: is that using scp?10:01
BigRedSMyrtti: ah, I've never tried to do it in nautilus. And, actually, I've not done it for a good few months either10:01
bigcalmNET||abuse: yes10:01
BigRedSAll that sort of thing that I do now is temporary enough that I just use sshfs10:01
NET||abusedamn, so i've got something really crappy going on with my network maybe.10:02
popeyNET||abuse: no, you can encrypt the data so people can't steal your internets10:02
NET||abuse:) i was using some pretty cheepy plugs10:02
BigRedSNET||abuse: nah, that's pretty standardly-wired electircs10:02
Myrttiwhat's the current Viglen MPC-L/microserver choice of the channel?10:02
BigRedSmains electricity wasn't really designed for secure signal handling :)10:02
Myrttithe HP microserver thing?10:02
bigcalmMyrtti: HP N40L (microserver) or similar10:02
BigRedSit's really comon for baby monitors to conflict between neighbors, for example10:03
popeydepends on use case10:03
popeyN50 now10:03
NET||abuseN50.. oooh,, need to lookup the specs10:03
bigcalmI don't see a need to replacing the n40 I have any time soon :)10:03
popeysorry, n5410:03
MyrttiI feel uneasy with D having RoR stuff and apache and god knows what on his laptop and I've told him he could use my Viglen as a server, but he doesn't want to mess with my box10:04
popey~200 with cashback10:04
NET||abuseyeh, don't see a big up on the spec.10:04
funkyHatI got my first MicroServer for ~£120 after cashback ⢁(10:04
* BigRedS feels sorry for anybody who has RoR stuff10:04
NET||abuseyeh i got my n40L  for £80 after/cashbackjust before christmas10:05
bigcalmThis is the company I got my n40L from with 100 quid cashback: http://www.serversplus.com/servers/tower_servers/hp_tower_servers/704941-42110:05
SuperMattBigRedS: I was "investigating" RoR yesterday10:05
SuperMattwhich mainly meant banging my head on the table10:05
bigcalmThough the cashback is directly with HP10:05
NET||abuseof course another 40 on ram upgrade and 120 worth of hard drives in it :)10:05
SuperMattI've come to the conclusion that RoR has been designed for developers to get something running quickly, but if you're an sysadmin, you've got to work real hard to get stuff working well10:06
SuperMattthere's also ZERO documentation about successful RoR administration10:06
bigcalmYou'll want to up the RAM and add more storage. That's where the price bumps up a bit10:06
NET||abuseso if getting 200Kb/s on a  transfer of 400 MB file over gigabit ethernet,, even using scp, the n40L should be capable of much faster than that anyway? so i've got a network issue10:07
bigcalmpopey: did somebody say that these microservers can actually take up to 16gb ram?10:07
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:07
popeysomeone did yeah10:07
funkyHatAnd there I was thinking I'd maxed mine out...10:07
bigcalm8gb ecc is working well enough for me for now. Especially as work bought the ram :)10:09
Myrttithen again D also has a san box waiting to be filled with hard drives10:09
popeyalan@homeserver:~$ sudo btrfs filesystem df /srv10:10
popeyData, RAID1: total=8.14TB, used=6.20TB10:10
popeyI should clear up a bit10:11
funkyHatwat. Did not know there are 4TB drives available now10:12
NET||abuseyeh, i got the same as you bigcalm10:12
NET||abuse8GB ecc.. have you done the modified bios replacement?10:12
NET||abusei have a pop out drive bay in the top of it but i've not got it working yet as the sata interface isn't making itself available even when i set ahci mode on the bios10:13
davmor2Morning all10:15
jussiheya all. Can someone here tell me how to get to milton keynes from gatwick via public transport?  :D10:15
jussimorning davmor2 :)10:16
TheOpenSourcererjussi train?10:16
SuperMattjussi: what station would you normally pull in to if you went to london?10:16
popeyjussi: http://nationalrail.co.uk10:16
TheOpenSourcererGatwick to Victori or London Bridge (I guess)10:16
jussiSuperMatt: No idea :D10:16
funkyHatgatwick express to Liverpool Street(?), Northern line to Euston, London Midland or Virgin train to Milton Keynes10:16
davmor2jussi: tube to London, from there to Euston, Euston to milton Keynes on one of the many trains10:17
LaneyI love the guessing10:17
shaunoif coach is an option too, national express do gatwick-milton keynes often enough10:17
Seeker`Jetpack to London, hovercraft across the thames, then unicycle to MK?10:18
SuperMatteuston isn't so good for tubes to gatwick10:18
