adomso someone from the area tell me for real, should i be concerned about this cicada thing coming? or is it just something that passes and you dont mind it much?16:29
marcoceppiadom: were you around in 1996 or the brood after that? ~2004?16:39
ChinnoDogAt least they don't bite17:35
ChinnoDogThey just stick their mouth parts in you if they mistake you for a tree17:39
adommarcoceppi: no, just moved to Woodbridge in February.21:13
adomChinnoDog: i feel like there's an "ex-gf" joke in there somewhere...21:13
marcoceppiadom: it's just going to be really anoying for a bit21:13
marcoceppiloud, and crunchy21:13
adomneighbor says to invest in a good outdoor broom because of all the dead insect bodies that will be by your front and back doors21:16
adomis that true?21:16
marcoceppiyeah, that's some good advice21:19
marcoceppi(dead insect bodies is where the crunch comes from)21:19

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