itnet7govatent: hey there!17:31
govatentI'M BACK!17:40
govatentI started bringing my laptop with me17:40
govatentI just bought a 500 GB ssd for my system76 17:43
itnet7started bringing your laptop with you, where?17:43
govatentto work 17:43
itnet7Oh, IC17:43
govatentI'm waiting for next week to install it17:43
govatentI wanna load 13.03 17:43
itnet7Cool. I am not positive I will be able to get down to Miami for the 27th :-(17:44
itnet7There is a lot of crazy stuff going on here17:44
itnet7workwise and family wise17:44
govatentThat's alright17:55
govatentI want to go up to see you guys17:55
govatentChloric is going to china soon 17:55
govatent13.04* just saw my typo17:55

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