TheOpenSourcererBut how come nobody has asked the really important question? ...10:18
TheOpenSourcererWHY Milton Keynes?10:18
SuperMattcould do euston -> kings x -> gatwick10:18
popeyheh, i was thinking that10:18
popeyand also wondering who would ask it first10:18
popeywell done10:18
popeyData, RAID1: total=8.14TB, used=6.08TB10:19
SuperMattoh wait...10:19
SuperMattgatwick, not heathrow >.<10:19
SuperMattin which case10:19
SuperMatteuston -> tube to vicroria -> gatwick express10:19
TheOpenSourcererI see there is a one change service via Clapham... A bit slower but cheaper10:19
shaunojust take a coach and avoid going through london in the first place10:20
SuperMattbut if you're not too confident, I would take the express10:20
funkyHatMicrosoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]10:20
funkyHatCopyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.10:20
funkyHatC:\Windows\system32>set vmrunguestlinux="C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Se10:20
jussiTheOpenSourcerer: a potential client :D10:20
funkyHatrver\vmrun" -T server -h -u vmcopy -p Wa11street  -gu qa002o -gp Wa11street10:20
TheOpenSourcererYeah - sit on the M25 instead ;-)10:20
funkyHatC:\Windows\system32>set vmrunhost="C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Server\v10:20
funkyHatmrun" -T server -h -u vmcopy -p Wa11street10:20
MyrttifunkyHat: tsk.10:20
funkyHatC:\Windows\system32>%vmrunguestlinux% register "[D] copy_to_esx/R505_QA_REGION_210:20
SuperMattcombo breaker10:20
funkyHatAmazing. Sorry everyone10:24
funkyHatpaste fail with passwords and everything!10:24
* diplo did it earlier :) not as badly as you though10:24
NET||abusethat was some epic password leakage there ... :P10:27
NET||abusewhy are you running a linux guest on a windows host.. ughghhg10:27
* NET||abuse shivers in disgust10:27
MooDoochange your passwords too as this channel is logged remember10:28
NET||abuseyeh, you're login will be googlable10:28
NET||abusei have a stack of 11 different switches i'm going to take home with me and do transfer speed tests with my microsever tonight, i have a feeling i have a few netgear switches which have faults10:29
NET||abuseultimately a better dsl router would be nice too though,, i have sky's crappy dsl netgear wifi router10:31
NET||abusei get about 12Mbit download and 1Mbit up10:31
NET||abusenot hte worst in the universe but i've seen much much better10:31
TheOpenSourcererGosh I am starving! Wonder what lunch will be today?10:39
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: ham sandwich with mustard and a cold pint ;)10:40
shaunoa car door?10:41
TheOpenSourcererI will be drinking this evening and try and avoid lunchtimes unless I have no work in the afternoon. Nice idea on the sarny front though. But fancy something hot.10:41
TheOpenSourcerershauno: Thanks.10:41
TheOpenSourcererMy face is now almost back to normal.10:41
TheOpenSourcererAnyone want to see this morning's picture?10:42
shaunogood to hear :)10:42
TheOpenSourcererThe chippy is rather appealing right now...10:46
MooDooTheOpenSourcerer: we'll see your picture on google+ i'm sure10:46
TheOpenSourcererI'm planning on doing a 7 day montage tomorrow :-)10:46
TheOpenSourcererSo the question is: Saveloy, Battered Sausage, Pie, Fish, Fish Cake, Burger... What to accompany chips & curry sauce?10:50
brobostigonpie, battered sausage, chips and curry sauce. :)10:51
TheOpenSourcererPie AND Battered Sausage - that's a bit hardcore for me I think.10:52
* brobostigon is hungry, so maybe is biased.10:52
jussiTheOpenSourcerer: welcome to my incredibly active twitter stream :D10:54
SuperMattman, I had my chips on wednesday, I'm way ahead of the curve10:55
jussiso Im going to wales next week... this should be fun :P10:57
TheOpenSourcererjussi: Alan Bell is Wales today11:00
TheOpenSourcererRight am now definitely going for some scran. BBL11:00
jussilaters :D11:00
davmor2jussi: is that up to 1 tweet a year now :D11:05
NET||abusemmm, friday,, today is my chpper day,, although.. i should be healthy11:12
NET||abusei got an interval times on amazon on wednesday cause i'm gonna be so good and start getting fit again.11:12
NET||abuseyeh, so gonna get chips11:13
NET||abuseinterval times? interval timer..11:13
NET||abusearrrg.. 3.5 hours sleep is not enough11:13
jussidavmor2: nah, maybe one every 2 years :D11:14
NET||abusejust to let teh internet, you're still alive11:14
jussidavmor2: I find twitter a bit too public tbh11:14
jussiTheOpenSourcerer: if you actually want to see something from me, follow/circle me on g+11:15
NET||abuseyeh, and kind of fruitless.. g+ is better for sources of links/ideas i find11:15
jussibut I warn you, it will include baby pictures :P11:15
davmor2jussi: your not getting this internet thing are you, only pictures of cats are allowed on the t'interwebz ;)11:16
TheOpenSourcererSaveloy, Chips, Curry sauce, followed by some Tangfastics. What a lunch.11:17
jussidavmor2: are you calling my kid a cat? :P11:19
MartijnVdSjussi: depends.. are you a furry?11:20
davmor2jussi: No I'm saying your doing it wrong :P11:20
funkyHatNET||abuse: I don't have much say in what runs on our VM hosts. The IT guys internally use ESX a lot and I think they are starting to use some KVM, but we are stuck with VMware Server and VBox if we want to run our own virtualisation11:26
NET||abuseyour dev box should be linux anyway!!:{11:27
funkyHatNET||abuse: that's not an option at the moment, and that wasn't a paste from my dev box anyway11:27
NET||abuseraawwwrrr... stating uncompromising point of view... not interested in argument, closed minded approach to life... and calm.. :P11:28
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: you know admins ;)11:28
Myrttiyou know company policies11:28
MartijnVdSsysadmins, that is11:28
MartijnVdSMyrtti: IT dept. policies*11:28
NET||abuse<moredogma>linux should be on every system, windows has no place in enterprise, too young, too volatile, was a flash in the pan anyway, </moredogma>11:30
NET||abusei'm enjoying being facetious today :11:31
Laneyyay my beers from brewdog have shipped11:33
shaunoour IT guys are actually pretty good for that kinda thing.  we're allowed to run whatever the hell we want, on the agreement that they'll kick us off the network if we don't put our toys away when we're done with them11:38
shaunowhich has happened :/  we have one box that takes great delight into searching the network for a certain class of devices, attempts to login to them with default credentials, and then sets them to its own config if successful11:40
shaunoplug that into the wrong network and we become very unpopular :(11:40
MartijnVdShahaha :)11:46
jussiargh, USB creator I KILL YOU!12:05
Seeker`jussi: I think there is a queue for that12:05
MartijnVdSyeah buddy, get in line</Manhattan accent>12:06
jussimade a live usb, when I boot it drops to some sort of prompt with "boot:"12:06
jussimessage is: ERROR: No configuration file found!12:06
jussiNo DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!12:06
MartijnVdSjussi: it can't find the boot device12:07
MartijnVdSmight be your BIOS being a PoS12:07
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
jussiMartijnVdS: hrm, thats annoying...12:08
jussilemme have a look, thanks for the tip12:08
TheOpenSourcererGosh - it's all going off in Boston. Just told the whole of Boston to stay indoors12:09
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: I've been listening all morning.. it's been getting worse and worse12:09
mungbeanUSians have a tendency to over react a tad tho12:13
MartijnVdSmungbean: well ANYONE could be armed!12:14
MartijnVdSmungbean: better to overreact in that case..12:14
mungbeanyeah lets shutdown all public transport12:14
MartijnVdSmungbean: he can't get away using a train that way..12:15
jussihrrr, someone locked this bios... gonna have to call the company tech people to try find out the password... aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhh12:15
MartijnVdSjussi: you could just paperclip the BIOS jumper :)12:16
jussiMartijnVdS: that would actually assume a few things... 1. I know where that jumper is, and 2. I am unlazy enough to open this laptop up... :P12:16
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
Myrttihm, I wonder did I leave the BIOS password in12:27
davmor2jussi: you forgot the important one. 3. had a paperclip12:36
mungbeani have 4 on my desk12:36
davmor2mungbean: yeah only jussi is on a train in a country that isn't his own, that makes it slightly less likely that he would have one handy :)12:37
MartijnVdSwhich country is that?12:38
davmor2MartijnVdS: he is in the England12:38
MartijnVdSdavmor2: old or new?12:39
MartijnVdSah wait.. THE12:39
davmor2MartijnVdS: I was think in the uk but then put England12:39
=== JethroTroll is now known as GentileBen
funkyHatTHE England14:24
czajkowskipopey: Laney http://24.media.tumblr.com/6986166623219890aecb766874bcdd14/tumblr_mldjvvNI0Z1r6uouqo1_500.gif15:18
czajkowskionly thing making it better of course would be a pug15:20
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czajkowskiLaney: this is awww worthy :) https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/7081521152/h91EB9AB2/15:37
Laneymy god15:40
Laneyremind me never to buy one of those15:40
czajkowskiLaney: a pug?15:42
NET||abusewow, so my main disk is partitioned in an lvm , but lvm2 wasn't actually installed on the base os install..16:02
NET||abuseoh, no, seems when i re-installed it didn't use lvm... oops16:04
NET||abusehmm, apt-get'ing lvm2 broke16:06
NET||abuseupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-3.5.0-27-generic                cp: reading `/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6': Input/output error         cp: failed to extend `/tmp/mkinitramfs_gjPIas//lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6': Input/output error16:07
NET||abuse  /sbin/ldconfig.real: file /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6 is truncated16:07
NET||abuseBus Error    E: mkinitramfs failure cpio 135 gzip 016:08
NET||abusedoes it matter it's running ? :P16:08
NET||abusehmm, bugger,, seem just update initramfs-tools craps out, odd..16:10
NET||abusealright, will try rebooting16:13
popeythat looks unwell16:16
popeybet it doesnt come back from a reboot16:16
^aDaM-iPhonei hate that had it happen to me when GRUB went on me :(16:17
* davmor2 keeps getting llvm and lvm confused :)16:24
kvarleyI can't remember where I heard it or saw it, I think it might have been in the industry proposition for Ubuntu for Phones. They showed Excel or another office program running on the Ubuntu desktop as an app streamed from a windows server. Does anybody know what this is called?16:29
popeyUbuntu for Android has this16:30
popeyit's just remote desktop integrated into ubuntu16:30
popeyso you get an Excel icon in the launcher16:30
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kvarleypopey: What is it called?16:30
popeywhich bit?16:30
kvarleyLike you say, it made the apps have shortcuts and they were streamed from a server16:30
kvarleyBoth the server streaming part and the client part16:31
ali1234it's called RDP16:31
popeyits called remote desktop16:31
popeyRDP is the protocol..16:31
kvarleyIs it Microsoft RDP, Citrix ICA or VMWare View?16:31
popeyall of them16:31
kvarleyOk :)16:31
popeyit can connect to any of those16:31
kvarleyIs there a guide anywhere on how to set this up on desktop Ubuntu?16:31
popey!info remmina16:32
lubotu3remmina (source: remmina): remote desktop client for GNOME desktop environment. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.0-1ubuntu8 (quantal), package size 130 kB, installed size 360 kB16:32
kvarleypopey: But how would the icons work?16:32
ali1234the same way they do with anything else16:32
ali1234you pin them and they stay on the launcher16:32
popeyyeah, its just an app16:32
kvarleypopey: The thing I saw showed only excel, no other OS running in the background. It just looked like it was running as a native app but it was actually streamed16:32
ali1234whether or not this actually works is down to unity16:33
popeyyou can do that too16:33
popeythere's multiple options16:33
popeylogout and scroll down16:33
popeythere's a remote login option down there, lets you connect to things like this16:33
ali1234kvarley: multiwindow is part of RDP16:33
ali1234however it is only enabled on windows server16:33
kvarleyali1234: Ah ok thanks16:33
kvarleypopey: thanks, as usual you've solved my problem/question :)16:33
ali1234you can't do it on a consumer version of windows unless you buy citrix16:34
kvarleyThis is a brilliant feature, has massive potential16:34
kvarleyali1234: It's research for a potential business overhaul from windows to Ubuntu \0/16:34
ali1234you won't be able to get rid of windows16:35
ali1234you'll still need all the licenses for windows server and office16:35
ali1234if you use rdp16:35
ali1234plus everyone will be trying to run office on the same computer which will be incredibly slow16:36
kvarleyCan I get to the login screen on a livecd ?16:37
davmor2kvarley: lets start at the beginning, First you need a Windows server.  Then you need to install Office onto and make it available via rdp, citrix, vmware. Then you can start looking at add the rdp served app to Ubuntu.  But for an app you can do that by using remina, the login option is more to run an entire windows session via rdp etc rather than an app16:44
kvarleydavmor2: Thanks for the extra detail. I'm intending to build a test environment, if it works then it'll be onto getting it into workplaces16:46
davmor2kvarley: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/ubuntu-help/sharing-remote-login.html16:49
kvarleyThanks davmor216:51
davmor2kvarley: and http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/09/ubuntu-12-10-login-screen-adds-remote-desktop-access16:51
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mungbeanhow can i stop update manager appearing?19:07
zleapok i am using lubuntu but afaik it uses the same bit of software19:22
zleapgot to settings and you can set when it checks for updates19:22
^aDaM-iPhonelo all :)19:24
NET||abuseyay, continue my N40L server drama.. so the disk i installed the os on.. i think it's in trouble.. every time i try to run vim or nano or something i get kernel messages saying "exception Emask 0x0 .... etc ...   failed command: READ DMA"19:30
NET||abusei imagine my disk is scuppered19:30
mungbeanzleap: thanks byt doesnt work. i have edited update-notifier.desktop instead to be vusuble in startup progs19:30
NET||abusei've rebooted a few times. and getting the same issue19:30
mungbeanthen disabled from there19:30
NET||abusei was just trying to update the /etc/networks file to add dns-server as i forgot to add one :)19:31
NET||abusebut i can't run any text editors19:31
NET||abuseother commands seem to run ok,19:31
mungbeandmesg ?19:36
popeyNET||abuse: try a different cable19:38
popeyyou can get those errors with a duff cable - I know i have19:38
NET||abuseit's in one ofthe drive bays, not a sperate cable.19:38
NET||abusei've not got the top bay working yet.19:39
NET||abuseso it's in slot 1 in the 4 disk bay19:39
NET||abuseshutdown now and have an inspection of the bay, but i don't think that'll be it.19:40
NET||abusei'll be having to run spinrite or something now19:41
zleapmungbean, ok np19:45
brobostigontonights new HIGNFY should be good, warwick davis presenting,19:50
NET||abuseright, re-seated connections19:52
NET||abusenope, still broken. and it's really specific.. just running vim will trigger the exact evrror every time.19:52
NET||abuseragghghgh,, why won't the technology just bloody work!!19:53
NET||abuseold disks, my own fault.19:53
NET||abuseright, need usb stick and time to re-install AGAIN!!!! arrrg19:58
NET||abusehave another 250GB disk i can use.19:58
SuperMatthurm, just put xfce on my latop, and find it rather pleasant19:59
mungbeanstill on elementary here20:11
SuperMattooh, now there's a thought20:12
SuperMattstable or daily?20:12
SuperMattlooks like I'm gonna need daily for raring20:13
mungbeany u need raring?20:16
mungbeanbest use 1204+elentary ppa20:16
mungbeanor daily20:16
SuperMattbecause I already have raring installed ;)20:16
NET||abusehmm, using the ubuntu-server image, from usb stickit took like 3 hours to install. why is that?20:22
NET||abuseif i disconnected the network it failed the install altogether. i don't want to pull down stuff from th enet if it's already on the usb stick, i can do updates later.20:23
brobostigonnow that was one good HIGNFY ep, :)20:27
popeyNET||abuse: 3 hours?20:28
popeydo you mean 23 minutes?20:29
NET||abusenope, yesterday and day before, i made usb stick with unetbootin, selecting the 12-10 server iso,, it seemed to boot the installer, yet wanted to retrieve all packages like it were a net installer20:47
NET||abuseused usb creator this time, seems to be quicker20:47
NET||abuseretreiving 69 files at the mo.. but seems like it's not net-installing this time.20:47
NET||abuseyeh, that was the problem, it was in net-installer mode last time.. doh :( silly me.20:53
Laneyhow can samsung get away with force installing "knowhow movies" on my tv, and making it uninstallable21:44
popeylike google, apple, microsoft do on tablets?21:45
Laneydunno, never experienced anything like this21:46
Laney"Smart hub needs to update to continue"21:46
popey_hate_ that dialog21:46
Laneythen BBC iPlayer has gone away and in its place is KNOWHOW Movies21:47
* popey breaks out xkill21:48
ali1234this is when RMS points and laughs at you for buying hardware with proprietary firmware21:48

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